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The Tankini Hybrid Bathing Suit Similar to other types of swimwear there are many variations to the tankini. A tankini consists of a bathing suit combined with a tank top, and usually older women wear them to cover up after they have passed the stage of wearing a bikini or one-piece bathing suit. However, it is also popular amongst younger girls or even triathlons. This type of swimwear is considered to be very modest, and a fashionable alternative to the one-piece bathing suit. The tankini is a hybrid of sorts since it combines the cover-up of a one-piece bathing suit with the mobility of a two-piece bathing suit. You also have the option of mixing and matching the tops and bottoms of the tankinis so that you’ll have more style options to work with on any given day during the summer time. Additionally, some of these wonderful tankini bathing suits come with other additions like an integrated pushup bra for that extra lift at the beach or at the pool. One of the other benefits of wearing a tankini, which may be the best one for women, is that you’re less likely to lose your top. Different variations of the tankini have the top resting just above the navel or right above the hips, providing you with options on what works best for your body type. Tankinis are also more comfortable than a one-piece bikini since it allows more mobility with the two pieces; in addition, the tankini also provides more cover for those that don’t want to reveal themselves entirely, resulting in a boost in self-confidence. Essentially, the top portion is a tank top itself, so you may slip on shorts or jeans over the bottoms and wear the top portion around as everyday casual wear. On the other hand, you can wear your tankini underneath your shorts if you need to do a few errands first, and just slip off your shorts and head over to the beach. The tankini is one of the more convenient bathing suits for you to choose from. Whatever version of the tankini that you choose to wear, you can tell the difference in comfort from the bikini or the once-piece bathing suit. It truly combines the best of both worlds and provides you with an option that will still have you laying out on the beach in style. In short, the tankini is truly a bathing suit that many women can fall in love with.

Tankini Swimwear  

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