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Martin Schmaltz is a student of the Word and an Apostolic believer preaching an Apostolic message in Word and ministry. You will be enlightened with his ministry and materials. Lee Stoneking


Empower… “to invest with authority”

Martin Schmaltz has been a friend and fellow minister for many years. His publications and ministry on "Apostolic Authority" have impacted my live and ministry and been effective in stimulating Spirit empowered impetus in various places around the world. God has raised Martin up and given him spiritual insight to impact our world. His ministry will surely inspire and impact you as well.

Empowering Believers

Garry Tracy - New Life Center Bridgeton MO


Blog: “What is Apostolic?” Martin Schmaltz brings a vividly relevant look at what it means to be “Apostolic”... http://tr.im/naKC

...imparting spiritual authority ...illuminating spiritual gifts ...igniting passion of authentic


Status Quo... “the existing state”

Many believers fail to realize the authority they have, and thus they do not operate in their authority. Martin Schmaltz has recognized that believers are not doing what Jesus told them to do, and now he is showing believers how to operate in their authority given by Jesus. I pray that you will have him in your church to inspire and enlighten your believers. I promise you it will make a difference in your saints.

Challenging Status Quo

Rufus Parker – Asia Military Missions


Video: Martin Schmaltz on “Strongholds� http://tr.im/nbSc

...tearing down strongholds ...transforming minds ...transcending limitations


Re... “again”

From time to time you run across people who have really great ideas. Then there are those unique and opportune times that you have the ability to encounter people who not only have great ideas, but they have the vision and the fortitude to carry them out. Not only a foundational and revelatory Spiritual Leader, but a Catalyst and Rainmaker by right, Martin Schmaltz is the embodiment of a new paradigm, one that challenges traditional thinking, and reinvents the way we should view the world around us - not only today, but well into the future.

Image “Representation�

Vincent Hunt - Thinker. Spreader of Ideas.


Blog: “Church Is Like A Sandwich� In this colorful, and insightful writing, Martin Schmaltz brings clarity to the importance of a Church that is structured correctly... http://tr.im/naOq

...reviving His purpose ...restoring His original ...revealing Him


Martin Schmaltz http://twitter.com/martinschmaltz


St Louis MO ph 229.869.6766 email.martinschmaltz@gmail.com

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Martin Schmaltz  

Empowering Believers Challenging Status Quo Re-imaging Church

Martin Schmaltz  

Empowering Believers Challenging Status Quo Re-imaging Church