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Playford Alive Case Study Playford Alive is a 1,000 hectare project that incorporates established suburbs in need of renewal and greenfields development under the one brand umbrella. It is located in the most competitive and price sensitive area of Adelaide and has faced enormous challenges to break negative market stigma and achieve sales success. Martins recommended a whole new approach to break the project away from competitors. Not just an advertising campaign, but a philosophy that embraces change and captures the core difference between the project and its ‘ugly developer profit-driven’ competitors.

It is a strategy based on change – changing the way things are done and changing lives. Inviting people to become involved. To become their own neighbourhood ‘place shapers’. Empowering them to have a voice. Doing it in a way that captures the imagination with arresting visual language that stands apart from every other residential project in the market. Key components of the marketing mix are: • Invigorated brand language that makes a significant contribution to the sense of an invigorated, positive energy place. • Active community engagement through regular events and community planning days. • A Community News Room overseen by a journalist training local people, set up within the Sales Centre to create a ‘buzz’ and generate positive news stories. • Facebook as a channel to engage residents and prospects alike. The marketing is changing attitudes, engaging the local community and driving sales momentum that is now outperforming every other project in the region.








Playford Alive Case Study