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d 5 Most Practiced Yoga Styles in the Worl World

Yoga is a nonstop process of evaluation, transformation and innovation. Many new styles have emerged over many centuries of yoga practices to best fit the needs of every single person on earth. From spirituality to a remedy to many ailments and ensuring the complete peace of mind, yoga has endless benefits. No matter if you want to lose some pounds, unwind yourself, take out the stress of your body or seeking any other benefit of regularly practicing yoga, you must know the 5 hottest styles of yoga in the world. Read on.

Hatha Yoga Most suited for active rest days, Hatha yoga is the most famous style of yoga in the Switzerland, United States and many other parts of the world. This form of yoga is undergoing a constant evolution and thriving continuously. It emphasizes mainly on the well-being of your physical body. In this form of yoga, body is simply considered as a vehicle of your soul or your actual source of energy. Moreover, many different yoga styles have been derived from this popular yoga form. All of the derived styles to focus on the balance of the body and mind, as well as on the soul through asanas or various body postures. Some styles stress more on the alignment of the body while some stress more on the coordination between the breath and movement.

Vinyasa Yoga This is another most popular form of yoga practices across the world. In this form of yoga, a practitioner needs to move from one pose to another pose rapidly, and the sequence of poses keeps changing as you move on to your next classes gradually. It improves healing capacity, flexibility and strength of joints.

Ashtanga Yoga Its roots date back to 1948 in India. This form of yoga is related to the connection and coordination between your breath and movement. It is a derived form of Vinyasa yoga. Counting on a fact that it is a more vigorous style of practicing yoga, it is best suited for sports persons or athletes who crave to align and cleanse their nervous system, while reinforcing strength and bring grace within the body. The advance poses or practices become more challenging as you move in the next sequence.

Power Yoga This is another derived form of Vinyasa yoga which is best suited for people who want to burn lots of calories like athletes. The classes in this yoga style move at a faster pace unlike other forms of yoga who allows one to move at a slow and steady is strongly recommended for runners, spinners and other sports’ personas. And naturally, you can expect more pushups and more sweat in practicing power yoga.

Bikram Yoga It is derived from hot yoga and its origin dates back to 1973. It is practiced in a room with temperature around 105 degrees Fahrenheit with 40% humidity in the air. You can think of this Bikram yoga classes more like a boot camp instead of a meditation camp. The primary goal of the vigorous poses embraced in this style of yoga are intended to give inner body parts like organs, veins, muscles, and ligaments everything they require for giving the best performance in the healthiest condition. Want to learn yoga in Zurich? Well, the city has many yoga studios and classes, start browsing the internet to find the one that best fits your needs. Get one more article on Yoga @


5 most practiced yoga styles in the world  

Yoga is a nonstop process of evaluation, transformation and innovation. Many new styles have emerged over many centuries of yoga practices...

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