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Martin McInerney Creative Multimedia Graduate

Content SimVirtua 4 3D Work 6 Video Editing 8 Animation 10 Learning Styles Website -FYP 12 Badger News Website 20 UI & UX design 28 Project Management & Marketing 30


VR & AR Solutions I have been responsible for the creation of various Augmented Reality Applications at SimVirtua. Key skills I have obtained are: • • • • •

AR applications development. UI and UX design 3D modelling and composition Web Development Video Editing

AR App I created numerous AR and VR applications using the Unity 5 engine. This example is an augmented reality shed demonstration app, that can be used to create a virtual shed in a real world environment. I was solely responsible for all aspects of the creation of this application, from modelling, UI and UX design, and development in Unity 5.

3D work I was first exposed to 3D work in the creative multimedia course I undertook. I have tried to expand my skills across a variety of tools including 3D max, Blender and Unreal Engine. The following are some of my project works as well as some of the personal projects that I have been working on. A video of this work can be found in the digital video section.

College 3D Video This is a video I created to showcase my 3D college assignments. It was edited in Adobe Premier with an introduction and outro created in After Effects. Lower third animations were created in After Effects and overlayed in Premier.

Minotaur Video This is a digital video I created in Adobe Premier to showcase a 3D Minotaur model. I modeled, rigged and animated the Minotaur in Blender and then edited the renders in premier.

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I have experience using After Effects to animate artwork I created in Illustrator. I have used Kinetic Typology to help emphasise certain words and phrases and created animated titles and lower thirds for video projects.

Web Development

Learning Styles Website

For my Final Year Project my vision was to develop a virtual environment to help identify someone’s preferred learning styles, and help provide more creative ways, to learn, absorb and utilise new thoughts and ideas. Getting the branding right was essential to the overall design of the project. I created all the artwork on the website using Photoshop and Illustrator.

Coding The website was built using the CodeIgnighter framework with a working login and register system. When a user is logged in a session is created while they browse the site. Using CSS the character style boxes rotate when hovered over .

The Quiz For the quiz I created some JavaScript code that would add all the inputs on a form. The function would then pass the data into an array for it to be outputted on a radar chart. For the quiz animation I used a JQuery register form animation plug in and modified the code to suit my needs. For the final output chart I used open source chart I found at charts.js. I created a visual chart picture in Illustrator and placed it as the background to the chart to make it visually easier to understand.

Content The website offered information to the user on the overall personality of the learning style, learning techniques and common pursuits and phrases. Using Adobe Edge Animate I created animations for more interactivity. These were converted to video in Adobe After Effects and uploaded to Youtube.

Responsive and Dynamic Web Development

For a college project, we had to design & code a dynamic, responsive news website using the CodeIgniter framework. The final website allowed the user to create, read, update and delete information (CRUD) from a database. We had to create our own content. My news website was based on a fictitious Irish city called Liscarrick roughly translated from the Irish meaning of, fort on the rocks. This city is heavily based on Limerick city, but all stories, characters and events are completely fictional.

Responsiveness The website was designed for four key breakpoints to cover major devices. The navigation bar was individually designed for each. To save screen real-estate the login/register function was designed to float above the page the user was on using CSS and Javascipt.

Website Artwork All the artwork on the websites was created by me by using a combination of Photoshop and Illustrator.

Baggin’s Tea This website was designed using Bootstrap. I also created an animation for the header. This was done by using a plugin for Illustrator created Mike Wanson, which allows you create Ai2Canvas animations. The second animation is another responsive animation which was created using Adobe Edge.

Michael Hunt Website This website was designed using the skeleton framework. The artwork was just practice work I created while learning Illustrator.

UI & UX design This is a concept design for LIT’s Learning Support Unit (LSU) with the aim of increasing efficiencies between tutors and students by allowing students to schedule their own appointments with tutors at least 24hours in advance.

Prototype available here

The functions I had to protype: • Login • Book/Schedule a class with an available tutor ie allow self-service booking by student (tutor, time, room) • Allow students & tutors to cancel and reschedule a class This diagram outlines the rescheduling user case.

MARKETLINK 2012 I project managed and promoted the LIT 2012 annual Christmas Market which hosted 40 student-run companies at the LIT Moylish campus. The annual event is the culmination of the LIT “MarketLink Entrepreneur”. The Market was in aid of three Limerick based charities: The Mid West Simon Community, Jack and Jill Foundation and Pieta House. €8500 was raised through the event. I designed the flyers and posters in Publisher and got them printed and distributed for the event. A press release was drafted and sent to various newspapers. I also conducted an interview to help get exposure for the event.

Profile I am a recent H.Dip graduate in Creative Multimedia Programming where I obtained a 1.1 degree. I have industry experience working in the design and development of virtual reality experiences and software, as well as industry experience in the manufacturing of computer systems. I received a first class honours undergraduate degree in Marketing and Management which at my core makes me customer and end user focused.

Achievements Awarded high potential International marketing award Class representative of 4th year during marketing degree


Work Experience Developer & Designer •Augmented Reality applications development. •UI and UX design and development. •3d modeling •Video Editing •Web Development

Limerick Institute of Technology

Diploma in Investment Operations and Compliance (1.1)


Dell 2006 - 2009

Griffith College

•Manufacture of desktops/laptops/servers •Continuous learning of new manufacturing requirments •Meeting targets/deadlines and quality standards

Honours degree in Marketing and Management (1.1) Limerick Institute of Technology


HMV 2000 - 2005 Sales assistant/ Stockroom assistant •Provision of customer service. •Replenishment of stock for sale. •Tracking customer trends/patterns


Shanagolden secondary school

Profesional skills

Personal skills


Leaving Certificate


Project managed MarketLink charity event Awarded Bratton prize for excellence in consumer behaviour

Diploma in Creative Multimedia Programming (1.1)


SimVirtua 2016


Adobe Suite

Video Editing



Javascript Marketing

MARTIN MCINERNEY Multimedia Graduate


Martin McInerney Portfolio Oct (Print)