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Service Chess in the Community Community Links Duke of Edinburgh (Bronze and Silver) Zoological Society

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At Bede’s, we educate the whole person. We give equal importance to Academic, Pastoral and Co-Curricular aspects of life and we do this because every part of a person’s education is interconnected. This holistic approach to school is not just an add-on. It is our strong belief that learning takes place beyond the confines of the classroom, and with this in mind, we place creativity, service and action at the heart of the pupil experience. Pupils at Bede’s pick from a wide array of over 100 clubs and activities each week, guided by our fantastic Personal Tutors. We have structured our school day to focus on activities that are targeted, rigorous and inclusive, and prepare our pupils to see life as an educational journey. Co-Curricular choices are important, in particular for our older pupils for whom the programme offers them the chance to develop specialisms and meaningfully enrich their CVs. Our goal is to increase their confidence, tolerance and empathy for others, enabling pupils to demonstrate a high level of commitment and develop leadership skills. Whether in our rigorous Sports Academies,


which have seen Bede’s teams in Cricket, Football, Hockey and Tennis building national reputations, our range of additional courses or creative clubs and activities, sessions provide opportunities for pupils to challenge themselves, perform beyond their expectations and work collaboratively with pupils of different ages and friendship groups.

We help pupils to initiate activities too, and reflect on their role as leaders, guiding them to persevere with things they may find difficult and encouraging them to explore physical and creative lifestyles. Bede’s pupils also have innumerable opportunities to demonstrate service towards the school, community or wider world, including volunteering with local hospitals, holding ‘knit and natter’ sessions with local residents, spending time at nearby care homes, teaching science at local primary schools or running their own activity. As well as engaging with our consistently successful Duke of Edinburgh schemes, through our House Charity system and work with local and national charities, every Bede’s pupil engages in campaigning and fundraising for a diverse range of very worthy causes. Through the work undertaken by our specialist staff, using our unbeatable facilities and enabled by our innovative timetable, Bede’s pupils leave the school knowing who they are and what they want from life. Furthermore, they have the skills and experience to pursue the things which matter most to them, whether that be a passion for additional languages, qualifications in sailing or experience of breeding endangered species

at our Animal Management Centre. Whatever a young person’s needs, passions or interests, the Bede’s Co-Curricular Programme will truly enable them.

Rachael Woollett Co-Curricular Deputy Head


Art and Design

Art Scholars’ Workshop The Art Scholars group provides an opportunity for gifted and talented art students to spend time on their chosen area of interest. Talented First Years work alongside top GCSE pupils and focus on a range of approaches to drawing, colour work, design and painting skills. The pupils experiment with new techniques or develop existing skills to refine their visual understanding or extend their repertoire. The group ensures that individuals find themes and ideas they wish to pursue in a supportive environment. Individual pupils will be encouraged to develop their own independent thinking, explore their own passions and collect images to work from which inspire them.



Learn an art form that can improve coordination, focus and sense of humour. Explore creating with clay, an ancient art form that is only becoming rarer as a subject in schools. Learn how to coil, slab and throw on the potter’s wheel, with a wide variety of projects available to try, friendly teachers and a consistently fun group of people. Learn to create alongside GCSE and A Level pupils. No prior knowledge or skill needed, if you have an idea, you can make it!

GCSE Photography GCSE Photography has been an exceptionally popular course at Bede’s; pupils learn the significance and uses of Shutter Speed, Aperture and ISO. They learn how to develop black and white film and they will explore how to fuse their knowledge to create and develop new ideas and concepts. Although GCSE Photography is not in the timetable, it takes place in activity time during the week. To do this course you will need to choose one GCSE Photography option in the week and we advise another art activity to help when doing prep and hitting deadlines. This course is an Invite Only course and takes place over a two year period.

Life Drawing

Jewellery Making

Bede’s Jewellery Making activity offer pupils the chance to engage in an intensive 12-week course in how to make rings, necklaces and broaches. Open to pupils from all year groups, this activity supposes you have no skills in or experience of working with metal or fashioning jewellery, although if you do you are still welcome! For those unto whom metalwork and jewellerymaking are uncharted waters, each weekly session will guide you through a new technique up until Week 8, after which you will be challenged to design and make a unique and precious object of your own creation.

Sewing and Dress Making

This activity is open to those Sixth Form pupils who intend to apply for art colleges and for those pupils specifically concerned with figurative painting. The sessions are delivered via an academically rigorous programme that is as exciting as it is demanding. Pupils study proportion and line, mark making and volume along with strategies for observation and measuring techniques.

This activity is a weekly club which welcomes pupils of all abilities, from those with years of textiles experience and those who have never picked up a needle and thread. Pupils who join the group are given full explanations of the techniques and materials they will need to best achieve their goals, whatever those may be. If you are looking to simply make-do-and-mend then we will happily talk you through every trick in the trade, but those pupils seeking something more can acquire a depth and breadth of skills from stitching to embroidering, needlework to high-end clothing design.


Educational Enrichment

Computer Programming

Media Masterclasses

Both C Sharp and VB programming activities are primarily designed for Year 9, 10 and 11 pupils who want to start or improve their programming skills in the Autumn and Spring terms. We cover concepts including algorithms, variables and data types, objects and classes, methods, arrays and GUIs, with pupils gaining a better understanding of problem solving and developing the skills to create and contribute to open source software projects, private enterprises and the development of websites, apps and games.

Whether your are a Media Studies or Film student, you are welcome at the Media department for our twice-weekly Media Masterclasses. Each session provides a new opportunity for pupils to refine their skills and experiment with more advanced techniques in Bede’s two studio spaces, which include a Green Screen Room, as well as our two state of the art edit suites.

Creative Writing

Creative Writing Club at Bede’s involves a lot more that sitting quietly writing stories! We believe that firing up your imagination is all about getting out into the world, seeing new things and using weird and wonderful stimuli to craft truly creative stories. Each week we do something completely new trips out to castles, local sights and the beach or visits from guest writers and speakers. Armed with plenty of chocolate and warm beverages, we then embark upon writing short stories either as individuals or in groups, with each week also seeing a new competition.


Model United Nations

Model United Nations is an international academic competition through which pupils learn about diplomacy, international relations and the United Nations. Involving research, public speaking, debating and writing skills, in addition to critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership abilities, Bede’s MUN delegates attend annual conferences as an assigned country with assignments prepared for in advance. They formulate positions which they then debate, while staying true to the actual position of the country they are representing, building alliances and trying to get resolutions passed. It’s globally respected and it’s a lot of fun too!

Modern Languages for Native Speakers Native speakers of languages other than English may use the Activities Programme to enhance their knowledge of their mother tongue and the cultures with which is it associated, whilst also preparing to take public examinations (GCSE, A Level or Pre-U). This is a very popular option for our international pupils, and is currently offered in French, German, Russian and Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese). Pupils must have a near-fluent knowledge of the language to join this activity.

Modern Languages for Beginners

Politics and Economics Society

This activity allows pupils with no prior knowledge to begin learning a language from scratch. Pupils are taught by a native speaker, and the emphasis is on learning how to communicate effectively, whilst working on the basics of grammar, using a wide range of different games and activities. Pupils may choose to continue for the whole year and work towards a GCSE qualification, or they may prefer just to learn for fun. This activity is currently offered in Italian, Japanese, Greek and Latin. Whatever the case, everyone is welcome!

The Politics and Economics society is run by pupils and the Heads of Politics and Economics. Politics and Economics are two of the fastest growing subjects studied at A Level, particularly at Bede’s. The society was formed with our main objective to raise awareness of these two subjects between teenagers. We organise debates, guest speakers and discussions, and write articles for The only prerequisite for joining is a keen interest in the topics!


UK Space Design Competition The UKSDC welcomes pupils from all year groups with an interest in the inner workings of the Universe. Part of the group’s time is spent studying space, time and other complex concepts barely touched on at GCSE and A Level. Elsewhere, the club provides training for the Bede’s UK Space Design Competition team and helps them prepare for this prestigious competition. UKSDC is a science and engineering challenge designed as a simulation of life in the industry, during which teams are given a list of requirements for a space settlement and have a day to come up with a detailed design. They then present their design to a panel of expert judges from the UK Space Agency. Entry to the competition is via video and regional events, with winning teams taking part in a residential competition weekend hosted by Imperial College London. Pupils will also be involved with the Bede’s Galactic Challenge, which involves setting up and running a miniature version of the UKSDC for prep schools. This activity is open to all pupils not just science and maths geniuses!


Zoological Society

Bede’s Zoological Society, which currently cares for some 40 species three afternoons a week, provides an attractive, unconventional pathway to academic discovery and change. It is also a fun and fulfilling activity for anyone – no matter their year group – who has a passion for animals, their care and conservation. Each term we have between 50 and 60 pupils with representatives from every year group taking part, which makes us the most popular non-sporting activity in the school, with members of the Zoological Society handling and caring for a vast array of species, taking part in visits to local zoos and wildlife parks and enjoying talks led by visiting experts in the field of conservation.

Games and Hobbies

Car Restoration


The members of Car Restoration Club meet weekly to restore our project car, which at the moment is a 1962 Ford Anglia Salon 105E, learning basic engineering and mechanical skills along the way. We always start by completely stripping down the project car to its bare chassis and removing all components before thoroughly cleaning them and checking for wear or damage. These parts are then either refitted or repaired, and some new parts are fitted. Engines and gear boxes are also removed and rebuilt if necessary, and we then carefully rebuild the cars bit by bit, putting them back together in their original state or, sometimes, making them even better!

In Bede’s Chess Club, we engage in friendly games for players of all abilities, from beginner to expert, in an informal atmosphere. The main purpose of Bede’s Chess Club is recreational, although, as Mr Costley is an experienced and current member of the Sussex County First Team, he is on hand for coaching and providing occasional tips, on request!

Cooking for Fun Inspired by the likes of The Great British Bake Off and Masterchef, Cooking for Fun sees pupils compete in a series of weekly challenges throughout the year. Primarily designed as a training ground for First Year and Fifth Form pupils looking to enter the Eastbourne Young Chef competition in the Summer Term, Cooking for Fun is designed to challenge the culinary talents within the Bede’s community and see them reach towards creating fine dining dishes and those more elaborate cakes and pastries not encountered in Food and Nutrition lessons.


Downland Walking Three afternoons a week, members of the Bede’s community from all year groups are invited to join Bede’s rambling group. We embark upon walks of different lengths and difficulty across the South Downs, through Friston Forest, around Arlington Reservoir and along the beaches of the Sussex coastline. A great way to spend time with friends, stretch the legs and enjoy some fresh air, as well as taking in some of the most beautiful panoramas in the United Kingdom. Downland Walking is consistently one of Bede’s most popular clubs.

Dungeons and Dragons Dungeons and Dragons Club encourages thoughtfulness and teamwork, as well as allowing certain pupils to embrace (unfamiliar) leadership roles, together with forward planning and some mathematical thought (for those who get involved in the mechanics of the games). Based around the iconic series of pen and paper roleplaying games, our group has played a variety of story-based games in a wide range of settings, with a lot of creativity from both players and organisers. We’ve had sci-fi adventures in which the pupils had to try to fly a Siri-guided space shuttle, a fantasy escapade during which a brave warrior jumped into a pit of flaming tigers to successfully obtain a pair of fabulous


shoes and another in which the party had to take a rabble of orcs shopping at a medieval superstore, it is easy to see why the club’s membership is on the rise... and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Go Karting

Throughout the Autumn and Spring Terms, members of Go Karting Club primarily repair and build a range of small automotive vehicles, learning basic mechanics and engineering skills in a fun way. Specifically, pupils build new school karts from their bare chassis and repair our current karts. Pupils also have the option to build their own kart or to improve one that they have brought in. Twice each term, pupils then have the opportunity to visit a Go Kart circuit and take part in races, and during the Summer months Go Karts are taken out into the school fields where auto test-type circuits are set up to test their skills.

Horse Riding

Bede’s has a long and happy association with equestrian pursuits. For over 25 years our Equestrian Centre provided a wide-ranging framework for an extensive range of Equine education. We no longer have a stables based on site and pupils are transported to Meadows Equestrian Centre near Hellingly three times a week to ride during activities. Riding is offered to those with ability levels ranging from complete beginners through to those with more experience. Several Bede’s pupils compete locally, regionally and internationally in races and dressage. However we welcome those with even the smallest interest. Learning how to ride and how to care for horses is one of life’s great pleasures, so it is our hearty recommendation that every pupil gives the activity a try at some point in their school career. Who knows, you might love it!

Meow Mondays

Every Monday during activity time, a small group of cat loving pupils volunteer at the Cat Protection in Hailsham. It is really important that cats become confident and happy around people so they can all find good homes quickly. The pupils main job is to spend time with the cats and help socialise them but they also help out at feeding time. Parents must ensure their child is not allergic to cats.

Mountain Biking Founded in 2002, the Bede’s Mountain Biking Club goes out twice a week year round, rain or shine, and we are also a popular choice on Saturday mornings as part of the Weekend Programme. Most of our riding takes place within the beautiful surrounds of Friston Forest, which is situated on the South Downs Way, and we also ride in the picturesque South Downs National Park. The majority of our riding is single track, but we also ride cross country. Each activity session sees a minimum of two staff members and up to ten pupils riding out, with numbers limited for safety reasons. All bikes and helmets are provided (Specialized or Marin) and we welcome all abilities from beginners to experts and do our best to make each ride as exciting as possible.

Reading for Pleasure Reading for Pleasure is open to all year groups and is an opportunity to read quietly with a cup of tea and biscuits. There is no prep or private study allowed, it is purely an activity for those who enjoy reading. It is also a chance for pupils to share their own recommendations with each other and of course, Mrs Vincent is always on hand to give suggestions from her own personal extensive reading lists.



The Sailing activity at Bede’s is open to mariners of all skill levels, from experienced sailors to those yet to find their sea legs. Pupils new to the activity learn the basics of how to sail and about essential maintenance including safety gear and equipment, sailing law, how to rig and even how to right a capsized vessel. Bedians who take part in Sailing Club can gain many RYA certificates and have the opportunity to compete for Bede’s or other local sailing clubs at regattas. Alternatively, members of the club may simply seek the opportunity to get out on the water and enjoy the beautiful Sussex coastline.



The Snooker activity is open to all pupils, regardless of ability. In these modern times of technology and noise, playing a game as simple as snooker can be therapeutic as pupils are asked to whisper in the snooker hall and enjoy an intelligent pastime. As their skills improve they will start to enjoy the game more and appreciate watching two of the top 50 world ranked players practising alongside them and even take up the challenge of playing Mr Driver - if they feel brave enough!

Target Rifle Shooting

Target Rifle Shooting is an unusual sport in many ways. Men and women compete against each other on an entirely equal footing. Shooting represents a set of life skills, in that to be successful it is necessary for the individual to learn skills such as concentration, teamwork and the ability to compete under pressure. School shooting takes place at Ringmer RBL Rifle Club and the school competes against other schools in shoulder-to-shoulder matches as well as competing in the BSSRA (British Schools Smallbore Rifle Association) leagues.

Warhammer Warhammer is a miniature wargame where military tactics, dice and art combine to form an absorbing, addicting, challenging hobby. The pupils who participate in this activity learn a range of painting techniques, forward planning skills both for within the game and as they collect their armies and even a little mathematics! The Bede’s Warhammer team has qualified for the regional Games Workshop Open Competition for the last four years and the semi-final of annual National Warhammer Schools League for the last two years.

Wine-Making and Brewing

This Sixth Form only activity was founded in 2012 and has only grown in popularity something which should come as no surprise considering the fine tradition of Sussex ales and ciders. Bede’s is perfectly placed for this activity considering its location; with Harvey’s Brewery in Lewes only 7 miles away and over 30 acclaimed breweries located in local towns and villages, there is plenty of inspiration for participants to draw on. Pupils who join the group are provided with the opportunity to create a diverse range of beverages from scratch, from wines and dessert wines to ciders, lagers and ales, learning all of the fundamentals of home brewing as well as gaining a huge range of scientific knowledge.


Performing Arts

Bede’s Singers

BTEC Band Rehearsal

The Bede’s Singers is open to all pupils and is an opportunity to come and sing in three and four part harmonies in a variety of popular and contemporary musical styles from Gospel to Musical Theatre. The Bede’s Singers perform in a number of concerts throughout the year, including Cabaret and Vocal Workshops. In January 2015, they performed with West End Singer, Tabitha Webb, in her concert ‘Love Changes Everything’. This activity is open to all BTEC Music Performance pupils and provides them with the opportunity to get together and play in preparation for school concerts. These rehearsals culminate in a gig in the Bede’s Recital Room in the Summer Term of each year. Primarily designed for other Bede’s pupils to enjoy, the BTEC gig normally sees a variety of performers, from skilled soloists to small ensembles and bands, doing their best to raise the roof. With full lighting and sound organised by the pupils themselves, there could be few better kinds of exam than this one!


Chamber Music This activity is provided for Music Scholars and those Music pupils with a high aptitude for performance and musical perception who wish to learn more about the refined art of Chamber Music. The purpose of the activity is to prepare pupils for the school’s Chamber Music Evening in the Summer Term and for other selected concerts in the school’s musical calendar. We focus on a wide range of repertoire. In recent years, this has included music by Frank Bridge, Beethoven, Mozart and Schubert amongst others.

Drama Scholars’ Play Each year, Bede’s Drama Scholars are set a challenge. They are challenged with staging an intimate production in Studio B of The Miles Studio Theatre with minimal input from the Drama department or Bede’s teaching faculty as a whole; they are given a script and a director as a sounding board, and the rest is up to them. With the focus placed squarely on performance, the Scholars’ Play is designed to be a spare, actor-centric endeavour where pupils rise or fall in accordance with their own levels of determination.

Drama Club The aim of our Drama Club is to engage pupils who have not opted for curriculum Drama to enjoy improvisation, devising and scripted drama. This club is intended to be a fun, practical activity and could lead to the creation of a performance if the pupils wish. No previous experience of Drama is necessary. In previous years, we have enjoyed working with a small group of Lower Sixth and First Year pupils exploring Drama through games, workshops analysing language in text and finally characterisation.


Jazz Band

The Jazz Choir is a 6-voice female closeharmony group that performs many of the jazz standards from Gershwin to Cole Porter. The Jazz Choir performs in our annual Cabaret Evening, as well at Speech Day and in external events in the local community throughout the year, often accompanied by the Bede’s Jazz Band.

Junior Production In the second half of each Summer Term, with the exam rush over for our Upper Fifth and Sixth Form pupils, the Bede’s Drama department’s attentions turn to our First Year and Lower Fifth pupils. The Bede’s Jazz Band has the standard ‘Big Band’ line up of trumpets, trombones, saxes and a rhythm section. They meet regularly, for two hours every Tuesday afternoon, and are a very dedicated and enthusiastic group. The Jazz Band rehearses for numerous public performances throughout the year including the Cabaret Concert, an annual Jazz Evening, an outdoor concert on Speech Day, and performances outside school at a wide variety of functions and dances. Repertoire includes standard jazz and swing numbers as well as rock, pop and show numbers.

Jazz Choir


In contrast with our annual Senior Production, our Junior Production is open only to the youngest members of the Bede’s Senior School community, providing them with the opportunity to take centre-stage. Furthermore, to focus the minds of these young casts, we invite parents, members of the wider Bede’s community and a number of Sussex, Surrey and Kent prep schools to watch what our talented young actors have prepared. As with all of our plays and musicals, the set design, lighting, costumes and sound for our Junior Productions are managed by Bede’s pupils as part of the Theatre Production club.

Music Technology


Whether it’s commercially released music or music/sound for other media such as film, video, TV, radio production, live-sound or video games, there are many career avenues and professional arenas demanding skilled sound engineers, audio programmers and producers. In the Music Technology department at Bede’s, there is a strong emphasis on learning through doing. We have a very well-resourced studio facility integrating both analogue and digital technologies, and there are a vast number of concerts and other events where ‘Music The Bede’s Orchestra meets once a week to rehearse for regular concerts. They perform at least twice a year, being a wellestablished and integral part of the annual Concert held in December and have their own concert in March. The repertoire covers classical works as well as film scores, show music and arrangements of popular and swing numbers. All players of orchestral instruments are welcome to take part. The emphasis is on serious rehearsal as well as having fun - the joy of making music together cannot be over emphasised!

Tech’ pupils learn live sound reinforcement techniques, working with outside industry experts on larger events and utilising state-ofthe-art digital live sound consoles. In this activity, Music Technology pupils learn the principals of sound engineering and audio recording project management, working with software audio sequencers Logic Pro and Pro Tools HD to develop a portfolio which demonstrates the variety of sound engineering techniques and skills.


Senior Production

Every academic year, aside from the dozen or so examination productions produced at Bede’s, the school stages one Senior Play or Musical involving pupils from all year groups. A showcase of Bede’s incredible acting talent, the Senior Production operates on a two-yearly cycle; one year we will stage a musical, such as Into the Woods in 2015-16, and the next a play, such as Great Expectations in 2016-17. Our Senior Production for 2017-18 will be Oliver, which will be staged over three nights and a matineé at The Devonshire Park Theatre in Eastbourne. With all of the make-up, set design, lighting and production management handled by Bede’s pupils, who work in partnership with industry veterans like Bob Bryan and Stephanie CarrGomm as part of the Theatre Production activity in the Co-Curricular Programme, these annual events are not to be missed!

In the Bede’s Drama department we aim for the impossible. We look to create productions with production values that are consistently beyond anything other schools even dream of. The technical theatre activity is there to support this ambition. We are fortunate enough to be surrounded by some of the best technical experts in the country: Glyndebourne Opera, Bob Bryan - one of the world’s top lighting designers, Ken Miller who won a lifetime achievement award for his contribution to British Theatre, and Howard Eaton and Stephanie Carr-Gomm - the team

Theatre Production

who built the Olympic rings. All are regular and enthusiastic contributors to our productions. We use pupils for all aspects of technical theatre - painting, lighting, sound, costume, design and building and aim to push them to achieve what they had not thought possible.



Chess in the Community Chess in the Community is open to all year groups and aims to spread the enjoyment and wonder of the game of chess amongst local primary school pupils. Participating Bede’s pupils must love the game and have a level of chess competence, but they need not be experts! During the activity they might teach children as young as four the basics of the game, although they likewise may find themselves coaching older pupils with specific strategies! Members of the activity enjoy the time they spend teaching the younger children and watching as they discover new tactics each week. If that sounds like fun, sign up!

Community Links The Bede’s Community Links project, founded in 2010, involves 40 pupil volunteers who volunteer their time to help local individuals, organisations and institutions throughout Sussex and beyond. Alongside their continued work at Park Mead Primary School, Hailsham Community College and Ratton School, this year the pupils have painted the horse stables at Undewood Farm as part of Bede’s annual ‘Make a Difference Day’ and engaged with local residents during ‘Knit

and Natter’ sessions to create ‘Twiddlemuffs’ in support of Alzheimer’s patients. With the invaluable input of Bede’s teachers, pupils have continued to invite groups of older people to the school from locales including Upper Dicker, Hailsham and Seaford for

computer lessons, to have tea, play games and take part in tours of our increasingly beautiful campus. Aside from this the pupils have visited a number of nursing homes, including Alfriston Court, to offer their company to residents, and we also work with Chailey Heritage, an organisation which specialises in helping physically handicapped children. It takes a special kind of pupil to do the kinds of things our pupils are doing. Luckily, we have many special pupils at Bede’s who are keen to volunteer their time for good causes.


Duke of Edinburgh (Bronze and Silver) There are three levels of the D of E Award; Bronze, Silver and Gold, and most new Bedians join our Bronze group. The Award is divided into four sections; Skill, Physical, Service and Expedition. The first three sections are pursued independently by the participants. Many pupils will be able to complete some or all of these sections through the Bede’s Activities Programme by selecting appropriate activities in addition to the D of E activity. Others will complete this, partly or wholly, outside of school time. The expedition section will be completed entirely through their weekly activity and the expedition weekends.

Zoological Society Bede’s Zoological Society, which currently cares for some 40 species three afternoons a week, provides an attractive, unconventional pathway to academic discovery and change.

It is also a fun and fulfilling activity for anyone – no matter their year group – who has a passion for animals, their care and conservation. Each term we have between 50 and 60 pupils with representatives from every year group taking part, which makes us the most popular non-sporting activity in the school, with

Knit and Natter Bede’s Knit and Natter Club is part of the School’s Community Links Scheme. The central idea of the activity is for Bede’s pupils to spend time with members of our local community, talking about their lives, current affairs, cares and worries - all while knitting for a good cause! Knitting is not a prerequisite and can be learned during the activity. members of the Zoological Society handling and caring for a vast array of species, taking part in visits to local zoos and wildlife parks and enjoying talks led by visiting experts in the field of conservation.


Sport and Fitness

For detailed information on our Sports Programmes, please check

Academy Sports

Bede’s has four Sports Academies: Cricket, Football, Hockey and Tennis. They all have year-round training programmes and special Invite-Only training sessions both on and off-site for Sports Scholars, with top athletes also enjoying free Strength and Conditioning Sessions and National or International-level sportspeople joining the Bede’s Emerging Talent Programme (ETP). Also under the banner of the Sports Academies, Bede’s fields teams and a diverse array of training sessions for pupils of all abilities in its four ‘Core Sports’, from Senior and exclusive 1st team training to Junior and purely recreational sessions in Cricket, Football, Hockey and Tennis.

Club Sports

Aside from the ‘big four’ Sports Academies, Bede’s also has over a dozen Sports Clubs which offer expert coaching, Invite-Only Training and busy fixture lists. Like the Academy Programmes, the Sports Clubs are open to pupils from all year groups and aside from team and individual training, each also offers purely recreational sessions for those looking to play sport for enjoyment. These Club Sports include Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Cross Country Running, Golf, Indoor Football, Netball. Rounders, Rugby, Sailing, Squash, Skiing, Swimming, Target Rifle Shooting and Volleyball (Girls Only).


Extreme Sports

Weights and Fitness

Do you like a challenge? Extreme sports is an activity where you will compete against yourself, overcoming fear and embarrassment to learn new and exciting skills. The activity is guided by pupils who often suggest new sports to try. We currently do a variety of sports depending on the time of year. Pupils learn to carve and pump into the bowls and half pipes with skateboarding and BMXing at Europe’s largest indoor skatepark. Equipment is provided or bring your own if you wish. No experience required, just the ability to fall over and get back up again! Distinct from the Strength and Conditioning sessions offered to Bede’s elite athletes, all Bedians have access to the School’s fitness suite and training advice during the extremely popular Weights and Fitness activity (for Lower Fifth pupils upwards). These sessions are limited in number and there will be assigned boys and girls Weights and Fitness activity days. All pupils will be baseline tested at the beginning of the term and a training plan will be generated for them. Sessions consist of circuits in the gym, Pilates, jogging and spin bikes.

Jogging for Fun Jogging for Fun takes place three times a week. This activity involves jogging at a leisurely pace through areas of extraordinary natural beauty. Pupils do not have to sprint and, as long as they are willing to give it a go, this activity is likely to become a firm favourite. We go to Eastbourne seafront, Seaford Head, the Cuckoo Trail and Arlington Reservoir. Ultimately, Jogging for Fun represents the opportunity to get a little exercise and have fun at the same time.


Weekend Programme

Bede’s is a seven-day-a-week school and our Weekend Programme is open to all boarders and any day pupils who choose to ‘opt in’ via our MyBedes extranet service.

Shopping trips and a smattering of informal events in Houses and academic departments are also available on Saturday afternoons.

The programme starts after school on Friday when a series of evening activities begin, with the emphasis being for pupils to have some ‘down time’. Activities include theatre, bowling and cinema trips to Hailsham, Eastbourne or Brighton, meals out and movie nights. Each Saturday morning, Bede’s academic departments are then open for an array of extended sessions, to enable teachers and pupils to engage in more exciting and challenging tasks alongside help with completing prep and specific examination revision. Aside from these many academic opportunities, pupils are able to take part in activities of a non-academic nature including, but not limited to, target rifle shooting, mountain biking and paddleboarding. In addition, on Saturday mornings and afternoons, a huge number of sporting fixtures take place before pupils return to the Boarding Houses for evening entertainment.

Each of the five Boarding Houses hosts their own Saturday night events, which range from move nights to talent shows, quizzes to parties, with one Boarding House inviting all members of the Bede’s community to join in their special event each weekend. These ‘House Entertaiments’ might be one of Stud House’s famous Casino Nights, Camberlot House’s Silent Disco, Crossways House’s BBQ, Dorter House’s Bingo Night or any number of


kind of relaxed activity to take part in at School. The main thing to remember is that whoever you are and whatever your interests, there will always be something on the Bede’s Weekend Programme to pique your interests.

Jerry Lewis Principal Deputy Head

other fun-filled evening activities. None are mandatory however, and boarders may choose to simply relax in their rooms after what will have inevitably been a busy week. Most Sundays there are a series of optional day trips to various locations and events around the South East to the likes of Chinatown, Thorpe Park or Brighton Pier. The aim is to give pupils the opportunity to experience the local sights, whilst offering a range of cultural, physical and fun activities. Again, none are mandatory and each House ensures that there is always some



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Bede's Co-Curricular Activities Booklet  

Read about all the Co-Curricular Activities available to student at Bede's Senior School.

Bede's Co-Curricular Activities Booklet  

Read about all the Co-Curricular Activities available to student at Bede's Senior School.