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What Are Basic Difference Between Tungsten And Titanium Jewelry? Tungsten and Titanium are two of the most used type of metal when it comes to metal jewelry or mix alloys tog old and silver. The rise in price of geld ands liver has resulted in rush rise of the jewelry predicts and there has been many debate about which one to go along he metal’s Titanium, tungsten, niobium and others are there for taking. To choose form they can be a challenge and there are lot of comparison going on between them.

Titanium and tungsten are considered to be most used and renowned type of materials when it come sot jewelry market. Yes, they look different but they are very much different in nature. There first impression is same and many cannot differentiate between them bunt they are widely apart from each other. Both of them are called model metals in the current metal industry. They were in exsiccating in jewelry making market before and the use of it has taken a rise in the last one and half decade. Since then they have been very famous and have been very much recognised and prefacer by many Jewry lovers and have helped jewellery market to gain new customer base. As the use of metal has been new, there have been many speculations and miss conceptions regarding them. There are many factors and comparison between them, let’s take a look at some of them:Price is always the main factored to consider. After all they have been used to save money and get desired products. They both have been very affordable and good replacement and the pricing of them doesn’t have much difference and they can be available for good

amount in the market. After al it all depends on the quality and the type of maker that one’s buying it form. If one buys shiny wholesale titanium jewelry, then they can save a good amount oaf moa on that. Make and made of the metals are a bit different compare dot each other. Titanium mainly is used in jewelry and is very slightly alloyed with other metal mainly aluminium to make jewelry. Most of the time titanium is more pure and they the purity is more than eighty percent. While, on the other hand tungsten is very rare and is made with pure tungsten carbide material tin ample amount of carbon atoms in it. Durability is the other factor to consider. They both are very durable and long lasting g thorn there [precious competitors like fold and platinum. Compared to both tofu them tungsten is more hard then titanium. Resistant towards scratch is the main factored when it comes to look and feel of the jewelry. As tungsten is harder then titanium is can hardly nest it. Titanium is more scratch resistance and they are considered virtually scratch free. It is did that only diamonds is the metal in the worlds that can scratch tungsten carbide? Resistant towards crack, titanium is much more crack resistance then tungsten carbide and the hardness of tungsten carbide is like if it is cashes to any hard surface it can break. It is too hard and thus makes it brittle. So, titanium jewelry is more fit to men and they also have good masculine look. If the man is working hard then titanium rings are preferred and recommended. Many companies’ eel those at good rates and even durable wholesale tungsten ring are there for sale. The hypo allergic properties of the metals are also taken into consideration. Titanium is more skin friendly recommended for people allergic to skin compared to tungsten carbide rings. The element called cobalt is there in tungsten and is not friendly towards some skin typos. Weight and colour are the other falters and major difference between them. The weight is probably the main different between them. Being very durable titanium rings aver very light weight and good for someone who prefers light weighted jewelry. Tungsten carbide are heavy, one can feel there present on the finger. Both are very god when it comes to colour foe them. There block version are very people and have been widely acclaimed. Tungsten carbide offer more class as it looks more like gold.

What Are Basic Difference Between Tungsten And Titanium Jewelry?  
What Are Basic Difference Between Tungsten And Titanium Jewelry?  

Tungsten and Titanium are two of the most used type of metal when it comes to metal jewelry or mix alloys tog old and silver. The rise in pr...