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U.S. Postage PAID Permit No. 45 Grove, OK 74344 p. o. box 451205 grove, oK 74345-1205 non-proFit no-Kill AniMAl shelter return service requested

______________________________________________________________ Cut Along DotteD line

2014 MeMbership AppliCAtion PLEASE LEND A HELPING PAW! BASIC MEMBERSHIP • student (16 & under) $10_______

• individual


• Family $50_______

• business


• Annual Angel $100_______ PAWS MEMBERSHIP • bronze paw $200-$499 _______

• silver paw $500-$999 ________

• golden paw $1,000+ _______ ADDITIONAL DONATION $________________ sponsorship $_____________on the _______day of each month beginning _____________.

For automatic bank payments visit shelter or download form from HS website DAte ________________________________________________________________________________ name ________________________________________________________________________________ Address____________________________________City________________state______Zip __________ home phone_______________________________Cell phone __________________________________ e-mail Address (for e-newsletters)


Make checks payable to: humane society of grove & grand lake - p.o. box 451205/grove,oK 74345-1205


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Inspirational Thoughts 2014 Membership Drive Sponsors Upcoming Events Humane Education Shelter Staff Fostering Adopt a Cat The Drive to Save Lives Walkin’ Buddy Humane Society 2013 Stats Stop Fooilin’ Around Volunteering Second Chance Thrift Shop Pet Vaccinations/City License Shelter Licensing Sponsors In Memory of Chatty DIRECTORY HUMANE SOCIETY OF GROVE AND GRAND LAKE, INC. A NON-PROFIT CORP. Physical address: 64301 E. 290 Road Grove, OK 74344 Mailing Address: P.O. Box 451205 Grove, OK 74345-1205 Telephone: 918-786-7630 Fax: 918-786-4569 Website: email: Hours of Operation: Tues – Fri: Noon – 5 pm Sat: 10 am - 3 pm Sun & Mon: Closed After Hours: By Appointment BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Lori Skelley-Follis, President Stephanie Epps, Vice-President Michele Norwood, Secretary Joy Justice-Moss, Treasurer Linda Miller Bob Carlson Carol Rice Connie Ruzicka Janis Pedersen Jason David Smith John Walter Ivan Devitt Laura Roberts Marion Metcalf Theresa Swift SHELTER MANAGER: Kim Nelson SECOND CHANCE THRIFT SHOP 33 W. 3rd Street (corner of 3rd and Grand) Marion Metcalf, Manager Hours of Operation: Tuesday – Sat: 10 am – 5 pm

Inspirational Thoughts from Laura Roberts, Volunteer and Pet Photographer My name is laura roberts and i volunteer at the shelter. My husband Darrell grew up in grove, and we moved back in 1998 to be with family. i worked from home, then retired a few years ago. i started volunteering at a few places including the second Chance thrift shop in Downtown grove. Volunteering at the shop is a lot of fun, a great way to meet other volunteers, and to meet those in our community. one day, our wonderful shop Manager, Marion Metcalf, told the volunteers that the humane society was in need of people to walk the dogs. i had been thinking about helping at our shelter, and hearing that gave me incentive to get out there and start walking. During my first trip to the shelter, i met terri Cox, a volunteer who had a full time job yet still found time to give at least a half day each week to work with the kitties and care for their needs. terri said the shelter needed someone to take photos of the pups and kitties; and since i love animals and photography, i started volunteering to take photographs. terri and i now work together. i post photos and pet stories on Facebook and she will post them on pet Finder. i fell in love with the very first dog i walked, Addie. Addie's picture was posted on Facebook and pet Finder. her future Mom saw her picture and drove in from Arkansas to meet her and adopt her. everyone said that i would want to adopt every pup and bring them all home. "they" were right. You fall in love with every pup and kitty. You fall in love with the look of hope in their eyes and with the tiniest of kisses that acknowledge that they know you are there to help them. What you begin to realize is that you fall in love, not with the type of breed they are or how they look, but rather their unique personalities and how they interact and return the love shown to them. sometimes, they just need you to sit with them, hold them, and talk to them.


i sometimes take “before and After” pictures to show the pups as they get stronger, healthier, and happier. A picture may be before they are groomed; then another picture after they stand up a little taller and prouder, just like we do when we feel good about ourselves. A picture may be after the pup has been socialized-- when they no longer cower in a corner because of the daily contact and love they now receive from our wonderful office Manager, workers, and volunteers. some pictures are better left not taken initially because there are occasional heartbreaks from inhumane treatment. An “After” picture is how we want these babes to be seen. We want future adoptive families to see something in the pups and kitties that speak to them. there is no better feeling than helping a scared pup or kitty whose life has been turned upside down. Volunteering is so easy--you just need to get started. When you look into their pleading eyes and see how just a little time with them brings them reassurance, it will fill your heart. i went to walk a pup that i had missed a few days earlier. As i was saying my goodbyes to all the pups, one little girl who i had walked before, who i thought was nice and taken pictures of caught my eye. she lifted her paw and looked into my heart. Molly has been a perfect fit for our family. We've worked through a few things as no pup is perfect, but she has helped fill a hole, not replace, a beloved pup we had for 13 years.


HOMELESS PETS NEED YOUR HELP. PLEASE BECOME A SUPPORTING MEMBER. Join the humane society of grove and grand lake today. 2014 Membership Application is the last page of this newsletter. please complete and return in the enclosed self addressed envelope along with your tax-deductible check to the grove humane society. Your 2014 Membership pledge does make a difference in the lives of the many animals that have been abandoned each year to our no-kill shelter.







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Membership Drive via 2014 Newsletter – Join today! March 1 – Mardi Paws at Big Shots on Monkey Island featuring Jana Jae & Friends, Cajun Menu prepared by The Shebang & Silent Auction. Doors open at 6 pm for music and fun!

April 5 - Vaccination Clinic for Public- at Shelter 9-12. April 19 - Super Hero 5 K Run sponsored by Wyandotte Nation Casino

June 28 – July 5 - Fireworks Stand @ Corner of 13th & Main (Harp's)

July 26 - 3rd Annual “Cars for Critters” Indoor Car Show at Grove Civic Center

November 21 and 22 – Santa Paws Pet Photos

December 6 - Christmas Breakfast & Fabulous Dessert Auction Grove Small Animal Hospital & Humane Society of Grove and Grand Lake Humane Animal Education to Grove Lower Elementary Students On May 15, 2013, Drs. Jan Smith and LeaAnn Chandler of the Grove Small Animal Hospital along with Marion Metcalf, Board Member of the Grove Humane Society, presented three separate programs on Humane Animal Education to 225 first graders of the Grove Lower Elementary. The theme for the presentation was “Be Kind and Always Take Care of Your Pets”. It is the mission of our Humane Society to alleviate the suffering of all animals through intervention, spay/neutering, and also through education. It has been a dream of Marion's as a shelter volunteer and Board Member to teach the adults of tomorrow the principles of kindness, compassion and reverence for all life. Drs. Smith and Chandler and Marion spread the message of responsible pet ownership to first grade students--what it means to take good care of your pets by providing good food, fresh water, adequate shelter, healthcare, grooming, exercise, and LOVE! Most importantly, the presentation included the awareness of animal overpopulation and the reason for neutering and spaying your pet.

The star of the show was Carissa, a puppy from the Grove Humane Society. She was the best subject to show the students some hands-on learning experiences. A“Wellness Check” was performed on Carissa to show the children what veterinarians do to determine if an animal is healthy. The Humane Society hopes to continue future humane education programs to teach children of all ages about respect of life in homes and in our communities, and the sharing of the love of animals.

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Thank You Poem to Shelter Workers and Volunteers Animals didn’t ask to be put on this earth, yet became living souls from the moment of birth. So how can we treat them with such little respect to just throw them away when they are less than perfect. The numbers so high, shelters just can’t keep up; yet try as they may for each sweet, little pup. The heartaches are many, for they can’t save them all. The faces so many, they can’t even recall. The answer’s so simple, I can’t believe it’s not done. Just stop the breeding and the battle would be won. But so many people are just ignorant of the cause. The breeding won’t stop ‘til it’s put into laws. To those who keep trying to save lives every day, no matter how heavy in their heart it does weigh, I say special prayers every day just for you--for strength and for guidance to just get you through. For tomorrow will bring yet more heartache and pain, and all of your patience I know it must drain. Yet you never give up, just keep plugging along to save the lives of who have done nothing wrong. So to you I say thanks from the bottom of my heart. I know it’s not much, but at least it’s a start. There are so many days you must feel no one cares of the sacrifice you give, yet there is nothing that compares.

Words from Stephanie Epps on Fostering

Pictured Front Row: Kim Nelson, Shelter Manager, Sally Office Dog, Theresa Ward, and Volunteer Ann Martin Back Row: Scott Gideon, Carl Fritzier, Volunteer Rose Hopper, and Wayne Willwock Not Pictured: Kat Lane and Anita Anderson

Adopt a Cat!

Some of us simply want to save every animal with terrible circumstances we find, and there are many! One horrible chain of events after another solved with our “wings of magic.” Some of us adopt too many pets trying to spare them long nights with no home. Some of us Prancer donate to a shelter in memory of a beloved pet. Some of us don't know how to help because the problem is so big. One person cannot save them I foster. I can change the life of one animal. Maybe they need a foster home because they are older. Maybe there is an expectant mother soon to deliver and needs a quiet space. Maybe there is a shy soul that cannot adjust to the daunting outside world. I can be that person who understands and helps that precious set of eyes evolve into a beloved pet. I will give them time in my home so that they can adjust easier to all the changes in their life. I will show others the beauty I find as my foster blossoms. Today I'm fostering Prancer. Even if you have visited our shelter, you will not remember Prancer. She is a shy dog that rarely came out of her doghouse. She is black and is unnoticed. She cannot look at you. She is afraid. She does not stand out, but she deserves a home just the same. I can open my world to her. I can change her life, and she can change mine. Foster homes are needed to work with special needs dogs and cats. If you are interested in opening your hearts and homes please discuss with Kim Nelson, Shelter Manager.

Looking to adopt a cat or kitten? Then please visit the Grove Humane Society. We have cats and kittens ranging in all ages, shapes and sizes and all needing a loving home. Cats can be the perfect choice for just about every household – especially active, busy people. Cats are: • Less maintenance than dogs • Easier to potty train • Don't require walks • Provide companionship The adoption fee for cats 6 months and older is only $10; Kittens only $25!! All cats are spayed or neutered and will have all age appropriate vaccinations. Please adopt from the Grove Humane Society instead of picking up a “free” cat that will cost you so much more!

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Monthly “Drive to Save Lives” A New Year and new beginnings for some of our shelter dogs as the “The Drive To Save Lives” continues. Scott and Renee Gideon along with volunteers Stephanie Epps and Lori Follis helped them this night on their New Life's Journey! sadly, there is not a large enough population in northeast oklahoma to provide a home for all the homeless animals in this area. so, we have entered into a Canine transfer partnership with the Animal humane society of golden Valley, Minnesota. because of mandatory spay/neuter regulations in the state of Minnesota, there is not a pet overpopulation problem as there is here in oklahoma. our transport of dogs from the grove humane society to Minnesota takes place every month. sometimes when there is a need for dogs in Minnesota, our shelter van makes two trips a month. since inception of our transport program, over 1,000 dogs have been adopted by out-ofstate shelters. Yes, over 1,000 dogs who lives have been saved because of the tireless efforts of our volunteers and shelter staff who make sure this journey continues. it costs the grove humane society approximately $100 per transported animal which covers the vet expenses for required vaccinations, for the required health certificates to transport to out-of-state facilities, shelter document preparation, and cost of gasoline, food, and lodging expenses for our volunteers. thank You to husband and wife scott and renee and to her employer redbox for helping to host this precious cargo of dogs and puppies. redbox helped with this transport as they encourage their employees to volunteer for non-profit organizations such as ours.

If you and/or your Company would like to help the Grove Humane Society continue its monthly “Drive to Save Lives”, please send your tax-deductible donation to P.O. Box 451205, Grove, OK 74345 or donate online via our website:

“Walkin' Buddy” Dog Walkers Needed How can you make a difference in your community? Volunteering as a “Walkin' Buddy” dog walker at the Humane Society is a meaningful way to make a difference in the lives of homeless dogs. Our dogs are confined to kennels. Volunteer dog walkers can provide the daily exercise, affection and socialization that confined dogs need to stay healthy, happy and adoptable so that they can one day go home to a family that will care for them. We rely on the help of volunteers to operate our animal rescue, and dog walking is one of the most flexible ways to help. Volunteer dog walkers, who have completed an orientation, can come to the shelter during regular business hours to walk and play with the dogs. Every time you take a shelter dog for a stroll, you are teaching him or her how to respond to its caretakers and its environment. And you will enjoy the interaction with the dog who will show you its appreciation for you taking the time to be with him or her. It's a win win!! Can't become a “Walkin' Buddy” but want to help the animals in other ways? There are many volunteer opportunities available from office help, remote adoptions, fund raising, retail sales at the Second Chance Thrift Shop, or become a foster parent to special needs dogs and cats. Contact, Kim, the Shelter Manager, with your interests of volunteering.

Piper & Ward

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Humane Society Statistics for 2013 Due to limited capacity to care for a dog or cat at the shelter we maintain a waiting list for the animals that need to be taken in to the shelter. If you know of homeless animals needing to be rescued, we recommend calling the shelter to put your name on the waiting list. We ask for an intake fee, as we are a privately owned 501c3 organization and operate soley on donations. Intake fees help cover the cost of spay/neuter, vaccinations, heartworm check, feline leukemia check and the everyday care of the animals. It costs us approximately $100 per animal to transport or to get that animal ready for adoption.




No. of Animals Taken In




No. of Adoptions








Jason David Jason David Smith Smith Attorney at Law

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463 South Main Main St. 519 P.O.S. Box 19 Jay, Jay,OK OK 74346 74346

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STOP THE FOOLIN' AROUND – FIX YOUR PET! the humane society has a low-cost spay/neuter clinic every Wednesday. this clinic is available to anyone regardless of their economic status. Call TODAY to make your appointment or make an appointment with your veterinarian. Just do it to STOP unwanted litters and STOP homeless dogs and cats. the humane society is also helping lowincome people with the cost to spay/ neuter their pets. spay/neuter Vouchers are given to the Christian Mission thrift store, grove, oK, and to the northeast oklahoma Community Action Agency, Jay, oK, for qualified low-income residents whose family pets have not been altered and alteration of the pet is unaffordable. the spay/neuter vouchers are then

redeemed at the humane society to cover the cost of the spay/neuter surgery. If you know of low-income families that need financial help to have their pets altered, please ask them to contact the Christian Mission Thrift Store (918-786-6236) or the Northeast Oklahoma Community Action Agency (918-253-4683).

BENEFITS OF VOLUNTEERING Caring for all the animals at the Humane Society shelter IS very rewarding, but it is also a lot of work. Volunteers are needed today who can make a difference in their lives. Some volunteer positions require a structured commitment, whereas others are much more flexible. Whatever your availability might be, there is an opportunity that fits your schedule and interests. Here are just a few of the benefits of volunteering: 1. Be a part of the solution. Join a network of people working to make a caring and safe environment for homeless cats and dogs. 2. Get warm fuzzies! You will never find a more grateful and accepting companion than a homeless cat or dog that you've comforted. 3. Keep good company. Make lots of new friends – and not just the four-legged kind. Working side by side with people who share similar interests can forge life-long friendships. 4. Enjoy a wagging tail, a purr, and a smile! Didn't someone once say that the best things in life are free? Contact Kim, the shelter manager, to inquire about volunteer opportunities. They need you!

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Second Chance Thrift Shop

Importance of Pet Vaccinations

the second Chance thrift shop is heading into its third successful year in downtown grove. We are one of the main sources of support for our shelter. When you shop with us or donate to us, you give to all our rescued animals. our volunteers work hard to make your shopping experience fun and rewarding. We offer home decor items, clothing, furniture, kitchen items, shoes, purses, jewelry, lamps, rugs, flower arrangements, artwork, mirrors, glassware, ceramics, movies, books, linens, unique items, vintage items and antiques. We even have homemade dog biscuits available lovingly baked by one of our volunteers! We love to decorate for the holidays and offer tremendous savings on seasonal decorations for our customers. We change colors with the seasons. You’ll find beautiful pastels in the spring and gorgeous golds in the Fall in our clothing selections and we’ll be ready for any seasonal weather with lightweight coats in spring to heavy parkas in Winter. our merchandise changes constantly with great donations coming in all the time and great customers who support our shelter with their purchases. We offer many discounts and special buys on our Facebook page – second Chance thrift shop grove oK – so join and liKe us and all our great offers on select items! We accept donations of gently used clothing, furniture, artwork, etc. at our shop during open hours or for large donations (such as garage or estate sales) please contact Marion Metcalf at 918-519-6352. Open Tuesday - Saturday 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. Phone: 918-786-9330 Located at the corner of 3rd and Grand in Downtown Grove We pick up sellable furniture!

Families are very busy these days and sometimes taking your family pet to the veterinarian for its annual vaccinations gets overlooked. but vaccinations are an essential step toward a healthy immune system and help prevent the spread of deadly and highly contagious diseases. by vaccinating your pet, you help protect your dog or cat from various diseases including rabies, distemper, parvovirus, infectious hepatitis, bordetella (kennel cough), feline leukemia and others, AnD you are protecting the community as well. the grove humane society partners with the southwest City Veterinary Clinic for semi-annual pet vaccination clinics open to the public. The next vaccination clinic will be at the Humane Society shelter on Saturday, April 5 from 9 am to Noon. Your pet can also be microchipped for only $30.

City of Grove Pet Licensing Ordinance Effective July 1, 2013, the City of Grove enacted a Pet Licensing ordinance whereby Grove city residents who own a dog or cat over the age of four months must obtain a pet license from the City Clerk for a fee of $5 per year for spayed/neutered pets; $30 for unaltered pets ($25 to be refunded if pet is altered within 30 days of issuance of license). In order to obtain a license, the pet owner must provide proof of current rabies vaccination and proof of animal having been spayed/neutered. NOTE: 100% of all paid animal licensing fees are retained by the City of Grove for administration and compliance of the ordinance. pet overpopulation is a very serious problem in northeast oklahoma, and it is up to all pet owners to put a stop to this crisis. the grove humane society urges all pet owners to have their pets altered. Don't wait until it is too late - contact the humane society or your veterinarian today to make a spay/neuter appointment for your dog or cat.

New Building Fund The Humane Society is in need of a new facility. We have started a separate bank account specifically for this. We have approximately $20,000 in this account and hope this year will bring us closer to our dream. second Chance thrift shop grove, oK

and LIKE US!

It will cost approximately $1.2 million to make this dream come true. If you would like to contribute towards this dream, please specify the donation as “new building” and we will put it in our New Building Fund account.

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New Protections for the Safety of Homeless Animals in Oklahoma The Commercial Pet Breeders and Animal Shelter Licensing Act of 2012 responding to complaints regarding substandard private animal shelters that solicited donations while animals in the care of these shelters were neglected or even used for illegal purposes, the oklahoma legislature amended the Commercial pet breeders board regulations to include non-municipal animal shelters operating in oklahoma. the representatives of oklahoma introduced and voted in house bill 1359 to enforce good conditions for animals in an effort to reduce the number of cruelty charges in rescue organizations. since 2006, over 350 dogs and cats have been seized in oklahoma from fraudulent rescue organizations. this Act now regulates private rescue operated shelters that house 10 or more rescued dogs/ cats to protect and ensure they are sufficiently cared for. prior to november 1, 2013, the humane society of grove and grand lake submitted an application and a $200 application fee to the oklahoma Department of Agriculture

(oDA) for an oklahoma animal shelter license. our shelter was visited by an oDA inspector who determined that our shelter meets all the requirements of animal care as set forth in the united states Department of Agriculture standards and, therefore, has been granted an oDA Animal shelter license which is now proudly displayed in the shelter office. in addition, the Animal shelter licensing Act requires that our facility be inspected and licensed on a yearly basis. As of this date, the ODA website has listed only 11 licensed animal shelters in Oklahoma of which the Humane Society of Grove and Grand Lake is listed as one of the 11 facilities. Our organization is very proud of this accomplishment and we encourage the public to continue to support our animal rescue shelter.

Remember – please adopt from an animal rescue shelter!

In Memory of “Chatty” - A Homeless Dog her past was unknown, but her last few months were incredibly happy thanks to the love she received from her foster mom stephanie epps. Chatty was a Yellow lab who was found struggling to stay afloat in the middle of grand lake during the annual bobber Drop last summer. thank goodness a good samaritan pulled her from the lake and brought her to the humane society hoping that her owner would come to the shelter to find her. sadly no one showed up. Chatty was a senior dog with severe arthritis. no one was interested in adoption of this sweet senior, so our angel stephanie took her home to her ranch to meet the rest of her “pack”. there she was able to have a comfortable bed, daily walks with the other pack members, and the never ending love of her foster mom. Chatty passed away in December and leaves us with her “last Will & testament” “This is what I'd ask...To a poor and lonely stray I'd give my happy home; my bowl, cozy bed, soft pillow, and all my toys; the lap, which I loved so much; the hand that stroked my fur; and

the sweet voice that spoke my name. I'd will to the sad, scared shelter animal the place I had in my human's loving heart, of which there seemed no bounds. So, when I die, please do not say, 'I will never have a pet again, for the loss and pain is more than I can stand.' Instead, go find an unloved dog or cat, one whose life has held no joy or hope, and give my place to him. This is the only thing I can give...The love I left behind.” Author Unknown.

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Humane Society 2014 Newsletter

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