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Date Marty Aaron Edwards

12 / 10 / 12

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Digital Type: The new language of graphic designers

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Jenny Hutton

Rationale (200 words)

Obediah – Collaborative Clothing Label I am going to explore branding, editorial & layout through retail to create a new clothing label because I wish to further develop my typography skill set.

LCA Football Promotion I am going to create & develop a range of football material that will publicize the university football team. This will allow me to develop my promotional and public sector advertisement areas

Reveal 2 I am going to create an editorial publication, which leads on from the previous Reveal magazine at the end of level five. This magazine shows the work of other designers (which allows me to network) whilst also creating and publishing my own designs. This will allow me to focus on bookbinding, pagination & printing.

Rhythm, Colour & Space I am going to create a range of publications that explore visual communication through the use of colour & symbols to replace and work alongside typography. This will allow build up more conceptdeveloped work that both interests me and pushes me to find a conceptual outcome whilst still proving my professional design skills.

Statement of Intent (SOI) - (400 words)

Obediah – Collaborative Clothing Label Week 1: Research content, develop concept and market research Week 2: Idea generation and design prints Week 3: Design prints and print tees Week 4: Print clothing Week 5: Photograph with Thiery and models Week 6: Start to create the look book and editorial Week 7: Finalize the look book and online presence Week 8: Create Collaboration boards and individual boards Week 9: Make sure everything is printed and complete Week 10:

LCA Football Promotion Week 1: Week 2: Week 3: Research into styles of promotion Week 4: Find a style of design which I think could work Week 5: Get player profile shots and get all the photographs taken Week 6: Create a layout for editorial and work on the booklet Week 7: Design posters and other promotional material to deliver Week 8: Finalize the designs and prepare for print and get it printed Week 9: Create Boards Week 10: Prepare for hand in

Reveal 2 Week 1: Context of what I want to do Week 2: Gather content Week 3: Gather content Week 4: Gather content Week 5: Design Posters Week 6: Grid Layout, Pagination, Start to design the layout I want for the magazine Week 7: Design posters and complete layout Week 8: Print all the work Week 9: Create the boards and bind the book Week 10:

Rhythm, Colour & Space Week 1: Week 2: Research into symbols, colour and info graphics Week 3: Find a series of books and begin to experiment Week 4: Develop designs further Week 5: Start to piece together my designs and ideas Week 6: Make them work as a series Week 7: Develop designs further Week 8: Create boards and get everything printed Week 9: Bind and complete Week 10:

Brief 1

Obediah – Collaborative Clothing Label

A screen print based investigation of brand and identity with a focus on retail. Product – Clothing Label Range - Printed t-shirts - Tote/Carrier bags - Labels - Receipts - Jumpers - Hats - Art prints - Social networking accounts along with digital collateral - Editorial look book - Logo - Brand name - Pop up stall designs - Hangers - Catalogue printed/e-zine Distribution - Print fairs and pop up shop events - Exhibitions - Fashion events - Student fairs - Student unions - Mosaic café - LCA gallery - Social networks - Website

Brief 2

LCA Football Promotion

A print based investigation of branding with a focus on promotion & advertising Product – Brand Myself and create an online presence to promote my design work Range - Posters - Flyers - Web - Publications Distribution - Online - Creative Events - Word of Mouth - Pop up shops - Mail outs/Direct Mail - Email - Mosaic CafÊ - Posters around university

Brief 3

Reveal 2

An editorial investigation of book binding & design with a focus on networking Product – a publication on designer’s work, with my designs incorporated within. Range - Posters - Other designers work - Contact information - Online presence - Design studios - Editorial Publication - Grid / Layouts Distribution - Professional social networks - Networking - Hand outs - Creative events - Pop up stalls - Mosaic Café - LCA Gallery

Brief 4

Rhythm, Colour & Space

A Print based investigation of visual communication with a focus on editorial Product – Range of editorials exploring typography and visual communication Range - x3 (or more) editorial publications - Info graphics - Symbol experimentation posters - Research & development - Mock Ups - Grids / Layouts Distribution - Book Stores - Online - Networking - Creative Events - Pop up shops - Galleries - Student Fairs

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