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Working together in challenging times generation in the latter half of the year meant that the deficit was restricted to £225,564. These decisions enabled us to protect our In-Patient and Hospice at Home services together with the family support and bereavement service. The full effect of the decisions taken in the last financial year will reduce the Hospice’s costs by £500,000 in the current financial year 2012/2013 and put the Hospice on a more sustainable financial footing.

“Twelve months ago, the Trustees and Hospice Management Team were anticipating a difficult and challenging year because of the recession and it proved to be so. A slow-down in legacy income and other charitable donations in the early months of the 2011/12 financial year meant that as last autumn approached, the Hospice faced a potential year end deficit of around £500,000. Although the Hospice had prudently built up reserves over the many years in which it had annual surpluses, clearly this was a situation that the Trustees and management had to deal with. As we all know, the Trustees and Management Team took the painful decision to close the day hospice and to implement other cost saving measures. The results of these decisions and an improvement in income

Roger French, Chair of the Martlets Trustees

community support for people with terminal illness means more people can stay at home longer, and when they do need to come into the hospice it tends to be in the later stages of their illness”. The hospice has cared for almost 23,000 people and their family members since 1997 and it is now gearing itself up to provide services for an even larger number of people because of the planned changes in healthcare. Working with other providers in the public and commercial sectors will be on the cards. With patient choice a key principle in organising care Caroline anticipates more patients will be cared for at home. Under a third of the Martlets’ funding comes from the NHS, so the hospice needs to be constantly on its toes to raise the money to fund its services. Caroline explains that this is largely done in two ways.

“The Martlets has always taken an holistic approach to its patients and this, combined with better


I remain optimistic about the future of the Martlets as the City’s leading provider of high quality end-oflife care, both at the Hospice and in people’s homes. The Trustees are working with the Management Team regarding the introduction of new outpatients services later in the year. Please do all you can to support current and future patients of the Martlets and encourage others to do so as well. Thank you!”

Chief Executive, Caroline Lower highlights how hospice care is adapting to a changing world

“As well as offering in-patient care, the hospice is also now able to support people in the community. “Better medical care, combined with nursing services provided in the home, has given patients more choice about the care they receive and where they receive it”.


On behalf of all of us associated with the Martlets, I would like to thank everybody in the local community for their support through what has been a most challenging time. We need to see increases in the level of government funding for all Hospices over the next few years, but until these arrangements and the new Healthcare structures are fully in place, the Martlets will continue to rely on the generosity of the local community.

Planning for our future

The Martlets is an ever-evolving entity, and Caroline has seen the hospice expand and adapt. “When the purpose-built hospice opened its doors in 1997, it cared mainly for terminally ill cancer patients, but over the years care has been made available to a far wider range of people, including those suffering from a number of other debilitating and life threatening conditions”, says Caroline.

Autumn 2012

“The first is through commercial activities such as our shops and our domiciliary care business, Martlets Care”. “Secondly, the hospice still relies on traditional fundraising which includes donations, legacies, fundraising events, a weekly lottery and grants from charitable trusts and foundations. We have always been very conscious that the local community generously gives its money to support our patient and family services and to enable us to provide this care in a comfortable, restful and welcoming environment”. Caroline knows there are some challenging times ahead, but the Martlets will be there serving the community of which it is now an integral part.

Getting the ball rolling for the Martlets “When I lost my mum, I realised how precious her last moments had been in the Martlets. I thought what would it have been like if she hadn’t been there?”, says Dawn O’Donnell Make-up artist Dawn decided that everyone needed to know what a special place the Martlets is, and she set about telling them. She organised the biggest event of her life, the My Life Ball, and raised an amazing £9,200 for the hospice. She booked the Amex Stadium as the venue. She galvanised her friends to help organise dancers, DJs, recruited Dawn and Jack the Lad at ‘My Life Ball local businesses to support the event, arranged prizes for the raffle and auction and persuaded Jack the Lad to give his time to MC the evening. Local musicians also gave their time free to support Dawn and the Ball. Invites were sent out encouraging people to buy tickets and 250 came to what was truly a night to remember. Tables were booked in memory of someone past, and their name placed above a handmade rose as a centrepiece on each table. “I wanted everyone to know what a precious place the Martlets is,” Dawn explains. “I really wanted to shout about it, but also to celebrate our lives and the fact that we’re all here for each other. My mum was quite scared towards the end of her life, but she felt safe and secure at the Martlets, and I wanted people to know that there’s no need to be frightened. But they weren’t just there for my mum – they were there for all of us as well.” Dawn is chuffed to bits that the My Life Ball managed to raise so much money for the Martlets, and she’s even thinking about maybe doing another one next year. “Everyone said it was a great evening,”

A sponsored walk for boys and men of all ages

Is Back! Sunday 14th October 2012

This 13 mile walk is a key fundraising event in our 15th Anniversary year and will help to raise funds to support patients and their families at the Martlets Hospice in Hove. Join us for a noon departure from the Probiz County Ground and an exhilarating cliff top walk along the Sussex coast!

Register online now at or call 01273 747455

You can follow us on twitter: @martletshospice, visit our facebook page or our website


Our guests were able to view our facilities and to hear more about our work and future plans. We are always keen to host information visits to the Hospice for supporters. To arrange a visit, please call the Fundraising Office on 01273 747455.

Use your willpower to help the Martlets Many of the Martlets’ supporters are generous enough to remember the hospice in their will.


15th YEAR BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS Outpatients service to be launched The team at the Martlets are excited to announce that from September they will be able to support people in the community with a new outpatients service. Patients will have access to a wide range of help and support including social workers, rehabilitation services, spiritual and religious

A broad range of our supporters joined us at the Hospice over three evenings in July to mark our 15th birthday.

This is when the Martlets In-Patient unit can be a real help. The unit provides end-of-life care, but it also provides help with symptom and drug control along the way.

Alongside these services will an assessment clinic for terminally ill patients living at home run by Nurses from the Martlets and the Macmillan Community Team.

Chris Smith, the Ward Co-ordinator explains that the hospice takes a holistic view of patients, so it looks not just at the physical symptoms of illness, but also at how that makes the patient feel emotionally, and spiritually. On a practical level, the hospice has a higher ratio of staff to patients, so it is easier for staff

“Despite a limited budget we’re determined to provide an excellent community and outpatients service. Key to the success of these services is being able to deliver them more flexibly , so we can ensure the services are within budget and sustainable” explains Imelda Glackin, Director of Service Development.

Thanks to...

Bill Lee – “I volunteer in the Martlets Hospice garden and I spend about a day a week here. I started volunteering because my wife (who volunteers at the shop in Peacehaven) mentioned that they were looking for some help in the garden and I had recently retired. I am particularly proud of the North Terrace – it is inspired by plants from the Mediterranean.”

This year Hospice Care Week has the theme ‘I am hospice care’ and will focus on how local hospices reach out to the many different communities they serve. It will highlight the inspiring and personal way that hospice care helps people living with terminal illness, not just cancer. Hospices aim to add life to days, whether or not days can be added to lives.

For example, you might be surprised to learn about the amount of activities that go on at hospices, including the Martlets – weddings, competitions, art, gardens, complementary therapies. All of life is here and hospices work in partnership with all communities to deliver and shape the care communities need.

Handbags For Hospices - 28 February 2013 Ladies, Are you a bag addict? Following the success of an event this year, we want you to delve into your overflowing wardrobes and find those handbags that you don’t want anymore. Whether they are Matalan or Mulberry, Primark or Prada don’t be shy, we want them all! Handbags are, without a doubt a girl’s best friend. It doesn’t matter if you’ve eaten too much chocolate, or are having the mother of all ‘bad hair days’ a decent handbag will never let you down. With this in mind, we’ve created a unique event ‘Handbags for Hospices’ that enables you to


have a clear out and then find a replacement. Our next event is at the Hotel du Vin on 28th February 2013, at which we will showcase the cream of the crop in our ‘Handbag Heaven’, ready for you to bid on and take home. All the other bags we collect will go into the Martlets shops to help raise much needed funds straight away. Please drop off your bags at the Martlets Fundraising Office, or email info@ to arrange collection. Keep up-to-date with the unique bags we are sourcing on our Facebook Page (Handbags for Hospices) and on Twitter @handbags4hosps

The unit has 18 beds in total. Eight single rooms, two family rooms and two four-bedded bays, one for men, one for women. All rooms have access to the patio and gardens so patients and their visitors can sit outside, or go for a walk if the weather is good enough.

“What we really do“ , says Chris, “is to try and make people comfortable physically and emotionally and make them feel safe. We explain things as we do them and we have time to make sure people understand what’s going on”.

Sarah Van Driessch home visitor “I really love being able to help people at very difficult times in their lives. It is a deeply satisfying role. I feel very supported by the Martlets team.”

Thanks to... David Quantrill - selling cameras on ebay “I used to be a professional photographer and know a lot about cameras and photographic equipment, so my volunteer role is to sort all the equipment and sell it on eBay. I come in on a Friday, sort the good from the bad and put it on eBay. Things come in, get sorted and go out really quickly and using eBay I know we get a fair price for everything.”

The Martlets has also started to sell a budget range of new furniture, including beds and fireside chairs, which have proved very popular both with students and older people. Secondhand furniture in good condition is also much sought after. Eve is always on the look-out for more income avenues and eBay has proved a great new resource for books – particularly text books and business publications – and other items that the Martlets just can’t sell in its shops.

Light up your memories

The Martlets has a new, Virtual Remembrance Garden where you can light a candle in memory of your loved one. friends and family on Facebook, Twitter or via email. Your candle will burn for around 15 days in real time, burning down just like a real candle.

We are launching a Garden Club to raise funds to keep our gardens beautiful and as tranquil spaces for our patients and their visitors to enjoy all year round.

Membership costs £30 per year and our members will receive regular Garden Club newsletters and an invitation to an annual summer garden party at the Hospice. Members will also be able to place their name and a dedication in memory of a loved one in our Garden Book of Gifts which is on permanent display in the Hospice. To join our Club please send a cheque for £30 made payable to the Martlets Hospice with your name and contact details to Gary Moyle, the Martlets Hospice, Wayfield Avenue, Hove, BN3 7LW.

6pm on Thursday 4 October 2012. So, if you are thinking about joining our Club and you would like to see our gardens and know more about us then please come along. To book your place at our party please contact Gary on 01273 747455 or email gary.moyle@

The Virtual Remembrance Garden has been developed with Makemedia web design agency who were delighted to be involved with the Martlets. Makemedia feels that the Martlets is an organisation that touches everyone locally and provides an incredibly valuable and essential service. Enter the garden at and choose a candle to light in memory. We ask for a minimum donation of £10, and you can write a dedication which you will be able to share with your

We are delighted to announce Mayberry Garden Centre in Portslade have adopted us as their chosen charity. They will be helping us in lots of ways including donating plants and tools over the coming year.


Christmas The City Charity carol concert Tuesday 4 December - 7pm Christmas carolconcert

Featuring: The Hangleton Band Max Kenworthy and The Choirs of All Saints Church Brighton Consort

A Remembrance Garden was chosen because the real garden at the Martlets brings peace and tranquility to many patients, friends and family.


The City Charity

All Saints Church, The Drive, Hove. Tickets: £10 and £5 Introduced by Israel Oyelumade available from all Screen, stage and television actor Hospice shops, the Argus office, Crowhurst Road, Tuesday, December 4, 2012 Hollingbury and the at 7pm at All Saints Church Martlets Fundraising The Drive, Hove. Office on 01273 747455

Martlets shops will be selling seasonal gifts including Christmas Cards from September.

Invitation to join our Garden Club

We are launching our Garden Club at our Garden Party to be held at the Hospice from 4pm to

“The Martlets is not a scary place and people shouldn’t be frightened of coming in because the staff’s prime concern is to make them more comfortable and improve their quality of life.”

Hospice Care Week 8-14 October 2012

rk. e our vital wo Help us continu will power. ur yo e us e Pleas

ty no 8021

to keep a close eye on patients when they come in because they have more time than staff in hospitals. They will look at the symptoms related to the disease, at pain, nausea and vomiting and pain control. Staff observe patients and can change drug dosages very quickly, sometimes finding that alternative drugs work better for a patient. Staff have access to local GPs and a consultant is always on call.

“I see my job as making money out of everything,” says Eve. Clothes that are not good enough to sell in the shops are bundled up and sold as rags, secondhand jewellery, even broken, is salvaged and sold at a good price now that gold and silver have reach record values. Stamps are sorted, mounted on to stamp cards and sold, coins of all sorts are sorted and sold (an old penny can make up to £125), old LPs are sold to record dealers. Everything has a value. The only exception is sometimes electrical goods that don’t work, and the hospice has to pay to dispose of these. The internet has made a big difference to the amount of goods that the Martlets can sell and will continue to be a great source of income.

Retail Company Manager, Eve Collins explains “Shops have always provided a good source of income for the hospice and the recession can offer retail opportunities that just aren’t there in times of plenty. Two pop-up shops in Woodingdean and Western Road are rent free at the moment. These are two new areas and it’s amazing how much people have donated, and how much people have bought”.

ng ily counselli £100 Three fam Therapy 00 30 physio 12 sessions £1,0 for ing ,000 car sessions £10 s ir own home paTienTs in The nursing 0 ,00 £50 s for seven day enT uniT in our inpaTi 18 paTienTs ee s £100,000 Thr for seven day for a year s rse hospice nu

Registered chari

Patients also have access to a physiotherapist who can help maintain quality of life by, for example, explaining exercises that help breathing, or keep legs moving. Occupational health staff will help to assess the home to help patients live at home, and volunteers come into the unit to do a bit of pampering.

support, pre-bereavement support, counselling,

See how

7LW nue, Hove BN3 Wayfield Ave | www.themartle 01273 273400 45

When someone is diagnosed with a terminal illness, or a long-term condition suddenly worsens, it can be a really frightening time for both them and their families and friends.

welfare benefits advice and other therapies. A team from across the Martlets are working hard to set up tailor made services that patients and carers really need.

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made and efficiency “Your kindness le bearable.” rab bea un the


Well, not quite, but it’s surprising where there is money to be made and tough times can sometimes have unexpected benefits.

copy of the pack, or you’d like to talk to someone about leaving a gift in your Will to the Martlets, please contact our Legacy Officer, Gary Moyle on 01273 747455 or email him at gary.moyle@

These bequests are a vital source of income to us and using your Willpower is one of the best ways to help. We have put together a leaflet and pack explaining everything about making a Will, giving details of local Will writers and how gifts in Wills make a huge difference to the Martlets. If you would like a ’t be “People shouldn , e here afraid to com place... it’s not a dark n been my wife has eve in our able to bring ... I’m dog every day py here.” very, very hap

Money for old rope

Introduced by Israel Oyelumade Screen, stage and television actor

Tuesday, December 4, 2012 at Supported 7pm at All Saints Church by The Drive, Hove.


Johnny English martlets shop volunteer “I have volunteered at the Martlets shop in Peacehaven for five years. I do all sorts of things, paperwork, serving customers, answering the phone. I really enjoy working in the shop and the other staff are a real laugh. I think that the Martlets is an amazing cause.”

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THE LONG ROOM, THE PROBIZ COUNTY GROUND, ND HOVE Sponsored by:, Juice FM and Burt Brill & Cardens

You can follow us on twitter: @martletshospice, visit our facebook page or our website


STAYING at home Hospice at Home does what it says on the tin! It takes the philosophy of hospice care out of the hospice environment and into someone’s home, helping with the physical, psychological and spiritual effects of their illness on them and also on their wider family.

How you can help - “Our fundraising events raise essential funds” Every single day the Martlets has to raise over £9,000 to balance it’s books (that’s a whopping £3.285 million a year) to care for its patients and their families.

It helps to talk

Sometimes it helps to talk to someone and the Martlets’ counsellors are there to talk to patients and their families about their worries and concerns, and offer emotional, practical and spiritual support.

Help for people in the community Lots of people want to stay in their own homes as they get older or if they become ill and Martlets Care offers the care they may need to achieve that.

It is a short-term service and provides handson care, from a wash and freshen up to make someone feel a bit more human, to pain and symptom control, checking on medications to make sure they are the best-suited to the patient. “We are very much there for people to die at home if they wish,” says Manager, Sarah Munday. “We work hard with the hospital and the hospice to make it as easy as possible for the patient.” “It is a very personal service, tailored to each person individually, depending on how much help and support they need. All Hospice at Home staff will help to keep life as normal as possible and bring a sense of calm to both the patient and their family”. The team works very closely with the Macmillan Nurses, Consultants and GPs. The Macmillan Team will often have been working with the patient for a

longer time, and the introduction to Hospice at Home often comes through the Macmillan Nurses. Hospice at Home care is offered not just to people suffering from cancer, but also to patients with, for example, heart or kidney failure. If someone is suffering from a condition that creates good and bad spells, the Hospice at Home team will be there to see the patient through the bad spells, and take a step back when they feel better. Controlling pain and symptoms and making patients feel more able to cope can give them the energy to enjoy the important things like spending time with family and friends, rather than worrying about the little things. “Everyone is different and this is wholly understood by the Hospice at Home team who help patients to carry on living their own lives, in their own homes for as long as possible.”

Thanks to...

Teresa Wells in the Church Street shop “I started volunteering in the shop 3 years ago because I thought the experience would be useful. I love working with people and everyone seems to have a story to tell. The Martlets is an amazing organisation and I am delighted that I am able to help it raise money.”

Let’s Talk If you run a club, group or society and you would like to learn a little more about life at the Martlets and hear some truly inspirational stories about some of our people, then we’d love to come and talk to you. Contact Robert Griffiths on 01273 747455 or email him at

Less than a third of overall funding comes from our local Primary Care Trust. There are lots of ways you can make a difference and help. You can make a donation online, or by post or phone. A regular donation via standing order helps us plan for the future. We are hugely grateful for any donation we receive. Many people leave us a gift in their Will, particularly if they or a loved one has been cared for by the Martlets. Any amount helps us, from £100 to £250,000: everything makes a difference. Ring our Legacy Officer, Gary Moyle on 01273 747455 for a copy of our legacy pack. Come along and support our fundraising events (see the back page for events happening over the next few months) or think about organising one of your own. We can help with fundraising ideas for you. Did you know that Gift Aided donations raise an extra 25p for every £1 given? If you’re a British taxpayer, you can register for Gift Aid and the Martlets can claim tax relief on your donation. You can even apply Gift Aid to any goods you give to our shops. Just ask in the shop for details. We also welcome volunteers who can help with any number of jobs in the hospice from home visiting to admin assistance to gardening. If you’re online, have a look on our website www. for more ideas of how to help.

Mayor Supports the Martlets

Patients can be referred for counselling by the In-Patient unit or other healthcare professionals from the Martlets team. It may be that someone just needs a chat to voice their worries or talk to someone about how they’re feeling, or perhaps they need help with accessing benefits or sorting out their funeral.

anyone with a terminal illness, and the safety applies just as much to their emotional welfare as their physical. Relatives and friends can access the counselling service at any time. People grieve in different ways and at different rates, and even months after a loved one has died, the counsellors are still there.

Chaplain Dawn Allan, who is non-denominational and talks to people of all faiths and none, says that the team is there to offer help and support to families as well, sometimes long after their loved one has died. Counselling is part of Dawn’s job and covers everything from just holding someone’s hand to organising their funeral, complete with music, readings and whatever else they want. The Martlets is a calm and safe environment for

Sometimes, for a variety of reasons, patients have to leave the Martlets and move into a home. This can be a stressful time for everyone, and counselling can be immensely helpful. Counsellors are also supported by a number of volunteers, some of whom are able and willing to go with relatives to nursing homes to help find the right one. Whatever the reason, the door is always open.

Thanks to... Helen Putland - “I have been a volunteer at the Martlets on-site shop for over three years. We sell all sorts of things – everyone is really friendly, kind, cheerful and thoughtful. I have lost a few friends to cancer and having seen the care they have received, I can really appreciate what a great hospice the Martlets is. Everyone should volunteer even if they only have a few spare hours a week.”

Ebay has proved to be a real bonus for the Martlets and New Projects Manager, Kevin Souter explains that it has opened up a whole new marketplace for the hospice.

“It’s excellent news for the Martlets because as well as benefitting from various fundraising events, being a Mayor’s charity will also create additional publicity for the Hospice. We are very grateful for Councillor Randall’s support.” said Antonia Shepherd, Events Manager.

Maureen Dickson - bereavement team

KILIMANJARO ADVERT:Layout 1 12/07/2012 15:05 Page 1


As well as care funded through the Council, Martlets Care also provides care privately, so people can choose the services they want to receive. Martlets Care provides staff for the In-Patient unit at the Martlets when needed, which means the hospice doesn’t have to pay agency fees and can make much better use of stretched resources.

The service has expanded every year since it began and now in its fifth year it has been awarded a contract with the Council to provide all kinds of care in the city. “We are absolutely committed to providing the consistently high quality care needed by members of the community,” explains Imelda.

Although it is a separate entity, Martlets Care is very much part of the Martlets family and contributes to the hospice’s income. But first and foremost it’s there to deliver the care services the community needs. And it does that every day of the year. Without fail.

Be a winner and help the Martlets! If 10,000 people played the Martlets Lottery each week, it would bring in a quarter of a million pounds in a year to help fund our services. If you were one of them, you could win up to a £1,000 yourself! In its 12 years the Lottery has contributed over £1.5 million to help fund our services. Isn’t that amazing? At the moment, 9,600 people play the Martlets Lottery each week. Help us to make that the magic figure of 10,000!

Be Part Of The

An unforgettable experience

Run The 2013

Climb Mount Kilimanjaro 27th September 6th October 2013

“I volunteer on the Bereavement team where my role is to help people through the really difficult times following a bereavement. I spend time listening to people and helping them to see that when they are ready there is life outside, and that with time they will be ok on their own. The Martlets team are incredibly supportive. They are open, friendly, warm and challenging. I feel like a valued member of the team.”

Director of Service Development, Imelda Glackin says: “Martlets Care draws upon skills, knowledge and experience from the hospice and can ensure we have the best care available. It means people can feel safe and looked after while they choose to stay at home.”

join. You can go to our website (www.themartlets. and print out an application form, complete it and send it in to the Lottery office. You can prepay by cheque, standing order or credit/ debit card for as many weeks as you like (with a minimum of £10).

10,000 members would mean a contribution to Results are posted online every week for you to the Martlets of £250,000 a year, which makes a check, as well as in the Martlets shops and the huge difference to us, and knowing that money furniture showroom. Just one thing – you must be is coming in means we can plan more effectively over 16 to take part live in England, Scotland what we can do with it. There are 44 prizes each MARTLETS BUZZ AD 70x80:Layout 1 and 21/08/2012 16:10 or Wales to play. week, from £5 right up to £1,000. It’s simple to

15 Years: 15 Prizes In this mailing you will find your 15th Anniversary Raffle Tickets. There are cash prizes to be won in this draw, which replaces our traditional Christmas Raffle. Please use the freepost envelope to send your tickets and cheques. Thank you for your support.

Client feedback supports this and clients report that Martlets Care reliably delivers excellent personcentred services.

For more information about Martlets Care visit

Ebay update

Councillor Bill Randall has selected the Martlets as one of his three official Charities for his year as City Mayor.

The special domiciliary care service offers all types of health and social care from walking the dog, making lunch and shopping to help with getting up and going to bed and nursing care.

The highest freestanding mountain in the world, Kilimanjaro is also the highest mountain on the African continent at 5896m. Its snowcapped summit rises high above the dusty plains and huge permanent glaciers flow down from the summit; these views are the reward for pushing your limits both physically and mentally. Our trek takes the less-trodden Machame route, allowing us to camp and fully appreciate the splendour of our surroundings and the clear night skies. We pass through thick forest, moorland and scree enroute to the highest point, Uhuru Peak. This is a challenging trek at altitude, climbing one of the most impressive and well-known mountains in the world. For more information call Clem in the Martlets Fundraisng Office on 01273 747455 or email

“Apart from being able to sell items on eBay that would be difficult to sell in the shops – a 7 series BMW, anyone? – it means that items that only appeal to a very few people achieve their proper market value. Anything and everything can be sold online, and the hospice has had its fair share of finds and surprises. A caddy spoon found in an old cutlery

drawer turned out to be a memento offered to guests at Balmoral in 1904 and raised £440 for the Martlets, and a Clarice Cliff preserve jar, originally offered for £80 in one of the shops went for £140 online. An FA lapel badge went for £1,550, and a pair of electric blue patent leather fetish boots, size 10, also made over £40! Over the last five years



The Martlets Team will support you with fundraising hints and tips, training advice, sponsorship pack plus help to set up fundraising pages on Just Giving, a free Martlets running vest or T-shirt, the chance to meet fellow Martlets runners at our pre-marathon pasta party, “meeters and greeters” at the start and finish, plus our dedicated “cheerers” out on the course.

“ or so sales on eBay have raised over £200,000 for the Martlets which makes a huge contribution to the charity’s funds. So maybe it’s time to

see if there’s anything lurking in your loft, cowering in your cellar or just cluttering up your cupboards that might just be one of the Martlets’ ‘finds’.”

It really was one of the greatest days of my life and I cannot wait to do it again!

By running the marathon for the Hospice you are making a fantastic commitment to us. In return, we promise to make your marathon experience truly memorable! For more information call Clem Hunnisett in the Martlets Fundraising Office on 01273 747455 or email:

You can follow us on twitter: @martletshospice, visit our facebook page or our website


Streamline adopts the Martlets in memory of colleague “One of our colleagues died last year and we got to see first hand what an amazing job the Martlets does,” says James Wright of Streamline Taxis. The company, which is run as a not-for-profit organisation, has chosen to support the Martlets as its charity of the year. “We thought we should get involved,” explains James, “and do what we could to help.”


The Martlets will have a number of advertisements in and on the side of Streamline’s cabs for free, and some advertising space on some of Streamline’s sponsorships banners at the racecourse.

We Want To Say A Huge THANK YOU ... to every individual person, club, society, school, business, charitable trust that has given to the Martlets over the past 12 months. You have made it possible for our staff and volunteers to provide the care that people deserve. We do hope that you will be able to continue with your support in the months and years ahead.

The staff have been very much involved in fundraising for the Hospice. A golf day in June raised nearly £4,500, two office staff, Sharon and Jenny, did the Martlets midnight walk and raised almost £700. Coffee mornings in the office have so far raised around £2,000. “Our relationship with the Martlets is for this year and next year at least,” says James. “We think they do an amazing job. We really want to make a difference and as a taxi firm this sets us aside from other taxi companies within the city. We are very

Currently the company is looking for an innovative fundraising event for the Christmas period. “We are not sure yet what it will be, but whatever it is, we will make as much money as we can,” says James.


So take a look on the next two pages for the “what, where and when” of our fantastic autumn and winter events programme.

Brighton and Hove Jobs chooses the Martlets as Charity of the Year

Thanks to...

Paula Pereira - “I am a home visitor. We help people who are vulnerable. I did a day’s training with the Martlets team which was really informative and taught me to listen, to smile and to provide a warm and trusting relationship. I am really pleased to be able to help people in need.”

The Martlets is going to benefit from being one of Brighton and Hove Jobs’ four local charities of the year.

The company chooses four charities each year, which means they can advertise all their vacancies free on the website (, as well as publicise their fundraising events in the community pages.

proud of what we are achieving and our drivers and staff are really taking the cause to heart”

Events play a big part in meeting the costs of patient care.

“Since we set up we have provided free listings for charities looking for volunteers and we actively encourage our candidates to volunteer as we have seen how this can improve their job prospects,” says Charlene Rudd from Brighton and Hove Jobs. The Martlets will also get a dedicated information page on the website, an e-newsletter and corporate tickets for Brighton & Hove Albion for auction.

Christmas Musical Spectacular

Sunday 16th december 2012

hove town hall, norton road, hove, bn3 4ah

4:00pm and 7:30pm Featuring Guest Choirs

Brighton Theatre Group, Singing for Pleasure and the Shine Theatre Company.

Compered by Katie Neiman and Rob Piatt

Sing along to all your favourite Carols & Christmas songs Matinee 4.00pm ♪ Evening 7.30pm ♪ Tickets from £12.50

Local listings site raises funds

Communications specialist Frank! has launched a website to help the Martlets raise funds from small and micro businesses in Woodingdean. will give local businesses and trades-people the opportunity to promote themselves to local people and beyond. It also creates a community website with editorial content that is local, informative, interesting and encourages people to come back regularly to keep in touch. The site is currently being promoted via Twitter (@woodingdeanbiz) and there are around 50

visitors to the site each day. WIB promotes all Martlets events around Brighton and Hove, and all things Woodingdean. Companies are asked to donate £25 to the Martlets via a JustGiving page, with 100% of the donations going to the hospice. This is a pilot project and Frank! hopes to be able to roll the concept out in other areas of Brighton and Hove, with a ‘boxed’ solution that anyone with a basic knowledge of the internet would be able to maintain.

Refreshments available

Box Office 01273 709709 Or book online:

Doris Glover - shop volunteer “I have been volunteering since 1997 when I returned from Hong Kong. I used to be on reception at the hospice but am now at the shop in Blatchington Road. I love the different kinds of people that I come into contact with. The Martlets is a really worthwhile cause; the treatment and care people get here is second to none.”

Enquiries 01273 563063

Sponsored by

First In Letting

Contact us: Martlets Hospice, Wayfield Avenue, Hove BN3 7LW Tel: 01273 273 400 Website: twitter: @Martletshospice Facebook: The Martlets Hospice. Registered charity number: 802145


Martlets Mailisispublished published behalf of Martlets the Martlets by Frank! Communications Martlets mail on on behalf of the by Frank! Communications SolutionsSolutions

n On 29 September the Rotary Club of Brighton and Hove & South Downs will be holding a musical evening, ‘Tilting at Windmills’ at the Wiindmill Theatre, Blatchington Mill School. n On 11 October our annual General Knowledge Quiz returns. n On 14 October the popular ‘Noon Walk’ returns – a 13 mile sponsored walk for men and boys from The PROBIZ County Ground in Hove to Saltdean and back. Help us make this event a great fundraiser by encouraging all the men and boys you know to take part. Well behaved dogs can be sponsored too!

n On November 8 we have our first-ever Crime and Thriller Quiz hosted by bestselling writer Peter James. n Don’t forget to come along to the ever popular Martlets Christmas Fair which takes place at the Hospice on the weekend of the 10/11 November – a great chance to buy fantastic value presents and cards for family and friends. n Our very moving Light up a Life Ceremonies will be held on 25 November in Peacehaven, on 2 December in Brighton and on 7 & 9 December in Hove.

n December will see the Martlets working in partnership with the Argus Appeal as we stage the annual City Charity Christmas Carol Concert on 4 December. n Simon Gray and Robert Blass are organising their second “Christmas Music Spectacular” at Hove Town Hall on 16 December. The two performances are kindly being sponsored by Leaders. n You will also see Martlets staff and volunteers out on the streets in December as the famous ‘Santa Bus’ tours the City raising funds for the Hospice and the Argus Appeal.

n Could you arrange for your local church to organise a Christmas collection for the Hospice or ask a local shop to take a collection box? Why not get a group of friends together and organise a coffee morning? Do you know of any local concerts or shows where the Martlets might be able to have an exit collection? If you can help, then call Clem in the Fundraising Office on 01273 747455. Do you know anybody looking to donate books and furniture? You do, then please tell Clem as well.

Full details of all these and the many other events are to be found on this page and overleaf >> You can follow us on twitter: @martletshospice, visit our facebook page or our website


Saturday 15 September 12.30pm British Beard & Moustache Championships Celebrating the best of British Facial Hair, the 6th Annual Beard and Moustache championships will include a parade. Venue: The Corn Exchange, Church Street, Brighton BN1 1UG. Time: Starting at 12.30 from New Road to the Corn Exhange. Spectator Tickets: £12.50. If you’d like to compete, visit the website www.

Saturday 15 September 7.30pm Musical Dreams and Themes for Autumn Featuring Hangleton Brass Band, Brighton & Hove City Brass and singers from the Brighton Festival Chorus. Venue: St John’s Church, Knoyle Road, Brighton, BN1 6RB. Interval refreshments and raffle. Tickets: £5 for adults (children under 12 free) Pay on door or email

Thursday 20 September FROM 7PM Dinner at the Grosvenor Casino A glamorous night out at the Casino. Your ticket price will include gaming tuition, a gaming voucher and a delicious 2 course meal. Musical entertainment will be provided by a Michael Buble tribute act. Come along even if you haven’t met us yet! Please note photo ID will be required on entry to the Casino – no exceptions. Venue: 9 Junction Road, Brighton BN1 1PP. Dinner sittings at 7pm or 9pm. Tickets: £20. Free entry for those who don’t require dinner (but it’d be a shame to miss out!) Contact Rachel at the Martlets Fundraising Office on 01273 747455 or email

Saturday 29 September 6.30pm


Tilting at Windmills Presented by The Rotary Club of Brighton and Hove & South Downs. An evening concert featuring soloists Yvonne Patrick (Soprano), Hane Money (Mezzo Soprano) and Anthony Hawgood (Tenor) and Darren Jones (Baritone) as well as a sparkling and enthusiastic chorus. Venue: Windmill Theatre, Blatchington Mill School, Nevill Avenue, Hove BN3 7BW. Tickets: £15 available from Hal Mileham on 01273 738043 or email


Thursday 11 October 7.30pm Autumn General Knowledge Quiz Teams of up to 6 people. Bring your own food. Cash bar. Venue: The PROBIZ County Ground, Eaton Road, Hove BN3 3AN. Tickets: £7.50 per person from the Martlets Fundraising Office on 01273 747455

Thursday 11 October 7.30pm Singalong for the Martlets Come and singalong to songs from your favourite West End and Broadway blockbuster shows with the 50 strong Singing for Pleasure company and their Musical Director, Simon Gray. Venue: Hove Park School, 38 Nevill Road, Hove, BN3 7BN. Tickets: £8 per person including tea/ coffee and cakes. Contact the Martlets Fundraising Office on 01273 747455

Sunday 14 October 12 noon start Noon Walk This popular 13 mile sponsored walk is for men and boys. Route: The circular walk starts at The PROBIZ County Ground and goes as far as Saltdean. Friendly, well behaved dogs are welcome. Register: online at www.themartlets. or download the registration form. Pick up a form in one of the Hospice Shops or contact the Martlets Fundraising Office on 01273 747455

Saturday 24 November 7.00pm Dance the Night Away to The Mixed Tape Band The Mixed Tape band and guests perform a wide range of music from the 60s right up to the present day. Venue: Portslade Town Hall, Victoria Road, Portslade, BN41 1YF Tickets: £10 ticket per person includes a ploughman’s buffet. Please contact Sue on or 07776 138501 for more details.

Saturday 27 October 1pm Pedal in Preston Park Help us pedal 13,000 laps (9,000km) of Preston Park cycle track - the distance from Brighton to Rio - to raise funds for the Martlets Hospice and the MNDA. Information: The event is open to all from 1pm and you can register in advance by contacting Alistair Milne on 07721 411113 or see the website – If you don’t have a bike or can’t ride one, scooters can take part too.


Thursday 8 November 7.30pm The Crime Quiz Hosted by crime writer Peter James – the quiz will cover all things criminal, the Boys in Blue, crime and thriller characters from TV, films and fiction and a rogues gallery. Teams of up to 6 people. Venue: The Long Room, The PROBIZ County Ground, Eaton Road, Hove BN3 3AN. Tickets: £20 incl. Bangers n Mash. Available from the Martlets Fundraising Office on 01273 747455

Saturday 10 November 7.30pm Sussex Symphony Orchestra Choral Concert for Remembrance Exit collection in aid of the Martlets. Programme to include Faure’s Requiem. Venue: St Bartholomew’s Church, Ann Street, Brighton BN1 4GP. Tickets: £15, concessions at £12, children under 16 & NUS - £5 SSO Online Booking Office Dome Box Office - 01273-709709 Orchestra Offices - 01273-415384

Saturday 10 & Sunday 11 November Christmas Fair at the Martlets Hospice Our Christmas fair is packed with Christmas gifts and goodwill. Cards, decorations, jewellery, seasonal jams and chutneys. Tea, coffee and cakes. Venue: Martlets Hospice, Wayfield Avenue, Hove BN3 7LW. Free entry. Opening times: Saturday 10.30am – 3.30pm Sunday 11.30am – 3.00pm

Thursday 22 November 7pm A Night at the Dogs Our popular annual visit to the dogs. You will be treated to entry and a three course meal for the price of your ticket. Venue: Coral Brighton & Hove Stadium, Nevill Road, Hove, BN3 7BZ. To book your table: contact Rachel Chitty in the Martlets Fundraising Office on 01273 747455 Tickets: £20 per person


Whether you have a connection with the Martlets Hospice or not, everyone is welcome to take part in our Light up a Life Ceremonies of Remembrance. Sunday 25 November at 3.00pm - Meridian Centre, Peacehaven. Sunday 2 December at 3.00pm - Clarendon Centre, New England Street, Brighton. Friday 7 December at 7.00pm - Hounsom United Reformed Church, Hove. Sunday 9 December at 3.00pm - Hounsom United Reformed Church, Hove. Full details will be mailed to all supporters in early October.


Saturday 1 December 10.30am - 4.30pm Christmas Open House Tea, coffee, mince pies, tombola, Christmas gifts and decorations for sale. Venue: Martlets Shop Peacehaven, 170 South Coast Road, Peacehaven BN10 8JH

Tuesday 4 December 7pm


Saturday 20 October 1.45pm



For more information on any events, contact the Fundraising Office on 01273 747455

Bridge Afternoon Organised by Patcham Bridge Club. Tea will be provided by Friends of the Martlets. Venue: Patcham Community Centre, Ladies Mile Road, BN1 8TA Entry: £30 for a table. To book a table or find out more contact Ian Macgregor 01273 737022





Saturday 26 January 2013 7.30pm String Concert performed by the Sussex Symphony Orchestra The programme will include Britten Simple Symphony and Mozart Sinfonia Concertante for violin and viola. Venue: Bishop Hannington Church, Nevill Avenue, Hove BN3 7NH. Tickets: £13 and £10 from the Martlets Fundraising Office 01273 747455 or from

THURSDAY 28 FEBRUARY 2013 Handbags For Hospices See page 2 for more details.

Saturday 9 March 2013 7.30pm Sussex Symphony Orchestra 20th Anniversary Concert Exit collection in aid of the Martlets. Venue: Hove Town Hall, Norton Road, BN3 4AH. Tickets: £15, concessions at £12, children under 16 & NUS - £5 SSO Online Booking Office Dome Box Office - 01273 709709 Orchestra Offices - 01273 415384

Tandem Skydives Over 120 people have jumped out of a plane at 12,000 feet to help raise funds for the Martlets. We have had skydivers between 18 and in their late 70s some celebrating birthdays, some in memory of someone close to them and others simply celebrating life. To join our next skydive or a date to suit you, contact clem@themartletshospice. or call Clem on 01273 747455 or for more information visit

City Charity Christmas Carol Concert Venue: All Saints Church, The Drive, Hove BN3 3QE Tickets: £10 and £5 available from all Hospice shops, the Argus office, Crowhurst Road, Hollingbury and the Martlets Fundraising Office on 01273 747455

Wednesday 5 December 10am - 3pm Friends of East Sussex Hospices Christmas Fair South of England Showground. Venue: Selsfield Road, Ardingly, Nr Haywards Heath RH17 6TL Contact: Sue Renshaw 01825 890398 or Patti Whitaker 01825 890075

Saturday 8 December Gala Dinner at the Royal Pavilion In aid of the Mayor’s Charities. A delicious 3 course meal in the splendour and grandeur of the Royal Pavilion. For more details, contact Antonia in the Martlets Fundraising Office on 01273 747455

Saturday 8 December 7.30pm Sussex Symphony Orchestra Christmas Concert Exit collection in aid of the Martlets. Venue: St Bartholomew’s Church, Ann Street, Brighton BN1 4GP. Tickets: £15, concessions at £12, children under 16 & NUS - £5 SSO Online Booking Office Dome Box Office - 01273-709709 Orchestra Offices - 01273-415384

Saturday 15 December 10.30am - 5pm Vintage Christmas Fayre Refreshments available. Venue: Unitarian Church, New Road, Brighton BN1 1UF. Free entry.

Brighton and London Marathons We are looking for people to run the Brighton Marathon on 14 April 2013 or the London Marathon on 21 April 2013. To take part please contact Clem on 01273 747455 or email clem@

Climb Kilimanjaro 27 September – 6 October 2013 An amazing climb through thick forest, moorland and scree to the 5896m snow capped summit. This walk will test you to your physical and mental limits but the sense of achievement will be something that stays with you forever. For more information call Clem in the Martlets Fundraisng Office on 01273 747455 or email

Sunday 16 December 4pm & 7.30pm Martlets Christmas Musical Spectacular Sing along to all your favourite Carols and Christmas songs. Featuring Brighton Theatre Group, Singing for Pleasure and Shine Theatre Company. Venue: Hove Town Hall, Norton Road, Hove, BN3 4AH. Tickets: from £12.50 from Box office 01273 709709 or book online

You can follow us on twitter: @martletshospice, visit our facebook page or our website

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