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Martin KLOECKNER Interior Architect 347-416-2116 martin.kloeckner/ WHO AM I ?


I am very happy to be part of this exciting field and seek to amplify my understanding of Design and how it can change the world we live in. From urban design to furniture design to new technologies, I am passionate about every aspect of this field. I am extremely motivated to work in a team environment on various projects and love to challenge myself. Masters Degree in Interior Architecture and Design with high honors ESAG Penninghen : School of Graphic Design and Interior Architecture Paris, France


ERASMUS international exchange program at SVA School of Visual Arts, New York


Licence professionnelle in Interior Architecture and Design ESAG Penninghen : School of Graphic Design and Interior Architecture

French Baccalaureate in Sciences Lycee Blaise Pascal, Orsay, France


2011 2008

Junior Interior Architect November 2013 - present Spacesmith, LLP, New York, NY Responsibilities included producing plans, elevations and sections for an Hermes retail store in Dallas, TX, as well as completing construction document sets,participating in client meetings and performing site surveys.

Freelance 3D Renderer Mihai Radu Architects,New York, NY Completed 3D renderings for design of Busan Opera House, South korea


Interior Architect Intern 2012 Mihai Radu Architects, New York, NY Responsibilities included model building for international competition proposals

Interior Design Intern & Freelance 3D Renderer June - September 2011 Vidalenc Architects, Paris, France Responsibilities included 3D rendering and drawing production with Autocad for various projects. Including a luxurious residential project in Sochi, Russia.


French - Native Proficiency English - Professional Working Proficiency


Autocad, 3DSmax (Vray and Mentalray), Adobe Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, Google Sketchup, Basic Autodesk Revit, Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel

SUIHESEN’ One space. Three Functions: Live, Work, and Welcome. How can a space give the impression of expanse despite being small? How can many different functions coexist in a small space? The apartment has been designed utilizing movable architecture that meets our needs. Taking advantage of the high ceilings within the space, this design features a raised floor within which all the furniture in inserted into. Retractable floors hide the bed and bathtub, making it possible to use floor above these elements when they are not in use. Spaces can be separated by fabric partitions that hang from the ceiling for privacy, creating beautiful shadows. The use of lines as a repeating pattern throughout the space reinforce one’s expansive perspective of the space.

The use of lines as a repeating pattern throughout the space reinforce one’s expansive perspective of the space.

Retractable floors hide the bed and bathtub, making it possible to use floor above these elements when they are not in use.

LEVITY SPA Within the aggressive, overpowering volumes of the New York cityscape, how can the New Yorker take a break ? This is a Spa located in New York (Lower East Side). It offers different kinds of care to the client, such as massage, beauty treatments, sauna, Turkish bath, meditation space, nap room ; there is also a bar/restaurant. The curvilinear forms, soft and light, contrast with the angular geometric volumes of the central structure which appears to be suspended in space. In the heart of the interior space, the cubic volumes, which include the massage cabins, are attached to a central pillar on different floors. A play on transparency highlights the circulation spaces. Light walls, backlit by LED, varie in intensity and hue, contrasting with the time of day and the weather conditions (if it’s cold and rainy outside, the interior space is warm and bright).

storage massage room circulation cafe / lounge bar storage massage room Turkish bath saunas meditation space lockers

Turkish bath saunas meditation space lockers

nap room / music space reception

nap room / music spaces reception

CÉSURE Located near Reykjavik, Iceland, this 380 meter high tower symbolizes two blades of rock erected out of the sea surrounding a crystalline center This tower is composed of residences, shops, offices, a hotel, a spa, and several restaurants. The interior design of the tower mimics the themes of the exterior. The furniture seems to flow out from the floor, almost as a seamless extension of it. The floor and ceiling are striated with bright glass elements that symbolize crystal trapped in rock.

Plan of the restaurant, level 1

Plan of the restaurant, level 2

URBAN WEAVING Bridges to live on...

Home of the first sea port of Germany, and within close vicinity to the North Sea and the mouth of the Elbe River, Hamburg is a city surrounded by water. Recently faced with the risk of rising sea levels, the city has to adapt itself to the future. Because of these inescapable factors, this site was selected for an urban project consisting of inhabited bridges. Urban weaving is defined as a network of these bridges that weave their way above submerged zones, serving the basic needs of city-dwellers, and providing vital links between the facilities necessary to everyday life. Inhabitants will live above the flood-risk areas on the bridges that weave their way above the forests and fields, preserving the natural environment. The network of bridges is both polycentric and modular, creating an urban planning scheme that can grow more dense and expand in harmony. These central modules are concentrated with administrative, shopping, and leisure areas. These centers are connected to each other by a network of residential areas that act like branches growing around a tree trunk. Parks and green roofs evoke the characteristics of Earth’s landscape, offering inhabitants of this suspended city a privileged life.


Hamburg nowadays

Hamburg : flooding area, 30% of the city

Hamburg nowadays

Hamburg : flooding area

Canals running through the city

Urban weaving is located on Wilhelmsburg island, south of Hamburg’s historical center. The shape of the modules evoke the canals running through the city.

Access to the apartments via a footbridge

BELVEDERE IN NEW ZEALAND Located in the King County Region of New Zealand, land of hills, ranges and valleys, this belvedere appears rooted in the soil as a monolithic block of rock. The minimalism of the architecture inspires visitors to take a moment and contemplate the surrounding nature. An ethereal daytime interior bathed in sunlight by an opening in the roof transforms into a mystical atmosphere reminiscent of the Waitomo glow worm caves by night through the use of LEDs covering the interior walls.


In the Bordeaux area, amidst vineyard, we experience wine-tasting in a unique setting. At first sight, we are intrigued by the metallic structure suggesting the organic form of a vine leaf. Passage into the essence of wine is through a ramp, to evoke the flow of the wine as if is poured. We gradually enter another dimension, absorbed in the atmosphere of this unique world, only to discover its unique taste, as we were standing within the goblet itself, savoring the essence of the terroir.

SPA RESORT IN NORWAY Simple volumes articulated by free plans jointed together. A simple volume on piles at regular intervals on two levels. Ground floor : reception and relaxation area with a restaurant and bar, bay windows and terraces with a 360째 panoramic view. A subterranean floor with underground spaces for beauty treatments. A reference to geological layers. Level one : hotel Interior design: The open indoor space is punctuated by areas of vegetation wich link or limit the different spaces. A tropical hothouse joins the two levels for an instant voyage of discovery in Norway and the Amazon.

TRANSICION Located in Buenos Aires in the slums of the inner suburb, this sculptural piece of architecture pays tribute to the artists of the Neo M-Base movement. Neo M-Base represents free and uninhibited music, both sensual and entrancing in nature. The architectural bridge is composed of a vast number of pieces of wood that protects pedestrians from the sun while immersing them in a warm and swirling atmosphere. Transicion is a place where emotions are free, and where everyone can interact and experience the space in their own interpretive way.


Thank you.

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