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Magazine ISSUE 8 2016

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Alex Staniforth - Young Ambassador

Partner Insight

A compelling place to work, a compelling company to partner

Did you know… Our staff turnover after mobilisation is less than 10% across both disciplines the best in the industry. The Westgrove Group clean and secure over 25 million of shopping malls and retail demise throughout the UK.

sq. ft.

We serviced over 570 million shoppers in 2015, equivalent to 8.8 times the population of the UK. That’s over 1 billion shoppers within the last 2 years! Our last edition (Issue 7) of the Westgrove magazine has had over 10,000 hard copies printed and nearly 20,000 downloads from our web site. We clean over 100,000

car park spaces within our shopping centre

and retail park portfolio on a daily remit. Our industry leading Dual Service (cleaning and security) undertaking accounts for over 70% of the Group’s annual turnover.

15% of our schemes have a ‘mixed use’ dynamic; with 24 hour public thoroughfare considerations. Westgrove has a combined total of over 80 years direct Shopping Centre Management experience within our Senior Management team. Over 75% of our growth is as a result of direct referrals/recommendations from our Partners.

80% of our management appointments are facilitated ‘in-house’ through our ‘Colleagues of Tomorrow’ recruitment initiative & Management Development Plan.

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A word from the MD I’m pleased to provide my first opening to the latest edition of our exciting Westgrove Magazine.

The development of the business is enhanced by our commitment to exploring new ways to deliver an efficient service offering. Each Partner and Colleague are like an extended family member to us and - like family - we understand and anticipate everyone’s needs, finding the right solution for our Partners.

2016 sees my seventh year with The Westgrove Group and the past twelve months in particular have seen some fantastic developments; with both existing and new partnerships producing continued organic growth.

Each Partner and Colleague are like an extended family member to us.

Our professionalism is coupled with a strong personal touch which is truly unique to Westgrove. Our goal is to create longlasting relationships which translate into winning strategies and exponential growth.

I’m delighted to announce we have now added MediaCityUK and Peel Land and Properties to our portfolio. A partnership which includes high profile commercial space and complex television studios demonstrating our flexibility as a service provider (see pages 38 & 39 for more detail).

We are proud to continue our support of Alex Staniforth, our Young ambassador. Alex is an incredible young man and in March 2016 he released his first book “Icefall”, endorsed by Bear Grylls, to tell the story of his journey through adversity to Everest. I read the book in two days and I have to say it’s an incredible read, especially considering Alex’s age when he started writing it. Westgrove receive several mentions in the book and with our Chairman, Steve Fives, mentoring Alex there is great reference and familiarity for the Westgrove Community. Please turn to page 22 for the full story.


A key driver in this partnership is the colleague centric nature of our business. Our colleagues continue to do great things and are formally recognised by our ‘Reward and Recognition’ scheme and external agencies (see pages 1421 for more information). We are also developing our ‘Pride Point’ scheme to further recognise the fantastic work our colleagues are achieving on a daily basis.

Best wishes, Claire

A plotted history of Claire’s industry experience 1990 - 1997

1999 - 2002

Operations Manager - Meadowhall Shopping Centre - Sheffield

Environmental Services Manager - The Trafford Centre - Manchester

2008 - 2009

General Manager - Multi Mall Management - Belfast


2010 to date

Managing Director, The Westgrove Group 2010


1997 - 1999

Regional Contracts Manager - Lightowlers LTD - Sheffield


I would like to thank our Partners and Colleagues for their continued support and hope you will enjoy this new look edition of The Westgrove Magazine.

Later on in the year the company will be making an exciting announcement to the market relating to our service offering, with reference to our Shopping Centre specialisation and expertise. We’re all incredibly enthused and cannot wait to launch this added dimension of the Group.

2002 - 2008

National Facilities Manager Westfield - London

2009 - 2010

Strategic Account Director VSG, National Security Provider

Welcome to Laurie Barton Wright, Brand and Development Director, who joins the business from Lambert Smith Hampton. Laurie started work in the shopping centre industry in 1996 at The Market Place in Bolton with Grosvenor Estates and has worked as a Marketing Manager and latterly as a Centre Manager for Westfield, Lend Lease, Cushman and Wakefield and CBRE. Laurie has won various industry awards throughout her career, including a coveted Sceptre award for Marketing and Centre Manager of the Year.

Colleague profile Westgrove Managing Director Claire McKinley-Smith poses some questions to Laurie about the shopping centre industry.

Q. How can colleagues really play a part in influencing the customer service environment? Shoppers really do appreciate and take on board the interactions they have with real people when they visit a centre. We all dislike poor service whether it be face to face, on the phone or on line. Receiving a welcome and a positive reaction helps people feel comfortable and happy in their environment, this in turn encourages them to stay longer and spend more. Ultimately the success of any retail environment is measured by visitor numbers and sales for retailers so centres need happy customers. Front of house staff directly influence that cycle.

Q. Do you think having a ‘people centric’ approach helps set Westgrove apart from other providers? Our bespoke dual service offering is unique in that we are strongly focused on customer facing environments; whether that be a shopping centre, retail park or grade A office reception area. Westgrove have always stuck to several core sectors, not overly diversifying, in order to truly understand what they need. Firstly, we have to be people centric as resource is our business and the environments in which we work demand that they are supported through training and investment. Secondly, Westgrove although it has grown significantly as a business, it has grown organically. We haven’t bolted on other businesses which don’t share our core values. Both our Chairmen have the same positive people centric outlook and that is the Westgrove culture; our clients are ‘Partners’ and our staff are ‘colleagues’. We are not just a ‘contractor’ who supplies a service. We don’t see ourselves that way and I think that’s the difference from our competitors. This was a huge draw for me in joining Westgrove. We have expertise within our business that no other company provides within the shopping centre sector. We have an exciting announcement later this year that will further underpin our credibility.


Q. Laurie, working as a Centre Manager for the past ten years what changes have you seen taking place in the front of house environment? There has been a huge shift towards guest experience and how front of house staff can help deliver this successfully. Customer service has become the real USP of the physical shopping environment and with the growth in on line sales it has become increasingly important to get this right. As centres in the majority outsource facilities staff in key areas such as concierge, cleaning and security, the partnership with their provider is key. Both parties need to understand the common vision for the centre and communication is very important. Staff often feel more affiliated with the site rather than their employer therefore to avoid confusion the partnership between the centre and contractor needs to be very close. This in turn has led to many centres preferring a dual service approach so they can focus on building a partnership with one provider rather than two or three.

Q. Who should be investing in improving customer service? I believe that it’s very much a joint effort. Centres have their own unique brand and vision and it’s our job to support this through providing colleagues who are trained and motivated on site. Customer service training can be tailored to suit the Partner’s needs and aspirations and rolled out at a pace to suit them. Ultimately as long as both parties are working to the same goal and the plan is clear, then success is far more likely. Luckily Westgrove place emphasis internally within the business on great service through our Aspire education and learning programme so our commitment is never in question.



Engagement Survey Helen Jones - HR Manager

We are pleased to share the results of our latest Colleague Engagement Survey. We saw an increase of 10% of colleagues who participated in the survey this year, which provides us with valuable data and feedback. The results are collated from colleagues in various cleaning and security roles and also from a cross-section of our business, both geographically and by sector.

40% of participants had worked for Westgrove for over 5 years 76% of participants added positive comments over and above the survey’s mandatory fields.

96% of participants know what is expected of them at work




Health & Safety

It’s very rare to find a company who put such emphasis on H&S

You told us that there has been an improvement in communication in general and we will shortly be introducing a quarterly newsletter to enhance communication even further. The feedback about communication via our web site was good and our colleagues believe this is also a great source of information.

Health and Safety continues to be recognised as a key factor in our success as a business and the importance we place on Health and Safety in the workplace.

”The award winning Westgrove Group is radically different. The phrase is not often heard in the cleaning and security industry”

94% know they can confidentially raise Health &

“Very good website it’s good to see the company take pride in their colleagues and reaching goals and achievements”

using too much water & chemicals

97% of our colleagues

are aware of their legal responsibility for the health & safety of themselves and others Safety concerns

93% are aware of the environmental impact of

“A happy place to work, a team that works together”

“I am a Health and safety champion for my centre and the quarterly conference calls with Tony Page are a valuable source of information”

“Communication is never an issue there is always someone willing to listen, which is important”

“I have had more H&S training since transferring to Westgrove than I have ever had before, thank you”

Training During 2015 we launched the Westgrove ‘Aspire’ developmental e-Learning courses. So far 65% of our colleagues have completed two or more courses and the feedback has been very positive.

Employee comments include the following:

93% stated that Westgrove provide adequate

‘’Structured induction programme for new managers. Realistic/achievable onsite training programme for colleagues as 3 different training packages are in place. TBT (Tool Box Talks), E learning etc.’’

training to carry out their role

82% know how to obtain further training if required 89% agreed that our training has improved their understanding of the day to day requirements of their role

Westgrove will be introducing more training modules through our Aspire training platform. See pages 26 and 27 for an update of training available to all our colleagues and our plans for the future.

‘’(Westgrove) like to promote within and promote training courses for colleagues’’

“From the Directors right through to our Business Manager everyone is approachable. The HR support we have received on site has been excellent”

What makes Westgrove different? We asked you, ‘’What makes the Westgrove Brand different from the industry norm?’’

“Strong support from Business Manager, easy to operate computer system, the necessary equipment” “Westgrove excel in providing excellent service to both cleaning and security departments” “Easily approachable and friendly attitude” “Westgrove sets a high standard and maintains it” “For the length of time that I have been working for Westgrove I have felt a very appreciated and valued member of the team. I have felt supported by my site manager from the very start of my employment and from the Business Manager”

What’s important to you at work? We asked you what is important to you in the workplace and we received some fantastic feedback about the Westgrove Brand.

“My Colleagues are happy and recognised as employees; they are well trained and given the correct tools for their work, The client receives the very best from us” “It’s important to work together as a team as well as on our own and at Westgrove we work brilliantly as a team; that’s important to me building good professional relationships”

Westgrove excels in providing excellent service to both cleaning and security departments

Summary We would like to thank all our colleagues who participated in the survey and for giving us your thoughts and feedback. The honest responses we have received allow us to address any areas for improvement we may have as a business, in order that we can provide our colleagues with the best working environment and in turn provide the best service to our Partners.

“I have worked for seven companies in my time at the centre. I have never experienced a company like Westgrove before. I feel like I am part of a big community and I feel really valued” “Seeing colleagues around me progress within the company has made me want to strive to achieve more. The company recognises people who go that extra yard through the reward & recognition scheme” “How many other companies have a Young Ambassador? It’s tremendous feeling a part of Alex’s (Staniforth) journey”

Westgrove Connect & Pay We launched Westgrove Connect last year and accept that we had early teething problems, which is expected with any new bespoke system. We identified any issues early and they have now been resolved and your input has been instrumental in the development of the system, thank you for your feedback.

I feel like I am part of a big community and I feel really valued

To ensure the continued development of Connect we have appointed a dedicated Westgrove Connect Administrator, conducted additional training sessions and created a working group to ensure that we listen to your comments and suggestions. We’ll keep you posted with further developments!

“It has a better clocking in and out system. It also has a good web site on where I can monitor holidays and sickness” “Connect is so easy to use and I have used many other systems” “Westgrove have taken on board my comments and made changes to the system” “Connect is a great system. As a Manager it’s saved me huge amounts of time on administration”


“Westgrove understand the shopping centre environment. The shopping centre I just feel specific training I have that they received has enabled me to provide Duty (Westgrove) management cover for care about the centre. Our partner their people appreciates this”

“I am new to the site as a security manager. I am really impressed with Westgrove and the forward thinking way Westgrove go about the business. It’s rare to find a firm that cares”





Gemma Healey Business Manager - Westgrove HQ 1. What are your thoughts on our Young Ambassador, Alex Staniforth, and his incredible journey? I think Alex is very inspiring and has achieved so much at such a young age.

At Westgrove we are one big family! It is a unique environment

2. Briefly describe your daily role at Westgrove. In my role every day is different, which is why I really enjoy my job. I can be attending tender site walk arounds, putting the proposals and costings together for new Partners and also dealing with enquires from our existing Partners. 3 How does the Westgrove community differ to other companies you have worked for? At Westgrove we are one big family! It is a unique environment.

4 If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why? One of my biggest passions is travelling; I have been to some amazing places in the world including Thailand, Iceland and Berlin. I don’t think I could name just one place to live. I would love to stay for a few months in one place then move onto the next... and then the next! 5. Which three famous people would you invite to your ideal dinner party? It would have to be my favourite actress Jennifer Aniston, Alan Carr because he will have everybody in stitches and Adele (and I promise I’ll leave the singing to Adele!). 6. Which one fact about you would surprise everyone? People might be surprised that I have a degree in Fashion Design!

Richard Coe


Security Officer - Orbital Shopping Park, Swindon


1. What are your thoughts on our Young Ambassador, Alex Staniforth, and his incredible journey? Alex’s journey could have ended in his death after a near miss in Nepal. He is an inspiration to Westgrove. To be able to help others like that is really inspirational. 2. Briefly describe your daily role at Westgrove. As a security officer I help monitor all health and safety issues, the day-to-day running of the site and maintain a clean and safe site people would want to visit. 3. How does the Westgrove community differ to other companies you have worked for? Most companies I have worked for were quite military style. Their structure was one main boss and one site manager. At Westgrove it’s different and we have a more thorough structure at site with involvement for the whole team.

4. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why? I would live in Australia - my wife used to live there and wants to go home. It’s also so vast and needs exploring! 5. Which three famous people would you invite to your ideal dinner party? My wife, along with Sandra Bullock and The Rock, Dwayne Johnson – what a great night! 6. Which one fact about you would surprise everyone? I’m a great grandad and proud of it.

We have a more thorough structure at site with involvement for the whole team.

Eric Roye Cleaning Operative - Spindles Shopping Centre, Oldham

1. What are your thoughts on our Young Ambassador, Alex Staniforth, and his incredible journey? I think Alex Staniforth is a great ambassador for Westgrove because being sponsored by Westgrove puts our name out there and is really positive. I think he was very brave when he got so far up Mount Everest and had to be rescued due to the earthquake. Even though he is only quite young he has conquered so much. 2. Briefly describe your daily role at Westgrove. My role consists of emptying bins, segregating waste for recycling, cleaning windows and dealing with exterior spillages and other special requirements from our Partner. Also any training that may be added into our day as there has been a lot in the last couple of years. 3. How does the Westgrove community differ to other companies you have worked for? I have always worked for Town Square Shopping Centre under the site manager. Everything was in-house back then and the centres (Spindles and Town Square) were run separately. The two centres merged and now we have one Centre Manager, Mike Flanagan. Westgrove came along in 2006 looking after the cleaning and so I was employed by them.

Since working for Westgrove I have been on various training courses. I think I can speak for all my colleagues that we were all quite eager and determined to gain our certificates such as British Safety Council, Westgrove Health & Safety on Aspire E-learning, the First Aid and Fire Protection certificates and most importantly our NVQ’s. I’m really pleased to say I passed them all. I’ve also had the opportunity to go and work on one or two other Westgrove sites and it was interesting to see how they operate. Eric, pictured left with Mike Flanagan - Centre Manager at Spindles

4. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why? It would be Jamaica, a beautiful tropical island, as I am from Jamaican blood. I love some of the Jamaican foods as long as it’s not too spicy and I could dance to Reggae music all day long! 5. Which three famous people would you invite to your ideal dinner party? Joanna Lumley because she is funny in French and Saunders, President Obama to ask him questions on a number of subjects and Beyoncé, because she’s gorgeous and talented. We would eat Jamaican party food of course! 6. Which one fact about you would surprise everyone? I used to DJ in a Reggae night club when I was only 14 years old. Then I just got up and went to school the next day!

Even though he is only quite young he has conquered so much.

Ceri Harding Security Officer - Orbital Shopping Park, Swindon

2. Briefly describe your daily role at Westgrove. I carry out regular patrols of the Park, liaise with members of the public to assist the tenants with potential shoplifters and help maintain a safe and friendly environment for all. 3. How does the Westgrove community differ to other companies you have worked for? Westgrove are very good at putting in place policies and procedures and there’s a very clear chain of command. 4. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why? It would have to be Canada for the wide open areas, friendly people and the snow! 5. Which three famous people would you invite to your ideal dinner party? King Henry V, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Alan Turing.


1. What are your thoughts on our Young Ambassador, Alex Staniforth, and his incredible journey? What a remarkable young man. To overcome the challenges that he faced at an early age and then to have the determination to want to climb Everest is an inspiration.

6. Which one fact about you would surprise everyone? I like to bake!







We’re certainly on the right track and the next phase of our growth is incredibly exciting

10 4


Due to the widespread interest in the last series of questions answered by our Chairmen, Steve Fives and Simon Whittle, we are delighted to repeat this feature. The number of questions from our colleagues across the UK achieved an unprecedented volume - apologies to anyone who hasn’t had their question profiled within this edition. Both Steve and Simon really appreciated such an engaging response and they hope that they have covered a cross section of subjects that are of interest to everyone. Q. Where would the Chairmen see the company in five years’ time? Kevin Molloy - Giltbrook SF: “Simon and I are incredibly proud of how the business has evolved since starting up from very humble beginnings in 1998. The next five to ten years will see the company continue to capture extensive market share within Shopping Centres and prestigious corporate premises across the UK. The single biggest challenge we face is that there are still such a large percentage of prospective partners out there that have never experienced our unique brand before, or indeed even heard of our company. Since 1998 the company has purely grown through referral and recommendation. Our main objective for the medium term will be to embark upon brand awareness initiatives that create more partnerships that all of our community will benefit from. We envisage strong organic and acquisitive growth that will

see the Group recognised as the UK’s leading independent cleaning and security provider within this period. It is realistic to assume that we will employ over 4,000 colleagues within the next three to five years and create a wealth of management positions within a number of facets of the business. It is quite amazing really when Simon and I sit down occasionally and reflect upon our journey.  From two guys who were behind a vacuum cleaner and scrubber drier at the outset, now competing with the biggest PLC’s within our industry and creating a whole colleague and partner community that is fast becoming the envy of them all!  We’re certainly on the right track and the next phase of our growth is incredibly exciting for everyone currently within the Westgrove community, and those who are attracted to joining us in the near future.”

Q. If you hadn’t founded Westgrove and taken this career path, where do you think you would be working now? Clare Danks – Princes Quay

Q. Where did Westgrove get its’ motto “a compelling place to work, a compelling company to partner”? Security team - Zenith

SF: “Now Clare, here’s a question that made us think and gave us great hilarity as our thoughts took us off on all kinds of tangents! Both Simon and I have very different ideas about what the other one would probably be doing right now if our paths hadn’t crossed all those years ago! I was 28 when we formed the company, so 18 years of Westgrove has accounted for a significant part of my working life. It is incredibly difficult to imagine anything other than driving the business forward with Simon and Claire. I am lucky enough to have always been classed as a leader and to have had roles of responsibility from a young age that have motivated or influenced people around me in either a sports domain or on a professional basis.  The thought of working for an employer who compromised my values - and was risk averse in decision making - sends shivers down my spine to be honest! I think I would always have had to be in business and ultimately in charge of my own direction.  Something within the travel or sports & leisure industry would combine my main interests and I’d enjoy whichever role I could have undertaken if I’m really guessing!”  SW: “I’d always wanted to run my own business and be ‘master of my own destiny’. I would probably have continued in a sales and business development role at some level and maybe worked my way through a larger company. If not, then maybe similar to how Westgrove developed, so a pathway into business or entrepreneurship in some way shape or form. With Westgrove it just happened to be in cleaning. Theoretically it could have been any type of business to business field.”

SF: “When we revised the company’s branding several years ago we wanted a strapline to accompany the new Westgrove logo which encapsulated our unique culture and vision. Fundamentally we knew we were a company colleagues wanted to work for and clients were more than happy to partner because of our values. The statement had to incorporate a commitment to both our colleagues and our partners and the word ‘compelling’ describes a desire, a tangible attraction to be drawn to our brand and work with us. The statement signs off our ‘Vision Statement’ and summarises our objectives perfectly.”

‘We will endeavour to continually cascade the passion and dynamism demonstrated by the founding directors throughout all levels of the Group’s activities. We will strive to understand our colleagues’ and partners’ key objectives, creating a programme or strategy to fulfil them.’ Q. Are Westgrove going to continue to be a dual service company or will it diversify and become a total FM provider? Wojciech Libera - Ealing Broadway


SW: “There are no firm plans to migrate into total FM at this stage, Wojciech. There are, however, opportunities that come our way where we could add other disciplines to our current offering via acquisition of smaller specialist or bespoke providers. We will only consider these opportunities if we both felt that a business could really add some value to our partners. The market is constantly changing and what is ‘in vogue’ currently may not be in five years’ time. The key element for Steve and I is for Westgrove to remain responsive to trends, yet flexible both operationally and commercially.”



Q. Having been employed by Westgrove for so many years I have seen the growth of the business, which you both must be thrilled about. What do you see as the most important thing about Westgrove and what do you believe has been an influence in the way the company has grown? Craig Hughes - Bayview

12 4

SF: “Great question Craig and one that you could no doubt answer yourself having been a valued colleague within our community for a number of years! Without question the most important element in the way that we have shaped the business is our focus on looking after our colleagues and the way that we engage with our colleague community. Too often the cleaning and security industries are blighted with pre-conceptions around the job being a ‘means to an end’, high staff turnover and poor job satisfaction. Why should this always be the case? Why can’t our colleagues have progressive career paths and be recognised for their continued efforts day to day?  From the very beginning Simon and I instigated a ‘Reward and Recognition’ programme for our teams that made them feel appreciated.  It made them feel that they were contributing to the overall business’ success and consequently they felt very differently towards our brand compared to the way that they had been treated with other employers. Our staff retention is among the best in the industry and our Reward & Recognition programme is one of the contributory factors.

The single most effective way to have a strong relationship with our Partners and to fulfil our growth objectives is to look after our Colleagues. Too many companies lose sight of this key driver in my opinion.”  Q. What advice would you give any prospective Entrepreneur? Iain Young - Handforth Dean SF: “Never compromise from the principles of business and values that gave you the drive and courage to set up your own venture. Business will always be about people and what you put into them irrespective of technological innovation. Treat people with integrity as you would expect to be treated yourself and this will create a platform to earn their loyalty. A company is nothing without this.”   Q. As a new starter to Westgrove, where do you see the company in five years’ time? Steve Mason - Cannock Shopping Centre SW: “The next five years will see significant growth in our dominant sectors and speciality in the dual service model. The economies of scale we can demonstrate, now we are taking our brand out to our key markets, is going to prove significant to our current and new partner base. With the investments we have made, particularly in the last 18 months in management software, payroll software and in our brand and marketing team, we see the sky being the limit. We will acquire some complimentary businesses along the way which will only add to our appeal.”

Q. Have you got any new and creative ideas for the future of Westgrove? Karen Hall - Hardshaw Centre

SW: “The underlying feeling is it has been good on the whole for the our colleagues, admittedly I don’t think the chancellor really thought about the impact it may have had on the wider benefits for the lower paid in society (or maybe he did!). The impact on the sector is as expected. We have had some instances where, in order to remain within budget for our partners, some hours have had to be reduced across a contract in order for the additional pay to be found. Once again I’m not sure Mr Osborne really thought about that either. The bottom line is our colleagues carry out vitally important work and play an intrinsic part in the operation of ours and our partner’s business, for this they should be rewarded as other careers are.”

Simon Whittle

Steve Fives

Business will always be about people and what you put into them irrespective of technological innovation


SF: “Without giving too much away to our competitors, some of whom I know read this magazine, we have an exciting period ahead of us! Our CSR initiatives will take our brand profile to another level and the software unique to us in the UK that we continue to develop will give us an added dimension with our partners. Our brand will be profiled much more extensively within our target sectors and both Laurie Barton Wright (Brand and Development Director) and Jenny Fives (Brand and Events Manager) will be embarking upon a strategy to raise awareness of our brand with a real creative edge. Look out for an exciting announcement with Alex our Young Ambassador later this year and some major announcements to our community hopefully in the final quarter of the year if all goes to plan! Watch this space...”

Q. As an employer and businessman, what are your views on the recently introduced National Living Wage and what impact do you think this may have on Westgrove, in particular and the sector in general? Iain Young - Handforth Dean



Industry Awards BSIA Regional Winners 2016 Westgrove are now into their fourth year of BSIA awards and 2016 resulted in a great selection of nominations. We were delighted to be presented with three Regional Awards. Our Colleagues are achieving great things out there on-site and it’s wonderful for them to be recognised by a professional body like the BSIA.

Best Use of Technology Scott Hazlehurst

Scott has been commended for his excellent use of technology when providing vital evidence to the Police following a hit and run incident at Handforth Dean in Cheshire.

Best Team

Runcorn Shopping Centre The team of five Colleagues were commended for their exceptional contribution to solving a serious crime that occurred near to the shopping centre.

Service to the Customer - David Phillips Awarded for his exceptional levels of customer service at Market Place, Bolton. His experience, can-do ethos and his unwavering enthusiasm secured his award. Further to this announcement, we were delighted to hear that David was chosen to receive one of the BSIA’s coveted National Awards. David received his award at the BSIA Security Personnel Awards lunch in London. A truly well-deserved award.


BSIA National Winner 2015


Further to his 2015 Regional Award, Richard Farley went onto receive a BSIA National Award, a truly fantastic achievement. Richard said of his award; “Wow, a National BSIA award winner. What an honour. When I heard the news, I am not ashamed to say that it brought tears to my eyes. I must say though that the support and assistance shown to me by the teams at Kennet Shopping Centre (Newbury) and the Westgrove Group really have been incredible.” Trevor Elliott, Director of Manpower and Membership Services, British Security Industry Association:

“The BSIA’s Security Personnel Awards serve to recognise the limitless and commendable contributions that security personnel make to the industry and the wider community, each and every day. “This year, colleagues from The Westgrove Group were recognised for their talents in the regional round of judging. This is a truly admirable achievement for the individuals involved and for the company and customers that they represent. The Westgrove Group were also successful in receiving a national award for Service to the Customer. I’d like to offer my personal congratulations to all of The Westgrove Group’s winners in this year’s Security Personnel Awards.”

ACS Pacesetters Success We’re proud to announce that two Westgrove colleagues have received a coveted ACS Pacesetters award. Phil Bailey, Security Officer at The Market Place in Bolton and Kevin Greenwood, Security Officer at Spindles Shopping Centre in Oldham have been presented with the ‘ACS Pacesetters Security Officer of Distinction Awards’. They received their awards at the ACS Awards lunch in Windsor. Phil Bailey received his award for his vigilance in monitoring an incident on site, whereby a female was being followed by a suspicious male. Unfortunately, the male managed to assault the female. Phil alerted the Police and made his way to the location of the incident, where the male fled the scene. Phil assisted the Police by collating the necessary CCTV footage to help prosecute the male who committed the crime. Kevin Greenwood was presented with his award for his actions whilst monitoring the CCTV system on shift. He noticed three males acting suspiciously and notified the Council control room and requested they too monitor the situation. Kevin then noticed a male was walking alone past them and the three males followed him; Kevin’s instinct told him this male was in trouble and notified the Police and the Council control room. Moments later the three males The Westgrove fled the scene, where Kevin was able to direct Group were also the Police to their location and the males were apprehended. It transpired they had presented with viciously assaulted the lone male victim. Kevin’s an award to observation skills and diligent approach demonstrate their identified criminal intentions.

Achievement of reaching the top 15% of the ACS

The Westgrove Group were also presented with an award to demonstrate their Achievement of reaching the top 15% of the ACS; an excellent achievement.

Phil Bailey

Kevin Greenwood

The Westgrove Group

British Land Award The Westgrove Group, in conjunction with British Land and Broadgate Estates are being recognised across various centres for achieving Bronze status in the British Land Customer Service Accreditation Programme. The programme is a comprehensive one featuring WorldHost training, dementia training, a requirement for involvement in the local community and a Reward and Recognition scheme. The following sites have been successful and have been accredited with the bronze status; Beaumont, Giltbrook Shopping Park, Kingston, Orbital and Ealing Broadway. This is a superb achievement across these sites within the portfolio; with both the Centre Management teams and Westgrove teams being delighted.

The teams will continue to work through the programme, aiming to achieve silver status.

Hull BID Award Westgrove Colleagues from Princes Quay Shopping Centre were presented with a Hull BID (Business Improvement District) Award for Training & Development. The awards recognise and commend the excellent work carried out by organisations in the centre of Hull. The team were commended for their exceptional levels of customer service and the continual training and development programme from which customers and visitors to the centre benefit. Claire Suggitt, Centre Manager commented; “I am proud of the collective achievements from our site team. This award is in recognition of the training standards across the operation and evidences the ultimate benefit to be gained – optimum customer service. Visitors to our centre receive unrivalled customer service and the continuous development and training efforts make Princes Quay an outstanding centre of excellence.”


Alice Boswell, Property Manager at British Land explains a bit more about why the programme was created: “The Customer Service Accreditation Programme was launched in January 2015 to tie in with British Land’s strategy of creating outstanding places for modern consumer lifestyles through placemaking. The delivery of placemaking can only be achieved with help from our centre teams and it was with both our customer and our centre teams in mind that we created the British Land Customer Service Accreditation Programme in partnership with The Source.”

Pictured left to right; Clare Danks (Westgrove), Lee Douthwaite (Westgrove) and Claire Suggitt (Princes Quay)








Reward & Recognition


Service to the Customer

David Phillips, Security Supervisor - Market Place, Bolton


Whilst on shift David discovered that a tenant’s unit had flooded. He informed the retailers of the situation and then proceeded to enter the unit to deal with the serious flood situation. David stayed on site despite his shift ending to ensure the situation was resolved. We received commendations regarding his actions from both our partner and his line manager at Market Place for not only his efforts on the evening but his work ethic and consistent ability to handle any incidents.

David stayed on site despite his shift ending to ensure the situation was resolved.

Colleague of the Quarter


Scott Hazlehurst, Dual Services Supervisor - Handforth Dean

16 4

A member of the trolley collection team on site (not an employee of Westgrove) was knocked to the ground when a vehicle reversed into him. The driver got out, inspected his vehicle and then drove off! Scott was tasked with reviewing and obtaining CCTV evidence of the vehicle to pass onto the police. He managed to provide the necessary detailed evidence. The images were not clear enough to identify the car but he managed to confirm the vehicle make/model/colour & VRN by doing a vehicle check online. Scott submitted it to the police who were able to make a prosecution based on the evidence provided. The police were extremely impressed with the centre CCTV coverage plan produced by him.

The police were extremely impressed with the centre CCTV coverage plan produced by him.

Team of the Quarter Security Team - Cannock Shopping Centre The security team were called to attend a first aid incident. On arrival the team found an elderly gentleman had collapsed and had remained in an unconscious condition for some time. Roy Baker, Security Manager, took the lead whilst being directed by the emergency operator. He was able to deliver vital support and, along with the help of the team, administered CPR. After a few minutes of life saving CPR they managed to revive the gentleman and he eventually gained consciousness. The team kept him comfortable until the emergency services arrived. The teams amazing and calm response helped to save a man’s life.





Team of the Quarter Princes Quay, Hull (Cleaning & Security)



Early one morning a security officer was conducting a patrol and during their usual checks found a large leak in the male toilets. The security officer quickly used the available resources to contain the leak whilst waiting for a member of the cleaning team to arrive. All three cleaners (even those not on shift) quickly attended the area and managed to contain the large volume of water and cleaned up the mess. Their responsiveness meant the leak was dealt with quickly with minimal damage incurred.


Employee of the Quarter Clare Danks, Cleaning Manager - Princes Quay, Hull

Clare shows commitment, loyalty and an abundance of enthusiasm. Clare has demonstrated a thorough understanding of not only the role and the cleaning requirements, but the expectancy to which Westgrove are committed to delivering a high-end service. Clare has further demonstrated her skill set by devising an assignment instruction for cleaning which has been circulated round the business to be used across all sites. She also created a spillage kit for the team which allows the team to respond instantly to small spillages. Congratulations Clare!


During another security patrol, the team then found the leak had seeped onto the mall directly below the toilets. Everybody was involved to clean up the centre again. This is a great example of team work that thoroughly deserves this award.

Outstanding Act

Phil Bailey, Security Supervisor - Market Place, Bolton

Phil also received an individual award from ACS Pacesetters for this outstanding act, where he attended the ACS Awards lunch to receive his much deserved award.

Outstanding Act

Luke Simms, Phil Nicholson & Lorraine Brown, Security Team - Beaumont, Leicester The security team noticed a well-known shoplifter exiting the Argos store with two large bags full of items. The security team approached the individual and asked if they could see the receipt. She could not produce a receipt and attempted to flee. Phil Nicholson and Luke Simms managed to detain her while Lorraine spoke with control and requested for the police to be called. The lady was arrested for theft of goods from Argos. The store was extremely pleased with the outcome as the lady had been targeting the store for some time.


Phil was monitoring the camera during his night shift and noticed a female was being followed by a male. Keeping an eye on the situation, the male then approached the female but she managed to get away. Sadly, the male sexually assaulted this lady. Phil quickly informed the police and the town link so they could follow the male with CCTV. Phil made his way to the location were the male in question fled. The male was later detained and Phil assisted the police in the collection of the CCTV footage, which hopefully assisted in the prosecution of this male for such a horrific crime.




Service to the Customer

James Durham - Market Place, Bolton James went above the call of duty to help the Centre out in a difficult situation. Without James’ knowledge the centre would have had issues with their fire alarm system. His excellent knowledge of computers enabled him to offer some valuable technical advice to resolve the problem.

Team of the Quarter Handforth Dean

Handforth Dean received four nominations in total for various excellent examples of teamwork & individual commendation. All of these nominations were taken into consideration and Handforth Dean was awarded Team of the Quarter.

Service Excellence Award

Grosvenor Cleaning, Security & Car Park Team, Chester Grosvenor Cleaning, Security & Car Park team, were nominated for their invaluable efforts over the last few months during a redevelopment process. Dave Ferris, Dual Services Manager and his team have shown huge commitment to the site over the last few months during a challenging time.

Service Excellence Award


Kevin Greenwood - Spindles Shopping Centre, Oldham


Kevin was on duty and noticed three males acting suspiciously on CCTV. He continued to monitor the males and alerted the council security control room of their location. A few moments later another male walked past the three males identified earlier and followed him out of camera view. Kevin’s instinct told him this male was in trouble and phoned the police and directed them appropriately. The three males were apprehended by the police and it transpired that they had viciously assaulted the other male. If it wasn’t for Kevin’s actions, the men could have got away with the assault or the situation could have become fatal. Kevin also received an award from ACS Pacesetters for this outstanding act, where he attended the ACS Awards lunch to receive his thoroughly deserved award.

Service Excellence Award

Gareth Weston - Spindles Shopping Centre, Oldham The Security team at Spindles were alerted by the police that a serial sex offender was at large in the vicinity of the town centre. The police requested copies of centre CCTV evidence & asked for the assistance of the security team in case he entered the centre. The same day, Gareth Weston, Security Officer, spotted the male walking through the mall and alerted the control room who monitored him until the police attended. Gareth waited until approaching a corridor to appropriately detain the male. His true diligence on the day may have prevented any other members of the public being sexually assaulted.

Service Excellence

Haymarket Cleaning & Security Team, Leicester



R EmployeeQU ofA TER the Quarter


The Haymarket Shopping Centre experienced a full fire evacuation including 60 units and 500+ members of the public and tenants due to a car fire in the car park. The team managed to evacuate the entire centre and surrounding premises in under seven minutes. Notably the evacuation procedure was a new system and had only been implemented two days previously.


Service to the Customer Dave Floyd - Handforth Dean

A customer of the centre had misplaced her handbag and was very distressed. Dave’s handling of the situation “was amazing” and he helped her retrace her steps and even offered to help her contact her family as she had no money or phone. He ensured the customer stayed calm and constantly reassured her and eventually she was reunited with her handbag.

Outstanding Act Richard Coe - Orbital

Team of the Quarter Market Place, Bolton

The team won the award for going beyond the call of duty over the last 12 months. The site is going through a £20m development which has brought its challenges including floods in the centre and in units. The Security Team have had to cover shops and cafes every evening ensuring the building dust doesn’t get onto the merchandise and food. The team have worked tirelessly to ensure that the centre is clean and ready for the public every day. They have worked hard to ensure that it is still a pleasurable experience even with 200+ contractors on site.

Rachel Parsley, Westgrove HQ



Rachel has been changing all cost models when considering the National Minimum Wage and living allowance, with the minimum amount of fuss. She has also been instrumental in developing the Westgrove Connect system software to ensure maximum efficiency.

Service Excellence Award

Malcolm Berry, Linton Edwards & Ian Croskell – K.Village, Kendal In Q4 the Lake District was hit with catastrophic floods and Kendal was one of the worse places effected by the serve weather. K.Village is built on a riverside embankment and the flood water had seeped through all the basement car park. Malcolm and Ian set up camp and slept in the Centre Management Office taking it in turns every 2 hours to get the dry vac out and disperse the water so it did not go any further into the mall and into the tenants units. Linton Edwards also assisted by coming into the Centre on his day off helping to remove the excess water.

The team have worked tirelessly to ensure that the centre is clean and ready for the public every day.


There were some on-site issues with the fire alarm which resulted in Richard having to attend site on three separate occasions during Christmas Eve and Christmas Day only leaving at 3am. Richard demonstrated commitment in his quest to be onsite whilst the issues were being resolved.






Annual Awards

Outstanding Act James Durham, Market Place, Bolton

James was a quarterly award winner in Q3 for repairing a faulty fire panel and preventing the closure of the site for up to 5 days. He stayed on site throughout the night to monitor the fire panel, going beyond the call of duty.

Site of the Year Beaumont, Leicester

The team have earned this award for being the most improved site; demonstrating improved SLA/KPI scores, together with excellent service delivery. The team have engaged with the Westgrove brand and have embraced the Company’s systems & projects including Connect and the Reward & Recognition Scheme.

Colleague of the Year Clare Danks, Princes Quay, Hull


Clare was a Q3 award winner for demonstrating commitment to both Princes Quay and Westgrove. Clare continues to learn & develop her skills, in all areas of business and has implemented a detailed cleaning Assignment Instruction which has been rolled out across our sites.

20 4

Achiever of the Year Faye Curran, HR Advisor Faye joined Westgrove in October 2011 as an apprentice. She was promoted to HR Advisor in 2014 having successfully completed her level 5 CIPD diploma. Faye has developed her knowledge and understanding of her role and continues to strive to achieve the best every day.

Service to the Customer Handforth Dean Shopping Centre

The following Colleagues have been awarded for delivering excellent customer service together with their unrivalled commitment. Q1 - Scott Hazlehurst - Colleague of the Quarter Q3 - Team of the Quarter Q4 - Dave Floyd - Service to the Customer

Team of the Year Market Place, Bolton

The team at Market Place were award winners every quarter throughout 2015. They have shown excellent service delivery, even with challenging working conditions due to a large redevelopment of the centre. They have embraced the customer service ethos and have undertaken our Service excellence training.

Team of the Year Grosvenor Shopping Centre, Chester The team have demonstrated excellent commitment and loyalty to both the Centre and each other; working in a true dual service partnership. The team have ensured they have achieved improved service delivery whilst embracing Westgrove’s ethos and working in partnership.




Reward & Recognition Team of the Quarter Princes Quay, Hull





Princes Quay have submitted five strong nominations for Quarter 1. These include assisting a lady who had an angina attack, assisting a Carer for a lady who had dementia, who was missing. They carried out a boat rescue for someone who had fallen into the Quay and they also prevented a flood, following an accident caused by a contractor working on the heating system. Another colleague assisted an elderly lady who was very confused and disorientated.

Colleague of the Quarter David Wilson & Derek Lucas - Crown Point, Manchester Dave and Derek were involved in the arrest of three males, who were trying to commit credit card and mobile phone fraud on site. They worked together with the local PCSO’s to identify and detain them. All three males were known to the police for credit card and mobile phone fraud and one was currently on bail.

Outstanding Act Luke Simms - Beaumont, Leicester

Princes Quay have submitted five strong nominations for Quarter 1.

Luke attended the scene and tried to calm the situation down

Service to the Customer John Holland - Kingston Shopping Centre, Milton Keynes John joined the Company in 2015, during his employment he has looked to ways of improving all aspects of his and the teams tasks. He produced new cleaning schedules and helped them with the customer service requirements. John has successfully completed his World host training, first aid training and e-learning course. He has introduced a ‘Give a token Scheme’ that involves giving customers trolley tokens when they don’t have the correct change. He implemented a head turning customer service charter & plan and has become the site ‘Customer Service Champion’. He has been promoted to Cleaning Supervisor and his next goal is to complete is SIA training to become the Deputy Dual Service Manager.


Luke was involved in a violent incident with a member of the public who became aggressive with members of the team at Pets at Home. Luke had been monitoring the situation via CCTV and notified the Police. Luke attended the scene and tried to calm the situation down, however the male stood up, assaulted him and ran back into the store, but the doors were closed. He charged into the glass doors, breaking the glass covering both him and Luke in glass. Luke managed to pull the male to safety without any injury, however the male was still being violent towards him. The male continued to struggle until the police arrived. Luke had sustained a serious injury to his hand and had lost a substantial amount of blood, but continued to support his team dealing with this dangerous individual.


Alex pushes boundaries and lives life on the edge. He surpasses goals through his physical endeavours that you or I could never remotely contemplate.


Steve Fives, Group Chairman

22 4

Westgrove’s Young Ambassador

Alex Staniforth Our inspirational Young Ambassador, Alex Staniforth’s life has certainly had its ‘peaks and troughs’ since the last edition of the magazine. A near death experience on Mt Everest, the publication of his critically acclaimed first book “Icefall”, orchestrating fund raising events including taking members of Westgrove’s management team up Mt Snowdon, raising in total over £30,000 and inspiring an array of Partners and Colleagues along the way with his motivational talks. We’re proud to have Alex within the Westgrove Community and over the page is an account from Alex that will become a regular feature. Certainly not your average update... Steve Fives writes; “Alex pushes boundaries and lives life on the edge. He surpasses goals through his physical endeavours that you or I could never remotely contemplate. He has ambition and desire flowing through his veins that truly sets him apart from most individuals. To work with Alex both personally and professionally is a real privilege and he has had a tremendous impact upon the company and our Partners.

Nothing could have prepared us for events last April and the emotional impact that the earthquake in Nepal had upon the company. Alex’s desire to stand at the top of the world and achieve his lifelong ambition nearly cost him his life, as the earthquake triggered avalanches within the Khumbu Icefall near Mt Everest base camp.  I will never forget the media storm that we were caught up in as the worlds press used every means possible to get an interview with Alex, his mum or me as events were unfolding.  Jenny Fives, our Brand & Events Manager, was phenomenal and struck the perfect balance for everyone. 

Alex’s remarkable book “Icefall” which I’m sure many of you will have already read, has THE most amazing equilibrium between having tears of sadness and those of laughter as he takes you through the adversity of his childhood onto that fateful day, April 25th 2015 on Everest. (Be warned, this is a book once you start reading you cannot put down! There are so many things Alex will achieve in his life through his sheer drive and determination to overcome any barriers or obstacles put before him. What an amazing and inspiring example this is to us all. We can all overcome our own ‘EVEREST IN LIFE’ and achieve things however small that we always wanted to do or were putting off doing for whatever reason.  Whichever adversities or debilitating events we all have to cope with from time to time, Alex is living proof that physical exercise and the great outdoors can change your perspective for the better. I defy anyone that reads the book not to have a fresh perspective and positive mindset on their own lives that will prove to be hugely beneficial.” Alex has presented to the Management teams at British Land / Broadgate Estates and also Peel Holdings to share his story. Alex will be visiting a number of our Partners sites and talking to our colleagues throughout the course of the year around his commitments with his expeditions. Watch this space for some major announcements... Icefall is available through Alex’s website or via Amazon.





I have never done convention or followed the beaten track - and nor has the Westgrove Group

In Alex’s own words...

I have never done convention or followed the beaten track - and nor has the Westgrove Group. As their first official Young Ambassador, I’m honoured to represent such a strong and leading brand with a real affinity for what I’m trying to achieve.


Through my role, I’ve been delighted to share my story with colleagues at various sites and inspire them to overcome their very own ‘EVEREST IN LIFE’. Since the recent release of my book “Icefall” over 500 signed copies have been shared amongst colleagues and partners and early feedback has already led to some signing themselves up for similar challenges. This added dimension has not only helped facilitate my own dream but helped the Westgrove community to achieve theirs too.

24 4

On a personal basis I continue to be mentored regularly in all areas of my career by Westgrove Chairman, Steve Fives. By going the extra mile through this unique dynamic I have developed tremendously as an individual and we’ve shared many achievements and successes through the peaks and troughs of my road to Everest. Last April was the closest I had ever been to finally standing on top of the world. My three week trek to base camp went without drama. We had arrived at base camp and this time round it felt like all was going to plan. Days later, I was urging and spluttering myself on to Camp 1 on the mountain for the first time. At about 6,000 metres altitude this was our first proper rotation through the Icefall to acclimatise for the summit bid.

This giant labyrinth of jumbled ice is no place to hang around. Sure enough, what happened next was something I couldn’t train for. A short excerpt from my new book “Icefall” sums it up best:

I stopped for a moment, puzzled. Then the avalanche hit me like a snow cannon aimed at my face. So this is how I die, I thought as the fear overwhelmed me. Visions flashed through my mind - my family’s reaction to the news, the sixteen people who died last year, and my stupidity for coming here. Flung down onto my knees, I was prepared to die in the next few seconds. I would be encased in ice, never to be found. The snow blinded me and forced its way down my throat, suffocating me. I turned my head away to gasp for air. My glasses were ripped from my face and everything went blank. There was nowhere to run. I could only stand alone and face my fate. I came home determined to grow from this experience and use it to make a difference. So, I decided I would cycle up Everest... sort of. By making fourteen ascents of Great Dun Fell in Cumbria, over 130 miles and 21 hours, I had accumulated over 29,000ft of vertical ascent on my bike - the same height as Mount Everest. With Westgrove’s contribution, this challenge alone raised over £2,000 for the Nepal quake victims.

To mark the anniversary of the Nepal earthquake, an enthusiastic (!) team from head office took part in my #Walk4Nepal event, where over 120 people climbed Mt Snowdon - the highest peak in Wales – alongside Alan Hinkes OBE and Gurkha soldiers. Over £20,000 was raised for the earthquake victims. Having the team supporting me on what was an incredibly emotional and poignant day summed up everything about our partnership over the past two years. Sadly, they haven’t taken up my offer of joining me for some hillrunning just yet...

The key question has been “what’s next?”. Over seven weeks later this year, I will attempt to climb Cho Oyu (8201 metres) in Tibet - the sixth highest mountain in the world. Cho gives me a chance to psychologically put to bed the experience of last year. It also provides an opportunity to develop confidence and prepare for my future expeditions. Oops... I let the cat out of the bag there! Watch this space for a big announcement in 2017 and beyond. I couldn’t be more grateful to have the Westgrove community behind me and engaged with this compelling journey. I’m exceptionally proud to take their logo to the very pinnacle of the world where few have ever been - inspiring others and conquering adversity, every step of the way. Written by Alex Staniforth Westgrove’s Young Ambassador


Whilst Westgrove have been there every step of the way when I’m actually out braving the elements they have followed in spirit from either the warm and dry offices of Warrington HQ or sites across the UK. So it was a real privilege recently to give them a taste of my outdoor playground.


Educational Strategy


We are truly committed to the training and development of all our colleagues

26 4

Colleague development is one of the most important investments we make as a business. After the successful launch of ‘Westgrove Aspire Educational Strategy’, we have received some great feedback from our colleagues who have completed the various courses. 75% of our colleagues are now registered for e-Learning.

We are truly committed to the training and development of all our colleagues within the business and we are constantly looking at ways to enhance ‘Westgrove Aspire’. We are looking to implement the following new courses:

Over the course of the next twelve months, we will be looking to expand the subject matters on the e-Learning platform to include:

• Following the introduction of Dementia Friendly training we are also looking to achieve Autism Friendly status

• Induction training • Equality & diversity • Counter terrorism • Our current 40 Tool Box Talks will also be added to the e-Learning platform

Additional Training Courses The ever popular ‘Aspire Talent Management Training programme’ will commence again in September. Places can be secured by contacting a Westgrove Business Support Manager.

• Document verification workshop for all our Managers ‘Aspire Service excellence training’ is becoming very popular and over 30% of our colleagues have completed the training program. We believe we will see a number of centres achieving 5* service delivery status within the next few months.


of our colleagues are now registered for e-Learning.

Following the results of the Colleague Engagement Survey, please see below some comments and thoughts from our colleagues on the current Westgrove training offering.

“Communication training and support and colleagues working together makes the Westgrove brand different”

“I would like to thank Westgrove for my opportunity to progress and develop myself as a manager to move forward with my career” “I will say they should keep it up and continue to educate the employees on their services and provide them with necessary training that will help them to bring improvements to their job and impress the clients”

W E STG R O V E A S P I R E 27


Westgrove focuses heavily on training for its staff and I believe that the Company offers fantastic opportunities to its site operators and managers alike.

28 4

Succession Planning Our Commitment to Recognising Your Talent

My story so far... Clare Danks - Cleaning Manager / Princes Quay Shopping Centre, Hull When I was 15 I had huge ambition. I was generally considered to be an academic achiever and I wanted to be a lawyer. This wasn’t to be and instead at the age of 16 I left school pregnant with my son, Cameron. I didn’t think to be disappointed at this point and put my ambition into a box - for the time being. At the age of 14 I had started work for a friend in a fish and chip shop. I carried on with this until my son was born. He came along in 2004 and I spent the next year being a full time Mum. Desperate to get back into work, I applied for a cleaning role at Princes Quay Shopping Centre and was surprised and elated when I was eventually offered a position. I started in October 2005 as a Cleaner on a zero-hour contract. I was advised to expect a contract of three months but I was kept on and given a full time contract. Things were tight, but I was surviving as a working single Mum and proud of it! I thought at the time that I had ability and leadership capability to progress and in 2007 I was promoted to Cleaning Supervisor. I gave up the position when I became pregnant with my second child, Cali-Mai. I found there wasn’t enough support and help from the then incumbent service provider at Princes Quay to help me progress.

In September 2013 a position became available for a Cleaning Manager. I thought I could step up to the role as I believed in Westgrove and I knew that I could access an available support network. I hoped to access the training and development for internal colleagues showing determination, commitment and ambition. I had my interview on my 27th birthday and I got the job! I started my new job as Cleaning Manager in October 2013 and hit the ground running. Since then Westgrove have helped and supported me through training and development at every stage. In November 2013, Tony Page, Westgrove’s Health, Safety & Compliance Manager, came to site to

Since then I have completed a significant amount of training. Westgrove have supported me throughout my development as a Manager including:

• Human Resource Training Programme • Security Door Supervisor • IPAF Lifter • First Aid • IOSH - Managing Safely (this was my favourite and hopefully most helpful of all training) • Dementia Care • CCTV Training I really enjoyed all aspects of Health and Safety related issues even though these are the most challenging aspects of my role; creating risk assessments, training staff and implementing new procedures. I created the site’s assignment instructions which has helped every member of my team in every aspect of their respective working shifts. I have spent a significant amount of time creating working procedures, competency records and introducing a detailed cleaning specification to the site. My aim for the future is to complete a NEBOSH course and hopefully become a Trainer and/or Health and Safety Officer for Westgrove. Westgrove focuses heavily on training for its staff and I believe that the Company offers fantastic opportunities to its site operators and managers alike. I would like of be part of the solution to expand the delivery of training to operators and managers within the business and provide a succession plan for every colleague who is driven by opportunity striving for personal development and success.


After my maternity leave I came back to Princes Quay in May 2009 working as a cleaner. My Mum was looking after my kids when I was at work again. Westgrove took over the new contract at Princes Quay in November 2011; we all saw a lot of changes for the better and morale on site was improving.

carry out an audit. I was still learning about Health & Safety in a managerial role and Tony spent time with me showing me what was expected. This immediately caught my attention and gave me a keen interest in all things Health & Safety.


Health, Safety & Compliance


One of the key aspects of Westgrove is to continually improve the service that is offered to all its partners and colleagues. We strive to improve every aspect of the company’s operations through our integrated management system of quality, health and safety and environment.

The basis for the approach underlying the integrated management system is founded on the concept of Plan-Do-CheckAct (PDCA).

There have been significant changes within the past 12 months to the quality management system ISO 9001 and the environmental management system ISO 14001. The revised versions of both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 were published in September 2015.

The PDCA model provides a process that Westgrove can use to achieve continual improvement.

The key changes in the standards are: • The emphasis on leadership • The focus on risk management • Emphasis on objectives measurement and change • Communication and awareness • Fewer prescriptive requirements • Increased focus on lifecycle perspective (ISO14001)

30 4

This year will see the publication of the new International Standard ISO45001. This will replace OHSAS18001 and again is based on the same principles as ISO9001 and ISO14001 with regards to the PDCA cycle.

The PDCA model provides a process that Westgrove can use to achieve continual improvement.


ACS Audit Westgrove are delighted to confirm another improved score for the 2016 audit; placing us within the very top echelons of the scoring system, achieving higher scores than the vast majority of our competitors.

improving performance. The ‘Connect’ system integrates many aspects of administration including pay, holidays, shift management and time and attendance of employees. ‘Toolbox’ is a software package which allows the company to design and produce bespoke training videos for use within the organisation to train employees.

There were some very positive comments on various elements of the business, in particular relating to Westgrove’s best practice. 1. The company currently employ an ambassador to promote the security industry within the wider community. He travels to different locations and events giving inspirational talks about the security sector, his life and achievements. The company has a very good working relationship with the police and also participate in local crime initiatives. 2. The company has invested in a number of new bespoke software systems with the aim of

3. The company has introduced a “Chariman’s Q&A” an open question and answer concept where anyone within the organisation can pose a question to either of the co-Chairman and the questions and responses are published in the company magazine. This gives all employees a better understanding of how Westgrove progressed to where it is today and also an insight into the leaders of the company.

Benefits of using an Approved Contractor Choosing an ACS accredited supplier for the provision of your contract security services will help you to meet your security obligations to your staff, shareholders and other stakeholders. Approved contractors are demonstrably committed to customer service and the compulsory licensing of their staff. This means their customers can rest assured that every private security operative deployed on their premises will be working within the law (unless we have withdrawn the company’s authority to deploy staff whose licence applications are pending, which can be checked via the public Register of Approved Contractors). • Continuity of Service • Best Practice and Continuity of Quality • Clear Customer Focus and Increased Flexibility • Leadership and Innovation • The Extended Police Family

The scoring system Each year our performance is assessed by an independent assessor. Our performance is assessed against 89 individual indicators of achievement. Performance above the required level results in a +1, +2 or higher score. Performance below the required achievement level results in a -1, -2 or lower score.

How should the ACS score be interpreted? The scores are grouped into quartiles to give an understanding of how the performance of a company compares to other approved contractors. The score also identifies the top 5% and calculated separate figures for organisation size (micro, small, medium and large). As an illustration:

• a company that has achieved a score of 67 or higher would be in the top half of performance for approved contractors generally; • a company that has achieved a score of 150 or higher would be in the top 5%.


• Approved Contractor Scoring

The minimum overall score that a company can achieve and still be approved is zero. Zero is a satisfactory score, as it demonstrates that the company is meeting the ACS standard and following recognised industry effective practice. The maximum overall score that can be achieved is currently 174.


Software & Innovation It is unique to the site and has already helped us with insurance claims.

Bespoke 360o Patrol Audit Management System Since its launch in August 2013, Sphere has grown from strength to strength. Sphere is now installed in over 60 locations and works across over 1000 data tags. We have always maintained our challenge to the teams that there is nothing we have come across that we are not able capture. Every document we have been posed with from ‘empty unit checks’ and ‘meter reads’ to ‘machinery checks’, we continue to grow and develop the system and apps through the feedback from all those who work with us on the system. Here are some observations from Phil Nicholson (Dual Service Manager at Skydome) who has been working with Sphere:


How have you found the system beneficial? The system can be tailor-made to site requirements with the added bonus of being able to update information in the future. The system can also eliminate the need for physical paperwork thus saving cost of printing and filing.

32 4

What was different about this system compared to others you have seen or used? The Sphere system is by far better than any conventional patrol system that simply clocks your location. You have the option to add questions, take photos, tracking and full reports.

GVA Award Westgrove are GVA’s preferred service provider for the Midlands region and have been successfully providing a service for over 3 years. At a recent GVA suppliers event titled ‘developing long term relationships’, John Jones, GVA Chairman, presented Westgrove with an award for Innovation, relating to our 360o bespoke management system, Sphere. Alan Prince, Director, National Strategic FM, Bilfinger GVA, commented:

How has the ability to add bespoke questions and answers been for your site? The Sphere system on site has grown over the months with new tags and also updated questions from the original tags. We have also started to build the system to support our monthly checks i.e. meter reads which can now be safely stored and accessed by our partner. What are your thoughts on the ability to view live data & reports, see photos taken and export into excel files, GPS tracking, or see locations via google maps? All these features have been useful however the most important is the photos. This has been so important in keeping check on certain aspects of the site such as tenant bin areas being a mess to health and safety issues within the public demise. Would you recommend this system to others and why? Yes, the Sphere app is so easy to use and can be altered even after installation of the tags. The benefits of the questions and answers along with the ability to capture photos has been a massive part in keeping the site safe with an audit trail.

“Westgrove Sphere is a unique patrol management system and is providing countless benefits to our building managers on contracts serviced by Westgrove. The management information offered with Westgrove Sphere is invaluable. Throughout our working relationship, Westgrove have been responsive to our needs and the passion, drive and innovation is something not often seen in the service industry.”

It’s a very good system providing complete solutions with smartphone technology

Jodi Hitchins working at St Johns in Leeds provides us with her thoughts on Sphere. How have you found the system beneficial? We have found a great reduction in use of paper based check sheets which in turn has saved us money and reduced our carbon footprint. Having a lot of the information in one place is a huge time saver as well as having the option to select what data appears.

How has the ability to add bespoke questions and answers been for your site? Being able to customise the Sphere system has a massive advantage, allowing us to ask for specific detail rather than relying on colleagues remembering exactly what they should be looking out for, eliminates the chance of something being forgotten.

Would you recommend this system to others and why? I would recommend the Sphere system to other sites. Sphere reporting can help in many ways and the added fact that you can tailor the app to be site specific allows us to concentrate on what our Partners believe to be the priority. Finally, we hear from Wojciech Libera (Cleaning Manager at Ealing Broadway) who has recently been introduced to Sphere;

“It’s a very good system providing complete solutions with smartphone technology, communicating in real time with the Sphere database. It gives me a chance to register any accidents (spillages, slips, etc.) which can be evidenced by GPS tracking and photographs.”


What was different about this system compared to others you have seen or used? The way you are able to log clear and concise information. Having the option to be able to add additional comments and take photos of an incident or location makes everything a lot simpler to collate.

What are your thoughts on the ability to view live data & reports, see photos taken and export into excel files, GPS tracking, or see locations via google maps? Having the ability to see live data being inputted on the reports is great. This helps from a management perspective as it lets me know that security officers and cleaning operatives are conducting the patrols thoroughly.



welfare & reward FUSING WELFARE & REWARD


The system is a total colleague management system

34 4

The Connect system continues to develop and grow. As with most systems we faced some teething issues during the initial stages but, with joint effort and feedback, we soon overcame these strengthening the system even more. Future development will include colleague portal access to holidays and rotas. Phil Nicholson (Dual Service Manager at Skydome) who has been working on Connect comments;

How easy is the system to use? The system, like everything once you are familiar with it is a breeze to use.

How have you found the system beneficial? The system is a total colleague management system, the Connect system minimises paper usage and helps maintain a complete audit trail. You can manage people’s holidays correctly, hours of work and manage colleague performances in punctuality.

Has the system helped to improve or enhance team performance? Yes, colleagues are on time for shifts and are aware of the recording of their time on the system.

What was different of this system compared to others you have seen or used? It’s the ease of use and its simple design.

Would you recommend this system to others and why? Yes. The Connect system is so easy to use once you are trained. The main plus is the quick and easy way to complete colleague’s hours instead of using large amounts of time to complete paper timesheets.

It is really easy to use and very effective with real time shift monitoring

Our Partner Claire Suggitt (Princes Quay Centre Manager) has seen the benefits of Connect with our team;

Finally, Wojciech Libera (Cleaning Manager at Ealing Broadway) provides us with some thoughts on the benefits of Connect;

“As a Partner of Westgrove I am fully supportive of all the innovative systems they have introduced. Connect makes the running of time & attendance and payroll smoother for the on site management.”

“The system offers me flexibility and ease of use. It is designed to support the clock operations, holiday booking, payment issue, live clock checking and much more. It provides an automatic call logging system which allows me the ability to quickly check absenteeism from site which was a problem before. Also, I don’t need to do manual timesheets which is a great time saver. It is really easy to use and very effective with real time shift monitoring.”


Basecamp -


The system is not just beneficial to our Head Office operation but also to our Partners & Managers who also have full access to see progress being made.

36 4

Mobilisations We have been through several journeys when mobilising new contracts. Historically there were numerous e-mails and calls communicating ‘what, when, where, who and how’. Although we made it work it was a complicated way of doing things, so we ventured and trialled a new platform called ‘Basecamp’. Since its initial trial we have built on this even more and it is now a tool we could not be without. Basecamp is a secure online portal where people working together can organise and discuss everything they need to get a project done. See it, track it, discuss it, act on it. Tasks, discussions, deadlines, and files - everything’s systematically organised in Basecamp. Every user knows where everything is, they know what they need to do and nothing slips through the cracks. We have built a generic template however we also have the ability to tailor each project to the specific requirements of each contract.

How does it work?

Don’t just take our word for it, see some of the feedback from our colleagues and partners who have used the system: Claire Suggitt (Princes Quay Centre Manager) who has seen the benefits of Basecamp during mobilisation comments;

“During our contract re-tender process and re-mobilisation, I found Base Camp invaluable. The whole system was very informative, I found the daily updates made the whole process clear, smooth and transparent at all times. It was easy to navigate and this helped make the mobilisation smooth and easy. All these innovative ideas are one of the reasons Westgrove were chosen as our preferred partner, they make Westgrove stand out above and beyond any other.”


A new project is created once a new contract is awarded. Within each project each department is assigned a number of tasks with a completion date. To keep track of progress, comments and messages are recorded which keeps threads of conversations for all users to view. Through the comments/updates we can keep track of each task or overall summary centralised within the project. Any documents to be issued can all be uploaded and accessed by those with access to the system.

The benefit of the system is not just beneficial to our Head Office operation but also to our Partners & Managers who also have full access to see progress being made. This provides them with full confidence of the contract being mobilised.

Every user knows where everything is, they know what they need to do and nothing slips through the cracks


Choosing The Westgrove Group to be a key partner on this site shows how highly we regard them as an industry specialist


Partnership The Westgrove Group and Peel Land and Property Group are pleased to announce a new cleaning services partnership for 2016 covering a number of sites in the property developer’s prestigious Northern UK portfolio.


The offices include a number of renowned properties such as MediaCityUK, the iconic Venus Building in Trafford City and Princes Dock in Liverpool Waters, together with commercial and heliport facilities at Doncaster and Sheffield City Gateway.

38 4

The Westgrove Group Managing Director Claire Mckinley-Smith commented,

“We are absolutely delighted to be entering into such an exciting partnership with Peel Land and Property Group. The announcement follows months of hard work by the team who were determined to show Peel that The Westgrove Group were the right choice to deliver their aspirations. Our company core values echo those of Peel therefore we understand what drives them and what they need to see from their service provider. It is a natural partnership and we are certain our association will be long-term and extremely successful.”

Peel Land and Property Group own and manage 1.2 million m2 of property and 15,000 hectares of land and water across North West England, Clyde, Yorkshire and the Medway in Kent. Sectors include commercial, retail, industry, residential plus further land with development potential. The award of the cleaning contract to The Westgrove Group includes commercial properties across the North West and Yorkshire with the newly developed MediaCityUK being a key focus. MediaCityUK is home to BBC North, ITV, Coronation Street, SIS LIVE, the University of Salford, dock10 and over 250 innovative businesses.

In little over seven years, a derelict port has been transformed into a popular waterfront destination complemented by nearly 400 apartments, a hotel and a distinctive range of bars and restaurants.


Rachel Williams, Customer Service Manager, MediaCityUK, commented, “We are extremely proud of all our developments and MediaCityUK is a very special place. Choosing The Westgrove Group to be a key partner on this site shows how highly we regard them as an industry specialist. What they will bring to our staff across the portfolio is key as we as a business are extremely people centric. The Westgrove Group echo this belief and invest in both training and reward and recognition for their colleagues.�

Our company core values echo those of Peel therefore we understand what drives them and what they need to see from their service provider.


The Concourse Shopping Centre Leisure Development Gary Mitchell has partnered Westgrove on two different schemes over a period of over 12 years. Gary supported our day to day operation in his role as Operations Manager at the Spindles Town Square Shopping Centre, Oldham before moving up to a Centre Manager role at The Concourse Shopping Centre in Skelmersdale.


I’m looking forward to taking the centre through an exciting redevelopment phase with Westgrove alongside me

40 4

On both schemes with Gary we have undertaken our industry leading Dual Service model, providing a bespoke Cleaning and Security dynamic. Gary has played a pivotal role in the overall success of our service delivery, developing strong links with our Chairmen and Senior Management team and we’re delighted to give everyone an insight into his challenging role. Gary’s role now also includes responsibility for the general day to day management of Central Square Shopping Centre in Maghull (Merseyside). This is a neighbourhood centre recently acquired by LCP and is a mix of retail (40+) and residential. A million pound refurbishment programme has recently been announced for this scheme; which will include reconfiguration of some of the existing retail space and the creation of additional retail space and also some landscaping/car parking improvement works. As Gary explains: “In addition to the plans at Central Square, we have recently refurbished Store 1 in the Hardshaw Centre, St Helens as T.J. Hughes have returned and are now trading at the scheme and a new fashion store Lavitta recently opened. The local authority/NHS have taken a unit as a Health Hub and there are additional plans in the pipeline for further works to accommodate new retailers; so there’s lots going on at the Hardshaw Centre!”

“The Concourse Centre is hoping to see a new leisure and food & beverage element of the scheme. The development will consist of an eight screen cinema (The Light) as well as food and beverage operators; giving the centre a different dynamic and the locality a much needed leisure offering.” “In addition to the leisure development we are also about to commence a mall refurbishment programme which will be spread over the next few years. The whole centre management team are really excited about the future potential for the scheme and we can’t wait to get the new development underway!” Gary summarises; “I have known Steve (Fives), Simon (Whittle) and Claire (McKinleySmith) for many years and genuinely admire the colleague community that they have built the business upon. We’ve faced lots of challenges together over my time in my previous role and managing my current Shopping Centre portfolio in the North West.

Westgrove’s Shopping Centre speciality and their understanding of the Shopping Centre/retail sector has proved invaluable and I’m looking forward to taking the centre through an exciting redevelopment phase with Westgrove alongside me. The project will be a challenge and one that the centre will continue to operate through on a day to day basis but the end result will be worth it and the Concourse Centre will hopefully become a destination centre we can all be proud of, drawing in custom not only from the immediate area but also from the outlying areas.”

Kingston Centre, Milton Keynes John Holland, Cleaning supervisor at the Kingston Centre, speaks about the burgeoning relationship between the centre and the Westgrove Group: In the last eighteen months the Kingston Centre, Milton Keynes, has experienced many positive changes which I’m proud to be a part of.

It makes me particularly proud of the team as there are many heroes ‘behind the scenes’ that keep the Kingston Centre at the high standard it is 24 hours a day.

We have seen the opening of new stores including a new Wilko store, Homesense and the introduction of the first ever Smashburger restaurant to be opened in the UK. Our owner British Land will soon start a full refurbishment project for the retail park which will make it even more attractive to customers throughout the area; the first stop for shopping and dining out.

With a small team of only four cleaners and one security guard covering a 36.5 acre site with over 40 retail, restaurant and leisure outlets plus 1300 car parking spaces, there’s a lot to do! The team along with a long serving and dedicated Dual Services Manager, work extremely hard to make the park a great place to visit. The Kingston Centre has evolved from just a retail park into a place with a real community feel thanks to a dedicated, customer service driven team.

It’s great to hear that many clients and customers who visit the Kingston Centre report back to the Centre Manager that it’s the cleanest site they have visited.

Karen Clayton, Centre Manager added, “I’m very proud of the team, with their ‘can do’ attitude, excellent customer service and retailer relationships, great mystery shop results - and now a British Land Customer Service Award. They really do achieve far more than some much larger teams!”


At the Kingston Centre we do not just provide a service, we provide an atmosphere, support, advice and a day out that makes you want to come back again and again.

It’s great to hear that many clients and customers who visit the Kingston Centre report back to the Centre Manager that it’s the cleanest site they have visited





Julie Webb General Manager at the Grosvenor Shopping Centre, associated office buildings and MultiStorey Car Park. Located in the heart of the historic City of Chester.


1. What has been your biggest achievement (professional or personal) to date? In my early days it was probably being one of only a handful of females that achieved a Centre Management post. It was a very male dominated industry in those days. I am not sexist, but it still felt good to be one of the boys. Hence I can drink quite well, play pool quite well and I am not too bad at arm wrestling either! After that, I think passing my Diploma in Shopping Centre Management. That was hard, as I was trying to bring up my then, young daughter, keep on top of work and study all at the same time. More recently, I would say that managing and keeping a stable well established team, through a period of sale and two developments is an achievement too. 2. How long have you been in your current role and what attracted you to the position/industry? I have been at the Grosvenor Shopping Centre for 20 years. I have been in the industry for a total of 34 years. Quite honestly, I fell into this industry by complete accident. My back ground from 15 years old was in retail. Tescos were building their second UK Superstore in Leicester. I wrote to them and submitted my CV before the scheme opened. Next thing I was being interviewed in a muddy porta cabin for a post as PA/Marketing to the Centre Manager, from which I progressed over the years. You may get challenges from this job and it may be stressful at times, but the variety you get from everything entailed in running a shopping centre, in my view, is what keeps you in the industry.

We benefit from a team that gels and everyone here, no matter what their individual role, is willing to help each other

Westgrove make life for our small local team very much easier.

3. What are the benefits of partnering Westgrove? Westgrove make life for our small local team very much easier. In my view, Westgrove care about their staff, that is very evident. They motivate them to do better and be better. So on site we benefit from a team that gels and everyone here, no matter what their individual role, is willing to help each other and work as a proper team. If things should go awry now and again, as will always be the case, Westgrove rarely make excuses and strive to ensure that what we need doing is done. 4. What are your main interests outside of work? At the moment my partner and I are completely renovating our home. Planning permission allowed us to change a Chapel and attached workshop into living accommodation. We are trying to live in it as we do it, so that’s interesting, especially when a ladder is your only means of getting to bed because your partner ripped the stairs out before you got home from work! I must confess that I’m not the best of singers but I can just about hold a tune. I love karaoke. I drive my friends mad with my rendition of Mustang Sally! 5. What are your top three values? That’s easy. Humour, integrity and people skills.

42 4

I have always considered the retail environment to be incredibly challenging and demanding

Gary Mitchell Centre Manager at the Concourse Shopping Centre, Skelmersdale and the Hardshaw Centre, St Helens.

“My career in the shopping centre environment started in 1999 when I commenced employment at the Town Square Shopping Centre in Oldham working as part of the property maintenance team. In 2005 I progressed to the role of Services Supervisor whilst undertaking the Diploma in Shopping Centre Management (DipSCM) course at The College of Estate Management at Reading University. During this time, I was promoted to the role of Operations Manager at Spindles Town Square Shopping Centre (a merger of two schemes, the Town Square and Spindles Shopping Centres).� 1. What has been your biggest achievement (professional or personal) to date? To date I would have to say achieving the Diploma in Shopping Centre Management (DipSCM) back in 2006. The qualification has enabled me to progress my career in the commercial property industry to my current role as Centre Manager of three shopping centres.

3. What are the benefits of partnering Westgrove? The benefits of partnering Westgrove as a dual service provider are having everything in one place! One point of contact and simplified invoicing. I have partnered with Westgrove for many years now and they consistently produce the results that are demanded of them in the modern day shopping centre environment.

5. What are your top three values? I would consider these to be honesty, reliability & determination. All three are essential to strive forward in any career and build the trust and confidence of one’s peers in order to develop to your full potential.

I have partnered with Westgrove for many years now and they consistently produce the results that are demanded of them in the modern day shopping centre environment.


2. How long have you been in your current role and what attracted you to the position/industry? I have been in my current role since June 2011. I have always considered the retail environment to be incredibly challenging and demanding but also satisfying and dynamic. Each day brings different challenges and to try and describe an average day in the life of a centre manager would be difficult!

4. What are your main interests outside of work? Outside of work my main interest has to be travelling and we try to get away as often as possible, both in the UK and abroad. Aside from this we are partial to dining out and the odd glass of wine!


The key to the relationship has been the teams desire to succeed

Simon Revill Centre Manager at Beaumont, Leicester.


“I am currently the Centre Manager at Beaumont, Leicester. The scheme is located four miles from Leicester City Centre, consisting of 300,000 sq.ft, with a strong mix of grocery, fashion and service retailing. The Centre was originally developed in 1985 and has undergone three phases of development since this time.  With a combination of internal and external retailing plus residential the centre has its operational challenges but as we know the diversity of multipurpose schemes just makes them a more interesting venture. Since joining the centre we have taken the operation back to basics, questioning operational efficiencies and standards across all disciplines.  With a clearly communicated centre strategy and vision we have taken our internal partners towards a common goal, supporting a great experience for our core shoppers and securing / retaining new consumers.  With the continued rise of online shopping platforms it is vital that we deliver an environment and experience that exceeds expectation.”

44 4

1. What has been your biggest achievement (professional or personal) to date? We have delivered a great deal of change at Beaumont over the last 12 months. This was recognised by the Westgrove Group awarding Beaumont the ‘most improved site of the year’.  An award that we are very proud of, reflecting the hard work and commitment to deliver and maintain improvements across all disciplines.  In addition to this the Centre was also awarded a ‘Wellbeing’ award from British Land, recognising the approach taken to involve, engage and give recognition for the valuable contribution from our colleagues.  Last but not least, on a personal note one of my greatest achievements has been learning to sail, a lifelong ambition. 

2. How long have you been in your current role and what attracted you to the position/industry? I have been in my current role for approximately 18 months, moving into Shopping Centre Management around eight years ago. Having worked in retail for the past 23 years, I have enjoyed a variety of roles, retailing everything from groceries at Asda to flat pack furniture at IKEA.  The role affords me a great deal of autonomy which is vital in a fast paced environment, allowing timely decision making to fully exhaust potential opportunities.  There are very few business environments that truly encourage an entrepreneurial approach, I am however lucky to work within an organisation that thrives on local initiative. 3. What are the benefits of partnering Westgrove? Working with Westgrove as a partner has been key to the improvements delivered over the last 12 months with buy in to the Centre’s vision and strategy.  The key to the relationship has been the teams desire to succeed, embracing change and challenge.  Westgrove have operated as true partners with an aligned cultural drive for high standards delivered through a well-trained and motivated team. 4. What are your main interests outside of work? I am fortunate to live in a small village in Derbyshire, a peaceful retreat from a very busy working environment.  The benefit of this also includes great walks across a local National Trust estate.  I have also just returned to running after an injury and hope to master the ability to run past the pub rather than drop in for a Doombar!  5. What are your top three values? Resilience - Never give up, that is just the place and time that the tide will change.  Teamwork - Unity is strength…when there is teamwork and collaboration wonderful things can be achieved.  Trust - Listening, following through and keeping to your word.

Owen Acland, Centre Manager at Templars Square Shopping Centre, Oxford.

“I have been involved in Centre Management for almost 20 years following an initial career in hospitality where I managed restaurants, hotels, night clubs and pubs. I started in Gloucester before going through a number of changes of landlords, agents and various types of sites before ending up working in Cheltenham where I stayed for six years on a wonderful site working with fantastic people and for a great company, Workman, who I still work for.  I then came to Cowley and New River, a very progressive and dynamic landlord to work for.  I believe a good manager can be measured on the quality of their relationships with colleagues, tenants and partners and I continue to find the role interesting, challenging and rewarding. My working relationship with Westgrove started almost seven years ago during which time we have been through a lot of changes, a few interesting situations and some very memorable people.  The key element of our working together has been the relationships and I have enjoyed working with some great people at Westgrove, most notably Business Manager Sunny Verma, who I have very recently been lucky enough to again work with.”

1. What has been your biggest achievement (professional or personal) to date? Professionally, it was a huge honour to win the Workman Centre Manager of the Year award, especially as I didn’t have a clue about it until it was announced! I am also extremely proud of the security team I worked with in Cheltenham, a great bunch of guys I am proud to call friends as well as colleagues.  On a personal level, climbing to the top of the highest mountains in the country with my climbing buddies and my son Ben provides a great sense of achievement. 2. How long have you been in your current role and what attracted you to the position/industry? I joined Templars Square in September 2015 and already it has really flown by. I was interested in coming to a centre that offered a lot of operational challenges. All of the elements were here but it needed direction as it was out of date and the set up quite old fashioned. We have made some significant changes and are now beginning to see the results.  The role remains as challenging but ultimately rewarding as ever, particularly when you begin to see progress being made. 3. What are the benefits of partnering Westgrove? I have worked with Westgrove for a while now and we understand each other sharing common goals and how we can achieve them. We had successfully overcome challenges in the past so I was really pleased that they were the recently appointed provider at Templars Square. The Westgrove way of working is very pro-active rather than static which is especially important on a site where there are changes to be made. You need a partnership you can trust to deliver the required results.

The Westgrove way of working is very pro-active rather than static which is especially important on a site where there are changes to be made.

5. What are your top three values? Working hard to achieve improvements and finding ways to move forward; I rate common sense very highly and want my team to work well and get the job done; finally I always try to lead by example and work closely alongside my team.


4. What are your main interests outside of work? We live in an old cottage in the country so DIY and gardening takes up most of our time. When I can get away from that I enjoy walking, the more vertical the better! I also enjoy watching rugby and F1, am an avid reader and also play indoor bowls to County standard.





Brand & Events Update It’s been a busy year and we are continuing to develop the Westgrove profile through social media, press and through our links with affiliated industry boards such as the BSIA, BCSC, Sceptre and ACS Pacesetters. Look out for further activity this year highlighting the Westgrove brand and our industry experience. Jenny Fives

Laurie Barton Wright


Laurie presenting the Energy Management Award to Queensgate Centre, Peterborough.

46 4

We are continuing to recognise our Colleagues for the great work they are doing, not only through our Rewards & Recognition programme, but the subsequent media coverage they have received. We are both delighted and proud of their achievements. The business has expanded with the appointment of Laurie Barton Wright who has taken on the role of Brand and Development Director. Laurie brings with her a wealth of shopping centre management experience and an impressive marketing pedigree.

Westgrove were excited to be one of the main sponsors for this year’s SCEPTRE Awards which took place at The Dorchester. The awards recognise good practice and the best people in the shopping centre industry. They are the pre-eminent accolades in the shopping centre industry, putting the spotlight on management teams, retailers and suppliers that demonstrate real excellence. At the awards, the best of the industry gather to find out who will be crowned winners. Westgrove were delighted to be able to sponsor an award. Our congratulations go to one of our partners, Karl Clawley, Centre Manager at Runcorn Shopping Centre, for receiving runners-up for Large Centre Manager of the Year 2016 A brilliant achievement, in recognition of the proactive work and excellent results he has achieved during his time at the scheme.

Team “Westygrove” We’re delighted to announce our sponsorship and mentoring support for James ‘Westy’ Westwood on the 1836 professional golf tour. We have received a national profile through James with our direct links to him through his performance during the Open qualifiers this year.

Jenny Fives and Claire McKinley-Smith - both nominated for North West Business Insider Magazines top 100 ‘Women of Influence’ list.

North West Women of Influence List Both Claire McKinley-Smith and Jenny Fives were acknowledged within the highly acclaimed North West Business Insider Magazines top 100 ‘Women of Influence’ list. This list recognises the depth and diversity of the North West’s female business community and is a testimony to how profiled the Westgrove brand is becoming within key business circles. It’s a superb achievement for them to be independently nominated and perhaps most impressively, Westgrove is one of a select few that has two recipients on this prestigious list. Chris Maguire, the magazine’s editor comments “This list recognises women who are extremely influential in the region’s business community.”

The Day Disaster Struck… Following the news that our Young Ambassador was caught up in the avalanche on Mount Everest in April 2015, a media storm quickly ascended on Alex, his family and the Westgrove Group. Everyone wanted to hear his personal account of what happened and to be the first to hear of the dreadful events as they unfolded. Our primary concern was for Alex’s safety. His family were visited at home by reporters hounding them for an exclusive. As we hadn’t heard from Alex, other than the call to his mum from Camp 1 to confirm he was alive, we took the decision to manage the media interest to protect both Alex and his family. He wasn’t in full communication for a few days following the avalanche after nearly losing his life.

Book Launch Event We were delighted to team up with the Grosvenor Shopping Centre in Chester as joint sponsors for a very exciting event; the launch of Our Young Ambassador, Alex Staniforth’s, first book “Icefall”. There was a soft launch in the afternoon for the general public followed by a champagne VIP event in the evening for Alex’s family, friends, supporters and the media. The event was supported by the team at Grosvenor who all had the chance to meet and speak with Alex. Following the launch event, Alex received lots of media interest plus a number of book reviews by the national media. The book is an honest account of his formative years tackling the adversity he faced through epilepsy, stammering and school bullies. It also covers what motivated him to continue in his quest to conquer Everest. A truly inspiring read. Alex would be more than happy to visit any of our Partners to share his story. For more information on how to work with Alex contact Jenny Fives at

Retirement - Tim O’Callaghan Tim O’Callaghan, a much valued employee, who worked at Spindles for 31 years has retired. He initially worked at Town Square, which later amalgamated to become Spindles Shopping Centre in Oldham. He started at Town Square by chance, being brought in to cover a shift but the Centre Manager asked his company if he could keep him and the rest is history! Before that, Tim worked for various Security contracts but spent a large amount of his career in the Army. Tim has bought a retirement home in Lytham St Anne’s and wishes to spend most of his time there.


From the local press to both national and international press and television, news teams were trying to get in touch with Alex. With limited communication channels, only sporadic email access, it was proving difficult to set up interviews however when Alex reached Kathmandu he was able to hold interviews directly. Upon his return to the UK, Alex secured an interview with North West based Granada Reports who gave a very empathetic interview allowing Alex to express his personal account of events and to detail his main incentive to raise funds for the people of Nepal.

Let’s hope the next wave of media interest in Alex is for a different reason next season!





The group of intrepid walkers who made it to the summit of Snowdon to raise money for the people of Nepal.

Corporate Social


Snowdon Charity Walk

48 4

Since his return to the UK following the tragic earthquake in Kathmandu, Alex hasn’t stopped in his quest to raise funds to help the people of Nepal. Quarter two of 2016 saw Alex plan a large-scale walking event up Snowdon, the highest mountain in Wales. Working together with Phase Worldwide, Alex planned an event for 120 people plus mountain guides to walk Snowdon. Alex, joined on the day by Alan Hinkes OBE and Gurkha Soldiers, managed to raise an impressive £20,000 for his chosen charity and the amount continues to go up. The team from Westgrove who joined in the event consisted of Steve and Jenny Fives, Tony Page, Phil Tomlinson and Paul Linwood who all made it to the summit. Well done team, a superb effort for a very worthwhile cause. Pictured left to right - The Westgrove Team consisting of Phil Tomlinson, Paul Linwood, Tony Page, Jenny Fives, Alex Staniforth and Steve Fives.

Sponsorship of Pro Golfer James Westwood James Westwood is a professional golfer with a difference - he is the only professional golfer diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. James, now aged 29, has had to cope with real adversity from the moment he was born. Diagnosed at two days old with Cystic Fibrosis, James spent the first three months of his life in Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, Liverpool. Growing up James found a natural ability and love for the game of golf. His teenage years saw James coping with his condition whilst spending every weekend playing in club competitions. His main goal was to fulfil his dream of becoming a professional golfer. He set upon a competition schedule and dedicated practice commitment that achieved this aim aged just 24 whilst still coping with his Cystic Fibrosis condition. James spent his first year at the PGA but soon set his sights on playing full time in tournaments. His first four years were a tough experience but in 2013 James had the best year of his career building towards European Tour School and the Europro Tour. Unfortunately, due to lack of funding,

James had to hang up his clubs in January 2014. However, continuing our strategy of helping individuals achieve their goals through adversity, Westgrove are now sponsoring James on the 1836 tour for professional golfers. Westgrove are proud to be giving James the very real opportunity of qualification for the European Tour helping to raise awareness of the condition through his profile on the professional tour.

Simon Whittle, Co Chairman adds; “Like Alex, James has had major barriers affecting his ability to forge a career in his chosen field. Coping with his Cystic Fibrosis condition whilst becoming a professional golfer has taken a tremendous amount of dedication and belief. We are really looking forward to supporting James and I’m sure many of our colleagues and partners will be looking admirably at his progress this year.” You can follow James’ progress on the 1836 tour by following the tournaments on

Following the refugee crisis, Nick Beckett from Broadgate Estates and his wife have been rallying round for clothing donations to help the refugees in Calais. They arranged for donations to be sent on a boat direct to Calais to help the refugees in desperate need. They make regular trips for this worthwhile cause. Westgrove were delighted to provide a donation of high viz jackets, sweatshirts and trousers, the same we use for our Colleague uniforms, for the refugees and we heard from Nick that they were incredibly grateful.

This commitment means a great deal to me and I’m sure working together is going to be a very exciting journey.


James comments; “Westgrove have been very supportive and understand my dream to become a Tour golfer full time. I have witnessed first-hand through their support of Alex (Staniforth) how much they look to help, mentor and develop people. This commitment means a great deal to me and I’m sure working together is going to be a very exciting journey.”

Donations to help the Refugees


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The Principles behind our success - What makes us ‘tick’? Believe in our brand - Share our passion, dynamism and ‘can do’ ethos Innovation, added value and continual improvement Deliver unimpeachable levels of integrity Our teams are our colleagues. Our clients become our partners - The bedrock of our success Our service delivery is construed as both an extension, and an enhancement of our partner’s operational interface To demonstrate collaborative ‘flex’ within our business model and understand our partner’s key objectives Succession planning and investment in our colleagues - Provide a progressive career platform model and maximise potential Understand our essential principle - Volume will never take precedence over Quality

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