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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Harlem Shake shakes up SFA By John Cleveland Staff Writer The SFA Athletics Department choreographed a Lumberjack themed “Harlem Shake” video Tuesday evening at Homer Bryce Stadium. A group of more than 150 students joined the Internet sensation by dressing up in costumes, chaotically gyrating and jumping around aimlessly. Josh Jorgenson, the coordinator of athletic operations, was in charge of directing the crowd of students huddled at the 25-yard line on the field at Homer Bryce Stadium. “The whole idea is to act spontaneous and crazy,” Jorgenson said. “We had no idea what to expect until people started showing up.” A smorgasbord of characters made an appearance despite the chilly weather conditions. Characters included; a unicycler, flag twirlers, Mario and Luigi, light-saber duels, ponchos and sombreros, cowboy hats, a small terrier, Darth Vader, centaurs, a gorilla suit chasing a banana suit, a giant penguin puppeteer, cheese-heads and a pantless, stuffed-giraffe rider. Students came out for all sorts of reasons. “I just found out about this whole thing Friday,” sophomore participant London McCann said. “When I heard SFA was doing one, I just had to do it.” Jada Hughes, also a sophomore, had other motives. “I just wanted to get on YouTube without doing something that would keep me from getting a job in the future,” Hughes said. The majority of “Harlem Shake” versions found on YouTube are formatted similarly. They begin with the song “Harlem Shake” by Baauer playing in the background while a group of motionless individuals occupy a room. There is only one person dancing, usually in costume, while the others act oblivious to the presence of the dancer. Then, when the base drops in the background music, the rest of the individuals in the picture frame join the lone dancer in a jubilant jig. Alyx McLuskie/Pine Log Photo

Shake, page 3 Along with Tuesday’s Harlem Shake, students also participated in another similar video last week.

Wade Bowen Jack Backers to open second location in old Varsity Bookstore brings country Jack Backers College Bookstore is opening a second location on E. College St., store owners Alan and Pam Fitch announced today. The collegiate retailer will assume the storefront previously occupied by Varsity Bookstore, which closed Feb. 15. The location will remain closed

for approximately six weeks to allow time for remodeling and re-branding before opening as Jack Backers College Bookstore in late April. “The location on East College Street will allow us to better serve customers who live on the SFA campus,” said Alan Fitch. “The location is within

easy walking distance of many dorms and classrooms.” The store’s current North Street location will remain open, offering a convenient shopping location for students living off campus as well as local citizens and visiting alumni. “We remain committed to providing low cost textbooks and superior customer service,” Fitch said. Jack Backers College Bookstore opened in June 2008 and is the only alumni-owned bookstore serving SFA. In addition to college textbooks, the store offers a full line of officially licensed SFA clothing and gifts, including brands such as Nike, Hurley, Under Armour, Ping and Columbia. Its online store,, is the official marketplace of the SFA Alumni Association. Fitch said Jack Bakers is firm in its commitment to SFA, and that the store re-invests thousands of dollars each year into University scholarships and programs.

Creager gets off the stage to bond with fans in his new Fiesta Tour By Jessica Gilligan Managing Editor Roger Creager will perform at Banita Creek Hall at 8 p.m. Feb. 22 with special guest Josh Grider. He’s switching things up on this tour, calling it the Texas Fiesta Tour which he and his band kicked off in January. “It’s like a typical Roger Creager show with all the things I want when I got to a concert,” he said. A lot of the fun, interactive inspiration reportedly came from Jimmy Buffett’s concert style. He wants to have more interaction with his fans inside the bars he performs in. “The first 100 or so people inside the door will get an acoustic show,” Creager said. He will take requests and play songs he wouldn’t play with the entire band later that night. When asked if he has a pre-show routine, Creager replied, “A little bit. I try to focus on the music before I come out.” Creager’s favorite song to perform is” Late Night Case of the Blues” and the song that means the most to him is “I’ve Got the Guns.”

Volume 94 Issue 8

Though Nacogdoches isn’t his favorite place to perform—Gruene Hall is—he’s toured in Nacogdoches several times. Talking about Nacogdoches Creager commented, “I’ve never lived there but just visiting has been a blast.” He then went on to compli-

Next Publication: Monday February 25, 2013

ment “the good people and fun college town.” Not mentioning his first degree in accounting was from Sam Houston, Creager shared that he got his second degree at Texas A&M in agriculture.

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Creager, page 3

TODAY H 68 L 38

to Nac dance hall

By Hannah Cole Editor Rising Texas country artist from Lubbock, Wade Bowen, is performing at Banita Creek Dance Hall Saturday evening. Although he did not start playing guitar until he was 17, Bowen began playing gigs in college while attending Texas Tech University. “It was just cool getting to go to class and play in a band at the same time,” Bowen said. “Probably my craziest nights in college were just playing at the local bars and watching my friends go crazy.” Although George Strait is one of Bowen’s biggest idols, Robert Earl Keen inspired his first band “West 84”. “He was a big changing point in my life,” Bowen said on his website. “I realized by listening to him that there was way more out there than I ever knew. So I started getting into Guy Clark and other great Texas music. But I was obsessed with Robert Earl. When we started the band we were sort of a Robert Earl cover band.” Even though Bowen says one of his favorite places to perform is Billy Bob’s, Nacogdoches is home to many great memories. He and his fellow country music buddy Randy Rogers have had great times playing jitterbugs at Banita Creek Dance Hall. After college, Bowen took the leap to go solo and realized he loved writing his own songs. Bowen writes 95% of his songs. “I might every now and then put one on that I didn’t write just because it’s something different then what I’m used to playing,” Bowen said. Bowen said his favorites song is “Before These Walls Were Blue.” This song means so much to him because it is about his boys. Although it is tough being on the road often, Bowen says he loves his job and that when he is home with his family he is home. “I don’t have to do anything else so that’s really nice.” For more information about Wade Bowen visit his website To purchase tickets to his show this Saturday visit

FRIDAY H 63 L 36




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Thursday, February 21, 2013

President Obama administration to increase diplomatic pressure against trade secret theft By Eric Engleman and Roger Runningen Bloomberg News The United States will put diplomatic pressure on countries implicated in thefts of trade secrets and seek stronger international enforcement of intellectual-property protections, according to a government report. President Barack Obama's administration pledged to share more intelligence with companies about the countries involved in economic espionage and methods used to steal corporate information, and to study the need for stronger U.S. laws against trade-secret theft. "Other governments must recognize that trade secret protection is vital to the success of our economic relationships and that they must take steps to strengthen their enforcement against trade secret theft," according to a document released Wednesday outlining the administration's trade secret strategy. The trade-secret report was released in Washington by U.S. Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator Victoria Espinel. It comes a day after the computer-security firm Mandiant Corp. said in a report that the Chinese army is probably the source of hacking attacks against at least 141 companies worldwide since 2006. The trade-secret strategy looks at more than computer-based theft. It says the pace of economic espionage is accelerating through recruitment of current and

former employees of companies, as well as cyber intrusions against U.S. businesses, law firms, universities and financial institutions. While it doesn't single out China, Wednesday's report cites examples of economic espionage in which corporate secrets were passed to Chinese institutions. "Trade secret theft threatens American businesses, undermines national security, and places the security of the U.S. economy in jeopardy," the document says. "These acts also diminish U.S. export prospects around the globe and put American jobs at risk." The administration will intensify efforts to apply diplomatic pressure on countries "where there are regular incidents of trade secret theft" and press them to strengthen enforcement action, according to the strategy document. In trade negotiations, the United States will seek agreements for other countries to provide protections for corporate secrets similar to those in U.S. law. The Director of National Intelligence will oversee increased sharing of U.S. intelligence on trade-secret theft with the private sector, including information on foreign governments involved in espionage and the types of technology targeted, the document says. The administration will promote voluntary industry best practices on protecting intellectual property, and the FBI is expanding efforts to fight computer intrusions involving trade-secret theft, accord-

SFA Alumni Association hosts Bar B-Que Cook-Off for Houston Rodeo

SFA Alumni Association will host Member Night at Houston Rodeo Bar-B-Que Cook-Off The SFA Alumni Association and the Nacogdoches Go Texan committee will team up to host Alumni Member Night at the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo Bar-B-Que Cook-off on Friday, Feb. 22, at Reliant Park. Paid members of the Alumni Association are invited to the SFA Alumni/Nacogdoches Go Texan tent for free, where drinks and BBQ will be provided. The tent will be open from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. Members should bring their membership identification to gain access to the tent. All members are allowed one guest. Attendees must pay a fee of $10 to enter the

Bar-B-Que Contest grounds. In addition to entrance of the SFA Alumni / Nacogdoches Go Texan tent, paid member attendees will also have access to the Chuck Wagon tent, Rockin’ Bar-B-Que Saloon, and the Champion Wine Garden. The SFA Alumni / Nacogdoches Go Texan tent will be located on the Pecos Trail at Booth C-805. Visit event/Rodeo for more information and maps. If you are not a member and would like to attend, call the Alumni Association to join as a member to gain access to the tent. t Please contact (936) 468-3407 or visit for more information.

The Crime Log On 2-20-2013 an Officer was dispatched to the lobby of UPD in reference to a Theft. Upon arrival the Officer made contact with the complainant, who advised on 2-9-2013 his secure bicycle was stolen from the bike rack near the Griffith Fine Arts Building. There are no suspects. On 02-19-2013 an Officer was dispatched to the Miller Science Building in reference to a Theft. The Officer arrived and the complainant advised that on an unknown date someone removed an aluminum block from the Miller Science Building. There are no suspects. On 02-19-2013 an Officer was dispatched to Steen Hall in reference to an Alcohol complaint. Upon arrival the Officer located two minors in possession an alcoholic beverages inside a residence. There are two suspects. On 02-19-2013 an Officer was dispatched to the Student Recreation Center in reference to a suspicious person. Upon arrival the Officer

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ing to the administration's strategy. The separate cybersecurity report released yesterday said computer intrusions from China, mainly directed at U.S. companies, were carried out by a group that is "likely government sponsored" and is similar "in its mission, capabilities, and resources" to a unit of the People's Liberation Army. A spokesman for China's Foreign Ministry, Hong Lei, denied any military involvement and said his department is opposed to computer hacking and has been a victim of attacks itself. Obama issued an executive order Feb. 12 calling for increased government sharing of information on cyber threats with industry. It directs the government to develop voluntary cybersecurity standards for compa-



nies operating vital infrastructure such as power grids and air-traffic control systems. In his State of the Union address, Obama warned that hackers, including those who are state sponsored, are a national-security threat as well as an economic one. "We know foreign countries and companies swipe our corporate secrets," Obama said. "Now our enemies are also seeking the ability to sabotage our power grid, our financial institutions, and our air traffic control systems." A recently prepared U.S. secret intelligence assessment, described Feb. 11 in the Washington Post, said the country's economy is endangered by a massive and prolonged computer- espionage campaign from China.


7 7

Level of Difficulty:


The rules of Sudoku are simple. Enter digits from 1 to 9 into the blank spaces. Every row must contain one of each digit, as must every column and every 3x3 square. Each Sudoku has a unique solution that can be reached logically without guessing.

6 1 2 7 4 9 5 8 3

7 8 4 2 3 5 6 1 9

2 4 8 5 7 3 9 6 1

1 5 6 4 9 2 8 3 7

3 7 9 8 6 1 4 5 2

8 6 1 9 2 4 3 7 5

5 9 3 1 8 7 2 4 6

4 2 7 3 5 6 1 9 8

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Sudoku puzzle sponsored by Student Activities Association

found to be in possession of marihuana in a drug free zone. The subject was arrested and transported to the Nacogdoches County Jail without incident and all three subjects were issued a criminal trespass ban for the SFASU Campus. There is one suspect. Those who wish to see the video can find it at the URL: http://www. On 2-16-2013 an Officer was dispatched to Griffith Hall in reference to Disorderly Conduct: fighting in a public place. Upon arrival the Officer located one subject, who advised a physical altercation had occurred and that the other party involved had left the scene. There are two suspects. On 2-16-2013 an Officer stopped a vehicle on Wilson Dr. in reference to a traffic violation. The Officer discovered the driver to be in possession of marihuana. The subject was arrested for possession of marihuana and transported to the Nacogdoches County Jail without incident.

SAA Cinema Presents

February 21, 22, 24

Rise of the Guardians

Baker Pattillo Student Center $1 Students $2 Faculty-Staff $3 Community

Rated PG • 7 p.m.

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Rated R • 9:30 p.m.

SAA Movie Line 936.468.6554 Brought to you by SAA


(936) 560-4768 ~ 327 W. College St Nacogodoches, Texas 75965

On North St Between SFA & Wal-Mart $10 app.

327 West College St.

9 3 5 6 1 8 7 2 4

Look in the next issue for the answers.

contacted the suspicious person and found him to be in possession of stolen property and in possession of marijuana. The subject was arrested, issued a disbarment from the SFASU Campus, and transported to the Nacogdoches County Jail without incident. There is one suspect. On 2-17-2013 an Officer was dispatched to Kerr Hall in reference to a Credit Card Abuse. Upon arrival the Officer made contact with the complainant, who advised on 2-14-2013 her credit card was used without her permission at an off campus location. There is one suspect. On 2-17-2013 an Officer was dispatched to Kerr Hall in reference to a Theft. Upon arrival the Officer made contact with the complainant, who advised on 2-17-2013 a debit card was stolen from her unsecured residence at Kerr Hall. There are no suspects. On 2-16-2013 an Officer made contact with three suspicious subjects on Alumni Dr. One of the subjects was

Banita Creek




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8 9 5 4 3 5 4 2 7

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Page Three

New Nintendo Direct broadcast states 2013 is ‘the year of Luigi’ By Robert Key Entertainment Editor Nintendo hosted yet another Nintendo Direct through its website on Valentine’s Day where eyes were primarily darted at the greenshirted plumber Luigi. As expected with each Nintendo Direct, president of Nintendo Satoru Iwata first appeared in the stream to discuss Luigi. Iwata said since around the time Luigi appeared in his first video game, “Mario Bros.,” he has been more of a side character, unlike his famous brother Mario. Iwata then went on to nickname 2013 as “the year of Luigi.” For the first time on Nintendo Direct, “Super Mario Bros.” series creator Shigeru Miyamoto made an appearance to discuss some the aspects to the Nintendo 3DS title “Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon,” the sequel to the first game starring Luigi. As the stream rolled on, it showed the environments in “Dark Moon,” which seem to contain much more diversity than the original “Luigi’s Mansion” from 2001. Utilizing the Poltergust, a Ghost Busters-like vacuuming device, is vital to exploring the variety of mansions. A new feature to the Poltergust is the black light, which is used to solve puzzles and reveal hidden secrets in order to progress through mansions. Normal ghosts are now more difficult to capture. Some will use objects in the environments such as garbage can or sunglasses to prevent light from being shined upon them. Miyamoto also showed game play footage of the mul-

tiplayer mode, which can be played locally or online with three other people. Essentially, the objective is to eradicate ghosts a number of floors set by players in a skyscraper-like building, or in this case, the ScareScraper. 3DS owners can play this game when it releases March 24. Transitioning from “Dark Moon,” a new game in the “Mario & Luigi” role playing game (RPG) series titled “Mario & Luigi: Dream Team” was revealed. In the fourth

entry to the RPG series, the setting takes place inside Luigi’s dream where Mario may enter. “Dream Team” will have traditional turn based game play, but with a twist. Using the 3DS’ touchscreen, players will see Luigi as he is sleeping and can use his face to assist them in the game. For example, tickling Luigi’s nose causes him to sneeze in the dream and with the gust of wind from the sneeze, a secret path may be revealed. Although it is not necessarily Luigi centric, a new entry to the “Mario Golf” series was revealed called “Mario Golf: World Tour.” This will be the first new “Mario Golf” game since the 2004 Gameboy Advance title “Mario Golf: Advance Tour.” “World Tour” will include familiar characters in Mario franchises alongside game play for newcomers and veterans of the series. Both “Mario & Luigi: Dream Team” and “Mario Golf: World Tour” will release in the summer of 2013. Ending the streak of Luigi reveals was a piece of new downloadable content (DLC) for the Wii U game “New Super Mario Bros. U” titled “New Super Luigi U.” There is no “Bros.” in the name since the only playable character is Luigi. This will not be the typical DLC with a few extra levels. Iwata said it is comparable to buying a full retail game. It will not only contain 80 brand new levels, but they are considered more challenging than the courses from “New Super Mario Bros. U.” “New Super Luigi U” will be available sometime in 2013. Twitter: @Robbie_Key_V



from page 1 When asked if he has noticed a change in his fan base since Josh Abbott and Pat Green mentioned him in My Texas, he said, “I’ve had several people come up to me and tell me that they’re working on that challenge.” The challenge he’s referring to comes from “My Texas,” a song about fun things to do in Texas that people set out to accomplish. Creager’s shout-out says “sang Everclear at a Creager show.” He said the craziest thing he ever did was “quitting my county job to start a band.” Creager shared “I’ve always wanted to be in the music business.” He’s done a lot of other crazy, adventurous things and met some cool people along the way. ”I’ve met Lyle Lovett who’s a big inspiration of mine.”

On top of that he said, “I grew up a huge fan of George Strait; I’ve hung out with him a few times.” As far as who he hasn’t met yet, Creager aspires to meet Willie Nelson one of these days. When asked about the craziest place he’s ever performed Creager said, “We’ve played on the mountainside in the country in Italy for about 2000 people; none of them spoke English.” Another crazy adventure he’d like to embark on is climbing Mt. Fuji in Japan. Fan can expect to see another CD from Creager in early 2014. In the meantime anyone can see him perform at Banita Creek Hall Friday. Tickets are on sale at and more information can be found at

ANNiverSAry CelebrAtioN Who knew that eating healthy could taste so good? the “Goat” did IntroducIng the frozen goat SmoothIe menu

all of our smoothies are made with our own special recipe using real fruit, yogurt, milk whey or soy protein, soy milk, and juices. our smoothies are designed as a meal replacement for a healthy lunch, after school or after a workout. You already know the best place for frozen yogurt is the frozen goat. now discover the best place for healthy smoothies.

fruited fun

strawberries, blueberries, orange juice, yogurt, goat milk 320 cal. 31g. protein

heavenly Blueberry

banana, blueberries, soy milk, yogurt, flaxseed meal 445 cal. 35g. protein

apple Pie

yogurt, banana, apple juice spices

280 cal. 29g. protein

the Blue goat • banana, blueberries, goat milk, pudding, soy milk 295 cal. 25g. protein

cherry Blossom • banana, yogurt, cherries, lemon juice, almond extract 280 cal. 29g. protein Peach Please

banana, peaches, yogurt, pudding

Pineapple Passion

banana, pina colada, pineapple, milk

Peanut Butter delight

peanut butter, banana, soy milk, yogurt

Bountiful morning

soy milk, rolled oats, banana, strawberries or blueberries, yogurt 435 cal. 32g. protein

Strawberry fields forever

banana, strawberries, yogurt

295 cal. 29g. protein

285 cal. 22.5g. protein

380 cal. 35.5g. protein

290 cal. 29g. protein

unless otherwise specified all smoothies will have one serving of Protiesn Whey or Soy

any smoothie

Those who wish to see the video can find it at the URL: Or they can enter “SFA Athletics Harlem Shake” into the YouTube search engine. The opening shot features The Homer Bryce scoreboard and the Lumberjack mascot wielding an axe. Jorgenson told the dancers and the audience that high attendance at the upcoming home basketball games could result in some on-campus flash mob activities later in the semester.

The Office of the Provost at Stephen F. Austin State University and the University Lecture Series Committee cordially invite you to the

now open at 11am

$ 1.00 off

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Is a smoothie just a smoothie? no way! Yours truly, the “goat”

2013 Regents Lecture by Dr. Brian P. Oswald Regents Professor 2012-2013 Joe E. Denman Distinguished Professor of Forestry, Arthur Temple College of Forestry and Agriculture

Lessons Relearned: How The Netherlands is Learning about Wildland Fire “The Netherlands and most of Northwest Europe are experiencing increases in the number and size of wildland fires. This lecture will focus on how SFA has begun assisting fire agencies in The Netherlands with wildland fire management. ” —Dr. Brian P. Oswald

p p

5:30 p.m. Monday, Feb. 25 Baker Pattillo Student Center, Regents Suites A & B Refreshments to follow lecture.

1220 N. Street Ste. 100 Across from Krogers 936 - 205 - 5940





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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Why creating jobs is such a hassle P

resident Obama and the Democrats want more jobs. So do Republicans. Heck, everyThe Washington Post one does. Yet, job creation is weak. It’s true that the economy has generated 5.5 million jobs from its low point. Still, there are 3.2 million fewer jobs now than at the previous high. The official unemployment rate is 7.9 percent, but it would be 14.4 percent if it included part-timers who would like full-time work and discouraged workers who have stopped looking, notes Janet Yellen, vice chair of the Federal Reserve Board. Scarce jobs are the nation’s first, second and third most important economic and social problem.

Robert J. Samuelson

What’s especially disheartening and mystifying is that, until now, job creation was considered an inherent strength of the U.S. economy. Despite some years of recessioninduced joblessness, unemployment averaged 5.6 percent from 1950 to 2007. The Congressional Budget Office doesn’t expect it to fall below 7.5 percent until 2015. That would make six years above 7.5 percent — the longest stretch of high joblessness in 70 years. It has defied massive budget deficits and ultra-low interest rates. Something’s changed in how the economy works. One theory is “deleveraging”: Americans paying down their high debt. The economy won’t accelerate until this process is complete, the argument goes; the fact that debt-service ratios have dropped to early 1990s levels is considered a

good omen. Another approach is to examine the economy by sectors and see which ones are lagging compared with past recoveries. Yellen did this and indicted housing (its deep slump) and state and local governments (spending cuts). Again, there are said to be encouraging signs. Home construction, prices and sales are up; state and local spending is stabilizing. This analysis helps but misses the main story. To overgeneralize slightly: We have gone from being an expansive, risk-taking society to a skittish, risk-averse one. Before the 2008-09 financial crisis, the bias was toward more spending. The inclination was to surrender to immediate gratification. Want a new car? Sure, why not? More meals out? Great idea! Businesses behaved similarly. Banks made the next loan; companies hired the next worker and approved the next investment project. An ever-expanding economy justified optimism, and optimism supported an ever-expanding economy. Hello, bubble. The psychology has now reversed. The bias is against extra spending. Eat out? Try leftovers. Remodel the basement? Oh, leave it alone. In the boom years, the personal saving rate (savings as a share of after-tax income) fell from 10.9 percent in 1982 to 1.5 percent in 2005. Now it’s edging up; from 2010 to 2012, it averaged 4.4 percent. It could go higher, imposing a further drag on the economy. Businesses have also retreated. They resist approving the next loan, job hire or investment. Since 1959, business investment in factories, offices and equipment has averaged 11 percent of the economy (gross domestic product) and peaked at nearly 13 percent. It’s now a shade over 10 percent, reports economist Nigel Gault of IHS Global Insight. Note that these attitudes govern sectors accounting for roughly four-fifths of the economy: Consumer spending is about 70 percent of GDP; business investment is the rest.

They dwarf housing construction, which is about 2.5 percent of GDP. The caution and risk-aversion aren’t so great as to cause a recession, but on the margin they have limited the economy’s expansion to rates — lately, 1 percent to 2 percent — too weak to absorb most jobless. Pessimism produces a sluggish economy; a sluggish economy produces pessimism. That’s the main explanation of poor job creation. As I’ve written before, this psychological shift stemmed from the fact that the financial crisis and Great Recession were largely unpredicted. Americans aren’t just deleveraging. They’re also building wealth to protect themselves against unknown dangers. Perhaps the stock market’s recent assault on record highs signals restored confidence, but remember: The market is simply regaining levels of late 2007. A report from Credit Suisse argues that returns to stocks will average about 3.5 percent annually (after inflation) in the next 20 years, down sharply from 6 percent since 1950. To compensate for lower returns, companies would need to contribute more to pensions. Wages would suffer. Consumption spending would weaken. We are hostage to a stubborn, restraining psychology. There’s no obvious fix for slow job growth, precisely because it requires a change in public mood or some autonomous source of added demand — a burst of exports, investment in new technologies — not easily predicted or controlled. It could happen but is hardly guaranteed. Politics does matter, to a point. Constant budget and tax feuds between the White House and Congress spawn uncertainty and subvert confidence. Obamacare’s disincentives to hiring hurt, though how much is unclear. But grandiose solutions, say infrastructure spending, founder on practicality. A meaningful level of projects would take time to start and add excessively to budget deficits. We are waiting and hoping.

Axes up to the early fundraisers for the Nacogdoches Relay for Life. If you haven’t signed up already to participate, go do it! It’s tons of fun. Axes down to all of the gossip going around campus. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

Axes up to students participating in the Harlem Shake. We may not understand the point of it, but it’s nice to see students taking initiative to do fun things.

Axes down to people complaining about how they never have time to do anything. Manage your time better, and you probably won’t have that problem.

What I love about SFA...

“I love how SFA has so much school spirit! — Kaiulani Rarangol “I love where it’s located and the scenery around town” — Andy Nguyen

“I love how reading the confessions pages makes me realize I’m a better person than 75 percent of others on campus. Actually, that number may be a little conservative.” —Jason Collins “I love the fact that I get to do my laundry for free.” —Elizabeth Brown “I love the amount of space available to go and study. If the library doesn’t work for you, you can study in one of the rooms in the new AARC, the rooms in the student center, or any of the lounge areas located across campus. It definitely comes in handy.” —Jamie Edmisten “I love my criminal justice professors because they teach not only from the book, but from personal experience.” —Rachel Hilburn “I like how pretty it is. All of the trees, and the warm-ish weather.” —Kathryn Howell “I think the one thing that kinda’ stands out for me about SFA (and I think this applies to people of all majors) is a sense of belonging. There’s something for everyone, and because of that, I think everyone can find their own special group of people they can consider almost their second family. I managed to find that through my fraternity, but there are plenty of non-Greek organizations that can accomplish the same thing. This is one of the big reasons why I’m proud to be an SFA alumnus.” —Violet Porter

Want your fellow Lumberjacks to know what you love about SFA? Send an e-mail to tmix@ and tell us what you value about your University.

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Page Five

NCAA servitude must end in a work environment for any company out there. But why is that acceptable for the acronym-clad collegiate athletic company that employs these young people and chains them to restrictions that limit their profitability during their college years? Many of these athletes will not go on to make millions in the professional leagues that their sports affiliated themselves with, if they even have a professional league (sorry softball players). Why would you limit their earning potential at the apex of their career and limit the endorsements and capital gain that they could potentially be receiving while forcing many to wait until the twilight of their years to have any sort of opportunity to make any form of money?

in their concentration of academics; much like the athlete earns his or her free ride in their concentration of their respective sport. Then why is it that the student who is getting the exact same scholarship as the athlete, minus the day-in-and-day-out physical grind of being an athlete, is allowed to have a job outside of school while the other By Jordan Boyd is not allowed to? Should we level out the playing field by Sports Editor disallowing those on academic scholarship from earning any sort of money while in school because the institution Student-athletes everywhere are commonly perceived as already pays for their school? To me, that does not seem the kings (and queens) of their college campuses. Traveling reasonable at all. That student has earned their privilege around the country and representing their beloved schools to their free education and should be able to do whatever in a sport they have grown up to love seems like a dream they’d like outside of the classroom. But not the studentcome true for most of the population. Across athlete? tracks and basketball courts around the naThe inevitable question is of course: tion, six-year-old kids everywhere are run“What would stop the athlete from agreening hurdles and shooting free throws to ing to a Hummer from a car dealer to have kingdom come for their dream of becoming their face plastered all over the place?” My an elite college athlete. answer: nothing. But why shouldn’t he or Aside from the glory of being a football she be able to do that? If a music major gets or basketball or underwater basket-weaving a record deal with a major record company star, perks galore are bestowed upon the top during his college years for $200,000, what athletes in the nation. And possibly the most is so wrong with him agreeing to that? To important perk of all is the university’s ability me, there isn’t anything illegal or immoral to give their athletic studs the opportunity to in question in that instance. But it’s wrong get their education for free, or close to it. But for the athlete to do the exact same thing? is a free ride enough for a student-athlete? The journalism major that spends his free Should there be more incentive to play coltime freelance writing for the local paper legiate sports, or is the NCAA already doing can be paid, but the athlete needing to pay enough by allowing for them to get their edufor his mother’s insurance bills is restricted cation without cost? to nothing. I was whole-heartedly against paying colMany of these athletes have kids, familegiate athletes when this subject of discuslies and other outside issues that they need sion was first introduced. These guys and monetary gain to help settle, just like many gals already get enough by not having to of those on our own college campuses have pay for their education, which can equate to things they must deal with outside of the $200,000 at some schools. That’s payment classroom as well. Why would we put these enough. Case closed. Thanks for your time. athletes at such a disadvantage before they That used to be my mind set on the subject. even graduate college? That is forcing a But let’s open this up again for kicks and student into debt whether or not their edugiggles, shall we? cation is paid for or not. Does the NCAA even have the funds to And we can’t assume that all of these pay college athletes? Two years ago, CBS/ Courtesy Photo/Google Images athletes have full rides to go play ball. Most Turner Sports signed a deal with the NCAA Should athletes like Johnny Manziel be paid for their Heisman-wining performances on the field? Or does of them don’t. So the defensive specialfor television rights for $10.8 billion. 10.8 B-I- his full-ride at Texas A&M suffice as payment enough for his hard work? ist on the basketball team who still pays L-L-I-O-N doll hairs. Even a fraction of those for much of her schooling still can’t make hairs would be plenty to distribute to athletes That’s right. Not only can they not make any money any money because she is under the NCAA umbrella. The around the world, let alone our great nation. through the school for their athletic endeavors while in col- cross-country stud can’t work off her student loans that she Paying these players out of the pocket of individual ath- lege, but they also do not have the opportunity to make any doesn’t have any help with paying by busing tables at Chili’s letic departments to begin with is hardly feasible—in fact, money through a part-time job either. These athletes have because she earns trophies at collegiate competitions. probably impossible—but clearly the NCAA has a hefty become modern-day slaves, restricted to the rules of their Now let’s get to the infractions themselves. Athletes who chunk of change to share with these kids who assume all of superiors for their indentured servitude. are caught selling their memorabilia or receiving some sort the risk by sacrificing their bodies and time for their sport Many would reply and say that because they are going of incentive while at a school will be suspended and their and school. to school for free and their room and board is paid for, that school will be subject to strict sanctions whether they are These athletes are not only representatives of the NCAA this is payment enough. If that is the payment they receive at their school still or not. So those being caught after the and their schools, but should be considered employees and are not allowed to make any source of outside money, fact receive no punishment, other than perhaps having of both. They are the ones doing the work by competing why is acceptable for others outside of athletics to do that to return their Heisman trophies, but the teams that they amongst one another while their respective programs exact thing? Let me explain. formerly played for receive sanctions and the kids who play receive the monetary benefits of their hard work. That Let’s take those on academic scholarship as a prime for the team currently and have done nothing against the would be completely unacceptable, not to mention illegal, example. They have earned their free ride by doing well NCAA rules are punished for something outside of their control. Something that I would like to see proposed is perhaps allowing the student-athletes payment incentives for their academic success along with their performance on the field as well. If you allow for athletes to earn By Brendan Oglesby name out there,” Tanner said. their keep in the classroom in combination Contributing Writer The coach reiterated the focus re- with their athletic ability, it would increase mains on the Sam Houston game, the amount of college athletes staying for The Lumberjack Basketball team who the Jacks played last night in their entire collegiate career and earning will travel to California Friday to take Huntsville, but he offered some in- their degree. This would increase even more on the 49ers of Long Beach State in sight on the upcoming match-up revenue for the NCAA because better aththe 11th annual Bracket Busters. with the 49ers. letes would stay for an extended period of The game will start at 8 p.m. Long Beach State is 12-2 in the Big time, instead of vaulting themselves to the and will be nationally televised on West and, according to Tanner, professional level prematurely. This would ESPNU. one thing that has made them suc- increase performance in the classroom allBracket Busters is a two-day men’s cessful is how athletic they are. around by athletes and allow for a more reacollege basketball event in which “They are extremely athletic and sonable way for the athletes that come from teams hoping to make the NCAA have more talent than anyone in less-fortunate backgrounds to earn money tournament compete against one an- their league,” he said. “The focus will for whatever situation that they must deal other. The teams are selected from a be to play our style, defend and make with in their personal lives. pool of 122 teams from 15 mid-major them execute. They like to play fast, The NCAA has an obligation to reconsider conferences. so we want to defend and limit their many of their rules on student-athlete reSFA assistant basketball coach transition opportunities.” strictions for payment and incentives and Brette Tanner said, “It gives us a Fans can look for the 49ers to be hopefully some sort of change will come into chance to play on national TV.” in Nacogdoches,, as the home team effect sooner rather than later. Playing on national TV will pro- in each match-up will play a return vide the nation a glimpse of the SFA game at the visiting team’s home Do you feel that these rules are unreasonbasketball program. facility in November or December of able or do you feel that compensation is al“It’s always good to get the SFA the 2013-2014 season. Alyx McLuskie/The Pine Log Photo ready more than enough? Send an e-mail to with your response.


Jacks headed to Cali

Baseball falters against Aggies The No. 24 Texas A&M Aggies put up three runs in the fourth to take the lead, then added four more in the sixth to break open a 3-2 game on its way to a 9-2 win over Stephen F. Austin on Tuesday at Olsen Field. SFA (0-4) got a pair of doubles and runs scored from leadoff man Ricardo Sanchez, but just two other hits from the rest of the lineup. Meanwhile, the Aggies (3-1) were led by their leadoff man as well, Mikey Reynolds, who finished with four hits, three RBI and three stolen bases. That was more than enough for the Texas A&M pitching staff, who retired 11 Lumberjacks on strikes. Corey Ray got his first win of the season, tossing 5.1 innings with a career-high eight punch outs, and allowing both SFA runs before handing the game over to his bullpen. Cameron Gann was credited with his first loss of the season in his first start, allowing three runs on seven hits in 5.0 innings with three strikeouts. SFA took an early lead in the first inning, taking advantage of a leadoff double from Ricardo Sanchez on the second pitch of the game. The Aggies then helped the Lumberjack cause with a pair of wild pitches that pushed Sanchez all the way home and staked SFA to an early 1-0 advantage. But the SFA bats then quickly went quiet as Texas A&M starter Corey Ray did not allow a hit again until Sanchez’s second double of the night to open up the top

of the sixth. Meanwhile, the Aggies managed to get a runner in scoring position in each of the first three frames against Gann before finally coming through in the bottom of the fourth. A single from Troy Stein was followed by a hit batter and an SFA error, setting the table for Charlie Curl who shot a first-pitch single up the middle to put the Aggies in front 2-1. Two batters later Mikey Reynolds delivered his third single of the game to drive in Blake Allemand and give A&M a 3-1 lead after four frames. The `Jacks got one back in the top of the sixth when Hunter Dozier singled home Sanchez, who had led off the inning with a double to deep right-center field; however; the Aggies answered with a four-run bottom of the sixth, highlighted by RBI singles from Reynolds and Krey Bratsen and left the inning with a commanding 7-2 lead. Texas A&M added one more run in the seventh off of freshman Matt Mundkowsky, who tossed 1.2 innings with three strikeouts in his debut, before tacking on one more on SFA’s third error of the night in the bottom of the eighth inning. SFA will now take a week off before playing again on Tuesday, Feb. 26 at Grambling before its home opener vs Louisiana Tech on Feb. 27 at Jaycees Field.

Ladyjack Golf finishes 10th The SFA women’s golf team carded a 345-322-325 - 992 to finish 10th overall at the LeTriomphe Collegiate Tuesday afternoon in Broussard, La. The Ladyjacks climbed five spots in the polls in the final two rounds of action. The Ladyjacks were led by junior Sara Jones who recorded a three-round 244 on the 6,226-yard, par 72 LeTriomphe Country Club course to finish tied for 29th overall. Classmate Aliece Anderson was only a stroke back of Jones to finish in a four-way tie for 32nd overall. Senior Allison Flake struggled in the opening round (88), but proceeded to improve her score in the two following rounds. She finished the two-day event with a 250 to finish tied for 47th. Freshman Mackenzie Steiner recorded a 87-8486 - 257 to place 62nd overall, while classmate Sydney Reed was only one stroke back (268/63rd). The Ladyjacks will be back in action Monday when they travel to Corpus Christi, Texas to compete in the Islander Spring Classic.


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The Pine Log 2/21/13  

The February 21, 2013 edition of The Pine Log

The Pine Log 2/21/13  

The February 21, 2013 edition of The Pine Log