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UndĹ?kai Sports Day for Japanese Kids A photo-essay by Cahyo Martosudirjo

Undōkai Undōkai (運動会), or sports day, is an event held by schools where the students participate in sports competition. The event was normally held in autumn (September-October) each year. It’s normally held on weekends and attended by the students’ families and relatives. It is the time when parents see what their children have in terms of sports and agility.

Writer was fortunate to have the chance to see it when a friend’s son was having his Undōkai.

The event was start with a little ceremony, a short speech from the headmaster, and followed by releasing colorful balloons‌

The teachers lead the students for warming up before competitions

A healthy, cheerful young boy, bravely conquers all obstacles

(Photos are clockwise, starting from bottom left)

Kids, always unpredictable. There are times when they suddenly cry, or refuse to play along

But there are also kids who are strong!

Not really sure why they are doing this, though.

Playing with colorful canvas!

Competition teaches kids to put out what they have. Not to give up, even after a fall, a little pain and a little behind

Today, give your best shot!

Keep running!

Eventually, everybody wins!

Eventually, everybody happy!

Undōkai Sports day for Japanese kids

Photo-essay by Cahyo Martosudirjo

Photos were taken by Nikon D90 and AF-S DX VR ZoomNikkor 55-200mm f/4-5.6 IF-ED lens

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Undokai - Sports Day for Japanese Kids  

A Photo Essay about Undokai

Undokai - Sports Day for Japanese Kids  

A Photo Essay about Undokai