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Vietnam Seafood Recipes Use of White Shrimp in Vietnam Sea food Recipes Vietnam is a river rich country and this means that there are a lot of rivers flowing within Vietnam. With such huge water resources, it is no surprise that the availability of fish is in abundance. You can get both marine and f resh water f ish in Vietnam and due to ease of availability, seafood is cheap and fresh. Vietnam is one of the leading producers of white shrimp and this has led to shrimps being adde d to the cuisine of Vietnam. Some of the famous Vietnam Seafood recipes will be discussed in detail here. Caramel Shrimp This is one of the most tasty and popular of the Vietnam Seafood delicacies. Ingredients required: White shrimp, caramel syrup, red chilies, vegetable oil, garlic powder Heat the vegetable oil in a f ry pan and add some chilies and garlic powder. Fry them for about a minute. Add the shrimps, stir for a while and then add pepper powder. Slowly add the caramel milk while stirring and then add salt to taste. Let this mixture boil for another 30 seconds and your caramel shrimp is ready This is a relatively easy and quick dish that can be made. It goes well when served with plain boiled rice. Vietnam Seafood Mix This is a mix of different seafood items that you can find. Shop for some of your favorite seafood and keep them aside. You will have to grill your seafood for a better taste and

this grilled f ish can be served w ith a fish sauce. You can use white shrimps, crabs, any fish or mussels for the seafood mix. Ingredients Required: Mixed seafood, unsalted butter, olive oil, carrots, onions, pepper corn, Boil three or four teaspoons of butter along w ith some olive oil in a medium sized pan. After about a minute add onions, chopped carrots and pepper corns. Cook till the carrots and onions become soft and do not forget to keep stirring. To enhance and bring out the taste of the sauce, it is essential to keep stirring. After about 10 minutes add small pieces of seafood and some fish bones. This w ill add more flavor to your sauce. When the desired consistency is attained, you can take the pan off the flame and keep it aside. Take the seafood mix and put them onto a grill. Marinate the seafood mix w ith some lemon juice before grilling. This will help to soften the fish and also add a bit of flavor to the seafood mix. Garnish the sauce that you have prepared w ith cream and small vegetable pieces. Now serve the grilled seafood mix along w ith the sauce that you have prepared. Your Vietnam Seafood Mix is ready. Importance of Vietnamese Seafood The major advantage of a Vietnamese cuisine is that it does not contain unhealthy food preparation methods. They tend to be low on oil and fatty substances and thereby being a lot healthier. You can browse the internet to find more Vietnamese seafood recipes that you can try at home. Vietnamese seafood recipes are renowned worldw ide due to its simple nature and ease of preparation. They tend to be delicious and very light and this is a unique combination in any cuisine. For more details visit:

Vietnam Seafood Recipes  

Vietnam is a river rich country and this means that there are a lot of rivers flowing within Vietnam. With such huge water resources, it is...

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