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The Handsome is a designer, marketer and distributor of formal clothes. It was founded on November 10, 1991 by Nicolas Smith and Martin Wilson. The company’s headquarter is in Barcelona, Spain. It has 4 factories around the world (Spain, England and Brazil). In 2012 The Handsome reported a turnover of $1.5 million. It employs over 10.000 people worldwide. Its competitors are Tommy Hilfiger and Dolce&Gabbana.

The handsome has 26 offices around the world. In the biggest office there are 7 office chairs, 2 big desk and 4 computers. Also, there is a sofa and a big plant. It has a central heating, air conditioning and very big windows next to the sofa. There is a food and drinks dispenser.

In The Handsome’s offices staff… • …must close drawers and filing cabinet after use to avoid tripping over. • …mustn’t leave loose wires. • …shouldn’t place cups or open cans on computer. •…must keep in order.

The handsome