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August 2011

Looking ahead to the promising, bright future....


A message from....

Hello! Summer is coming to an end! We are about to begin the 2011-12 school year! Let me share with you some of the great things Brandon Elementary School has going on!

Katy Loomis, Principal Brandon Elementary School

• We have Early Education opportunities available for young children: • The ACRDC Head Start and the AAESA Great Start Readiness Program Call 673-2161 for more information

Join us at this year’s Open House! Parents, students and community members are invited to our district open house on Tuesday, August 30th. Complimentary hot dogs, hamburgers, and Plainwell ice cream will be available in the High School Cafeteria beginning at 5:00pm. Teachers will be in their classrooms from 5:30-7:00pm

Congratulations Class of 2011! Best wishes in all your future endeavors!

• • • •

• Our average student to certified teacher ratio is 17:1. • 6th Grade is now part of Brandon Elementary! This is very exciting! In the past, it was difficult for 6th graders to identify with the Middle School due to the location of their classrooms. Being part of Brandon Elementary will allow them to feel like they belong. I look forward to the 6th graders taking on many leadership roles in the school. • Our MEAP scores are consistently above the State average. • Our PTO sponsors lots of fun events throughout the school year! Movie Night, School Dance, Carnival, Spring Fun Run, Monthly Popcorn Sales, and many more! You can reach our PTO president, Becky, at • Teachers are trained how to use a Positive Behavior Support System. • Lunch Bunch with Mrs. Loomis will continue! By the end of the school year, each student will have had one turn to eat lunch with me in a small group setting.

NON-DISCRIMINATION POLICY The Martin Public Schools board of Education complies with all federal laws and regulations. It is the policy of the Martin Public Schools Board of Education that no person on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin or ancestry, age, sex, marital status, or handicap shall be discriminated against, excluded from participation in, denied the benefit of or otherwise be subjected to discrimination in any program or activity for which it is responsible.

An All Day, Alternating Day Young Fives, (with the option of choosing an all-boys section) An All Day, Every Day Kindergarten We have implemented an intense reading intervention program (Fast ForWord) to help students reach grade-level expectations. Physical Education, Computers, Music and Art are offered to Kindergarten 5th Grade students.

A message from…. Rich Okoniewski, Principal Martin Jr./Sr. High School

I want to extend a warm welcome and hope that the summer has been relaxing and rejuvenating for the upcoming school year! I want to share with you some of the exciting facts that we are proud of at Martin Jr./Sr. High School!

• Implementation of a Positive Behavior Program in grades 7-12 that will promote school pride, a safe environment, and a greater sense of self amongst students! • “Prescription Education” – tailoring the needs of students to a prescription of learning that will help ensure better success academically. • 26% of the Class of 2012 attending the Early College Academy at the Allegan Vo-Tech Center. Allowing students to gain college credit while being transported by the district instead of driving to a college campus. It saves the family money in gas, books, and tuition. It also gives our students a “head start” towards their post-high school education. • A five period modified block schedule in the high school that will allow students to “fast track” through the Michigan Merit Curriculum and begin their post-high school goals and/or aspirations while still enjoying the extra-curricular opportunities in high school. • Online classes offered throughout the school day and after school. This allows the option for students who are non-traditional learners in the classroom. It also gives struggling students the opportunity to re-gain lost credit so they can graduate on time with their peers. • A separate six period schedule and location for the junior high students. This will provide an identity for the junior high and promote safety in the hallways with different passing times. • Partnership with Big Brothers/Big Sisters implementing a mentor program with upperclassmen and elementary students. A great way to promote a sense of school community! • An environment that fosters a sense of individual attention to students. It also promotes the ability for a student to participate in extra- curricular activities without the fear of competing against large numbers of students.

page 2 The Michigan Department of Education has announced the household income guidelines established by the U.S. Department of Agriculture for free and reduced price meals and free milk through the National School Lunch, School Breakfast, Special Milk, and Child and Adult Care Food Programs. The income guidelines are effective from July 1, 2011, through June 30, 2012. School and child care centers will provide a form for applying for free or reduced price meals Only one application is required per household.

Children or foster children who are recipients of Michigan’s Family Independence Program, Food Assistance Program, or Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations, or who are enrolled in Head Start, Even Start, an At-Risk after-school center, or an emergency shelter automatically qualify for free meals. Households with incomes less than or equal to the following guidelines qualify for free or reduced price meals or free milk.

This summer has been a very busy time for us. The summer staff has worked hard making plans and getting the buildings ready for another school year. I look forward to seeing everyone return as we begin another exciting school year.

Scale For Free Meals or Free Milk Total Family Size 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Annual Monthly Income Income $14,157 $1,180 $19,123 $1,594 $24,089 $2,008 $29,055 $2,422 $34,021 $2,836 $38, 987 $3,249 $43, 953 $3,663 $48,919 $4,077

Scale For Reduced Price Meals Annual Income $20,147 $27,214 $34,281 $41,348 $48,415 $55,482 $62,549 $69,616

Monthly Income $1,679 $2,268 $2,857 $3,446 $4,035 $4,624 $5,213 $5,802

For each additional family member, add:





A message from‌. Bill Miller, Superintendent Martin Public Schools

I have nearly completed my first year as superintendent of Martin Public Schools. I have enjoyed getting to know this community and the great people I have the privilege to work with. I look forward to the new school year ahead of us.

We have made many new and exciting changes in part due to financial cuts to all school districts, a result of the condition of the national economy. Tough economic times are also times to reflect and make changes that can actually bring new and better ways of operating. The Board of Education has approved a budget that is the beginning step in ensuring a healthy future for Martin Public Schools. We are thankful for the willingness of our teachers to change the health insurance coverage to a great Blue Cross Blue Shield plan that will save the district substantially in expenses. All staff will be on the same new health insurance plan. In addition, all receiving health insurance will be paying 15% of the total costs which will give the district an additional savings in expenses. Working together has allowed the board to minimize the number of staff layoffs and to be able to continue to provide the support needed for our students to have a great school year. Martin Public Schools students will be able to be in a school that has quality and caring staff members, small class sizes, increased number of class offerings and opportunities for involvement for all of our students. I hope each of you will be able to have an enjoyable and meaningful school experience this year as we work together to ensure the future of our school and our children. We would like to thank the teachers, support staff and our community for working together with us so that our children will have a great school experience.


2011-2012 BREAKFAST/LUNCH PRICES Milk............................................................ $0.50 Breakfast Reduced...................................................... $0.30* Regular....................................................... $1.50 Adult........................................................... $2.00 Lunch Reduced...................................................... $0.40* Regular-Elementary................................. $2.25 Junior/Senior High School...................... $2.50/$2.75** Adults......................................................... $3.50 *State/Federal pricing **Two (2) tier pricing

2011-2012 Your school district is under the direction of the following elected members: Sarah Brenner - Trustee Scott Dill - Trustee Jennifer Harrison - Vice President Tom McLaughlin - President Jason Moored - Secretary Jim Schipper - Trustee Vince Tuinstra - Treasurer Regular monthly business meetings of the Board of Education are held on the third Monday of each month beginning at 6:00 p.m. in the Martin High School Media Center. These meetings are open to the public. Regular monthly work session meetings are scheduled for the first Monday of each month at 6:00 p.m. in the Media Center

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Times are approximate by 5-10 minutes and are based on 2010-2011 route pick up information.

2011-2012 BUS ROUTES Bus #14 Swan 6:50 AM 6:52 AM 6:54 AM 6:58 AM 7:02 AM 7:02 AM 7:02 AM 7:05 AM 7:08 AM 7:10 AM 7:13 AM 7:13 AM 7:14 AM 7:15 AM 7:16 AM 7:18 AM 7:20 AM 7:24 AM 7:27 AM 7:29 AM 7:38 AM

1850 10th St. 1946 10th St. 1972 10th St. 1050 120th Ave. 1079 120th Ave. 1382 124th Ave. 1212 122nd Ave. 1229 122nd Ave. 1283 122nd Ave. 1289 122nd Ave. 1424 123rd Ave. 1610 123rd Ave. 2144 15th St. 1590 121 St. 2044 16th St 1620 120th Ave. 1650 120th Ave. 1732 120th Ave. 1772 120th Ave. 1891 120th Ave. 1620 20th St. 1986 M-222 1950 M-222 Dover Farms

Bus #20 Butterfly 6:43 AM 6:43 AM 6:48 AM 6:48 AM 6:52 AM 6:53 AM 6:55 AM 6:56 AM 6:58 AM 7:01 AM 7:04 AM 7:06 AM 7:07 AM 7:11 AM 7:13 AM 7:17 AM 7:20 AM 7:23 AM 7:25 AM 7:26 AM

Pine Ridge Drive 1070 10th St. 974 112th Ave. Paula St. 1238 8th St. 742 112th Ave. 667 112th Ave. 667 112th Ave. 633 112th Ave. 497 112th Ave. 1310 6th St. 589 114th Ave. 648 114th Ave. 6528 Lafountaine 12551 Saddler 1534 6th St. 1544 8th St. 1490 8th St. 987 114th Ave. 1705 10th St. 920 118th Ave. 1706 10th St. 1693 10th St.

7:26 AM 7:27 AM 7:29 AM 7:31 AM 7:35 AM 7:39 AM

Hidden Ponds 1642 10th St. 1045 W Allegan St. 1628 11th St. 3rd & 1st corner 1052 W. Allegan St.

Bus #22 Rooster 6:43 AM 6:43 AM 6:46 AM 6:50 AM 6:54 AM 6:54 AM 6:55 AM 6:55 AM 7:01 AM 7:02 AM 7:05 AM 7:05 AM 7:08 AM 7:13 AM 7:15 AM 7:16 AM 7:18 AM 7:22 AM 7:24 AM 7:25 AM 7:29 AM 7:37 AM 7:42 AM 7:47 AM 7:49 AM

994 124th Ave. 2393 Railroad St. 2318 7th St. 790 122nd Ave. 1079 122nd Ave. 1083 122nd Ave. 1198 122nd Ave. 1180 122nd Ave. 921 120th Ave. 9th St. & 120th Ave 642 120th Ave. 626 120th Ave. 1914 6th St. 1630 5th St. 305 116th Ave. 304 116th Ave. 1739 3rd St. 438 N. Pratt Lake 438 119th Ave. Fenner Lake Dr. 2105 6th St. Lake 16 Trailer Park 1682 8th St. 983 Lee St. Little Clipper Daycare

Bus # 16 Horse

6:49 AM 107 118th Ave. 6:50 AM 75 118th Ave. 6:50 AM 25 118th Ave. 6:58 AM 116th & Boysen Rd. 6:59 AM 7077 Boysen Rd. 6:59 AM 7670 Boysen Rd. 7:00 AM 12808 W 9 Mile 7:00 AM 12790 W 9 Mile 7:01 AM 12582 W 9 Mile 7:01 AM 12358 W 9 Mile 12215 W 9 Mile 7:07 AM 12471 Saddler 7:07 AM Crooked Creek Dr. and Saddler 7:09 AM S. Boulder Rd. 7:10 AM 6360 S Marsh Rd. 7:14 AM 6153 S Marsh Rd. 7:16 AM 6190 S Marsh 7:18 AM 11385 Keller Rd. 7115 W Marsh Rd. 7:22 AM 7499 W Marsh Rd. 7:28 AM 382 114th Ave.

7:29 AM 7:32 AM 7:35 AM 7:35 AM 7:37 AM

1045 W. Allegan St. 1687 2nd St. 232 118th Ave. 277 118th Ave. 494 118th Ave.

Bus #24 Squirrel 6:27 AM 6:37 AM 6:38 AM 6:42 AM 6:55 AM 7:03 AM 7:05 AM 7:08 AM 7:09 AM 7:14 AM 7:21 AM 7:37 AM 7:39 AM 7:39 AM 7:40 AM

115th Ave. and 12th St. 1384 14th St. 1440 14th St. 1605 16th St. Big Lake Dr. 1665 116th Ave. 1987 M-222 1566 21st St. 1507 21st St. 2001 114th Ave. 18th St. & 112th Ave. 1525 112th Ave. 1086 10th St. 1388 10th St. 1394 10th St. 1115 114th Ave.

Bus #18 Rabbit 7:00 AM 7:04 AM 7:06 AM 7:06 AM 7:08 AM 7:09 AM 7:09 AM 7:14 AM 7:15 AM 7:15 AM 7:17 AM 7:18AM 7:20 AM 7:25 AM 7:26 AM 7:27 AM 7:30 AM 7:33 AM 7:35 AM 7:40 AM

2251 4th St. 2348 5th St. 330 124th Ave. 294 124th Ave. 178 124th Ave. 80 124th Ave. 2338 Patterson 12710 Wildwood Rd. 12280 Visscher 6181 Rook Rd. 6331 Rook Rd. Risner Dr. 6771 S Dennison 2041 2nd St. 245 122nd Ave. 283 122nd Ave. 293 122nd Ave. 2097 4th St. 1953 4th St. 1859 5th St. 859 E Allegan St.

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Brandon’s Buzz

IF YOU HAVE A QUESTION…… Questions relating to transportation, the school lunch program, athletics, building/grounds, specific building/student concerns, or administration, should be referred to the following individuals:


Phone: 269-672-7253 – Fax: 269-672-5138 Katy Loomis…………………..……….Principal Chris Blauvelt……………………..…..Secretary


Phone: 269-672-5554 – Fax: 269-672-9263 Rich Okoniewski…………...………….Principal Jeremy Palmitier………………Athletic Director Holly Cravino…........Student Guidance Services Peggy Eastman……………..…………Secretary


Phone: 269-672-5556 Todd Gardner…………….Food Service Director


Phone: 269-672-5800 Keith Cormier……………………..…Supervisor


Phone: 269-672-5086 Deb Kraima………………………….Supervisor


Phone: 269-672-7194 – Fax: 269-672-7116 Bill Miller……..………………..Superintendent Stacey Cleveland……………Business Manager Mary Beth Porter………….………….Secretary

SCHOOL CALENDAR: 2011-2012 August 8/30 Community Cook-out 5pm OPEN HOUSE 5:30 – 7:00 p.m. September 9/6 FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL-FULL DAY October 10/7 Homecoming game vs. Bloomingdale 10/10 NO SCHOOL –Staff only Professional Development day

Brandon Elementary School

November 11/4 HALF - DAY/Dismissal 11:30 a.m. 11/21 Conferences: 4:30 – 7:30 p.m. 11/22 Conferences: 3:30 – 6:30 p.m. 11/23 NO SCHOOL 11/24 NO SCHOOL – Thanksgiving Recess 11/25 NO SCHOOL – Thanksgiving Recess December 12/19 NO SCHOOL – Winter Break Begins January 1/3 SCHOOL RESUMES – Full Day 1/20 HALF-DAY/Dismissal 11:30 a.m. February 2/15 Conferences: 4:30 – 7:30p.m. 2/16 Conferences: 3:30 – 6:30p.m. 2/17 NO SCHOOL Mid-Winter Break Begins 2/21 CLASSES RESUME – FULL DAY March 3/6 NO SCHOOL- Professional Development; Juniors must report for ACT testing 3/23 HALF DAY/Dismissal 11:30 a.m. 3/30 NO SCHOOL – Spring Break Begins April 4/2-6 NO SCHOOL – Spring Break 4/9 CLASSES RESUME – FULL DAY 4/24 Academic Showcase 5:30 – 7:00p.m. May 5/25 5/28 5/30

Graduation – 7:30p.m. NO SCHOOL – Memorial Day LAST DAY OF SCHOOL – HALF DAY/ Dismissal 11:30 a.m.

Ship To Shore Edition

Principal’s Corner

Important Dates August 25—Young Fives & Kindergarten Orientation 6:00pm-7:30pm, Brandon Elementary School August 30—Community BBQ & Open House 5:00pm, BBQ begins in the High School Cafeteria 5:30pm-7:00pm, Open House for the District

The 2011-2012 school year is about to begin! Our first day of school is Tuesday, September 6th. Some very exciting changes have happened:  6th grade has joined the Elementary School!

September 6—First Day of School 8:00am-3:00pm

 Music Education will once again be provided

to our elementary students!

September 9—Picture Day

 We have a new website! Check it out: (Class supply lists are available on the website.)

A BIG THANK YOU goes to the Martin Lioness Club for purchasing our Student of the Month T-shirts for the 2010-2011 school year! We really appreciate their continued support! 

2011-2012 Teacher Assignments Y5s—Mrs. Andrews K—Mrs. Anderson K—Mrs. Jonker 1—Mrs. Lenhart 1—Mrs. Steffes 2—Mrs. Chamberlain 2—Mrs. Hurdelbrink 3—Mrs. Brenner 3/4—Mrs. Glessner 4—Mr. Oliver 5—Mrs. Nelson 5—Mrs. Vader 6—Mr. English 6—Mr. Robrahn Special Ed.—Ms. Kale Title I—Mrs. Spreitzer Art—Ms. Seiss P.E.—Mrs. Boyle Music—Mr. Noaeill Tech.—Ms. Wonderly

 The Administration has made staff changes

that have created excellent grade-level teams from Kindergarten all the way to 6th Grade!

I look forward to a fantastic school year!

AAESA Truancy Poster Winner Each year the Allegan Area Educational Service Agency (AAESA) sponsors a Truancy Poster Contest for all elementary students in the county. The posters are designed using the theme ‘stay in school’. This year’s 1st place winner— Jordyn Seiser (left), 2nd place Runner-Up—Sam Katje (right), and 4th place Runner-Up—Austin Pillars (center) were all from Brandon Elementary! Congratulations to these young artists and their Art Teacher, Nancy Monroe (pictured)!

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Clipper Comments

Martin Jr./Sr. High School New Schedules for the High School and the Junior High

The Martin Sr. /Jr. High school students will experience some changes for the 2011-2012 school year. The first change is that the middle school will be considered a junior high due to the fact that the definition of a middle school is not in place at Martin. The middle school is a concept that was implemented about 13 years ago as a separate entity within the building. Since it is no longer a concept that is being implemented, then we are truly a junior high program. The junior high will be comprised of 7th and 8th grade students. The sixth grade will be part of the elementary this year to allow the students to have an identity with a school building rather than be completely separate as they have been in the past. This will also allow for an easier transition from the elementary to the junior high. The junior high will be on a separate daily schedule from the high school. The daily schedule will be a six period day with four of the periods being longer in time than the other two. The longer periods (66 minutes) will be the academic periods and the two shorter periods (50 minutes) will be for electives. All but two potential classes will be in one area for the junior high students as well. All of the academic classes along with wood shop and band will be located in the “B” hallway. The only two classes away from the “B” hallway will be the art room and the gym for physical education class. During these times the high school students will be in class and not in the hallways. The high school students will be on a five period day called a modified block schedule. With a modified block schedule, there are three “long” periods (90 minutes) and two “short” periods (54 minutes). The long periods will allow students to take year-long classes in one semester. This will allow for students to finish the Michigan Merit Curriculum graduation requirements faster so that they can pursue other interests such has dual enrollment, enrolling at the Allegan Vocational Center, work experience, or taking college classes at the Allegan Vo-Tech Center through Lake Michigan College. The five hour period will also lessen the work load for students as compared to the previous seven hour schedule.

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Fall Sports Schedule 2011-12

Open House Our Open House will be Tuesday, August 30 from 5:30-7:00pm. Please come early and enjoy complimentary hot dogs and hamburgers with all the trimmings starting at 5:00pm. There will also be a variety of Plainwell ice cream flavors served. This is a great opportunity for you and your family to come and see the great things that are in store for the new school year! The staff at Martin Jr./Sr. High School is excited about the upcoming year and look forward to sharing with you what we have to offer in our building and in our respective classrooms!

Junior High Orientation There are many great changes taking place in the junior high. In order to make sure that everyone has a great start to the school year, there will be a junior high orientation after the district open house on Tuesday, August 30th. The orientation will start at 7:15pm in the Clipper Room. During the orientation we will go over the new schedule, the location of classrooms and lockers, meeting of junior high staff, review the new lunch program, highlight important information in the handbook, introduce the Positive Behavior Support Program, and much more important information. We look forward to seeing you there!

Important Upcoming Dates August 23 – First Varsity Volleyball Contest at Northpointe Christian Tournament August 26 – First Varsity Football game at Hartford; game time is 7pm. September 6 – First Day of School; Full Day September 9 – Picture Day October 10 – No School; Professional Development Day


Date Sport Opponent


8/25 8/26 8/31 9/1 9/8 9/9 9/14 9/15 9/16 9/21 9/22 9/23 9/28 9/29 9/30 10/5 10/6 10/7 10/12 10/13 10/14 10/19 10/20 10/21

Home Away Home Away Away H (Parent Night) Away Away Home Away Away Home Home Home Away Away Away H (Homecoming) Home Home Away Home Home Away


Hartford Hartford Wyoming Lee Wyoming Lee Marcellus Marcellus Lawrence Watervliet Watervliet Saugatuck Saugatuck Saugatuck Gobles Gobles Gobles Bloomingdale Bloomingdale Bloomingdale Bangor Bangor Bangor Fennville Fennville Fennville

Athletic Booster Club

The 2011-2012 election of officers will take place on Monday, August 29th @ 7:00 p.m. in the High School Media Center. Regular monthly meetings of the Athletic Boosters are held on the first Monday of each month. Everyone is welcome to attend and participate in the Booster’s Club.

Band Booster Club

President…………………..……..Kendra Hunt Treasurer…………………….Jennifer Harrison Band Director…………….……..Adam Noaeill The Band Boosters meet the second Monday of each month at 5:00 p.m. in the high school band room. Their first meeting for the upcoming school year will be August 23rd at 5:00p.m. If you are interested in participating and supporting this group, you are welcome to join!


Date Sport Opponent 8/23 VAR 8/26 VAR 9/7 JV 9/8 VAR 9/13 VAR 9/14 JV 9/15 JV 9/15 VAR 9/19 MS 9/19 JV 9/20 VAR 9/21 MS 9/22 JV 9/22 VAR 9/24 VAR 9/26 MS 9/27 JV 9/27 VAR 9/28 MS 9/29 JV 9/29 VAR 10/3 MS 10/4 JV 10/4 VAR 10/5 MS 10/6 JV 10/6 VAR 10/8 VAR 10/10 MS 10/11 JV 10/11 VAR 10/12 MS 10/13 JV 10/13 VAR 10/17 MS 10/18 JV 10/18 VAR 10/19 MS 10/20 JV 10/20 VAR 10/27 JV 10/29 VAR 10/31 VAR



Northpointe Chr. Away Schoolcraft Tourn Away Hartford Quad Away Watervliet Quad Away Gobles Quad Away Quad Home Bloomingdale Away Bloomingdale Away Bloomingdale Home Decatur Quad Away Lawrence Quad Away Saugatuck Away Saugatuck Home Saugatuck H (PN) Kellogsville Tourn. Away Bangor Away Bangor Home Bangor Home Gobles Home Gobles Away Gobles Away Fennville Away Fennville Home Fennville Home Bloomingdale Away Bloomingdale Home Bloomingdale H (HC) Tourn. Away Saugatuck Home Saugatuck Away Saugatuck Away Bangor Home Bangor Away Bangor Away Gobles Away Gobles Home Gobles Home Fennville Home Fennville Away Fennville Away SAC Crossover TBA SAC Tourn. @ Decatur Districts Week

By a vote of the Board of Education, there will be no fees charged for pay to participate for the 2011-2012 school year.

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Ship to Shore Newsletter August 2011