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Growth of Smartphone Application Development

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Introduction Smartphone has brought a revolution in mobile market which has an exponential growth world wide. Combine of portable mobile phone with computer features expanding its functionality which creates ample opportunities for users. One of them most approved Smartphone Application Development is Android OS which has brought the chance to make your life smoother as well as easier.

What do we do with our Smartphone? 81% Surfing Internet

77% Searching

68% Use An App

48% Watch Video

79% of Users Use for Shopping

44%use to read product reviews

48%use to get coupons & vouchers

49% use to compare prices

54% use to find a Retailer

70% use while in a store

74% purchase product based upon smartphone search

77% Use for searching Information

77% have connected with a business, 61% for calling and 59% for local business 88% seek immediate information

95% of users look for local information

Game is the most Popular Activity

We at have specialized in different Android Smartphone Application Development Services which make your life sophisticated.

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Growth of Smartphone Application Development