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Samsung Galaxy SIII: Features & Why it’s one of the best The latest upgrade in the Smartphone world by Samsung Electronics is the Samsung Galaxy SIII. It is a touch screen based, slate-format Android powered Smartphone. It comes with gorgeous 4.8 inch Super AMOLED screen, MicroSD support and an excellent camera. It was launched with Android ICS and is in the process of being updated to Android Jelly Bean. There are some extra-ordinary features which each and every mobile user and android application developer would love to see in this Smartphone. MicroSD storage : The Smartphone which was the best in the same genre before the Galaxy S3 was launched was the Nexus. And this phone lacked MicroSD slot. However S3 comes with a microSD slot so that one can add storage space. Well, people might think that having a MicroSD slot is not an extraordinary feat for a Smartphone but the most interesting is that in S3 the limit of maximum card capacity is not 32GB like most other phones. It supports upto 64 GB card which is more than enough one can ask for. Motion Control : Interacting with an interface via motion was introduced by Nintendo Wii for gaming purpose. This technology moved from gaming to computing by MS Kinect. And now Samsung this to mobile phones. Double tap the top of S3 to go the beginning of any of the lists. Move the device to and fro to zoom in or out respectively a picture or a web page. Placing the phone to your ear, one can call the currently displayed contact on the screen. Shake the phone to refresh the web page or WI-Fi devices. While watching a video or listening something placing a hand on the screen pause it briefly. Pop-up Play : Inability to display more than one app at a time has been a limitation of Smartphone since its inception. Till date the screens of the phones weren’t large enough to accommodate more than one application on the screen. However S3 has pretty big screen and the pop-up play feature allows a user to play an HD video in a small window while he is user is working with another app on the phone.

Camera : Galaxy S3 scores high in this feature too. It comes with 8 MP camera and the noise levels in the clicked images or recorded videos is also low. Videos are sharper and more fluid. In addition smile detection and panorama feature there is a beautiful mode added in the features which smoothes the facial features. Other additions are the cartoon mode, buddy photo share which uses facial recognition to match people in the photo to the pictures of your contacts and automatically send people pictures of themselves. Android application developers in India are coming up with even more features which can take advantage of the advanced camera in Galaxy S3. Taking a screenshot is easier than ever with S3. One just needs to swipe his palm across the screen and it is done. All in all a great phone : Many a times some smartphones are so much in the smart department that the phone section is left on the side. However this is not the case with S3. Call quality is crystal clear which can be personalized equalization settings. S3 lets its users set customized vibrations for different contacts. S3 lets you create memo from within the call itself. This way one doesn’t have to remember things after an important call. If you are stuck in traffic and can’t hear the voice from the other end, use the Extra Volume button on the screen during the call which lets you increase the volume beyond the maximum volume level available by pressing the volume up/down keys.

Samsung Galaxy SIII:Features & Why it’s one of the best  

The latest upgrade in the Smartphone world by Samsung Electronics is the Samsung Galaxy SIII. It is a touch screen based, slate-format Andro...

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