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Meet Our 31st President: Dr. Mark La Branche



Despite being a small college in a rural town, MMC has its own breath of celebrity...


A day of heartwarming reminders...


A Message from President Mark La Branche

EDITOR Sissy Garner,

Director of Communications

MANAGING EDITOR Dr. Kayla McKinney Wiggins, Professor of English

GRAPHIC DESIGNER Susan T. Carlisle, Marketing Director

STAFF WRITER Kyla Young‘17 Staff Writer


Assistant to the Vice President for Institutional Advancement

Sally Phelps,

Dear Martin Family, Mona and I consider ourselves very fortunate to now be a part of the Martin Methodist College family. The College and Community have already found a very special place in our hearts. As the College approaches its sesquicentennial, 150th year, we owe a debt of gratitude to those who have nurtured, sustained, and maintained our mission. We truly stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before us. Martin Methodist has a place and purpose that can have great significance and impact for the world we serve—southern middle Tennessee. This area is blessed with such natural beauty and community, but at the same time, faces challenges that are unique to its rural setting. As a small, church-related college in rural America, MMC can be a national model for higher education in the areas of rural health, education, church leadership, business, public safety, public service, and beyond. In fact, many Martin graduates return to their own rural communities to begin their careers and fulfill their calling. Over the past few months, I have had the privilege of meeting and conversing with a good number of our alumni. As they each tell their Martin story, there is a common thread that weaves its way down through the decades: “If it were not for Martin, I would not have experienced the level of success and significance that I now enjoy.” Martin has been, and continues to be for many, a window to the world. And we will be the “Best for our World!” The College depends on the love and support of our alumni and friends. Together, “We are Martin!” With Gratitude

Director of Stewardship

Guy Schafer, Photographer

MMC EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Dr. Mark La Branche, President

Dr. Judy Cheatham,

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Jeff Bain, Executive Director of Athletics Jamie Hlubb,

Assistant Vice President for Human Resources and Operations

Edna Luna ’06,

Assistant Vice President for Institutional Advancement

Robby Shelton,

Chief Operations Officer

Rhonda Clinard,

Assistant Vice President for Finance and Administration

Dr. Ed Trimmer,

Executive Director of The Cal Turner Jr. Center for Church Leadership

Dr. Doris Wossum-Fisher,

President of the Faculty Senate

ON THE COVER Dr. Mark La Branche and his wife Mona walking on campus with their schnauzer, Bella, and current MMC students Paul Appiah and Kelsee Berryman.

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INTRODUCING MARTIN METHODIST COLLEGE’S 31ST PRESIDENT: DR. MARK LA BRANCHE Dr. Mark La Branche, an influential educational leader, began his duties as the new president of Martin Methodist College (MMC) on July 1. MMC AND GOLDEN CROSS FOUNDATION: KEEPING HEARTS OF SMALL COMMUNITIES BEATING STRONG The heart of any rural community lies within the elderly who’ve watched these small towns grow and prosper over the years. MMC BOARD CHAIR HONORED WITH AWARD OF EXCELLENCE Former Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen presented Byron Trauger with Martin Methodist College’s (MMC) Governor’s Award of Excel- lence November 1, 2017, in front of a packed house at MMC’s Christian Life Center. BOB LEARN JR. BOWLING COACH At the start of the 2017 academic year, Martin Methodist College had the pleasure of welcoming bowling phenomenon Bob Learn as the new head bowling coach.




MARK EVITTS Despite being a small college in a rural town, Martin Methodist College has its own breath of celebrity air with adjunct music instructor Mark Evitts.


EXEMPLARY CHARACTER EQUALS EXEMPLARY STUDENTS “Your reputation is what you’re per- ceived to be. Your character is what you really are.”—John Wooden INAUGURAL ALUMNI WEEKEND IS HUGE SUCCESS “The event was a day of heartwarming reminders as to why I love Martin Methodist!”—Pat Ford


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Fall/Winter 2017 COLUMNS |1

Introducing Martin Methodist College’s 31st President: Dr. Mark La Branche Dr. Mark La Branche, an influential educational leader, began his duties as the new president of Martin Methodist College (MMC) on July 1. Before coming to MMC, La Branche left an impressive mark on multiple institutions with leadership in advancement, fundraising, and church affiliations. His most recent position was serving as president of Louisburg College in Louisburg, NC. During his eight-year tenure at Louisburg College, La Branche oversaw the United Methodist-affiliated school’s increase in enrollment, an increase in graduates, and a five-year, $18 million fundraising campaign that exceeded its goals by 20 percent. He also helped steer the college through the end of a turbulent probation period to full, 10-year reaffirmation of accreditation in June 2016. Having worked closely with small, church-related institutions sharing missions similar to that of MMC for majority of his career, La Branche is incredibly familiar within this new setting, and he’s already working toward guiding MMC to becoming the “educational epicenter” for the 13 counties of south central Tennessee. “As an ordained elder in The United Methodist Church, and in my role at two fine United Methodist Colleges, I have experienced the vital importance of the church connection both practically and philosophically. In my role at Huntingdon College, I established the Bishop Paul A. Duffey Institute for Church Leadership and directed the Rural Church Leadership Initiative. Serving in the parish for 18 years at not only some of the smallest and most remote churches but also with some of the largest and most resourceful congregations has given me keen insight and a unique perspective that will enable me to build an even stronger relationship between Martin Methodist and the Church.” –Dr. Mark La Branche Dr. La Branche is married to Mona, his wife of more than 37 years. They have two children and three grandchildren. “I am thrilled that Mark LaBranche is the new president at Martin Methodist! Mark is a devout churchman who understands Fall/Winter 2017 COLUMNS |2

the importance of an intentional and deep relationship between United Methodism’s colleges and universities and the denominational structure. He was part of advancing that culture at both Huntingdon, where he served as chaplain and then senior vice president and dean of the chapel, and at Louisburg College, where he led a dramatic institutional recovery.” –Rev. Dr. Cam West, President of Huntingdon College “Mark is a very visionary, creative, courageous, resourceful leader. At Louisburg College he led wonderfully, expanding and transforming the school while honoring the tradition of the historic institution. His personality and leadership style are winsome, engaging and fun! He is a person of deep faith, strong intellect, good instincts and persevering determination. He has been loved and honored by students, families of students, faculty and staff.” –Bishop Hope Morgan Ward, North Carolina Conference

Fall/Winter 2017 COLUMNS |3

MMC and Golden Cross Foundation: KEEPING the HEARTS of SMALL COMMUNITIES BEATING STRONG The heart of any rural community lies within the elderly who’ve watched these small towns grow and prosper over the years. Yet, with age, comes a weakened heart that’s susceptible to health risks, and for many elderly, accessing proper health care is difficult, if not impossible, for mobility becomes a daily challenge for many senior citizens. The line connecting health care and those who require it in order to live out healthy lifestyles is widespread and frayed, but the devoted nursing department of Martin Methodist College plans to mend it. The Martin Methodist College department of nursing is the only four-year program across 18 poor, rural counties that trains student nurses and produces Bachelor of Science in Nursing graduates who will go on to spread their knowledge and skills from as small of an area as someone’s backyard to as large of an area as a leading healthcare facility. These nursing professionals and the students looking to these professionals for guidance understand that there is a great need within these poor, rural communities; therefore, they’ve worked closely on a grant request—that was accepted—that will remedy the problems that prevent senior citizens from getting the health care they need. This grant will provide 1800 hours of volunteer community health care services through health screenings and education in a faith-based manner in 10 settings in rural communities in our service area, with a target goal of serving 1000 United Methodist senior citizens. Through religion and storytelling methodology, Martin Methodist is uniquely poised to coordinate with the District Superintendent, pastors of rural United Methodist Churches and their colleagues in other congregations, community leaders, county health departments, and other resources to reach these elderly in need. Through faith, knowledge, storytelling, and compassion, the Martin Methodist College nursing department will work had to ensure that the elderly in underserved areas get the health assistance they need in order to live out their lives and to keep the hearts of these small-town communities beating strong.

Fall/Winter 2017 COLUMNS |4

MMC Board Chair Honored with Award of Excellence

Former Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen presented Byron Trauger with Martin Methodist College’s (MMC) Governor’s Award of Excellence November 1, 2017, in front of a packed house at MMC’s Christian Life Center. Attorney Bryon R. Trauger has been serving Nashville as a lawyer and as a founding partner of law firm Trauger & Tuke for over 30 years. Trauger received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Duke University in 1971, and from 1972 to 1975, he attended College University in Oxford, England as a Rhodes Scholar. In 1977, he earned his Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree from Yale University, and from there, he stepped into an impressive legal career that he still holds today. “How wonderful it is to celebrate one man’s passion for service as well as the institution he has such passion to serve. Martin Methodist has a profound impact not only on its students but also on the entire southern middle Tennessee region, and Byron will continue to help lead us to even greater heights.” said MMC President Mark La Branche. “Byron has had an extremely successful and decorated professional career, but his public service is what really sets him apart—his desire and passion to serve have no limits,” said Bredesen. “I’m proud to call him friend, and I’m honored and privileged to present this award to him. There is no one I know more deserving of this distinction than Byron Trauger.” Fall/Winter 2017 COLUMNS |5

Bob Learn Jr. Bowling Coach At the start of the 2017 academic year, Martin Methodist College had the pleasure of welcoming bowling phenomenon Bob Learn as the new head bowling coach. Learn, nicknamed Mr. 300, has a multitude of bowling achievements under his belt since the start of his impressive career. Along with being a past employee in the USBC (United States Bowling Congress) Coaching Department, a past Director of Coaching at Turbo Tech, and a past coach for Team USA, Learn has been declared the National and Regional PBA Champion 37 times, which includes the 1999 US Open and the 2001 Japan Cup. He’s also won the 1997 ESPY Award for Best Performance and the 1997 Victor Award for Best Bowler. He’s been featured in the Guinness Book of World Records multiple times, including ‘most 300 games of a lifetime’ and ‘highest average of a league season.’ Currently, Learn acts as owner of Bowling Revolutions Coaching and coach of Martin Methodist’s bowling team. He and his wife Stacey have two children, Brandon and Brittany, and one grandchild, Jayden.

Fall/Winter 2017 COLUMNS |6

Mark Evitts

Despite being a small college in a rural town, Martin Methodist College has its own breath of celebrity air with adjunct music instructor Mark Evitts. Evitts, who is also the director of the college’s bluegrass ensemble Richland Creek, has become the foremost called upon composer, string arranger, and multi-instrumentalist after having worked alongside well-known artists such as David Guetta, Cheat Codes, Blue Travelers, Jewel, Joey+Rory, and Katherine McPhee. He’s also toured as a violin/fiddle, viola, mandolin, guitar, and piano player with notable artists such as Rodney Atkins, Jimmy Wayne, Jaida Dreyer, Dillion Hodges (Firekid), and Bo Bice, yet his most crowning achievement within his work in the music industry is his Grammy Award win at the 59th Annual Grammy Awards in early 2017.

For his win, Evitts created a string arrangement and recorded strings for the Grammy Award winning Joey+Rory album Hymns, which won in the “Best Roots and Gospel Album” category. Album artist Rory Feek reached out to Evitts to write a string arrangement and play violins and violas for the classic hymn “How Great Thou Art.” The album released on February 12, 2016, and was certified Gold by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) in December 2016 for selling more than 500,000 copies.

Mark Evitts Fall/Winter 2017 COLUMNS |7


If not for Martin Methodist, I would not be where I am today. –Brandon Baker Brandon Baker is originally from Asbury, AL, and he is one of Martin Methodist College’s alumni heroes. He always knew he wanted to go to college, but his family questioned whether a four-year institution was in their budget at the time when Brandon was looking at college options. Therefore, when he learned about the Church Leadership Scholarship (aka Alford Scholarship) at MMC, he went for it and won the competition, receiving a full-ride scholarship to Martin Methodist. ‘That was a life changing moment for me because it allowed me to attend a four-year institution, and I quickly realized Martin Methodist was simply where I was supposed to be. It was my home for the next four years,” said Brandon. “I flourished at MMC. The academic rigor was excellent, but my experience there was much bigger than the knowledge I gained in the classroom. I grew as a person and as a leader. The success I have had in my career is a direct result of my Martin experience. I had mentors at MMC Fall/Winter 2017 COLUMNS |8

who saw talent in me and encouraged me to develop my leadership skills. I thought my path in life was to enter the medical field, but because of my Martin experience, I realized my talent was in helping other people achieve their own goals. I learned that my true calling was to work with philanthropists to help provide opportunities for students to attend college, to create a better life for not only themselves, but their families and the world around them.” After graduating from MMC in 2006, Brandon moved to New York City and attended New York University (NYU) where he received his master’s degree in Higher Education Administration. During his graduate program, he was offered an internship in the office of external relations at the Columbia University Graduate School of Business. Those experiences and opportunities at Columbia and NYU propelled him to where he is today, at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) as the assistant dean of external affairs at the Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science. At this point in his career, Brandon has raised over $100M to support financial aid for students, research for innovative technologies and new buildings for research and teaching. Brandon concluded, “I am proud to be a Martin Methodist College RedHawk! The campus will always hold a special place in my heart. The friends I made and the experiences I had in and out of the classroom shaped me into the person I am today.”

E F I L C G N M I V M O f L o e s u a c e B Kenzie Herd knew she would be the first person in her family to graduate from college—that was never a question in her mind. When she graduated from Giles County High School in 2011, she already had all the details worked out to go to school in Knoxville. However, Kenzie started really analyzing the financial commitment of college and decided to take a look at Martin Methodist College (MMC).

“I honestly thought I couldn’t afford MMC,” said Kenzie. “But when I was told about all the scholarships I could get, the decision to stay at home in Pulaski was simple.” Just a few days before leaving Pulaski, Kenzie canceled everything in Knoxville and didn’t look back. “I would make the same decision again if I had to do it all over. MMC was where I needed to be. My teachers were wonderful, al-

ways willing to lend a helping hand to ensure my success. I would never have gotten that kind of personal attention at a larger school,” Kenzie explained. Attending MMC changed Kenzie’s life in ways she never imagined. The internship she had with Magneti Marelli through MMC turned into a full-time job after she graduated in 2015, and she has gone from small town girl to world traveler as a buyer with the international car parts manufacturing company. I love my job, and I love MMC! I feel like I’m living a dream, and I am where I am because of MMC. I want to thank all the generous people who provide resources for the scholarships that make an education at MMC affordable for everyone. Kenzie has returned to MMC and is currently enrolled in the MBA Program.

Fall/Winter 2017 COLUMNS |9

Exemplary Character Exemplary Student s l a

u q E

“Your reputation is what you’re perceived to be. Your character is what you really are.”—John Wooden The Alumni Association’s Exemplary Student Award is presented to a student who goes above and beyond the normalcy of college life. This year, history major Kimberly “Kim” Rose was picked as the recipient for the award for her compassionate and active presence both on and off campus. She was a Freshman Experience PAL, where she organized study sessions for first year students, and she’s currently a member of the Thomas Martin Society, the Harry Potter Alliance, the Phi Alpha Theta Honor’s Society, and the Equality Alliance. Along with her work in

Fall/Winter 2017 COLUMNS |10

clubs and societies, she also volunteers her time tutoring in the Student Resource Center. Kim was nominated for the award by a faculty member who commended Kim for upholding the Martin Methodist honor code and for exemplifying the value of diversity; the faculty member noted that Kim’s “entire self is so welcoming and so perfectly capable of creating spaces for different groups to come together and work towards a common goal.”

As a history major, Kim’s curiosity took her off campus and to Thomas Martin’s gravesite after researching his life and legacy. She found it dilapidated and quickly became driven with determination to clean and restore it to the best of her abilities. She pulled weeds that had grown up around it, and

she used her own money to have the metal fence surrounding the plot tested to see how it could be restored. After, she contacted Martin Methodist’s Advancement Office to explore how to raise funds to restore the marble at Martin’s site. Kim’s service both on and off campus has caught the eye of many faculty members, leading up to her nomination and win of the Alumni Association’s Exemplary Student Award. She’s passionate, motivated, and incredibly deserving of the award that honors students who strive to make a difference on campus and beyond.

Theatre Arts 2017-2018 SEASON

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

Public performance: December 10 at 6:30 p.m. in the Martin Movie Theatre School Performances: December 11 at 9:30 and 12:30

The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party A Celebration of the Writings of Lewis Carroll

Public performance: April 29 at 6:30 p.m. in the Martin Movie Theatre Public School Performances: April 30 at 9:30 and 12:30 FOR MORE INFORMATION OR RESERVATIONS TOBRING A GROUP OF CHILDREN TO EITHER PLAY, PLEASE CONTACT KAYLA McKINNEY WIGGINS AT 931-363-9859 or ALL PERFORMANCES ARE FREE TO STUDENTS OF ALL AGES


$5.00 for Adults; Free to students of all ages “A Sleep of Prisoners” is a 20th century verse play retelling four stories from the Bible. We will be offering performances for select churches and youth groups. If you would like us to bring the show to your church, please contact Kayla McKinney Wiggins at 931-363-9859 or

FOR MORE INFORMATION Call Kayla McKinney Wiggins 931-363-9859 or

Fall/Winter 2017 COLUMNS |11

Please team up with Martin Methodist College by making an online donation at in celebration of MMC Giving Day! Thank you for your generosity!

Fall/Winter 2017 COLUMNS |12

On Sunday, October 23, Martin Methodist College (MMC) held the second induction ceremony for the Tennessee Xi Chapter of Alpha Chi National College Honor Scholarship Society. Chapter sponsors Dr. Jennifer Aust and Dr. Ken Vickers led the ceremony, during which the Tennessee Xi Chapter inducted the following 10 MMC students:


Emma K. Harbison (Loretto, TN) Hannah Rebecca Newton ( Leoma, TN) Rachel E. Sutton (Jackson, TN)


Brianna A. Chick (Fayetteville, TN) Victoria Ann Franklin (Columbia, TN) Daniel Evan Haislip (Lewisburg, TN) Cecilia Izamar Maciel Ortega (Smithville, TN) Jennifer Michelle Stewart (Duck River, TN) Emmaline C. Taylor (Lawrenceburg, TN) Lydia M. Wossum-Fisher (Pulaski, TN)

“We are very proud of our new inductees, who represent diverse academic fields but share a commitment to excellence and service,” said Aust. “And we are excited to build our chapter with such exemplary students.” Fall/Winter 2017 COLUMNS |13

Clay Target Team is Nation’s Best Two Years Straight

Winning a national championship is truly a remarkable feat. Repeating as a national champion is virtually impossible. Someone forgot to tell that to the Martin Methodist Clay Target team. The RedHawks, led by head coach Chad Whittenburg, successfully defended their 2016 national championship with another first-place finish at the 2017 Scholastic Clay Target Program College National Championships in Marengo, Ohio Oct. 27-29. The RedHawks finished as the High Overall champs – two targets ahead of Fort Hays State University – and 11 targets ahead of third-place finisher and national powerhouse Lindenwood University. The RedHawks also were the top High Overall team in Trap discipline with a score of 991 out of a possible 1000. Individually, the RedHawks swept the podium as senior Patrick McGee took the gold, freshman Garrett Sweeney took the silver and senior captain Colin King earned the bronze medal. Other individual accolades included freshman Eli Christman with a perfect score (200/200) in the Skeet discipline. Christman posted the third-best High Overall score and took home the individual bronze with an impressive 572 out of 600 targets. “This title feels much different from last year,” Whittenburg said. “Just the way it happened with making a comeback on the final day really makes this one stand out. I chose to tell the team exactly what they needed to win, knowing that and having the pressure of defending the title speaks volumes to the mental fortitude of our team. We take the mental game very serious and spend hours in the classroom honing that skill. This team is very special both on and off the field. I am thrilled for another standout performance and the way our seniors helped lead the freshman in a pressure-packed situation.” Fall/Winter 2017 COLUMNS |14

Fall/Winter 2017 COLUMNS |15

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Fall/Winter 2017 COLUMNS |16

Sav e t h e Dat e MMC Homecoming

February 3, 2018

Fall/Winter 2017 COLUMNS |17

Fall/Winter 2017 COLUMNS |18

A lumni Q uotes “The event was a day of heart-warming reminders as to why I love Martin Methodist!”— Pat Ford “The first annual alumni weekend was a wonderful success and was well attended by Martin alumni from all eras. As part of the festivities, there was a moving tribute and dedication of the women’s softball field to Royce Hughes, who was loved by all who knew her. Make your plans to attend next year’s annual event, or as we also call it, the Martin Methodist ‘family’ reunion!” —Betsy Bass Miller “Great turn-out—was amazed at the large range of ages from 20s to 80s. It was wonderful to have families attend.”—Debbie Lloyd “It’s not just about going back to a school you attended, but more about spending time with, celebrating, and remembering the people who formed you into who you are today. It was a wonderful day!” — Lee Stevenson

Women’s Locker Room locker dedicated in honor of Hector Lora

Men’s Locker Room locker dedicated in honor of former baseball coach, Mark Lee

The Reveille Carriage House Art Studio named in honor of Dr. William Ed Harwell Jr.

East Campus Softball Field named in memory of long-time softball coach, Royce Hughes

Fall/Winter 2017 COLUMNS |19

Report on Philanthropy With thanks and gratitude, we recognize those donors who supported Martin Methodist College from July 2016 - June 2017.

Thank You For Your Support Gold Circle of the President’s Society - $10,000 and above AvKare, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Julian B. Baker, Jr. Bank of Frankewing Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Barton Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Bracken Mr. and Mrs. Marshall E. Brown Dr. and Mrs. Theodore R. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Jerry W. Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Harvey E. Cantrell Rucker Donnell Foundation Mr. and Mrs. John D. Finch First Farmers & Merchants Bank First National Bank of Pulaski Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth D. Funger Estate of Thomas G. Gault General Board of Higher Education & Ministry Mr. and Mrs. James W. Granbery Mrs. Grissom’s Salads, Inc. Mrs. Jacquelyn D. Guthrie Mr. and Mrs. Joe C. Hardin Mr. and Mrs. Waymon L. Hickman Dr. and Mrs. Albert C. Hughes, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. D. Doran Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Bill Joy Mr. and Mrs. Bob Luna Metz Culinary Management Mr. and Mrs. Jerry G. Miles MMC Alumni Association Moss Ministries Corporation Dr. and Mrs. Roy Nicks The Reverend Charles H. Poole Bishop and Mrs. Robert H. Spain The Reverend W. Garie Taylor Tennessee Conference United Methodist Church Timken Foundation of Canton Mr. and Mrs. Byron R. Trauger Jeanette Travis Foundation United Methodist Higher Education Foundation Walker Die-Casting Mr. John Walker Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Walker Ms. Emily S. White Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation Mr. Donald E. Williams

Fall/Winter 2017 COLUMNS |20

Silver Circle of the President’s Society - $5,000 - $9,999 AT&T Tennessee Mr. Tomie and Dr. Catherine Aust Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Batchelor Baulch Family Foundation Brindley Construction, LLC Brown-Forman Corporation Mr. and Mrs. Fred Cassetty CB&S Bank Drs. Judy and George Cheatham The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee First Farmers & Merchants National Bank Franklin First United Methodist Church Giles County Chamber of Commerce Giles County Laity Club, UMC International Scholarship and Tuition Services, Inc. Mr. John N. Jones Kiwanis Club of Lawrenceburg Mr. and Mrs. John Lancaster Dr. John W. Lancaster Lawrence County Education Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Mack S. Linebaugh, Jr. Mrs. Faye Lynch T.J. Martell Foundation MidwayUSA Foundation, Inc. National Management Resources Corporation Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Odom Redstone Federal Credit Union Scholarship America SMART Scholarship Funding Corporation Southern Tennessee Regional Health System The Reverend and Mrs. James C. Stewart Tulsa Community Foundation Valley Packaging Corporation Volunteer State Student Assistance Scholarship

President’s Society $1,000 - $4,999 ACUI Adams Family Foundation Aegis Health Group, Inc. AIG Matching Grants Program Mr. James G. Alexander Mrs. Sheri D. Alford Mr. and Mrs. Ernest W. Allen, Sr. Mr. Jimmy D. Allen Mr. and Mrs. Joe H. Allen

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Arnett Mr. and Mrs. Jim Banks Charles Barkley Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Harold W. Bass The Reverend and Mrs. Horace C. Bass Mrs. Nancy E. Bass Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bassett Miss Darlene Baxter Be More Like Wade Scholarship Bert-Co Industries, Inc. Mrs. Elmo Birkhead Blackman United Methodist Church Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Boyd Boys & Girls Club of Maury County The Bryant-Jordan Foundation Mr. and Mrs. L. Overton Campbell Canebrake Club, LLC Mrs. Sue E. Cardin Justice Cornelia A. Clark Coca-Cola Bottling Works Coleman Memorial United Methodist Church The Tom and Betty Cloyd Scholarship Clyde E. and Janetta H. Collins Charitable Fund Columbia Girls Fast Pitch Softball Tournament Dr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Cooper Cowan Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy T. Cox Mrs. Marie G. Craighead Crosslin Technologies, LLC Mrs. Corbette Doyle Cornfest, Inc. Crossville First United Methodist Church Cumberland Hispanic Fellowship Bill & Zelna Dye Scholarship Fund Emerald-Hodgson Hospital Auxiliary, Inc. Miss Mildred O. Fariss Mr. and Mrs. Randolph H. Fields Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Forrester Dr. Lewis Foster The Reverend and Mrs. William J. Fowler Frito Lay, Inc., Fayetteville Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Gallaher Gattis Leadership Foundation Giles County Educational Foundation Ms. Linda S. Gill J. Marlin Goodman Scholarship Goshen United Methodist Church Graham Family Foundation Dr. and Mrs. H. Lynn Greer, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Charles D. Haney Mrs. Jeanette M. Hardin Dr. William E. Harmon Mr. Edward W. Harris, Jr.

Mr. Morris Ed Harwell Hutton Real Estate Services, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. H. Neil Jobe Mr. and Mrs. Derris B. Johns Dr. Frances L. Johnson Mr. T. David Johnson, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. T. D. Johnson, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. W. David Jones Mrs. Beth Kramer La Fuente Mexican Restaurant of Pulaski La Vergne First United Methodist Church Lambuth Memorial Scholarship Lawrence County Laity Club Legend’s Restaurant The Reverend and Mrs. Robert H. Lewis, Jr. Mrs. Joy Lewter Mrs. Dede Lipman Lone Oak United Methodist Church Mr. and Mrs. William S. Luna Mr. and Mrs. John Lunn Mrs. Mary Lynch Lynnville United Methodist Church Madison Street United Methodist Church, UMW Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation, Inc. Magotteaux Pulaski, Inc. Marshall County Retired Teachers Martin & Company Advertising Estate of Edward B. Maupin, III Maury Regional Medical Center Mr. Sam S. McCamey Dr. Eleanor F. McCrickard Mr. and Mrs. Michael McCroskey The Reverend Laura K. McMasters and Dr. Daniel McMasters McNeese Enterprises Mid South Concrete Mrs. Betsy Bass Miller Ms. Raetta Miller Miss Tennessee Scholarship Foundation Ms. Mary L. Moore Mt. Pleasant Community Foundation Murrey Chevrolet Dr. and Mrs. W. Harwell Murrey Mr. W. P. Murrey, Jr. Foundation of the National Student Nurses’ Association Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society Ms. Ann Nelson NHC HealthCare of Pulaski Mr. and Mrs. William G. Norrie Novartis Matching Gifts Program One Stop Medical Mr. and Mrs. James E. Orgain Mr. and Mrs. N. Houston Parks Mrs. Imogene R. Parsley Mr. and Mrs. Howard C. Paysinger PES Energize Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth H. Pinkston Pisgah United Methodist Church

Pleasant Ridge United Methodist Church Horace O. Porter Scholarship Association The James & Venie Ann Powell Memorial Fund Pulaski Exchange Club Pulaski First United Methodist Church Pulaski Publishing, Inc.(HPI) Pulaski Rotary Club Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Reese Mr. and Mrs. William W. Robertson Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation Mrs. Rebecca Y. Schumann Dr. J. A. Scoggin Mr. and Mrs. William D. Seagrove Sharp Motor Company Shawn Promotions Shelbyville First United Methodist Church Shelbyville First United Methodist Church, UMW Shipps Bend United Methodist Church Brown & Mammie Simmons Scholarship Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Sims, Sr. Mr. Estel H. Smith, Jr. The Reverend R. Frank Smith SMTAR Scholarship Foundation, Inc. Smyrna First United Methodist Church Mrs. Twila J. Snell Sonic Advertising Co-op South Central TN Development District The Reverend Garry D. Speich Spirit Coach, LLC Mrs. Rosemary T. Starnes State Farm Companies Foundation State of Tennessee Deparment of Transportation Stegall Charitable Educational Foundation Steinway Piano Gallery of Nashville Mr. and Mrs. David J. Stephens Mr. Claud Sulcer Mr. Bobbie Swinea Tennessee Conference of the UMW Tennessee Elks Benevolent Trust Tennessee Sheriffs’ Assocation, Inc. Tennessee Society of Certified Public Accountants Trent Holt Scholarship Fund Dr. and Mrs. Ed Trimmer The Reverend and Mrs. L. C. Troutt United Methodist Foundation for the Memphis & TN Conferences Valley District Civitan Foundation Mr. William E. Wakefield Mr. and Mrs. Paul Walker Mr. William H. Walker Mr. and Mrs. Mike Ward Wayne County Laity Club, UMC Mr. and Mrs. Doug W. Williamson Woodruff High School Alumni Association Ms. Peggy Wooten

Scholar’s Circle $500 - $999 American Legion, Department of Tennessee American Red Cross Athens Ladies Civitan Club #3501 Bedford County Laity Club, UMC Mr. Stanton G. Belford Belmont United Methodist Church, UMW Bethel United Methodist Church Mrs. Mattie H. Bledsoe Mr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Bost Margaret Baggett Britton and Joe S. Britton Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Butler Cardin Distributing Company, Inc Mr. and Mrs. W. Hill Carlen Ms. Susan T. Carlisle Carson Memorial Scholarship Carl & Anna Carson Memorial Scholarship Fund Mr. and Mrs. William Cassidy Cheatham County Laity Club Chestnut Grove United Methodist Church Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma Mrs. Bonnie H. Cleveland Ms. Ica L. Coggin Cowbell Brewing Co. Mrs. Carolyn P. Crigger Drs. Jane and Gordon Cutler Dickey’s Florist & Nursery Mr. and Mrs. James E. Driver Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Edmundson Dr. Frank W. Essex Farris Creek Lodge 509 F&AM Fayetteville Education Association Fayetteville Housing Authority Mr. Patrick L. Ford Fulton Rotary Club Giles county Branch NAACP Hardin County Education Association Ms. Sharon Harwell Mr. and Mrs. Joe W. Henry, Jr. J & J Heating and Cooling, LLC John Holland Scholarship Fund Kedron Methodist Church Mr. Todd Keith Kiwanis Club of Franklin County Lawrence County High School Limestone County Homemaker Council Scholarship Fund Mrs. Debbie J. Lloyd Loomis Foundation, Inc. Mrs. Mary T. Lowry Mr. and Mrs. Dan Marcum Mr. Brian W. Marks Tison Marks Scholarship Fund Mr. and Mrs. Joe W. McBee

Fall/Winter 2017 COLUMNS |21

McDonald’s Montgomery Central High School Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Morris Mt. Olive M.B. Church National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics Mr. Roy M. Pack Jack B. Parker Foundation, Inc. Dr. and Mrs. James L. Paul Pinnacle Industrial, Inc. Pulaski First United Methodist Church, United Methodist Men Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Rackley, III Regions Bank Mrs. Paulette G. Reed Ripley High School Mr. and Mrs. William E. Rutherford Shelbyville Optimist Club Mrs. Vivian Sims Sons of the American Legion Squadron 217 Southern States Athletic Conference Spring Hill High School St. Andrew Memorial United Methodist Church St. Mark’s United Methodist Church, Minerva Harrell SSC Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Tate Tennessee Independent Colleges & Universities Association Trinity United Methodist Church, Pulaski United Methodist Development Fund of TN/KY, Inc. Ms. Dian Volkmer Chris Wall Memorial Scholarship Fund Waynesboro First United Methodist Church Ms. Willodean Weldon West End High Alumni Association White County Laity Club, UMC

Column’s Club $100 - $499 AllSource Logistics American Legion Auxiliary #146 Alsup & Associates Insurance AMF Financial Group Anonymous Ardmore United Methodist Church Mr. and Mrs. Dave C. Atchley B & R Mold, Inc. Mrs. Joan N. Bailey Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey N. Bain Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Ballard Bank of Lincoln County Mr. and Mrs. James Banks Mr. and Mrs. Billy G. Bass Mr. and Mrs. Edward E. Bass Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bass Ms. Elizabeth Battle

Fall/Winter 2017 COLUMNS |22

Mr. Christopher A. Bbale Mr. and Mrs. John Beard Mrs. Lila C. Beasley Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Bee Mr. and Mrs. DeWitt A. Bennett Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Bevill Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Birdsong, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. C. Edward Blackburn Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Blanton Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery W. Blum Mr. and Mrs. David Bracey Mr. Christopher Bradford Mr. and Mrs. Christopher D. Bradford Mr. and Mrs. Herbert L. Bradshaw, II Ms. Vicky Brantley Mrs. Mary F. Brantley Brentwood United Methodist Church, Robert I. Moore SSC Mrs. Brenda O. Brown Harry E. and Iva Jean Young Bryan Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Buckner Dr. and Mrs. Charles W. Burger Mr. Jerry Burlison Dr. Cynthia Burnley Ms. Peggy A. Burrahm Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. Busby, Jr. Mr. Sterling B. Bush Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Clay W. Buttrey Mr. Len H. Callahan Caney Springs United Methodist Church Caney Springs United Methodist Church, UMW Dr. Charles and Mrs. Ruth Latimer Carr Mr. Del Carraher Carter’s Drug Store, Inc. CASE District III CB&S Bank Cedar Grove United Methodist Church Celina United Methodist Church Mr. Glen Chaffin Mrs. Joyce F. Chaffin Chapel Hill United Methodist Church Mr. Anthony W. Cherry Church Auto Parts Co. Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Clark JD Class Custom Carriers, LLC Ms. Rhonda Clinard Columbia Machine Works, Inc. Mr. Scott Combs Community Foundation of Switzerland County, Inc. Dr. and Mrs. David P. Comperry Ms. Carol B. Cooper Mr. and Mrs. Hugh F. Cooper Mr. and Mrs. John W. Copeland Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Cox, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Malcolm A. Cox Mr. and Mrs. Tyler J. Cox Mr. and Mrs. Ray H. Craft, Jr. Crievewood United Methodist Church Crievewood United Methodist Church, Builders Class

Crye-Leike Auctioneers Mrs. Eugenia Curtis Mrs. Adelaide B. Daniel Ms. Dana Davis Mrs. Charlotte W. Davis DBA Pebble Creek Golf Club Mr. Tim Dempsey Dickson County Laity Club, UMC Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dixon Dr. Douglas R. Dorer Mr. Norman Dotson Dr. Dalton Drennan Drury Insurance Group, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Duncan Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Earle Ebonite Recreation Centers, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Chris Edgmon Mr. and Mrs. Ray A. Edmundson Educational & Institutional Insurance Administrators, Inc. Mr. Rod Ehler Mr. Don L. Eisenberg Eli Lilly & Company Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Fred W. Elliott Mr. and Mrs. Phillip W. Embrey Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie E. Erwin Estill Springs UMC, UMM Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Evans Mr. Grant Fairchild Mr. Ben M. Falls Mr. and Mrs. Eugene L. Farish First Bank Ms. Kathy Fisher Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Franklin The Reverend and Mrs. Denman E. Frazer The Reverend and Mrs. James W. Gardner Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary Ms. Arlene A. Garrison The Honorable Julia S. Gibbons and Mr. William L. Gibbons Giles County Rent-A-Car, Inc. The Reverend and Mrs. W. Neal Glass Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gleghorn Ms. Chesney J. Gold Crowe Mrs. Kim Goldinger Mr. Jack Grainger The Granite Guyz, LLC Mrs. Martha L. Grant Mr. and Mrs. W.R. Green Jr. Greenbrier United Methodist Church Mr. and Mrs. Edwin A. Gregory H.G. Hill Realty Company, LLC Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Haberthear Hackney Charitable Foundation, Inc. Mr. Jerry Hall Mr. and Mrs. William J. Hamlett Mr. and Mrs. Terry W. Harrison Mr. and Mrs. Micah Hartsfield Dr. and Mrs. Brant Harwell Dr. and Mrs. Dennis E. Haskins

Mr. and Mrs. Ed B. Hayes, Jr. Mrs. Geneva Hayes Mr. and Mrs. D. Coyle Hazelwood Hickman County Education Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Logan G. Hedrick Hendersonville First United Methodist, Poe Williams Class Ms. Laura Ibana Hernandez Mr. Lawrence Hewgley Mr. and Mrs. Rick Heydel Mr. and Mrs. Terry Hickman Hickory House Restaurant Hillcrest United Methodist Church, UMW Ms. Suzanne M. Hillhouse Mrs. Sally S. Hobbs Mrs. Katherine Hodge Ms. Nancy A. Hodge Alan and Pat Wilkinson Hoeper Mr. Samuel Wesley Holden, II Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Holley Mr. and Mrs. Doy O. Hollman Holston Conference United Methodist Church Foundation, Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Roger W. Ireson J.R. Wauford & Company Jack Daniel Distillery Mr. and Mrs. Johnny W. Jones Mrs. Sue E. Jones Mr. and Mrs. Cory Jordan Mr. and Mrs. Louis Jordan The Reverend and Mrs. James C. Kannon, Jr. Mai H. Kelton EdD Kids Depot Learning Center, LLC Ms. Linda Kurtz Mr. C.M. Landrum Mrs. Ann B. Lannom Dr. and Mrs. Kerbe Lee Mrs. Naomi T. Lee Mr. Alan Lemberg Lewisburg First United Methodist Church, Fellowship Class Lewter’s Wholesale Supply, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. James H. Lindsey Mr. Rockwell S. Livingston Ms. Nell E. Logan LTS, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Jones W. Luna Ms. Caroline G. MacQueen Mr. Richard Madden Magli Realty Co. Mr. James M. Malone, Jr. Mrs. Marty M. Marina Mr. and Mrs. Jack A. Martin Mr. and Mrs. David A. Martindale Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Martins Ms. Flora D. McClain Mrs. Martha McCord Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McCormack Chance McElroy Memorial Scholarship McEwen United Methodist Church, UMW

McKay’s Service Center Mr. and Mrs. Brian McKelvy McMinnville First United Methodist Church, UMW Mr. and Mrs. Kent McNish Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. McRandall Ms. Margaret Meggs Dr. Grace A. Meier Mid-South Overhead Crane Service Minor Hill United Methodist Church Monarch Advisory Group The Reverend and Mrs. Harold Montgomery Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Moody Mr. and Mrs. Donnie E. Moore Mr. and Mrs. Edwin D. Moore Mr. and Mrs. William J. Morefield, Jr. Ms. Anne Morgan Mt. Olivet United Methodist Church, Ladies Bible Class Mr. and Mrs. Lee A. Nabors Nabors Rentals Mr. and Mrs. Dennis W. Neely Mr. and Mrs. William P. Nelms New Tech Color & Additives, LLC Mr. M. Donnell Newman NHC HomeCare Dr. Shin Nishimura Mr. Samuel P. Northcutt Ms. Betty A. Ogilvie Mr. and Mrs. Joe R. Oliver Mr. and Mrs. John Olker Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Osgood Ms. Rebecca J. Palmer Pancoast & Associates, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Steve Pantall Mr. and Mrs. Scott Paschal Mr. and Mrs. Michael H. Pate Ms. Brandie D. Paul Mr. and Mrs. Johnny M. Phelps Dr. and Mrs. Glen M. Phillips Mr. and Mrs. Larry A. Pitts Mr. Thomas C. Pollock Mr. and Mrs. Charlie C. Pope Mr. and Mrs. John W. Potts, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Powell Professional Benefit Solutions, LLC Pulaski Elks Lodge Pulaski Publishing, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Rankin Mr. and Mrs. Jim Rasmussen Ms. Susanna Fein and Mr. David Raybin Mr. and Mrs. John K. Rayburn, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William E. Read Ms. Stella Rhodes Mr. and Mrs. Clarence J. Rivers Dr. Ken Robertson Mr. and Mrs. John T. Rochford Rost Jewelers Mr. Richard Rowlette Ms. Mia V. Rummage Mr. and Mrs. Cecil J. Rush

Mr. Donald Rutledge Savory Jack’s LLC Mr. and Mrs. William Scherler Ms. Sara B. Schulz Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Schumpert Mr. and Mrs. William Sevier, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Shelton Judge Muriel Robinson and Mr. Irby C. Simpkins, Jr. Mr. Joseph H. Sircy Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Sisk Mr. and Mrs. Dane Smith Mrs. Marilyn Smith Dr. Tina T. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Stephen W. Spivey State Farm Insurance Companies Ms. Melissa G. Steelman Mr. and Mrs. George A. Stone Storey Accounting Group, PC Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Stutts Mr. and Mrs. Dexter L. Sullivan Mr. James H. Tabor Mr. and Mrs. James Dennis Taylor Tennessee Farmers Mutual Insurance Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Thayer The Winery at Belle Meade Plantation, Inc. Mr. S.M. Thomas Mr. and Mrs. William R. Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Thurman Mr. John Todd Topashaw Farms Packing Mr. Kirk Treible Tusculum College Mrs. Georgia Ude Mr. and Mrs. C.W. Underhill Mr. and Mrs. Tim Underwood Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ussery Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Vickers Mr. Stephen M. Vinsavich Mr. and Mrs. Jackson L. Voss Mrs. Carolyn B. Wade Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Wade Washington Street Church of Christ Mrs. Janice R. Watkins Mr. and Mrs. John Watson, II Waverly First United Methodist Church, Hart Class Ms. Jimmie J. Webber Mrs. Mary W. Welch The Reverend and Mrs. Marcus F. West Mr. Terry Whitt Mr. Chad Whittenburg Mr. Michael Wiggins and Dr. Kayla M. Wiggins Dr. and Mrs. J. Kenneth Wilkerson Mr. and Mrs. Nick Williams Mr. Eli D. Fisher and Dr. Doris D. Wossum Mr. and Mrs. Bill J. Yancey, III Mrs. Emma E. Yount Dr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Yow, III Zellus Marketing

Fall/Winter 2017 COLUMNS |23

Scholar’s Circle $1 - $99 Ms. Christine Abbay Mr. Kevin P. Adams Mr. and Mrs. Scott Aleridge Mr. Larry A. Andersen Mr. Mike Andrews Arlington United Methodist Church, UMW Ms. Alice Arndt Mr. and Mrs. Timothy E. Arndt Mr. and Mrs. Danny Arnold Ms. Martha Arnold Mr. and Mrs. Jason A. Austin Mr. Will M. Austin Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Barkley Mr. and Mrs. Mike Barnes Mr. and Mrs. W. V. Bass The Reverend and Mrs. Brandon W. Bass Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Bass Mr. and Mrs. John R. Batte Belle Meade United Methodist Church, Triple S SSC Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bevins Mr. and Mrs. Barry M. Bishop Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Blair Mr. and Mrs. Gene N. Blan Jr. Dr. and Mrs. James L. Bledsoe Mr. and Mrs. Charles Boyd Mr. Michael J. Bradley Mr. and Mrs. Tim Brakley Mr. and Mrs. James S. Brenner Mrs. Elaine Brindley Mr. and Mrs. William G. Briscoe Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Terrell Brown Mr. and Mrs. Julian Bub Mr. and Mrs. Mike Burgess Ms. Joann Bush Mr. James Bussell Mr. and Mrs. James Callan Mr. and Mrs. Ernest H. Calvert III Mr. Mark Cameron Mr. Jimmy Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Campbell The Reverend and Mrs. William S. Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Gary Cannon Ms. Emily Carson Mr. and Mrs. Salvadore V. Caruso Mr. Scott J. Caruso Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Corbin L. Caruthers Mr. and Mrs. William M. Cassidy Mr. and Mrs. Brent Chambers Chapel Hill Wine & Spirits Mr. Bobby J. Chick Ms. Carole E. Cleveland Mrs. Lee A. Coble Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Cochran Ms. Freida Coker

Fall/Winter 2017 COLUMNS |24

Ms. Suzanne P. Courtney Mr. and Mrs. Russell L. Coussons Ms. Martha A. Covington Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Covington Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Damron Mr. James G. Danley Davis & Eslick Supermarket Mr. and Mrs. Owen B. Dawson Ms. Terri R. Dawson Mr. David Delk Mr. and Mrs. H. Scott Delk Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Delozier Mr. and Mrs. Britton B. Dennis Mr. Jess P. Dicus Mrs. and Mrs. Richard D. Dugger Mr. and Mrs. Caleb R. Dunkle Mr. and Mrs. Dusten S. Dutton Mr. and Mrs. Floyd E. Dyess Eagle Ready Mix Mr. and Mrs. Jim Edmondson Dr. E. Bryan Elkins Mr. and Mrs. Chris Ellison Ms. Janice Ellison Enduring Light Ministry Ms. Wanda J. Ervin Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Eskesen Mr. Douglas W. Evans Ms. Elizabeth Evans Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Evans Mr. Morland Ezell Mrs. Luann D. Farrar Mr. and Mrs. John D. Felton Mrs. Ruby Fisher Mrs. Betty H. Fitzgerald Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Foglesong Mr. and Mrs. John J. Forshee Mr. Leon D. Fountain Fox Enterprises, LLC Mr. and Mrs. Gary J. Frame Mrs. Jean H. Francis Mr. Donald O. Franklin Mr. and Mrs. Hank Franklin Mr. and Mrs. Jon Freels Ms. Anne C. Frisby Ms. Kathryn Garner Mr. Mark Gay Mr. and Mrs. Harold Gibson Ms. Julie Giese Giles Insulators Mr. and Mrs. B.W. Goree Mrs. Elizabeth L. Gourieux Mr. and Mrs. Hermon Graham Ms. Angela M. Grant Mr. and Mrs. William B. Grant Mr. Emma Green Mr. Rick S. Gregory Mr. and Mrs. F. Stuart Gulley Mr. and Mrs. Jon R. Hahn Mr. and Mrs. Jerry W. Hale Mrs. Pamela S. Ham Ms. Martha B. Harder Ms. Bridgett Hargrove

Ms. Anastasia Harlan Mrs. Patty Sue Harper Mr. and Mrs. Martin Hatzadourian Ms. Betty Helton Mr. and Mrs. Hunter Hensley Ms. Judith A. Hines Mrs. Joan M. Hlubb Mr. Rob C. Hoar Mr. and Mrs. Randy Hobson Mrs. Josephine D. Hoffses Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Howerton Mr. Edward D. Huff Dr. and Mrs. James G. Hughes, Jr. Mr. Walter M. Hughes Jr. Ms. Fiona A. Hunter Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Hurst Ms. Mildred Hutcheson Mr. and Mrs. William R. Hutto The Reverend and Mrs. John C. Ives Ms. Gladys H. Jacobs Mr. Timothy L. Jarnagin Mr. and Mrs. J. Todd Jenkins Jerry Williamson Construction Company Mr. and Mrs. David E. Johns Mr. and Mrs. John D. Jolly Ms. Nicole R. Jones Mr. and Mrs. Rickey L. Jordan Mr. and Mrs. Marcus B. Keen Ms. Jennifer Kennedy Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Kidd Mrs. Verna A. Kieffer Mr. and Mrs. Chris Kimbrough Kingdom Promotions Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Kirsch Mr. and Mrs. William J. Krertz LaGrange College Mr. and Mrs. Glenn E. Lang Dr. J. Michael Law Mr. and Mrs. Dean Lawrence Mr. and Mrs. Martin O. Lawrence Mr. and Mrs. Troy L. Lawson Mr. Dayton F. Layne Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Lee Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Lewis LewLew’s Mr. and Mrs. Fred Little Ms. G. Whitney Love Mr. and Mrs. Terry Manolidis Ms. Joy B. Mansfield Dr. James E. Martin Martin Methodist College Mr. and Mrs. Michael M. Martin Mr. and Mrs. James Mason Mr. and Mrs. Cartlon L. Maxwell, Jr. Mrs. Betty Mayer Ms. Elizabeth McClaran Mrs. Mary R. McFarland Mr. and Mrs. Roy C. McIntyre Mr. and Mrs. Walker McKnight Mr. Blaine McMasters McMinnville First United Methodist Church, Fellowship Class

Ms. Vicki Meagher Ms. Bethany Melton Metro Seniors Golf Association Ms. Glenda M. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Miller Ms. Nina Mills Miscelleanous Gifts Mr. and Mrs. James L. Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. Mickey Mize MMC Business Office Mr. Joseph A. Montgomery Mrs. Linda S. Mooney The Reverend and Mrs. Bob Moore Mr. and Mrs. Dennis W. Moore Mr. and Mrs. John Moore Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm S. Moore Mr. Marvin Moore Mrs. Virginia Moore Mr. Tony Morgan Mr. and Mrs. Archie W. Morris Mr. James T. Morton Mr. and Mrs. Perry W. Moskovitz Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Mullikin Mrs. Jennifer I. Mumby Mr. and Mrs. John Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Rose Mr. and Mrs. Russell Newman Mr. and Mrs. Brent Newton Ms. Claudia M. Oakes Mr. Thomas S. Park The Reverend Mary Noble Parrish Mr. and Mrs. Hillard Parsons Mr. and Mrs. Mickey Parton Mrs. Erline E. Patrick Mr. and Mrs. Brian Patterson Dr. and Mrs. James M. Patterson Ms. Judy Patterson Ms. Karen Perry Mr. and Mrs. Steve Phifer Mr. and Mrs. Roger Phifer Miss Jennica L. Pierce

Mr. and Mrs. Dewayne Pigg Mrs. Mary B. Pollett Mr. and Mrs. David F. Pratt Mr. and Mrs. Ralph W. Pratt Mrs. Margaret Y. Price Pulaski First United Methodist, Morgan Stone Bible Class Mr. and Mrs. Jack W. Radcliffe Mr. and Mrs. Lee Ragsdale Mr. and Mrs. Leland B. Ragsdale Mr. Jerry Ragusa Mr. and Mrs. Jason D. Ray Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Reed Mr. and Mrs. Todd L. Reed Mr. and Mrs. Greg Reese Reeves Drug Store Mr. Robert S. Richardson Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Risner Ms. Brittany L. Rivers Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Robertson Mr. and Mrs. Steve Robinson Ms. Jeanette Roch Mrs. Justine P. Roe Mr. and Mrs. Raymond E. Rose, III Ms. Zady Rose Mr. and Mrs. David Rowe Mr. and Mrs. John Rowe Dr. and Mrs. Richard Sailors Ms. Katie Sanders Ms. Maegan Sanders Mr. and Mrs. Alton L. Scott Ms. Rosalyn A. Scott Ms. Jan L. Scurlock Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Self Mr. and Mrs. Lionel Senseney Mr. Jeff Senzel Mr. and Mrs. Kerry Shaver Mr. Robert Sims Mr. and Mrs. Jake Skellett Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Slaughter Mr. Marc Sleenhof

Ms. Fern Smith Ms. Teresa C. Smith Ms. Kathy Smitherman St. Mark’s United Methodist Church, Pairs & Spairs Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Staten Ms. Mary Stillwell Ms. Jean A. Stilwell Dr. Arthur Strock Ms. Sherry Sumners Mr. Mark Surma Mr. and Mrs. Brooks Talkington Mr. and Mrs. Brian G. Tatum Mrs. George O. Taylor Ms. Scarlett Taylor Mrs. Carolyn S. Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Thompson, III Ms. Caroline B. Thomspon The Reverend Linda Tidrow Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Trautwein Mr. and Mrs. M.D. Veal Mr. and Mrs. Tim Venable Volunteer State Horsemen’s Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Dwight A. Wagner Ms. Beth Wald Mrs. Jane A. Wallace-Pruett Mrs. Jean C. Warren Mr. and Mrs. John G. Watson Mr. Kevin D. Welch Mr. and Mrs. James J. Whalen Dr. and Mrs. John L. White Ms. Mary Ellen Whittaker Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie D. Wiley Ms. Emmy S. Williams Ms. Sandra E. Williamson Mr. and Mrs. Tim Wilson Mrs. Frances H. Wiseman Mr. and Mrs. James E. Woodley Mr. and Mrs. Ron L. Wynne Mr. and Mrs. Larry S. Young



Fall/Winter 2017 COLUMNS |25

All Named

Aileen McAdams Endowed Scholarship Alice J. Coleman Scholarship Alumni Scholarship Ann Bledsoe & W.D. Lannom-Hendersonville 1st UMC Sch. Anne Mae Edwards Scholarship Ardmore - Trinity Charge Scholarship Barbara Phillips Garcia Scholarship Fund Bass Memorial Scholarship Bellgrau Scholarship Belmont UMC-Ida Long Rogers & Frankie Graham Memorial Scholarship Ben Alford Church Leader Scholarship Bertha Ellis Luton Scholarship Bessie R. Poole & Ruth C. Poole Endowed Scholarship Betty Anne Stuart Alexander Memorial Scholarship Bigbyville United Methodist Church Scholarship Bill Starnes - Tullahoma 1st United Methodist Church Scholarship Billy & Marie Craighead Scholarship Birchett-Reid Scholarship Fund Birdsong Opportunity Scholarship Bishop Spain Scholarship Blackman United Methodist Church Scholarship Bozeman Scholarship Brentwood United Methodist Church Scholarship Britton Taylor Endowed Scholarship Fund Brown Family Scholarship Buford & Deane Beadle Endowed Scholarship C. B. Cook Scholarship Carder Scholarship Fund Carson Wright Memorial Scholarship Celina United Methodist Church Scholarship Center for Church Leadership Endowment Chapel Hill United Methodist Church Scholarship Charles “Boll Weevil� Witt Memorial Scholarship Choates Creek United Methodist Church Scholarship Christ United Methodist Church Scholarship Christine McCracken Campbell Endowed Scholarship Chuck Paysinger Mathematics Scholarship Fund Church of Messiah White Family Scholarship Clark Duncan Memorial Endowed Scholarship Class of 1955-56 Scholarship Class of 1963-64 Scholarship Class of 1966 Endowed Scholarship Class of 41 Scholarship Coffee County Endowed Scholarship Coleman Memorial United Methodist Church Scholarship Columbia First United Methodist Church Scholarship Connell Memorial United Methodist Church Scholarship

Fall/Winter 2017 COLUMNS |26

Crievewood United Methodist Church Scholarship Cynthia Anne Fulton Scholarship D. E. Hill & Son Scholarship D. W. Johnston Endowment Dan Speer Memorial Scholarship Danielle Self Scholarship Daphne Alexanderia Lazenby Scholarship Della Clayton Lee Series (Endowed) DePriest-Warren Endowed Scholarship Desere Thornton Memorial Scholarship Dickson First United Methodist Church Scholarship Dr. & Mrs. Ray Frazier Endowed Scholarship Dr. A.C. Foronda Nursing Scholarship Dr. Fred E. Ford Memorial Scholarship Dr. J. Maurice Roberts Memorial Scholarship Dwight Sharpton & Craft Memorial United Methodist Church Scholarship E. Wayne Masters Memorial Fund Ed and Louise Howard Scholarship Edison D. Guthrie Endowed Scholarship Elaine W. Thompson Endowed Scholarship Elbert & Faye Walkup Scholarship Ella Ruth Davis Scholarship Ellen Bradshaw Sherrill Nursing Scholarship Emily Walker Memorial Scholarship Ernest E. & Minnie O. Brown Scholarship Ernest & Virginia Allen Scholarship Ernestine C. Parker Endowed Scholarship Esther Banks Scholarship Esther Mae Henson Long Nursing Scholarship Evelyn Tripp Scholarship Fund Excelsior Sunday School Class of McKendree UMC Scholarship Faye Avril Layne Choral Scholarship Fayetteville 1st UMC Scholarship Felix M. Massey Fund First Farmers & Merchants Endowment Flenoy & Jewel Johnson Endowed Scholarship Floy S. Thrasher Endowed Scholarship Floyd & Sara Ford Bowman Endowed Scholarship Floyd Fund Frances Lanier Johnson Endowed Scholarship Franklin First United Methodist Church Scholarship George W. Andrews Scholarship Gil B. Abernathy Scholarship Glendale United Methodist Church Scholarship Glenna & Donald Ray Burton Scholarship Grace United Methodist Church Scholarship Greer Chair of Business Grissom Endowment Fund H. E. & Annie Lee Moore Endowed Scholarship H. Ellis & Mamie Lee Finger Scholarship Haley Carolina Peterson Nursing Endowed Scholarship Harold & Jewel Andrews Scholarship Harriet & Hugh Braly & Emily B. Huie Scholarship Heikens Scholarship Henry Bass Family Endowed Scholarship Hermitage United Methodist Church Scholarship Highland United Methodist Church Scholarship Ike & Jeanette Denbo Endowed Scholarship

Imogene R. Parsley Endowed Faculty Chair J.T. McKnight Memorial Scholarship-Lewisburg 1st UMC Jacquelyn Draughon Guthrie Endowed Scholarship Jake Vann Memorial Scholarship James & Charlotte Robinson Scholarship James B. Smith, Jr. Scholarship James Beasley, Jr. Endowed Scholarship James D. Ingram Scholarship James R. & Miriam Moon Endowed Scholarship James T. Tramel Scholarship Jane Dawson Endowed Scholarship Janet Leigh Smith Memorial Scholarship Jennifer Guthrie Smith Endowed Scholarship Joe C. Davis Foundation Fellows Workship Joe W. Henry Memorial Scholarship John & Margaret H. Young Scholarship John A. Morris Scholarship Fund John Mark Allen Memorial Scholarship John R. & Margaret H. Young Scholarship John S. DuVal Memorial Scholarship June & Fred Blankenship Scholarship Kay Ritter Memorial Scholarship Kenneth H. Pinkston (Schreyer) Endowed Scholarship Kermit Smith Endowed Scholarship Keys/Harrison Scholarship L.C. and Ann Troutt Endowed Scholarship Larry Gillespie Scholarship LaVergne First United Methodist Church Scholarship Lincoln County Endowment Loretto United Methodist Church Scholarship Lori Y. McClure Memorial Scholarship Loucile McKee Fitzpatrick Endowed Scholarship Lynnville United Methodist Church Scholarship M/M M. H. Freas Social Science & Business Sch. Madison Street United Methodist Church Scholarship Major Vernie Tosh Scholarship Mamie Paysinger Scholarship Fund Margaret H. Young Endowed Scholarship Martha B. Ferguson Teaching Scholarship Martha C. Nickell Endowed Scholarship Mary Evelyn Wiseman Dickson Scholarship Mary Louise Foust Scholarship Mary Ruth Fuqua - Tullahoma 1st United Methodist Church Scholarship McBurg United Methodist Church Scholarship Mildred Van Horn Memorial Scholarship MMC/J. E. Beasley Endowed Scholarship Mr. & Mrs. A. J. Swiney Scholarship Mrs. Alla Mai Ray & Bernice Ray Scholarship Mt. Pleasant United Methodist Church Scholarship Nate Street Memorial Scholarship Nedra Johnson Trebing Endowed Scholarship New Chapel United Methodist Church Scholarship Norma Johnston Scholarship O. L. Rogers & Maedell Rogers Trust Octa Patterson Memorial Scholarship Ola Mae Potts Scholarship Olivet United Methodist Church Scholarship Orpah Hazlewood McLean Scholarship

Pisgah United Methodist Church Scholarship Pleasant Grove United Methodist Church Scholarship Port Royal United Methodist Church Scholarship Pulaski First United Methodist Church Scholarship Ralph & Kathryn Fletcher Scholarship Rev. Thurman Wesley Tidrow Scholarship Riverside United Methodist Church Scholarship Robert C. Smith Endowed Scholarship Robert E. Curry Memorial Fund Rodney Johnson Eagle Scout Scholarship Ruby E. Edens Teaching Scholarship Russell Bailey Endowed Scholarship Fund Ruth J. Epps Scholarship Ruth McCall Tigert Endowed Scholarship Sadie Tillman United Methodist Womens Scholarship Salem United Methodist Church Scholarship Sara Margaret (Peggy) Speich Endowed Scholarship Sara Reynolds Parks Scholarship Sherry White Banks Endowed Scholarship Skyline Auxiliary Nursing Scholarship Fund Smyrna First United Methodist Church Scholarship Sparta First United Methodist Church - Annie Martin Mitchell Scholarship Springfield First United Methodist Church Scholarship SS Chapman Memorial Scholarship Starnes Scholarship Fund Stella Benton Vaughan Memorial Scholarship Stephen Lloyd Stone Memorial Scholarship Stockard-Bethel Memorial Scholarship Sue Smithfield Business Scholarship Susie Walton Gray Scholarship Teresa Williamson Nursing Scholarship The Ethel Rebecca Holt Scholarship The First Generation Endowed Scholarship The John F. Preer & Rev. Carleton Preer Scholarship Fund The Michael W. & Barbara B. Barton Need-Based Scholarship The Reverend and Mrs. J.C. Stewart Scholarship The Reverend Leo B. & Mae Ola Parker Scholarship Thelma Harwell Memorial Scholarship Thomas F. & Merle Van Zandt Booth Scholarship Thomas G. Read Memorial Scholarship Thomas K. & Addie P. Gordon Endowed Scholarship Triune United Methodist Church Scholarship Upperman Scholarship Velma B. Paysinger Endowed Scholarship Vesta Elkins England Endowed Scholarship W. D. & Harriet Comperry Endowed Scholarship W. Garie Taylor Honors Program Endowment Walter E. Lowe Memorial Scholarship Waynesboro First United Methodist Church Scholarship Welch Scholarship West End United Methodist Church Partner Scholarship West End United Methodist Church Scholarship Will & Cayce Abernathy Scholarship William & Mary Dugger Endowed Scholarship William & Mary Omohundro Scholarship William Bryan Jackson Memorial Scholarship William H. Moss Ministerial Scholarship Willie R. Rayburn Memorial Scholarship

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Look at who was impacted by your generosity ENDOWMENT FUND Scholarship Scholarship Scholarship CAPITAL FUND New Student Commons Improve & Expand Andrews Science Bldg Improvements to New Historic Home Purchase

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Day-to-Day Operations Special Projects Scholarship For More Information On How Your Generosity Helps Contact: Jaymi Ray, 931-424-4062 or Fall/Winter 2017 COLUMNS |1 |28


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