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Newsletter June 2012


June 2012 - Spirits of Arianwyn

Tylar of the Month

Leadership’s Message Hey guys, It seems like just the other day that 2011 was ending and we were ushering in 2012; but nope, we’ve been going strong everyday as we continue to grow and develop into a loving family. The past two months have been super crazy! Our staff has been working nonstop in-order to provide the best clan experience that you can have. For starters we want to congratulate you all on your continual effort and hard work that you have put into our citadel for the past few months. We finally were able to achieve our long-term goal of a tier 7 citadel on April 10 of 2012 and are now working towards our Frost Dragon! You guys are all awesome!

King Ear l

April 2012

Earl has been like really so awesome and it’s great that he’s in SoA.

King Ear l

May 2012

Our clan continues to grow by leaps and bounds. We now have over 300 members in our clan chat! Wow! And this number just keeps growing as well! As a result we’ve had to increase our number of staff members; to your benefit. We bring you two new Lords of Events: Lord Ysylla, and Fading Night; also one new Lady of events: Fezzz! Also, two new Lords of Tylars: Goatmoose, and Ir0nh1de! A new Lord of Recruitment: Iron Xan! Also we bring you more members of the leadership team: Boss Shanks and Le Christina, both in the Tylars department. As the school year comes to an end for much of the world, and students (and teachers) look forward to that “idolized” summer break, many in the clan have had final exams and other tests or projects to complete. We hope you all did well! As a result, we temporarily closed our applications for official entry into the clan for three weeks whilst our staff team were preoccupied with that thing called real life. Official clan applications are re-opening on the first of June! And with that, we are already anticipating an influx of new members to keep our staff busy and on their toes! It’s been a great past couple of months here in SoA, filled with events, games, and other fun things. You (the members) of this clan are what keep us thriving for more. Every day, we ask ourselves what we can do to make the clan better and how we can keep our members satisfied here in SoA. You guys don’t even know how much you all mean to us, and it’s a pleasure serving you all each and every day.

Earl has been like really so awesome and it’s great that he’s in SoA.

Member of the Month King Ear l

April 2012

Earl has been like really so awesome and it’s great that he’s in SoA.

-SoA Leadership <3

Editor’s Message Welcome to the latest edition of the newsletter which is completely different to what you will have thought it would look like! We’ve decided to adjust the schedule of newsletters to bi-monthly (2 months) due to the amount of work it was turning into per month. Josh also wanted to change the style of the newsletter, I suggested that we change completely and make something new to the clan section of RuneScape, a clan newsletter in a magazine-style! In here there are a lot of new features which makes up for the frequency downgrade. I hope that you do enjoy this layout and find it sexier than a web page, a lot of hours have gone into this and I think that it shows! I’m looking to include people’s artwork and content in future newsletters, I’d love for clanmates to submit art, poems, reports, articles and opinion pieces to beef the newsletter up and make it super awesome to read - I enjoy reading your work! If you feel as if you would like to contribute, then PM me on the Spirits of Arianwyn forums. Enjoy the issue! - Martin / Roving Fish

King Ear l

May 2012

Earl has been like really so awesome and it’s great that he’s in SoA.

June 2012 - Spirits of Arianwyn

in the

Recruitment Team

These past 2 months have been a lot different for the recruitment team. In April we have welcomed several new members (see tylar report for who). This quick growth was great for the clan as a whole, but as May came closer we got shorter on leadership and staff since May is a busy month for a lot of students and teachers on top of others having other obligations in real life to fill. We felts it was best to close applications for a good portion of the month. However, we were still able to squeeze in a few new faces. Welcome to all the new folks that have joined us in the past 2 months! :) As a result of this, in the next quarter the Recruitment Teams plans are to improve the current recruiting tools that we have now, but slow down on active recruitment of members. As explained above, the more aggressive approach to recruiting has resulted in the clan closing apps a few times. We’d like to keep our applications open if we can without anyone on the staff feeling overwhelmed. In fact as a part of helping to keep anyone from being overwhelmed, we have welcomed Iron Xan to the recruitment team, so welcome to the team once again Xander! A couple more aspects of our future plans are to get our Social Networking sites off the ground with more updates from more people in SoA (You can all help with this if you’d like to by visiting the links to the sites provided in the newsletter). With our staff restructured we are also aiming to get our interviews done within 24 hours. It may take some time to get them in that quickly, but if the person is around we want to be able to try and get them into the clan officially as quickly as we can since most people don’t want to be stuck waiting for too long. Welcome to all the new folks that have joined us in the past 2 months! :)

Tylar Team x

Resources Team


What’s Occuring lan C Busy times in resources and we are happy to welcome the following to Athem and Sadron!:

Athem for April 2012: Aviscowboy, Boss Shanks, Calimie, Devinchi, Elusive Eggy, Missydawn88, Robrunes & SimplyChris. Sadron for April 2012: Blacky88. Athem for May 2012: Buy American, Elton J0hn, Elyjaah, Rai Kyoshii & Supermancav. And with regards to events attendance, we are pleased to announce that our winner of the April 2012 Attendance award is Stuart C and 13 Slayer666 for May 2012! Congratulations!

Events Team x

Lord of Citadel

April and May have been a truly epic time for SoA at the Citadel. We started the period by posting record breaking numbers of people to reach tier 7, which we achieved at Easter after two months of solid teamwork by more than 100 people every week. A big thanks to everyone who set aside their dislike of certain skills and did everything asked of them to make it possible in just 7 weeks. We then had a short period of relative relaxation while the smaller plots were upgraded to tier 7 before embarking on the ultimate piece of clan pride, our very own dragon. It’s one hugely hungry beast and not shy of demanding plenty of precious objects for its hoard either. Despite being even more work than the tier 7 Citadel we’ve made very impressive inroads into attracting it. If you keep it up like this I’ll be out of a job soon as there’ll be nothing left to do except polish the trophies and mop the floors!



June 2012 - Spirits of Arianwyn

Le Christina

Lord Ysylla



Boss Shanks


Fading Night

Iron Xan

Accepted as Tylars 1080P 13Slayer 666 Aries_Kitteh Bho_some1 Brother Pucce Busy Today Cabbage Cgtoon Cider Barrel Daisy Hill

DeadlyDie Eilowny FCD FailyHybrid Faris Nor Fezzz Fire OnToast Goatmoose HaggardBunny I Goldies

IWhisperWolf Imaginary Pi Lente Melody LightDaNight LizzieFrog Lord Ysylla Loyizidis Lucifer Box Lyptical Marxslegend

Mial NT A Charity Nick Coates Omnissiah Pit PvM Hodgi Rhodes 91 Rihtar Robertsmom Suikui

Suzanne H Valeria Liln WARLOC Whitemage265 xVahibe

Graduated to Myrths 13Slayer 666 AndyMitchell Aries Kitteh Daisy Hill DeadlyDie Eilowny FCD

April 2012

Fezzz Galitzin Goatmoose HaggardBunny Harborseal1 I Goldies Ir0nh1de

LMosliteXbP en38a.3uM LMoostrLedveYls sylla181 .4M er Bu6m

FMlousttXtP f l o w n e t M SMuost XP 6.4 ie May d DosetaLedvely 2012 22 ls M

Ir0nh1de Kenzo Tenma Kirouto Lewq Lord Ysylla Loyizidis Lyptical

Malazdragon Matt Lauer Pit Pixell PVM Queen2All Rhodes 91 Rihtar

CMosabbage April 2012

May 2012

t XP Most Levels

2.5M 4

Fez zz Most XP 37.6M RMoih tar st Levels 182

Suzanne H Valeria Liln Venozio WARLOC Whitemage265 xVahibe

u a n e b e i LMlost XP 2.7M April Scotty t 2012 Mos Levels

May 2012




eM s o o m t .7 a 1 GMoost XP Shakveels ns7 Most Le


June 2012 - Spirits of Arianwyn

Drum An interview with....

A Long-term player, Golden Gnome Award Winner and video maker. Drum gives us an insight into his experience.

I joined Spirits of Arianwyn on the 6th January 2012.

How long have you played RuneScape? I’ve been playing RuneScape since 2001, the classic days.

What attracted you to RuneScape?

What’s your Favorite 99? Runecrafting, before RuneSpan.

Where do you see yourself in five years? Hopefully working with animals full time, like being an animal trainer for marine mammals, like dolphins.



Rob 239 2,478 IRL Name

Forum Posts

Total Level



I was browsing Google for MMORPGS, found RuneScape, and really enjoyed the game and the community. I started making videos in 2006, made a lot of new friends, won a trip to London, and got to meet some Jmods and more people RuneFest. I heard about SoA because of RuneFest, in fact.



When did you join Spirits of Arianwyn?



June 2012 - Spirits of Arianwyn


June 2012 - Spirits of Arianwyn

chose this because his IRL name is Milutin and really wanted another rare name. After being fed and watered and pampered with a free (XXL) tshirt from Josh, I decided to go on an information dig. I logged into clan chat and asked people what they wanted to know from Mod Chihiro, the person who dealt with the clan upgrade and various other high profile updates.

By Roving Fish As you may have seen on the RuneScape homepage in the recent weeks, Jagex ran two stands at the London MCM Expo (Comicon to you or me) on the last weekend of May. This was the first expo that RuneScape had been to and one of the first that Transformers Universe had been do. I went along, with Josh1391 to check out their offerings. 25th May After a long day, I had been up at 4am to film a sun rise as part of a college project; I caught the train to London from my hometown which took a grand four hours with the joys of signal failures and diversions making an appearance on my journey. I then got the tube to Diane (Tendersage[r])’s house near Wembley Stadium, The grand journey time was around five hours. It was so late at night when I decided to have dinner that a lot of the local supermarkets were closed, so I resorted to Pizza Hut – sorry body! After some time to catch up with the forums and do a few things ingame, Diane realised it was 1am and we went to sleep. 26th May After a few hours sleep in temperatures I’ve never seen during the night, it was time to get ready for the expo and meet people. I was up at 6.30am and was out in the streets at 7.15am – believe me, I’m just surprised as you are that the aforementioned times exist. After grabbing brunch from a local Tesco, I got on the tube to Paddington station where I met a friend with the very rare name of ‘Falador’. We then went over to the ExCeL (Exhibition Centre London) where we were overwhelmed by the level of effort put into cosplay by the masses of attendees. Once we had been branded with a neon pink wristband advertising ‘The Lorax’, we made a beeline for the RuneScape / Transformers stands. At first we went to the RS stand and logged in, there’s something about playing RuneScape on big bulky sexy graphic-intensive Alienware laptops that invites you to log in! A wild Josh1391 then appeared and told me and Falador to go and reserve my Transformers Universe name – to cut a long story short, after about 4 attempts at using my RuneScape account email to log in and being told: ‘your email is already associated with a Jagex account, please enter your correct password’; I created a new email account and finally got onto it. I reserved the name ‘Martin’ and Falador reserved the name ‘M’ – he

I then, with others, grilled Mod Paul M about RuneFest. I don’t want to put any misleading information out there apart from that RuneFest 3 won’t be in August 2012, but here are some things that he wants to do: • Host something in America as well as the UK • Move toward the community and a place to socialise and meet people • Move away from making the whole venue a RuneScape area • Ditch the ‘How RuneScape Began’ type Insider Sessions • Make it about feedback and an insight into how things were developed, have sessions that will appeal opposed to what may appeal • Ditch VIP Apart from somebody ranting about Squeal of Fortune to another player thinking that she was a JMod (Vodka B the woman who presents RuneCast) and then Vodka turning to say “I agree with you, I’m a player myself, I’m not a JMod I just work for them as part of the podcast – you’re talking to the wrong person!” I have nothing else to report besides the fact that Player Owned Ports will have construction built into it but won’t be 99-style-training. Falador and I then ditched the Expo as it was around 27˚C and was far too sunny to hang around the expo all day. We went for a trip around Central London including sights such as: Hyde Park, Buckingham Palace, St James’ Park, Houses of Parliament, London Eye, St Pauls Cathedral, Tate Modern, Millennium Bridge & Harrods. At around 10pm after Falador had caught his train home and I went back to Diane’s to sleep! :D 27th May There’s nothing to report here, other than me waking up and having cold pizza from Friday night, saying good bye to Diane and thanking her for letting me sleep in her flat, going to my cousins for yummy homemade burgers, lying in the sun for a few hours, getting the train home. I’m writing this on the train now actually because of the 30 minute delay and diversion. Fun! Overall, an awesome weekend. I don’t think I’ll go to another Comicon as it’s not my type of thing, however the big ripped topless man in the tight red leggings and boots definitely is my thing – if anybody spots him, send him in a box to me and he’ll be gratefully received as an un-birthday present.  Roving Out.

8 Events of April & May By Baraxil

June 2012 - Spirits of Arianwyn


June 2012 - Spirits of Arianwyn




JUNE xPacificist gameking2828 psycotropy monster070 Dear Vienna Serenaded tiktock Sir EltonJ0hn AndyMitchell Princess Rae Risk Wizard fcd Saint Aderes The Rev King

Anrakyr I Watched Adam Grey p0002q Lil Mal0 Baraxil I Drakken I KIMBRA JULY Kvoth andygt4 saberrocky51 Back 2 Alpha IZephyrI

Soa Prophet Omnissiah Madeof Stone Roving Fish GOTYE Goatmoose Fire OnToast missydawn88 Death Seraph Loyizidis Blacky88 Wanzetsumei Atwood_777

2nd - 5th June 2012 (Commonwealth)

HOT FILM RELEASES JUNE-AUGUST The summer is notorious for hot film releases, here are three few films that we think you might like to take a look at!

Late July - Mid September

8th June - 1st July


facebook/spiritsofarianwyn @SoA_RS youtube/spiritsofarianwyn Š Spirits of Arianwyn 2012 Some concept art property of Jagex Ltd Display names and ranks correct at time of publishing.

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