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Welcome Dear Team Martlets

In this issue...

It’s great to feel spring in the air. The days are getting longer, and here at Martlets we’ve made a great start already to 2019.


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Martlets Clinical Strategy 2018-23

This spring edition of Heartbeat really focusses on the future of Martlets and how we see our services developing, in terms of patient and family care, over the coming years.

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Cuddle Up Appeal

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The first article looks at our clinical strategy and Martlets’ objectives as an organisation. Although our day-to-day roles and tasks may differ, we are all united by our common vision and where we all want to get to.

Long Service Awards Page 5 Board Update

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Goodby to our Snails Pages 6-7

We’ll also take a look back at our Snailspace campaign and look ahead to the Martlets and Macmillan Care Homes Project. From here, we will then share our plans to transform our Inpatient Unit into a more comfortable and practical environment for our patients and their families. The Long Service Awards in February are featured and this is always a great occasion where we acknowledge our staff and volunteers who have dedicated their time and hard work to Martlets for a number of years. Finally, turn to pages 12 to 15 to see our comprehensive ‘Dates for your Diary’ list for a complete round-up of our fundraising, staff and volunteer activities this summer. Hove Carnival is just around the corner, on 27th May, so make sure you mark it in your diary! I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible soon at the upcoming staff and volunteer forums.

Go Western - A peek at our Western Road Shop Page 8

Thank you all for your continued hard work and support. Together we all make a great team.

Martlets & Macmillan Care Homes Project Page 10 Dates forYour Diary Pages 12-15

Imelda Glackin Chief Executive Officer

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Martlets Clinical Strategy


Our clinical strategy took a new direction last year. Previously, objectives were produced year-to-year, but the clinical team seized the opportunity to plan for bigger and more sustainable development, and resolved that a fresh, longer-term approach was needed. Thus, the Five-year Clinical Strategy, 2018-2023, was born featuring a more holistic, individualised approach to caring for our patients and their families. In 2015, Ambitions for Palliative and End of Life Care was published by The National Palliative and End of Life Care Partnership. The framework outlined the national objectives for the coming years to ensure that the care that surrounds dying, death and bereavement is as good as possible for all.

within Martlets and felt a more unified approach was required. Moreover, they acknowledged the great need for teams to be innovative, creative and agile in their thinking. This will ensure services are sustainable and that our resources are efficiently and responsibly used.

Last year, Dr Simone Ali (consultant in palliative medicine and medical director), Dr Fiona Lindsay (consultant in palliative medicine) and Karen Taylor (director of clinical services) came together and from work developing the clinical strategy over the previous few years, looked at existing services offered by Martlets, identifying gaps in service provision and patient groups that we were not reaching.

The national framework takes the form of six ambitions and the authors of the Clinical Strategy have aligned these aims with our own organisational objectives. These will be achieved through four key strategic goals.

They also researched what was happening in the Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) and within the local community. Their research and experience demonstrated that the community has changed immensely over the years, and palliative and end-of-life care is very different in terms of provision to what was offered 10 years ago. As well as looking outwards, they also examined how the clinical teams functioned

Our goals Care for all those in need, when they need it. Provide outstanding care by high quality staff through an exceptional service. Enhance care through collaboration and developing our partnerships.

What does that mean for Martlets? Over the next few years, Martlets plans to provide more individualised and holistic care for patients and their families in order to support people in their own homes for as long as possible. The growing and increasingly diverse portfolio of services offered in Day Services and the recent transfer of the Community Palliative Care Team from the NHS to Martlets provides the perfect opportunity for us to work together to achieve this. As summarised by Dr Simone Ali: “Martlets is committed to providing an equitable service supporting patients and those close to them irrespective of diagnosis, stage of illness or place of care. In short, we want to ensure that the right care is provided at the right time in the right place for everyone that needs us.”

Think creatively so that we are fit for the future.

“Times have changed and where the focus has traditionally been based on purely clinical need, it is now widely understood that a more holistic approach to support the individualised needs of patients and their families is essential. There are increasingly many more patients with chronic diseases, multiple co-morbidities and complex family and psychological challenges. Their needs are multi-faceted and our offering has to reflect that.” Karen Taylor

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Help a patient cuddle up with their loved ones during their time at Martlets

Cuddle Up A P P E A L

You can send your own personal welc patient as they ome to a arrive at the hospice. Just write your name or a few word dss of support on the other side of this door hanger and we will display it so they can see the love and that surrounds support them. You can pop your door hanger in the envelope alon enclosed g with donation form your .

Cuddle Up Appeal At Martlets, we want people to feel as comfortable as possible when they stay with us. So, it’s important that our rooms feel relaxed and snug; a restful ‘home from home’. Our patients have told us that it’s the small things that can make a big difference such as comfy soft furnishings, a homely colour-scheme, cupboards to hang clothes in or even having a spare plug socket near the bed to charge a mobile phone. The patient rooms at the hospice are currently undergoing renovation – old wardrobes are being replaced and radiators being covered. However, to create a really comfortable environment it was felt that we needed to take it a step further…

This spring, we’ll be launching an appeal with the aim of raising funds to upgrade all of our patients’ rooms to modernise their décor and the facilities we offer. The aim is to transform the rooms whilst also maintaining the practicalities of care such as infection control. Of the appeal, Ruth Tierney, Martlets Ward Manager, said: “Our supporters’ donations will help strike the essential balance for patients and families. They will help make sure that all the practicalities of safe, effective hospice care are combined with thoughtful domestic touches that make everyone feel more at home.” Take a look at the difference our supporters’ donations could make: • £38 could pay for fun-themed children’s bedding to make them feel more at home while staying with their mum or dad • £75 could help cover the cost of inspiring wall art to brighten up a patient’s day • £250 could provide comfy seating to cuddle up on with loved ones • £2,000 could transform the whole room Keep an eye on our website and social media for further updates about the campaign and how you can get involved. We’ll be looking at the results of our appeal later this year so watch this space!

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Board update A summary of main projects and items discussed at the latest Martlets Board Meeting. Martlets Building Enhancement

Long Service Awards 2019 In February, Martlets celebrated the long service of over 60 staff and volunteers. A ceremony was held in the hospice building which included heartfelt speeches, presentations and a performance by our Good Vibrations Choir.

so rewarding. The team here is always thanking me for my efforts and people are genuinely pleased at the amount that I’ve raised; it’s nice to be appreciated. I was so proud when I got my 5-year Long Service Award.”

Marking the dedication of longserving colleagues, ranging from five to 40 years, representatives from across Martlets were joined by our CEO Imelda Glackin, Chair of our board, Juliet Smith, our Chairman, and the Lord Lieutenant of East Sussex, Mr Peter Field. Leadership Team members, Sharon Howes, Bobby Dhol and Sally Brighton also joined in the celebration.

Sharon Howes, director of People Services commented: “I am thrilled that Martlets is able to dedicate an afternoon to thank our loyal staff and volunteers. This is a celebration of not only their continuous service, but their ongoing motivation and support to Martlets delivering services across all areas of the organisation. A very big thank you to those attending the event and not forgetting those who could not be with us on the day – we also acknowledge and thank them for their hard work over the years.”

Barry Cole (72) has been volunteering with Martlets since 2013. He is the hospice’s coin and scrap metal expert, sorting up the change that no-one else wants. “I enjoy volunteering, it’s

The Board understands the need to enhance the hospice environment and have considered the financial position for investment. They agreed to progress to the initial design stage to provide up to 18 single beds, whilst improving our environment for patients, families and visitors. Ethical Donations A checklist approach to aid internal, consistent and transparent decisionmaking for donations was endorsed. The policy will be relaunched in March 2019. Whistleblowing The Board agreed to relaunch the whistleblowing policy. This ensures that processes and support are in place for staff and volunteers who wish to raise concerns. Further details will be available from People Services alongside an e-learningmodule. Staff and Volunteer Survey Further to the survey in June 2018, the Board recognised a focus on key areas of work. Staff have received results feedback in their team meetings. The action plan includes how we will support training and development, including improving volunteer management, wellbeing and developing leadership competencies.

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Snailspace It’s time to escargot… A look back at our Snailtastic campaign Thank you A huge thank you to all our remarkable Martlets’ staff and volunteers – in our hospice, offices, shops and warehouses – who worked tirelessly in support of Snailspace. Thanks also to your friends and families who made the magic happen with their smiles, joy, ‘snailfies’, comments and sense of fun out on the streets, and on social media. We hope you enjoyed sauntering along the Snailway. “Our #BeMoreSnail campaign, featuring our beautifully painted Snails, has been a constant reminder to take a moment and enjoy the time we have with the people we share our lives with. As well as giving something back to our city, which we rely on to help fund our life-changing care, it has also been a way for us to engage people of all ages and all walks of life with our key philosophy of living as well as you can with whatever time you have left. The campaign has also been a huge success in terms of the ongoing relationships it has created with organisations across this city, from the business community to schools, youth groups and other charities. It has opened doors for us and will create many long-term relationships that we can build on for future fundraising and supporter campaigns. All proceeds from our auction, alongside all of the other fundraising elements of the campaign, will enable Martlets to continue providing life-changing hospice care for local people affected by terminal illness. It is also wonderful to know that the legacy of these Snails will live on and give pleasure to their buyers for years to come.”

Imelda Glackin

Chief Executive Officer

Click below to watch our Snailspace Thank You video

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Snailspace Auction On 3 December, more than 300 people gathered at Brighton’s iconic Metropole Hotel to bid our 50 unique Snails farewell. They were sold at auction and slid away to their forever homes. In all, £230,000 was raised from guests in the room as well as online bidders. Danni Smith’s beautiful Snail depicting bee friendly flowers, ‘To Everything There is a Season’, sold for highest amount at £12,800. Fiona Blair’s ‘Hokusai’ sold for £12,000 and Natalie Guy’s ‘Disco Snail’ went for £10,300.

#BeMoreSnail Day On Friday 19 October we held a citywide #BeMoreSnail Day, inviting people to slow down and reflect in a way that was personal to them. At Martlets, staff were invited to try complementary therapies, yoga and walking meditation, and to wind their way to the centre of the beautiful labyrinth in the Sanctuary, created by Nicholas, our hospice chaplain. Although our magnificent molluscs have now moved on, we hope you’ll continue to feel inspired by the campaign’s message. How can we embrace the #BeMoreSnail concept as an organisation, moving forward? Let us know you thoughts…

Fatboy Slow 1 Day, 26 Miles, 50 Snails… Legendary DJ and Martlets’ Ambassador, Norman Cook, AKA Fatboy Slim, swapped his usual moniker for one day only to mark Martlets’ #BeMoreSnail Day. On 19 October he walked, rather than ran, a marathon around all 50 of the Snailway’s mighty molluscs and raised thousands of pounds in sponsorship for Martlets.

Social Media Throughout the campaign, our Snail seekers were sharing a variety of stories, photos and videos of their Snailspace experiences. Posts using the hashtag #BeMoreSnail were seen over 31 million times – more than twice as much as Snowdogs - and there were over 8000 posts on twitter alone.

Snail Sale Snailspace may be over, but you can still grab yourself an inspired memento of our molluscs by visiting selected Martlets shops.

Whatever next? Snailspace has been a large-scale project that has taken 18 months to plan and countless snail-loving heroes gave their time, brains and brawn to make it happen. Around the country, similar city art trails have seen giant bees, bears, giraffes and gnomes take to the streets. If Martlets runs another trail what would you choose as the sculpture theme, and why?

WIN a Junior Snail! We’ll be raffling off one of our adorable Junior Snails at Martlets’ Hove Carnival in May. Come along and buy tickets at the event for your chance to win!

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Go Western Our Western Road shop celebrated its first anniversary at the end of 2018 - a major milestone! We thought we’d take a look at how the shop came into existence and highlight what has been achieved over the past year. Style destination

A community hub

At the beginning of 2017, Martlets’ central Brighton store looked and felt very different to how it is today. Located further out of town, the original store stocked a whole range of items from dining tables to shoes. After a number of years on the premises, sadly the landlord decided to use the space to expand their store next door, however the need to move revealed an opportunity to give the central store a transformation. Following extensive research and moving closer to Churchill Square, it was decided to create a new concept store with a more specific theme. Offering fashionable high street items, the new look Martlets store now attracts trendy locals on the hunt for a bargain!

Fast-forward a year-and-a-half and the store is thriving, with the ladieswear section being expanded in response to local demand. Staff are dedicated to maintaining the ‘feel’ of the store, with one volunteer coming in once a week to give donated furniture a vintage makeover. Regular customers drop by each week for a chat and to check out the new donations, underlining the strong sense of community and feel-good atmosphere the shop has generated in the local area. With a mix of more than 20 staff members and volunteers, each bringing their own skills and specialisms, it’s a different experience every time you walk in, but the one thing customers can be sure of is a warm welcome.

The changes kept on coming: to fit with the new concept, Lesley Leighton, the Shop Manager at the time approached a local timber shop to ask them to redesign the interior. They duly obliged, and the shop now boasts beautiful timber changing rooms and shelves, perfect for showcasing the new stock.


H&M faux leather black jacket £10

We need your items! The shop is always on the look-out for new stock, especially fashionable ladieswear - you can donate items by bringing them into the shop during opening hours.

Hand-made skirt £8

Wooden LED light Star £3.50

We picked some of our favourites currently on sale in the shop…

We are also looking for enthusiastic volunteers Helping out in our central Brighton store is a fantastic opportunity to gain retail work experience, be part of an amazing team and support Martlets. You can apply to become a volunteer by contacting People Services email: or call 01273 718788.

Paddle £10

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y r o t S r u o Y e r a h S Your story could help us tell ours If you are a volunteer or staff member and have a story about your work with Martlets, we’d love to hear from you. Send your stories in to, including your name, contact details and role at Martlets, and our marketing team will be in touch to speak to you.

Win with

Martlets Lottery Join TODAY

Top e z i r P 0 0 5 ÂŁ1 44 weekly prizes martletshospice Registered Charity No. 802145

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Martlets & Macmillan

Care Homes Project A great deal of work has been done over recent years to improve understanding within the community. However, it has been nationally recognised that there is still a training gap between care homes, specialist services and supported living, in planning for their patients end-of-life needs. Training around end-of-life care has been extremely variable with no specific standards. There are many health professionals giving training on an ad-hoc basis, but this is mainly at the request of individual care homes.

With the growing pressure on the NHS and community services, and a need to better plan and manage a person’s care in their usual place of residence, there is increasing demand on care homes to manage more complex requirements. Martlets and Macmillan, in collaboration with the CCG, worked together to devise the Martlets & Macmillan Care Home Project. The objective as been to promote the support services offered, and enable access to endof-life training. The project aims to provide us with a better understanding of their training needs so that we can tailor our offer to support the deficit.

The Martlets & Macmillan Care Homes Project The project offers a whole variety of guidance and assistance to care providers. A phased approach has been taken by Martlets with each phase requiring approval and commitment to funding from Macmillan. Phase I

Spreading the word

The past two years have been spent rolling out an e-learning programme and building relationships with care homes in Brighton and Hove.

Phase II of the project is still in its infancy and has been implemented with Nikki Still, Martlets’ project lead at the helm. Nikki has been busy presenting to key groups within Martlets as well as to care home forums. Her ambition is to build solid relationships within the care sector across the community and cater to their training requirements so that ultimately, patients have confident care providers that can meet their needs.

Phase II From November last year, the Martlets and Macmillan Care Home project entered its second phase, with Martlets securing funding from Macmillan for a further 2 years. This stage is an expansion on the first, with services now serving the whole of Martlets catchment area, offering support to supported living and care agencies, as well as care homes, and providing a wider variety of resources.

“We want recognising the needs of those at end-of-life to become a common practice so that people with life-limiting conditions can make the most of the time they have left.”

There are currently over 100 care homes in Martlets’ catchment area. The Martlets and Macmillan Home Care project aims to have offered e-learning support to the majority of these homes within the next two two years. Already, 45 care homes are using the e-learning platform provided. Plans for the future ‘A Listening Ear’, an initiative for care staff and managers, will be implemented this summer. A team of ‘expert’ volunteers will provide ‘a listening ear’ for them to talk to, offering support as they plan their training needs.

Page 11

Support when identifying residents needs

FREE training at a time and place that suits you

Improve quality of life - Advance Care Planning support

e-learning webinar training

Be the best. Give the best. Access FREE training in end-of-life care Martlets and Macmillan Cancer Support are working together to offer a flexible individualised approach to palliative care training. We’re keen to bust myths and misconceptions about end-of-life care, and to support you in providing the best provision for life limiting ill people in community care settings. Martlets supports local people with terminal illness to live their lives to the full regardless of their setting.

Shadow an inpatient unit shift at Martlets Hospice

Staff support via volunteers - coming soon

How can I help? Word of mouth is the most powerful way to promote our message so if you know of any patients or people working in the care sector, please direct them to: macmillan-care-homes-project for more information. We’ll be looking to recruit new volunteers for our ‘A Listening Ear’ initiative in June so please get in touch with Nikki Still if you would like more information. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter and like and share our projects posts.

A listening ear for staff and managers planning training needs

Learn new skills Improve confidence Support best care

Contact Nikki Still to discuss a tailor made package of training and support to suit your needs:


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Dates for Your Diary WEEKLY Mindfulness for Staff & Volunteers Every Thursday 2.30pm & 3.10pm Martlets Hospice Sanctuary

Martlets Lottery Winning numbers are drawn on Friday every week. Win one of 44 cash prizes paid out each week (and you’ll help Martlets too)! To find out more or sign up, visit join-our-lottery

April 2019 Volunteer Open Day Saturday 27 April 10am - 3pm Martlets Hospice

Minimum donation is £150 for a single will and £200 for a joint will.

May 2019


Dying Matters Awareness Week 2019 13 - 19 May A national awareness week which promotes the importance of talking about dying, death and bereavement.

Brighton Run2Music Saturday 11 May Madeira Drive, Brighton

Martlets Hospice Coppercliff & Tarner Everyone is welcome to join the Martlets Choir! Please contact Ann Borg, if you would like to join the Good Vibrations Choir.

Contact one of our will writers between 15 April and 10 May to book your appointment.

A day for those thinking about volunteering with Martlets. Meet key staff members for an informal chat, to find out more about volunteering opportunities, have a tour of the hospice and participate in a range of activities.

Choir Practice Every Friday 2.45pm & 5pm

Will Writing Fortnight 13 - 24 May

A sponsored fancy dress fun run for all ages. Groove to the music as you tackle one of three distances. Entry is £20 for a 5K, 10K or half marathon. For further details and sponsorship targets visit or call the fundraising team.

For further information visit give-in-your-will or contact Gary Moyle on 01273 718778 or email

Staff & Volunteer Forum Thursday 16 May, 2.30pm - 3.30pm The Point, Thompson Good Grief Wednesday 22 May 11am - 5pm, Drop in any time Brighton Unitarian Church, New Road An event for anyone who has experienced loss or would like to learn more about grief. Martlets Coffee Morning Saturday 18 May 10am - 1pm 17 Fernhurst Crescent, Hollingbury, Brighton BN1 8FA Join us for yummy cakes, cards and bric-a-brac.

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Team Martlets Fundraising events – Sign up now! To find out more about any of our events call 01273 747455 or email

Hove Carnival 2019 Bank Holiday Monday 27 May 10am - 6pm Hove Park, Goldstone Crescent, Hove This popular and fun, free family event is back with all your carnival favourites including a fun fair, arena acts, stalls, food court, activities and games. It’s the perfect way to spend your bank holiday! martlets-hove-carnival-2019

Dates for Your Diary continues overleaf...

Join Martlets at Brighton Pride You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter and like and share our projects posts. We have spaces for 100 Martlets representatives to join us in this colourful and fun event.

If you would like to join Team Martlets in the parade or can help organise and plan our entry, please contact Gary Moyle on 01273 718778 or email

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Dates for Your Diary June 2019

July 2019

Volunteer Open Day Saturday 6 June 10am - 3pm

Martlets Open Gardens Saturday 6 & Sunday 7 July

Martlets Hospice A day for those thinking about volunteering with Martlets. Meet key staff members for an informal chat, to find out more about volunteering opportunities, have a tour of the hospice and participate in a range of activities. Pooches on the Prom Sunday 23 June Big Beach Café, Hove Lagoon, Kingsway, Hove Join celebrity vet Marc Abraham for our sponsored dog walk along the prom and enter your pooch in our most stylish dog competition! Registration is £5 per person. For further details please contact

August 2019

Fling open your garden gates and hold a fundraising day for Martlets! For more information or to enter your garden, please contact Liz Davies on 01273 718794 or email Hospice Open Garden Saturday 6 July, 2pm - 5pm Martlets Hospice Visit our beautiful gardens and get inspired! We’ve a plant sale, garden tools to buy and books to browse. Entrance by donation, for further details, contact Liz Davies at

Brighton PRIDE Saturday 3 August Martlets will be taking part in the Pride Parade celebrating diversity in our City. We have spaces for 100 walkers to join us in this colourful and fun event which draws huge crowds. Please contact Gary Moyle on 01273 718778 or email if you would like to sign up to walk with us in the Parade. Prudential Ride London-Surrey 100 Sunday 4 August Join #TeamMartlets for this 100 mile traffic-free cycle ride that starts at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in East London and takes you through Surrey and back again along the route made famous during the London 2012 Olympic Games; finishing triumphantly on The Mall.

Pebble Memory Walk Saturday 29 June, 6am - 9am Hove Seafront Open to all, this tranquil early morning walk along Hove seafront is followed by a special time of remembrance on the beach. We ask for a minimum donation of £20 and you may wish to raise sponsorship. For more information email

Entry is £100 with a minimum fundraising target of £350.

INTERNAL EVENT Staff & Volunteer Forum Tuesday 23 July,, 2.30pm - 3.30pm Martlets Hospice, Coppercliff

For further details and to book a place please contact the Fundraising Team by emailing

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Team Martlets Fundraising events – Sign up now! To find out more about any of our events call 01273 747455 or email

September 2019

Brighton & Hove Triathlon Sunday 15 September For the brave! Take on the challenge of a sea swim, scenic seafront cycle and flat run along the promenade.

Peter James Golf Classic Monday 9 September

Entry is £25 with a minimum fundraising target of £250, email

Dyke Golf Club, Devil’s Dyke, Devil’s Dyke Road, Brighton Best-selling author Peter James once again presents this annual golf event to raise money for us. Tickets include a round of golf and a delicious dinner.

London to Paris Cycle Ride Wednesday 18 September to Sunday 22 September Challenge yourself to this iconic London to Paris Cycle challenge. Starting in London, cycle through beautiful English villages, onto French rural countryside and finish at the Eiffel Tower! Entry is £125 to secure your place and there is a minimum fundraising target of £1,600. For more information email

£60 per ticket (teams of 4). Email


Saturday 14 September, 11am - 1.30pm

Preston Park, Preston Road Brighton’s bounciest and most colourful fun-run is back! Be one of our #HospiceHeros by throwing on your superhero costume or running gear and bound around ten immense inflatables to raise money for us. Tickets cost £25 for adults, £15 for under 16’s and £65 for a family. For further details please visit

INTERNAL EVENT Staff & Volunteer Forum Thursday 19 September 2.30pm - 3.30pm The Point, Thompson

Will Writing Fortnight Will Writing Fortnight Change lives with a gift in your will Change lives with a gift in your will

from 15 April 13-24 May 2019 Bookfro 15 April 13-24 May 2019 Book m ate A great opportunity to make or upd

Minimum Minimumare: donations donations are: £150 for a single will

£150 for a single will updlate e or mak hospice ortu t opp r loca A grea t you tonity por and supto r will £150 for a single will you £200 for a joint will your will and to support your local hospice £200 for a joint will es their servic eringthe rs offeri will writers local se from 12 es vic ser ir Choo ng off al will write Choose from 12 loc Martlets n to tio na for do a urn ininret rtlets Ma to ion nat do return for a Sara Shires Sara Shires Quality Solicitors Barwells Quality Solicitors Barwells 238 South Coast Road 238 South Coast Road Peacehaven Peacehaven 01273 582271 01273 582271

David Crosby David Crosby Crosby & Woods Crosby & Woods 75 Church Road 75 Church Road Hove Hove 01273 734600 01273 734600

Tracey McSharry Tracey McSharry Deibel & Allen Deibel & Allen 10 Franklin Road 10 Franklin Road Portslade Portslade 01273 430999 01273 430999

Catalina Beacroft Catalina Beacroft Mayo Wynne Baxter Mayo Wynne Baxter 1 Warwick Road 1 Warwick Road Seaford Seaford 01323 891412 01323 891412

Julie Latham Julie Latham Burnand Brazier Burnand Brazier Malcolm Wilson Malcolm Wilson 39 39 Church Road Church Road Hove Hove 01273 734022 01273 734022

Kirsty KirstyClaridge Claridge The TheDeans DeansLegal LegalServices Services 5757High Street High Street Rottingdean Rottingdean 01273 01273358825 358825

ChristopherThomas Thomas Christopher Fitzhugh Gates Fitzhugh Gates 3 Pavilion PavilionParade Parade 3 Brighton Brighton 01273 686811 686811 01273

Robert Simon Robert Simon Robert Simon Robert Simon St Mary’s House St Mary’s House Mary’s Road StStMary’s Road Shoreham-by-Sea Shoreham-by-Sea 01273 452333 01273 452333

Maureen Edwards Maureen Edwards Burt Brill & Cardens Burt Brill & Cardens Steyne 30 30 OldOld Steyne Brighton Brighton 01273 604123 01273 604123

PaulGreen Green Paul DeanWilson Wilson Dean 165Dyke DykeRoad Road 165 Brighton Brighton 01273032317 032317 01273

Graham Mingay Graham Mingay Goodlaw Goodlaw 6 The The Drive Drive Hove Hove 01273 01273 956270 956270

Peter Peter Tuffin Tuffin UHY Hacker Young UHY Hacker Young 168 Church Road 168 Church Road Hove Hove 01273 726445 01273 726445

About Martlets About Martlets

We provide life-changing hospice care to We provide life-changing hospice care to people affected by terminal illness in people affected by terminal illness in Brighton and Hove and neighbouring Brighton and Hove and neighbouring areas. Many of our services are funded by areas. Many of our services are funded our generous supporters through giftsby in ourtheir generous supporters giftspeople in wills. We can reachthrough more local their wills.choose We can moreus local people if you toreach remember in your will. if you choose to remember us in your will.

Aboutour our scheme scheme About

A professionally written will is the best way A professionally written will is the best way to protect those you love. Our scheme is to protect those you love. Our scheme is an ideal opportunity to make or update an ideal make or hospice. update your willopportunity and supportto your local your will and support your local hospice.

For more information about our Will Writing Fortnight contact Gary Moyle our Manager on 01273 718778 or emailFortnight ForLegacies more information about our Will Writing contact Gary Moyle our Legacies Manager on 01273 718778 or email Registered Charity Number 802145 Registered Charity Number 802145

How Howtotobook book

Contact any of the will writers listed above Contact any of the will writers listed above from 15 April to book your appointment, from 15 April to book your appointment, mentioning Martlets Will Writing Fortnight mentioning Martlets Will Writing Fortnight when you book. Appointments when you book. Appointments take place from 13 to 24 May. take place from 13 to 24 May.

Profile for Martlets Hospice

Heartbeat - Spring 2019  

Heartbeat - Spring 2019  

Profile for martlets