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Is Age a Constraint for Hip Replacement Surgery? Hip replacement surgery is an ideal option for people who are suffering from hip pain and other related problems. Despite the popularity of hip surgery, many people avoid opting for it because they think that they are too old for the surgery. The truth however, is that there is no upper age limit, as far as hip surgeries are concerned. Though age of most patients, who opt for these surgeries vary between 50 and 80, doctors do operate on people who are in their nineties as well. In fact, many older patients are undergoing hip replacement surgery because they want to lead an active lifestyle. Rather than spending their time being confined to their home, they want to go out and have fun. If you are in your eighties or nineties and are planning to undergo hip replacement surgery, you can refer to this article for obtain some valuable information.

You would be happy to know that age is not the only factor that doctors consider for deciding whether they would operate upon a patient or not. Apart from age, there are several factors that surgeons consider before

ensuring that a person is fit for hip surgery. Let us discuss some of these factors in details. Strength- A patient who is planning to undergo hip surgery should be strong. This is because post the surgeries, some rehabilitation activities, such as walking with a crutch, lifting up oneself, and participating in physical therapies, need to be implemented. These activities require good amount of strength. Physical Health- You should be in great physical health, before you can go for this surgery. Your doctor may ask you to undergo blood tests or x rays for determining your health. He may also ask you to take antibiotics to reduce the chances of infection during or after the surgery. If you have any dental procedures pending, it is better if you finish them some days before the surgery. This will reduce chances of infection. Mental Health- Apart from being in great physical health, it is important to be mentally fit as well. This is because for coping up with the surgery, you need to understand the rehabilitation procedure and implement the strategies perfectly as well. Hip surgery is a serious procedure and it is perfectly normal to be hesitant about undergoing it, especially if you are in your nineties. For best results, it is better if you discuss these issues with a trusted surgeon.

Is Age a Constraint for Hip Replacement Surgery?  

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