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Gain of using Compostable Paper Bags Author: Martin Spencer

According to The New York Times, the heated rivalry of between compostable paper bags and the plastic bag started with the development of plastic bags in the year 1977. The plastic clear biodegradable bags had made a reputation as a great substitute to the bulky compostable paper bags which might be heavy, difficult to carry and also more costly for the business. However normal plastic bags never go though the biodegradation process and are made up of unsafe chemicals, but substitute like plastic clear biodegradable bags are available in the market which is equally good as compostable paper bags. Now days, the reusable shopping bags which made of cloth material are in growing demand, but they are very costly to the customer and additionally does not serve as a best solution always. Because of this, many consumers prefer to use compostable paper bags as a handy option rather than going for plastic clear biodegradable bags if they don’t posses reusable shopping bags. Biodegradable The compostable paper bags are manufactured from natural product which makes degradation of product very easy. The plastic bags is not very kind to nature as it is difficult to break them down in landfill condition like clear biodegradable bags. Recycling plastic clear biodegradable bags is a good substitute, though it can be quite costly. On the other hand, the compostable paper bags can easily recycle and reused without worrying about its disposal. Benefits of the compostable paper bags •

They are fully biodegradable, can be recycled and reused easily.

It is very easy to carry these bags compared to plastic clear biodegradable bags.

They can grasp more articles than the plastic clear biodegradable bags.

The compostable paper bags are preferred because of their eco-friendliness.

Unlike the plastic clear biodegradable bag, they contain 40% of postconsumer recycled material.

These compostable paper bags are better than clear biodegradable bags as they are renewable resource which comes from the trees.

There are the many reasons for which people opting for compostable paper bags over the plastic clear biodegradable bags, few of them are as below: •

They can easily be reused again and again. • Can be shipped to paper converted for producing new paper.




• It is easy to ship them to the paper mills for converting them into new papers. • They require less power than the plastic for recycling. • They are less harmful to the environment and wildlife. For more information about compostable paper bags and clear biodegradable bags please visit:

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Gain of using Compostable Paper Bags  

The compostable paper bags are manufactured from natural product which makes degradation of product very easy.

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