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Carpenter by profession, I learned how to shape and machine construction materials and have anderstood that building strong frames requires a rigorous approach. My concerns focus on the new implications my expertise has on my art. Therefore my skills are developing with a new perspective on the materials I use. Furthermore, my approach attempts to transform the definition of the words ‘profitable’ and ‘functional’.    My work explores objects, how they work and the different ways to use them. I have my own definition of object. I ‘’objecticise’’ all things concrete, material, and perceptible : objects, furniture, spaces or devices that I isolate and appropriate. I question their function and utility in order to recreate them according to the principles of diversion, exaggeration, or even elimination. I’m interested in the actions that generate these new objects. I try to generate an action from the viewer to fully integrate into the space so that they perceive the meaning of the work and its opposite.

ECHELLE (Ladder), 2013 Ladder Dimensions variables

PAUSE (break), 2013 Belt sander, table 85 x 70 x 50cm

FAMILY FRAME , 2013 23 wood frame, Console table 170 x 140 x 35 cm

LA FUGUE (the run away), 2012 Projection of picture Size 4/3

Ô ≈ ph32 , 2012 Work carried out with Enzo Mianes Bicycle wheels assembly Diameter 170 cm

F12 , 2012 Disturbed area Wood, CTBH panel, paint 140 x 220 x 450 cm

DESIGN , 2012 Graphite pensil 70 x 150 cm


In the monastery, the all architecture works with a circular logic. The movements are all controlled inside the building. I materialized this logic with two pieces. 0,5 t/min impose a precise point of view, a movement, a time. The seat offers a contemplative and meditative moment. In the monastery, this activity of contemplation takes place on the balcony of each cell. My piece displaces it from inside the building to outside, in the middle of the cloister. The cells work like a corridor. They are organized with a succession of furniture from the cloister to the outside: first the sink, then the bed, the desk and lastly the balcony. It’s a progression from the body to the spirit. The cell is one person space for loneliness. Cellule shows the intimate to the audience and O,5t/min invites a person to become withdrawn in a common space. Omphalos, 2012

Carved sedimentary stone 16 x 16 x 21 cm. Symbol of the center of the world, the navel of the earth and the withdrawal

0,5 t/min, 2012 Installation Reinforced concrete, motor, CTBX panel 125 x 100 x 62 cm

Installation in the cloister garden. A person is invited to take place on the seat. The user experiments the space and the time.

CELLULE (cell), 2012 Projected video 2 min in a continuous loop

Projected on the wall, the cell is showed to the audience. The video sweeps the space with a 360째 movement.

Mental space.

Cell materialized with every materials from the reconstruction space. Realized immediately, with the aim to read again the space and the volume.

View of the video cellule at the exhibition

UNTITLED, 2011 Installation Concrete, earth, iron, chestnut 190 x 100 X 100 cm

TOUCHE FINALE (finishing touch), 2012 Numeric picture Aspect ratio 3:2

GOODS, 2010 Mixed media Variable size

OUTILLAGE (tools), 2010 Installation Mixed media Variable size

OUTILLAGE (tools), 2010 Knife (detail of the installation) Mixed media Variable size

OUTILLAGE (tools), 2010 Bag of nail (detail of the installation) Mixed media Variable size

POINTÉ, 2010-2011 Installation Forged steel, ash 110 x 120 cm

UNTITLED (mind the gap), 2011 Installation 32 specification sheet Variable size

MULTIPLE, 2011 Trolley (cart) assembly 109 x 106 x 60 cm

CODE C, 2010 Photo montages of 33 editions 10X15 silver on aluminium 165 x 30 cm

BOITE (box), 2011 Oak, iron 18 x 18 x 18 cm

CHARIOT (trolley), 2009 Video 53 second

CHARIOT (trolley), 2009 Poplar, inner tube, plastic ball, copper pipe, wheels 45 X 45 X 45 cm

EXTENSION, 2009 Video 2min 51sec

EXTENSION, 2009 Mixed media Variable size

BALCON (balcony), 2010 Installations Fir squared, branches 100 x 100 x 100 cm

CHANTIER (building site), 2010 Pinhole (sténopé) Film 24x36 10 X 18 cm

PORTRAITS, 2010 Numeric pictures Edition lambda 41 X 26 cm

LEVAGE, Numeric Edition 40 x 27

2009 pictures lambda cm

CONSTRUCTION, 2010-2011 Cycle of drawings, graphite pensil 33 X 46 cm

CONSTRUCTION, 2010-2011 Graphite pensil, graphite powder 33 X 46 cm


Martin Monchicourt - Sculpture, installation - Book - ENGLISH  

Book presenting Martin Monchicourt's work.

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