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NEW GICLEE COLLECTABLES FROM NOTED WESTERN ARTISTS Check out Interesting Pieces at the Midland Gallery No doubt about it – Giclee on Canvass has gained popularity and will continue to be a practical choice for art lovers. Thanks to galleries and art shops which have dedicated special sections for this now wellloved art print. Moreover, a majority of the world’s respected artists have reached out to a broader market and have lately been producing giclee versions of their treasured works for those who can’t afford the original one. Noted Western Art painters G. Harvey, Andy Thomas and George Hallmark have been supportive of the “new print medium.” A number of their collectable reproductions for sale can be found at the Midland Gallery in Texas as well as in other reputable galleries in the US. G. Harvey, the Impressionist For his Giclees on Canvass collection at the Midland Gallery in Texas, award-winning impressionist G. Harvey, presents 15 of his works in limited edition to include artworks depicting the spirit of the old America from its verdant hills and legendary cowboys to the busy city streets. Each piece comes in different dimensions and is priced reasonably. Noteworthy is Harvey’s “Music of Manhattan” (30” x 24”), a newly released work of the esteemed artist. Andy Thomas, the Storyteller This self-taught painter is noted for the use of strong storytelling, action and characters in his works. Five of his works on giclee are featured at the Midland Gallery. The most interesting is his famous “Callin’ the Red,” capturing US presidents playing pool. This Edition 195 giclee on canvass with a dimension of 24” x 36” can be ideal as a painting decoration for your home – a conversation piece in itself. George Hallmark, the Architectural Designer-turned-painter George Hallmark was once an architect and a commercial painter before he went easel painting full time. His treasured works speak a lot about his background as an architect showing details of a building structure in a rural setting. His Giclees on Canvas collection at the Midland Gallery captures the colors and details of his original paintings, all of which spell nostalgia to the viewer. Check Out Midland Gallery

Midland Gallery is a major gallery in Texas housing not only Western Art but also a variety of works by other reputable artists. The gallery features signed and numbered limited edition prints and canvasses and a large collection of the most popular Open Edition prints. For interested parties, you may call 432-682-8851 or check their website. Midland Gallery is open from Monday to Saturday.

New giclee collectables from noted western artists  

To get beautiful paintings you can visit the Midland Gallery in U.S. They have large collection of beautiful paintings by different artists....

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