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U.S. Postage PAID Permit No. 45 Grove, OK 74344 P. O. Box 451205 Grove, OK 74345-1205 NON-PROFIT LIFe-SavING aNIMaL SHeLTeR Return Service Requested

2017 Membership Drive Sponsor Upcoming Events Friend, Fur and Lots of Fun “Happy Tails” Adoption Story Donations from Monkey Island Grant from PetSmart Charities Sponsors Statistics for 2016 Sponsor Barkaritaville Ad Monthly Giving is Easy Second Chance Thrift Shop Puppy Enrichment Center New Donor Recognition Garden Walkin’ Buddy Sponsor DIRECTORY for SECOND CHANCE PET RESCUE OF GRAND LAKE A NON-PROFIT 501c3 Animal Welfare Organization Physical address: 64301 E. 290 Road Grove, OK 74344

______________________________________________________________ CuT aLONG DOTTeD LINe


• Individual


• Family $50_______

• Business


• annual angel $100_______ PAWS MEMBERSHIP • Bronze Paw $200-$499 _______

• Silver Paw $500-$999 ________

• Golden Paw $1,000+ _______ ADDITIONAL DONATION $________________ SPONSORSHIP $_____________on the _______day of each month beginning _____________.

For automatic bank payments download form from DaTe ________________________________________________________________________________ Name ________________________________________________________________________________ address____________________________________City________________State______Zip __________ Home Phone_______________________________Cell Phone __________________________________ e-mail address (for e-Newsletters)


Make checks payable to: Second Chance Pet Rescue of Grand Lake - P.O. Box 451205/Grove, OK 74345-1205


Mailing Address: P.O. Box 451205 Grove, OK 74345-1205 Telephone: 918-786-7630 Website: email: Hours of Operation: Wed – Fri: Noon – 5 pm Sat: 10 am - 3 pm Sun - Tues: Closed After Hours: By Appointment BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Stephanie Epps, President Michele Norwood, Vice President Theresa Swift, Treasurer Laura Roberts, Secretary Jane Adams Bob Carlson Terri Cox Ivan Devitt Laketa Langley Marion Metcalf Janis Pedersen Connie Ruzicka SHELTER MANAGER: Kim Nelson SECOND CHANCE THRIFT SHOP 220 E 3rd Street (Three Blocks East of Main in Downtown Grove) Marion Metcalf, Manager Hours of Operation: Tuesday – Sat: 10 am – 5 pm

BECOME A 2017 MEMBER OF SECOND CHANCE PET RESCUE OF GRAND LAKE “SAVING AN ANIMAL WON'T CHANGE THIS WORLD... BUT FOR THE ANIMAL, THE WORLD CHANGES FOREVER!” every year, Second Chance Pet Rescue depends on its annual Membership Drive to provide the operational funds needed to care for hundreds of homeless, abused, and injured animals. as a non-profit organization, which does not receive your tax dollars, Second Chance Pet Rescue can only continue its mission with financial donations from caring people like you. Financial support has always been the key to continuing our mission over the last 30 years, and now the 2017 Membership Drive is even more important as we continue to move forward to make amazing things happen. This annual Newsletter describes just some of the progressive improvements at our small animal rescue and what can be accomplished with the combined effort of a few amazing people. We hope you enjoy the read and join us as we continue to improve! Your donation directly benefits all of the animals that come into our shelter. Your financial contribution makes it possible for us to take in animals in need of shelter and sanctuary; provide spay/neuter surgeries, vaccinations, and necessary medical care for every animal; and provide loving care in a clean, warm and comfortable environment. and the time, energy, and expense of continuing to transport our animals to out-of-state shelters for adoption is crucial to reducing the number of homeless animals in Northeast Oklahoma. Out-of-state transports can continue only with the financial help and support of our community.

Our average intake expense to rescue ONe homeless pet is $100 per animal for spay/neuter surgery, vaccinations, microchip (required by Oklahoma animal Shelter Licensing act), and veterinary services. This amount represents only the initial veterinary costs incurred when an animal first enters the shelter. It does NOT include the shelter's expense for nutrition, employee wages, administrative expenses or overhead to care for the animal until it is adopted. Caring for the ever increasing number of animals puts a tremendous burden on our staff, facility, and limited resources. every donation IS critical for us to carry out our mission to advocate for animal welfare and to provide compassionate care and protection for all animals that find their way to our shelter. We need the support of everyone in our community who are concerned about the well-being of animals. Please make your pledge gift today while it is fresh in your mind. The 2017 Membership application is the last page of this newsletter. Please complete and return in the enclosed selfaddressed envelope along with your taxdeductible check. any amount is appreciated as your 2017 pledge DOeS make a difference in the lives of the many homeless animals that are surrendered each year to our life-saving shelter. On behalf of the homeless animals who will be helped by your gift, we thank you so much! The Board of Directors Second Chance Pet Rescue of Grand Lake

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Annual Membership Drive via 2017 Newsletter – Please Become a Supporting Member! Join Today! SPRING OPEN HOUSE for Shelter Expansion Addition. Date and time to be announced soon. SEMI ANNUAL GARAGE SALES AT SECOND CHANCE THRIFT SHOP Every May and October – Dates to be announced. May 20 – Barkaritaville. Dinner, Music, Silent Auction, and FUN for all Parrot Heads! Details to be announced soon!

Friends, Fur, and Lots of Fun! Volunteers make a world of difference to our animals. Your time is one of the most cherished gifts you can give to our animal rescue, and make some fast new friends (both two- and four-legged), too. Volunteers are essential to everything we do. They are the heart of our rescue and a key reason why we are able to save so many homeless pets. There are so many ways you can join in the fun: For example, pictured is Jordan Farris, a member of our dedicated shelter staff and a HUGE cat lover! She is more than an employee of Second Chance Pet Rescue, but a foster parent to many of our newborn or sick kittens that must receive individualized care. Many of our sick kittens would not have lived without Jordan's care. She would welcome others to help her in her dedicated quest to save those kittens and cats that need extra special care. If interested, Jordan would teach you all her tricks of the trade. She assures all volunteers that the rewards are worth the effort. She is pictured with Laser, a kitten she raised from just a few days old. Laser is returning the love with sweet “Thank You” kisses. Sign up Today! Call Kim Nelson, Shelter Manager, at 918-786-7630 to learn more about volunteer and foster parent opportunities. All volunteers must be 16 years of age or older. Children between the ages of 13 and 15 are welcome to volunteer; however, an adult must accompany them at all times. (We love parent/child volunteer teams!) If you have a special skill or trade that you feel may be beneficial to our shelter, please share it with us. Wherever your talents lie, Second Chance Pet Rescue welcomes you!

August 19 5th Annual Cars for Critters Indoor Car Show @ Grove Civic Center November 17 and 18 – Santa Paws Pet Photos @ Second Chance Thrift Shop December 11 – Annual Christmas Breakfast and Holiday Dessert Auction @ Grove Community Center Follow us on Facebook or website for details!

Happy Tails Adoption – How Two Hearts Met Over the Evening News! This is a story of how two hearts found each other over the evening news! Michelle Sutton of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, and a special needs pup named Mrs. Peabody were at a Tulsa, Oklahoma, news station promoting their respective non-profit organizations for a spotlight news cast. A connection was made immediately as each of them waited behind the scenes. Kim Nelson, Shelter Manager, traveled to the Tulsa news station with Mrs. Peabody to represent Second Chance Pet Rescue, and Mrs. Peabody was certainly eye catching! She had only three legs, one sighted eye, and was deaf. But, Mrs. Peabody was also so endearing in how little any disability bothered her. She had a sunny-side personality that was unstoppable happy! So, the adoption of Mrs. Peabody by Michelle was made official in April of 2015. Mrs. Peabody, now known as Sadie, acclimated into her new home in true spoiled fashion. You see, Mrs. Peabody does not believe in any bad days. Additionally to loving Michelle unconditionally, Mrs. Peabody formed a bond with Michelle's Dad, who lost much of his own leg a year after Mrs. Peabody's adoption. Mrs. Peabody has made his own transition a bit easier by setting an example. Positive attitude is paramount! Michelle has made two more lives complete when she and Mrs. Peabody opened their home to two hard-to-place senior dogs that had been surrendered to Second Chance Pet Rescue. It is a known fact that it is more difficult to place senior dogs into forever homes than any other homeless pet living within shelters. But in August of 2016, Michelle adopted together Harley, a 12 year old shepherd mix, and Hanni Bell, an 8 year old spaniel mix. All three dogs are dearly loved by Michelle and her Dad. Mrs. Peabody (aka Sadie), Harley, and Hanni Bell are just three examples of how adoption of special needs and/or senior dogs and “second chances” have become a family affair! Our blessings to all!

Second Chance Pet Rescue Receives Donations from Monkey Islanders Monkey Islanders Peggy Howard and Patty Davis are just two of a group of Monkey Island residents that recently made a BIG difference for Second Chance Pet Rescue.  Our animal care facility is always in need of so many basic necessities just to keep the place running. So our shelter was thrilled to receive several trailers full of these much needed "Wish List" supplies. Through different fund raising projects throughout the year, Monkey Island residents raise money for various community projects; such as purchasing Christmas toys for low-income children, or providing educational assistance for those in need, or help to others if a potential Monkey Island disaster should happen.  This time the residents chose to assist Second Chance Pet Rescue with fulfilling some of its daily basic needs to operate the shelter.  Monkey Islanders purchased 21 bags each of dog and cat food, 42 bags of cat litter, stacks of paper supplies, and gallons of cleaning supplies for delivery to the shelter. 

will deliver the supplies to the shelter.  Also, if you order items online, use Amazon.Smile, select Second Chance Pet Rescue as your charity, and a percentage of the purchase will be made to our organization. And, you can have them shipped directly to the shelter location at 64301 E. 290 Road, Grove, OK.  Don't forget, you can always give the gift of your time and expertise as a volunteer or as a dog or cat foster parent.  Just contact the shelter

Kim Nelson, Shelter Manger, was thrilled when the deliveries were made.  "We couldn't do what we do for the animals we care for without the caring and kindness of wonderful people in our Grand Lake communities.  We thank them all in advance for their compassion for the animals who find themselves in our shelter due to no fault of their own.  We at Second Chance Pet Rescue try to give all our animals the best care and much love while they wait for a home of their own." People are always asking for ways to help our animal shelter.  Click on our "Wish List" available via our website at or contact the shelter at 918-786-7630 to inquire what basic necessities are needed.  “Wish List” donations may also be dropped off at our Second Chance Thrift Shop, 220 E. 3rd Street, and volunteers

for more information. Pictured from Left to Right – Peggy Howard and Petty Davis

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SECOND CHANCE PET RESCUE OF GRAND LAKE RECEIVES $37,000 GRANT FROM PETSMART CHARITIES® TO PURCHASE ANIMAL TRANSPORT SERVICES CARGO VAN Second Chance Pet Rescue of Grand Lake is the recipient of a $37,000 grant from PetSmart Charities®, the leading funder of animal welfare in North america. The grant helped secure an animal transport services cargo van to transport adoptable pets to prospective pet parents outside of Oklahoma, as well as to provide pet transportation for local veterinary needs, off-site adoption events, and food donation pick-up. adoptable dogs and cats are transported from rescue shelters all over the u.S. to destinations giving thousands of dogs a Second Chance for Life! Second Chance Pet Rescue has been transporting dogs for the past four years to animal Humane Society, Golden valley, Minnesota, transporting over 1,200 dogs in this time period. This transport program allows our animal rescue organization to bring pets to areas where the demand for pet adoption is high so they will have the best chance possible at finding their forever family.

Prior to transports, dogs at our rescue shelter would wait months or longer to be adopted due to pet overpopulation. Our organization will continue to facilitate its “Drive to Save Lives” program in an effort to prevent pet homelessness in this area. Stephanie epps, Second Chance Pet Rescue Board President said, “We’d like to thank PetSmart Charities® for believing in ‘second chances’ and helping us secure a new RaM ProMaster 3500 animal services cargo van. We’d like to also thank Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Columbia, Tennessee, for working with us on this purchase.” The Board of Directors also thanks Kim Nelson, our Shelter Manager, for making the drive to Columbia, Tennessee, to pick up our new animal transport services cargo van.

Second Chance Pet Rescue of Grand Lake Statistics for 2016 Public Grove City Shelter 1/ FRAMP 2/ Southwest City Vet Clinic 3/ WAGS 4/

No. of Animals Taken In



470 58 15 15 18

169 17 1 2


765 No. of Adoptions Transported to out-of-state 1

Animal Humane Society 5/ Rescue Waggin® 6/ MuttNation 7/



275 92 66



11 583

1/ Since 2014, Second Chance Pet Rescue (SCPR) and the City of Grove have worked together for SCPR to accept, vet, and transport to out-of-state shelters all stray dogs and some cats captured by City Animal Control Officer and unclaimed by owners. SCPR agreed to do this service without compensation from the City of Grove, but in order to stop city's euthanasia of healthy dogs and cats. 2/ Flint Ridge FRAMP Inc., Kansas, OK, a shelter partner which brings animals for transport. 3/ Southwest City Veterinary Clinic provides all veterinary medical services for SCPR. 4/ Wagoner Animal Guardian Society (WAGS), Wagoner, OK, a shelter partner which brings animals for transport. 5/ Animal Humane Society, Golden Valley, MN, entered into a Canine Transfer Partnership in 2010 to transport SCPR dogs, and recently in 2016 cats, to its Minnesota animal shelter for adoption. 6/ PetSmart Charities Rescue Waggin, SCPR became a transport program participant in 2014 for dogs and puppies to be picked up and transported to shelters elsewhere in the country where adoptable dogs are in demand. 7/ MuttNation Foundation, Lindale, TX, SCPR became a transport program participant in 2016 for dogs/puppies and cats/kittens.

Dogs and Cats

No. of Spay/Neuter Surgeries for 2016


Shelter Animals 8/ Public 9/

332 164


8/ All animals adopted from SCPR are required to be sterilized to reduce pet overpopulation. Our animals are also wellness checked by a veterinarian, micro-chipped, and given required vaccinations. 9/ SCPR offers a low-cost spay/neuter clinic to the public. You may contact the shelter office at 918-786-7630 for more information on its weekly spay/neuter clinic and to make an appointment. Pet overpopulation of homeless animals is a serious crisis situation in Northeast Oklahoma and the Grand Lake communities. To reduce and eliminate this crisis of homeless animals, the communities MUST accept that spay/neuter of pets is the Number 1 way to reduce and eliminate pet overpopulation.

Monthly Giving is Easy – Your Sustaining Gift Will Save Lives

Text AMC to 85377 for all your mortgage needs! Pictured from left to right are: Denise Daly, Chrysler Dodge/Columbia, TN; Kim Nelson, Second Chance Pet Rescue Shelter Manager; Daniel Rhodes and Brittney Tareco, Chrysler Dodge, Columbia, TN

! &



$ ! * *

Laketa LangLey, ReaLtOR® 918-964-1603 MEMBER OFFICE

$ # ' + %$( ))) % # ! & ! & $"



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Tired of fishing for Good Rates? Come and see me today! In-house processing, In-house underwriting, In-house funding!


At Honey Creek Landing & Marina

May 20, 2017 • 5-9:30 pm

911 S. Main St. Grove, OK 74344 Office: (918)787-5355 204 W 4th, Suite B, Grove, OK 74344

By making a Monthly Sustaining Gift, you invest in our life-saving animal rescue by providing a reliable stream of funds. As a monthly donor, you truly provide the financial foundation that enables us to rescue and provide.

Cheeseburger in Paradise Dinner Live Music • Charity Auction

ift Theresa Sw

Realtors/mls, Grove

Benefits Second Chance Pet Rescue of Grand Lake

Our animal rescue organization has worked tirelessly for over 30 years to help homeless animals become healthy and happy and to find them new, loving families.

NMLS License #191901 Branch NMLS #849751

Tickets Available: • Second Chance Thrift Shop • Arvest Bank • The Parrot • Grand Savings Bank • Honey Creek Landing & Marina • online @

Monthly giving is easy and can be done through your checking account or electronically via PayPal. You choose how much you want to donate by completing an Automatic Payment Authorization Agreement (ACH Debit). This form can be downloaded via or available at the shelter office. This is the easiest, most convenient way to help animals ALL YEAR LONG!

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Second Chance Thrift Shop – Celebrating Two Years at its Newest Downtown Grove Location 220 E. 3rd Street The Second Chance Thrift Shop opened its doors at its latest downtown Grove location 220 E. 3rd Street on September 2, 2014. It is 3,000 square feet of retail space with a large attached garage for receiving, sorting and storing all donations, plus the location has convenient, off-street parking in the rear of the building. The Thrift Shop's mission is to provide customers with a fulfilling shopping experience by recycling donated, gently-used items which help support the homeless dogs and cats residing at the Second Chance Pet Rescue animal shelter. Thrift Shop hours are Tuesday-Saturday 10 am to 5 pm. A very special “Thank You” goes to our volunteer staff for their dedication in providing this rewarding shopping experience to all customers. If interested in becoming involved with this dedicated group of volunteers, contact Marion Metcalf, Thrift Shop Manager, at 981-786-9330. Follow Thrift Shop's weekly special offers and featured items on Facebook/Second Chance Thrift Shop. Watch for details of upcoming Garage Sales on website Second Chance Thrift Shop Grove, OK

and LIKE US! Grove Rotary Foundation, Inc. Grant for New “Puppy Enrichment Center” Anytime there is a large dog/cat population in an animal shelter, there is a risk that illness or contagious disease can quickly spread exposing the entire animal population to potentially life-threatening illnesses. Factors, such as the constant introduction of unknown animals into the shelter environment and the aging of a shelter facility, make disease transmission a very serious concern for shelters. With the new Shelter expansion addition now completed, Second Chance Pet Rescue was able to recently complete a separate “Puppy enrichment Center” made possible through a grant received from Grove Rotary Foundation, Inc. Recent re-purposing of a room previously used as an Isolation Ward in the original shelter building has been renovated to 6 indoor/outdoor runs dedicated to care for puppies only. Renovations consisted of the installation of concrete block walls to separate puppy kennels, concrete drains tied into existing drains, and a concrete side yard to cover any possible contaminated soil. all of our puppies can now be safely housed and protected from bacteria and infectious diseases that are easily transmitted from one puppy to the next. Indoor/outdoor runs with fresh air and sunlight are for the proper growth and health of a puppy. The use of the doggie door to go outside also aids in the “potty training” process which is an asset in re-homing the puppies. Thank you Grove Rotary Club for making this “Puppy Enrichment Center” possible.

New Donor Recognition Garden If you have driven by the Second Chance Pet Rescue Shelter located on Highway 10 east of Grove, you may have noticed some changes in the landscape. First of all, large pine trees have been removed by ReC due to construction which left a void in the North yard along the highway. But it also opened up an opportunity for a beautification project called the “Donor Recognition Garden”. With the completion of the Shelter expansion Project, several Patio Bricks and a “Big Dog” Bench dedicated to Flint Ridge FRaMP, Inc. of Kansas, OK, had been purchased by donors through the Capital Campaign. The patio bricks and bench are now beautifully displayed in the “Donor Recognition Garden”. Our sincerest thanks go to those that donated their labor, material, and time to this landscape project: • Phillip Matchell of Matchell Lawn Care and Brush Hogging created the garden design, donated his labor, and coordinated additional garden donations. • Shane and Kim Berry of Honey Creek Nursery and Timbered-Inn Catering donated bushes and trees to be planted as garden landscape. • Joe Summit Trucking donated gravel for the pathway. • Lowe's Home Improvement provided a 50% discount on materials. In Spring, Honey Creek Nursery will plant an additional 20 evergreen trees along highway frontage to buffer highway noise from the garden. The “Donor Recognition Garden” will be a quiet place of reflection and offer the opportunity for a family to meet their potential adopted dogs. Patio Bricks inscribed with your customized message (3 lines of text with 18 spaces per line) and displayed in the “Donor Recognition Garden” may be purchased for $175 each brick. What a wonderful tribute to honor a cherished pet or person. If interested, contact Laura Roberts, Board Member, at 918-801-3314 for more information.

“Walkin' Buddy” Dog Walkers Needed How can you make a difference in your community? volunteering as a “Walkin' Buddy” dog walker at Second Chance Pet Rescue is a meaningful way to make a difference in the lives of homeless dogs. Our dogs are confined to kennels. volunteer dog walkers can provide the daily exercise, attention and socialization that confined dogs need to stay healthy, happy and adoptable so that they can one day go home to a family that will care for them. We rely on the help of volunteers to operate our animal rescue, and dog walking is one of the most flexible ways to help. volunteer dog walkers, who have completed an orientation, can come to the shelter during regular business hours to walk and play with the dogs. every time you take a shelter dog for a stroll, you are teaching him or her how to respond to the caretakers and its environment. and you will enjoy the interaction with the dog who will show you its appreciation for you taking the time to be with him or her. It's a win win! Can't become a “Walkin' Buddy” but want to help the animals in other ways? There are many volunteer opportunities available from office help, remote adoptions, fund raising, retail sales at the Second Chance Thrift Shop, or become a foster parent to special needs dogs and cats. Contact Kim, the Shelter Manager, with your interests in volunteering.


Second Chance Pet Rescue News Letter


Second Chance Pet Rescue News Letter