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iPhone Apps for Pha rma and Healthcare Companies iPhone App Development is becoming hugely popular within various industries, once such burgeoning industry which is gaining momentum is Healthcare and Pharmaceutical. Quoting Eye for Pharma in one specific example, the Psoriasis App by J&J, averages 60,000 downloads a day and has helped to diagnose 27,000 patients. So, for an app that was relatively inexpensive to develop, the investment has paid some serious dividends. Pharma and Healthcare are directing the budgets towards iPhone App Development . It helps them connect and communicate with patients using their drugs and doctors who are prescribing their drugs. Patients can download lifestyle management iPhone Apps from the App store which for e.g. remind them to take their medication, informs them of new side effects discovered and may also push coupons to them. Physician Apps are very important to the Pharma companies as they help them connect with doctors who are responsible for writing prescriptions and increasing Rx's is one of the major challenges they face. iPhone App Development is very critical to the growth of these relationships which affect their revenue in turn. Types of Apps which can be developed using iPhone App Development are: •

iPhone Apps for Pharma Sales

iPhone Apps for Healthy Living

iPhone Apps for Physicians

iPhone Apps for References

iPhone Apps for Productivity

iPhone Apps for Reminders

Benefits of Apps developed using iPhone App Development: •

Reach Smartphone Customers

Differentiate from Competitors

Creating New Channels of Communication

Real Time two way communications with customers

IncreaseBrand Retention


IncreaseDistribution Reach

Each Pharma and Healthcare company develops and markets multiple drugs. Hence, for cost savings, a lot of these companies establish their own in house teams for iPhone App Development. Apart from iPhone, the Android App development is also becoming increasingly popular keeping in mind that it's an open source platform. iPhone App development can also be outsourced to companies which specialize in mobile solutions for iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile CRM and Android phones. Successful iPhone App Development requires expertise and knowledge of the Mac OS system apart from design skills which are required to create user friendly UI's.

iPhone Apps for Pharma and Healthcare Companies