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Spa Avila at Avila Lighthouse Suites offers exceptionally luxurious spa services in the comfort of your own room or at our tranquil Spa, exclusively for our guests. Each spa indulgence provides a unique and unforgettable Avila Lighthouse Suites experience...whether your body aches for a time-honored ancient warm sea shell massage, an invigorating citrus body scrub, or a peaceful aromassage, we offer something for all our guests. Experience indulgent spa therapies alone or with someone special.

TOLL FREE: (805) 400 - 8693 Spa services are available 9am-7pm daily

–––––––––––––––––––– A DVA N C E D R E S E RVAT I O N S R E Q U I R E D

MA SSAG E S Avila Retreat Massage

60 minutes $125 | 90 minutes $155 The Avila Retreat is a light to medium pressure integrated Swedish massage with aromatherapy of choice. Relaxing and calming your body, mind & soul.

Warm Beach Stone Massage

60 minutes $135 | 90 minutes $165 Warmed smooth beach stone massage, for a deeper relaxation of tight muscles.

Beach Body Massage

60 minutes $140 | 90 minutes $170 Athlete’s favorite, deep tissue-sports massage. When you need more intense pressure to work your sore body into bliss.

Soulmates Massage

60 minutes $230 | 90 minutes $290 Side-by-side in the same room, two people enjoy a relaxing Avila Retreat massage together. With warm massage oil and aromatherapy of choice (one or both can upgrade to a warm beach stone or beach body for an additional charge).

Mother Earth Massage

60 minutes $125 | 90 minutes $155 The Mother Earth Massage is designed especially for the expectant mother. Gently comfort and sooth each side to relax and nurture. Please consult your doctor prior to booking a prenatal massage.

Esalen Massage

60 minutes $155 | 90 minutes $185 The Esalen massage utilizes long flowing strokes with a more 3 dimensional aspect to keep the entire body involved and give a sense of relaxation, connectedness and wholeness. Therapists works in an intuitive way rather than a predetermined protocol to feel and address the particular needs of the individual client, a full hearted moving meditation.

Argan Oil Bliss Hair & Scalp Rejuvenation

60 minutes $115 We gently massage & brush the warm Argan rejuvenation oil into your hair and scalp. Enjoy a relaxing upper body, neck, arm, hand & scalp massage as the warm oil and hot towel enriches your hair and scalp. Argan is rich in vitamin E, antitoxins, squalene and unsaturated fatty acids, leaving your hair glowing with silky radiance. Take your new hair brush home with you.

FACIAL S Avila Breeze

60 minutes $125 This is a Euro-Americano Facial which will cleanse your skin with citrus blends combined with aromatherapy steam to open your pores. Gentle exfoliation with botanical extracts to nourish, tone, and brighten your skin. A serum and moisturizer which is custom tailored to your needs is massaged gently into your face and décolleté. A scalp massage drifts you into a dreamy state, warm beach stones are used to caress your stressful neck areas, finishing with an SPF 30 moisturizer for sun protection.

The Cove

60 minutes $145 Perfect for the outdoor lover, sun kissed and windblown, this facial was created for your lifestyle. We start with a cleanse and exfoliation to remove harsh weather exposed skin, then bask in a hydration mask plus layering hydration serums to nourish the skin from the harsh elements your skin endures. Enjoy a scalp, neck and arm massage while these enriching nutrients replenish your face and décolleté. Aromatherapy steam infused towels will aid the hydration process, followed by a moisturizer with SPF 30 protection. Cool Jade rollers will gently calm and sooth while stimulating the lymphatic system and circulation, resulting in you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated for your next outdoor adventure.


90 minutes $175 Dual cleanse with botanical and fruit nutrients, with enzymes to renew and refresh. Mystical toner to balance the skin while hydrating, while aromatherapy steam opens pores to allow products to absorb. A marine algae mask rich in Vitamin K and anti-oxidants is applied to your entire face, firms while soothing the skin. Enjoy a Rose quartz stone massage with serums chosen for your skin type, which assist in lymphatic drainage to eliminate toxins, reduce puffiness, improving elasticity and tightening pores. Followed by state of the art Micro-current electronic “facial toning”, stimulates collagen and elastin production, causing tightening and cell reproduction. Relaxing massage of neck shoulders, arms and décolleté. A final toner mist to hydrate and a moisturizer with SPF 30 leaves you with a renewed blissful feeling.



The Central Coast Waxing Specialist

Waxing and Massage Combo

With the use of only the best products available in combination with the years of experience in wax hair removal for Ladies & Gentlemen (the only Spa in the area specializing in manscaping) we can assure you amazing silky skin from “Nose to Toes.”

40 to 60 minutes of any waxing of your choice followed by 30-50 minutes of massage of the upper body, back ,neck and head.

Brows sculpted Nose Lip Chin Face, no brows Underarm Full Sleeve Full Back Full Leg Leg Knee to Toes Bum Toes Bikini Brazilian (Ladies) Manzilian (Men)

90 minutes $185

Avila Retreat / Stone / Beach Body PLUS

$27 $20 $13 $13 $37 $30 $33 $63 $55 $45 $38 $12 $40 $85 $135

$175 / $185 / $190

Enjoy an hour of Avila Retreat, Stone, or Beach Body massage plus your choice of one of the following 30 minute treatments: +Argan Oil Bliss +Avila Breeze Facial +Foot Reflexology


SCR U B S & WR AP S Sel de Mer Body Scrub & Massage

90 minutes $165 Begins with a gentle dry brush to awaken and exfoliate the skin. House blend of sea and pink Himalayan salts with a lovely blend of essential oils, geranium, ylang ylang, and rosemary infused in jojoba oil, aloe and vitamin E. Exfoliates, buffs and nourishes the body while renewing skin cell growth, giving your skin a softer and youthful appearance with a silky feeling and healthy glow. End with a sea sponge and hot towel cleanse followed by a warm body butter massage.

Sirens’ Seaweed Wrap

90 minutes $185 After a brisk exfoliating dry brush, experience a full body citrus polish, then be immersed in seaweed (aloe gel, sea kelp nutrient rich Klamath blue green algae) to hydrate and detox the body. Arms & legs are wrapped as your body is gently cocooned in a warm blanket. Enjoy a scalp and neck massage while you detox and relax. You are then cleansed with warm sea sponges and warm essential oil infused towels and receive a moisturizing body butter massage. *Seaweed is full of protein, vitamins, minerals and lipids that easily soak into your skin to enrich, regenerate and detox your skin and body. Frequent sessions can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, scars, and stretch marks and can aid in the reduction of cellulite and loose skin after extreme weight loss. *See packages for multi-session specials.

LOCATED AT AVILA LIGHTHOUSE SUITES IN AVILA BEACH • 550 FRONT STREET, AVILA BEACH, CA 93424 Enter Avila Lighthouse Suites from First St. Spa Avila is located through the courtyard behind the Point San Luis Conference Room building.




24 hr cancellation required • *Minimum 1 hr. or two 30 min. services per person *Facial massage therapies are performed by certified massage therapists, are non-invasive, non-esthetic, and are solely for the purpose of relaxation and to increase a sense of well-being; they are not intended to treat, groom, correct, or improve any particular skin condition.

L O C AT E D I N AV I L A L I G H T H O U S E S U I T E S 5 5 0 F R O N T S T R E E T, AV I L A B E A C H , C A 9 3 4 2 4 805.400.8693

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