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My name is Martin Spurway and I am a Final Year Industrial Design Student at Loughborough University. I have over a year’s industry experience of working in both in house and in design consultancies . The following contains work from University and Freelance Projects.

Intern & Freelance Clients

MOLE computers

Moosh Watches Moosh watches create a fun and interactive experience which encourage children to play out side. The watches allow children to connect to each other, whilst aiming to get rid of social playground stigmas. Moosh also allows children to reflect on daily activities and collect online badges.



of kids toda y, play outside les s than once a wee k


e re d consid of kids eight or ove r w t h e U K in obese

H I!

Encourage Social & Outdoor Play

ble Friendly, Recognisa ear & comfortable to w

H I! Plugin to computer g for social networkin

Customisable & tradable straps

Connect to each ot via bluetooth


PC/ Collect Badges on tion ica pl Mac & iPod ap

Devices use bluetooth so children can connect

1 0m

Works within a 10 meter radius

Kids can see who they’ve played with as well as scores and points

Accelerometer and timer measure how long activity is sustained for

Flip Energy Education Flip helps families become aware of what effect their heating habits have on climate change. Flip monitors the efficiency and behaviours of heating in the home. When efficiency begins to decline, the photos begin to disappear, using an electro magnetic mechanism.

Split Flap Display Numbers

Electro Magnet

User Printed Photos

Helping Families Save Energy in the Home

Rubber Base Thermometer Batteries Heated Efficiently

Inefficient Heating

Photos Disappear

Bodu Beru - Maldivian Spa Prize Winner of the Futureproof 2010 Competition, to create a luxury spa brand from scratch. Bodu Beru creates a unique home spa experience which is like having your own Maldivian Spa in a bottle. Based on years of Maldivian Experience, Bodu Beru is ethically sourced and uses fairtrade ingredients.

Brand Values

Brand Values

Brand Values

Place to be

Female only escape

Good Enough to eat

Product Attributes

Prestige Luxury

User Reward

Experience at home

Product Attributes

User Reward

High Class Quality Spa Everyday

Product Attributes

Delicious Ingredients

User Reward


+ Logo Generation

Feed your skin

Logo Colour Luxury


Logo Monochrome



Unique sense of Luxury, Holiday in a bottle

Where Bodu Beru Stands Brand Values

Product Attributes

User Reward

Make people feel like they are on holiday. Offer ultimate relaxation in an increasingly hectic lifestyle. Ethically driven and responsible.

Based on years of Luxurious Maldivian Remedies, good quality materials encourage the user to reuse the product and visit Bodu Beru Stores.

Feeling of Maldivian Spa holiday in a bottle, Luxury High Quality materials, Charitable to Ocean and Maldives Fishing Charities

Target Market 30 - 50 year old females

Vision & Mission Create Maldivian Spa experience at Home

Value Proposition Ethically sourced & charitable donation

Big Idea

Product & Service Spa Products, body wash lotions, scrubs & candels

Key Competitors

Champneys, Sanctury, Body Shop

Competitive Advantage

Holiday Maldivian Experience in your own bathroom

Hummer Oil Bottle This styling exercise enabled me to develop a strong brand essence and adapt this to the design of a different product. I used the keywords Military, Secure, Substantial and Intimidating. The product styling and functionality has been taken from the styling cues of the Hummer and Humvee Military vechiles.

OSIM Curve The OSIM Curve is a health and fitness product, which aims to make fitness fun. Using core balance and stability, users have to touch targets which are projected on to the floor whilst maintaining their balance. Part of a group project with Jennie Morley, Emma Darby and Joe Richardson.

Less work, More play

Who says Fitness has to be hard work

that works. A fitness with friends ning core muscles, Stimulating and to and flexibility improving balance m body. to achieve your drea

Fitness Fun

Hitch Cameras Hitch is a new way of capturing memories for family events. Paired cameras allow greater integration and ease of access to a range of shared photos taken by others at these events, both online or on the day. These are aimed to provide a more sustainable and improved experience from the current disposable cameras that are often used.

hitch sharing memories





Dynamic Empowerment

Competitive Landscape

Basic Functionality

Opportunity Zone

Passive Interactivity

Immersive Interactivity

Curriculum Vitae PROFILE



I am a genuinely happy, hardworking and creative undergraduate achieving first class results in several modules. I am currently seeking work experience once I have graduated in July 2011. I strongly believe in the importance of creating useful, sustainable products that focus on user values, dreams and desires. I am very interested in change and have a keen interest in how creativity can enhance products, brands and experiences. I’m eager to enhance my skills in different aspects of design and feel the previous challenges through projects have allowed me to develop and keep developing a broader range of skills.

2007 Industrial Design & Technology BA. (Hons) DPS Loughborough University (2nd Year 2.1)

A creative and innovative approach to my work has enabled me to quickly develop skills in both 2D and 3D design. I am able to work well individually or as part of a team as shown in group projects.

Industrial Design Studies (First), Design Communication (First), Sustainable Design (First), Design Context (First) Design Practice, Design and Manufacturing Technology,

2006 - 2007 - A Levels Verulam, St. Albans

Art and Design (A), Product Design (A), History (C)

2005 - 2006 - AS Levels Verulam, St. Albans

Art and Design (A), Product Design (A), History (B), English (C)

2000 - 2005 GCSE’s Verulam, St. Albans

Art, (A) Graphics (A*), History (B), English (B) Double Science (AA), Maths (C), German (C), IT

Adobe Creative Suite 5 Wacom Tablet Sketching Microsoft Office 2010

PTC Pro Engineer

Bunkspeed Shot Pro

Autodesk Sketchbook Pro

Relevant Work Experience


Blue Marlin

Bulletproof, Brand Design – August 2010 - September 2010

Smallfry, Industrial Design September 2009 – June 2010

• Bulletproof are a packaging, branding and shopper marketing design consultancy based in London. • 2 Week placement, prize for winning the Futureproof 2010 competition. • Worked on several live graphic based projects for large real clients. • Work featured in Harrods and Blue Water and other stores across the UK. • Worked for clients such as YooMoo,

• Worked at Smallfry an awardwinning design consultancy, • Gained real world industry experience & have been involved in several diverse live projects. • Work included, User research, Market Segmentation, Concept Generation & Development, Client Presentations and Branding • Delegated additional responsibility of managing my own projects. • Worked for clients such as PZ Cussons, Marks & Spencers and Genus Pharmaceuticals

Kraft Foods and the Welsh FA. Blue Marlin , Brand Design July 2010 - August 2010


rld o W y e n is D lt a W

• Worked for structural packaging team for Blue Marlin Brand Design. • Worked on a month placement after being contacted through my website. • Being part of a small team mean’t that I was able to get involved in the whole design process. • Worked on packaging styling, structure, branding, client visuals and presentation formats. • Worked for clients such as Unilever and Cadburys.

Walt Disney World - Orlando - ICP June 2009 - August 2009 • Work Placement at Walt Disney World Florida • Fortunate enough to work in one of the most creative places on earth. • Graduated from Disney University where I learnt important business and design philosophies. • Worked in a foreign country meeting new people and made friends from all over the World

Additional Work Experience Designers in Residence Workshops September 2010 – Present

Burston’s Garden Centre - April 2005 – July 2007

• Worked in schools all across the UK teaching children from 12 – 18 year old. • Taught children about key design skills and processes. • Gave sketch demonstrations and presentations about my work. • Gained confidence in public speaking as well as answering questions given by the children

• Gained knowledge of catering for customers and dealing with their Problems. • Delegated additional responsibility of dealing with merchandising and product display. • Was privileged enough to have one of my displays used in a product catalogue in 2006.

Spurway Security Group – June 2007 - August 2008 • Installed high security systems in prestigious buildings in London and the surrounding area. • Fortunate enough to work in Buckingham Palace in preparation for the public summer opening. • Worked in a very varied environment, meeting and working with a whole host of people.

Trashcan Promotions November 2005 – December 2006 • Planned and organised fortnightly gigs to actively support local music. • Designed Flyers and T shirts for gigs and bands. • Set up Lighting and Sound equipment under strict time scale and schedule. • Allowed me to further my knowledge of stage lighting.

INTERESTS & ACHIEVEMENTS Recently I was chosen to present a group project to a large energy company in the UK. This consisted of a creative workshop with marketing personnel to try and get them to think differently about how their customers perceive energy in the home. My work has been published in several design blogs and magazines including Wired and Gizmodo as well as conducting a recent interview with a Bulgarian Design site, Lodiko. I have also done freelance branding and graphic design projects which I am constantly trying to build my skills. I have a keen interest in Photography and enjoy using old film cameras as well as digital. I enjoy sewing which has lead to the manufacture of toy Highland Cows and Penguins. I have completed my Gold, Silver and Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award which was a great and rewarding experience and something which I really enjoyed. I am a competent driver will a full clean UK licence.

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Martin Spurway Portfolio  

Industrial Design Graduate Portfolio, featuring work from University, Internships and Freelance projects

Martin Spurway Portfolio  

Industrial Design Graduate Portfolio, featuring work from University, Internships and Freelance projects