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Welcome Enact-ors Enactus Lancaster is one of over 1,700 Enactus teams worldwide that aim to have real impact, both globally and in the local community, by transferring entrepreneurial knowledge through its projects. There are many opportunities to get involved with Enactus Lancaster, from project management and volunteering, to fund-raising, and many more. This is a tremendous opportunity to develop team-working and leadership skills, to network with like-minded students and business professionals, and to be involved in a global student movement

Dec 2013

sponsored by over forty top graduate recruiters! We make a true dierence to communities with our innovative and exciting projects. Enactus Lancaster is a society that does. Matt Nelmes - President

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If you have a passion to take action in your co love to talk to you.

o see opportunity everywhere. It is our ces and shape them into business models local economies. community, we’d ŠEnactus, 2013. All rights reserved.

Furthest Distance - Tenerife Minnie and Lizzy Claire and Andre managed to get to France and Heather and Lewis came third!

Best Costume - Wonderland or Bust We had such a good turn out this year, with loads of funny costumes. Here are our winners but you can have a look at the others on the website and Facebook page.

Photo Contest - Wandernig Wallys There were also lots of amazing blogs and vlogs taken while on thier adventrues. Check them out on YouTube!

Grantham Training Event ‘Productive, Rewarding and Inspirational’ We arrived at Grantham at around 6pm local time. After over 4 hours of traveling we finally reached our destination. The first thing that we took part in was an introductory meeting to let us know exactly what the weekend was about. As always, Jim was very inspirational and everybody left feeling good about themselves and good about Enactus. It was a long day of travel t and so everybody was tired, although some people maybe wanted to call it a night at 9pm we decided to just have a short nap before we went to the bonfire – which was the planned activity for the night. Saturday was a great day. We learnt a lot and it gave some great ideas for taking Enactus forward this year. We each attended different events throughout the day; some attended leadership and motivation whereas others were lucky enough to be able to learn about Micro Finance. Everybody at some part of the day went to PGL which consisted of team based activities. The night was very formal and most people got the chance to get suited up for the occasion. ea was fantastic, made all the better by the wine which accompanied it. Just before we ate, Enterprise Rent a Car gave a speech as they were sponsoring the dinner. Up next was Enactus Southampton, as they were runners up in the World Cup last year they were given a standing ovation and a chance to show off their trophy. We then had pre-drinks with other Enactus teams before heading out to the disco set up by Enactus. It was a great night topped off by the fact we managed to find a secret Lounge area hidden away in our accommodation which had all the Jeremy Kyle we could ever need.

Unfortunately this then led to a tough task on Sunday morning… Waking up. Although not successfully managed by all, once we did manage to leave the comfort of our beds we had a few challenges in store

store for us. One of these challenges was abseiling, not all of us managed to take part in this due to time constraints however those who did managed to have a go, did it with grace and elegance. After more team building activities we then went for a final talk in the Sports Hall where we put our heads together to come up with targets for the year ahead and we also had a group photo with the whole of Enactus UK. pho

What is Grantham? It is an activity centre usually used by schools for outdoor activity holidays. For the adventurous students among you there are the outdoor activity sessions - team building games such as swinging from a harness, racing up a climbing wall, or completing an aerial assault course. They are also a chance for you to get to know people from other teams. The main reason to go to the raining weekend is so you can cover new things to push the programme further and ultimately to make your teams and projects better. On top of training the sponsor companies are running a development centre on the first day (which serves as great practice for any upcoming interviews/assessment centres.

Project Spot some criteria: have a good level of knowledge on autism, display good practices, and engage directly with autism through the offer of work experience to autistic individuals.

D:E aims to help empower autistic individuals to achieve sustainable employment. In its simplest form, autism is a spectrum disorder which can affect a person’s social, communication and imaginative skills in any number of ways. There are often close links to sensory conditions, be it loud noises or a certain type of light, that makes them uncomfortable. These issues can become even more prevalent in the workplace. However, someone with autism is the same as anyone else with a certain set of weaknesses and a certain set of strengths. D:E aims to champion the things that someone with autism could bring to a workplace with the aim of helping them secure sustainable employment.

Only 15% of adults with autism are in full-time employment

In its 2nd year of running, we have almost a completely new team which has brought about a lot of new ideas and changes which we think will help further our project. The team received C.V and general job application training and are waiting on autism training at the start of next year. We have been trying to get our name heard around campus and the local area with a shiny new website (, posters all over the university di campus, flyers being handed out to business, market stalls, basically anywhere we can, but it has not been easy and we are not getting a huge response, so we are continuing with our efforts. The D:E award is something we are offering businesses as a way of recognising their help. The D:E award is something we are offering businesses as a way of recognising their help. The award is for employers who have gone the extra mile to embrace diversity, open-mindedness and varied talent in the workplace. We have set up this award as to identify an organization as autism-friendly. The award is for employers who have gone the mile to embrace diversity, open-mindedness and varied talent in the workplace. We have set up this award as to identify an organization as autism-friendly. To gain this award, however, an organisation would have to meet

D:E are a also aiming to work as a liaison between the employee and company and are offering to run free presentations on autism within companies, increasing management skills by providing specific knowledge on working with people with autism in business and also recruitment process. We have had a few positive responses so far, although it is difficult competing with bigger big organisations and gaining that initial contact within a company.

Project Updates Social Media - This has been an exciting term for Enactus' newest project! It aims to work with groups who could benefit from an increased social media profile and help educate them on how to achieve this. So far we have recruited a corporate partner and begun work on finding a venue in Lancaster to run the surgeries. Hopefully the next term will see the launch of the surgeries and the start of our work with microbusinesses! Brazil Project - After thoughtful research, we have decided to address the issue of uncollected surplus waste in Manaus, Brazil. So far we have four direct directions we can take that involve the recycling and reusing of plastic bottles, including turning bottles into lights, recycling and making rooftops with plastic bottles! Now we are in a stage where we are getting contacts and evaluating each of the directions in other to decide which one we will take. Project H – After brainstorming and quick evaluations - we decided to work with the homeless shelter to develop a vegetable patch to make extra money by selling the food. We also hope to use multiple micro-businesses with the homeless shelter as a springboard to propel them back into society. We are developing a clear business-action plan, ready to get our hands dirty (potentially literally) in the New Year. Forum - We began the term by working with The Yard Coffee. We conducted market research to determine both what students wanted from coffee shops and what types of promotion they responded to the best. Finally, we successfully arranged for the Language Society to hold their social in the Yard Coffee and we are hoping to see more socials next term. Project ZED - Due to minor set backs, it has been difficult to produce something to show. However, the team have been busy brainstorming amazing ideas that should be up and running next term!

Enactus Lancaster University Newsletter Winter 2013  
Enactus Lancaster University Newsletter Winter 2013