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The Principal’s Christmas Message Welcome to our special Christmas Summa News. I hope you find these stories encouraging. As this year draws to a close, we can look back on 2011 and praise God for another year at Morling College. This year has seen areas of growth in our Bible, Counselling, Education and Plunge programs. I am pleased to report that in 2012 we will be offering Chaplaincy training and there is more information about this on page 2. As we look toward this Christmas period, I wish to leave you with a Christmas sermon excerpt from my latest book Apologetic Preaching & Teaching for the Church and the Marketplace: A ‘How To...’. Just the other day I browsed through a number of best-selling books advocating New Atheism in my local bookshop. I’ll mention just three: Richard Dawkins, The God Delusion; Christopher Hitchens, God Is Not Great; and Sam Harris, Letters to a Christian Nation. New Atheism is colourful in its language — it mocks religion and Christianity; it seeks to galvanise support, attracts activists to its cause; and it seeks converts. It is much tougher in what it says than the atheism of the twentieth century, but not as rigorous intellectually. Its supporters have turned up to play! This Christmas season we will see this sinful but robust New Atheism exert itself in two ways. Firstly, it will again attack the Jesus birth narratives in our Bible. Secondly, its leaders will denigrate the Virgin Birth of Jesus. Now what I don’t find helpful are the so-called Christian theologians who come out at the same time and affirm that the Christmas narrative is all a myth, even if it is an empowering one. Their polemic also usually targets the Virgin Birth. Let’s see if the Virgin Birth is something we can believe in and whether it makes any difference. There are a number of explanations people proffer for not believing the Virgin Birth. All of them can be answered. The first is that there

is not sufficient evidence for the doctrine. This is simply not true. Both Matthew and Luke record the Virgin Birth in their opening chapter. Both are in agreement that the Holy Spirit will be the responsible agent for the conception, that the child will be God’s gift, and that angels bring the good news. They go on to bring their own perspectives: Matthew tells us of the Magi and Herod’s evil plan; Luke reports on the shepherds. As a former lawyer that is what one would expect of reliable reporting: agreement on the essential facts, whilst still bringing one’s own emphasis on other issues. Here we have the “ring of truth”! Also John chapter 1, whilst not mentioning the Virgin Birth, certainly supports this emphasis in declaring Christ to be the eternal Word. The same is true for the rest of the New Testament. And don’t forget the Old Testament prophecy (Isaiah 7:14). A second concern that is expressed by doubters is that other religions like Zoroastrianism have virgin birth stories. Therefore it is just a religious myth. This is also easily answered. Just because there are counterfeit hundred dollar bills, doesn’t mean there are no real ones. Just because other religions have virgin birth myths doesn’t mean there is not a historical one. In fact the way other religions hold such myths indicates deep within all of us there is a desire for God to so reveal himself. The writers of today’s great myths, C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien, declare in Jesus the legend became history and our inner longings had their fulfilment. In time and space God became flesh.

Thank you for your support and prayers for Morling College over this past year. I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a blessed Christmas and New Year and I look forward to what 2012 has to bring.

Principal, Morling College

Chaplaincy on offer at Morling in 2012

Morling is now offering chaplaincy and schools ministry training. Students can do a subject on chaplaincy in educational settings, and also do a chaplaincy major in an accredited Australian College of Theology award.

The Chaplaincy in Educational Settings subject is an innovative unit, designed for Primary and Secondary School Chaplaincy. This subject offers current and prospective school chaplains an opportunity to explore the practice and theology of chaplaincy in the contexts of state, private, primary and secondary schools. Its content is shaped around the new Federal Government chaplaincy training requirements. This subject is an exciting partnership between Morling College and experienced school chaplains. It is available to be taken as a ‘stand alone’ subject or as part of an ongoing, accredited, tertiary award, where academic credit is available through the Australian College of Theology. This subject is taught as a five-day intensive and will run from February 6-10, 2012 (9.30am to 4.30pm). Areas covered in the subject include: • Exploring the various models and settings for chaplaincy • A close look at the role of a school chaplain • An introduction to the areas of ethics, confidentiality and general legal issues for chaplains • Professional development, supervision and self-care

• • • • • •

Approaches to classroom religious education in the multi-faith classroom Appropriate pastoral care and counselling models in an educational institution A theology of chaplaincy to young people Major issues confronting youth in Australian society Development stages of young people Making referrals and dealing with youth mental health issues

It is also possible to do a Chaplaincy Major in an accredited award. Morling College is committed to training men and women for effective schools-based ministry and chaplaincy roles in educational and other settings. Students can train for chaplaincy at Diploma, Bachelor and Graduate levels. A chaplaincy major can be done in a number of accredited awards and, again, is shaped around the new Federal Government chaplaincy training requirements. Chaplaincy majors will equip you to serve God in educational and other chaplaincy settings (such as chaplaincy roles in schools, universities, the military, the police, sports, aged and health-care, etc.). Much of the training for chaplaincy can also be done by Distance education and as five-day intensive unit. Please contact the College on (02) 9878 0201 or for further information.

Farewell to Phill & Diane Marshall — Welcome Darrell Jackson The exam papers are being marked and Morling College is winding down 2011 and preparing for 2012. As a new year comes around we say farewell to Rev. Dr Phill Marshall from the faculty as he leaves to join his wife Diane in the leadership of an international mission agency based overseas.

Phill Marshall has served on the faculty at Morling for eight years as a Lecturer in Missions and Old Testament. Diane has been part of the Morling family in many ways, preaching in chapel, mentoring students and going on mission trips. Director of the Tinsley Institute Dr Michael Frost says, “Phill and Di Marshall have contributed enormously to college life over the past eight years and we are all very sad to see them go. Phill has enthusiastically flown the flag for global mission and mentored many prospective missionary candidates in their journey to the overseas mission field. We trust that God will continue to use them both in their work with SIM in Singapore.”

It Only Takes a Spark!

It Only Takes a Spark is written by Bob Frisken. This book looks at the story of Christian community schools and how they have developed and grown over the past 27 years. The vision and dream for Christian schools in Australia started at Morling College. In 1974, outside classroom 3 at Morling College, Peter Hester and Bob Frisken had the vision to start the first Christian Community School in Australia. This spark lit a fire and now 130 schools exist within the association of Christian Schools Australia. Bob and Peter both recognise December 2011

In the new year we will be welcoming Dr Darrell Jackson to the Morling faculty as the new lecturer in Missiology.

Since 2007, Dr Jackson has directed the Nova Research Centre at Redcliffe College in Gloucester, UK. Nova is Redcliffe’s centre for research and innovation in mission in Europe, where he also teaches European Studies and Missiology. He is a visiting lecturer at the International Baptist Theological Seminary in Prague and writes regularly for mission journals and the Christian press. Dr Jackson holds a Doctor of Theology in Missiology, a Bachelor of Arts (Hons), and a Diploma in Pastoral Studies. His doctorate is from Birmingham University and looks at aspects of missional congregations. An ordained Baptist Minister, he has worked as mission advisor to the Baptist Union of Great Britain and more recently as Researcher in European Mission for the Conference of European Churches, based in Budapest. He is married to Beth, also an ordained Baptist Minister, with a son and a daughter. Dr Frost comments, “Personally, I am really looking forward to working with Darrell. He looks like a perfect fit for our college and particularly for the work we do in the Tinsley Institute.”

the input of many key people, including David Magill, the first chairman of the Interim Council. Bob writes, “It is clear that Christian Community Schools came into being by the Holy Spirit working through many people in many different places. Christian Community Schooling itself is part of the big picture of God’s action.” On October 21 2011 Dr Pam Harvey launched the book at Morling College. She worked with Bob Frisken and for Christian Community Schools for many years and is now Principal of Southland College, the education arm of Morling College. It was through the vision and the dream of Peter Hester and Bob Frisken that God achieved his plan. It only takes a spark! It Only Takes a Spark is available through Morling College for $25.00.

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A Journey to Full-Time Study at Morling College

2012 Senior Student Jotham Gunn explains why he chose to study at Morling College. and Australia would cram into our little one-bedroom unit each week to study the Bible together.” This passion for cross-cultural work developed further, leading Jotham and Fiona to serve with Global Interaction. Jotham says, “In 2009 we worked for 12 months with Global Interaction in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, using our professional skills to serve the local community. I worked for the web department of a social enterprise where I helped manage projects and train local staff in web development skills. Fiona was able to use her speech pathology skills in local schools with children with disabilities.” Jotham shares that at the end of 12 months in Cambodia a new chapter was unfolding which led them to Morling College. “At the end of our service, we believed that God was leading us into ministry and mission in the long term and felt that now was the best time to be trained and equipped for a lifetime of serving Jesus in this way.” Jotham Gunn researches which Bible college can meet his needs for theological education: “I want to study at Morling College. I already have a degree and want to continue building on my skill sets through my studies. Is this possible?” Yes! Morling College was able to offer full-time study to Jotham Gunn, residential accommodation for his family, and postgraduate study to develop his skills for future employment. 2012 Senior student for Morling College, Jotham Gunn has been studying a Master of Divinity since 2010. He is married to Fiona and they have a oneyear-old son Zakkai. Jotham’s journey to studying at Morling began in Canberra where he worked in the Information Technology sector as a software developer. While in Canberra, he and Fiona had thoughts of studying at a Bible college but still felt they had a commitment to sharing their faith with their neighbours and in their workplaces.“During this time in Canberra, God also gave us a love for cross-cultural mission by bringing a diverse array of people into our small group. A group of people from Egypt, Korea, China, Germany, the Philippines

Jotham and Fiona’s choice of a Bible college for further equipping was Morling College. Why Morling? “Firstly Morling is evangelical and committed to the authority of Scripture. Secondly, we are committed to the Baptist family of churches, so Morling was a good place to begin building long-term friendships and partnerships with people. Thirdly, I valued the theological diversity on secondary issues amongst the faculty which I felt would challenge my thinking. And fourthly, Morling had a good integration of faithfully teaching the Scriptures while practically equipping students for ministry and mission.” After finishing his Master of Divinity, Jotham will begin Accreditation study, while he and Fiona are looking at going back to the mission field to serve God, wherever he wants them to go. Jotham offers this encouragement to anyone who may be considering studying at Morling. “Morling offers such a great diversity of courses and modes of study that everybody can benefit from engaging more with God’s word through formal study, whatever their situation. The important thing is to discern in partnership with your local church and people who know you well what God is leading you into and then to find the course that enables you to be best equipped for that context.”

Are you looking for a Course to equip you?

Morling College offers courses in: Bible, Theology, Counselling, Education, Chaplaincy and Plunge (Gap Year for 18–23 year olds).

Flexible study to suit your needs: Full-time, Residential, Part-Time and Distance options available Bible, Theology, Ministry and Chaplaincy Certificate IV in Ministry (Plunge) Certificate in Theology Diploma of Ministry/Theology Advanced Diploma of Ministry/Theology Bachelor of Ministry/Theology Associate Degree in Theology Bachelor of Christian Studies Bachelor of Ministry/Theology (Honours) Graduate Certificate of Divinity Graduate Diploma of Divinity Master of Divinity

Graduate Certificate in Christian Studies Graduate Diploma in Christian Studies Master of Arts (Christian Studies) Chaplaincy Major Graduate Certificate in Theology/Ministry Graduate Diploma in Theology/Ministry Master of Arts (Theology) Master of Arts (Ministry) Master of Theology Doctor of Ministry Doctor of Theology

Counselling and Education Graduate Certificate of Counselling Graduate Diploma of Counselling Master of Counselling Graduate Diploma of Education (Secondary) Bachelor of Education (Conversion) Master of Education Master of Education (Leadership)

For more information on the courses Morling College offers and how to enrol please contact the College at: or call (02) 9878 0201.

Enrolments now open for 2012

December 2011

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Intensive Subjects Offered in Semester 1 2012

Undergraduate and Graduate Intensives • • •

Postgraduate Intensives and Semi-Intensives

Isaiah (English text) - Feb 2-10. • Chaplaincy in Educational Settings - Feb 6-10 • Youth in the Churches - April 30 - May 4 • •

Research Methods - Feb 6-8 & April 18-20 (must attend both dates) Theology, Culture and the Mission of the Church - Feb 27-Mar 2 Reading and Believing: Hermeneutics & Genesis 1-3 Worthy of Our Calling: Studies in Ephesians

For more information on these Intensive subjects please contact us at: or call (02) 9878 0201.

Dr Dan Kimball will be lecturing in Theology, Culture and Mission of the Church intensive

2012 Calendar of Events and Conferences



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Christmas Gift Ideas from Morling 25%-60% off selected books*

Morling Press (publishing arm of Morling College) is having its end-of-year book sale with 25%-60% off selected books. Book titles include: Big Ideas. Sale price: $12.00 Guided by God. Sale price $12.00 Together As the People of God. Sale price $21.00 ReJesus. Sale price: $8.00 At Home in A Strange Land. Sale price $14.00 Living with the Holy Spirit. Sale price $7.00 Perspectives on Post-Christendom Spiritualities. Sale price $12.00 Jesus and the gods of the New Age. Sale price $13.00 Apologetic Preaching & Teaching for the Church & Marketplace ‘A How to...’ Sale price: $15.00

Sale Finishes January 31. For more titles see our website *It Only Takes A Spark not included in this sale

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