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Yoga For Unbalanced And Disturbed Minds Let's see what studies say: Unless you are living somewhere in the unconnected world, you very well know that yoga does a great job for health and fitness of the body. Additionally, a new study shows that yoga can also help mentally-ill people reduce symptoms of major psychiatric disorders and help them feel relaxed. As written by the researchers' team of Duke University Medical Center in the journal named 'Frontiers in Psychiatry', "Yoga has also become such a cultural phenomenon that it has become difficult for physicians and consumers to differentiate legitimate claims from hype". The research team looked into around 100 studies conducted earlier to learn the impact of yoga on mental health. Their main goal was to evaluate the most popular belief that regular practicing yoga can help people relieve stress.

Dr. Mladen Golubic, medical director of the Center for Lifestyle Medicine at the Cleveland Clinic, says "we know that people engaged in meditation report better moods, more energy and that they sleep better.� “The relaxation response is best understood as the opposite of stress or the fight-or-flight response,� says Dr. Benson, director emeritus of the Benson-Henry Institute and an associate professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School.

The above two conclusions prove that practicing yoga gives soothing effect to the mind and body. Simply put, people feel better after performing meditation or yoga exercises. Recent studies have added more interesting fact that yoga makes the mind sharper and more content. Pulling together all these conclusions of different studies, it is clear to see that yoga benefit people with mental disorders. Well, not just mentally ill people, but yoga also helps moms-to-be to stay relaxed, positive and confident. In fact, there is a special r端ckbildungsyoga in German language) which form of yoga called prenatal yoga (r is specifically designed for the wellness of pregnant women. Yoga Reduces Strokes And Regain Mental Balance Findings of duke university medicine departments say that yoga does positive impacts on mild depression and sleep problems, and it reduces the signs of psychic disorders like schizophrenia and ADHD. Medication is highly recommended for such patients. However, if you are thinking of a specific form of yoga that focuses exclusively on mental abilities, Anusara yoga is the answer. This form of yoga is based on Tantrik philosophy. It focuses on mental faculties and help one get more awareness about his or her emotional feelings. Digging deeper, yoga stimulates brain chemicals known as neurotransmitters, reduce inflammation, lower oxidative stress, and develop a healthy balance of lipids and growth compounds, meaning yoga works as a psychotherapist for practitioners. When practiced regularly under the right coach, yoga can even help stroke survivors reclaim their earlier mental state.

Yoga is certainly not a first-line treatment for mental disorders, but it is evident that yoga practicing help people fast overcome their gastric problems. And if we compare it with those expensive medicines prescribed by the doctors for mentally ill patients, yoga is a much cheaper remedy. So, there is no doubt that yoga is a food for a healthy mind. For more information please visit:

Yoga For Unbalanced And Disturbed Minds  
Yoga For Unbalanced And Disturbed Minds  

Unless you are living somewhere in the unconnected world, you very well know that yoga does a great job for health and fitness of the body....