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Societies are one of the best ways to get involved in university life, make friends, and learn new skills. We have over 260 societies here at Edinburgh, from fundraising groups to music, to wine tasting. It’s really easy to get involved with a society, and whether you want to make new friends at socials, help run events, or become part of the committee, you’re likely to find that your societies become a huge part of your time at uni. Each society elects a new committee every year, and EUSA provides full training for society office bearers, so you can have a real impact on shaping a society, and learn new skills that will boost your employability.

Freshers Freshers’ Week is a really busy time with lots to take in, but make sure you visit the Societies Fair this week. It’s a great opportunity to check out all the societies here at Edinburgh, and with over 260 to pick from, there really is a society to suit every interest, whether it’s campaigning, journalism, performance, or even Harry Potter.


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Throughout the year

Appreciation Societies


Don’t worry if you don’t have a chance to sign up in Freshers’ Week, as you can join societies at any time of your university life. Throughout the year societies run activities and hold events, and are a key part during our Student Festival and Charities Week.



Charities, Community & Support


Cultural, Artistic & Creative Art


Dance, Music & Theatre


Employment, Transferable Skills & Finance


If you’re not sure where to start, come into the Volunteering, Societies and Charities centre in Potterrow, where you can find out about all the activities you can get involved in!

Faith, Belief Systems & Spiritual Development


If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch, or just pop into the EUSA office in Potterrow to say hi. I look forward to meeting you!

Gaming & Roleplaying


International & Multicultural


Emma Meehan

Media & Broadcasting


Physical & Outdoor Activities


Political 53

Societies, Connect, The Potterrow, 5/2 Bristo Square, Edinburgh EH8 9AL Tel 0131 650 2349 Email


From Animé to Zumba, find a society for you

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ACADEmic Humanities & Social Science Archaeology Society Are you an aspiring Mick Aston, Carenza Lewis or Phil ‘Stone the Crows’ Harding? If so, then we’re the society for you! ArchSoc is the Archaeology Society, and is a must for anyone who is interested in archaeology and anyone who thinks Indiana Jones is awesome! We arrange a variety of events such as fundraisers, talks from archaeology experts, society meals and pub nights throughout the year for members and nonmembers alike. We are open to anyone who has any interest in archaeology, whether their experience is limited to a couple of episodes of Time Team or they have taken part in real digs before. So if you want to get stuck in and get your hands dirty, come and get involved!






Business Society

Highland Society

Italian Postgraduate Society

Literature Society

Mature Law Students’ Society

The Business Society aims to create a network of business students in the University. We give our members the opportunity to meet potential employers and find out more about their companies through our networking events and regular careers talks on subjects that matter. We provide social events including a party bus, our annual ball and even a trip to Amsterdam! Whilst you’re at it, why not join some of our sports teams? Our football, hockey, rugby and netball teams are great fun and a great way to meet other business students. The Business Society is for everyone; we tailor specific events for postgraduate students, international students and provide support for freshers joining the Business School, so if you’re interested, let’s get down to business!

Tha Comunn Ceilteach Oilthigh Dhùn Èideann ris a’ chànan Gàidhlig agus ris a’ chultar Gàidhealach a chur an-àirde, a dhìon agus a mhealtainn anns a’ chathar-bhaile Albannach. Is e an comunn as sine a th’ ann agus ‘s e dòigh math cuideachdail airson tlachd a ghabhail ann an cultar nan Gàidheal, barrachd mun chànan a dh’ionnsachadh no an cànan fhèin a chleachdadh ann an àite mì-fhoirmeil.

IPSE (The Italian Postgraduate Society of Edinburgh) was founded by a group of students attending the University who were interested in the establishment and promotion of a new research environment. While the founder members were students of literature, history, politics and language, IPSE is open to all branches of study on any aspect of Italy, the Italic peninsula, the Italian diaspora and Italian-speaking culture. IPSE provides the opportunity for dialogue, a forum for the creative expression of ideas and the space to develop new interpretations. IPSE provides the possibility of interdisciplinary mixtapes, mashups and crossovers. IPSE provides a visible, welcoming and inclusive space for those seeking to learn and teach, receive and share, reap and sow.

The Literature Society provides a way for people who love literature to meet and socialise. We run a diverse range of literary events including poetry slams/ readings, evenings with acclaimed authors, quizzes, pub-crawls, theatre trips, book groups, debates, and fundraising for book charities. We also keep our members up to date with the biggest news and events from Edinburgh and the wider world of literature. Events and meetings are held every week, and range from a quiet drink to interesting talks from week to week, sometimes combining the two! Membership is open to every student, whatever their degree or year of study. Meetings are informal, and the friendly, enthusiastic committee is always eager to welcome new members.

The Mature Law Students’ Society is a society for all law students over the age of twenty-one in Edinburgh. We provide support for our members, as well as providing a social context for them to meet and relax. The Mature Law Students’ society holds a weekly social event during term time. Beyond the weekly social event, MLS exists to make your experience at Edinburgh Law School as interesting, useful and fun as possible. Our activities include social events, such as dinners, outings and events within the law school, both academic and social. Should you have any questions regarding the society, please get in touch - or come along to one of our events, we’d love to meet you!

Classics Society

History Society Archaeology


From Archaeology to sociology

The Classics Society is here to celebrate the finer sides of modern and ancient life! You don’t have to study Classics to join; everyone is welcome to come along and have a good time. Get out of those clothes and into the bedsheets for our toga parties, or come and watch a Classics-related film with us. Shout out your bids at our slave auction, or get involved in the annual Classics play. There are tonnes of options available, and we run some lectures and talks, giving us a great academic edge too. Meetings are held regularly, the chat is great and our members receive discounts at various pubs and clubs in town, so what’s stopping you?

The University of Edinburgh’s Highland Society was formed to promote, protect and enjoy the culture and language of the Gael in the capital city of Scotland. It is the oldest society and an excellent and helpful way to enjoy Gaelic culture, learn more about the language or to use Gaelic in an informal setting. The History Society is probably one of the best societies that the University has to offer, having won Best Society at the 2010 Society Oscars. You don’t have to study history to join and all students are welcome. We hold a wide range of socials including pub quizzes, bar crawls, film nights, historical trips and the annual History Society Ball. Members of the History Society are also eligible to write articles for the History Society journal ‘Retrospect’ which has gained recognition at the annual Herald Student Media Awards. For sporty history-lovers the society also has a football team. To help with the academic side of things we hold a wide range of academic lectures and the committee are always willing to offer their pearls of wisdom on the best courses to choose.

Law Society The Law Society is one of the oldest, biggest and best societies at Edinburgh University. We organise some of the best social events of the year ranging from beerienteering and pub crawls, to the black tie Law Society Ball which sees students queue through the night for tickets. We work closely with the careers service so that we can provide invaluable insights into law firms and job prospects for our members, which can sometimes culminate in meeting lawyers from law firms in an informal setting. Anyone with an interest in law is welcome to join us, whatever your course. So, for a student experience you’ll never remember, but won’t forget, work hard, play hard and come and get involved!

Philosophy Society



At the Philosophy Society we run weekly lectures, discussion groups and reading groups, as well as copious socials, academic support sessions and weekends away. We maintain a society library in the Dugald Stewart building and are in the process of publishing a regular academic journal. Our lecture series attracts leading names from all over the world, last year included talks from Simon Blackburn and Thomas Pogge, while our lively discussion groups offer a friendly and informal context in which to chat and discuss philosophical issues. The society assumes no previous knowledge and actively encourages students from a wide range of academic disciplines to come along and get involved in any way that they would like to. ACademic



Social Policy

Psychology Society The Psychology Society or PsychSoc, is a great way for new psychology students to get to know each other through our host of exciting events running throughout the year. We organise loads of fun socials such as pub crawls, pub quizzes, movie nights, wine receptions, a party bus and a Psychology Ball, all of which are great for meeting other psychology enthusiasts! We also run the PsychPals initiative where first year students can receive help from older students in the department in both their academic studies and university life in general. We are open to members from all academic disciplines who have any interest in psychology, so if you want to get involved please get in touch or come along to any of our meetings or socials.



Social Anthropology Society

Sociology Society

The Social Anthropology Society encourages all those with an interest in any aspect of anthropology to come together, exchange ideas and knowledge, and promote the discipline outside of the classroom. All are welcome to come along to our regular social events, film screenings, conferences and workshops that are held throughout the academic year. Our events will be, and have been, invaluable to anyone studying social anthropology and will be very interesting to anyone with even a vague interest in social anthropology. So, whether you’re an anthropology student or not, feel free to get in touch or come along to one of our socials, meetings or workshops to get involved and meet lots of like-minded people.

The Sociology Society is a young and dynamic society aiming to encourage learning and interaction between those studying or interested in sociology. We welcome undergraduates, postgraduates, staff and non-students alike, and encourage all members to get involved in the events and direction of the society. Those who are new to the discipline can come along and use the opportunity to ask questions in a relaxed and friendly environment; the more weather-worn Sociologists can use this time to exchange ideas or find retreat from their research! As well as regular gatherings, we also organise group outings and seminars. Either way, The Sociology Society has something for everyone, whether they study sociology or are just interested in some aspects of the discipline.

Social Policy Society


Medicine & Vet Medicine GP Society The GP Society is the place to find out more about life as a GP, different issues that come up in their jobs and to gain more experience of GP in out-of-hours services that medical students may not get a chance to see as part of our core medical curriculum. We have regular meetings with speakers covering different topics related to general practice. Previously we have had talks from a number of different doctors, covering topics from HIV and AIDS to dermatology. In addition, we have also had GPs talk about career progression, and the post-graduate training involved in becoming a general practitioner. Even if you’re not interested in becoming a GP the issues raised at our meetings will be applicable for any job in medicine, and we’re always open to new members.

Do you know what social policy is? If not, come along to the Social Policy Society and find out! If you do, come along to a meeting and let’s have chat about it! We aim to get students together so that everyone can get a better understanding of the subject in a friendly sociable environment, through events involving a cheeky pint or two. More academically, we have a ‘Buddy-System,’ as well as other programs, where students can meet to discuss their problems, issues or learn more about social policy. So if you’re interested in any aspect of social policy, study social policy or just want to find out more, come along to a meeting or feel free to get in touch!

Social Anthropology



From general practice to wilderness medicine

Medics FYC 2015

Ophthalmology Society

Medics FYC (Final Year Committee) 2015 is a fundraising society which organises various events throughout the academic year to raise money for the class of 2015 medical students’ graduation ball. 20% of all money raised will be donated to a chosen charity. The society is open to all matriculated medical students graduating in the year 2015. The society aims to offer a wide range of events to suit each individual taste - ranging from pub quizzes to sports days, with all proceeds going towards the big event at the end of our degree. So, if you’re a medic graduating in 2015, come and get involved, the more we raise the more we give to charity and the bigger our ball gets!

The Ophthalmology Society (EUOS) aims to increase the awareness of common ophthalmological conditions through tutorials given by experienced doctors; teach essential skills such as direct fundoscopy and provide insight into the career pathway for a medical student wishing to pursue ophthalmology in the future. Opportunities for carrying out research and presenting it may also be available. We are keen to foster interest in ophthalmology and to bring enthusiasts together in a social setting, to discuss issues, share ideas, have fun and make friends. We always welcome new members, and recommend joining to anyone who has an interest at all in ophthalmology, as our talks and discussions are very interesting and very useful for anyone considering a future in the field.

Neurological Society The Neurological Society provides a forum for the learning and discussion of neurology. Mostly, we host lectures by figures involved in neurology, neurosurgery and neuroscience. We also hold social events and screen films related to neurology with guest speakers to discuss the neurological aspects of the film. We meet once every two to three weeks around the University campus to discuss any issues pertaining to neurology. Our social events are a great way for anyone with an interest in the nervous system to get to know other students with similar interests, whatever their degree might be. So if you want to get involved come along to one of our meetings or socials, or get in touch with us to find out more information about the society and our activities.






Wilderness Medicine

Paediatrics Society

Veterinary Zoological Society

The Paediatrics Society is for students who have an interest in child health issues and the practice of paediatrics, providing them with the opportunity to hear from various paediatric specialities throughout the year, whilst also raising funds for a number of children’s charities. We also hold socials, tutorials and other group events, which enhance members’ university experience and bring them together with like-minded people. We have guest speakers visiting to deliver talks every month, with topics ranging from paediatric intensive care and neurology to academia. The majority of events outside of our social calendar are held at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children. So, if you have an interest in paediatrics or child health issues, come and get involved!

EVZS aims to promote interest, enthusiasm and knowledge in veterinary zoological sciences. We work to further educate students in the veterinary management of wildlife species and get students connected to the network of exotic, zoological and wildlife veterinary medicine and husbandry organisations. We run discussion groups and conferences, as well as weekly lectures and presentations given by guest speakers. We aren’t just an academic society, as we work to bring those interested in zoology together to meet each other, make friends and share ideas at our socials. We run pub quizzes, pub crawls and themed socials, which are great opportunities to let your hair down! We welcome anyone with an interest in zoology, whatever their degree, so why not come along and say hello?

Wilderness Medicine Society





Want to learn about medicine outside the four walls of the lecture theatre or the modern hospital ward? Like getting out there and enjoying the wilds of Scotland? Want to combine the two? EUWMS are a society for students who love the wilderness and have an interest in medicine. We host talks from experts in fields such as aeromedical critical care, military medicine and mountain safety. It’s not all serious learning activities though, as we go skiing, hiking, camping, mountain biking, climbing - generally seeking new adventures wherever we go. And at least if it all goes wrong you know that you will be surrounded by some highly trained medical students!


Science & Engineering Astronomy Society Astronomy is all about the beauty of the night sky and our universe. The Astronomy Society will be your guiding star in both these worlds. Observations, friendly talks, visits to the Royal Observatory, trips out of town and of course unforgettable nights out will bring us together. This year the society will also be involved in NASA’s “Killer Asteroid Project” which will be a great opportunity for those with an interest in the science behind astronomy. You will become experts on recognising the constellations and finding your way by just looking at them! Anyone who is passionate about space and astronomy can become a member of the society and all are welcome to join us in revelling in the wonders of the night sky.

Biology Society (BioSoc) BioSoc is a society for those who love everything and anything to do with biology! We welcome biological and biomedical students as well as anyone from any degree who has an interest in biology. We aren’t just an academic society, with socials, trips to the zoo and nights out complementing our programme of interesting and informative lectures and academic workshops from experts in all sorts of biological topics. We organise first, second and third year Biology Balls, as well as an annual Leavers’ Ball. So if you want to come and get involved, meet other biology enthusiasts, learn something outside lectures, or just get a nice new BioSoc hoodie come and join us!



Chemical Engineering Society

Computer Society (CompSoc)

Ecology Society

The Chemical Engineering Society offers a wide range of events and socials for chemical engineering students to meet and get to know each other outside of lectures and labs. We also foster a healthy relationship with other chemical engineering societies throughout the UK and offer our members the opportunity to meet students from the throughout the British Isles. The society has links with a large number of industry experts and offers opportunity to meet some of these experts at events throughout the year. Naturally, we have a great social calendar, including sponsored pub quizzes, pub crawls and the Frank Morton Sports Day. ChemEngSoc offers chemical engineering students loads of opportunities to enjoy outside class – so what are you waiting for?

CompSoc is a society that likes to have fun and destroy the geek stereotype. We have contacts in both local and international companies (such as Adobe and Google) who come to speak at our events throughout the year. But you don’t have to be a geek to join us. Whether arguing about Linux distributions is your thing, or you just like to keep in touch with what’s new and hot, we have something for you such as student tech meet up (with free pizza!); weekly socials; nights out (pantomime, Glasgow Science Centre, Lazerquest); workshops; summer internship opportunities and our famous geeky pub quiz. Essentially, we’re really friendly and less geeky than you might think, so come along and give us a try!

EcoSoc is for anyone with an interest in ecology and the environment. We offer fun socials so that you can meet other interested people – including film nights, fundraisers, pub-crawls, pub trips and pub quizzes. On the more academic side of the society we also arrange talks from professionals on many different areas of ecology, arrange student and professionalled workshops and group trips to areas of ecological interest. We hope to give our members a feel for the different kinds of work available in ecology, broaden their skills and help them meet great people with similar interests. We are a society for absolutely anyone with any depth of interest or knowledge of ecology, so if you’re curious, come and say hello!

Chemistry Society (ChemSoc)

Economics Society

Computers ChemSoc is the oldest chemistry society in the world! We are a society that bring together chemistry students and students who are interested in chemistry in a social setting, outside of the lab. We have links with some of the UK’s most notable chemists, visiting for the Walker Memorial Lectures, which have been given by Nobel prize winners in the last few years. We also organise a number of socials throughout the year which bring chemists from all years together to have a few drinks and to get to know each other. Our social calendar includes pub crawls, a Burns supper and trips to the Firbush activity centre. There are plenty of events organised throughout the academic year to keep you busy and sufficiently distracted from your studies, so come join!



The Economics Society aims to offer students access to information and experiences concerning economics that are not otherwise available through the Economics School or the University. Broadly, these fall into three main categories: providing socials for students studying or interested in economics; providing stimulating academic opportunities and insights outside the ordinary curriculum or that augment it; and finally prepare students for leaving university through our career events by giving them access to and experience of companies and organisations related to their field. We mainly meet at tailored events focused on specific topics. Anyone who has an interest in economics is welcomed to come along to our events or any of our socials – we look forward to meeting you! ACademic




Engineering Society

Geographical Society

The Engineering Society provides a social and professional network for all engineering disciplines at the University. There is something for everyone within the society, whether you want to represent Engineering in intramural sports, extend your professional network via industrial visits, access academic support for your studies or take part in the events held during the semester. We run loads of socials that are great for our members to get to know each other and bond over a few drinks. Our regular socials include pub-crawls and fundraisers for engineering-based charities. So if you’re interested in any aspect of engineering, or are an engineering student come along and get involved!

GeogSoc is a community; a place of banter, academic enrichment and a place to make those life-long memories and friends, who will eventually become what is essentially your family throughout your life at university. Not only does the society give you the opportunity to take part in numerous social events from beerienteering, to pub quizzes and our annual Spring Ball, we have our very own coffee shop and are affiliated with the Royal Scottish Geographical Society which hosts numerous talks of interest, as well as the discipline’s very own Hutton Club - where cheese, wine and academic discussion are in abundance. So if you’re a geography student or just interested in the field, come and join us, you won’t regret it!

Engineers without Borders Edinburgh

Geological Society

EWB is an international development organisation that removes barriers to development through engineering. Our programmes provide opportunities for students to learn about technology’s role in tackling poverty. Supported by the EWB-UK community, our members work on projects around the globe. Last summer we sent two teams of students from Edinburgh University abroad. One team spent ten weeks in rural Cambodia working on a water treatment distribution network, while the other team spent eight weeks in Ghana developing an educational link between water technologies and local communities. Our branch is the most active in Scotland, and we offer a full year of interesting talks, documentary screenings, project weekends and workshops suitable for all students.

Are you fascinated by earthquakes, mining or volcanoes? Interested in the ways that the Earth works? If so, GeolSoc is the society for you! We are a group of students who share a passion for geology, working together to better understand our field. We run lectures and field trips throughout the year and have a jam-packed sports and social calendar featuring events such as the freshers’ barbeque, a cheese and wine night and our main event – the Spring Ball. Geolsoc is a great place to meet other geoscientists and for non-geological sciences students to learn about the subject; we welcome anyone who has an interest in geology or is just curious and wants to find out more.

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From Astronomy to architecture


Geophysics and Meteorology Society

Mathematics Society (MathSoc)

Physics Society

Student Architecture Society

Mathsoc is a society recognising the need for inter-year interaction in the Maths Department. Our aim is to encourage a network of undergraduates, postgraduates and teaching staff to aid learning and create a relaxed, friendly atmosphere between students. We also provide an outlet for the stress of studying a demanding subject. This has been achieved through social events such as Balls, Ceilidhs, party bus trips, and other drinks/dancing events as well as through the ‘Integral Milan’ football team. We also have academic talks three times per year to encourage maths outside the curriculum. We’re not as geeky as we sound; all maths undergraduates will find us invaluable, so come and join us!

At the Physics Society we run socials and events throughout the year offering a forum for physics students and those with a general interest in the nature of the universe (or multi-verse if you prefer!) to meet and socialise over a pint. We aim to create a relaxed environment in which all academic years interact and create a support network for physics students. We host academic events; inviting guest lecturers to speak and send students to tutor in schools. It’s not all about physics though, with social events including pub-crawls, quiz nights, laser quest trips and our annual Physics Ball on the agenda. To find out more get in touch or come along to one of our fortnightly socials!

The Student Architecture Society (EUSAS) is the official student body for the Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture (ESALA). We organise a lecture series presented by a selection of world-leading practitioners such as Peter Salter, Ken Shuttleworth and Benson & Forsyth which take place fortnightly. These talks provide a fantastic resource to students, expanding their knowledge and providing inspiration for design work. In addition to our lecture series we run a variety of events throughout the academic year which include ceilidhs and other great socials, student-led teaching workshops and our notorious Design Days, which challenge our members’ skills, imagination and creativity. So if you’re an architect looking to stretch yourself, or just interested in architecture and design, come and join us!

We’re the society for past, present and future students of Geophysics and Meteorology at the University, and for anyone else who enjoys schist jokes. We provide an informal setting for students to get together and explore their field outside of the classroom, lab or lecture theatre. We invite guest speakers to come and talk to us, put on discussion sessions, screen relevant and interesting documentaries and provide a more informal, but equally important, link between staff and students. We also hold bad science movie nights and regular socials at the pub, as well as our infamous Cake Tuesdays. We help students to develop their interests in the Earth and the atmospheric sciences, whatever their degree or year of study – so why not come and get involved?

Petroleum Society

Architecture Geographical


EUPS is the first society at the University dedicated to the oil and gas industry. We seek to give a better overview of the industry for those who have a general interest or would want to pursue a career in this field. We provide members with presentations and a monthly newsletter about recent achievements and innovations in the industry. We also cover topics such as upstream and downstream developments, financial climate of the sector and renewable projects being developed by companies in the field. EUPS aims to supply members with information and useful tips for relevant internships and graduate jobs. We organise formal and informal social events where members can meet representatives of companies from the industry, which are open to anyone with an interest in oil or gas.



ACademic 11

appreciation societies


Come dine with me

Aberdeen FC Supporters’ Club

Celtic Supporters’ Club


Come Dine With Me Society

Are you an Aberdeen fan? Yearning for Pittodrie? If so, this is the society for you! We organise tickets for away matches and arrange transport to and from all home and away games throughout the season. We also run a variety of social events where our members can get to know each other and put the footballing world to rights. We also have regular five-a-side fixtures in local and University leagues; the team is open to any members and is great fun. The Aberdeen FC Supporters’ Club is a home from home for all Dons fans and is probably your best chance of finding a group of people keen to head to Inverness on a rainy Saturday afternoon in December!

The Celtic Supporters’ Club Edinburgh is made up of students and non-students from the Edinburgh area who have an interest in Celtic Football Club. We get together regularly to discuss Celtic, to share information and transfer rumours. Our main meetings are, however, two and a half hours before a Celtic game, in a pre-arranged pub or bar. We also organise discount tickets and transport for student members who want to go to Celtic Park or any away matches that Celtic are playing. We have served the Celtic supporters of Edinburgh for over twenty-seven years. Whether you are newly interested in Celtic or a die-hard fan, come and join us! Through the good, the bad and the ugly, we have been there, but we still can’t get enough.

Chocolate. Love the stuff? Come join us! We’re a society devoted to eating and appreciating chocolate in a variety of forms, from chocolate fountains to biscuit decorating to ice cream sundaes. Our chocolate policy is broad and inclusive – we love a few of the old favourites, whilst introducing our members to a wide range of less well-known delights. To this end, we organise trips to Cadbury World, run chocolate tasting events, compete at chocolate poker evenings, screen chocolate-related films and run fairtrade information events - we really do have events for everyone! Just like our chocolate policy, our membership is broad, but united by a love of chocolate. One thing is guaranteed - whatever your tastes may be, ChocSoc won’t leave you wanting!

Do you consider yourself a bit of a Jamie Oliver or a Nigella Lawson? Fancy a chance to attend affordable dinner parties to break up the monotony of pasta and cheese? Then the Come Dine With Me Society might be the society for you! We promote the enjoyment of fine student dining, expanding the culinary repertoires of our members, arranging student dinner parties and, most of all, enjoying our mutual interest in Come Dine With Me at our socials. Whilst we can’t guarantee that the hilarious voice-over man will be at all of our gatherings, we can promise that his spirit will watch over every meal that we have. Anyone is welcome to come and join in the fun, so if you’re interested, please get in touch!

Beer Society Everyone knows western culture and history is intertwined with beer. Even McEwan Hall was paid for with beer sales! So, why not celebrate this rich aspect of our culture? The Beer Society is committed to having its members taste as many of the different kinds of beer as possible, getting together friends and strangers alike, and promoting beer culture. We organise pub-crawls and trips to some of the breweries in Scotland, providing a fantastic chance to see some of the beautiful Scottish Highlands with like-minded people, and the promise of great refreshments. We meet twice a month in different pubs around Edinburgh and anyone is welcome provided that they share in our passion for great beer!


Aberdeen FC

Cocktail Society



The Cocktail Society – Where drinking is educational! Our society was born out of the belief that those who enjoy a drink or two should have the right, and the means, to get together to meet like-minded people and have a good time. If you share our view then make sure you do the right thing and join the Cocktail Society! What’s more, for those of you who are interested in making cocktails and trying out new things, we run regular cocktail nights where you can learn how to mix some of your favourite drinks! If you’re an aspiring mixologist, a connoisseur of the classics, or just like trying new things we have loads of events that you would love, so get in touch!

From cocktails to cups of tea

Dance music

Harry Potter Society

Mediterranean gastronomy In the city where Harry Potter began, we bring fans of the books together over butterbeer, pumpkin pasties, and spacehopper-Quidditch in the Meadows. If you’ve ever wished that you were going to Hogwarts, come to our Sorting Ceremony to find out which House suits you best, attend our lesson-like pub quizzes, mix edible potions in cauldron cakes, and take practical Ordinary Wizarding Levels. You can show your House pride by competing in the House Cup for prizes given out at the Leaving Feast. Our Yule Ball Ceilidh (with fancy dress competition with amazing prizes) is a magical night, or if you’re more a fan of the films, we’re planning a screening marathon and A Very Potter Musical nights. Expecto Ludicrum! Fair Trade café

Dance Music Society The Dance Music Society is a useful network if you like to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s on in Edinburgh’s dance music scene. We provide a quick reference to find out about DJs coming to town and new nights and events that might be of interest to our members. And if you have just arrived in Edinburgh and you are looking for a particular clubbing scene we can point you in the right direction. We also hold some of our own parties, which have a very relaxed vibe. So if you’re looking for the people with the club scene knowledge, people interested in the same genres as you, or exposure for your own DJ and producing skills, we’re the society for you!

Fair Trade Café The Fair Trade Café is a student-run venture that serves delicious soup and cake all made with fair trade, local, and organic produce to students and staff at the University. We raise money for a different charity every week, and to date have raised over a thousand pounds for various charities such as Amnesty International and the Lorna Young Foundation. We recently won the Fair Trade Community Award in the Edinburgh Lord Provost Fair Trade Awards, which recognised our hard work. The popularity of our café reflects the demand in the University for ethically sourced produce and good quality food. All are welcome to come and create lovely food in the kitchen or simply enjoy the food.

Mediterranean Gastronomy Society Love good food? Ever had yummy meze or great tapas? Thought that Lebanese food was the same as Greek? We love to cook Mediterranean food, talk about it, and of course eat it! Our meetings revolve exactly around this: we are separated into cooking teams of different Mediterranean countries, each team cooks a three course meal from the country they are assigned to and then all teams get together to eat and vote on the tastiest dish! If you would like to meet new people, bond over food and learn new dishes to try then this society is for you! We’re open to everyone and always welcome new members – and it’s really easy as you don’t need any cooking experience to join! APPRECIATION SOCIETIES 13

appreciation societies




Water of Life

Amnesty International

We are a society perfect for anyone who loves a nice cup of tea, true tea connoisseurs, or just anyone addicted to caffeine. We hold monthly meetings wherever the best tea is to be found to help other societies raise funds for charity, and to have a good time! Through interaction with students and other societies, SocieTea aims to encourage a wider appreciation of tea, and spread tea knowledge and the blessings of prosperitea. We have helped raise funds for Amnesty International and Tibet Society with ‘Amnestea’ and ‘Teabet’ events, which prove that raising money for charity can be fun! So come along to one of our fantastic meeteaings, anyone is welcome and it’s sure to be assam!

The Water of Life Society is dedicated to meeting together with friends, sampling great whiskies and generally enjoying life. While our goal is to learn about whisky, we are primarily a social group intent on tasting whiskies that our members might not have heard of or seen behind a regular bar. We lead meetings, organise trips around Scotland and invite distilleries to come and speak to us. We meet every two weeks and welcome everyone to join us, especially those with the desire to learn, sample and enjoy fine whisky in good company. So if you just fancy trying a wee dram or becoming a whisky-master, come along and get involved!

We are ordinary students from across the University of Edinburgh standing up for humanity and human rights. Our purpose is to protect individuals weaker than ourselves wherever justice, fairness, freedom or truth is denied. We are a group of enthusiastic students who campaign for Amnesty International, but we do a lot more than supporting human rights – joining our society is an opportunity to make some great friends and get more actively involved in university life. Our fantastic fundraisers, socials and protests await you, and everyone is welcome to join in with everything we do, from letter writing to ceilidh dancing, we do it all! So, whether you’re a seasoned campaigner or just curious about what we do, come along and get involved!

Welsh Society (Cymdeithas Gymraeg Prifysgol Caeredin)

Vegetarian Society

At Vegetarian Society we are a network for vegetarians, vegans or for anybody who shares our beliefs, cares for animals or enjoys vegetarian food. We organise social events, such as socials at vegetarian cafés and restaurants, recipe swapping, shared meals at people’s flats and other more spontaneous events! We are a friendly, non-aggressive society and ensure that our actions and opinions will not harm others. However, we promote animal rights and vegetarianism throughout the student body and Edinburgh at large through leafleting events and campaigning days. So, if you’re a vegetarian or vegan, love vegetarian food, or are interested in more information, come along and say hello!


The Welsh Society celebrates all that is Welsh from the Welsh language to rugby to leeks, miners and of course, Tom Jones. Whether you’re Welsh, have a passion for all things Welsh or you just like Gavin and Stacey, this is the society for you! We have socials every couple of weeks, a big pub-rugby event once a term and we celebrate Diwrnod Santes Dwynwen, Dydd Gwyl Dewi and we organise a big six-nations trip once a year! For a great chance to make new friends and to keep up the language of heaven come and join our small but mighty society. No need to be a Welsh Speaker, everyone is welcome, so come along and get involved!



Welsh Society

Water of Life


Wine Society

Anarchist Society

The Wine Society gathers on a weekly basis for wine tastings, each of which has a different theme. Our tastings are guided by local merchants, wine writers and wine makers from all over the world. Our aim is to extend our knowledge about the wonderful world of wine as well as simply enjoying it. Our meetings are very sociable, and with all the great wine to taste it is no wonder it’s a great place to meet people. Highlights of the Wine Society’s calendar include the annual Christmas Dinner and the Champagne tasting saved for the end of the year. If you are a wine expert or you just enjoy drinking wine you are sure to have a really fun time and come away with a bit of knowledge as well.

The Edinburgh University Anarchist Society was formed by a group of students who wanted a forum for radical ideas and a space for exploring new ways of living. We do not have a concrete ideology; there are disagreements, but we believe that diverse opinions are essential to anarchism. Central to what the society does agree upon are three principles: equality, liberty and respect, and it is these that we seek to work towards. Recently we have been involved in skill sharing workshops such as an ‘autonomous university’, discussion groups, direct action, protests and publishing our own monthly ‘zine called Polemic. Most importantly, you certainly don’t need to consider yourself an anarchist to get involved.

Anti-Slavery Society

Carbon Management Society

There are currently 24 million slaves in the world today. At the Anti-Slavery Society, we are here to raise awareness of this terrible reality and to take action against it. We believe that knowledge necessitates action, and strive to bring the issue of slavery to students at the University of Edinburgh, as well as throughout the wider community. Fundraising is essential to our efforts to support anti-slavery charities and initiatives worldwide. We run a series of events aimed at raising awareness, as well as fundraisers throughout the year. So if you want to get involved in the fight against slavery all over the world, get in touch, or come along to one of our information sessions, and start to make a difference.

The Carbon Management Society is a forum for discussion amongst students and staff at the University of Edinburgh and beyond on all aspects of climate change adaption and mitigation. We bring people together to affect change and understand the science of how our planet operates and the economic fundamentals that often control our interactions with the environment. The society hosts weekly meetings during which interesting documentaries are screened, seminars are held and talks are given by climate change experts drawn from the scientific, economic, political and business communities. Although our core membership is made up of postgraduate students from the University who are interested in carbon management and carbon capture and storage we welcome anyone who has an interest in climate change issues to come and get involved.

Bollocks to Poverty Society Want to say ‘BOLLOCKS TO POVERTY’...? Our society works with the international charity ActionAid raising funds and awareness for vital work around the world. ActionAid tackles the effects of poverty, working with communities to change what keeps people poor. You’ve no doubt heard this before, BUT, we do it differently. We put on gigs, events, exhibitions and club nights. We go to festivals, organise skydives and marathons. Bollocks to Poverty is about making a difference, doing something you love, while fighting global poverty at the same time. We’re not just a charity organisation, but a way of getting loads of people together with an interest in fighting against global hunger and poverty. Sound good to you? Get involved!



Carbon Management

campaigning 15


Student Stopaids


Life Society

MedAccess (UAEM-Edinburgh)

Socialist Society

The Life Society exists to promote awareness of life ethics issues, such as abortion, euthanasia, the death penalty and all other contemporary ethical questions that consider the nature of life itself! We host talks, discussions and debates on these issues to explore and help deepen the understanding amongst students of life issues. While always open to debate and dialogue the society promotes a belief in the inherent value of human life from conception to natural death. The society has recently welcomed guest speakers from the Scottish Council on Human Bioethics and from the Scottish Parliament at Holyrood. We are always open for debate and for anyone to come and join us, so if you’re interested, please get in touch!

MedAccess is a coalition of students in Edinburgh that campaigns to bring medical access issues to the fore at the University and beyond. We aim to ensure that every health-related innovation developed in campus laboratories is made available in the developing world at the lowest possible cost, and to increase the quantity and impact of university departments’ research into neglected diseases and conditions. We aren’t just a society for medical students – we welcome anyone with an interest in medical access issues or with improving the lives of some of those living in the worst conditions around the world. We meet regularly to discuss issues and our future events and campaigns. Anyone is welcome to come and join at our meetings and, if they so wish, get involved even further!

The Edinburgh University Socialist Society is a radical, anti-capitalist force on campus. We aim to unite all socialists on campus, of all parties and none. We stand for the replacement of capitalism with socialism, and through this the eradication of poverty, exploitation and greed worldwide — towards a more just and equal society, based on democratic control of the economy, working for people rather than for profit. Throughout the year we aim to develop a radical community at the University and beyond through discussions, debates, demonstrations, and drinking.


People & Planet

People & Planet

16 campaigning

People & Planet are the largest student network in Britain, campaigning to end world poverty, defend human rights and protect the environment. We campaign on the global issues that matter by having speakers, debates, media stunts, colourful demonstrations, boycotts and more. We currently have two main campaigns, ‘Ditch Dirty Development’ (against the Royal Bank of Scotland, the UKs biggest backer of dirty fossil fuels) and ‘Buy Right’ (confronting human rights abuses in the University’s supply chains). Our meetings and events are open to everyone, and are attended by all sorts of students from all sorts of backgrounds, so if you’re interested come along and get involved to learn about the issues, have fun and campaign for change for the better!

Student StopAIDS As part of the nationwide campaign, Student StopAIDS Edinburgh works to bring about the changes in national and international policy which will turn the tide on the spread of HIV and minimise its devastating impact on people and communities around the world. Through campaigning on campus, peer education in schools and universities, lobbying Members of Parliament and much more, the Student StopAIDS campaign aims to bring an end to the injustice of HIV/AIDS by ensuring that governments, business and the rest of the developed world lives up to their promises to deliver universal access to HIV prevention, treatment, care and support. We run loads of talks and events throughout Edinburgh, and anyone is welcome to come along and get involved.

From amnesty to unicef


Students for Justice in Palestine

Tibet Society

UNICEF on Campus Society

The Tibet Society embraces the culture, religion, landscape, and edible delights of this fascinating and beautiful nation. With a history as vibrant as it is tragic, our society seeks to celebrate Tibet while actively striving to improve the situation for the Tibetan people. Our aims are to be friendly and informal and take action to prevent the loss of Tibetan culture and history while raising money for projects run in Tibet in fun, interesting and original ways – previous events have included pub quizzes and tea tasting! Our events have included Tibetan film nights, art exhibitions, speakers, a visit to a Tibetan Temple and more. We always welcome new members, interested people, or anyone that wants to learn about the importance of Tibet.

“There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.” Nelson Mandela

Students for Justice in Palestine is a campaigning society that aims to mobilise students around the issues facing Palestinians living under occupation. We hold regular events such as informal discussions at meetings and socials; relevant film screenings; talks from guest speakers who are experts on Palestinian issues and cross-campus and community projects, demonstrations and workshops. We are working to raise awareness of the humanitarian consequences of the occupation of the Palestinian territories and campaign for action on these issues throughout the university and the city of Edinburgh. We also organise a yearly trip to Palestine, which is open to any of our members. Anyone who is passionate about Palestine and Palestinian issues is welcome to join us and get involved!

Trade Union Society Do you have a part time job or are you thinking of getting one? Are you interested in justice and equality? If so come and get involved in an enthusiastic student society, here to provide support and guidance on your rights as a student worker! The Trade Union Society aims to raise awareness for working students’ issues and provide a forum for debate, discussion and campaigning for both domestic and international workers’ rights. We collaborate with other societies on issues of fairness, equality, and solidarity, providing an engaging environment for people with a like-minded interest in social justice. So, if you want to get involved, please get in touch or come along to one of our meetings.

UNICEF on Campus is a student initiative supporting the work of UNICEF through both fundraising activities and awareness raising events here at the University and in the wider Edinburgh community. UNICEF (the United Nations Children’s Fund) works to provide both emergency aid and long-term development projects to some of the world’s most vulnerable children. As the world’s leading children’s organisation, UNICEF campaigns to uphold children’s rights, ensure their survival and promote their wellbeing. Do you want to make a difference to children’s lives throughout the world? If so come along and get involved! Trade Unions


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Charities, Community & Support

Art in Healthcare

ADE Tanzania

Article 25 Edinburgh

Act to Develop Education Tanzania is a society working to spread awareness of the difficulties that vulnerable groups in Tanzania, such as orphans, street children, HIV/AIDS victims, and families living in poverty face when trying to access education. Throughout the year we plan inventive fundraising activities, raising money that goes towards new schools and equipment; supplying meals for orphanages and nursery schools; sponsoring children and buying HIV/AIDS medication. Every year we take our student volunteers to visit the projects that they support in Tanzania. This is an amazing opportunity to see first-hand what a difference the money that we raise makes. There are plenty of ways to get involved if you want to help those less fortunate to access education.

Dedicated to sustainable international development, Article 25 Edinburgh aims to promote interdisciplinary awareness and engagement. The student chapter aims to promote the work and ethos of UK-based charity, Article 25. The chapter works to bring design skills and the concepts of sustainability and empowerment to the forefront of the field of humanitarian architecture. Through design workshops, discussions, advocacy campaigns and a professionally accredited lecture series, members will become part of this growing international movement. Members have the opportunity to remotely contribute to ‘live’ projects in the developing world, harnessing their own skills to the betterment of the built environment in places of great need. The society meets every two weeks for socials, hands-on workshops, lectures and design sessions.

Anti-Malarial Outreach Program

Article 25

The Anti-Malarial Outreach Project works towards the prevention and reduction of Malaria in rural areas with a student run society in Younde, Cameroon. Our volunteers provide a variety of important services in the fight against malarial infection. We carry out information sessions for adults and children, which help them to identify and avoid risk factors whilst distributing vital mosquito nets. To sustain the project and to ensure long-term health benefits, we work closely together with local chiefs, nurses and our translators. Our members work towards a fantastic cause, whilst gaining valuable experience and expertise, so if you are interested in health sciences and running important public health projects, AMOP might be the society for you. 18 Charities, Community & Support

Art in Healthcare Student Friends Society

Best Buddies Edinburgh

Best Buddies Edinburgh is a fantastic opportunity to help enhance the isolated lives that many people with learning disabilities experience. We run an evening club where students can meet and befriend people with learning disabilities whilst playing games or over a cup of coffee. You can also get involved in regular events including bowling and trips to Dynamic Earth. You will have the opportunity to make a ‘best buddy’ that you can meet with regularly on your own to have fun playing football or going to the cinema and generally doing what ‘buddies’ normally do. Taking part is great experience whilst also proving to be highly rewarding, all that is needed is an open mind and your friendship. So come along, get involved in a EUSA Societies Oscar winning society, and make a genuine difference to someone’s life.

Art in Healthcare Student Friends Society work alongside Art in Healthcare, an Edinburgh based charity, aiming to introduce art into healthcare environments. We lend artworks both from famous artists and recent Edinburgh College of Art graduates to healthcare institutions and organise practical art workshops for patients. We give our members the opportunity to curate fundraising exhibitions, discuss artwork with patients and run creative workshops, whilst having a lot of fun in the process! We run workshops for our members to introduce them to new skills which they can use in volunteering workshops with patients, offering the opportunity to learn new skills! Anyone who is fun and enthusiastic about getting involved is encouraged to come and say hello and help brighten up others’ lives!

Basic Life Support Society



Childreach International

Would you like to teach children how to save a life? Basic Life Support Society (Affiliated to HeartStart UK) gives you the opportunity to learn the vital skills of basic life support. Once you have attended a training session you can assist the teaching of basic life support within schools throughout Edinburgh, and with attendance at a further instructor course, you could soon be leading your own! Through helping to teach children what to do in a life-threatening emergency; together we can save lives. We don’t just train medical students and no prior experience of first aid or lifesaving is required – we like to think that our members only need a positive attitude and lots of enthusiasm!

Children’s Holiday Venture


BLOGS (LGBT Society) BLOGS is the University’s bisexual, lesbian, gay, trans and inter-sex society. We’re here to provide a safe space for our LGBT students and their friends to socialise and be themselves. We run loads of social and informative events throughout the year, such as charity fundraisers, ceilidh and club nights, pub quizzes and campaign meetings. Everyone is very welcome to come along to any of our events and join in, or to join the society. If, however, you don’t feel like coming along to a group event, committee members are available for one to one meet ups if you want advice, support or just to find out more about BLOGS, so please feel free to get in touch!

From best buddies to carbon capture

Carbon Capture

Childreach International Society Childreach International is a charity which works to support the social, medical and educational wellbeing of children throughout the world. Edinburgh University Childreach International Society recruits volunteers for challenge events that raise money for the charity. Our trips for 2011 are Climb Kili for Kids, Expedition Everest and The Great Wall of China. We aim to meet monthly in order to provide support and social events for volunteers. Our team have all participated in expeditions before and have tonnes of hints and tips, as well as buckets of enthusiasm for Childreach International’s work. Our exciting projects are ready and waiting for volunteers, so why not have a great time whilst making a real difference to children’s lives?

Carbon Capture and Storage Society

Children’s Holiday Venture

Could you be the one to avert the onslaught of climate change? Do you have a bright idea that could save the world? If so, we’d love to meet you! We are a group of individuals with a professional and personal interest in carbon capture and storage, actively aiding the progression of the technology towards industrial deployment to offset global climate change. We attend conferences and lectures that cover a whole range of climate change and carbon capture issues, discussing in depth the challenges that face our world and the ways that we can address them. We are a really sociable society, running socials ranging from pub-crawls to ten-pin bowling. So, if you’re interested in CCS come and join us, whatever your degree!

Children’s Holiday Venture is the UK’s only entirely student run charity. Every year we work with over one hundred young people from disadvantaged communities in Edinburgh. We take some of the young people that we work with on activities such as bowling, swimming and trampolining every week from September to May. The list of activities is endless and the amount of fun we have is infinite! If you’re looking for a fun and rewarding society to join then CHV is the society for you, the people are great, the socials are epic and you are giving something back to the city you have chosen to spend the next 4 years of your life in! Come join us, you won’t regret it!

Charities, Community & Support 19

Charities, Community & Support

Friends of MSF

First Aid

From co-operatives to kenyan orphans

Graham Layton Trust

Co-op Society

Feminist Society

First Aid Society

Global Health Society

Kenyan Orphan Project

Marrow Society

EUCS is a society for people who want to learn about and be involved in the setting up of co-operatives. A co-operative is essentially a non-hierarchical group of individuals who work together democratically for mutual benefit. The first venture that EUCS undertook was the Hearty Squirrel co-operative, which provides its members with organic and ethically traded food at affordable prices. Hearty Squirrel is a bulk-buying scheme to allow students to support fair trade and organic producers. We are committed to open membership, democratic control, political and religious neutrality and the promotion of education - meaning that anyone who is interested in getting involved in any aspects of co-operatives or is just curious can come along and join us!

The Feminist Society (EUFS, or FemSoc) is a diverse group made up of people of all genders who are committed to gender equality. We are a campaigning society, a discussion group and even an ad-hoc publisher! We campaign on issues like gendered violence, reproductive rights and sexism in the media. We hold discussion series and invite speakers on issues such as consent, abortion, pornography and sexuality. We also publish Speak, a compilation of anonymous sexual experiences: positive or negative. Our regular meetings are opportunities to discuss feminist issues and for those interested to get an idea of what feminism is, in an informal setting. Everyone is welcome, whether or not you define yourself as a woman, whether or not you define yourself as a Feminist.

On the way home after a night out, your friend collapses and injures himself. He is bleeding and unconscious. Do you know what to do? The First Aid Society will teach you to deal with various illnesses and injuries. Each week, we use live casualties and simulate realistic scenarios to give a fun and challenging environment in which members can practice their life-saving skills. We also provide an easy route into volunteering at public events through our affiliation with the British Red Cross, and work closely with paramedics and technicians from the Ambulance Service. Absolutely anyone who wants to learn how to save lives is welcome, especially those with no experience at all!

The Global Health Society aims to inspire and educate individuals, groups, organisations and communities about global health issues. We provide a platform for students to share ideas and/or experiences in global health with each other at our regular meetings and workshops. We also organise meetings and other events to raise awareness of global health issues within the University and more widely in Edinburgh. We can also assist members who submit papers to the internationally published Journal of Global Health, through peer review. We are a society that welcomes anyone who is interested in global health issues, whatever their degree, so if you’re interested, please come along and get involved!

The University of Edinburgh Kenyan Orphan Project work with KOP, an organisation that strives to improve the lives of underprivileged children. Throughout the year we run original fundraisers for our project in Kisumu, which is designed to improve children’s health, education, nutrition and welfare. All donations, big or small, are greatly appreciated and this includes your time! We are all volunteers, and welcome anyone who wants to know anything about the work that we do, wants to get involved, or has an innovative fundraising idea. KOP’s work makes a huge difference to the lives of underprivileged children, and is all part of a struggle against poverty, deprivation and suffering in the developing world.

We’re Marrow, the student group that aims to save lives from being cut short by blood cancer. We work alongside the charity Anthony Nolan, running donor recruitment sessions to recruit people to the bone marrow register. Anthony Nolan links potential donors with people who desperately need a stem cell transplant. We also run loads of fundraising events throughout the year, which raise money for Anthony Nolan’s effort. Since our foundation in the late nineties we’ve gone from strength to strength. Our work has been recognised by the World Health Organisation’s Federation for Medical Students, with Marrow taking first place awards for the last two years. With more supporters like you, we can help achieve Anthony Nolan’s aim to save twice as many lives.

Friends of MSF

Graham Layton Trust Society

Edinburgh Exchange Support Society (eXchange 360)

First Aid Africa

Are you a third year exchange student here in Edinburgh? Or a fourth year that has just returned from an amazing year abroad? Or perhaps a second year considering whether to study elsewhere next year? Whoever you are, even if you just love travelling this society is for you. Throughout the year we will be organising a whole host of exciting social events from welcome parties for those joining us for the first time to Burns Suppers, Mardi Gras madness and end of term shindigs not to be forgotten. eXchange 360 is a great way to meet people from all over the world, learn a bit more about Scottish culture and an excuse for a great night out. So don’t miss out!

At First Aid Africa we run expeditions for students to provide medical equipment and knowledge in some of the world’s poorest countries. The society is open to all students, whatever their degree, and all training is provided. We work directly with the First Aid Society as well as international non-governmental organisations to provide student volunteers where they are needed the most. We also work actively with other student volunteer organisations to promote the need for First Aid and medical training wherever emergency care is not available due to poverty and/or corruption. Training takes place on campus and is run by the British Red Cross or the HSE. Meeting times vary, so please get in touch if you fancy getting involved!

20 Charities, Community & Support Edinburgh Friends of Médecins Sans Frontières work tirelessly to promote greater understanding of the role, functions and potential of the MSF, an international medical and humanitarian aid organisation. We also work to bring special attention to some of the world’s most neglected peoples and crises. We raise funds and awareness of the work of the MSF through large events, such as ceilidhs and club nights, encouraging mass participation both within the University and the wider community. We run events aimed at growing the spirit of community service and humanitarian work within the University, and act as a forum for people who are interested in, or who have considered, participating in humanitarian work. So if you’re interested, come along and give us a try!

Kenyan Orphans

Mary’s Meals Edinburgh

We are a student society who support the efforts of the Graham Layton Trust, which along with its sister foundation in Pakistan, LRBT, is committed to providing free, high quality and comprehensive eye care to all with the ultimate aim of preventing curable blindness. In a country where 1/3 of the population live on approximately £11 a month and another 1/3 on less than £22 a month, and where the government spends less than 1% of GDP on healthcare, a small donation can make a big difference! Thus we hope that no man, woman or child should go blind simply because of an inability to afford treatment. Please come and work with us to put colour back into peoples lives!

Interested in fundraising? Our society raises money for the Scottish charity ‘Mary’s Meals’. They provide free daily school meals to children across the world and are now feeding over five hundred thousand kids. By using local volunteers and local produce, projects are sustainable and cost effective. In fact, it only costs £9 to feed a child for a whole year! By joining, you would be a part of a number of exciting events; including band nights, quizzes, ceilidhs, pub crawls and many other amazing initiatives! So come along to our weekly meetings and help us to help Mary’s Meals to provide healthy, nutritious food to kids who need it.

Mary’s Meals

Charities, Community & Support 21

Charities, Community & Support

Patient Outreach

Project Mongolia



Patient Outreach Project

Project Mongolia

READ International Edinburgh

Sign Society

MedSIN is a network of students with an interest in health with branches at universities all over the UK. MedSIN Edinburgh’s activities aim to promote health as well as to act upon and educate students about health inequalities in our local and global communities. Interested? Through getting involved in our branch, local projects, campaigns or events you can join us in working towards a world in which high-quality, accessible healthcare is a reality for all. We also encourage students to get involved with issues that they feel are important or under-represented in their curricula, such as poverty, trade and access to medicines. So if you’re interested in medicine or healthcare programmes, come along to a meeting and get involved!

The Patient Outreach Project sends student volunteers to visit elderly patients at the Royal Victoria Hospital, Liberton and the Infirmary, who, for a variety of reasons, receive few visitors and spend a great deal of time alone. We are excited about expanding our reach, and also getting involved in several community based activities such as dance classes run by the wonderful Edinburgh Parkinsons Society in the Grassmarket. We have regular socials such as pub quizzes to get to know each other and fundraise. POP actively recruits students from all backgrounds and offers wide-ranging training to ensure all are confident in the hospital setting.

Project Mongolia is a student-run charitable society and there are loads of opportunities for you to get involved if you come along to one of our meetings! The society supports a Mongolian children’s charity called CYPPD, Children and Young People’s Protection and Development, which is a non-governmental organisation. The charity works with disadvantaged working children and the Project Mongolia Society aims to fundraise to support the work they do throughout the year. The society also supports a summer camp in Mongolia that is hosted for disadvantaged children and there are opportunities for students from Edinburgh to volunteer in Mongolia over the summer. Open society meetings are held every week, in addition to loads of fun socials, so why not come and get involved?

Read Edinburgh is part of a network of over 1,000 student-volunteers, based at 45 British universities. We accept ANY disused books from anyone and everyone in the UK, carefully sorting the books, matching them to the Tanzanian/Ugandan syllabus and, if relevant, we send them to East Africa. Any book not appropriate to send is sold online to generate much needed funding. If it can’t be sent or sold, we give it away in the UK or recycle it. It’s a simple process. COLLECT, SORT, GENERATE, DISTRIBUTE, RECYCLE. Our student volunteers also give “Think Global” workshops to local school pupils to promote student volunteering, young social enterprise, recycling and global citizenship. If this good work sounds like your cup of tea, come and get involved!

The Sign Society aims to provide our members with a working knowledge of British Sign Language (BSL) in a relaxed environment. We give the opportunity for selected members to gain a nationally recognised qualification in BSL. The society takes part in various fundraisers throughout the year, which allow us to subsidise the aforementioned qualification. We welcome all kinds of members, regardless of their experience or connection to the deaf community. The society aims to raise awareness of the issues facing the deaf community in Edinburgh by interacting and working with local BSL groups. Alongside the more serious aspects of the society we also have regular socials throughout the year ranging from enjoyable times at the pub to big society club nights!


Save the Children Society

SKIP (Students for Kids’ International Projects) Edinburgh

Postgrad Society Calling all sociable postgrads! If you fancy getting out and meeting some new people from other courses then come and join us at the Postgrad Soc. We hold a weekly pub social, plus a number of social events throughout the year such as karaoke nights, seasonal parties, trips to Scottish beauty points, film nights, events at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, a Burns’ Night ceilidh, a scavenger hunt and loads of fun themed parties. We have so many opportunities for postgraduates to get to know each other and have fun with likeminded people – to fail to join us would be failing to grab a great chance to enhance your University of Edinburgh experience! So why not come along and join us for a drink and a chat sometime? Nightline is a volunteer run student support and information service. We provide confidential support and information, both over the phone (0131 557 4444) and via online messenger. We are always on the look out for volunteers. No previous experience is needed, only an ability to commit to our principles of confidentiality, anonymity, non-judgementality, non-directionality and empathy. We require all volunteers to attend at least one of our weekend training sessions, which will prepare you for taking calls and chat messages. We run training sessions twice a year, in the first half of each semester. Please get in touch if you are interested in volunteering with us and we will be in touch to send you more details and an application form. 22 Charities, Community & Support


Read International


The Save the Children Society in Edinburgh aims to support the Save the Children charity and promote its values to students across the University; these include rights, health and education for children around the world as well as here in the UK. Members will have the chance to volunteer for the society in both fundraising - from hosting events to monthly bucket collections – and campaigns as well as taking part in our “Speaking Out” training programmes which develop member’s communication skills and involve meeting with different areas of the community and promoting Save the Children. We meet on a weekly basis, working closely with the Edinburgh office to actually make a difference to the lives of countless children throughout the world! SKIP Edinburgh is part of a national charity called Students for Kids International Projects. During the summer break we take groups of volunteers out to our project at an orphanage for disabled boys in Moldova. Volunteers run basic creative and educational activities with some of the children who need the most stimulation and attention. During the year we also run training and fundraising events to further develop the activities that we take part in each summer. This year we are starting to train our volunteers in basic passive movement therapy, adding a new dimension to the help that we can provide. If you think that you can help, or are interested in making a difference to disadvantaged children’s lives, please get in touch!



Student Action for Autism Autism is a lifelong neurodevelopmental disorder that can involve the impairment of social interaction, communication and imagination, which affects over 500,000 people in the UK. Student Action for Autism (SAFA) aims to raise awareness of the condition amongst the student, medical and general population by holding talks, film nights and fundraising events. All funds raised through events and collections are donated to national and local charities and projects supporting autistic individuals and their families. We promote a befriending scheme, offering the opportunity to work one to one with an individual on the spectrum and are also consistently exploring new partnerships by which our members can volunteer with individuals affected by autism in the community. SAFA meetings are held weekly or fortnightly and are open to all to come and join us. Charities, Community & Support 23

Charities, Community & Support





Cultural, Artistic & Creative Art

Students Supporting Street Kids (SSSK)

Teddy Bear Hospital


Animé and Animation Society

ChillOut Society

Film Society (FilmSoc)

The Teddy Bear Hospital is a health promotion project that aims to teach kids about healthy living and not being afraid of the doctor and hospitals through really fun and interactive games. Our main game is the teddy hospital where we role-play as doctors and make the child’s teddy better using bandages, x-rays etc. We currently visit schools and after school groups such as Beavers/Rainbows. This society is great for those that want to spend time with children, develop their communication/teaching skills, work in a team and who just want to have fun! We have training events for those interested in finding out more and wanting to visit schools. We also hold fortnightly meetings, which are open to anyone who wants to come along and get involved!

If you are interested in volunteering abroad, or in working locally to help people abroad, VolAfrica is the right society for you to join! VolAfrica is a society that aims to help raise awareness and funds for charitable work. We are working to create a connection between the students of Edinburgh and the city of Edinburgh to the sustainable development efforts in Africa. We also hope to encourage travel to Africa for hands on help, such as working to build facilities or teaching eager students. As a society we have social events throughout the year and we work together throughout Edinburgh and abroad to improve sustainable development in Africa. So if this all sounds interesting to you, come and get involved!

Are you interested in animation, in any form? At The Animé and Animation Society we are devoted to showing all sorts of animation, particularly Japanese animation. We have a large variety of shows that we watch at our weekly meetings, as well as movie nights that we run throughout the year. We welcome anyone who has an interest in animation to come and join us, whether at one of our meetings or at one of our socials, which include pub quizzes and themed screening evenings. We also attend conventions and animé events throughout Edinburgh. Anyone can join, from animé or animation addicts down to those who just fancy trying something new – so come along, pull up a chair, and get involved!

The Chill Out Society, or ChillSoc is a society for people who like to chill out, kick back and relax. We are a vibrant community of friendly chilled out people who love to fill their lives with nothing more arduous than good music, laziness and massage. Most of the activity in ChillSoc revolves around our massage courses. We offer everything from 1-day introductions to yearlong intensive professional level training, all massively subsidised. Choose from Swedish, Indian Head, Thai Yoga or just come and chill out with us. We also run a free charity shoulder massage service that is available to other societies and groups. We always welcome new members and there’s no pressure to do anything but chill out, at all, ever.

Do you love watching films, talking about films, or even dream about being in a film one day? So do we! We at FilmSoc bring you the opportunity to get together and watch some true classics, some hidden gems and even some new releases up to three times a week! We also run film quizzes, cinema trips and collaborations with other societies, we’re always busy and there’s plenty of chat! Membership entitles you to entry to all film screenings at no additional cost, as well as getting a friend in for a discounted rate rather than the usual guest price. If you want to get involved simply come along to one of our meetings, we’d love to meet you and get you involved!


Art Soc

Create Society

‘The water and sanitation crisis has claimed more lives than all the wars of the 20th century, combined.’ At WaterAid-Edinburgh, we campaign and fundraise to promote and support the work of WaterAid. WaterAid is an international charity whose mission is to overcome poverty by enabling the world’s poorest people to gain access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene education. We meet on a weekly basis to organise our upcoming events and think of new ways to support WaterAid. We are an enthusiastic and passionate society, with water as our number one priority! We welcome new members to join us, you can help out as little or as much as you want – we look forward to meeting you!

ArtSoc is an eclectic society for people of all – or no – creative abilities. We run regular classes and workshops, from our weekly life drawing to one off events such as pottery, knitting, and jewellery-making. We also organise gallery trips, with an emphasis on visiting and supporting Edinburgh’s lesser-known independent galleries – although trips to such exotic locations as London and Paris aren’t unheard of either. For those of you who prefer writing about art to doing it, we have a zine, Yellerzine, which is made entirely by our members. We’ve also been known to throw the odd party and club night and dance about with wild abandon – artistically though, of course. Come and join us! We’re a friendly bunch.

CreateSoc is a creative community designed to provide the space, inspiration and supplies to make or write something new every week. Let us inspire and nurture your creative side in our twice-weekly gatherings. Flex your literary muscles with our writing workshops, with discussion, stimuli, and an opportunity for constructive criticism of your work. If writing isn’t your thing, you can always try your hand at a range of craft. We enjoy teaching each other new skills in a relaxed, informal environment and walking away with a new creation and maybe even a new skill every week. As vital fuel for creative minds, cake is always provided – so there’s no reason not to get involved!

Set up by students with direct experience of working with street children, Students Supporting Street Kids (SSSK) aims to raise awareness about the systems that perpetuate poverty and exclusion that result in children having to live or work ‘on the streets’. We aim to raise money from the student body and the Edinburgh community for local projects and organisations that work with such children. We run social fundraisers throughout the academic year to help raise funds for projects that have included pub quizzes and club nights, as well as a popular cabaret night. We welcome anyone who is interested in becoming involved and help with fundraising ideas and raising awareness for the plight of many street children throughout the world.


Teddy Bear Hospital Tenteleni is an entirely volunteer-run charity supporting university students who want to volunteer on placements in sub-Sarahan Africa. Placements are available in Kenya, Malawi, South Africa, Swaziland and Tanzania on projects varying from cultural and skill sharing exchanges to mutual learning opportunities. Volunteers get involved with the community that surrounds the placements, whether they are schools, communities or children’s homes. The students who volunteer aim to form and maintain long and lasting relationships with people and organisations that they come into contact with, to ensure a sustainable positive impact. There are lots of ways to get involved, in fundraising, organisation and volunteering abroad, so come along and make a real difference!


24 Charities, Community & Support

Photography Society (PhotoSoc) Are you a budding Robert Capa or Ansel Adams? If so, why not come along and join the oldest and the largest university photographic society in the UK? We welcome students and non-students, digital and film lovers, complete beginners and keen amateurs. Our weekly meetings range from beginner tutorials, to more advanced workshops on topics such as studio lighting and using software such as Adobe Photoshop. We try to cover many different styles of photography throughout the year, ranging from portraiture to light-painting. Twice a month, we offer you the chance to test your newfound skills on photographic trips in and around Edinburgh. If you’re interested in photography, come and join us.

Cultural, Artistic & Creative Art 25

Dance, Music & Theatre African Dance


African & Arabic Dance Society Arabic dance, otherwise known as belly dancing, is a popular dance in the Middle East and is practiced as an art all over the world. It is a great way of maintaining and improving body tone, posture and discovering muscles you never knew you had! African dancing is a mixture of styles from all over Africa that provides a great cardiovascular workout and an alternative way to express yourself. Both styles of dance are easy for anyone to pick up, offer styles to suit many tastes, and provide a shared enjoyment experience that other more competitive dance forms can stifle. Anyone can dance in Arabic or African styles, you just feel the music and let yourself go!

26 Dance, Music & Theatre



Chamber Orchestra

From ballroom to Bhangra

Ballroom Dancing Society (EUBDS)

Brass Band

Chamber Orchestra

Changeringers (Guild of)

Composers’ Orchestra

Brass Band is a student run, non-auditioning organisation, whose priorities are music and fun! We play pieces from a wide variety of styles and composers and hold concerts twice a year, once at the end of each semester. Our concerts help provide focus and drive towards a quality performance and, lets face it, wrapping tinsel around a tuba never grows old! We also attend brass band competitions around the country, competing at the highest level. As a band we are friendly and have a busy social calendar including lots of pub trips and the odd ceilidh – it’s true what they say about brass bands and beer! So if you play a brass instrument, at any level, and want to try us out, come and get involved!

Are you interested in playing great music and having loads of fun whilst you’re at it? If so, then why not join the Chamber Orchestra, a high quality student-run orchestra? We rehearse weekly throughout the student calendar and perform at least two fantastic concerts a year with professional conductors and a mix of professional and student soloists. Previous performances have included Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, Sibelius’ Sixth Symphony and the Mendelssohn Violin Concerto. We also go on a weekend tour and have loads of social events throughout the year, proving that playing in an orchestra is fun and exciting, as well as musically rewarding! If you fancy making music and having fun whilst you’re at it, please come along and get involved!

Change Ringers? What? Although you might not have heard of us yet, The University of Edinburgh Guild of Change Ringers (UEGCR) are known for making music a little differently… We are group of bellringers comprised mainly of students who hold church bell practices twice a month, followed by a visit to a local pub, as well as joining local practices in Edinburgh. We also have regular social events and weekly hand bell practices, ringing both ‘methods’ and well-known tunes. The guild is made up of a range of abilities, from absolute beginners to ringers with years of experience. If you’re interested, come along and try bell ringing out, you don’t need to be musical or religious to learn to ring, promise!

Budding student Bach, Vivaldi or Wagner? Composers’ Orchestra provides a forum for rehearsal and presentation of new and original music works by living composers, primarily - though not exclusively – composers who are Edinburgh students. Anyone with an interest in contemporary music may be involved – as a player, composer, observer, or friend. Rehearsals are held weekly and are conducted by the renowned composer Nigel Osborne. We strive to rehearse all works presented to us by composers and try to present as many of them as possible at our concerts. The orchestra aims to maintain a core of players, but its forces may grow or divide as required. We don’t hold auditions, provided performers can demonstrate an adequate playing standard, so practically anyone can get involved!

Is it hot in this ballroom or is it just us? For all of you who want to waltz across the dance floor, tango till dawn, or learn just enough steps to keep you from embarrassing yourself at a social night: come to ballroom dancing! Whether you’ve never set eyes (or feet) on a dance-floor, or have been dancing the cha-cha since before you could talk, we want you! Come alone, with a partner, with flat-mates, with anyone else you can persuade to come. Come in jeans and trainers, in a pretty dress with killer heels or in a full-body wetsuit and flippers (not particularly recommended): we don’t care. The aim is to learn some dancing, while having fun and meeting new people. It’s not that hard, so come along and give it a go!

Bhangra Crew The Edinburgh Bhangra Crew are a dance and dhol group aiming to promote South Asian, especially Punjabi, culture around Scotland through dance and music. We welcome anyone who wants to come and join our multi-racial team, which is unique in the region in its composition. We have regular dance and workout sessions to give you a taste of the energetic folk dance that is bhangra. We also offer regular dhol (drum) classes once a week, offering another dimension to the experience that we offer. Be sure to come along to see for yourself the amazingly high energy and fun experience you can have whilst sampling some true Punjabi culture.

Chamber Choir Specialising in ‘a capella’ pieces, the Chamber Choir is the smallest of the University choirs. We sing a wide range of challenging choral music spanning from the 12th to the 21st centuries. Recent performances have included Bach’s St John Passion and a concert celebrating the choir’s fortieth anniversary. We aim to provide a platform for singers with a serious interest in choral music to establish close musical and social ties within the choir and to promote the University’ musical profile at home and abroad through regular performances and tours. The Chamber Choir have recently toured the USA, Hong Kong, Malta, Spain and the Czech Republic. If you’re interested in getting involved and joining a fun-loving musical community please get in touch!


Cheerleading Society (The Vixens)


“We represent white, silver, blue! We’re the Vixens of EU!” The Vixens are a competitive cheerleading squad that trains three times a week. Throughout the year we work very hard on improving our stunts, jumps, tumbling and fitness, along with some great socials such as club nights and pub quizzes, of course! We are fun loving but extremely dedicated and enjoy winning - at the 2011 National Cheerleading Championships we came first in the senior hip hop dance category. We welcome you all to come and try cheerleading at our taster sessions, even if you’ve never tried it before! So if you’re ready to rock the house right down (all the way down), come along and get involved!

Dick Vet Musicians Everybody knows that veterinary students have busy schedules, but that shouldn’t mean that we miss out on all the fun stuff that other students do outside the classroom! Dick Vet Musicians is a society that helps vets to enjoy making music in a timetable tailored to the school’s busy schedule. By getting staff and students together to make music we have a great opportunity to get to know lecturers and school staff better, and find out that they’re not as scary as they might look - sometimes! Our choir and our orchestra both meet once a week and aim to perform in at least two concerts per year. Anyone can join us; all that you need is enthusiasm and a love of music! Dance, Music & Theatre 27

Dance, Music & Theatre




From female voices to french theatre

Goth and Rock

Drumming Society

Edinburgh Revue

Flamenco Society


Goth and Rock Society (EdG&R)

Jazz Orchestra

At the African Drumming Society we play African drums, djembes, duns and a whole load of other percussion instruments. We’ve got a varied membership of guys and girls, students and non-students, locals and those from far-far away. We’re all united by a love of the beats, breaks, rhythms and fun that we enjoy at DrumSoc, and love to get together and make music. We play at concerts and events throughout Edinburgh and beyond, including Mardi Gras celebrations and the Edinburgh Rhythmic World concert. We welcome anyone with any level of experience – especially those with none at all – all we ask is that you have loads of enthusiasm and a desire to make music and play it live!

The Edinburgh Revue is the University’s comedy society and resident sketch and stand-up group. We provide people at all levels of experience, including those completely new to comedy, with regular opportunities to write, act, direct, perform stand-up, etc. The society provides a friendly, relaxed environment to anyone who wishes to get involved, and it’s an excellent way to meet new people, with loads of social events taking place throughout the year. We present frequent shows across the academic year, with the best bits from our shows culminating in the society’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival show. So whether you want to indulge your creative side or simply have some fun, come along and give it a try!

Flamenco is known around the world for its colourful, passionate dances. This Spanish art skilfully combines dance, song, guitar and hand-clapping. Our Society welcomes dancers of all levels who want to learn flamenco dance. We meet twice a week: once for a dance class led by a wonderful flamenco teacher and once for a practice session where we practice dance steps and get to know each other. Are you ready to get lost in a whirlwind of polka dots, flowers and frills? (not to mention feverish foot-stamping!) If so please get in touch for more information on meeting times and places!

Footlights, the musical theatre society, stages the largest musical in the University and offers a unique theatrical experience! We are looking for enthusiastic people to join us - both on stage and off. With no previous experience required, we offer the opportunity to develop your singing, acting and dancing skills and also to work with lighting, sound, costume, production, publicity, orchestra and much more. If you’re interested in working backstage, please get in touch! If you’re more interested in treading the boards and having your own patch of limelight, auditions take place at the beginning of semester one. Once you’re involved in any capacity you can expect many exciting social events, cabarets and fundraisers throughout the year.

At the Goth and Rock Society (EdG&R) we aim to help the alternative music community in Edinburgh by providing great clubs and gig nights. If you’re interested in alternative music in any shape or form – rock, punk, ska, metal, hardcore, goth, or anything else – this is the society for you. As well as going to gigs and club nights, our members can learn how to organise, publicise and run events, and attend our DJ training sessions. And most importantly, joining EdG&R is a great way to make friends with like-minded alternative music fans. We meet regularly to chat and discuss anything that we find mutually interesting. These meetings are open to anyone who wants to attend, so why not come along and meet us?

The Jazz Orchestra is the official big band of the University, and performs a wide collection of jazz numbers, from traditional swing, through latin and salsa, to funk and fusion. EUJO are to thank for pioneering the now-famous ‘Idol’ events that take place at Potterrow each year and never fail to draw in a huge crowd. In addition to Idol, EUJO play a variety of gigs throughout the year, including a special one at The Jazz Bar towards the end of each semester. Rehearsals take place in the Jazz Bar, and are free for anyone to come hear the band all year round, in fact, please do! Look out for auditions in freshers’ week, and come and say hello!

Female Voice Choir

Folk Singing

28 Dance, Music & Theatre

Folk Song Society

Law School Music Society

Female Choir

The Female Voice Choir is a non-auditioning ensemble with a focus on having fun and making great music. We have regular socials including ceilidhs, coffee crawls and whatever our members feel like doing! FVC has a large repertoire from classical, to jazz standards, and contemporary. We have at least two concerts throughout the year. We also focus on music in the community by singing in hospices and retirement homes throughout the year as well as giving a large proportion of the money raised to local charities. The main charity we support is the Rape Crisis and Sexual Abuse Centre. All are welcome to come and join us – whatever your level of experience (or lack thereof). We look forward to meeting you!

The University’s FolkSoc is the longest running Folk Music society in Scotland and proud of it! We meet once a week in our own little room to teach tunes, play tunes, sing songs about olden day sailors, their maidens, have the occasional flying sandwich and eat Taz bars! We welcome all instrumentalists, singers, listeners and general admirers of folk to pop along anytime to join in the folky fun! Anyone can get involved, however much, or little, experience that he or she might have had – we love introducing new people to the wonderful world of Folk! We also now have our very own Ceilidh band, so if you’re looking for a good night’s entertainment, look no further!

French Theatre Society (Les Escogriffes)

Jazz Orchestra Les Escogriffes puts on one big production every year, usually with three performances as well as other smaller shows, fundraisers and social events, sometimes in conjunction with the French Society. The atmosphere of the society is very light-hearted and we aim to give a part to everyone who wants one. Even if you don’t want to act, there are plenty of things to do as part of the set, costume or technical teams or with fundraising and publicity, and we welcome anglophones, francophones and everyone else besides! Although the emphasis is on having fun, we regularly produce theatre of a very high standard. So whatever your level of French or your experience of theatre, if you have enthusiasm for both then Les Escos are for you!

French Theatre

The Law School Music Society provides law students with the opportunity to pursue their musical interests whilst meeting other law students and staff outside the lecture theatre environment. The society is comprised of various musical groups including a Jazz Band, Choir and String Quartet – though we are always looking for new ideas! All our groups are non-auditioning and relatively informal. We are always looking for new members who play any sort of instrument, like to sing or think that they would like to give music a try. We have fortnightly social events that are great for getting to know each other, and hold regular concerts in aid of the Law School’s Free Legal Practice Unit. So if you’re up for trying us out, come and say hello!

Dance, Music & Theatre 29

Dance, Music & Theatre

Pole Dancing


From musical medics to revelation rock

Rock Gospel

Modern Dance Society

Music Society

New Scotland Country Dance

Reeling Club

Renaissance Singers

Salsa Society

The Modern Dance Society is one of the biggest societies Edinburgh has to offer! We provide classes in seven different dance styles: ballet, jazz, contemporary, hiphop, Irish, tap and breakdancing. We offer classes on a drop-in basis every week and encourage anybody with an interest in dance to join us. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an absolute beginner who wants to have fun, or a more serious dancer looking to perform and compete, there’s an opportunity for everyone! Every year at EUMDS includes a great range of performances, competitions, fundraisers and brilliant socials - making us one of the most exciting societies at the University. So if you’re interested in getting into dancing in a fun and vibrant society, come and give us a try!

The Music Society consists of two fantastic orchestras and one enormous chorus, all performing at an excellent standard! The chorus performs a large variety of repertoire from a Jazz Mass to Faure Requiem. It is completely non-auditioned and offers something for everyone at any standard. The symphony orchestra is fully auditioned and Sinfonia only auditions woodwind and brass and both orchestras always perform challenging and exciting repertoire at every concert. Each ensemble rehearses weekly and works toward a concert at the end of each semester! The society has an extremely friendly atmosphere and our excellent variety of social events is the perfect way to meet new people! Dust off your violins, warm up your voices and join EUMS.

The New Scotland Country Dance Society attracts current and former students from home and abroad creating a great mix of people. We mainly work to promote Scottish culture through dance throughout the University campus and beyond into the city of Edinburgh. During the year the society organises dance classes in ceilidh, highland, scottish step and Scottish country dancing, and organises ceilidhs, balls and parties. There are classes available for all levels, from absolute beginners to those with years of experience. New Scotland also has strong links with Scottish country dance societies at other universities and regularly organises trips to ‘away dances’ in locations such as St Andrews, Glasgow and Newcastle. So why not pull your dancing shoes on and come and give us a try?

Reeling Club is designed to bring members of the University and local communities together to engage in fun Scottish dancing classes and events. We endeavour to teach all of our members something about Scottish dance, whether they’re an absolute beginner or they have loads of dancing experience. We really do welcome anyone who wants to learn Scottish dance, as long as they are fun, enthusiastic and are up for having a good time. Consequently we have a society made up of like-minded people, who have a lot of good times together. We have practices every week and have two balls a year, the Black Tie Ball in November and the White Tie Ball in March, which are a great opportunity to showcase your newfound dancing skills.

The Renaissance Singers are one of three university chamber choirs, and specialise in renaissance and baroque music. We currently number 35 singers, with a diverse membership including students, staff and friends of the University. The choir performs regularly within Edinburgh and beyond: recent highlights have included a performance of the Monteverdi 1610 Vespers and a concert of music by Tomas Luis de Victoria. We go on regular international tours to a wide variety of destinations, such as Germany, Estonia & Finland, and Andalucía, Spain in recent years. The choir is very active, with weekly rehearsals, multiple performances each semester, and a very active and friendly social life. We run open auditions in Freshers’ Week and anyone and everyone is invited to come along and try out.

The Salsa Society is a multicultural social dance society that brings Latin warmth and energy to Edinburgh. With over 4 hours of classes and social dancing per week for every level taught by the best teachers in the city you will be able to confidently hit the dance-floor in just a few months. The vivacity the society network allow us to negotiate for our members numerous deals and discounts on dancing events. We also run a very successful Fiesta Latina where salsa students can dance with partners of different level from the Edinburgh area. Along with salsa you can also learn cha-cha, bachata and socialise with lovely and lively dancers. Intrigued? Come and give us a try!

Musical Medics

Pole Dancing Society (PoleSoc)

The Musical Medics aim to be the broadest and most inclusive performing music society at the University. We are non-auditioning, and contrary to popular belief, more than half of our members are non-medics! We comprise of a choir, an orchestra, and several smaller ensembles. We rehearse every week at a time convenient for students, and hold impromptu socials after rehearsals most weeks. All of our members come together to perform two concerts a year from which the proceeds go to medical charities. We welcome everyone, whether you are a serious musician or someone who just needs a break from your studies, to come and join us and get stuck into making some great music!

PoleSoc provides discounted, pole fitness classes in professional studios taken by fully qualified instructors alongside a series of regular social events, nights out and activities that bond our members together outside of classes. The society is perfect for people who want to get fit and have fun at the same time. Unlike just popping along to the gym for a boring workout, PoleSoc offers a social atmosphere and a much more interesting way to exercise and build your self-esteem. Our classes are aimed to suit all levels, from absolute beginners to those with years of experience and everyone is encouraged to come along and give it a go, you won’t regret it!

Modern Dance

Musical Medics

30 Dance, Music & Theatre


Revelation Rock Gospel Choir



The Revelation Rock Gospel Choir is a Christian-based choir but it is open to everyone and there are no auditions. We learn lots of songs in a whole range of styles, from traditional gospel to musical theatre, rock, pop, jazz - basically whatever we feel! We put on regular concerts and sing in other community events. More importantly, we aim to have lots of fun, draw out hidden talents and abilities and create a relaxed, happy atmosphere where everyone can feel at home. Revelation is run by the choir, for the choir, so there are many opportunities to get more involved; whether that’s by teaching songs, running warm ups, singing solos, or playing in the band – the possibilities are endless!

Savoy Opera Group EUSOG was founded in 1962 by Edinburgh students to promote and perform the operettas of W. S. Gilbert and Sir Arthur Sullivan. Every year we perform at least one G&S show, the last being The Pirates of Penzance at the Pleasance Theatre. We have also put on a wide variety of other shows of a high standard along with productions in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Our repertoire by more contemporary authors include works by Stephen Sondheim, Gershwin and Puccini. Recent successes include Guys and Dolls, Threepenny Opera, Jekyll and Hyde and this year’s Fringe show Spring Awakening. The society provides many opportunities for actors and singers to perform and develop their skills and experiences, so if you’re interested, please get in touch.

Dance, Music & Theatre 31

Dance, Music & Theatre String Orchestra

Swing Dance Society

Edinburgh University String Orchestra – the friendliest, most fun-loving, most exotic destinations on tour, most exciting, most meals out, most coffee drinking on breaks, best drinking games, best stunts on tour, best variety of music, best played music, best ceilidh-in’ orchestra in the whole damn world! Come along and sign up for an audition at the freshers’ fair! We meet on Wednesday afternoons from 2-5pm in the Reid Hall. Concerts are put on once a term and we tour all over Scotland in June every year. If you’re more interested in coming along to our concerts, we have a mailing list and always promote ourselves shamelessly in George Square and Kings’ Buildings!

Come join in the fun of lindy hop and other swing dance styles as we join the swing revival! We run classes for complete beginners at the start of each semester and then intermediate classes to follow, always keeping our members on their feet and feeling like they are learning something new every time! EUSDS also join in at many non-university events and dances, giving you a huge variety of choice of venues, groups, styles and times and dates to get yourself on the dance floor! We’re a friendly and welcoming group trying to reignite the swing fever! Anyone can swing dance, you just need to try it for the first time to get bitten by the bug, so luckily there’s no commitment for the first sessions, so you can come and try us out!

Studio Opera Studio Opera is the place for all things opera! We perform one fully staged opera every spring, and there are a huge number of ways for you to be involved. ESO provides a unique opportunity for everyone interested in theatre, musicals and classical music to combine their talents, and we are always looking for singers, directors, orchestra members and crew. Recent shows have included Mozart’s ‘La Clemenza di Tito’, Leoš Janáček’s ‘The Cunning Little Vixen’, most recently Stravinsky’s ‘The Rake’s Progress’. We also have regular events including master classes, recital concerts as well as social events. So if you’re interested, please get in touch to chat about how you’d like to get involved!

32 Dance, Music & Theatre

Studio Opera



Theatre Appreciation Society (Standing Ovation)

Theatre Company (Bedlam)

Theatre Paradok

West Coast Swing Dance Society

Edinburgh University Theatre Company puts on 25-30 performances each year, from one off Wednesday performances to five night runs. Everybody – actors, writers, directors, technicians, stage managers, builders, IT tech, producers and spectators – can get involved. Every Monday of term we have a company meeting at 6:30pm in the café at Bedlam Theatre. If you’re interested in getting involved come along then or just ask at the box office any time we’re open for a show. Our improvised comedy troupe, The Improverts, who perform on Fridays at 10:30pm, run free improvisation workshops on Saturdays at midday and anyone interested in ‘tech-ing’ can come along to help out on Fridays at 9:00pm. General auditions run throughout the year, just look out for notices at Bedlam Theatre, posters and member emails.

Theatre Paradok are the University of Edinburgh’s alternative theatre society. Paradok’s essential goal is to put on experimental theatre which does not suffer from the traditional stigma of experimental theatre where no-one understands what’s going on and the piece doesn’t seem to communicate anything, or just has no footing in reality. We do not dress up in full lycra bodysuits and wander about the stage hoping that somebody will think it’s some postmodern allusion to the disconnected nothingness of modern living. NonononoNO! We aim to put on productions that are experimental without being exclusive; thought-provoking without being rubbish. We are a growing community and as a company we are going from strength to strength so if you want to get involved please get in touch!

West coast swing is a modern, sleek and sassy partner dance from the US and is becoming extremely popular round the UK. We provide the opportunity for students to learn about and become involved in this social dance form. We regularly attend social nights with Capital Swing and have the chance to dance with people from all over Scotland. Our classes are held every week in the heart of the University campus. These classes are a nice, relaxed and easy way to get into west coast, so please come along, bring your friends and join us for a few drinks afterwards. For more information about the dance style, social events, workshops and performance opportunities, please get in touch.

Standing Ovation makes it easy for people to go to the theatre. Our members choose what they want to see from the staggering variety of shows going on in Edinburgh and we do the rest! Whether your taste runs to modern dance or opera, to plays or to musicals, there’s plenty to keep you entertained. Membership for the year gets you access to our exclusive ticket deals and discounts throughout Edinburgh. We meet every week to discuss upcoming performances and decide which shows to buy tickets for as a society. Join us for the chance to meet like-minded people in a fun and relaxed atmosphere! We are the Theatre Appreciation Society (aka Standing Ovation), and we’re here to take you to the theatre!

Tango Society

Untapped Talent

Theatre Paradok

Think that dancing is hard? Nay! Not Argentinean tango. We’re a friendly, casual, and fun society teaching one of the most accessible and easy to learn classical dances. Tango, literally translating to “walking”, will have you dancing with flair and ease in no time. Know how to walk? Then you’ll know how to tango. We’re very social and there’s no partner required, so show up in comfortable shoes (essential!) jeans, a t-shirt (or even dress up if you want!) and be prepared to have a great time. We welcome everyone and anyone, whatever their dancing experience – so come along and you’ll have a lot of fun, promise!

Wind Band

Wanting to form a band, but don’t know where to start? Then Untapped Talent is the society for you! With members representing any style imaginable from jazz to metal, blues to electro. We try to get like-minded musicians together to form bands, help them onto their feet by providing equipment and rehearsal space, and then showcase their talents at our gigs. We have a wide range of equipment available in our practice room, which is available exclusively to our members at convenient times during the week. So if you’ve always wanted to get into making music, but have been in need of a helping hand, Untapped Talent are here to help!

Wind Band If you don’t want your musical talents to go to waste, but don’t fancy auditions either – come join us! EUWB was founded on a principle of no minimum standard and no auditions. The band is made up of about 120 talented musicians, so if you play brass, woodwind or percussion, please come along to a rehearsal. After rehearsal we can be found in the bar, enjoying a leisurely pint or two. We enjoy many fantastic socials throughout the year; a weekend away; an annual international tour and we play an eclectic concert of classical and popular music at the end of each semester. So if you’re interested in getting involved in a friendly and fun loving wind band, look no further than EUWB!

Dance, Music & Theatre 33

Employment, Transferable Skills & Finance




Bright Futures

Diagnostic Society


Do you want to fulfil your leadership potential? Do you want the opportunity to work in a culturally diverse environment? If so, AIESEC is the society for you! AIESEC is the largest student-run organisation in the world, functioning as a platform for the development of youth leadership and cultural awareness. AIESEC Edinburgh is run by a group of fun, kind and extremely passionate students, organising work abroad programs for students from any degree programme. Our work programmes offer our members the opportunity to develop their skills in a supportive environment in over one hundred countries. So if you want to make the most out of your university experience, make new friends and gain valuable experience, get in touch!

Do you want to get invaluable experience to maximise your employability? Edinburgh Bright Futures’ main activities revolve around weekly events and workshops. During our workshops we develop skills that employers are looking for as well as bringing students and employers together. At our events big employers give insight into application processes and the kind of skills that they are looking for. We aim to give our fellow students insight into new industries and other opportunities whilst having loads of fun along the way. We work with our members, encouraging them to push themselves higher, and helping them to understand the employment market and the best way to get a job. So, if you’re looking for a few hints and tips or just to make that crucial contact, come along and say hello!

Diagnostic society is the oldest society at the University, tracing its history back to the early nineteenth century. We are devoted to the cultivation and improvement of original public speaking and debating. Whilst many of our members have debated seriously and competitively in the past, Diagnostics has evolved towards the idea that you cannot engage in real discussion and debate without a measure of wit, irony, originality and even eccentricity. In keeping with our history, the dress code is strictly black tie, and speeches and essays are warmly welcomed from all speakers wishing to contribute to the debates. Our membership is made up primarily of students from the University of Edinburgh, with varying debates experience and styles. For more information about the society, please feel free to get in touch.

FreshSight is a professional student organisation that provides pro bono business consulting services to non-profit organisations. We are a unique organisation that links charities and social enterprises with the student community in a way that creates a great deal of value for both groups. We train students to become professional consultants, and place them in teams within client organisations. Our consultants draw upon continuous training from our organisation as well as an established knowledgebase to deliver well researched and insightful solutions to business problems that social organisations encounter. Students from any academic discipline and year of study are welcome to come and join us. If you need any more information, please get in touch!

Debates Union

Education Society

iCUE From competing in Amsterdam, Paris, Turkey and Ireland to our infamous, regular socials, the Debates Union is a fantastic and impressive way to develop transferable skills in communication, teamwork and reasoning – though we can guarantee you’ll be having too much fun to notice! Our Monday workshops are specifically geared towards those just starting out in debating, and we make every effort to pair you with one of our pros to support you. We have a policy of equal access and give everybody the opportunity to travel and compete if they wish, though our strong social background means that many people come along just for socials – and rightly so! Anyone with any level of debates experience is extremely welcome, all term. Hope to see you! 34 Employment, Transferable Skills & Finance Are you a student teacher? Are you studying education, or just interested in the idea of becoming a teacher once you graduate? Then the Education Society is the society for you. We aim to give students with an interest in education a chance to meet, mix with each other and share their experiences with others. We meet regularly in an informal setting, and run loads of socials which are lots of fun and great for bonding members together. We offer varied training events, talks from learned and experienced guest speakers and skills workshops based on requests from members. We’re open to anyone to join, and offer loads to do – what more could you ask for?

Trading & Investments

Marketing and Communications Society

Trading and Investments Club (EUTIC)

EUMCS is the first society dedicated specifically to the fields of marketing, communications and PR, and innovations in these industries. Additionally, the society provides useful information and tips about internships, graduate jobs and any other issues that would be of interest. We also provide students with the opportunity to network with companies and organisations specifically from the marketing, communications and PR industries and thus help them pursue careers in these fields. The society organises competitions and talks from prominent PR and marketing experts, business leaders and academics to inspire and educate us. So if you’re at all interested in communications, marketing or PR, come give us a try!

The Trading & Investment Club has over a decade of experience owning and managing a successful student-run real money investment portfolio, worth over £30,000. Our goals are to educate students about the world of finance, give them real experience in trading, offer opportunities to network with some of the world’s most prestigious firms, and help anyone who is interested in pursuing a career in the financial services industry. We have a weekly meeting that is open to anyone, even those with no prior knowledge, as well as sector meetings which handle the nine sectors that our portfolio is divided into. Our activities, together with a prestigious network of alumni and an excellent social calendar make the club one of the most exciting societies for students of all backgrounds to join. iCUE is both a society and a student-run business. We organise exciting consulting, entrepreneurship, charity and fun projects on and around campus, as well as with local and international businesses. We hope that by performing real-world business tasks, our members will acquire the practical business skills, entrepreneurial spirit, and contacts that will help them get to where they want to be after they graduate. Our members come from a variety of course backgrounds and job experiences, but all share an enthusiasm for consulting and problem solving. If you’re a student and you’d like to find out more about the society and the opportunities we offer to Edinburgh students, come and join us at one of our weekly meetings.

From Debating to investments



Employment, Transferable Skills & Finance 35

Faith, Belief Systems & Spiritual Development



From AHLULBAYT to vedic



Bahá’i Society

Buddhist Society

Christian Union

Islamic Society

The aim of the society is to strive to propagate the light of wisdom and insight base on edification learned by the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) and his progeny, Ahlulbayt. The society endeavours to fulfil this aim by running religious ceremonies with the aim of providing a better milieu based on Shiite’s edification for the followers of truth; organising events and trips to create an opportunity for religious debate and discussion to deepen insight and wisdom about God, religion, Shi’ism, the Qu’ran, the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) and Ahlulbayt; studying related literature to raise awareness of the belief and practice of the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) and Ahlulbayt and providing information about related events in the UK for members.

“That which the Lord hath ordained as the sovereign remedy and mightiest instrument for the healing of all the world is the union of all its peoples in one universal Cause, one common Faith.” Baha’u’llah

The Buddhist Society was set up by a group of students interested in Buddhism, aiming to develop a deeper understanding of Buddhism, to form a meaningful fellowship amongst Buddhists throughout the University and the wider city of Edinburgh. We also aim to cultivate compassion in our members through the daily practice of the Dharma and to develop deeper inter-religious understanding through interaction with a wide variety of people from a wide variety of faiths. Our weekly sessions involve discussion about Buddhist philosophy and beliefs, meditation sessions, sharing on different branches of Buddhism, film screenings, and many other Buddhism-related activities. We welcome Buddhists and anyone interested in any aspect of Buddhism to join us for one of our sessions.

Edinburgh University Christian Union (EUCU) is an open community of Christians that exists to support, encourage and explore what the Good News of Jesus means as we go through university together, living for and speaking about Jesus. We’re a missionary community seeking to share Jesus in our lives with all those we come into contact with. We come from a huge range of backgrounds and churches, but are united in our belief in Jesus Christ and we would love to see you whether you would call yourself a Christian or not. Our vision is to give every student the opportunity to hear and respond to the gospel.

ISocEd is a society for both Muslim and non-Muslim students. We aim to cater for the needs of Muslim students on campus, and we hope to portray and share the values of Islam with all. We meet every week for a catch up session over tea and refreshments, which is open to anyone to attend and talk over any aspect of Islam or Islamic life. We also hold regular talks by scholars and experts on Islam throughout the academic year. In addition we run Eid socials, charity fundraisers, trips, sports for members, tutorials, discussions, movie screenings and much more. Feel free to come to our events, you don’t have to be a member and we welcome everyone!

The Baha’i Society hosts a wide range of events throughout the academic year and beyond that are open to all. Our weekly evening events include talks, hands-on workshops, action based discussions, food nights, devotional and tranquillity meetings, café trips, quiz nights and themed challenges. As one of the longest running faith societies at the University we welcome new members from all backgrounds; whether you have an interest in spirituality, want to know more about the Baha’i faith or are eager to take part in community building.

Anglican Students’ Society (AngSoc) AngSoc aims to provide support for fellow students, as well as a safe, open space for discussion and debate on a wide range of topics. We have a warm, welcoming community with a broad range of informal social events and the opportunity to partake in away days and an annual weekend retreat. Our meetings can be opportunities to deepen our understanding of the Christian faith and what it means to be an Anglican, and to worship and pray together. Our weekly Eucharist is, however, open to anyone and our meetings always have a large supply of tea and coffee, so if you need a break, why not come and say hello? 36 Faith, Belief Systems & Spiritual Development




Catholic Students’ Union At the CSU we aim to offer everyone, Catholic or otherwise, the opportunity to socialise in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. Our common room at 23 George Square is our home from home and we try to make sure that everyone can be part of the warm, Christian community that we enjoy, where students can meet, work and celebrate together. We have weekly meals, student masses and socials as well as one off events such as cheese and wine nights and a race night. We welcome anyone who wants to come along and get involved, our membership is made up of all sorts of students from all around the world and provides support to anyone who needs it, so feel free to come along and say hello!

Humanist Society


Orthodox Christian Students’ Society

Jewish Society

The Humanist Society (HS) would like to invite you to meet, discuss and act in an environment that is freethinking, progressive and based on Humanist values. Our society is an inclusive gathering of inquisitive minds, with affirmative and constructive goals. Humanism is a non-religious philosophy based on reason and compassion. It provides the basis for a fulfilling and ethical life (without any supernatural belief). We aim to establish a positive social environment for students who are rationalists, non-theists (agnostics or atheists), humanists, or sceptics; to enrich campus life by sponsoring educational events and fostering student dialogue on matters of faith, science, and reason; as well as to engage students in issues surrounding freedom of conscience and secular education.

The Jewish Society provides a great forum for Jewish students to meet each other and have a great time. We have weekly bagel lunches and regular Friday night meals, plus discussions, pub-crawls and loads of other opportunities to socialise. We are completely pluralist and are open to anyone from any viewpoint or background. The highlight of our social calendar is the Burns Night Ball, where Jewish students from all over the country come to eat, drink and ceilidh. We try to mark all Jewish festivals with an event so that Jewish students in Edinburgh always have people to celebrate with, whilst maintaining and developing links with other Jewish societies throughout the UK. We look forward to meeting you all soon!


The Orthodox Christian Students’ Society aims to deepen its members understanding of the Orthodox Christian faith and to connect to the student body and the wider city of Edinburgh. We run regular discussion groups, during which we share our experiences and our thoughts on the Orthodox Christian faith, whilst getting to know each other. We also screen movies for our members; host talks on orthodoxy by experts and faith leaders and lead excursions to significant Christian sites. Our socials are a great way to meet our members and to get a taste of what an Orthodox community feels like. We welcome anyone with an open mind, whatever their beliefs, to come along to any of our meetings, socials or events, so come and say hello!

Faith, Belief Systems & Spiritual Development 37

Faith, Belief Systems & Spiritual Development



Pollock Chinese Christian Fellowship

Theology and Religious Studies Society

Vedic Society

Bridge Club

The Pollock Chinese Christian Fellowship (PCCF) is a group of students, consisting mainly of international university students from South-east Asian countries such as Malaysia and Singapore, but also include students from the UK. We stand united in our faith in Jesus Christ, and are committed to inspiring, encouraging and supporting one another in giving God our very best. We have weekly fellowship meetings when we gather to pray, worship and study the Bible. Our meetings are a great opportunity for students from other parts of the world to find out more about East Asian Chinese culture and the Christian faith. We welcome anyone who is interested to come and meet us at our events and socials – we look forward to meeting you!

The Theology and Religious Studies Society is for students who either take classes in the New College faculty, or who simply have an interest in all things to do with theology or religion. Being a member of the society is a great way to socialise with other students in New College. We run events that are designed to help you to get to know those in your tutorials and lectures even better and make some really good friends on your course. We also offer great academic opportunities by arranging interesting religious and philosophical lectures with notable guest speakers and inter-year study groups. We are a society for those without a religious agenda, who want to make the most out of their time at the University of Edinburgh and learn more about religious issues.

The Vedic Society provides and facilitates various cultural, social and spiritual events with the aim of enhancing, serving and preserving the glorious heritage of Vedic India. We present the enthralling culture, timeless wisdom and delicious cuisine to members and friends at the very highest of standards. Some events hosted by EUVS have included movie nights, rangoli workshops, Indian language workshops, social dinners, interfaith participation and representation, religious festival observances like the grand Diwali Celebration of 2010 and the scintillating Vasant Panchami Festival of Arts 2009, talks on topics with an interest in the Vedic point of view, and much much more. We provide many chances to meet, study, socialise and contemplate throughout the year, and welcome anyone interested in Vedic Indian culture.

Quaker Society

38 Faith, Belief Systems & Spiritual Development

Gaming & Roleplaying

FAQ: Card & Board Games Society

Game Development Society

Bridge is a very popular card game of bidding, skill and chance, with many variations on methods of play. The Bridge Club meets at least twice a week for anyone who is interested in playing. We welcome complete novices as well as seasoned players, running introductory sessions for those who have never played before and tournaments for experts. We travel around the country to take part in the University Bridge Challenge and run our own annual 24 hour Bridge Marathon. Aside from actually playing bridge we run lots of socials for our members to get to know each other - we have a special Christmas meal and plenty of pub crawls! Come along and try a hand!

FAQ is a society for everyone who wants to play card and board games including Settlers of Cattan and Battlestar Galactica. We meet every week to play games and have a few drinks, whilst getting to know each other. We have hundreds of games as a society and members bring a selection of their own every week as well. We are a very casual and friendly society, based around getting together to share our interests, introduce each other to new games and having fun! Anyone is welcome to come and join us, no experience is required! All that we ask is that our members are enthusiastic, fun, friendly and really want to try new things and meet new people!

Chess Club

FooSoc – Table Football

GameDevSoc is designed to help students who are interested in game development get in touch with others in Edinburgh who share their passion. The society is open to people involved in all aspects of game development, and membership is free. We also provide hosting for games developed by GameDevSoc members (although GameDevSoc claims no ownership of said games) and act as a learning platform. Additionally, many members may write tutorials or offer basic help on aspects they found difficult when creating their games. So whatever area you are finding tricky, there’s a good chance someone before you has found it tricky as well, and hopefully they will be able to provide some pointers on where to start! At Chess Club we are always happy to see new faces. We offer something to suit every type of chess player, so whether you are looking to play for one of the top club teams in Scotland, or just want a casual game with some good banter then we are the society for you! We run weekly chess nights that are open to anyone who wants to come along, and have a team in the Chess Edinburgh league, as well as in the Scottish National Chess league. We run loads of socials outside of chess events, such as club meals and pub-crawls, as well as our famous shot-glass drinking chess set! So why not pop along to one of our club nights and take a look? We can guarantee you’ll be back.


We are the Quaker presence within the University, offering opportunities for any members of the University – Quaker or non-Quaker, student or staff – to find out more about Quakerism; attend Quaker meetings for worship and socialise with other Quakers and interested non-Quakers. We hold regular worship sessions, which are followed by discussion sessions with lots of tea, snacks and great chat. We also run our own socials such as visits to other Quaker societies, ten-pin bowling trips and fundraising ceilidhs. We welcome anyone who wants to learn more about Quakerism to come and join us at our discussion sessions or our socials to have a chat with us and find out more – we look forward to meeting you!

From bridge to wargames Whether you call it Kicker, Tablefootball, Foosball, Calcio balilla (biliardino), baby foot or just always wondered what that weird machine with the bars and little men is actually used for, we are the society for you. Regardless of if you have never played before, want to finally learn how to play without spinning like a little girl, win a couple of free pints, improve your dribbling, show off in front of your mates or just learn how to execute or block that annoying snake shot your dad always uses to beat you, come learn to do so on our brand new, tournament standard table. For more information and schedules for meetings and tournaments please feel free to get in touch!

Table Football


Board Games


GAming & roleplaying 39

Gaming & ROLEplaying





Medieval Re-enactment Society

Science Fiction & Fantasy

African Caribbean Society

The Computer Gaming Society, more commonly referred to as GameSoc, is the University’s only society dedicated to video gaming. We hold around four 12 hour LANs during each semester for a chance to play games with friends. These network gaming sessions involve a wide variety of games being played on both computers and consoles, giving everyone a chance to get involved and compete a little bit! In addition, we have a weekly pub night for a drink and a social, along with other exciting social events throughout the year such as Laser Quest and a ‘Capture the Flag’ pub crawl. So, if you’re a casual, or serious, gaming fan, come along and get involved!

Interested in the period 600-1600AD or the cultures of medieval societies such as the Byzantines, Celts, Normans, Saxons and Vikings? At Medieval Re-enactment Society we organise a whole range of fun activities, from workshops on medieval crafts and cooking, to costume making and calligraphy. We also hold two feasts a year, attend re-enactment events, organise picnics and visit historical sites throughout Scotland. In addition we attend a local medieval combat school every week, the sessions of which are open to anyone, whatever their level of experience. We meet regularly to discuss and hold talks on anything and everything medieval, and we always welcome new members, so if we sound like the society for you, please get in touch!

The Science Fiction and Fantasy Society, better known as Sciffy, meets twice a week. We meet to watch science fiction or fantasy TV series in a lecture theatre and then retreat to the pub in the Pleasance, which also houses our extensive library of books and DVDs. We also hold regular film nights that showcase a wide variety of films from throughout the SciFi genre – from cult classics to cheesy cliché-fests. We have a strong community of students and non-students and always welcome new members who have new ideas, favourites or passions. Anyone is welcome to join us, as long as they love watching science fiction and fantasy films and programmes. For more information, please get in touch or come along to a meeting.

GEAS (Grand Edinburgh Adventuring Society)

Poker Society GEAS is the society that provides a network and a forum within which student enthusiasts come together to play roleplaying games and enjoy each other’s company. We hold loads of gaming and social events ourselves, whilst regularly arranging transport and accommodation for our members so that they can visit national events and conventions. A major event that we host every year is Conpulsion; a weekend long convention where we invite many people such as notable writers, artists and craftsmen to be there whilst welcoming those from a variety of hobbies such as wargaming, boardgaming and cardcollecting. Anyone is welcome to come and join us, whatever his or her level of experience all that is required is a bit of enthusiasm and an open mind! 40 GamiNg & Roleplaying At the Poker Society we offer all students a chance to learn to play Poker in a relaxed and friendly environment. Our members are a mix of experienced players and complete novices who all enjoy the opportunities that we offer – taking part in meetings, games and socials throughout the academic year. We run regular low buy-in Poker tournaments that enable our members to make a lot of new friends and learn to play a great game with no financial risk attached and a great informal atmosphere. These games are perfect for beginners and it’s not unusual to see more experienced players teaching newbies whilst they play. If you’re interested, come along to one of our meetings and pull up a chair!

Wargames Society At the Wargames Society we provide tables and terrain for the playing of loads of different wargames. We meet twice a week to play different wargames and catch up with other members over a drink or two. Current favourites include anything by Games Workshop as well as Warmachine/Hordes and the occasional board game. Other than that, we’ll try anything once - and if we like it, more than once. We own rules for a lot of systems and will play anything that our members have the rules for – so anyone with even a passing interest can get involved. Beginners or players returning to gaming after a break are more than welcome to come along!

International & Multicultural Bulgarian Society

Chinese Students’ Association

The African Caribbean Society seeks to celebrate the unique identities of the African and Caribbean population by encouraging an exchange of culture between them. We work with the two groups within the University, hosting year round events exposing and mixing their respective traditions in an effort to engage members in new activities. Our events are open to everyone, whatever their background, we welcome everyone to come and experience the wonders of African and Caribbean culture and traditions. We aim not only to promote awareness of African and Caribbean culture in the city of Edinburgh, but to provide a hub for students of African and Caribbean origins, so if we sound like the society for you, please get in touch.

Are you curious about Bulgaria and its wonderful culture? If so, the Bulgarian Society is the society for you! We aim to serve as a general source of advice, insider information and support to anyone who considers themselves a friend of Bulgaria. We seek to enhance the relationship and connection between Bulgarian students and the wider Edinburgh community. The society organises cultural events, which will broaden the understanding of traditional and contemporary Bulgarian’s values and lifestyle, whilst offering the opportunity for an exchange of cultures. We welcome anyone who has an interest in Bulgaria, so if you’re curious, come and meet us!

The Edinburgh University Chinese Students’ Association (EUCSA) is a student run organisation welcoming Chinese students, those studying Chinese and anyone interested in Chinese culture. EUCSA aims to help establish a mutual relationship between Chinese and English speaking students by organising cultural events throughout the year. Recently we’ve run a successful language partners’ program and a debate club. Whilst we have lots to offer you academically we also have lots to offer for when you want to relax, holding weekly gatherings and special events on festival days! Last but not least, our members can enjoy up to 20% off in several Chinese supermarkets and restaurants, so come and join us and get a taste of the real China!

Bruneian Edinburgh Society At the Bruneian Edinburgh Society we foster fellowship, familiarity and unity among all students in Edinburgh who have an interest in Brunei and its rich culture and traditions. Acting as a support base for Bruneian students in Edinburgh we run events and socials that cater to our members’ intellectual, social, cultural and sporting interests. We also encourage an interaction of cultures, running events in collaboration with other societies at the University and groups in the wider community, whilst providing potential Bruneian students with a vital insight into life in Edinburgh. Bruneian students studying in Edinburgh or anyone who has an interest in Brunei should come and join us in celebrating and exploring all the diverse opportunities and experiences that Brunei has to offer!

Chinese Students & Scholars’ Association Edinburgh University Chinese Students and Scholars Association (EUCSSA) is a non-political, non-religious organisation that organises, sponsors, and supports various social and cultural activities among Chinese students and scholars based at the University of Edinburgh. The association also maintains close connections with the intellectual community in China and other CSSA members across the world, developing programmes, activities and links. Our aim is to bring a richer and more successful experience at the University of Edinburgh to Chinese students and those studying, or just interested in, Chinese language or culture. We are particularly devoted to promoting educational and cultural exchange between China and the UK, bridging the gaps between the East and the Western world.


Bulgarian Anarchist

African Caribbean

international & multicultural 41

International & Multicultural




From kazakhstan & korea to taiwan & Thailand

French Society

Hellenic Society

Hong Kong International Society

Irish Society

Kazakhstan Society

Whether you study French, speak French, are French or just like the idea of France: we’re the society for you! As part of our introduction to and celebration of French culture we organise film nights, wine tasting, socials, trips, language evenings, pub-crawls and more – all with a French twist. We provide a place for French enthusiasts to meet each other and socialise on a regular basis outside of the classroom, as well as to meet tutors and lecturers in a more informal setting. We welcome any Francophiles, whatever their degree or year of study – all that we think you need is an interest in France, a fun attitude and loads of energy! We hope to meet you soon! A bientôt!

The Hellenic Society is the society for anyone interested in Greek or Cypriot culture and traditions, as well as anyone living in Edinburgh that would like to meet Greeks and Cypriots. Anyone who joins our society is welcome to come and participate in our events, as is anyone interested in finding out more. We organise Greek parties, live music concerts, coffee meetings and traditional events like Vasilopita and Green Monday. Through our support network you can ask other people for information about Edinburgh, accommodation, flatmates, places to go and anything else you need! Feel free to contact us at any point with any questions or suggestions and we will do our best to help.

The Hong Kong International Society, operated by students from Hong Kong, aims to help international students from our region to settle in this new environment. We also try to bring the culture of Hong Kong to Edinburgh by arranging a huge variety of fun cultural events that praise the brilliance of Hong Kong’s food, fashion, cinema and traditions. We run an orientation camp early in the academic year to introduce students to Edinburgh and a Christmas Ball, as well as other seasonal celebrations. Anyone is welcome to join our society to experience our rich culture, history and style of living, so whether you’re from Hong Kong and want a taste of home, or you’re a home student and fancy something new, please get in touch!

Are you from Northern or Southern Ireland? Do you enjoy a good pint of Guinness? Would you count ‘potatoes’ as a food group? Are you known for wearing lots of green and hiding pots of gold? Do you delight in unashamed exploitation of cultural stereotypes? Perhaps you just have a casual appreciation of Father Ted, Riverdance or The Corrs? If the answer to any (or all) of the above is yes, then you need the Irish Society! Everyone is welcome to join for some good old “Oirish Craic!” We represent students from both sides of the border and of all political and religious persuasions. Join us on Facebook at ‘Edinburgh University Irish Society’.

Initially our society was created to unify all Kazakhstani students in Edinburgh, to serve as a communication unit among other country-fellows in the UK. We also help the Kazakhstani freshers to overcome the first few weeks, showing them how the UK can be a hospitable country and great place to live. However, with a growing interest in our beloved fatherland we are now happy to introduce our international friends to Kazakhstan’s culture, traditions, history, language, and the national cuisine. So, if you want to find out what it’s like to be a Kazakh, you are more than welcome to join our society. There are a wide range of different social and cultural events throughout the year for anyone to enjoy. Kazakhs in their soul unite!

German Society (Deutsch Macht Spass)


International Development Society

We are a society open for everyone interested in German language and culture, everyone learning or willing to learn German and of course Germans. We put on academic events such as discussion groups and film screenings, and provide a link between our lecturers and tutors and the students on a more informal basis, which can be very useful when trying to get things done. We are very social and regularly meet to chat, cook and drink, in the traditional German way. In the past we have organised trips together, ranging from hiking in Scotland to going to Cologne for the carnival. We welcome anyone interested in any aspect of Germany to come along and have a good time!

42 International & Multicultural

Hong Kong


EUID holds a broad range of stimulating and educational events that address some of the most thought-provoking issues in international development. Guest speakers include politicians, academics and professionals involved in international development. We also engage in informal debates, screen and discuss documentaries and have fun socials for like-minded people to get to know each other. Recent speakers have included experts on HIV/AIDS; representatives from great charities such as WaterAid and Members of Parliament with special interests in international development. If these kind of events sound like they’d challenge you and get you thinking and debating, why not come and get involved?

Japanese Society The Japanese Society is the place to be for anyone from Japan, or with an interest in Japanese culture, heritage and tradition. Our members are mostly Japanese students, students of Japanese and students with an interest in Japan, and we welcome anyone who is interested to come and join us! We hold events throughout the academic year that are designed to introduce Japanese culture to Edinburgh and to bring our members together to have fun and get to know each other. Our events include a ceilidh to mix Japanese and Scottish culture; a film night showcasing the best of Japanese cinema and events centred on sharing Japanese food and music in an informal setting. So if you want a taste of Japan, come and join us!

Korean Society The Korean Society actively promotes Korea, Korean culture and Korean language and has a history of contributing to the academic, social and cultural life of Edinburgh. We are proud that the University boasts famous Korean alumni, including the former President of Korea, Yoon Bo-Seon, former Prime-Minister, Jang Taek Sang, and UN Judge, Park Choon-Ho. We don’t, however, hold just cultural events – we run plenty of academic talks and workshops on all sorts of topics pertaining to Korea throughout the academic year. We welcome everyone and anyone who is interested in Korea or Korean culture, and who would like to have lots of fun whilst learn lots of exciting and new things at the same time! We’ll see you there! Annyung! (Bye!)



LangSoc LangSoc (The Linguistics and English Language Society) offers an incredible array of events to promote a sense of community among those interested in language. We hold innovative extra-curricular activities as well as general social events. We have recently received a special award at the EUSA Societies’ Oscars for being a “model academic society”. We are always experimenting with new ways to combine language with other fields and societies to bring out the most language can give, and our innovation and commitment was recognised as we were the only academic society to be short-listed for Best Society in the EUSA Society Oscars 2011. So if language is your thing or you just want to see what a great society gets up to, come along and join us at one of our events. International & Multicultural 43

International & Multicultural





Lithuanian Society

Mexicanos @ Edimburgo

Persian Society

Polish Society

Saudi Society

Singapore Students’ Society

The Lithuanian Society aims to help new students to settle down in Edinburgh in their first few months as students in Scotland. We also organise regular meetings to discuss Lithuanian issues, culture, and current affairs. Our social events are a great opportunity to meet Lithuanians and people who are interested in Lithuanian culture in an informal setting and to make loads of new friends. We try to foster Lithuanian culture, language, cuisine and traditions, introducing them to those interested and providing a home from home for Lithuanians in Edinburgh.

The Mexican Society is a fun and casual society dedicated to the celebration of the Mexican culture, history and traditions. We also provide a support base for all Mexican students living in Edinburgh. We celebrate the main Mexican festivities such as Independence Day, Day of the Dead, Christmas and Dia de la Candelaria as a group. We also meet regularly for coffee and participate in football matches against other societies in the intra-mural football league. Although most of our members are of Mexican origin, we welcome anybody interested in Mexican culture to come and join in, as we can learn a lot from each other and have a great time in the process!

The Persian Society (EUPS) organises events to promote Iranian and Persian culture, film, music, etc. and invites anyone interested in Iran and old Persia to attend them. We are non-political and not-forprofit, and bring together Iranians from Edinburgh and across Scotland. All money raised in our events is used to organise further EUPS events. We hold an annual Chaharshanve Souri party and have helped to organise and fund an Iranian cultural festival which attracted Iranian acts from the UK and around the world, including director Seyyed Reza Mir-Karimi, comedian Patrick Monahan and artist Maryam Hashemi. We welcome anyone from any background who has an interest in Iranian and Persian culture, history or tradition to come and meet us.

At the Polish Society we work to enhance all of our members’ university experience whilst promoting Poland and Polish culture, and having loads of fun along the way! We gather Poles, international and home students who share an interest in Poland, her culture, cuisine and traditions. We run excursions, film screenings, cooking events and loads of other events that are designed to get our members together and to bring a flavour of Poland to Edinburgh. Our ice-breaker get-togethers are a brilliant way to meet other people interested in Poland and to get to know them in an informal setting, whilst our cultural experiences such as Polish food evenings, trips to exhibitions and parties are a great way to experience true Poland!

The aim of the Edinburgh University Saudi Society is to help Saudi students who come to the University settle in to the Edinburgh way of life. We also try to promote Saudi culture through talks, exhibitions, Arabic language lessons and introductions to the exciting world of Saudi cuisine and fashion. We are closely associated with the Saudi Students Club in Edinburgh, which is one of the largest and most vibrant Saudi Students’ societies in the UK. Although most of us are from Saudi Arabia, the society is open to all students, regardless of their background. The society is deliberately non-political and non-religious; we just want to celebrate and share Saudi Arabia’s exciting culture with you all!

The Singapore Students’ Society brings together Singaporean students to help one another find their footing in a foreign land. We also act as a contact point for members to interact with other Singaporeans all over the UK. We constantly provide and update members with information on career opportunities in Singapore upon graduation. The society organises events such as Freshers’ orientations, and festival celebrations. Highlights of our annual calendar also include the annual Singapore Food Festival. We also warmly welcome non-Singaporean members interested in Asian or specifically South-east Asian culture, cuisine or simply meeting a fun-loving bunch of people. For anyone interested to find out more about this sunny little island called Singapore, look no further! We can give you the insider scoop on a truly Singaporean experience.

Malaysian Students’ Association The Edinburgh Malaysian Students’ Association (EMSA) is an essential society for all Malaysian students in Edinburgh, offering help and support to students in need and making Edinburgh a ‘home away from home’. Many events such as Hari Raya, Chinese New Year and badminton competitions are organised all year round to forge and strengthen friendships between members and between Malaysian societies in the UK. EMSA warmly welcomes non-Malaysian students to be part of this society and learn about Malaysian culture. Malaysia is a multi-racial country with very rich culture and culinary delights. Joining EMSA is a great way to expand your social circle or learn about new cultures if you are not Malaysian. We meet regularly, time and venue dependent on what exciting event we have in store! 44 International & Multicultural

Model United Nations The University’s Model United Nations (EdMUN) is committed to embracing and spreading the spirit of the concept of Model United Nations throughout Edinburgh by enhancing students’ understanding of the institutional and political workings of the United Nations (UN) organisation. Through simulated UN conferences, students act as delegates of MemberState nations debating a plethora of issues presented in the form of UN resolutions and discussed in a manner consistent with the parliamentary procedure of the real UN. Such conferences take place on a university, regional or global level amongst other prestigious universities worldwide, and constitute forums, which cultivate international awareness and understanding as well as provide ample opportunity for educational and cultural enrichment. Nothing but enthusiasm is required, so come and get involved!

Romanian Society




The main goal of RoSoc is to facilitate communication and collaboration between Romanian students at the University. We also try to provide a stable and supportive base for Romanian students all over Edinburgh, and help Romanians who have just arrived to study in Edinburgh to acclimatise and enjoy their first few months in Scotland. We run lots of socials and cultural events, such as film screenings and dinners, which are a chance to celebrate Romanian culture and heritage. At these events we also try to promote Romanian cultural and national values to other students from the University. Anyone with an interest in Romania or Romanian culture can join us; we really are open to students from all sorts of backgrounds! We look forward to meeting you!

Scandinavian Society The Scandinavian Society is for anyone from or interested in Scandinavia, or anyone who wants to meet new people in a relaxed setting. For many it is a chance to meet people from home and for others it is a way to learn about another culture, and mix it with their own to create experiences and ideas that are exciting and novel. Throughout the year we organise events such as Kubb in the Meadows, waffle nights, Scandinavian film viewings, a treasure hunt, pub-crawls, the infamous Vikingfest, and loads more events that are loads of fun. So if you’re interested in Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Finnish or Icelandic culture and heritage come along and get involved, we’d love to meet you!

Slavic and Baltic Countries Estonian, Lithuanian, Russian, Latvian, Slovakian... These are just a few languages you can hear at the Slavic and Baltic Countries Society. We aim to have fun through the exploration of the diverse cultures and languages of our members. Regular movie nights feature films brought along by our members from all over Europe, whilst we host tasty Eastern European dinners, cosy pub nights and other nights consisting of nothing more than hanging out among Slavic and Baltic people - these are the events we are famous for! We welcome anyone interested in the culture of our countries, whatever their degree or year of study, so if you’re curious, come along and join us! International & Multicultural 45

International & Multicultural

South Africa

South African Society The South African Society aims to bring together students who are from or have an interest in South Africa. The society has gained a phenomenal following in its short lifespan, proving that there is a lively South African community in Edinburgh and a lot of interest in South African culture. Our first Springboks night, which was hosted at the Caves, was a runaway success and had over four hundred students attending. Due to high demand, Springboks will be hosted at least once a semester and will be used to fund the South African Ball at the end of the year. The South African Society also organise more frequent events that focus on South African culture such as dinners, braais and wine-tastings.

South Asia

Taiwanese Students’ Society

Edinburgh Rascal

The Edinburgh Taiwanese Students’ Society is a society for Taiwanese students, as well as for anyone at all interested in Taiwanese culture and tradition. ETSS is a partnership between four universities in Edinburgh – the University of Edinburgh and Edinburgh College of Art, Heriot-Watt University, Queen Margaret University and Edinburgh Napier University. We have close links with other Taiwanese Students’ societies at various universities in the UK, offering our members the chance to meet students from all over the country with similar interests. Although the majority of our members are students from Taiwan, we also cordially welcome people from different backgrounds who are interested in Taiwanese culture, there is so much that we can share and teach each other that it would be a crime not to!

The Edinburgh Rascal is a ridiculous magazine, trading in lampoonery, tomfoolery and out-and-proud whimsy. Our stories are about hilarious, and not so hilarious, matters. It’s all vaguely satirical. It’s a pack of hyperbolic scandal, lies, and unsubstantiated rumour. It’ll make you laugh, it’ll make you cry, and it touches on the whole pallet of human emotion. What we haven’t got, you don’t need. We publish as often as we can in term-time, at least twice a semester, online, as well as in print. We Rascals encourage contributions of hilarious content from one and all! So if this tickles your fancy, like a ticklish pigeon fancier in a farm for fancy pigeons, and you’d like to get involved, get in touch – we don’t bite!

If you’re South-Asian, or are simply interested in South Asian culture, then we’re the society for you! With a massive social calendar, we are known for having a great time. We run bhangra/hip-hop nights celebrating the best of South Asian music, put on film nights showcasing South Asian cinema, go out on socials, celebrate Diwali at parties, and hold Eid dinners. We are also the oldest student-run South Asian Society in the UK, so we have plenty of experience of cultural exchange and putting on great events and socials. You don’t have to be South-Asian to join us...all you need is an interest in South Asian culture, be willing to have a ton of fun, and you’re set! The Swahili Club brings together a variety of people through their common interest in East African language and culture, having been set up through the interest of various people based in Edinburgh. The club is open to everyone and anyone, whether you have never visited East Africa or lived there for years - and even if you don’t know a word of Swahili! Indeed, the club is a great place for beginners to get a flavour of the language before a first visit. We meet weekly during term time for informal language classes at beginner and intermediate levels. We supplement these with a variety of social events and we have links with Edinburgh’s sizeable Tanzanian community. Karibuni Sana!


46 International & Multicultural


South Asian Students’ Association

Swahili Club



From magazines to radio


Thai Society At the Thai Society we work to promote Thai culture and traditions amongst students throughout Edinburgh, whilst providing an important support base for all Thai students at the University. We provide a great community which is a perfect setting to foster friendships between Thai members and non-Thai members, as well as between current students and alumni of the University and the society. We have loads of events that run throughout the year, both social and academic, that are open to all of our members and anyone who is interested in getting involved. So, if you’re interested in anything to do with Thailand at all, please get in touch, we’d love to meet you!

EUSci is a completely student-run science communication group at the University of Edinburgh. We publish EUSci Magazine, produce a biweekly podcast, run a seminar series, follow local current events in science, and organise workshops and social events. EUSci’s Herald Award-winning Magazine is published three times a year and features articles on all of science’s hottest topics, as well as news from the scientific community. EUSci’s award-winning podcast series features debate and discussion on scientific issues, as well as interviews with leading authorities, which have recently included Ben Goldacre and Brian Cox. Our activities are open to anyone – university undergraduates, postgraduate students, staff and members of the community, so if you’re interested in getting involved, please get in touch!

Media & Broadcasting

Fresh Air

Movie production At Fresh Air, Edinburgh’s Student Radio Station, we broadcast online year-round and have a devoted global audience via iTunes, raking in over 25,000 listeners a month. Anyone is welcome to come and join our team; from music buffs to shameless pop fans and people who just like to talk! If music is your thing, free gig tickets and CDs are available to review as well as interviewing bands. If not try our arts or news teams. We are looking for all sorts on air: people to provide comedy, entertainment, play and review music, and anyone interested in getting involved in any aspect of the technical side of radio, such as producing or editing. Get in touch to get involved!

Movie Production Society EMPS provides weekly talks on all aspects of filmmaking from the technical stuff to how to get into the business. Throughout the year we run several film-making competitions and the fruits of our labours get screened on EMPS biggest night of the year at the Golden Video Awards. Many of our previous members have gone on to work in the film/tv industry and return for this great night every year to support the next generation. Last year EMPS was awarded Society of the Year at the EUSA Society Oscars, which recognised our outstanding achievements as a society over the last year. EMPS is open to all, whatever your level it’s great fun, and so easy to get involved.

Fresh Air


Nomad Magazine Nomad is a vibrant forum for student journalism and creative writing. We publish features and opinion pieces, poetry and prose, exploring everything from politics to travel. Articles can be based on your first hand experiences or well-researched explorations of an issue/topic that interests you. Sections are divided into ‘Opinion & Comment’, ‘Travel’ and ‘Culture & Arts’. We also welcome poetry and short prose in our burgeoning creative writing section. The magazine is distributed throughout the University of Edinburgh and contributing to Nomad is a great opportunity to get yourself published or see what goes on behindthe-scenes at a student-run publication. We have plenty opportunities for you to get involved, either writing or editing, photography or PR and advertising.

Media & Broadcasting 47

Media & Broadcasting Published

PublishED Both a society and a publication, PublishED was created to provide an outlet for aspiring writers and to impart advice and information about the publishing world to those wanting to break into the industry. The magazine is distributed free around University buildings and local artistic and cultural hubs, and is produced quarterly, featuring articles, interviews with authors and guidance from professionals in publishing, alongside contributors’ poetry, prose and drama selected by a diverse team of editors. The society is always welcoming new members and enables students to meet other creative minds and to take part in events such as writing competitions, storytelling, literary festivals, quizzes, book sales, and specialised workshops or talks led by experts in the Edinburgh publishing scene.

48 Media & Broadcasting


Scottish Universities Medical Journal

The Student

Abundance Edinburgh

The Student, the UK’s oldest student newspaper, has been the voice of Edinburgh University students since 1887. Founded by author Robert Louis Stevenson, this award-winning newspaper is the perfect environment for budding journalists, photographers, illustrators, copy editors and designers to hone their skills. Whether you want to report on elections, review theatre productions, take dynamic sport photographs, investigate student issues or do something different, The Student has something to offer you, even if you don’t have a career in the media in mind. Beyond producing the newspaper each week, we unleash en masse in the Cowgate for nights out and, with alumni like Gordon Brown, you never know who you’ll meet!

Working with a project that promotes the social and health benefits of growing local, seasonal and organic food, Abundance Edinburgh organises the collection of surplus fruit in the city and goes about putting it to good use. We run fruit-picking events throughout the autumn, collecting mostly apples and pears, then cook, preserve and share the produce with local charities. We have been involved in many community days and provided shelters and community centres with handpicked fruit that is fresh and locally sourced. We aim to build ties with communities both locally and throughout Edinburgh, whilst reducing waste and encouraging healthy eating. Getting involved is easy and could mean coming to a single picking or organising a whole day of action!

Are you a medical student with an interest in journalism? Interested in having your work published amongst the cream of Scotland’s student medical journalists? The Scottish Universities Medical Journal welcomes all medical students studying in Scotland. We aim to provide an accessible platform, from which students are able to present their work to an otherwise remote audience. Each SUMJ issue tackles a broad range of subjects; so absolutely any kind of article is welcome – from research papers to comment pieces. Being involved in an up-and-coming medical journal brings invaluable experience in medical journalism, design and editing. So, whether you are first-year or fifth-year why not get in touch and get your name immortalised in print?

The Journal

The Student

The Journal

Physical & Outdoor Activities Allotment and Permaculture Society

Capoeira Society

Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art that combines kicks and acrobatic movements to music and song to form a playful fight/game. Developed by slaves in Brazil, it is now a widespread art form all over the world. Learning capoeira will bring you into full contact with an assortment of martial arts techniques, elements of dance, and most importantly music-making capoeira is a unique experience! You can practice capoeira to keep fit, improve balance and flexibility, for self-defence, or simply to enjoy the Brazilian way of life. The society is set up to introduce students to this beautiful art form to practice weekly and to pass on information about classes in capoeira which take place both within and outside the University.

We are a society for anyone who has an interest in growing food which meets twice weekly at the King’s Buildings allotment. We encourage the use of the open space of the allotment for anyone responsible and use the space as an ‘outdoor classroom’, for group learning and skill-sharing exercises. Through a culture of recycling, composting and permaculture the society promotes sustainability and responsibility throughout the University and the local community. We also work to foster and enhance both biodiversity and natural beauty throughout the site through habitat construction and conscientious action. Anyone who wants to join us on the allotment and get stuck in should get in touch, the more the merrier!

Airsoft Society (AirSoc)

The Journal was established in 2007 by Scotland’s leading young journalists. Published on a fortnightly basis and distributed to all five of Edinburgh’s higher education institutions, it reaches a total readership of approximately 80,000 students. Our main focus is to cover news and current affairs in a way that is both interesting and useful to students across the Scottish capital. We aim to offer expert analysis and in-depth features that might enrich students’ experience in Edinburgh and that they will value. Additionally, The Journal also offers full journalistic training for budding writers, photographers, illustrators and designers with little or no experience – an offer unmatched anywhere else in the city.

Aviation Society

Join AirSoc for the ultimate in outdoors fun. If you’ve ever played paintball and liked it, you’ll love this. Airsoft guns fire 0.2g bb’s and look and feel like the real thing. Unlike paintball though, bb’s fly much further and are a whole lot cheaper! There are sites all around Edinburgh that run games every Sunday. Airsoft usually entails two teams using realistic imitation firearms pitted against each other. The games are fun and relaxed and you can get involved as much or as little as you want. Feel like going on the offensive flanking the enemy base or hanging back defending the objective by sniping incoming hostiles? Whatever kind of action you’re into AirSoc is the place to be.

At the Aviation Society we strive to bring the world of aviation to our members, as well as students at the University of Edinburgh and the wider Edinburgh community. We have regular meetings to discuss both civil and military aviation, covering the history of aviation and interesting topics from the world of aeronautics. We take our members away to familiarise themselves with realistic professional flight simulators, and meet experts in aviation. We are open to anyone who has an interested in aviation, and welcome complete beginners, as well as avid fans of flight. If you would like to learn more or join us to explore the amazing aeronautical world, please get in touch!




Physical & Outdoor Activities 49

Physical & Outdoor Activities

Duke of Edinburgh Awards

Dirty Weekenders

Duke of Edinburgh Award

Do you love getting stuck in to outdoorsy activities? If so Dirty Weekenders might be the society for you! We are the University of Edinburgh’s conservation volunteer society. Each Sunday during the semester we spend the day in or around Edinburgh helping park rangers and other volunteers with conservation tasks such as path clearing, tree planting, or invasive species eradication. We provide lunch and transport for each project, making getting involved ridiculously easy! Twice a semester we have weekend-long ‘bothy’ projects too which are a brilliant way of getting to know your fellow dirties. We also have regular socials, as well as other special socials such as our annual ceilidh. So come along and sample one of our famous sandwiches!

EUDofE Society helps people start and complete their Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award. Whilst the main focus of the society is helping participants complete the ‘expedition’ section by organising hikes throughout the year, we also provide first aid training and run regular workshops on completing the other parts of the award. When participants complete their award, we help with the final paperwork to ensure their hard work is rewarded. Whilst Duke of Edinburgh promotes many skills employers find valuable, we also have a full calendar of social activities such as bowling nights, pub quizzes and camp outs where we try to incorporate the participants on-going training. All in all, we aim to help members complete their award but also to meet new people and generally have fun.

Dirty Weekenders

East of Scotland Universities Air Squadron The East of Scotland Universities Air Squadron is based at RAF Leuchars. We aim to provide students with the best possible introduction to what life in the Royal Air Force entails. The opportunity to receive a high standard of military flying instruction is just one of the benefits available. By putting in a little time and effort, you can reap massive rewards and experience the unique camaraderie gained from being a member of an air squadron. We offer an insight into flying and the RAF, and aim to develop officer qualities such as teamwork, delegation and responsibility amongst members through adventurous training, sports, charity fundraising and social events. If you think you want to take up the challenge, why not apply to join us?

Air Squadron

50 Physical & Outdoor Activities



Exmoor Pony Trekking Society Pony Trekking

Officers’ Training

Jimmy Speed, Professor of Anatomy at the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, Edinburgh, donated his group of Exmoor ponies to the vet students of the University. Since then the ponies have been used for trekking at Springfield Farm all year round. From September until June members of the public can go on day treks at the weekend. All the money made from the treks goes back into the care of the ponies and the running of the business and trek leaders are not paid. We are TRSS approved. Our herd currently has fourteen Exmoor ponies, and we cater for all levels of riding ability (although due to the size of the ponies there are some weight restrictions). So if you’re interested, please get in touch and let’s go trekking!


Expedition Society The Expedition Society was initially set up to advise fellow students on how to run an expedition. Nowadays we do so much more than just that! The Expedition Society is your one-stop-shop for everything that you’ll need to set up, run, and survive any expedition! We organise talks from previous expeditions for inspiration, give you a helping hand to plan your own expedition, provide tips on the best travel destinations and give you a chance to meet people who love exploring the world as much as you. We also provide courses on key skills such as map reading and first aid to fully equip you for your adventure. So, if you love travelling and exploring the world, come join us at the Expedition Society!

From dirty weekends to officer training

Football Supporters’ Association

Officers’ Training Corps

If you’re the sort of person who loves playing, watching and talking about football, we are definitely the society for you. We are a bunch of hardy football fans from different clubs across the world. We have two teams in the University Intra Mural League, playing on Wednesdays and Sundays. We have weekly games of 6-a-side down at the Pleasance Gym, as well as regular kickabouts on the Meadows. We also have the “The Commentary Box” radio-show and podcast for aspiring football analysts. For those who prefer more of a social scene, we have trips to watch games live, and usually meet up once a week to catch a game at the pub as well. So if you’re a die-hard fan or just a casual follower, come and join us!

The Officer Training Corps is intended to develop the leadership potential of university students. We provide training that is enjoyable, stimulating and challenging, and is designed to communicate the values, ethos and career opportunities that the British Army offers. Membership is completely voluntary and the OTC offers any students the opportunity to develop leadership skills and management techniques within a friendly, fun environment. Whilst learning a lot about the British Army you will learn things about yourself and about dealing with others that you won’t have imagined before joining us. We meet every week and run weekend training exercises, but anyone can join us for as much or as little time per week as suits them. If you’re curious please come and give us a try!

Juggling Society Hello juggly people! The Juggling Society is about more than just throwing and catching things, although we do admittedly do a lot of it. For many it has been their first introduction to a world of amazing performing arts, strange new hobbies and a global network of like-minded, somewhat obsessive jugglers. Some of our members have performed and taught around the world and offer optional free weekly workshops in a wide range of disciplines, including beginner 3 ball juggling, contact juggling, uni-cycling, staff, poi and far more besides. No previous experience is required as we are always prepared to help you learn, and equipment is freely available to borrow from the society. Some come and join EUJS in ‘dropping things in style’! Physical & Outdoor Activities


Physical & Outdoor Activities


Slackline Society

Tai Chi If messing around walking and doing tricks on a nylon strap between two trees sounds like your idea of fun you either know what it’s all about already or are easily pleased. Slacklining is the relatively new balance sport that encompasses everything from walking on thin lines over huge canyons 300ft deep to messing around on a dynamic line in the park doing tricks. If you haven’t seen it before you need to check out some videos online to see why it’s so great. Come along and give it a go and we will be happy to help you get to grips with the basics, you might even be able to show us a thing or two! We meet weekly in the meadows and indoors when the weather gets bad.

Yoga Society The Yoga Society aims to offer students the chance to experience various yoga styles through classes and workshops. Yoga is a great way to improve fitness and flexibility as well as being a fantastic way to alleviate the stress of busy student life! No need to worry if you’re not quite touching your toes yet – all levels of experience are welcome! All members will receive discounted rates at Bristo Yoga School where drop-in classes run almost every day. We also run our own classes and workshops, introducing different yogis and styles. As one of the University’s biggest societies we enable students to practice and enjoy yoga, as well as socialise with other like-minded people.

Zumba Society

Tai Chi Society

Slackline T’ai Chi Chuan is an art and system of movement based on internal strength. Every action should be an integrated movement of the whole body expressing a focused intention. T’ai Chi is a healthy and relaxing exercise, a form of self-defence and an aid to personal development, as well as an enjoyable activity in itself for anyone to get involved in. We practice Chen style, which is the oldest of the major styles known today and the one from which all the others descend. Anyone can come along and try T’ai Chi, the first class is free for everyone – so there’s absolutely no reason not to try it out. We look forward to meeting you!

52 Physical & Outdoor Activities


Yoga Want to meet new people? Want to try something new and exciting? Want to have fun?! JOIN ZUMBA! Prepare to be hooked on this new calorie burning, muscle pumping, Latin aerobic workout! Combining hypnotic Latin rhythms with energetic routines, zumba is the only fitness program you’ll need! • Remember to bring your water bottle • Wear comfortable clothing and footwear • No partner or previous dance experience required




Conservative & Unionist Association

Labour Club

Scottish Nationalists Association

The University Labour Club is part of the student wing of the Labour Party and we are one of the largest and most lively political forces on campus. We engage in campaigns both in and out of university, to draw attention to issues important to our members, and to encourage student engagement with the Labour movement. Our activities revolve around weekly meetings every Thursday, which include debates, campaign planning and guest speakers. We also have a range of fun social events, putting the ‘social’ into ‘socialism’! We are the natural home for all left-wing students who want to be involved in politics, and we also welcome students of all nationalities and take a keen interest in foreign affairs.

At the Scottish Nationalist Association we are committed to the restoration of Scottish independence from the United Kingdom. We campaign with the SNP on a local and national basis about the issues that affect Scottish politics and the people who live in Scotland. We love to hear from anyone interested in our ideas, so if you’re interested in joining us, come along to one of our weekly meetings. Everyone is welcome, and you don’t have to be Scottish to join. This is a great opportunity to make new friends, discuss issues and get involved in student politics with a really active political society. Come along if you like your beer chilled, your banter relaxed and your country independent!

Politics Society

Young Greens

At the Politics Society we host regular events with prominent speakers from the political and diplomatic world in the firm belief that steady access to first hand political discourse is a beneficial resource to help inform our members’ studies, interests and voting preferences. The Politics Society is a staunchly neutral organisation politically and remains unaffiliated with any political party or candidate. Talks are generally open to the public, though are always held on campus, so anyone who wants to come along and hear expert opinions and debate is more than welcome. In addition to our events we run socials which provide a great opportunity for students interested in politics to meet and have a chat. So if politics is your thing, or you just want to know more, why not come to a meeting?

We are the Young Greens at Edinburgh University, a group of students who prefer to be active rather than sitting around watching the world’s decline. We are an autonomous group with our own exciting campaigns focusing on green issues, both environmental and social. Although we are in close contact with the Scottish Green Party you certainly don’t have to be a member of a party to get involved or find out more. We hold discussion meetings and talks from well-known speakers on green issues on a regular basis which are open to anyone at all. So if you are interested in the issues that affect both students in Edinburgh and the wider world, then please come along, bring a friend and find out more.

The Edinburgh University Conservative & Unionist Association was founded in 1862, and though times may have changed, we are still an active presence on campus. We are proud of our alumni, including Sir Malcolm Rifkind, Lord Lothian, Charles Hendry, David McLetchie and Lord James Douglas-Hamilton. We cater to all Conservatives at the University, from those who merely want to meet other like-minded people, to activists and PPCs. If you’re a Conservative, this is the place for you! We put on a full calendar of events throughout the year, including barbecues, an 80s party, speaker dinners, a Burns Supper, trips to Holyrood and Westminster and a laserquest battle against the Labour Club, on top of weekly pub and policy debates and regular campaigning throughout Edinburgh & Scotland.

International Relations Society We aim to foster a community of students consisting of those who study International Relations, as well as those that have an interest in the field. While IRSoc has a strong social element, our society also aims to provide students with informal academic support, and to serve as a channel through which students can contact the Politics and IR department. We run talks and debates on international relations issues, whilst enhancing our understanding of other problems through the mediums of international films, meetings and cultural events. We also have a healthy social calendar, with pub outings, dinners and pub quizzes. Ultimately, joining IRSoc is a great way to meet people who have a passion for international affairs!

political 53

from the allotment to the fair trade café we’ve a place for you

societies index African Caribbean Society ...............................41

Art Soc ...........................25

Bright Futures ............................34

Chemical Engineering Society ........................9

Ahlulbayt ............................36

Astronomy Society

Bruneian Edinburgh Society

Chemistry Society (ChemSoc) ...................9

AIESEC ....................34

Aviation Society

Buddhist Society .............36

Chess Club ..........................39

Airsoft Society (AirSoc) ...........................49

Bahá’i Society .........................36

Bulgarian Society

Childreach International Society ............................19

Allotment and Permaculture Society ................49

Ballroom Dancing Society (EUBDS) ........................26

Business Society ..............4

Children’s Holiday Venture ...........................19

Amnesty International ...................15

Basic Life Support Society ...............18

Capoeira Society ..........49

ChillOut Society .........25

Anarchist Society ......15

Beer Society .........................12

Anglican Students’ Society (AngSoc) ................36

Best Buddies Edinburgh

Carbon Capture and Storage Society carboncapturestorage@ .........................19

Chinese Students’ & Scholars’ Association ......................41

Anime and Animation Society ..........................25

Bhangra Crew ...26

Carbon Management Society ..........................15

Chinese Students’ Association ................41

Anti-Malarial Outreach Program

Biology Society (BioSoc) ...........................8

Catholic Students’ Union .................36

ChocSoc ......................12

Aberdeen FC Supporters’ Club

Anti-Slavery Society ............................15

BLOGS (LGBT Society) ..........19

Celtic Supporters’ Club .......................12

Christian Union .............................37

Abundance Edinburgh ......................49

Archaeology Society

Classics Society ......................4

ADE Tanzania .................18

Article 25 Edinburgh ...........18

Bollocks to Poverty Society bollockstopovertyedinburgh 15

Chamber Choir ............26 Chamber Orchestra .................27

Cocktail Society ..............12

African & Arabic Dance Society .............26

Art in Healthcare Student Friends Society .....18

Brass Band .....................26

Changeringers (Guild of) ......................27

Come Dine With Me Society ....................13

Bridge Club ..............39

Cheerleading Society (The Vixens) .........27

54 societies index

Composers’ Orchestra composersorchestra@

East of Scotland Universities Air Squadron ......................50

Computer Society (CompSoc) compsoc-committee@ ................................9

Ecology Society ..............9

Conservative & Unionist Association .........................53

Economics Society .........................9

Co-op Society ......................20

Edinburgh Exchange Support Society (eXchange 360) .....................20

Create Society ...........................25

Edinburgh Rascal ..........47

Dance Music Society .........................13

Edinburgh Revue ......28

Debates Union edinburghdebatescommittee .........................................34

Education Society president@

Diagnostic Society diagnosticsociety1787@

Engineering Society ............10

Dick Vet Musicians .....27 Dirty Weekenders ............................50 Drumming Society .........................28 Duke of Edinburgh Award .........................50

FAQ: Card and Board Games Society .........................39 Female Voice Choir ........28 Feminist Society ..........20 Film Society (FilmSoc) .................................25 First Aid Africa ..............20 First Aid Society ......................20 Flamenco Society ......................28

Engineers without Borders Edinburgh ...................10 EUSci ..........................47 Exmoor Pony Trekking Society .....50 Expedition Society Fair Trade Café ................13 societies index 55

from games & GOTHS to poker & politics there’s a society for you

societies index Folk Song Society ................28


Geological Society ........................10

International Development Society ...................42

Law School Music Society ...........29

FooSoc – Table Football .........................39

Friends of MSF ................20

Geophysics and Meteorology Society .........................10

International Relations Society .........................53

Law Society ...........5

Football Supporters’ Association ......................51

Game Development Society .....................39

German Society (Deutsch Macht Spass)

Irish Society ...............43

Life Society ................................16

GameSoc ......................40

Global Health Society ............................21

Islamic Society ...................................37

Literature Society .........................5

GEAS (Grand Edinburgh Adventuring Society) ......40

Goth and Rock Society (EdG&R) .....................29

Italian Postgraduate Society .............................5

Lithuanian Society ............44

GP Society ..............................7

Japanese Society .............43

Malaysian Students’ Association ..........................44

Graham Layton Trust Society

Jazz Orchestra ..............................29

Marketing & Communications Society ............35

Harry Potter Society ........13

Jewish Society ..................37

Marrow Society ............21

Hellenic Society ....................42

Juggling Society .................51

Mary’s Meals Edinburgh .............21

Highland Society ........................................4

Kazakhstan Society .....................43

Mathematics Society (MathSoc) .......................11

History Society .................4

Kenyan Orphan Project .................21

Mature Law Students’ Society .....................5

Hong Kong International Society ..............42

Korean Society ....................43

MedAccess (UAEM-Edinburgh) ............16

Humanist Society .............37

Labour Club

Medics FYC 2015 .........................7

iCUE ................................35


Medieval Re-enactment Society ......................40

Footlights .....29 French Society edinburghfrenchsociety@ ...................................42 French Theatre Society (Les Escogriffes) .................29 Fresh Air .....................47

56 societies index

Geographical Society .......................10

Mediterranean Gastronomy Society mediterraneangastro@ MedSIN-UK ........................22 Mexicanos @ Edimburgo .....................44 Model United Nations .......................44 Modern Dance Society ..........30 Movie Production Society ..............................47 Music Society .................30 Musical Medics ......................30 Neurological Society ........................7 New Scotland Country Dance ....................................30 Nightline ...............................22 Nomad Magazine ..............47 Officers’ Training Corps ......................51 Ophthalmology Society ............................7

Orthodox Christian Students’ Society ............................37 Paediatrics Society ..............8 Patient Outreach Project ......22 People & Planet .....................16 Persian Society ....44 Petroleum Society ........................11 Philosophy Society .........5 Photography Society (PhotoSoc) .....................25 Physics Society ...11 Poker Society .............40

Postgrad Society ..........................22

Pole Dancing Society (PoleSoc) ........................30

Project Mongolia ...................22

Polish Society ..................................45

Psychology Society ........................6

Politics Society ...........................53


Pollock Chinese Christian Fellowship ......................38

Quaker Society .............................38

societies index 57

From renaissance singing to west coast swinging email the society for you

societies index

READ International Edinburgh ...23 Reeling Club .............31

Romanian Society ...............45

Slavic and Baltic Countries ..............................45

Studio Opera

Salsa Society ..........31

Social Anthropology Society .......................6

Swahili Club ....................46

Saudi Society ..............................45

Social Policy Society .............6

Swing Dance Society ........................32

Save the Children Society ........23

Socialist Society ...16

Tai Chi Society ....................................52

Savoy Opera Group ........................31


Taiwanese Students’ Society ..............................46

Scandinavian Society .............45

Sociology Society ............6

Tango Society .................32

Science Fiction & Fantasy .....................................40

South African Society ....46

Teddy Bear Hospital .....................................24

Scottish Nationalists Association ...........................53

South Asian Students’ Association .........................46


Scottish Universities Medical Journal .......................48

String Orchestra ........32

Thai Society ..........................46

Sign Society ...............23

Student Action for Autism studentaction4autism@ ...................................23

The Journal .................48

Singapore Students’ Society Singers (Edinburgh University) .............................

Renaissance Singers ..........................31

SKIP (Students for Kids’ International Projects) Edinburgh .........23

Revelation Rock Gospel Choir

Slackline Society ........................52

58 societies index

Student Architecture Society ..................................11

Theology and Religious Studies Society newcollegesociety.edinburgh@ ........................................38 Tibet Society ............................17 Trade Union Society ........17 Trading & Investments Club (EUTIC) .............................35 UNICEF on Campus Society .............17

Veterinary Zoological Society ...........................8

Wind Band .................33

VolAfrica ............................24

Wine Society .................14

Wargames Society .....................40

Yoga Society .............................52

WaterAid .....24

Young Greens

Water of Life ......................................14

Zumba Society

Untapped Talent ................33

Welsh Society (Cymdeithas Gymraeg Prifysgol Caeredin) ...............14

Vedic Society .............................38

West Coast Swing Dance Society ..................33

Vegetarian Society .........................14

Wilderness Medicine Society ............8

The Student ...........48

Student StopAIDS ...........16

Theatre Appreciation Society (Standing Ovation) ...........................32

Students for Justice in Palestine ....................17

Theatre Company (Bedlam) ..........32

Students Supporting Street Kids (SSSK) .........24

Theatre Paradok .......33

societies index 59

Societies, Connect, The Potterrow, 5/2 Bristo Square, Edinburgh EH8 9AL Tel 0131 650 2349 Email Web

for students by students

Societies Guide 2011/2012  

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