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Assessment Summary Overall T.L. is doing well in the classroom but it is important to know that she has anxieties and chooses to separate herself from the group a lot and engage in activities on her own. Her strength is literacy as she knows the alphabet, she can write her name and the letters look pretty good. The child is able to read all of her classmates’ names. The child enjoys both: story dictation and dramatization. The only challenge the child is experiencing is to face the problems or misunderstandings she has with peers. Whenever a problem occurs the child cries and immediately goes to the teacher for help. The teachers remind her that she needs to take a deep breath and use her words to communicate with her peers about the situation. It is T.L.’s first year in school setting however I feel like she needs to concentrate on learning how to be more self- confident and just work on that issue little bit more. The child is experiencing anxieties and she prefers to spend time on her own for that reason I would suggest group activities. Engaging in the group activities would allow the child to socialize more and learn how to interact with her peers little bit more. One of the examples of such an activity could be board games where she would be taking turns, following the rules and interact with other players. Another activity that comes to mind is music such as singing songs that require certain movements and dancing with the partner or small groups of children.

Submitted by: Marta Kuczaj

Date: March 10, 2011

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