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EDITORS LETTER Welcome to the new look SilentEarth! Why the change? We decided to go back to our roots and only promote businesses that practice cruelty free. In this magazine, every item and every product has not harmed any living creature. You will learn of the designers that have created cruelty free in their field. You will learn of the benefits of Aloe Vera. You will learn how to create a cruelty free world and much much more. This is a huge issue and we have received so much support in our quest to promote a cruelty free world. We hope you love the new look SilentEarth as much as we do and we hope you support all the designers and businesses that are featured in this issue. They support animal rights and we support them! Many thanks and happy reading!

Marty Alyse (Creative Director )

Jaime Sky (CEO)

Green Cleaning Four Awesome Natural Home Cleaning Ingredients

There’s a misconception that environmentally friendly products are always the more expensive option: four in five consumers think this is the case. But saving the earth needn’t cost an arm and a leg. In fact, some of the most effective green-cleaning methods use ingredients you probably already have in the home. At Helpling, we’ve put together some of our top natural ingredients for home cleaning you can use without harming the environment (or your bank balance!). Baking soda Baking soda is an incredibly versatile cleaning ingredient and has a number of uses around the home: >To clean marble surfaces: mix it with water to create a paste and spread it on the surface. Leave it to dry overnight, then wipe it off the following day to remove stains. >For oven cleaning: spread the same paste around the inside of a grimy oven, again leaving it for at least 12 hours, then wipe it off. Use a spatula where the paste has dried tougher, then spray a little vinegar where residue of the paste remains and wipe with a damp cloth. >To tackle food odors: some foods leave a lasting odor a few days after they’ve been prepared: curries, strong fish etc. Leave out a small bowl of baking soda overnight to help get rid of the smell quicker. >Cleaning stainless appliances: dip a damp sponge in baking soda and dab at the surface of your stainless steel appliances, such as the toaster. Baking soda is a gentle abrasive, so it will remove grime and stains without damaging the surface. Vinegar Like baking soda, vinegar also has several different applications when it comes to home cleaning:

>Toilet cleaning: a solution of equal parts vinegar and baking soda makes an excellent toilet cleaner. Tip a couple of cups of the mixture down the toilet and allow it to sit for a couple of minutes, then scrub and flush. >Making mirrors and windows shine again: mix water and vinegar in a spritz bottle and spray onto the mirrors and windows. Rub the surfaces with a cloth to get sparklingly clean mirrors and windows. Lemons Because of the citric acid they contain, lemons make a great natural disinfectant. If you have any kitchen utensils you need to sterilize, soak them in lemon juice and boiling water to kill any germs. Lemons also make easy work of the grime and gunk stuck to the inside of your microwave. Pour half a cup of water into a microwavable bowl, then slice a lemon in half and squeeze it into the water. Put the lemon halves in the bowl and turn the microwave on for a couple of minutes. Leave the door closed for five minutes once the timer is finished – the steam inside is loosening the dirt. After five minutes, remove the bowl, wipe out any crumbs then scrub the inside of the microwave. Most of the dirt and grime should come away easily thanks to the steam from the lemon and water. Coffee grounds Believe it or not, coffee grounds can be great for getting the dried food and grease of plates and pots. Fill the sink with warm water and add 2-3 spoons of coffee grounds and leave it to soak for half an hour or so. Start scrubbing and watch the dishes shine up in no time at all! Guest post provided by James McLoughlin, Online Marketing Manager for Helpling. Helpling is an online cleaning services platform in Australia. Hire a legal and experienced part-time cleaner in Sydney or Melbourne from just $27 per hour.


ENERGY Energy healing therapy is a ancient technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is the process of “laying your hands” on our body enabling the universal unseen “life force energy” to flows through us and heal our body from any pains or discomfort. If our “life force energy” is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy. Energy is all around us and we seem to have this ability to nurture something when we are focusing on something intently enough. With energy healing, whether its a tree or an animal or a pain in our back, if you intently focus our attention to this area and imagine and forcefully apply our positive healing intention, we can very easily reduce pain and illness effectively. The mind is a powerful computer. And consciousness is now being understood by mainstream science. Think of it as the ‘Ghost in the machine’ principle. The intelligence is in the consciousness that running through the computer. You could say the energy body (soul) is the software and the brain and heart are the mechanical components to operating the software. Energy is all around us as the universe is completely made of energy, but different rates of vibration. We can harness this energy into our body just like our energy body inhabits our physical body. Energy is neutral but the intention we add to this energy is what manifests in our lives. Energy healing is about using this energy around us to heal our bodies and energy body. From the astral body, emotional body, etheric body and mental body. All being different aspect of our multi-dimensional reality. Many practices such as Reiki use the hands as a form of applying this energy to another persons body without touching them. It is understood that whatever part of the body a person has an energy blockage, it is due to emotional issues. This energy will move directly to this place in the body. Enabling this energy to heal this part, allowing the flow of our ‘Ka’ to run smoothly up the spine. As energy moves up the spine, it curves over the head and down again like a Reiki therapy is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is the process of “laying your hands” on our body enabling the universal unseen “life force energy” to flows through us and heal our body from any pains or discomfort. If our “life force energy” is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy. shape and moving back up through the bottom of the spine and up again. Every living thing has this energy moving in this same motion. Our Milky Way Galaxy has this same energy movement showing us the idea that there is a universal intelligent energy that sustains life. This is the will to be alive and experience.

Steps for Energy Healing on yourself. 1. Using a relaxation DVD, you can use a recording on U-tube. Simply focus on your breathing and follow the recording. Deep breathing and focus on your body. If your thoughts stray, just let them go and return your attention to your breathing. 2. Once you’re relaxed after 10 minutes of breathing, visualise a golden light above your head and invite it down through your crown. Bring this light down your body, paying attention to every part of your body as it heals your cells. Continue breathing deeply. 3. Once you have this light throughout your body, move this light outside your body to create a golden bubble

around you. Asking for protection from any negative energies. 4. Now we need to ground ourselves to the core of the planet. This is where our akashic records are stored and any information can be accessed here. Visualise this energy inside is connected right down beneath your feet, through the crust of the earths and to the earths core. Thanking the planet for offering you a life on this beautiful bountiful planet. 5. Now we Center. Centering yourself is putting your hands on your chest heart center and focusing on this area of the body. Breathing deeply and asking for any psychic healing to move though the heart chakra from the beyond. This is the gateway to love and infinite possibilities. 6. Through prayer we then ask our guides, ancestors and angelic energies to come in and protect us. We can ask for their healing in harmony with your divine plan and life purpose. 7. At this point you can find many prayers on the internet or you can create your own prayer. Speak this prayer out load while your hands are still placed on your heart center. This could be anything from asking your guides what you want or asking them how they could help you. This is where you are communicating with your souls higher self, guides and ancestors for empowerment, strength, courage, confidence, purpose and any insights or information you would like in your life. You may want to ask them that you would like to be more in touch with them so you can be more in-tune with your life purpose and happiness. 8. If you’re not a Qualified Energy Healer, you would not be able to use the symbols that hold particular energies in a session. You don’t really need to use them but at this point all you need to do is hold your hands together and rub them together a few times. Then move them apart slowly. Notice you feel an energy between them. Then ask the energy to move through the top of your head and into your hands. 9. Once you have harnessed this energy, you can place your hands over every part of your body and hold your hands there for about a minute. Then move to the next area. You can focus on particular areas of the body that you feel is in pain or needs more attention. Your intuition will just know. Your guides can show you if you need to ask them. 10. The back area is very difficult to do on yourself so if you have someone else who is trained to do it, it can be a great benefit. Our backs can harbor a lot of strain and blockage. 11. Once you are finished you can then rub the top of your head in a circular motion 3 or 4 times to close your crown chakra. Then start and look down at your feet and visualise your feet are grounded into the earth. It is important that you ground yourself afterwards as you are in an etheric state. Driving and using any machinery in this state can be dangerous as you are not all present yet. 12. Final stage is to apply some cold water on the top of your head, to close your crown chakra. This is to ground you back to physical reality. And be sure to thank all of the divine being of love with gratitude. Thanking them for their wisdom and service to you. By this time you are wide awake and have returned to time and space reality. Make sure you are back in the land of the living before you move on. I also offer Spiritual Hypnotherapy and Energy Healing therapy. It’s a little different to the above but it involves Past Life Regression, dissolving negative bindings with past traumas. This form of therapy is an amazing energy healing therapy through the process of Hypnotherapy. Hypnoenergetics Hypnotherapy works with our belief structures and behaviours associated with those beliefs. As we create these beliefs, we create emotions attached to them. These beliefs can be very limiting that can hold us back from the joy we are seeking. These beliefs and the emotions attached to them can be released as you find new beliefs that are more in tune with what you want in your life. Hypnoenergetics Hypnotherapy is so powerful. Your able to gain new insights and awareness as you release old patterns and beliefs and it’s emotional components stored in your body. At the cellular level, we store these emotions and energies. We are then able to release negativity and replace it with healing energy and wisdom.

It works by using energy through our timelines of our lives and energy in our body. As we visualise and sense new ways to heal and release negative energy, we can dissolve it or transform it into new healing energy. We can bring this energy into our body allowing the release of negativity. This is effective for a number of things such as pain, anxiety, self - identity, relationships, lack of energy, motivation and confidence. You will visit past lives, alternate lives, soul groups, multi-dimensional realities, inter-dimensional realities and may other realities that will show signs of binding and links associated with emotional negativity. We are then able to release these links with people, places and lives. learn, we move on to our next lesson. This is how we evolve spiritually as well as a species. This therapy is used with Hypnotherapy and Energy Healing. We are made of energy in our bodies and we can increase these levels of energy in an effective way. Enabling us to feel more radiant, relaxed and energised. For this therapy, please inform us of what your issue is and we can tailor make the therapy to suit your condition. A strong intention before the session will help deepen the therapy. ‘Hypnoenergetics Past Life Regression’ therapy is a three part process:

– Past Life Regression – Life Between Lives Regression – Current Life Regression

For more information on any of these therapies, please visit: For the ‘Hypnoenergetic Past Life R egression Energy Healing’, please visit: For ‘Reiki’, please visit:

To get on Mother Nature’s good side, try these because everyone knows “A Happy Planet = A Happy Mother” Reduce your waste as much as possible!

We recently released a 32 ounce eco-economic refill size of our 3% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Product so people can refill their various bottles instead of using more plastic

Use products that are organic and non-toxic

Our products are completely non-toxic and organic which means our products will never harm the environment and are biodegradable. You can confidently use any of our products out on Mother Nature and know that it is just fine returning to the dirt!

Gift living plants

Instead of bouquets of cut flowers, give potted plants and flowers, indoor living herbs for window gardens, or unique organic seeds or starters.

By Essential Oxygen

Australian woman is creating a better world, one sole at a time

Moeloco, means Dream Crazy and this is my crazy story. Deciding to start a business isn’t always easy and I admit, I was a bit of a serial entrepreneur in the past. Prior to starting Moeloco, I went through the process of discovering who I was and appreciating my many unique gifts – and it was through recognising my self-worth that I discovered a deep desire to inspire others. Through meeting like-minded people on my life’s travels, I made a discovery that would change my life forever: there are 300 million children in the world without shoes, some dying from foot diseases caused from being barefoot and many denied an education as schools prevent anyone without shoes from attending. It’s a stark contrast to how our children live in Australia, and I find it rather amazing! I had to do something, and it was then that I knew what my new business venture would be. In Australia, we love our flip flops - or “thongs”. The flip flop is a fashion icon that continues to grow in popularity, and the average Aussie owns five pairs. Our sunny weather and sandy beaches create the perfect setting for a new brand of flip flops. But what differentiates our brand from the many others on the market? Moeloco flip flops have inspirational messages etched on the bottom of the shoe - “I am Peace”, “Because I’m Happy”, “Live Love” and “Dream Crazy” - that, when worn, leave an imprint in the sand. Not only can a positive message in the sand brighten someone else’s day, but our simple one-for- one business model ensures that for every pair of Moeloco’s sold, a pair of shoes is donated to a child in need. This is made possible through our partnership with the wonderful Hope Foundation in Calcutta. The Hope Foundation works with some of the most disadvantaged children in the world, educating and empowering women and young girls living in horrendous situations in Kolkata. The Hope Foundation reaches out to the poorest, neglected and abused by offering protection, healthcare, education, rehabilitation and hope for the future. I’m often asked the hows and whys. Why Moeloco? How did it happen? How did I turn my dream of wanting to help those less fortunate than me into a business with the power to actually transform lives across the world? Well, I’ll tell you. Why? Purpose. Through life’s travels and experiences, I have come to find that starting a socially responsible business with a focus on parallel giving is something I’m passionate about and an extension of who I am.
How? Work and help. In the past year, I have worked harder than ever before. Long days, early starts, late nights. I have faced many challenges, but working through them has been easy because of my passion and drive to keep pushing forward. Knowing what I’m good at - and not so good at - has proven to be helpful. My biggest lesson so far has been to ask for help and allow myself to receive it, something not many women are good at, I certainly know! Where am I headed? I want to impacts many loves as I can by raising awareness of these children in poverty and helping them access education as this is the long term way out. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to receive new updates, and join the conversation so we can, together, start creating a better world - one sole at a time. I hope you are inspired to dream Crazy too. Kathy Wong
Chief Energy Officer and Founder, Moeloco


Friendly Pods

Nothing beats a coffee first thing in the morning, but did you know there are now over 1 million Nespresso machines using approximately 3 million plastic and aluminum coffee pods every day which end up in Australia and that they will sit there for 500 years? What we do is supply the worlds only 100% plant based, compostable pods for Nespresso machines. In fact, they have been independently tested and proven to biodegrade in just 180 days. These unique pods have been developed by the same man who launched Nespresso and deliver an outstanding coffee as well as eco friendly benefits! We are trying to educate consumers that this is one small thing they can change that will make a big difference. For more information, go to

GROW YOUR OWN HEALING SPIRAL With Melanie Turner from Wholistic Health & Nutrition What if instead of reaching for the painkiller for your headache, you could pop outside your own back door and picking a few herbs to heal what ails you? Here is my step by step guide to growing your own healing spiral. You can make the space as large or as small as you desire and your allocated space allows. The healing spiral that we are making here is about 2 metres or 6 foot wide including the walls. If you get creative and have a small space you can down size this project use pots. All of the herbs for our healing spiral will grow nicely in the ground or in pots. Let me just start by saying that we are not talking about a purist permaculture herb spiral here, although it’s similar, we don’t have any set rules here so just do what works for you! First, plan your design. All the herbs will require plenty of sun so have the opening of your spiral facing in North in order to catch a good amount of sun. Choose a spot that has good free draining soil and gather together some course sand and some small stones or gravel (broken crockery or pots work well) to add drainage. Source some large flat rocks, recycled bricks or pavers that suit the size of your spiral, these will also become the stepping stones for your healing spiral, so if using rocks you will need to earth them in the ground to make them stable. Mark out your spiral and clear the space of any weeds and dig out any grass. Start with the outer edges of your spiral, place the largest stones down to form the edge of your bed, back fill as you go with the gravel, sand and good free draining soil mixed with compost and or fertiliser. Make the spiral with the stones or pavers as you go, you may like to slightly raise the middle section of your spiral by building it up with more stones, bricks or pavers, and back filling with soil, make sure that you add a layer of course sand at the bottom of the middle section as it is more built up, it will need more drainage. See how you go, as I said there’s no set rules to how it should look so just play with it until you get it the way you like it. If you are growing in pots, you can just buy a variety of matching pots from large (for the centre plants) to small (radiating out of the spiral). In that case all you need to do is arrange your pots in a spiral formation, add a layer of stones at the bottom of each pot for drainage, and fill with potting mix as you plant. Easy! Once you are happy with the shape of your spiral garden bed it’s time for the fun part- Planting!! The middle of your healing spiral will be the home for the taller of our healing herbs. As we move further out the spiral, the plants will be shorter growing. Make sure you leave enough space for the herbs to grow. They will need at least 30cm between each planting.


In the centre plant Rosemary. Well known for its ability to enhance memory, Rosemary is a stimulating and warming herb that awakens the senses and strengthens the cardiovascular system. Useful in depression and anxiety where there is a loss of personal power or self-identity. For mental exhaustion Rosemary will help lift brain fog and provide clarity of thought. Rosemary is a great digestive, stimulating a poor appetite and assisting in digestive function. A Rosemary bath will help to ease muscle soreness and stimulate circulation. How to grow: You can purchase a rosemary plant or grow one from a cutting. Parts to use: leaves Preparation: For digestive problems and low blood pressure take 1-2 teaspoons of Rosemary leaves to 1 cup of boiling water and allow to infuse for 10 minutes. Add a teapot full of this to a bath for a stimulating Rosemary bath. Rub a few leaves to release the essential oil and inhale to enhance memory and to relieve any respiratory congestion. Make an herbal infused oil (see recipe below) and use as a stimulating muscular rub for sore muscles.


The next herb to go in is Echinacea. Echinacea, a popular immune booster in herbal medicine is great for a sore throat and swollen tonsils. You can use Echinacea for any kind of topical boils and abbesses. A few leaves applied directly to the skin can help soothe any bites or stings or hives. The tingling sensation on your tongue after taking Echinacea is a sign of its potency. How to grow: Buy Echinacea as a seedling or grow from seed. It will often re-seed by itself. Echinacea will die down over winter and re-emerge in spring. Parts to use: Flowers and leaves (whole plant is used in herbal tinctures) Preparation: Make a tea from the leaves and flowers. Juice a couple of leaves or add a couple to your morning smoothie. Bruise the leaves and use them as a topical application for skin conditions.


Lavender is the next plant to go in. Everyone knows about Lavender for its calming essential oil, but did you know that Lavender is also used in depression? Dorothy Hall, a great Australian herbalist describes Lavender as useful for driven people with high standards who are prone to over work and over cleanliness. Lavender can assist migraines from over work, depression with irritable bowel, insomnia, tension and irritability. Lavender is also a great antiseptic for topical wounds and scratches. How to grow: Buy a seedling or grow from cuttings, try to source true English Lavender for the best therapeutic value. Parts to use: flowers and leaves Preparation: Make a tea, rub the leaves to release the essential oil to inhale, dry and make a lavender pillow, and use the bruised leaves topically on skin irritations or on the temples in the case of a headache.


Next to be planted is Calendula. Calendula’s lovely sunny flowers are a strong healer for all skin irritations and wounds. A tea made from Calendula will soothe a sore throat, as well as soothe and heal mouth ulcers. If your glands are up, Calendula will help bring them down effectively. It works wonders as an anti-inflammatory, anti-septic and anti-bacterial for the digestive system. How to grow: Usually grown from seed, it is annual so it will die down in winter in colder climates. The seed is easily saved to be used year after year. Parts to use: Flowers Preparation: Use as a tea, or dry the flowers and make a Calendula infused oil (see recipe below).


Lemonbalm, as the name suggests is a lovely lemon scented herb. In folklore this herb is closely related to bees; bees love to collect nectar from the flowers and the lemon scent, which closely resembles the pheromones of the queen bee, are said to keep the bees from swarming away from the hive. Lemonbalm is fantastic to relieve stomach upset, in particular when it is related to anxiety. Lemonbalm will calm the mind and is useful for insomnia and irritability. Lemonbalm also has an amazing anti-viral activity and is specifically used against herpes virus (cold sores, chickenpox and shingles). How to grow: Buy a seedling or transplant a piece with root intact. Lemonbalm will die down in winter and re-emerge in spring. Parts used: leaves and stalks. Preparation: Make a tea and drink or use it in a bath. Make an herbal infused oil (see recipe below) and use topically on herpes skin lesions. Or bruise the leaves and apply to skin. Once you have all of your plants in, give them a good water. You will be rewarded with the benefits of the medicinal plants in your garden all year round. Enjoy!

Herbal infused oil Recipe

Harvest enough of your chosen herb to fill a small glass jar. Take account for the shrinkage that will occur during the drying process, so pick a little more than you think you will need. Allow the herb to dry for several days (depending on the weather, this could take a longer or shorter time). You will want it to be dry enough to be able to be stored away without getting mouldy. Fill the jar to the brim with your dried herb. Cover the herb with an organic cold pressed vegetable oil such as olive oil or sunflower oil. Put the lid on the jar tightly and label it with the ingredients and the date. Store the jar in a warm place out of direct sunlight. Shake the jar once or twice per day. In about 6 weeks your oil will be ready, it should be of a nice colour (reflecting the colour of the herb you used) and have no fermenting odour or mould. Strain the oil through a muslin cloth and throw away the spent herb. If you have mould or fermentation you didn’t allow your herb to dry for long enough, you will need to throw it away and start again. Store the infused oil in an airtight jar away from direct sunlight and use topically. Keeps for 1 year.

Melanie Turner is a Naturopath, Herbalist, Nutritionist & avid gardener based in Batemans Bay on the South Coast of NSW Australia, where she runs a busy Naturopathic practice. Follow her on FaceBook or Instagram

Free From Fear

Overcome fear and feel better about yourself Fear. It’s a four-letter word that makes us feel awful about ourselves. When fear gets the better of us, we feel like a failure. Worst of all, in the long-term, fear can prevent us from reaching our longterm goals and aspirations. Everyone has allowed fear to sway their choices at some point in their lives. It’s time to better understand fear and learn how to look fear in the eyes and say, ‘You don’t own me’.

What is fear

Fear is a natural human emotion with lots of helpful and adaptive uses. Fear keeps us safe from harm. Fear allows our pupils to dilate so that we can see more of your environment. It pumps adrenaline into our body so that we’re ready for action. Fear even communicates important messages to us, telling us that an event is really meaningful, because we feel anxious or tense about the outcome. What I’m saying is that fear itself is not the enemy. Fear is natural and even helpful. It’s how we respond to our fear that interferes with life. What is one of the first things we do when we feel fearful? We avoid or withdraw. Now if you’re in immediate danger (think a bus hurtling towards you in the street) then this is fantastic for keeping you safe, but if you’re fearful of public speaking or a career change, then avoidance is not going to help you. Avoidance can be great in the short-term, as it provides short-term relief from uncomfortable feelings, but long-term avoidance only reinforces and maintains fear by teaching us that the fearful thing is too much and we can’t cope. Have you been avoiding something for a while? And each time that you avoid thinking about it, doing it, or speaking about it, it gets a little bit bigger and more insurmountable in your mind? Whether you want to start your own business, ask for a promotion, give a presentation, ask someone out, learn to play the guitar, or be more assertive, learning how to manage fear will help you make decisions based on your long-term goals and aspirations, rather than your short-term emotions and fears.

Change your thinking

One of the first things you can try to do when faced with those fear thoughts is to challenge them. Our brains are wired to be pessimistic, because noticing negatives or dangers kept our cavemen ancestors alert and alive. In modern society, however, we have less immediate dangers, yet we still tend to notice more negatives than positives. Saying: ‘I’ve never been able to stick at anything in my life,’ may feel 100% true to us, but it’s important not to mistake feelings for facts. Is it true that you have literally never stuck to anything ever, or have you had some successful projects and some less successful projects? If you were to think: ‘I’ll never be able to change careers,’ how could you separate the facts from the feelings?

Have there been times when you’ve coped with change in the past? When a fearful thought comes up, ask yourself: (a) Is it likely to happen this way? (b) How can I cope even if it goes poorly? (c) Does thinking this way help me to reach my long-term goals?

Facing your fears

If avoidance maintains fear, we need to learn how to avoid that avoiding. That’s not to say we should jump in and start facing our biggest fears today, that would be like jumping into the deep end of a pool before we learnt to swim, but if we keep avoiding them forever, we’re only getting further and further away from our goals. Start with the smallest possible step towards facing your fear. Wanted to start your own business? Why not write up a 1-month start-up plan? Want to ask that work colleague out? Why not start by talking with them more at work. Want to start a new hobby? Why not start by researching classes in your area. It actually doesn’t matter how small the step you take is, as long as it’s facing in the right direction. Actively avoiding those fears keeps you at the same distance away from the goal. Taking small steps slowly adds up and gets you closer and closer. And don’t forget to celebrate every small step you take. It may seem silly initially, but cheer yourself on for getting closer to that goal than you ever have before! So ask yourself what have you been avoiding lately and why. If there’s something that feels meaningful for you pursue, start by taking the smallest possible step in that direction and then celebrate that win. And if the small step is too much, break that down into an even smaller step. It doesn’t matter where you start, as long as you do. This information is general education material only. If you struggle with persistent anxiety, depression, or other psychological conditions, see your GP, who can help you to find the right mental health professional. No matter where you are today, remember that there are treatments and there is hope. Dr. Erika Penney Dr. Erika Penney is a Clinical Psychologist, wellness consultant, and founder of Foresight Psychology. She has a background in working with anxiety and currently provides 1:1 consultations and group-based workshops for corporate and community clients to promote resilience, mindfulness, and wellness. Foresight Psychology is based in Sydney, Australia (

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It is clear that as Australians become more aware of their skincare choices – cruelty free, vegan, toxin free, organic - that La Mav will be here to stay. The brand is a perfect answer for women of all ages and skin types while maintaining certified organic ingredients. “I’ll never compromise La Mav’s standards, ethics and organic certification to provide cheap solutions to skincare.” – Tarj Mavi To try La Mav today! Vist our new customers specials and use coupon code silentearth at checkout to save 10% off on your first order!


ARE LACKING ENERGY? How often do you feel tired, perhaps drained, maybe even exhausted? It’s a common problem I see every day in my coaching practice. I get lots of clients expressing how physically and emotionally drained they are for no apparent reason. They haven’t just run a marathon or stayed up late watching old episodes of the Simpsons, they are just tired for what seems to be… no reason at all! The problem is they are unconsciously, energetically ‘leaking’ or over- spending their energy. Consider this: I’m going to use money in this example since it’s the most common currency people understand. Lets assume every day you receive in your energy bank account $100. If your bank balance remains in credit, you feel good. Lets see what happens on an ordinary day. To beat your heart, pump your lungs and keep your body running, it costs $40 a day. 10 years ago, a friend did something to you that you found really hurtful. It’s a hurt that you have never forgotten. Over time it’s turned into a grudge. Holding onto that grudge costs you $10 a day. 4 years ago you lost a close friend or family member to cancer. They were a big part of your life, and every day you are reminded they are no longer here. Your grief costs you $10 a day. The media says the economy is slowing down and we are heading towards tough financial times. You worry about the security of your job and if you’ll have enough work. Worry cost $15 Rates are due this month as well as your child’s school fees and car registration. You’re not sure how they all seemed to fall due in the same month, and are concerned about cash-flow. Cash-flow concerns cost $20 Family is coming to stay next month for a week. Even though they haven’t arrived yet, you are stressing about having them stay. Future Stress costs $20

Let’s take a look at your bank balance: Starting Balance $100 credit Less ($115) Body Expenditure $40 Grudge $10 Grief $10 Worry $15 Cash-flow $20 Future Stress $20 Energy Bank Balance minus ($15) Already you are in deficit and you haven’t even left home to start your day!! This is where fatigue, feeling run down and exhaustion kick in. This way of living is unstainable and if left unchecked will eventually lead to dis-ease. A basic law of the universe states you are either creating or disintegrating. If you are spending more energy than you are receiving, you are definitely disintegrating. The way to stop this or reverse the pattern is to first become aware of all your current expenditure. Maybe you need to forgive someone or even forgive yourself. Perhaps you need to change your perception of the past. Or maybe it’s simply a matter of realising that when you spend energy that you don’t have, you are energetically abusing yourself. You are acting like a thief that is stealing precious life. There are TWO things you can do immediately to ensure your energy bank balance stays in credit: 1. Get present. Rub your feet on the floor and ask yourself, “Am I OK right here, right now?” Your answer will ALWAYS be YES. What this does, is it gets your mind out of the future (worry and stress) and out of your past (grudge and grief). It allows you to be present and aware “in” the moment. When you are living “in” the moment nothing is right or wrong – it just is or it’s just what you are doing at this particular time. 2. Focus on activities that deposit energy INTO your bank account throughout the day. These are the activities that give you the most joy and where you feel the most in flow. For me it’s doing healing and coaching work. After working with a client to overcome their blocks and issues, I am often more energised than I was before we started. Seeing them transcend their lack and limitations and change their results for the better gives me extra energy to bank. Awareness is your first step to change. Remember you are a beautiful being of love and when you have a healthy energy account, you have extra reserves to share with others. Bonus E-Book & Audio: Master Your Mind – A powerful meditation process to heighten your awareness and practice being present. It is a pre-requisite tool we share with all our top level coaching clients. Get the E-Book & Audio (Link: or if you prefer bitly: Douglas Peacock Intuitive Spiritual Healer & Coach Http:// chat@douglaspeacock FB:



ustralian company, SARAH JEAN PTY LTD launches on to the beauty scene with a collection of products aimed at making applying strip false eyelashes easier. The signature product, the eyelash adhesive, cleverly combines two existing items to create a unique product. The adhesive features a mascara style brush that enables the user to simply apply the adhesive directly to their real lashes.

Brisbane based SARAH JEAN founder, Sarah Baker said she meticulously sought a mascara brush and bottle that allows just the right amount of adhesive to be applied to the lashes – preventing any drips, mess or clumps. “By applying the adhesive to your lashes, and not just the strip on the false lashes, the area you’re applying the adhesive to is greater and thus the lashes are easier to apply and stay on longer,” Sarah explained. The SARAH JEAN adhesive is available in clear and black, and is anti-allergenic, latex-free, and water soluble. The lashes simply peel off, and using a foaming facial cleanser, the adhesive is completely removed without impacting your real lashes. The collection includes five lushes lash styles, which are also latex-free, synthetic and light-weight. “Styles SJ001 and SJ002 are light and natural – ideal for people with fair or fine lashes. Style SJ003 is the perfect lash for day to night, while SJ004 and SJ005 are super-glam and dramatic,” Sarah said. Also available is the tweezer applicator tool, which helps to hold and press the lashes in place – a beautician’s best friend, now readily available to everyone. “All products are vegan friendly, NOT tested on animals and the lashes are high quality synthetic. I deliberately chose synthetic as I did not want a material that came from a live source despite mink or human hair being a popular material for other lash brands.” The products can be purchased online at now * with postage in March 2016 (at this time, postage will take longer than usual). We’re offering FREE standard postage in Australia (overseas enquiries, please email:

Vegan Athlete of the Week Scott Medwell BY MELANIE EAGER LEAVE A COMMENT I first met Scott in October 2014 when we had a mini-break at Bed and Broccoli, Australia’s first Vegan B and B. I had just run my first marathon and wanted a few days to relax and recuperate. Bed and Broccoli was the perfect retreat. We got on really well with Scott and Nikki and have been friends with them ever since. The stay was wonderful and we can’t wait to go back to their new premises in Elphinstone, just over an hour outside Melbourne. It was a pleasure to be able to relax amongst the animals, have a chat with Nikki and Scott and eat delicious, cruelty free food for a few days. How long have you been vegan? 4 – 5 years What made you decide to become vegan? The cruelty to animals What differences have you noticed with your training or lifestyle? I have noticed that my recovery time (especially at my age) is much improved, although I have found that I have to eat a lot more in regards to volume of food to maintain muscle mass Tell us about your chosen sport and training. What does it involve? I am still actively boxing in Masters Events and also spend a lot of time weight training. Boxing is predominantly cardio based fitness, but at super heavyweight (91kgs plus) there is a distinct advantage to maintaining a large amount of muscle and strength. I have been competing at about 100 – 106kgs. How often do you train? Boxing and cardio 2 days per week, 1.5 – 2 hours per session Weight training 4 days per week, 1 hour per session Tell us about some of your achievements to date? Since being vegan my biggest achievement to date has been winning the Australian Masters Super Heavyweight Boxing at Geelong in 2013 How do family and friends react to your vegan lifestyle? Family and friends don’t ‘react’ as such to my lifestyle. I am not a card carrying, in your face, abolitionist activist, but when asked I will discuss my views. Everyone has a lifestyle and viewpoint; that is up to them. How do you promote your vegan lifestyle? Generally, through being fit, strong, and competing in sports that are not seen as typical for the vegan stereotype. I have a vegan tattoo on my right bicep which tends to provoke/promote a vegan conversation with others in the gym and those around me.

What do you eat in a typical day? Hard to describe really as my food is so mixed. But typically it would consist of anywhere between 6 – 10 small meals a day (including protein shakes) What is your favourite food or recipe? Roast Veggies Do you take any supplements? Protein (rice, pea) Creatine Magnesium and Zinc B12 Multivitamin What advice would you give to people thinking of going vegan? Seek advice from like-minded people and keep away from online forums: you can never be vegan enough for them…… What events or other exciting things do you have planned in the next 12 months? I have shoulder surgery scheduled in the very near future, so it will mainly be about recovery and rehab in order to get back to boxing as soon as possible What do you do outside of your sport/training for fun? With my wife running Australia’s first vegan bed and breakfast ‘Bed & Broccoli’ Who are your biggest motivators in life? My father Is there anything else that you’d like to add? If anyone is seeking a ‘safe’ place to become vegan come and join the Bed & Broccoli ‘tribe’ on Facebook, we specialise in Pre-Vegans.

If you’d like to find out more about Bed and Broccoli head on over to the following links: Thank you so much Scott. Keep an eye out on the blog every Fitness Friday for more vegan athletes.

TAKING IT TO THE STREETS We took to the streets and asked the simple question… What do YOU think slows down the ageing process? MOISTERISER Erin HAPPINESS Carly DEATH Virginia MINDSET Deborah OLIVE OIL Brittany DON’T HAVE CHILDREN! Natasha





andom Acts Of indness

To make someone’s day a little brighter, kindness is the key

“The last stand out one I remember was just before Christmas. I went to give a random present to a neighbour for no reason and left a note saying “Happy Holidays, here’s a present for you from a stranger, just cause. We hope you enjoy it and have a great Christmas.” I went to go outside and put it in their letterbox but I instead I came across a homeless man who was on the ground crying. His bag of contents was spilled everywhere and he looked like he needed a hug. I asked him if he was ok and he said he left his wallet in the Salvo’s when he was buying presents for his kids, and it had all his money for the month in there. We sat and hung out for about half an hour and looked through his bag and couldn’t find his wallet. He knew exactly where he left it but didn’t want to jump the fence and grab it. So I went and got my phone and left a voicemail at the Salvos with his full name so they could find the wallet with his cards in it and hold it safely until after the shop closure. He said “Thank you for stopping. No one even looks at me any more, they haven’t for years.” And I said “Most people are just bastards.” My fiance came out too as I had been a while out of the house, and she said g’day and we wished him a Happy Xmas. I hope he found his wallet!


I was in hospital on Christmas Day (in 2005, I was there for over a year). I was so grateful to have family to visit me but it broke my heart that some people were alone that day. Since then, I have returned every Christmas Day to pay my gratitude forward and visited one of my old hospital wards and spend time with people who have nobody.


I definitely am a big believer in paying it forward and it is an integral part of my life. I am sharing a story that happened to my family when we were new immigrants from the Soviet Union. My mom only told me this story more recently, after we have lived in the US for decades. I get the cry lump every time I think of it. My parents were very young when they left everything they knew to emigrate to the great United States. My mother was all of 28 and my father was 36. They had a baby and a 7 year old, traveled for 6 months through Europe to

be able do it (this was before the fall of the Soviet Union) and arrived in New York with $100. As part of the early naturalization process, like getting a green card, my parents met with a government agent who was supposed to help them with career guidance. My father had been an architectural engineer in the Soviet Union. He told this to the agent who asked h im to draw up something as proof of his skills. My father explained that he needed special tools to do this (special pencils, a protractor etc..) so the agent gave him a voucher for a nominal amount to buy the supplies at an architect specialty store. My father, humble and trusting, went to the store, picked out supplies and went, naively, to the register to pay for the supplies with a voucher that covered maybe 25% of the cost of the supplies. As he was standing in line at the register, a man behind him, also an architect, noticed what was about to happen. When my father went to pay, the cashier told him he didn’t have enough to cover the supplies. My father, new to everything and speaking barely any English, didn’t know what to do. Immediately the man behind him told the cashier to bag the items, he would pay for them. My father was thankful and the two men struck up a conversation. This man was also once an immigrant from the Soviet Union and he hired my father for a proj ect he was working on. This was my father’s first job in America. When my father returned with the supplies and told the agent what had happened, she was very happy! A true story of generosity and paying it forward. An example of how human to human kindness is what keeps the world whole.


I paid forward a random act of kindness one day in the Hungry Jacks drive-thru, of all places! I went through the drive thru, without placing an order, and drove straight up to the payment window. I asked the employee to take the order of the car behind me, and I paid for their order. It turned out to be a family of four ordering dinner! I asked the employee to pass on a Kindness Card to the driver behind me, which simply says something along the lines of “You’ve been the recipient of a random act of kindness. Please pay it forward.” It gave me such a buzz knowing that I’d done something totally unexpected for a complete stranger, with absolutely nothing gained in return, and they’ll never know it was me! Was a lot of fun. I’ve done a few small acts since then but this was the one I enjoyed most :)


Fragranced Reed Diffusers

COCONUT VANILLA GREEN TEA & GRAPEFRUIT JAPANESE HONEYSUCKLE LYCHEE BLOSSOM & PAPAYA Le Rêve is an Australian family-owned company founded in 1988, marketing reed diffusers, perfume, candles and TGA approved essential oils throughout Australia and New Zealand. Le Rêve is an accredited supporter of Choose Cruelty Free and products are available from,, or from a sales Consultant on 02 9840 8400.

Eating habits that let you live longer BY JOHN VESPASIAN

1. A universal problem Studies in different areas of the world have tried to identify the common causes of extraordinary longevity. In Europe and Asia, certain villages, valleys, and islands are home to a large proportion of healthy octogenarians and nonagenarians. This is the case of Sardinia in Italy and Okinawa in Japan. Medical research has identified the elements in local diet that help residents maintain an excellent health at an advanced age. Some factors, such as landscape and climate, are linked to specific areas; other determinants, those of a more general nature, can contribute positively to human vitality irrespective of geography. 2. Looking for a feasible approach It stands to reason that the driving factors of extraordinary longevity y must correspond to those of excellent health. The issue is to identify elements that we can take up in our daily life without incurring disproportionate effort and expense. Even if we possessed evidence that some exotic herb is the key to excellent health, such knowledge would be of little help to people who cannot afford to purchase that plant on a regular basis. What we need are ideas that are, at the same time, beneficial and workable. The island of Sardinia, located in the Mediterranean Sea, is a favourite vacation destination for many Europeans. Its weather and landscape, however beautiful and pleasant, are not much different from other locations around the world. This factor alone renders the study of longevity in Sardinia particularly interesting. 3. Ideas you can use Lessons drawn from the diet in Sardinia can be applied in other regions of the globe. This aspect is crucially important; since studies conducted in other areas of the world often link the enviable physical condition of youthful nonagenarians to herbs and plants that are unavailable to the populations of other countries. Another remarkable outcome of the research carried out in Sardinia lies in the apparent simplicity of the formula. In contrast, if you have read any modern book on nutrition, you will have noted the extreme complexity of the advice it presents. Page after page are filled with long lists of recommendations and tables showing the specific dosage of each ingredient. Who can remember all that? 4. It is all about good habits Like in business, success in health matters tends to depend on just a few factors. Minute instructions telling salesmen how to close a deal are useless in a commercial environment. Life is too fast for knowledge that cannot be summarized in a small number of consistent principles. The human mind is constructed to reduce knowledge to the essential and forget cumber some details. What are the few factors behind the excellent health of the elderly living in Sardinia? The conclusions of the research can be presented in five rules that are logical and easy to remember. These recommendations can be practised inexpensively by individuals in most countries of the world.

1. A universal problem Studies in different areas of the world have tried to identify the common causes of extraordinary longevity. In Europe and Asia, certain villages, valleys, and islands are home to a large proportion of healthy octogenarians and nonagenarians. This is the case of Sardinia in Italy and Okinawa in Japan. Medical research has identified the elements in local diet that help residents maintain an excellent health at an advanced age. Some factors, such as landscape and climate, are linked to specific areas; other determinants, those of a more general nature, can contribute positively to human vitality irrespective of geography. 2. Looking for a feasible approach It stands to reason that the driving factors of extraordinary longevity y must correspond to those of excellent health. The issue is to identify elements that we can take up in our daily life without incurring disproportionate effort and expense. Even if we possessed evidence that some exotic herb is the key to excellent health, such knowledge would be of little help to people who cannot afford to purchase that plant on a regular basis. What we need are ideas that are, at the same time, beneficial and workable. The island of Sardinia, located in the Mediterranean Sea, is a favourite vacation destination for many Europeans. Its weather and landscape, however beautiful and pleasant, are not much different from other locations around the world. This factor alone renders the study of longevity in Sardinia particularly interesting. 3. Ideas you can use Lessons drawn from the diet in Sardinia can be applied in other regions of the globe. This aspect is crucially important; since studies conducted in other areas of the world often link the enviable physical condition of youthful nonagenarians to herbs and plants that are unavailable to the populations of other countries. Another remarkable outcome of the research carried out in Sardinia lies in the apparent simplicity of the formula. In contrast, if you have read any modern book on nutrition, you will have noted the extreme complexity of the advice it presents. Page after page are filled with long lists of recommendations and tables showing the specific dosage of each ingredient. Who can remember all that? 4. It is all about good habits Like in business, success in health matters tends to depend on just a few factors. Minute instructions telling salesmen how to close a deal are useless in a commercial environment. Life is too fast for knowledge that cannot be summarized in a small number of consistent principles. The human mind is constructed to reduce knowledge to the essential and forget cumber some details. What are the few factors behind the excellent health of the elderly living in Sardinia? The conclusions of the research can be presented in five rules that are logical and easy to remember. These recommendations can be practised inexpensively by individuals in most countries of the world. 5. The central pillar Eat fresh food, above all vegetables and fruit: This truth may seem deceptively self-evident. In reality, few people make the effort to select fresh ingredients for their meals. The great majority of packaged food, whether intended for breakfast or dinner, does not contain fresh vegetables or fruit. If you eat out frequently, you might go a long time without tasting fresh ingredients, except for the occasional salad. Can you figure out alternatives so that you consume more vegetables and fruit? What can you do to reduce your dependence on packaged food? The reason why few people consume fresh food has to do more with inconvenience than expense. Eating fresh fruit and produce requires frequent visits to the supermarket, to the detriment of more pleasurable activities. Are you willing to make the necessary effort to protect your health? 6. An essential ingredient Use olive oil for cooking and salads: Extra virgin olive oil is consumed widely in Mediterranean countries. Italian, Greek, and Spanish cooking include olive oil as necessary ingredient in many dishes, as well in salads, marinades, and sauces. The use of butter and margarine for cooking is considered an inferior choice for your health.

The retail price of olive oil has diminished in the last decade due to changes in packaging. The traditional dark green glass bottle has been replaced by a hard plastic bottle of the same colour, which seems to preserve the characteristics of olive oil equally well. If you don’t live in a region where olive oil is in abundant supply, you might have to pay a few additional dollars per bottle. All in all, the decision to incorporate extra virgin olive oil in your diet might increase your food budget by a couple of hundred dollars per year, which is a modest investment if you consider the advantages for your health. 7. Affordable immunity Lemons, grapefruit and oranges: Citrus fruits contain high doses of vitamin C, which reinforces our immune system and helps combat cardiovascular disease. Vitamin C is also known to protect human cells against the accumulation of noxious substances. Fresh oranges and lemons are available in most regions of the world at reasonable price, depending on the season. Grapefruit, papaya, strawberries, and mango are good substitutes for oranges and lemons. Amongst the vegetables, vitamin C is also abundant in spinach and broccoli. Irrespective of your place of residence, eating citrus or similar fruits is an affordable habit that you should acquire. 8. A source of vitality Eat fish often and, occasionally, lean meat: The reason behind this recommendation lies in the beneficial type of fat that is present in fish. Fish, in particular oily fish such as mackerel and sardines, is rich in a type of fat known as “omega-3.” This element has proven to reduce dangerous cholesterol in human beings. Fresh fish is a major component of the traditional Greek, Spanish, Italian, and Japanese diets. Unfortunately, this dietary habit has declined in the last decades, leading to an overall deterioration of the health level of the population. Wild salmon, whose consumption is known to be particularly beneficial, is neither part of the traditional diet of Sardinia nor widely available across the world. Luckily, in most countries, you can find at least one or two types of fish that are affordable. Eating fish is a habit that you can easily take up and which can bring substantial advantages to your health. 9. Keeping your heart healthy If you drink alcohol, do it moderately and mainly red wine: The red wine produced in Sardinia, in particular the type known as “vino nero” due to its dark colour, contains high doses of poly-phenol. This element, which comes from grape skins, has been proven to have a positive effect on the human cardiovascular system. The consumption of red wine might explain why extraordinary longevity in Sardinia is mostly a male characteristic. Octogenarian and nonagenarian women are also present in the island, but their number does not reach the unusual proportion of healthy elderly men. Red wines produced in other countries may contain less poly-phenol, but a moderate consumption should also produce a beneficial outcome for your health unless there are specific reasons that advise against your consuming any alcohol at all. Quality red wine is available around the world at reasonable price and most people love its taste. 10. It is not complicated If you want to improve your overall health, forget about complicated rules. In the field of business, successful entrepreneurs know that the best results are obtained by concentrating energies on essential areas. Similarly, when it comes to enhancing our vitality, we will be better off if we acquire a few effective and pleasurable habits.

JOHN VESPASIAN Is the author of seven books about rational living, including “When everything fails, try this,” (2009), “Rationality is the way to happiness” (2009), “The philosophy of builders: How to build a great future with the pieces from your past” (2010), “The 10 principles of rational living” (2012), “Rational living, rational working: How to make winning moves when things are falling apart” (2013), “Consistency: The key to permanent stress relief ” (2014), and “On becoming unbreakable: How normal people become extraordinarily self-confident” (2015).

EDGARS MISSION Love a Lifetime Coming Edgar’s Mission is a sanctuary for farmed animals in need. I want to tell you about two of our residents, who were both lucky enough to find their “happily ever after” within the safety of our welcoming gates. These are stories of triumph and finding happiness in unconditional love. Stories of love in celebration of Valentine’s Day. Lemonade In Victoria the winters are notoriously harsh, burning chills whip across your face and Jack Frost covers the landscape in glistening white. It’s lambing season and we have just received another call about a lamb in need, but this one was different. Usually the lamb’s come to us when they’ve been found by a kind soul either motherless and lost, or on the cusp of death from a cold too fierce for their little bodies to take. Unfortunately sheep breeding season runs in sync with the European summer, without shelter to protect new mothers and lambs from the elements around 20 million newborns are estimated to die every year. This delicate lamb came into this world with severely bowed front legs; he could barely walk more than a few steps without stumbling to his knees. What was clear from his steely determination was that he wanted to explore, to play and, most of all, to live. So the mission of getting this handsome little powder puff upright and walking strong was accepted. He was named Lemonade, in homage to his sweet and bubbly personality and the saying: “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”. With daily massages and physiotherapy to stretch out the muscles and a constant stream of love, Lemonade’s strength grew every day. Today Lemonade can be found running amok with his adolescent crew. He might be a little slower than the others, but what he lacks in speed he more than makes up for in dogged persistence and affection. He constantly seeks out cuddles from his all friends, the humans who visit him, and has a charm to melt the coldest of hearts, even at the apex of winter’s icy chill. Lemonade was lucky, he was saved by the very thing that could easily have sealed his fate. His disability and feeble attempts at walking endeared him to the heart of the only person who could help him. He found love in the warm hands that soothed his legs and fed him formula, he was able to drink it all in and live a long, happy life worth living.

Clarabelle and Valentine An aged Jersey cow, timid, barefoot and pregnant, cantered heavily into Edgar’s Mission and was christened Clarabelle. The scars of this gentle creature’s past life became hauntingly clear when we stumbled upon her hidden treasure a few days after birth. Behind a tree in the thick woodlands at the back of the property sat a little cherub-faced calf blinking long lashes; a picture of innocence. Clarabelle’s desperate attempt to hide her baby was no senseless game. Prominent animal behaviourist and cattle expert, Dr. Temple Grandin, argues cattle have remarkable recollection and their fear memories can never be erased. You see, before coming to live at the sanctuary, Clarabelle’s life was manipulated for the sole purpose of producing milk, while her interests, needs and happiness were never so much as thought of. Every year Clarabelle, who didn’t yet have a name, would be artificially impregnated. Between 12 to 24 hours after birth her calf would be taken away so her milk could be harvested for human consumption. A male calf would be sent for slaughter or sold to be raised as veal, and a female might be kept as a herd replacement or suffer the same fate as her brothers. This is all because cows, like humans, only lactate when they have a baby to feed. One dairy employee told us the calves would always be picked up by the same truck and every time the new mothers heard it coming would become visibly distressed. Mother cows and their calves develop a strong bond shortly after birth, breaking these ties, which are designed to last, sends ripples of heartache and grief through both. Clarabelle would have chased the person and then the truck carrying her baby, calling and bellowing behind. But this story has a happy ending. After years of being denied the chance to nurture her young, Clarabelle has finally found sanctuary where she is free to love her calf every day for the rest of her years. And her calf was named Valentine, in honour of the day we discovered her hiding snug behind a tree and in celebration of every mother’s love for their young. Show me Love All of our residents had at one time found themselves at the pointy end of life; lost, alone or neglected with nowhere in this world to turn. This is because farmed animals in Australia, through no fault of their own, have predominately been designated their place inside the animal industry machine where their lives and deaths are dictated by profit. These dear creatures are denied even the simplest of life’s joys – the chance to nurture their young, to bask in the sun’s warm rays and to roam and forage. Their lives are so departed from what nature intended many show physical signs of frustration, distress and suffering. Every animal has a lust for life, a past and a story to tell. These stories are sometimes heartbreaking and most of them are never told at all; millions of lights in the sky that snap out without so much as a flicker. But there are many who’s lights shine bright, and they shine because they are loved.Most of us would go to great lengths to help an animal in need because we love animals and never want to see them suffer. Yet animals are losing their entire worlds for the enjoyment of an evening meal. In Australia, cats and dogs are protected by the nation’s animal welfare legislation while animals with the same emotional capacity are not, all because they look different. Public sentiment is shifting and animal-use industries are coming under the ethical spotlight for their unjust treatment of animals. Hearts are growing for the voiceless and vulnerable, and people are coming together to show that all animals deserve to be loved. Not for what their bodies can produce or the sum of their parts, but for who they are. Lemonade, Clarabelle and Valentine have all felt this love – the love they and their ilk have always deserved. To get to know us and the animals we care for, please head to our website, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter and Instagram. If you’re moved by what we do and want to help farmed animals in need, stand with us for the voiceless by becoming a monthly donor.

Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Donations:

5 Ways To Feel Good About Yourself My clients have often asked how can I feel good about myself, how can I be more confident? What strategies, approaches or methods can I implement? Initially I ask them to reflect on their lives and to ask themselves “what or who am I comparing my life to?” We constantly compare our lives to others, for example my sister has more money than me, my neighbour has a better family lifestyle than mine and my co-worker is fitter than me. It is comparisons such as these that create dissatisfaction within ourselves and our lives, and can have a negative impact on our feeling of wellbeing. I recommend the following 5 practical steps that will help you to feel good about yourself. 1. Gratitude journaling Journaling in this context is simply the mental and/ or physical recording of information for later review or reference. Keeping a gratitude journal simply involves recording, things you are grateful for in your past and present life. This will highlight and enable you to focus on the good/positive things in your life Instead of dwelling on what you don’t have, your reactions and thoughts will be on what you do have – promoting feeling better about yourself and your current life.

2. Realistic expectations (self) Understanding and setting realistic expectations for yourself in all aspects of your life and then observing/monitoring yourself over a period of weeks to months. Some simple examples of ‘reasonable’ expectations include: Remaining/being positive all the time (unrealistic, as we cannot sustain this) Having high amounts of energy all the time (unrealistic, as we need rest) Helping others all the time (unrealistic, as we will burn out) Making no mistakes/failing (unrealistic, as it organically happens in life) The qualification of the expectation makes it into a “reasonable” expectation. I am not suggesting that you lower your standards and/or expectations, but simply reflect and observe the realities. It is your perspective on life that determines how you feel about yourself.

3. Realistic expectations (others) It is vitally important to your everyday well-being and sense of personal satisfaction that you have realistic expectations of the persons with whom we come into contact. The following are some examples of expectations (which are then qualified) Expecting someone to always be nice to you (unrealistic, as people may naturally be abrupt/unfriendly at times) Expecting someone to live by your values and beliefs (unrealistic, as we are all unique and different – no one is ever exactly the same) Expecting someone to know all the answers (unrealistic, as intelligence is measured by how much you know, you don’t know) Expecting a person to immediately change their way of thinking,

being and doing (unrealistic, as change generally happens gradually) Monitor your thoughts towards friends, family members and associates (specifically your expectations), and attempt to question yourself if they are realistic or not. This will lead to more fulfilling relationships and therefore you feeling good about yourself.

4. Resilience (after a difficult time) Similar to “Gratitude journaling�, this is journaling with the intention of writing down your achievements after a difficult or challenging time. For example, I had three days in a row at work where I came home completely exhausted (mentally and physically), I journaled how I handled this tough time afterwards, the achievements, outcomes and results therefore developing internal satisfaction with what I achieved and how I handled myself. Some of you may look at obviously different things to journal and recognise how you responded. It is not so much about what it was, or how you did it, but the continual journaling and adding entries to build the habit of feeling good about yourself.

5. 5-7 daily priority actions (over several weeks/months) Our lives can be so busy with work, family, hobbies, study and other responsibilities. One of the most important life lessons I have learnt is writing down the 5-7 priority actions/tasks to complete. Why and how would this assist with feeling good about yourself? Why I do it? Because at the end of every day I can look back at what I crossed off and feel a real sense of achievement and accomplishment. This was much better than not writing anything down and just feeling vaguely ok about your day and yourself. Do this over many weeks and months, and watch what habits and internal dialogue you develop. I personally utilise the practical steps I have outlined. They have developed and enhanced my feelings of wellbeing and accomplishment. Luke Papallo is a Counsellor, Coach and Emotional Specialist. Luke is located in Sydney, Australia and has conducted over 1800 one on one counselling and consulting sessions, read over 2000 hours of personal development material, contributed in The Inspirational Bible and The Well-Being Book and written numerous articles towards emotional well-being. Luke uses, voice dialogue and tailors specific questions in expanding clients awareness and influence, for the progression of their personal and professional lives.

For a complimentary session please contact Luke on 0423 299 428 or, as a website restructure is currently under way.



“No fish were harmed in the making of this sushi”. That is the slogan on the wall at Superfood Sushi, Australia’s first and only vegan sushi café. Located in Newtown , Sydney, mum and son team of Pepe Marshall and Guy Renner opened the doors a little over six months ago to an overwhelming response from both the Vege community and a growing base of loyal fans, eager to reduce their meat consumption. The concept came about when Pepe and Guy couldn’t find any Vege sushi apart from the ubiquitous avocado or cucumber rolls, so they decided to make their own. A business plan was hatched and after months of local markets and events the overwhelming question was “where is your shop?” so six months later the dream became reality. The menu is Japanese inspired with an incredible diversity of flavour combinations. The sushi served up is anything but ordinary. “Blasphemy” say some die hard Japanese traditionalists, “you can’t have fruit in sushi” say others. Forget the naysayers, this sushi is the bomb! “We start from the basis of taste, freshness and combinations of unusual ingredients to form flavourful morsels” says Pepe “Take our recent special for Mango month. Curried black rice stuffed in a sweet inari pocket topped with spicy mango salsa- We couldn’t make enough of this one” As well as sushi selected side dishes are on offer to compliment the sushi and refills of miso are free! Kombucha, house made detox infused waters and Mylk coffee are all there too! All fruits and vegetables are superfoods in their own right, hence the name which reinforces the importance of plants as superfoods. “We don’t need to have powdered ”superfoods” in our products- all our ingredients pack vital ingredients for health” says Guy. Only black and green rice are used rather than processed white rice, making this sushi, as well as being cruelty free, one of the healthiest options around. And to boot everything (apart from two items) is Gluten Free. Each month a fruit or vegetable is featured as a special and also some education about the benefits of that particular ingredient made available through Facebook and newsletters. Superfood Sushi is a hit with the vegans, vegetarians, flexetarians, pregnant mums (for whom sushi is a no no) Paleo, gluten free and carnivores. Even fussy teenagers are happy. Open six days a week from 11 am – 9 pm ( closed on Mondays) at 69-77 King Street, get yourself here for a cruelty free, healthy sushi experience.

Ditch the Chemicals – DIY Natural Cleaning Products The use of pure essential oils around the home is becoming increasingly popular with more people opting for a healthier home environment. What’s cool about making the switch to natural oils? It can save money, take up less cupboard space and help save the planet! Pure essential oils have cleansing, deodorising, healing, disinfectant, antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties. 100% plant-based oils are both human and eco-friendly and are toxin-free unlike most cleaning products available in supermarkets. Often chemical-based ingredients used in most conventional cleaning products can be just as harmful as the dirt and germs they are meant to eliminate. And many brands promote the use of so called ‘pure essential oils’ as key active ingredients in their products, yet the quality and quantity of these oils is poor. You can create your own DIY elixir for showers, carpets, tiles, furniture, bench tops and toilets and you’ll find a little aromatherapy goes a very long way. Your home will be sparkling clean and the fresh aromas will be blissful! Here are 5 Recipes to get you started. Access 150+ FREE Aromatherapy recipes at www. Disinfectant: Place a few drops of Eucalyptus/Cedarwood pure essential oil into water in a clean spray bottle. Use the spray around the home as a general surface disinfectant. Hard Floor Cleaner: Place a drop of Lavender, Peppermint and Tea Tree pure essential oil into a bucket of hot water to mop hard floors. The oil combination cleans, removes bacteria and debugs your home all at the same time. Sticky Residue Remover: Use a couple of drops of Eucalyptus/Cedarwood and Lavender pure essential oil to remove sticky label residue, blu-tac remains and temporary 3M style wall hangers. Carpet Freshener: Depending on the size of your carpet area, mix up to 20 drops of Lavender pure essential oil with 250g of baking soda and sprinkle a small amount on to your carpet for a few hours, then vacuum. Baking soda absorbs odors and essential oils add a delightful fresh scent. Soap Scum Cleaner: Place a few drops of Lemon, Orange and Tea Tree pure essential oils in a clean spray bottle. Apply the spray onto the tiles and shower screen then use some bicarbonate of soda on a cloth to remove the soap scum and rinse off. Le Rêve is an accredited Choose Cruelty Free Australian Company marketing TGA approved essential oils, perfume, candles and reed diffusers.

Hi, I’m Melanie, from Eager for Life. I’ve been vegan

since April 2013. Prior to this I had been very ill for some time with chronic fatigue and stopping consuming dairy was the start of my road to recovery. My husband and I then watched Peaceable Kingdom and the next day we both decided to become ethical vegans. I am a nutritionist and wellness coach so I also have a great interest in the health aspect of veganism. I believe that as a vegan you are a voice for the animals so why not eat healthily so you can be around for as long as possible to help them? I started my business and launched my website in September 2015. Prior to this I spent a long time in a science corporate job that I hated, but paid really well. I was exhausted and after suffering corporate for the second time I was forced me to look at my priorities. Health is far more important than money. I am passionate not only about what we consume but how we live our lives. I want everyone to be full of energy and have a zest for life too. I am also a long distance runner having completed my first ultra-marathon in January 2015. I have some exciting plans for 2016 and am currently training hard for some events coming up.

I have a real desire to show people how fit, healthy and active you can be on a vegan diet so in January 2016 I launched my vegan athlete blog series. Each week I showcase an individual who has accomplished great sporting achievements on a vegan diet. These are ordinary people who are showing others what is possible without the need for meat, eggs and dairy. I’d love to hear from you! If you’d like to be featured on my series, please contact me. I am also available for consults, talks and workshops. More information can be found about my services at There are also some great recipes that I try to upload on a regular basis.

How Do You Feel? By Leann Middlemass

Feeling good about ourselves only happens when we decide it to. Our mind can only hold one thought at a time. We get to decide if that is a positive or negative thought. The trouble is that most of us have a tendency to focus on the negative. So what can we do that will keep us focused on staying positive?

1. Start each morning Being grateful.

A mother sits on a bench and has three lollies and two children. She gives the first child a lolly and he says “thank you.” She gives the second child a lolly and he starts to yell and scream and complain that he wanted the one the other boy got. If you were the mother who would you give the third lolly to: the one that complained or the one that was grateful for what he received. Funny how the more we are grateful the more we will have to be grateful for.

2.Spend an hour a week on something you love.

We are all busy. It’s possible for us to spend every waking moment being busy. Life can quickly pass us by. Find something you love and spend even a small amount of time committing to it. The time will give you something to look forward to it, and a word of advise. Your family will fall in line if you let them know how important it is.

3. Meditation.

First thing in the morning, wake up and list all the things you are grateful. I even take the time to meditate even a few minutes can be beneficial. I try and spend an additional time frame throughout the day. My favourite type of meditation is called grounding. This is where you take off your socks and shoes off. Sit on the ground and lie down with your knees bent at 45%. Ensure that your hands and feet are outstretched and in contact with the ground so that the energy of the earth can be absorbed within. A nice piece of grass gives you an additional feeling.

4. Breathe differently.

Most of us shallow breathe. Deep breathing can i nstantly make you feel better and if you become anxious can even help restore a rapid heart rate. I love to breath in the following way for about 10 minutes. Add it to grounding and you’ll get up feeling refreshed. Breathe for a count of 16. Hold for a count of 4.Exhale for a count of 8. Even if you can’t lie down for 15 minutes try this several times a day to feel reinvigorated.

5. Set good boundaries.

By doing so you let others know that this is how you like to be treated. When one does not have good boundaries others will take advantage of their good nature. When you become angry over what someone has said or done chances are you allowed them to breach the parameters of your boundaries. By being steadfast in your commitment to yourself you are telling others that you matter and this is how you like to be treated.

There is only one way to ensure a  cosmetic company  is "truly" CRUELTY FREE. Always check  to see they are  listed on the official, Choose Cruelty Free List!


How many shocking stories have you heard about women in relationships that had tragic outcomes? How many of those women never thought they would be betrayed, or find themselves in harm’s way? Most of these relationships begin with the woman trusting too much.Have you experienced or heard of a shocking betrayal, such as the revelation that a twenty-year marriage is based on a lie, your partner is having an affair, is psychopathic, watches pornography, abuses your children, is secretly gay—or the worst-case scenario, is a serial killer (because someone has to be dating these people)? These stories are all too familiar. The news headlines are filled with them. Every woman should be armed with the right skills to detect those she can trust, to keep herself and her family safe.


The statistics show that at least one in three women have been coerced into sex, or abused in their lifetime, with the abuser usually known to them. (General Assembly. In-Depth Study on All Forms of Violence against Women: Report of the Secretary General, 2006. A/61/122/Add.1. 6 July 2006). When something terrible happens to you or a loved one, do you say to yourself, “What was I thinking? How did I not know?” or, “I knew something was not right, but I ignored my feelings.” You often know something is wrong, but you feel you are a prisoner of forces that seem to compel you to accept a negative consequence. You have no answers. You file your bad experiences, thinking you’re in love, plain stupid or you plead guilty on the grounds of temporary insanity. But these seemingly “crazy” choices can create crisis situations or trigger a chain of events that lead to disasters. This way of thinking is very common for women. Your seemingly self-destructive choices are not random. They are not “just the way the world works”. They have an identifiable cause. The source of your problems may be a dysfunctional relationship and years of disrespect, unhappiness, suffering, or abuse. Perhaps you’ve entrusted a person by giving them the benefit of the doubt, resulting in financial loss and hardship. Here’s the truth: you could have avoided many of these terrible situations.


Despite the fact that women have an inbuilt GPS system or a natural ability to feel and know things (often referred to as a sixth sense), this ability can be shut down, disconnected, ignored, criticised, ridiculed, and in the past, deemed as evil. Even today, using the word “witch” (known to describe women with spiritual powers) doesn’t exactly convey the warm fuzzies! Your GPS system (yes—you have one!) is a permanent, personal guide that leads to the truth and discloses lies. Its purpose is to save lives, divert disasters, protect children, alert you to dangers, and open you to receiving the universal source energy or inspiration that ultimately leads to your passions, full potential, happiness, and leadership. It allows you to expand your life experience, feel and be more.


Your internal “GPS” is accessed when you connect within. For most women, their connection with themselves comes last. As they wake up each morning and catapult themselves into the busy-ness of life, they pay no regard to how they are feeling or what their intuition is telling them until they experience a “straw that breaks the camel’s back” scenario. That’s when they get the reality check that things aren’t as they thought. They realise they have been running on automatic pilot, living in denial, and that they need to start thinking for themselves, and acknowledge that their feelings have been trying to wake them up and show them some home truths. Have Women Disconnected? •Women are conditioned to care more about the needs of others and ignore their own feelings. •Women are critical of themselves and receive more criticism from external sources. •Women have low self-worth, reduced self-belief, doubt themselves, and are conditioned to think their worth comes from giving to others.

•Women have been conditioned to be submissive and not to question others’ decisions. •Women’s intuition/psychic abilities have been deemed as “evil” and “taboo”. •Women are conditioned to feel wrong or guilty. •Women have fewer rights than males, less influence, and their opinion is less valued. •Women are subjected to more domestic violence, judgment, and abuse.

When women are disconnected, they lack a level of self-awareness (and feeling), they feel stuck, and are unable to move forward no matter what they do. In fact, every woman has the ability to feel and know answers, discern solutions, and access guidance that directs them to safety, truth, and empowerment. This process takes place when we remove the effects of emotional and physical abuse, subtle and obvious conditioning from the stereotypes of being a woman.

DISCONNECTED WOMEN ARE MOST LIKELY TO: •Stay in abusive relationships. •Ignore warning signals to keep them safe from people and situations. •Not follow their passion. •Stay in unfulfilling jobs. •Struggle making decisions. •Have difficulty experiencing fulfilling relationships. •Make bad decisions for themselves and others. •Blame others for their misfortune. •Ignore their own and other’s needs, especially their children. •Teach their children the same cycle of tolerating abuse. Connect to Your GPS Practise the following seven daily tips and keep a journal of messages and impressions you feel or receive. The more you incorporate these steps in your life, the easier and faster information and truth come to you. Make it a way of life.

1.Daily Intentions

Ask to be shown or led to information that will resolve your questions or problems. Be clear and specific about the things you are seeking. Resist focusing on the problem or what you don’t want. Keep focused on what you do want.

2.Unwind Beliefs

Did your parents struggle in life? Did you have a religious upbringing based on guilt, low self-worth, and fear? Do you believe you are undeserving of respect? Remind yourself you are worthy of only happiness, respect, and loving relationships.

3.Ask Questions

Often women are taught to be submissive and give others the benefit of the doubt. Exercise your right to ask questions. Become a detective of your own life and analyse every relationship you engage in. The patterns of others’ past relationships will continue in your relationship.

4.Listen to Yourself and Others

Listen to what others are saying or the stories they are telling, even if you think it has nothing to do with you. Your answers are staring you in the face. Messages can be confirmed through feelings, an inner knowing, that small voice inside, or a peaceful feeling. Pay attention to other’s opinions, as most people are more intuitive than they admit. When the majority of people don’t trust a person, they are usually correct.


Stop and be still. For every decision you make, practise feeling and asking yourself, “Does this feel right?” Make a habit of connecting to your inner guidance and meditate. Heighten your senses to the energy with which you surround yourself. Keep challenging yourself, asking, “How does this feel?” and make choices that give you feelings of positivity, peace, and calm.

6.Hold Yourself Accountable

When you are truthful with yourself about your own actions, you will hold others accountable for their actions. Don’t make excuses for yourself, and then you won’t make excuses for others.

7.Cleanse Your Body and Eat Well

Drink lots of water and immerse yourself in nature. If your body contains toxins, it will attract toxic emotions and situations in your life. Smoking, alcohol, and drugs need to be eliminated. Eat well and cleanse your body with suitable foods to remove heavy metals and other substances that negatively impact your wellbeing and energy. Exercise regularly to maintain a strong physical body. More detail is in my new book “Freeing the Unloved Girl“ Since my childhood, I was shut down and oblivious to others’ intentions and betrayals which resulted in bad situations in my life. Now that I have healed, I feel very connected. I have a strong ability to “read” others well and it has become a way of life as I use this ability to heal others. You have this ability to “know.” Use it to the maximum so that truth is always revealed, you are always kept safe, and you then you can feel safe. Sending you blessings, peace, safety and love always, Marisa xx

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I really like this perfume, It reminds me of vintage Paris, amber glowing cobblestone streets, dark, mysterious and alluring. This perfume has an oriental / amber smell with a hint of rose. It’s fairly strong and I would say more of a night perfume. It lasted all day and I could still smell it that night. I rate it 8/10 Company – Bud Parfums Product - Perfume Name – ‘Oh La La ‘ Rated By – Simone, Hair Stylist and Event Manager

This perfume reminds me of a sunny summers day. Walking through fields of flowers or along the beach with the wind in my hair. A soft feminine fragrance, its floral bouquet is aromatic and graceful. I would wear this as a day perfume. Great wearing it lasted all day. I rate it 9/10 Company – Bud Parfums Product - Perfume Name – ‘Satine‘ Rated By – Simone, Hair Stylist and Event Manager

This perfume reminds me of a Glamorous day at the races. On a fresh spring day. Walking through the crowds, turning heads, feeling confident, feminine yet sexy. This Perfume has a fresh citrus smell with aromatic hints of Jasmine and Ylang Ylang. It lasted most of the day. I rate it 7/10 Company – Warbotanicals Product - Body Moisturiser Name – ‘Indian Summer ‘ Rated By – Simone, Hair Stylist and Event Manager

I really liked this product. This moisturizer is super nourishing but without that heavy greasy feel. It has a subtle exotic smell with hints of Ylang-Ylang & Frangipani.

% 0 I applied the lotion all over my body and within seconds my skin felt soft, hydrated & amazing. It could be used all year round. Light enough for summer but also nourishing enough for winter. I highly recommend this product I rate it 10/10. Company – No Pong Product - Deodorant Rated By – Simone, Hair Stylist and Event Manager

I am very conscious of body odour as I work in the Hair& Makeup industry and find myself always leaning over clients. I search for new deodorants that are safe not only for myself, but that are cruelty free and environmentally safe. I tried NO PONG. It is easy to apply, has a mild citrus smell, is made from all natural products, essential oils & is aluminium free. I was very sceptical at first that this product would work. I applied a small amount to each under arm. After a very busy day I expected to have to reapply, but it actually lasted all day. I was so happy with this product and I highly recommend it. I rate it 9/10. Company – Warbotanicals Product - Hand Cream Name – ‘Organic Hemp ‘ Rated By – Jaime, Owner of SilentEarth

Simone has given this brand an impressive 10/10 and I had to see why. It has a slight aroma and not overpowering. Its texture is thick yet light to the touch. It absorbs into the skin with ease and doesn’t leave a greasy feeling. My hands feel soft and supple. I recommend this product. I rate it 9/10 Company – Warbotanicals Product - Shampoo and Conditioner Name – ‘Organic Hemp ‘ Rated By – Jaime, Owner of SilentEarth

I suffer from dry scalp and was keen to try this product and it has not let me down. It has no harsh chemicals and is gentle on my scalp. It lathers well, without leaving a soapy residue. My hair feels soft and I will definitely be using this product again. I rate it 9/10 Company – IP Australia Product - Spider and Insect Vac Rated By – Jaime, owner of SilentEarth

Now this was a product that I HAD to try. A known insect phobic, it seems my prayers were answered with this arrived on my doorstep. Assembling it is easy and it does require a battery. The suction isn’t invasive and it is gentle enough so that insects don’t get harmed. Although we did not have a spider to try this on, we did have a moth! And this product is awesome! In it goes and out it went. It is a brilliant idea that will see the end of chemicals. I rate it 9/10

Let’s Save The P Anyone visiting planet Earth from another galaxy would be shocked by what they saw and would demand to see the manager. And Here’s How To Do It The simplest, cheapest and most far reaching action of saving the planet is to eat less meat. By eating or mostly eating a plant-based diet, we can reduce the impact of climate change, rainforest destruction, and pollution, while saving water and other precious resources. In fact, raising animals for food produces more greenhouse gas emissions than all of the cars, planes, and other forms of transportation combined. It’s time to ask ourselves: if it is now possible to live a life that involves delicious food and drink, delivers better health, leaves a smaller carbon footprint and avoids killing other creatures - then why don’t we? Jamee Campbell 1) be Vegan (nothing else one can do for the environment could come even closer to this, so it is essential to make a realistic difference; anything else is a bonus) 2) help others make the connection and go vegan 3) pay the extra for a 100% green energy from your electricity provider, or produce (and share back into the grid) your own energy from sun or wind 4) reuse, reduce, recycle 5) buy local and/or organic whenever possible 6) cover your pool when not in use for a long period, and filter only

Planet Together! once a month while covered 7) cycle and/or use public transport whenever riding the car makes a marginal added convenience 8) be mindful about the environmental cost of any processed foods or cosmetics purchased, and choose the least impacting options whenever possible Ezequiel Tolnay Every time we go to the beach or waterside walks we take a few bags with us and pick up any rubbish found (usually quite a bit) then put it all into the council rubbish bins. - minimise time in the shower. - re-use the less flimsy of the plastic containers that fruit and meat come in these days. They’re good to contain loose items in the pantry, workshop, laundry or under the sink. (why does fruit, veg and meat have to be presented in plastic?) And try not to purchase foods in those containers. - put aside things and offer to schools for use in craft work - like the elastic bands that the postie puts around the mail, string, ribbons, etc. - give the unrequired portions from ‘minimum order quantity’ items we’ve bought to communit y groups for their use (eg gift bags, wrapping, ribbon, tissue). - use metal/reusable drink bottles rather than buying plastic bottles of water which end up becoming landfill - or worse still - floating around in the ocean. - return empty ink cartridges (re printers) to a shop that refills them. Colleen MacSween I threw out all my plastic take away containers and am using tin lunch boxes, glass food storages, reuseable food wraps and have a glass drink bottle. This is the year I am saying enough is enough to plastic!


Two Men and a


Our company is a family run business that really did begin with two men and a truck. That was just over twenty years ago. Now a national Australian enterprise, still based on the lower North Shore of Sydney, and with offices interstate, Two Men and a Truck offers comprehensive removal services. The culture and history of Two Men and a Truck predisposes and directs us to practice environmental and social responsibility in our business. Moving Together explicitly links our name and services with environmental and community action. MOVING TOGETHER WITH THE ENVIRONMENT PROGRAM

We implement environmental action through a number of initiatives, some more substantial than others. Each one is part of a continuous effort to reduce our environmental footprint. In the light of the growth of Two Men and a Truck we identified opportunities based on economies of scale throughout or operations. The nature of our industry directed our urgent attention to some very obvious issues in the Moving Together strategic plan, such fuel consumption and vehicle movements. Subsequently, vehicle acquisition policy based on reduced emissions, and rationalisation of vehicle movements reflects our environmental approach. Our fleet transition plan to vehicles that make a minimal impact on the environment has already begun with a significant investment in two new replacement trucks for our fleet. These two trucks, one an Isuzu SiTEC Series III, and another a Mercedes Benz Atego: •Exceed national compliance requirements of ADR 80/03 Design Rules for Vehicles, meeting European compliance with the much more stringent EuroV emission requirements •Save 2,866 kilograms of carbon emissions per year, that is, saving nearly three tonnes per year over the trucks they have replaced •Save $1,730.56 in fuel costs per year over the trucks they have replaced •Save $4,195 on servicing costs and maintenance costs of per year over the trucks they have replaced 
Through our vehicle movement plan we now: •With customer agreement, rationalise and combine loads where possible •Use a container vehicle with trailer, doubling the volume of goods on interstate runs •Have set times and areas for morning and afternoon runs for box pick up and delivery van, now as many 
 deliveries over a three day period as previously done over a five day period

•Use a diary of set times and areas for our estimators who attend jobs throughout our operations, eliminating 
backtracking of vehicle trips 
For efficiency with staff and customers in the field we now: •Provide access to job-sheets for drivers via text or our online database •Provide drivers and estimators with electronic devices for paperless client transactions •Operate a box buy back scheme to reduce the number of new packing boxes purchased and supplied to 
 customers •Provide recycled boxes to customers at a significantly reduced price to encourage uptake 
For efficiency in the office we monitor energy and paper use and provide signage to encourage and remind staff and visitors in the office to reduce: • Electricity consumption : Switching off lights where and whenever not in use, for example in individual offices, recreation rooms and toilets
-replacing single desktop printers with one central shared printer •Water use
-using water wisely, for example in bathrooms and kitchen areas
-reporting leaking taps or other areas of waste so that the problem can be remedied promptly •Paper use
-suggesting alternatives to printing documents, including emails -replacing single desktop printers with one central shared printer -re-using waste paper for notes
-paper using recycling for paper •Electronic waste
- using less toner cartridges and a recycling box for used ones Our continuing journey in environmental and social responsibility is linked to our understanding of the demonstrated impact of public relations for our business growth and success. It is also motivated by the friendship that has informed and enriched us as a family business in the course of our journey with people who continue to inspire us with their generosity, their passion and their powerful community action. We are driven to capture and share the benefits of these inspiring connections. Environmental and social responsibility is integral to our considered approach to public relations. Though the strategic focus of Moving Together forms part of our broader public relations activities, the spirit of this innovative venture is genuinely held in the heart of Two Men and a Truck.


orry and concern about what other people think of us is one of the most limiting habits we hold. We have great ideas and wishes, which our intuition and Soul voice what us to pursue, yet we allow the concerns about ‘what will he/she/they think if I did this?’ hold us back. We limit ourselves and how bright we let our beautiful light shine with these fears. I know firsthand how debilitating it can be. Those of you who have met me in person know that I am confident, yet I hide how much I second guess myself, as is often the case with extroverts. I tried for so long to be like others, to change my ways and opinions just to get the approval of others. The irony is that I probably can’t name who ‘others’ are, it was people in general or sometimes individuals. Yet no matter how hard I tried to seek the rubber stamp of approval, often receiving it, it didn’t give me that feeling of happiness I expected to get. Why not? Because I wasn’t being my authentic self, I wasn’t comfortable being me. I had to learn to be kinder to myself. This is a process, sometimes it’s hard, sometimes it comes easy. Coming out of the psychic closest over 3 years ago has been a major part of this process. For years I couldn’t figure out how I would explain to people that I was psychic intuitive and that I talk to Angels. I was worried what they would think, assuming they would think I was crazy. My biggest fear was that someone would go on a rant about how they didn’t believe “all this hocus pocus” and expect me to convince them it was true, in less than 30 seconds flat! Thankfully this has never happened. These were major and very real fears. Thankfully my guides and Angels were quite insistent and step by step I was learning to trust the voice of my Soul more. The voice of my ego was advocating for fear, holding me back, putting me in competition with others. It was time to simply be me and be happy with that. I began by accepting myself and my abilities. Initially it started by changing the way I spoke to myself, with my thoughts and beliefs. Step by step I focused on being kinder to myself, lowering my expectations of being the perfect Mother, Wife, Friend, Employee and all around general human being. Just being me became good enough. That means that sometimes I am an awesome mother, sometimes an awesome wife, however not all the time, and that’s ok. Releasing the fear of needing to be perfect and amazing all the timewas huge.

Our Spirit Guides and Angels want us to understand that we are perfect just the way we are. We chose to come here and be unique, each with a special gift that only we can bring into this world. We are each on a journey to remember that we are already amazing. By starting to accept the insight and guidance from my Soul and trust my intuition more my life changed in a beautiful way. I now have my own business as an Intuitive Soul Coach, which I love. I get to support people to reconnect with their Higher Self and Soul and develop their own intuition, it is amazing. I started to appear on TV with this work and do amazing festivals and expos. The irony is that I haven’t changed, I simply chose to love myself more and chose to be happy being me. I much prefer it this way. If you recognise yourself as the person who holds themselves back because of what others think of you here are 3 simple steps to releasing the control that these beliefs have over you: 1.Each time you catch yourself thinking “what will he/she/they think?” or “I wish I was more like him/her/them”, affirm to yourself “I am perfect just the way I am.” Just start with that. It’s amazing how many times you will find yourself comparing yourself to others, especially as a mother. Hence this affirmation is short and easy to remember. 2.Write a list of 4 things that are special about you. By focusing on our strengths we give the universe the opportunity to let us use them more. Write it down now (yes now!). It won’t take long, the first 3 will come fast but believe me getting to 4 is worth it. My top 4 are: I am authentic, I am funny, I am brave and I care about people. 3.Choose to view the other people you are comparing yourself to as perfect just the way they are. The Mom who has well behaved kids, a clean house and a great life, or the colleague who gets praised for their high quality work by your boss all the time. Whoever it is, release the control and power they don’t even know they have on you. Instead of begrudging them for seemingly being perfect, praise them authentically for what they do, and mean it, you’ll be amazed how much better that makes you feel.

I would love to hear from you about how these simple steps help you bring more joy into your life, as that is my passion. If you want to explore connecting with your soul more and connecting with your Life Purpose consider my workshop or private sessions.

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Aloe Vera Reason’s To Use

A totally delicious thirst quencher perfect for summer!

Aloe Vera Mist

I came up with this when I saw the wonders a plain bottle of cool water can do when used as a mist spray. This would be great to keep in your purse for that middle of the day pick-me-up. Simply add 1 to 2 tablespoons of aloe vera gel in a spray bottle half-filled with water. Simply spray it on to your face after applying make-up for a quick setting spray or use whenever you like! Personally, I like using this throughout the day especially when the heat is really intense.

Aloe Vera Refreshing Summer Cooler

The best way to keep your skin hydrated in the hot months ahead is to drink plenty of fluids. You will need 1 chilled cucumber, 1 chilled apple, the juice of 1 lemon and 2 tablespoons of Aloe Vera pulp. All you have to do is blend everything together and add to a tall glass with some ice and voila! Lana, a former chemist and an author of “10 reasons to swap your lipstick.”

“The Wand of Heaven”

Aloe Vera has been used throughout history to help rejuvenate skin. The Ancient Greeks used it to cure everything from baldness to insomnia and the Native Americans called it “the wand of heaven” Aloe Vera produces at least six natural antiseptics, which are able to kill mould, bacteria, funguses, and viruses. It is a nourishing and adaptagenic plant & can help to improve digestion by cooling the digestive tract. This in turn will improve skin conditions. Aloe Vera juice is packed with skin nourishing vitamins and also rich in minerals like calcium magnesium, zinc, iron, selenium and potassium and when used topically, Aloe Vera can soothe inflamed skin and enhance collagen and hyaluronic acid. Orga niQ Skin Renewal Serum contains Pure Organic Aloe Vera extract and is an essential component to any naturally nourishing skin regime. Sally Lydia Paech is an inspiring natural beauty and wellbeing expert from Kangaroo Island South Australia. She is a Yoga teacher, freelance writer and Managing Director of one of Australia’s most exciting luxury natural skin care brands.

Aloe Vera Benefits Backed by Science

So many health benefits are claimed for Aloe Vera that it is difficult to know which ones to believe and which are just hype, or made up by manufacturers to sell more products. So we at decided to go back to the books and work out what is backed up by science, and what is yet to be proved. Here is what we found out: Aloe Vera Gel is thought to contain over 200 different chemicals of which about 75 have been identified, but it is not known exactly which of the compounds are responsible for the healing effects. It is most likely to be the combination of many of the substances contained in the gel, which makes it effective. It is also made up of about 96% water.

Research into Aloe Vera Uses are showing it is: 1, Anti-viral 2, Anti-inflammatory 3, Anti-bacterial 4, Anti-fungal 5, Anti-oxidant - acting against free radicals in the body from pollutants, cigarette smoke and other things which are bad for us. 6, Anti-allergic 7, Analgesic (pain killing) It has also been shown to be effective against cancer in animal trials.

26 Amazing Uses of Aloe Vera 1. Aloe Vera is found in lots of creams and lotions mainly for its amazing moisturizing properties. 2. Can be used as an anti-septic which can help prevent infections. 3. Contains anti-inflammatory compounds which can reduce skin irritation and rashes. 3. Soothes sunburn and other minor burns. It feels especially good when used cold straight out of the fridge. 4. Can improve facial wrinkles and elasticity when taken as a supplement. 5. Does re-hydrate the skin. 6. Can take the pain and itch out of insect bites. 7. Is good for bruises. 8. Cures warts (there is anecdotal evidence!). 9. Fights Athlete’s foot. 10. Takes the pain out of blisters if you’ve walked too far in uncomfortable shoes. 11. Makes a facial scrub if you add brown sugar or oats. (There is loads of great recipes out there on the net). 12. Prevents spots and help with acne, due to its anti-bacterial properties.

Research into Aloe Vera Uses are showing it is: 1, Anti-viral 2, Anti-inflammatory 3, Anti-bacterial 4, Anti-fungal 5, Anti-oxidant - acting against free radicals in the body from pollutants, cigarette smoke and other things which are bad for us. 6, Anti-allergic 7, Analgesic (pain killing) It has also been shown to be effective against cancer in animal trials.

26 Amazing Uses of Aloe Vera 1. Aloe Vera is found in lots of creams and lotions mainly for its amazing moisturizing properties. 2. Can be used as an anti-septic which can help prevent infections. 3. Contains anti-inflammatory compounds which can reduce skin irritation and rashes. 3. Soothes sunburn and other minor burns. It feels especially good when used cold straight out of the fridge. 4. Can improve facial wrinkles and elasticity when taken as a supplement. 5. Does re-hydrate the skin. 6. Can take the pain and itch out of insect bites. 7. Is good for bruises. 8. Cures warts (there is anecdotal evidence!). 9. Fights Athlete’s foot. 10. Takes the pain out of blisters if you’ve walked too far in uncomfortable shoes. 11. Makes a facial scrub if you add brown sugar or oats. (There is loads of great recipes out there on the net). 12. Prevents spots and help with acne, due to its anti-bacterial properties.

Aloe Vera and its many uses This article was originally published on – the new online home of Australia’s original health retreat.

For thousands of years herbs have been used to improve health and reduce illness and injury. The benefits of herbs are globally recognised to have positive impacts on the mind, body and soul. Hopewood provides a comprehensive overview of herbs and their many benefits on their website - Included in this detailed herbitual list is Aloe Vera.

Aloe Vera is an excellent treatment for skin conditions such as burns and eczema. It’s frequently reported that burns can be soothed remarkably quickly and the pain reduced rapidly with topical application of Aloe Vera to the burn area. This herb can also ease heartburn and, as it has low toxicity levels, it is a gentle alternative to other medication. Aloe Vera also has other practical uses. When used as a gel, it can help keep some types of damaging bacteria off fruit and vegetables. Every household would benefit from an Aloe Vera plant. Aloe Vera can be taken internally in a liquid form, so it’s just as useful for internal epithelial tissue as it is for the skin. It also works on membranes and surfaces.

Want to learn more about the many benefits of herbs? Visit

Your First Impression Of Australia We promote Australia as the ‘Lucky Country’ with white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, hot balmy nights and cool sea breezes. But is Australia really stacked up to be all that and more? We asked those that arrived to this lucky country with their suitcase in one hand and their hopes and dreams in another and asked them of their own opinion of Australia, and do they call it home? “I moved to Australia after having lived in Germany and the States, but I am originally from Zimbabwe. I have since been married, and have a gorgeous baby girl who is one. Australia is a land of opportunity; if your goals are clear and you are focused on whatever your definition of success is. I came to Australia for greener pastures as the economy in Zimbabwe has been down for a decade. I could not progress or move and I have never been happier with my move. In the 5 years I have been in Australia, I have achieved quite a lot. I have become a prominent member in the modelling circles in Melbourne. www.taruvinga. com and

Prosper Taruvinga Model - Instagram @ptaruvinga

It really is a land of opportunity and so many things can be achieved if one is focused and knows where they want to be in life. My career has also propelled as enjoying a rewarding position with the worlds largest online review

platform that I work for. I have also managed to create a property investment portfolio that is 2 properties strong. My wife and I are constantly working hard to get to greater heights. I must say we have struck our own pot of gold. I met her here btw. So much has happened in this short space of time, even I can’t begin to wonder how it has all become. I am so grateful I jumped on that flight to Sydney. I plan to stay here for as long as I can be and occasionally visit my family in Zimbabwe every 2 years. I will keep working hard. I am lucky I can be in many places a day because the transport system allows that. I find myself having 5 meetings at any given time, and I do not worry as I know

there is always a tram every 3 minutes. Safe to say I LOVE THIS PLACE. The only thing that might be a concern is something that no one can fix, so I can’t complain. The weather in Melbourne is unpredictable such that you are not sure whether to wear speedos or a fur coat to the beach. Besides that, I could not trade this place for any other place in the world. No wonder they keep awarding it the most livable place in the world. I am only speaking of Melbourne though, but have been to Sydney and Canberra. I think, they are equally awesome places too. PRO – Prosperous Country, Good Transport CON – Weather It is a long story, but the short answer is that I have wanted to live in Australia since I was about 7 years old! My obsessions started when my relatives in Melbourne sent me gifts from Australia and was fuelled by me thinking I could sail from South Wales in the UK to New South Wales in my tiny dinghy, as well as that if I clicked my red shoes together I could be magically transported from Melbourne, UK to Melbourne, Australia! It was a little harder than that of course, but as with all the best things in life, it was worth the wait. I first arrived in Sydney on the day of the Mardi Gras Parade (luckily this was intentional, otherwise I may have had a huge shock). After a quick shower at my guesthouse in Cremorne Point, to freshen up after a 12-hour bus journey from Melbourne, I walked 5 minutes down the road to the harbour and was blown

Layla Roberts Founder and CEO of Sydney Concierge

away. It feels clichéd to say this now, almost 19 years later, but I felt li ke I had ‘come home’. After catching a ferry to the city, wandering around the beautiful Botanic Gardens and pinching myself a few times, I followed the crowds down Oxford Street (though I had no idea where I was at the time) and got caught up in the excitement. It was one helluva way to start my love affair with Sydney and little did I know at the time, but this was just the beginning. Since that day in March 1997, I worked as a live-in nanny on a working holiday Visa, went back as a tourist for the spectacular Millennium fireworks, spontaneously visited the 2000 Olympics and finally emigrated here in 2006, before becoming a citizen in 2008.

There are so many things that I love about Australia. If I had to choose one, it would have to be the relaxed lifestyle. Despite my love for this country, nowhere is utopia (though I thought it was before I moved here). The main con for me is how far it is from my family and friends in the UK.

PRO: Relaxed Lifestyle CON: Far away from other countries I came to Adelaide, Australia for bachelor’s degree at 18 years of age in 2004 to complete my Bachelor of Business Degree with Le Cordon Blue and University of South Australia! I selected to come to Australia for studies as it’s closer to India than USA and it never snows here like Europe! Truly, I wanted to meet new people and live in a place where there’s less discrimination and corruption to face! When I landed in Adelaide, my first expectation of arriving in foreign land - which is more advanced than India – I was little shaken to see the old tin-shed international airport of Adelaide (They built the new International Airport in 2005-6 now). The lady from our College, who came to pick me up already collected my bag and was trying to pronounce my name without much luck! The next contradiction I found was driving through beautiful roads with green median strips and trees along the roadside, the same lady announced that South Australia is the driest state of Australia! I just nodded to her (I replied in my mind, “Lady you need to redefined the word DRY! If this is dry, then checkout some of arid states in India”) It was hilarious to see people complaining about traffic jams in such beautiful slow paced Adelaide roads with only 10 cars stopping at the traffic lights! After 6 months I went to Melbourne, for my placement working for Hilton at the Airport (now its Hotel Royal) I fell in love with Melbourne city, trams and the dinning culture here! It was, and is, perfect in every way. It was happening without being overcrowded, lively at all hours yet safe to travel at all time. I met my life partner here, married him and continued to stay in Melbourne since 2008. After having our 2 little ones, I even started our own online gallery The Art and Craft Gallery in October 2013 getting inspired from the Art and Crafts culture of Melbourne Laneways and Suburbs! In the past 12 years, I have not only have my family, but have beautiful friends from all walks of life in every state, worked in corporate world for 10 years and found myself in this beautiful Lucky Country!

Akshaya Borkar Financially I moved from an international student with educational Founder of The Art and loan to building our property portfolio, starting an award winning unconventional online gallery from scratch as first generation imCraft Gallery Unconventional migrant, which is why I call Australia Home now! Online Gallery for Everything is not always perfect and the same goes with Australia Creatives Worldwide. too! The big con about this great country is “Tall Poppy Syndrome” people don’t support tall poppies, prefers mediocre lifestyle, which She is first generation immigrant robs a person of challenging growth at certain point in time! PRO: Safe, Lively, Not Overcrowded CON: Unsupportive of Successful People

to Australia, winner of 2 Bronze Stevie Awards for Women in Business and Brilliant Biz Mum Award Winner in 2015.

Flying Inspiration Fly with the Feminine ...

Are you connecting with your womb wisdom?

We are all taken by so many things nowadays in our daily life that most of the times we feel torn apart by different interests, commitments, duties, hobbies, desires, etc. We are also bombarded 24/7 by so much information that at times we feel overwhelmed and tired just by the thought of having to read another email, newsletter, letter, magazine, etc... As women we tend to have a natural instinct about what to do, when and how and this help us in our business too, not only as mothers, wives, friends, partners, colleagues or whatever might be our main role in life. Have you ever wondered though, where this instinct comes from? Or why? Well, whatever might be your experience as a woman, I do think that women have an extra gear! Nature did gift us with some extra tools that probably most of us forget to use, maybe just because we are not aware of them. One of these extra tools is the menstrual cycle, the so dreaded monthly event that many of us call ‘The Curse’. Even if we live in the XXI century we tend to ignore or avoid the subject especially in social conversations, unless it is really necessary and, in that case we tend to lower our voice and look around before starting talking about it! Why do we do that? Why is it a taboo subject that still carries such a stigma, concern or embarrassment? Isn’t it a natural process that allows all of us to be alive? Why do we ostracise it so much, either we are men or women? If we look into any taboo, we can see that there tends to be a link between a taboo and the sacred or something carrying some power, so could it be that this is the case for the menstrual cycle too? Willing or not we have been living for several thousands of years under the rule of patriarchy, therefore the cycle has been considered as something pertinent to the female gender and therefore not of major interest for society as mainly run by men. After millennia even women have convinced themselves that it is an inconvenient aspect of life that women have to put up with and, if you can repress it or numb it, the better your life is going to be. Are we really sure of this? Couldn’t it be that this mysterious phenomenon has been dreaded or misunderstood so much because in fact carries some special powers with it? Could it be that we sit on a gold mine and we don’t know? What if I told you that your main source of inspiration is actually residing in it? How would you feel? Would you reconsider it and look at it with at least a curious eye, rather than label it as a drag? Have you ever noticed that at times in your life you are

full of inspiration, energy, determination and have all the answers to do whatever you want? Have you ever thought that there might be a link with your menstrual cycle? If you want to find out more about the menstrual cycle and your womb wisdom, check “Flying Inspiration” website. My purpose is to help women fly in life and feel great in their skin by honouring their body as a source of wisdom. Our bodies are amazing and I invite every one of you reading this right now to take a moment to listen and hear what your body is asking from you. Gabriella Guglielminotti Trivel A Woman of the XXI Century, Author, Speaker & Female Cycle Consultant Flying Inspiration I was born in Italy and studied foreign languages at the University of Turin, my home city. I am also a qualified Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and have travelled around Europe, Asia, Africa, America and to Antarctica. In 2012 I published a book, ‘Antarctic Odyssey a New Beginning’, about my adventures there. I have also learnt to fly gliders in order to gain a different perspective on the world and become a real ‘Flying Inspiration’! I am an author, speaker, visionary and coach who helps women to gain confidence, authority and fulfilment from their body and in life. I also help couples, to understand each other and to find a more satisfying way to communicate and relate, to have better intimacy and improved satisfaction from their relationships. Women often experience a loss of identity, lack of direction, disconnection from their body, lack of intimacy with their partner and themselves at some stage of their life. This can trigger physical problems like PMS, cravings, mood swings, weight gain, low self esteem, lack of energy and libido, lack of direction and relationship issues. In fact our body is trying to get in contact with us through these symptoms which can create mental and emotional states that can be very challenging to say the least. If you want to get out of this vicious circle and understand more about yourself as a woman, get in contact and find out the joys of being an empowered and aware woman of the XXI century.

© Gabriella Guglielminotti Trivel

Top Tips On How To Grow In A Small Patch this Autumn/Winter By expert horticulturist Angie Thomas from Yates You can grow small but still get a big return Having a burgeoning garden is no longer restricted to only the people with a big backyard. There are so many vegies, herbs, plants and flowers that can be grown in pots on sunny balconies and courtyards. Hanging baskets are another way to enjoy flora without requiring too much space and they are also very portable. Vegies and fruits don’t need as much space as you think Vegies and herbs that can be potted include, baby spinach, Asian leaf greens, basil, coriander, lettuce, baby carrots, beetroot and parsley. And don’t forget the vertical space where you can grow climbing vegies like snow peas, which take up very little room. Dwarf varieties of fruit trees also offer a way for gardeners with limited space to enjoy the fruits of their labour. These trees are compact and perfect for growing in containers. Berries like strawberries and blueberries can also be grown in pots.

The benefits of a beautiful bloom whatever size your patch Flowers are important for us to grow. They not only brighten outdoor spaces but also attract beneficial insects like bees. There are lots of flowers that are great for growing in pots, and during autumn and winter you can sow seeds of plants like viola, pansy, lobelia, hollyhock, carnation, sweet pea, Flander’s poppy, alyssum, calendula and stock. Many flowers, such as carnation, stock and sweet peas also have delicious perfumes and some can be used as cut flowers, so you can bring the colour and perfume indoors too. Coordinate colours with your mood Flowers come in a range of gorgeous colours, which you can match and influence with your mood. Warm colours like oranges and yellows can invoke feelings of comfort and in the case of reds, passion. Cool colours such as blues and purples tend to be calming, as is green, which also symbolises nature. There can also be differences in what colours people prefer depending on the temperature. When it’s cold, you may be more drawn towards warming and energising reds, oranges and yellows, whereas on a hot day you may be attracted to cooling blues. Best practise for growing in a pot/container It’s important to always use a good quality potting mix, whether you’re growing edible plants or flowers, like Yates Potting Mix with Dynamic Lifter. Try to use the largest container/pot you have room for as they dry out more slowly than smaller containers and are therefore easier to maintain. Always keep pots well-watered and feed regularly to ensure healthy growth.


Self-love is quite the concept. Your sense of self-worth is how you understand your own positive qualities, personal attributes and strengths. Self-worth is a measure of how you value yourself. Here are 5 ways to increase feelings of self-love

1. Being perfectly imperfect is enough Comparing ourselves to others is part of the human condition. For many of us it is a way of gauging our progress through life. Often we are our own worst critics, however. It is important to remember that there will always be people who do things to a greater degree than us, and a lesser degree too. The benefit of just being who you are means alot less stress. Getting rid of the “should” and “all or nothing” thinking will help life to flow more gently. Accepting who we are gives us and those around us permission to be imperfect. We are able to value ourselves for being who we are regardless of what we achieve. We can then value those around us for who they are and not what they do. When we are able to accept ourselves it improves our self-image and allows us to be self-nurturing and self-compassionate. The bottom line is that no one can do a better job of being you, than you. 2. You need love the most when you feel you deserve it the least The phrase above always catches my attention. People tend to find it very difficult to accept love and understanding from others when they need it the most. These are often the times we are experiencing strong feelings like anger, shame, anxiety, or depression. Allowing yourself to be self-loving and others to be loving is a wonderful gift you can give yourself. We are not our mistakes. But we do make mistakes from time to time. 3. It is easy to stand on the sidelines. It takes courage to try, even if we fail Making any change requires courage. There is always a sense of excitement or fear attached to those moments in our lives. Being courageous means doing what is right for you even if it is difficult. It can mean facing a fear and being brave. So bring your courage to doing what you feel is right, moving toward your values, dealing with daily challenges, trying new things, admitting mistakes and not giving in to peer pressure. “Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen”. (Brené Brown)



By Debbi Carberry

4. You can’t hate your way into loving yourself. Self-loathing begins when our inner critic takes hold. We begin to run familiar stories through our minds like; what a failure we are or that we are not living up to our full potential. We tell ourselves we are worthless and unlovable. These stories really don’t help us to feel better or to be kinder to ourselves. Try to remember that you are enough just as you are. Self-love will be a little bit easier every time you remind yourself of that. “To love someone is to strive to accept that person exactly the way he or she is, right here and now”. (Fred Rogers) Love is an inside job. It doesn’t come from out there, it starts inside of all of us. Be kind, loving, compassionate and nurturing to yourself. Become your own best friend. 5. Right here is a good place. So many people are thinking about the past and worrying about the future. Staying in the moment can be a challenge, but be so rewarding. Living in the moment is often called mindfulness and is a state of active, open, intentional focus on the present and is something that you can practice and learn. When doing any activity focus on what is present. Focus on the sounds, smells and what you can see. When you become mindful, you realise that you are not your thoughts. You become an observer of your thoughts from moment to moment without judging them. Mindfulness reduces stress, boosts immune functioning, reduces chronic pain and lowers blood pressure. Reducing stress and spending a few minutes each day actively focusing on living in the moment will reduce your risk of heart disease. Mindful people are happier, more exuberant, more empathetic, and more secure. They have higher self-esteem and are more accepting of their own weaknesses. Debbi Carberry is a clinical social worker in private practice in Brisbane, where she specialised in relationships transformation. She has spent over ten years helping people form and maintain successful and fulfilling relationships. Debbi is the author of a short relationship guide “Is Your Approach to Relationships Healthy? 7 Questions Every Woman Should Ask Herself ” []and the creator of the groundbreaking online course, “Rewiring your brain for better relationships.” []


ana King founded company and is grateful that through this business she is making a positive impact throughout the world. It was her love of natural cosmetics and passion for inspiring people that lead her to write a book “ 10 Reasons to Swap Your Lipstick – The Smart Woman’s Guide to Better Lipstick Options.” Lana started her career in the cosmetic industry as Biotechnologist, but soon realised that her real passion for educating people about safe and fresh cosmetics. In her spare time, Lana loves to create her own raw food recipes and practice yoga. She is also making plans to fulfil her dream of building a yoga retreat with a huge collection of books.

LIQUID CRYSTAL AUSTRALIA specialises in the manufacture of unique dichroic glass jewellery. Based on the Sunshine Coast Queensland we are never short of inspiration from the beautiful ocean, rainforests, sunsets, flora and fauna which we are so fortunate to be surrounded by every day. Every piece of dichroic glass jewellery has been designed, hand cut, fired, polished and set in our studios in Yandina by Liquid Crystal Australia glass artists. Dichroic glass is made by fusing fine layers of Quartz Crystal and Metal Oxides onto glass. The fusion process creates a crystal like structure which reflects an array of vibrant colours. This is a complex process which has been mastered by only a handful of manufacturers. If you are new to dichroic glass, you are in for a real treat as you discover the multi-coloured brilliance of transforming dichroic glass into a captivating piece of wearable art. .au

Benefits and Uses of Herbal Teas Most of us, at one time or another, have tried herbal tea. Whether it was green tea, peppermint, chamomile, or something more exotic, herbal teas have become very popular in recent years. What you may not be aware of is that each of the herbs that make these teas are medicinally beneficial. Let’s look at some symptoms or conditions in which herbal teas may be useful. Note: Always seek medical advice before undertaking any drastic diet or lifestyle changes. The information shared is designed to be informative only, and should never replace your current medications without a health care professional’s supervision. Digestive Health Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon to experience bloating, discomfort or pain in your stomach, particularly after meals. Herbal teas are one of my favourite quick fixes for this! Not only does the heat in the tea provide a soothing effect on your tummy, but some teas will help to ease the discomfort. The best teas for the digestive system are: Peppermint: great for bloating and stomach discomfort. Peppermint will help your body to eliminate excess gas (which is the cause of bloating and can often cause discomfort, too). It also has a beautiful soothing effect on the smooth muscle of the digestive tract, so it can help to reduce cramping and spasm-type pains. Fennel: great for bloating and discomfort, especially after meals. Fennel is a bitter herb and can reduce symptoms due to improper digestion. If your body is unable to digest and breakdown your food properly, bloating and discomfort may result. Fennel will relieve the symptoms of poor digestion after meals, and if taken before or with meals, it may also prevent the symptoms before they occur! A little bonus: Fennel can also assist in weight loss due to it’s stimulating effect on metabolism and digestion. St. Mary’s Thistle: great for improving liver health and detoxification. This herb is great for supporting the health and function of your liver, and will enhance the detoxification processes that your liver is responsible for. Your liver works really hard to detoxify and breakdown chemicals that you ingest - from food, medications and alcohol. A great time to drink St. Mary’s Thistle is after a big night out (trust me, your liver is suffering the next day) and for anyone taking medications, particularly pharmaceutical drugs. In our synthetic, highly chemical world today, it is so important to take care of your liver. Stress and Fatigue In my clinic where I practice as a naturopath, I have never had a client who was not experiencing

any stress at all. We’re all stressed. We’re living busy, high-pressure lives trying to juggle work, relationships, family life and an array of other responsibilities. Herbal teas are a wonderful remedy to relieve stress in the short-term, and having a tea is a great chance to stop and have a quiet moment to yourself. It’s a win-win! Lemon Balm: great for reducing anxiety and calming your nervous system. When you’re stressed, your nervous system is firing at a higher rate than is ideal. Over time, chronic stress can cause real damage to your nervous system and your entire body. Lemon Balm is a wonderfully relaxing herb, and is particularly effective in managing and reducing anxiety. A little bonus: Lemon Balm also helps to prevent replication of the virus that causes cold sores, so if you’re prone to cold sores when you’re stressed or run down, this is definitely the herb for you! Chamomile: great for reducing stress and improving sleep. Chamomile is wonderful for people who find that stress levels affect their ability to fall asleep or stay asleep. By gently calming the nervous system, Chamomile helps to reduce stress and prepare your body for rest and sleep. This herbal tea is best taken after a dinner meal or just before bedtime. A little bonus: Chamomile can also help to soothe a sore tummy! It is important to keep in mind that herbal teas do not contain a large amount of the herb, so for specific treatment of medical problems you are best to speak to a naturopath or other health professional who can prescribe a higher dose form of the herb/s you require. However, as a subtle, gentle and effective “home remedy” for minor symptoms, herbal teas are a great option. Stock up your pantry with a few different kinds of herbal teas, such as the ones discussed above, and voila - your very own herbal tea first aid kit!

Dannielle Louise is a university qualified and experienced naturopath based in Adelaide, Australia. Her blog ‘Little Miss Moderation’ teaches people all over the world the secrets to long-lasting and effective weight loss without diets or deprivation. Naturopathic consultations are available in her clinic or online. Visit her website [www.littlemissmoderation. com] for access to free recipes, blog updates and to find out more.

It’s Safe to be Glam! The Gold Coast may be synonymous with meter-maids and flashy cars, chemical peels and fake tans. But one Mermaid Beach entrepreneur is swimming against that current, and proving that beauty can, and should be a natural affair. Crystal Dawson, is owner and founder of Australian company, Glam Affair, which supplies high quality mineral makeup and skincare products to Australian women. “Every day we have a choice, from washing our face in the morning to putting on lippie. We can decide to value ourselves and our world and only choose safe, cruelty-free products,” she says. Glam Affair’s makeup and skincare products are full of wonderful ingredients which are kind to us and to animals. They are also pretty affordable. “It’s important to me that natural, safe beauty is accessible to the everyday woman, not just the elite,” Crystal adds. The 33 year old mother of two also educates real women across Australia about makeup through Glam Affair Makeup Workshops. “Women of all ages come in, from mums to young women, to grandmas, and we teach them how to apply makeup correctly, to enhance their own colouring and features.” “We have a great response, women feel so empowered and that’s our aim, to give them a positive sense of who they are, and what makes them beautiful,” she says. When she’s not running a successful business, Crystal is also busy making waves where it counts. She regularly speaks out about the safety of beauty products, and the importance of keeping it real, especially for young girls. “I have a little girl, and I hope when she gets older, the world is more accepting of our differences and there’s less pressure. I also hope that makeup and skincare which is harmful or tested on animals is simply off the shelves,” Crystal says. To view Glam Affair products or workshops, visit the website Contact Crystal Dawson 300 033 635 - 0410 537 940

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What jealousy can do to the human Compassion and forgiveness can be our greatest companions when we are confronted by our own jealousies born from an inner want and need not being met, showing us what it is we would like to experience and achieve in this life, and what we think we will benefit from and make life happier and easier. When we set aside our own judgements and see jealousy for what it is, we can become more peaceful, understanding, forgiving and compassionate not only for ourselves but for others which sets us free from condemnation and lower vibrations, which have the potential to create dis-ease within us at a cellular level and hold us back from the very things we want. It is our response driven by our intention and hidden agendas, the amount of energy and frequency that we add that ultimately affects our life, our physical body and creates our karma in alignment with the blueprint and learning we have for this lifetime. Where we tend to get stuck is the attachment to the outcome of what it is we want and not being able to see how to and even the possibility of being able obtain it. In these situations we can feel and hold onto resentment, frustration, anger, bitterness, animosity, unworthiness, not good enough, I’ll never have it (victim and loss of empowerment) revenge and our list of responses grows and so does the energy we put into them, which is generally not of a positive nature and can easily change our demeanour. When the negative aspects of jealousy take hold, our response to life can become tainted, our choices aren’t for our best and we can lose sight of the bigger picture as a tunnel vision and a green with envy approach become the drivers and have the potential to block and corrupt our integrity. Jealousy can tip us into being a victim or a take all at any cost mentality. It’s not wrong to feel any of this it’s quite ok, so it’s good not to create a pattern of beating yourself up over it. The key here is the ability to understand and see it for what it is, be able to dig into your own life and insecurities and have the tenacity and courage to change within you what isn’t working. You can’t change anyone else you can only change yourself. Jealousy provokes a lot of emotion in us and has the potential to affect us physically, and is not limited to just feeling and being aware of it. Believing life can’t get better, I’m not good enough, I’m not pretty enough, I’m not smart enough, I’ll never have enough money and comparing ourselves to others has been created by fear and in a sense we have given up believing in ourselves. All this is being stored within our chakras and cells of our body the same way it would if we had thoughts and beliefs created by love, life is great, I’m amazing, I’m smarter than I think, I always have enough money. Our solar plexus chakra is home for our ego, not known for its sharing, caring or compassion. It’s through this consciousness we have learnt to be individuals and compete for what we want, believing there to be limited amount available to us and is the seat of our self-worth and self-esteem. This is the chakra overseeing the diaphragm, pancreas, liver, gall bladder, stomach and lungs. When we know and understand the chakras, our thoughts, our beliefs and our emotions, intentions and motivations it’s easier to see how jealousy has the potential to adversely affect the physical body. Here are some examples I have witnessed: Trouble stomaching someone else has what I want and I want it NOW! - can affect digestion and if anger and rage

is present then it can affect the ming mein chakra and blood pressure. I can’t see how I can get this to happen –affecting eyesight and perception in ajna chakra, blocked crown chakra for higher guidance and inspiration and a feeling of being closed and small can create headaches. Restriction in throat chakra can lead to criticism and judgment and can cause problems swallowing. Blocked base chakra and being able to ground the idea, lower back issues. An inability to see how I can get from A to B in life and achieve what I would like to is represented in the ajna chakra located between the eyebrows and overseas, eyes, nose, sinuses, pituitary and endocrine system. I’ll never have what they have – disempowerment, victim, poor me and low self-esteem and worthiness issues – all solar plexus and ajna chakra – eyesight and bigger picture. Why isn’t my business doing as well as theirs is? – financial insecurity in the base chakra and lower back problems, self-doubt and fear in ajna chakra affecting sight, not good enough in solar plexus, digestion and creation of ulcers from worry, stress in crown chakra can create headaches. Believing you’ll never have enough and getting to the next goal isn’t always a path to happiness and can lead to exhaustion, people pleasing and lack of integrity to get what you want. Sometimes what we think we want is not what we really want. Try finding pictures which represent what you want, be really clear and create a vision board of what you would like to experience in life, be creative and have fun with it and ask yourself is this what I really want? We are all responsible for our own behaviour, right or wrong, good or bad and are governed by the Law of Karma or cause and effect and it is our responses in life which create our karma. Judgement locks us in to a specific thought and belief and by nature is a low vibration. The universe responds to us at that vibration and will match it with people, experiences and lessons. When you let the emotions of jealousy flow through you and set them free, doors will open for you that never would have been possible if you hadn’t let them go. Each of us have been given the perfect body for this life, agreed we may not be able to have everything we want easily, but it’s not about that. Learning to love where we are at already and not just the good parts is what it is all about. The universe will keep bringing us opportunities to learn and grow, expand our consciousness and help us to let go of all that doesn’t serve us, bring us back into balance and harmony with ourselves, our relationships and our environment if we are willing to listen, pay attention and learn and is always a choice. When we believe we are good enough and are at peace with ourselves, having learnt compassion and forgiveness for all the people, places, times and events which have helped us to grow in strength, courage, tenacity, diligence and love can we truly be free of the limitations and labels we have placed on our path. To give, forgive and serve are a pathway forward to creating a happier life by opening our hearts to kindness, generosity, gratitude, appreciation and love and allow us to experience true abundance and be who we were always meant to be.

May your journey be blessed with ease and grace. Om Namo Narayani Medini

Top Tips for Sustainable Travel

The sustainable travel movement is one of the fastest-growing tourism sectors. There’s never been a better time to think about ways to green your next trip and travel sustainably without compromising luxury, glamour or style. Here’s some tips on how you make simple choices to lessen your negative environmental impact and travel sustainably on your next trip: 1. Stay in hotels that work toward responsible, sustainable business: Eco resorts are the latest trend amongst travellers and their environmentally friendly initiatives help hotels save money, resources and reduce their environmental footprint, without compromising on quality and luxury. 2. Buy local, eat local: Buy food and produce from the local markets and support the local artisans in the area. Learning about their trade and buying their products will not only mean you’re bringing home memorable gifts and souvenirs, you’ll also play an important part in keeping their culture alive. 3. Kit yourself out with brands that have street-cred as well as enviro-cred: Not surprisingly sustainable, ethically manufactured and environmentally conscious fashion is becoming increasingly popular when it comes to travel gear. Patagonia’s Ascensionist Pack is perfect for any adventure and you can follow the supply chain on The Footprint Chronicles to make sure it was made under safe, fair working conditions. The perfect combination of style, sustainability and practicality for your next adventure. Global leaders in sustainable adventure apparel, Patagonia, have a range of summer essentials using organic cotton, hemp, yulex (plant based bio-rubber) and recycled polyester materials for your travels. 4. Remain hydrated with eco-friendly reusable water bottles: Annually, over 500 billion disposable paper, Styrofoam and s ingle-use plastic cups are used worldwide and this figure is rapidly rising each year. By using reusable cups you can do your bit to help reduce preventable waste. If you’re one of the eight in ten Australian’s that don’t drink enough water you might not be feeling as healthy and happy as you could be. Taking a reusable BPA free water bottle with you wherever you go on your next adventure is the sustainable way to travel. 5. Buy carbon offset: To make up for the environmental impact of flying, you can purchase carbon offset when you book your tickets. This is a great way to make a small and easy contribution to the sustainability of our planet as the money is put towards environmental protection and carbon reduction projects.

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SilentEarth The Magazine Autumn/Winter 2016  

SilentEarth The Magazine advertises cruelty free products and features articles on healthy and sustainable living without impacting the envi...

SilentEarth The Magazine Autumn/Winter 2016  

SilentEarth The Magazine advertises cruelty free products and features articles on healthy and sustainable living without impacting the envi...


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