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Festval accessories

Face & body

When you are getting ready for a day at the festival, you should think outside the box. Experiment with your makeup, or invest in a little kit with face paint. Glitter and gems can also be used to create unique and cool looks.

Flower crown Flowers are timeless, free, and comes in many shapes and colors. Visit your local flower shop and buy a bouquet, or take a walk on the country side. You can keep them in the refrigerator over night to keep them fresh.

Neutral or colour?

Make a stencil for a perfect result

Festval accessories

SunLover You need it - and they can look awesome. Sunglasses comes in many shapes and sizes, and at the festival campus it is a must have. Do not bring your expensive pair, instead you can invest in several cheaper glasses, for different looks. If you want to create something really unique, buy some superglue and gems, and start decorating.

fabulous Glasses Our best tips for sunny days



A mix of art, music and Celebs

Cochella music and art festival is located in Indio, California, in the Colorado desert. As one of the most popular festivals it attracts a lot of art and music lovers. The festival is also well known for all the celebs visiting, and the lineup. Fly to the us, rent a car, and participate in carpoolchella, a environmental initiative from the festival. If 4 or more people share a car, they get the chance to win a life time ticket to the festival. Bonus!

Style Guide

Let the hippie in you go bananas. Cochella is probably one of the festivals with focus on fashion. People put on their fringes, feathers, face paint, bracelets and kimonos. If you are going to Cochella, pack light, colorful, and bold, and do not forget your sunglasses and headscarves! Happy Cochella!

OYA Festival A mix of happenings, music and city life If you are staying in the Nordic countries in the festival season, a visit to the Ă˜ya Festival in Norway is a must. Located in a medieval park in the center of the city, the festival offers great mood, great music, and long hours of sunshine. The lineup is a mixture of big international artists, but also Scandinavia’s smaller, but original musicians. With a lot of stalls and happenings this festival is worth a visit.




Burning man Festival A mix of eccentric, crazy and artsy If you wish to experience something really unique, you should visit the burning man festival. Located in the black rock dessert, this is a notch up in the eccentric festival category. Burning man is a art festival, and the participants is encouraged to create their own art installation or sculpture. This festival is for the spiritual and experimental who wish to meet other equal minded who loves to experience art and desert sunsets.

Remember to order tickets online

Ă˜ya has a great mixture of style raging from goth to beach babe. Come as you are, and enhance your style for festival modus. Do not forget your rubber boots and bring a extra jacket for the chilly nights.

Grab your sewing machine and create whatever your mind can create. Burning man is about art expression, and you can let your self free. If you want to make a suit out of marbles, go ahead!


What we dance, love and cry to Iggy azalea (AU)

The Knife (SE)


Robyn (SE)

Odesza (US)

Kaja Gunnufsen (NO)

Laurel (UK) Deadmau5 (CA) Kanye West (US) Grimes (CA) FKA Twigs (US) Røyksopp (NO) The XX (UK) Sigurd Rós (IS) Diplo (US) Lill wayne (US) Macklemore (US) Say Loulou (SE) Major Lazer (UK US) Niki & the Dove (SE)

Lorde (UK) Miley cyrus (US)

Visit daughters Yoguttene (NO) playlist on Spotift

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