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Forsaken places Book by Martin Moxness


This abandoned old castle lies in a little village on the country side of france, where it stands as a beautyful time capule. The castle is said to have originally been built sometime in the 12th Century, and was owned by the Knightly family of Quesnel. The original castle on the gounrds became a victim of the Thirty Years’ War, and was looted and partly burned down. But in 1751 it was rebuilt with the foundation that the new chateau today still stands on.

The Chateau has been renovated many times and has been owned by many various lords and nobles over the centuries, passing hands between several wealthy families. The castle was occupied and bombed during World War I, and was in a really bad state. After the war was over the castle was once again restored and sold to a new owner.

living room C HAT E AU S E C E S S I O N

The castle still holds a lot of old items and furniture that tells the story of not only the people that used to live there, but also of the time when it was still in use. While going through the different rooms, we also noticed a lot of mold and dust. This place has clearly seen better days, and has been worn out by booth the time, and the many people that has resided there over the years. But even so, it’s still one of t he more intact places that we have visited.

Wen we entered, we were really happy to see that what was still left of the castle was in relative good condition. The abandoned things left behind, and everything from the faded curtains, to the amazing architecture, makes this castle very unique. Undeniably beautiful and forsaken places like this one always holds a sight and story to tell for whoever dares to enter it.

The main staircase inside Chateau Secession is a very beautyful sight. The old design is clearly not something from our current time, and was built back in the 1850’s. While looking up through the stairway trying to imagine who used to walk these steps, i always find myself noticing the vastness and silence of the castle. It adds even further to the feeling of emptyness and absence of life that that the castle must once have contained

“Take only pictures, Leave Only Footprints” That is a sertain rule that most urban explorers like ourselves try our best to follow when visiting such abandoned places. We always keep in mind not to disturb what’s already there, and to treat the places with respect. Chateau Secession became abandoned after the Second World War, and was sold to a lawyer in the 1980’s. The lawyer still owns the castle, but has moved to Paris and doesn’t maintain it anymore. Nature is slowly claiming the castle for its own and it’s very unclear if it will ever be inhabited ever again.


The chappel, wich is part of a big abadoned mansion Known by the name Palace Casino, lies deep in the mountains of Italy. When we first got there got past the spiky rusty fence, we found ourselves in the main garden on the grounds. The door to the mansion was wide open and was mostly empty. After we had gone through the mansion we still couldn’t figure out where the chapel was. We eventually went around the grounds a few times looking for it, before we eventually found it just past the overgrown english garden that we had entered at the start. On the outside the chapel didn’t look like much, but when we opened the door, there was a beautyful and sacret sigh to behold.

Abandoned Museum L O C AT I ON G E R M A N Y

A museum can be a place where they preserve, and exhibit things of historical interest. In this case it’s an abandoned motor technica museum. But what happens xwhen a museum gets abandoned and forgotten?. All the old machines within that have been left, now stands rusting away, and getting overgrown. They are slowly but surely taken by the wild. We feel lucky to have gotten a glimpse of what was left of the museum before it fades away, and is lost forever.


My name is Martin, and my urbex partner that has been with me to most of the places is Daniel. We have done urbex together for about 5 Years now, and we have visited many different paces together. Although our main focus in the field of urban exploration is mostly bandoned castles and mansions, we check out all the abandoned places that we can find. W H E R E DI D YO U F I N D T H E L O C AT I ON S ?

Needless to say, finding the locations are very time consuming. We like to take great interest in finding the backstory of the spots that we visit. It’s always nice to read up on who lived there before, or what kind of place it is. Urban explorers like ourselves are normally very secretive about where the places are located due to looting and grafitti. IS URBAN EXPLORING DANGEROUS?

Yes, it can be very dangerous. A lot of the very old abandoned houses that we have visited, have had a lot of mold inside them. The mold is not only dangerous because of the spores, but also because of the deteriation of the wooden floors, etc. we have been in places where several of the floors had collapsed because of it.


We do it for the thrill, and for the adventure. I get a rush everytime i’m about to enter a new lo cation, especially since the apprach can be quite crucial for a successsfull entry. Not knowing what’s inside, or if there’s already someone in there adds even further to the adrenaline for sure. But when i manage to overcome my fear, and give in to my curiocity, I sometimes find a place of unbelievable beauty, that sometimes holds a story so heavy that i can feel it

Chateau Marinda L O C AT I ON B E L G I U M

This beautyful castle is a spot know by many urban explorers worldwide, and was one of the first high priority locations on our map. Needless to say it was the ideel abandoned scary fairytale castle we imagined it to be. The castle also known by the name Chateu de Noisy was built back in 1866 and holds quite a story for anyone willing to listen. During World War II, some of Battle Of The Bulge took place on the grounds and the castle was occupied by German Forces.

Later after the war the castle was used a holiday camp for sick children, and an orphanage until the late 1970’s. The state of the castle before it got demolished in 2017 was rather bad, with several of the floors having collapsed , and many of the walls molded way beyond repair. The demolition and loss of Marinda castle will stand as a reminder for urban explorers for years to come, that it is our responsability to preserve and capture the beauty of such precious abandoned locations such as this one.

Forsaken Places. Urban exploring book by Martin Moxness  

The Book is filled with beautiful pictures from urban exploring adventures

Forsaken Places. Urban exploring book by Martin Moxness  

The Book is filled with beautiful pictures from urban exploring adventures