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Dedicated to my lovely friends in America. It has been an incredible good time with you!

„Land of Freedom“ shows me and my fathers journey across the United States. It‘s the try to show the States‘ atmosphere we experienced in these three weeks. From the megacity New York to the outback in Maryland and finally to the „Lone Star State“ Texas - we visited New York City, Washington, Baltimore, Frederick and Dallas in April 2012. Every station had it‘s purely own fascinating character, be it the glamorous Broadway with many many people, the vastnesses of the American farm lands or the big stuff in Texas. Once America casts a spell over you, you can‘t get rid of it.

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Manhattans skyline - Rising up to the sky, shaped by the remains of 9/11.

Like a chock trying to split streets, the Flatiron Building is located at 5th Ave near to the Madison Square Park



All eyes on Manhattan - everywhere in the City those silent faces watching the horizon.

Lines of busses and cups wriggle along the streets and avenues. People scurry from block to block. You don‘t understand what this city is about unless you take a view from above: ordered chaos flowing in the pulse of life.



People in Manhattan don‘t care about red pedestrian lights. They use them more than an indicator to know when to watch the traffic.

Want a newspaper? No problem in big cities of the United States. Every once in a while you find a newspaper box where you can get one - often for free!







Lot‘s of „bling bling“, faces missing their noses and paintings or photos - that‘s what the Metropolitan Museum of Art ist about. Even if you are not into art that much, it is quite interesting to walk around and get inspired by the atmosphere. For people who bear no relation to art at all it can be very funny to watch art enthusiasts standing in front of a masterpiece for minutes and hours.

Centuries of American history in the Museum of Natural History. Besides lots of archeological finds, great attractions are the special excibitions and the large planetarium.



Starbucks here, Starbucks there, Starbucks everywhere! Nearly in every city there is at least one of them. Serving fresh brewed coffee round the clock.

USA is big! And the sandwiches and burgers, you find there, are like that. I bet you can‘t find one with less than 1cm of topping. Delicious!



An original American Baseballgame is fun for the whole family. With funny small games in the breaks you never get bored. A game is way more than the baseball sport itself.

Reaching the first base - Frederick Keys vs Potomac Nationals game at the Harry Grove Stadium.



The Capitol - centre of politics in the United States of America. With many columns, doors, stairways and the dome between the two wings it‘s quite an imposing building.

Also inside the Capitol the fascinating architecture is continued. Additionally it houses many beautiful paintings on walls and sculptures inside the dome.

„In this temple as in the hearts of the people for whom he saved the union the memory of Abraham Lincoln is enshrined forever“

Built on strong pillars the Lincoln Memorial reflects the significant archivments Abraham Lincoln has reached for the union of the people and the States.



It‘s not unusual to see gas or power meters outside of houses. Sometimes you really have to pay attention not to stumble over them.

Electrical standards in USA are quite not what they are in Germany. It seems to me that they are not restricted at all when building electrical wirings.



Maryland has lot‘s of small neat Farms managed by their owner families for generations.

Endless roads, houses every once in a while, power poles go along and original American post boxes decorate the side of the road.



It‘s 11 o‘clock in the night and this guy doesn‘t mind. He is the naked cowboy - only at the Times Square in New York City.

Everywhere in New York City you can find neat places like the ice rink at Rockefeller Center.

by Martin

USA 2012 - Land of Freedom  

America 2012.

USA 2012 - Land of Freedom  

America 2012.