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The Look Before you go shopping for you dream gown, consider the silhouettes that will be most flattering to your figure.


Boudoir Photography This most personal of gifts is what grooms will appreciate for years to come.


Pretty in White Fashion-forward gowns for the most important day of your life.


Real Weddings It’s the personal touches that make weddings truly memorable. Meet four couples who incorporated their personal styles into their big days.

Style Inspirations


The Finishing Touches Jewelry, shoes and hair embellishments are the details you will need to complete your perfect bridal-day look.


Beautiful Bouquets Florals provide the pop of color that defines spring and summer weddings.

In Every Issue

8 How to Become a Dream Weddings Bride Learn how your wedding could be featured on TV! 9

Welcome Martine Cajas provides insight on the latest bridal trends.


Wedding Professionals Directory The ultimate guide to the region’s finest wedding professionals.

HERE & ON THE COVER: HAIR: Shelbi Harmes Expressions · MAKEUP: Flawless Facade · PHOTOGRAPY: Katy Trefry Photography ON THE COVER: GOWN(S): Lilla's Bridal Boutique · THIS PAGE: CAPELET: Nuptial Couture dream weddings | spring/summer 2013


Justin Tearney Photography

Michelle Ren茅

Custom Designs路 Alteration Specialist路 Personal Dressing Services michellereneinfo.com路 717.598.2782


Welcome to the spring/summer edition of Dream Weddings magazine. Spring always inspires change and we’ve done a little “editing” of our own – hopefully, you noticed the magazine’s new logo. What’s inside? A little bit of everything, with the cohesive element being fashion – or the lack of it! As you will discover, we’ve included a photography trend that’s now on the radar in Central Pennsylvania – boudoir photography! Yes, it’s daring and a bit provocative, but I guarantee a groom would much rather have a sensual photograph of his beloved than yet another pair of cufflinks.

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Pantone fashion colors for spring & summer 2013:



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Martine Cajas

Mona co Blu e, P

You can also access the website to view past shows and learn about the region’s bridal professionals who can make your wedding dreams come true.


to learn how your wedding could be featured on a future episode of Central Pennsylvania’s first wedding-reality show, Dream Weddings, which airs on WGAL-8.

Speaking of themes and concepts, we’ve included four real weddings that beautifully demonstrate how couples are incorporating that key factor – personality – into their big days. This issue’s weddings range from elegant to country chic. Hopefully, you’ll be able to tweak an idea or two and make them your own. I’d also encourage you to utilize the directory that is contained in the magazine. Central Pennsylvania is fortunate to have so many amazing vendors and professionals who can make your bridal dreams come true.

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The color factor also extends to the reception. Use your favorite color to convey your personality through linens, lighting, floral design, signature drinks, china/glassware and the cake. The details are what your guests will remember and hopefully the two vignettes that were photographed by Katy Trefry, with Lauxmont Farms as a backdrop, will inspire you to dream big. 54



is looking for you�

This isn’t to say that today’s weddings are devoid of color. Pops of color can be incorporated into a wedding through floral design, accessories and shoes. The groom and his groomsmen can add to the color story via ties and even socks. Pantone’s color of the year – Emerald (17-5641) is a perfect example. While it would be overpowering as a color story for attendants’ dresses, it would create the wow factor through shoes, etc. A little bit goes a long way!




Editor-in-Chief: Martine Cajas Creative director: Kerry Anderson ART DIRECTOR: Joanne Thomas PHOTOGRAPHER: Katy Trefry Copy Editor: Suzanne Long SALES DIRECTOR: Emily Gladden production & printing: Brookshire Printing, Inc.

But, fashion doesn’t stop with the bride. Her attendants complete the picture. Here, there’s a new trend emerging. Instead of eye-popping colors, brides are now selecting more neutral palettes – champagne, chocolate, gray and even black – that not only provide a more sophisticated look, but lend themselves to reuse, as such dresses can be used for other occasions … and not scream bridal!

16 -


Now, let’s talk fashion. No matter the theme or concept, there’s always a fashion element involved with a wedding. It seems as if a woman begins dreaming about her wedding gowns as soon as she leaves the womb! And, rightly so – it’s the most important dress she will ever wear. For a bride, a wedding equates to her Oscar moment. The first question everyone asks is what and who she is wearing. You’ll see some just-off-the-runway looks in this issue.










717.515.0233 路 717.630.0990


Slim Fit Tuxedo by Perry Ellis 路 717.295.2550

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Jeff Benzon Photography

Jeff Benzon Photography

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Pronovias Gown

Lilla’s Bridal B O U T I Q U E · 717.757.6788




If you have an hourglass figure, this is the style for you! The fit contours to the body from the chest to the knee area and then dramatically flares out. However, it’s a bit restrictive for dancing the night away.



A variation of the Straight neckline, the Sweetheart dips in the middle, creating a heart-shaped design that’s especially complementary to brides with fuller busts.


The updated version of empire styling is perfect for more casual affairs (a beach wedding, perhaps), as the preferred fabric – chiffon – flows from under the bustline to provide an ethereal look. This style is a good choice for tall, slender or petite brides.


Like the Scoopneck, it covers the shoulders, but over the bust it takes a Sweetheart shape. A good choice for brides with fuller chests.


You might call this style a marriage of Mermaid and A-Line, as it hugs the torso and then flows outward at mid-thigh, (making it less restrictive than the Mermaid). It’s a perfect style for those with hourglass figures.


Simple and clean, the Straight neckline is commonly seen on strapless gowns. The style complements brides with small chests and shoulders.

ball gown

Cinderella defines this fairy-tale look that begins with a fitted bodice/waistline and ends with a full skirt. Crinolines provide the signature pouf. The style complements nearly every shape; the only exception is the petite bride, whose stature may be overwhelmed by the full skirt.


This flattering neckline – a good choice for B or C cups – can be as demure or daring as you want. It’s also a style that lends itself to sleeves.


The clean lines of this classic shape lend themselves to weddings of every style. It’s the finishing touches (lace, bling, ruching etc.) that make it traditional, formal, retro or modern. It’s a good choice for tall, slender or petite brides.


This U-shaped neckline flatters brides with all types of figures.


The “A” says it all – the gown follows the shape of the torso and then gracefully angles out at the waist. While this shape is perceived to complement any figure, it’s especially good for petite (the unbroken lines can make a woman appear taller) and full-figured (hips become less noticeable) brides.


our wedding gown is the most memorable fashion statement you will ever make. Before you make your first appointment, take time to consider which silhouettes and necklines will best convey your style and flatter your figure.




The Look





The most personal of gifts

Forget the watches, tie clips and cufflinks. Guys now want sensual – but tasteful –photographs of their brides! BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHY has become a popular gift-giving trend. Now, it’s making an impact in South Central Pennsylvania! Brides are definitely talking about it. Boudoir photography could be defined as a revival of a fine-art form that took its cue from European fashion and magazine illustration of the early 1900s and became popular with photographers through the post-war years. The concept reappeared in the early ‘90s with the advent of glamour photography; of late, it has reverted to a more sensual celebration of a woman’s body.

In selecting a photographer, it’s important that you “click” with him or her in order to unleash your inner free spirit. To locate a photographer, ask friends for references, peruse bridal magazines that often have vendor directories, or do research via the Internet. Keep in mind that boudoir photography isn’t just for weddings – it’s the perfect gift for Valentine’s, birthday, anniversary and justbecause occasions. An even newer trend is couple’s boudoir photography, which is taking engagement photos to a new level!

PRODUCED BY: MARTINE CAJAS · PHOTOGRAPHY BY: KATY TREFRY PHOTOGRAPHY BRAS & PANTIES: Victoria's Secret & The Bon-Ton · FLOWERS: Laura of Lauxmont · FUR CAPELET & VEILS: Nuptial Couture HAIR: Shelbi Harmes Expressions · MAKEUP: Flawless Facade


Beverly’s Brides Today OF

717-786-0190 ~ Jacqueline Exclusive by House of Wu

J Signature e Style INSPIRATION



Mixology by Elixir Craft Cocktails · Photography by Katy Trefry A wedding epitomizes a couple’s personal style. Details are what guests will remember! Here, we share an idea that can envelop a couple’s interests and the wedding’s theme, color scheme and floral selection into one memorable package – a customized cocktail. Cocktails. They are back in vogue thanks in part to James Bond, Sex and the City and Mad Men. According to Chris Chamberlain, who crafted the cocktails seen here, a renewed interest in classic cocktails began to surge about 10 years ago. “Mixology was always a part of American culture, but Prohibition nearly destroyed it,” he observes. However, the American palate has been revived. “Investigating cocktails of the past led to the creation of a new movement,” says Chris, referring to the new generation of craft cocktails. Preferring to call himself a “connoisseur of craft cocktails” (rather than the generic mixologist), Chris has created a niche for himself – in the last 18 months, he has fashioned signature cocktails for 42 weddings and 33 special events in South Central Pennsylvania. His credentials – sales rep, beverage professional and brand development specialist for Capital Wine & Spirits, not to mention 42 spirit courses and 30 certifications – take him to craftcocktail competitions (most recently in Orlando) and special events such as the Kentucky Derby (bartending alongside Bobby Flay).

He credits the wedding-cocktail phenomenon to a colleague – Jonathan Pogash, a New York-based cocktail developer and mixologist. “He spearheaded the movement in New York and New England,” Chris explains, noting that gaining the attention of Martha Stewart aided in the cause. “I realized such an opportunity existed in this area. There’s no larger event than your special day,” he continues. “You want to make it personal, unique.” In his opinion, a signature cocktail is “personal” personified as it allows you to present your style and interests during an occasion that represents the first time you will be entertaining guests as a married couple. Recognizing that this is a day unlike any other, “custom” has become Chris’s mantra: no two cocktails are the same. “I will not use the same recipe for another event – the cocktail was meant to be personal,” he notes. “It’s not a re-gifting process.” The personal touch also extends to Chris’s philosophy regarding ingredients – he likes to incorporate home-grown goodness into his cocktails, hence Central Market is a favorite destination. He also crafts his own simple syrups, oversees the maceration process and insists that garnishes be as organic and local as possible. For example, one of his creations incorporated blueberries from the garden of a bride’s grandmother. If he can’t find an exotic ingredient, he turns to a local source for help. As for classic glassware, he shops locally, oftentimes scoring great finds at vintage shops. He loves the look and feel of the classic Champagne coupe.



Chris Chamberlain, by Nick Gould






1. The process starts with a meeting – Chris asks the couple to name their favorite spirits and/or cocktails. He also asks them to name spirits and/or ingredients they don’t like. 2. Once likes and dislikes are established, crafting (and naming) the cocktail involves the most important ingredient – the bride and groom. The cocktail can ultimately convey their shared interests and style. For example, for a fairythemed wedding, Chris designed a mead-andhoney-based cocktail. For thoroughly modern couples, cocktail caviar has become a hit. And for couples in love with vintage, old-school cocktails are often the inspiration. Signature cocktails can also serve as a tie-in for the wedding’s color scheme and floral selection. They can even provide an indication of where a couple will be honeymooning.


3. Glassware is important. Rental companies can provide you with an array of styles if your venue doesn’t offer what you need. And, plastic isn’t a no-no. “That’s where garnishes are really important,” says Chris. And, if you really want to set the tone, vintage barware can take the presentation factor up a notch.





1. PERFECT PEAR: Custom pear syrup and a splash of champagne 2. CITRUS GARDEN: Fresh pressed lemon sours, pink grapefruit & basil 3. COCKTAIL CAVIAR: Goji berry and blueberry mojito 4. SPANISH ROSE: Fresh pressed raspberry sours & a splash of rose water 5. SOUTHERN BELLE IN THE CITY: Jack Daniels, honey, organic peach preserve & peach bitters 6. TILL THE END OF THYME: Fresh pressed lemon sours & earl grey honey syrup 7. THYME IN THE SUN: Nectarinemacerated Bombay Sapphire, St. Germain, homemade peach/thyme & freshpressed lime 8. BOTTLED AVIATION: Macerated bombay & creme de violette 9. FORBIDDEN FRUIT REVISITED: Classic mint julep with fig & cane-sugar syrup 10. HEAT OF PASSION: Bombay Sapphire East, fresh lycee, homemade curacao, agave & Thai pepper


4. A signature cocktail can be budget-friendly. Chris finds that cost-conscious couples are limiting the bar menu to signature cocktails, wine and beer. He likes the concept of serving the signature cocktail during the pre-reception happy hour and reserving the wine for dinner and the beer for the remainder of the evening.

For more information about Elixir Craft Cocktails, visit or email



Creating Atmosphere

SET DESIGN: B.Kohr Designs • GOWN: Simone's Day Spa & Bridal • TUXEDO: Hanover Clothing Co. • FLOWERS: Laura of Lauxmont


Whether it’s a dinner

party for two, or a wedding reception for hundreds, candles create intimacy!

Country GLAM PRODUCED BY: Martine Cajas PHOTOGRAPHY BY: Katy Trefry Photography

Photographed on Location at Lauxmont Farms, Wrightsville, PA


Simone's Day Spa & Bridal GOWN (RIGHT):

Beverly's Brides of Today

: 34

dream weddings | spring/summer 2013


dream weddings | spring/summer 2013




dream weddings | spring/summer 2013

dream weddings | spring/summer 2013


dream weddings | spring/summer 2013


dream weddings | spring/summer 2013


u u 40

SET DESIGN: B. Kohr Designs


• HAIR: Shelbi Harmes • MAKEUP: Flawless Facade GOWNS: Simone's Day Spa & Bridal & Beverly's Brides of Today FLOWERS: Laura of Lauxmont

dream weddings | spring/summer 2013

Gown (HERE & OPPOSITE): Lilla's Bridal Boutique

dream weddings | spring/summer 2013




dream weddings | spring/summer 2013










Photographer: Leslie Gilbert Photography //Bridal Gown: Cocoa Couture //Hair: DownStreet Salon //Makeup: Carmina Cristina //Attendants Gowns: Alfred Angelo //Groomsmen Attire: Cocoa Couture //Floral Design: Ginny McIllhenny of I Do Weddings & Flowers //Catering: Events, Etc. //Cake: The House of Clarendon //Linens: Special Occasions/Queen Street Linens //Transportation: Hershey Trolley Works //DJ: Mike Miller of Mixed-Up Productions


Claudia and Jared Grantville

October 13, 2012


dream weddings | spring/summer 2012


Claudia is from Hershey; Jared is from Hummelstown. Claudia is a nurse in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital. Jared is an armed security officer for Exelon Nuclear at Three Mile With the excepIsland. tion of a two-year-long breakup early in high school, they’ve been a twosome since the sixth grade. Knowing Claudia dreamed of a Christmas proposal, Jared presented her with a ring (on bended knee) on Christmas Day 2010. Grace United Methodist Church in Hummelstown. The Barn at Wind in the Willows in Grantville. DIY Rustic Chic/Country Elegance, which lent itself to the oak-tree motif that was used on invitations, escort cards, etc. Guest tables were


how they met:


also named after trees. Guest favors consisted of whoopie pies the couple made themselves – 450 in all – that were placed in homemade paper bags! The neutral color scheme ranged from ivory to champagne to hues of brown. The pink-champagne and vanilla-flavored cake continued the neutral color scheme, as alternating tiers of the ivory-hued cake were covered with “ruffles” or pearls. The newlyweds danced to Alison Krauss’s When You Say Nothing At All. Twelve days in Hawaii! Hearing the personal vows each wrote. The large bridal party – 18 attendants and groomsmen – consisted of family and friends Claudia and Jared have known since elementary school. “We are both so lucky to have such a great group of friends,” says Claudia.

Color Scheme: Cake:

First Dance: HoneyFavorceremo- moon: ite Wedding Memory: ny site: Fun Fact: reception venue: wedding style/theme: how he proposed:

dream weddings | spring/summer 2013






d cin y’


Photography: Frank King Photography //Bridal Gown: Simone’s Day Spa & Bridal //Attendants Gowns: KrysLyn’s Bridal Boutique //Floral Design: Brian Strawbridge //Cake: Cake Menageries/Sherry Eby //Catering: BT Culinary Arts/Shannon Scott, Executive Chef //Table/Chairs: Grand Events & Party Rental //Décor: Timeless . . . by Loma Glover//Playbills: KS Graphic/Print Services //Music: DJ Bro. Mose/James Mosley


Cindy and Jonathan Strasburg

September 23, 2012


dream weddings | spring/summer 2013


Cindy is from Brooklyn, New York; Jonathan is from Brogue in York County. Cindy is a life-skills professional at Abraxas Academy; Jonathan is a business IT educator for WellSpan Health. A mutual friend introduced them at the church they attend. Dinner at Vinchenzio’s Italian Restaurant in Red Lion. Sight & Sound Millennium Theatre in Strasburg. A Night at the Theatre, with a She 4 Me & Me 4 She sub-theme. Jewel tones (plum and teal) and pewter, with lime accents. The seven layers were divided by mirrored columns accented with illuminated, dangling crystals. Each layer of the six-foot-high cake was accented by patterns/designs that were executed in rhinestones. The middle layer


displayed the couple’s monogram. The topper took the shape of a silver/white peacock. The newlyweds danced to A Love Like This by Brenda Nichols. Maui Westin Resort & Spa. Having all their family and friends together to join them in such a special celebration. The couple’s theatrical theme started with the invitations that included admission tickets. The design of the program mimicked that of a Playbill. On-stage entertainment included a classical pianist, ballroom dancers, a theatrical production that dramatized the four stages of the couple’s lives, interpretive dance praise, a soloist and a Master and Mistress of Ceremonies who brought some humor to the proceedings. The ceremony – also held on-stage – included the procession, vows and footwashing, followed by the first dance and toasts.


First Honeymoon: Favorite

Memory: How They Met: A Theme from Start to FinFirst Date: Ceremo- ish! ny Site/Reception Venue: Wedding Style/Theme: Color Scheme: Cake:

dream weddings | spring/summer 2013



Kaitlin and Charles Hershey

November 3, 2012


dream weddings | spring/summer 2013


Kaitlin is from Hershey; Charles is from Sidney, New York. Kaitlin is a nurse in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Penn State Hershey Medical Center. Charles is a physical-education teacher at a middle school in Baltimore. Both were students at Penn State and met during their freshman year. They were in State College for a football game on October 28, 2011 and during a walk through campus, Charles popped the question, slipping a diamond ring on Kaitlin’s finger. Then he took her to a State College restaurant she had always wanted to try. St. Joan of Arc in Hershey. The Ballroom at Hershey Country Club. Elegant, classic and personal. Black, ivory, champagne and blush.



How They Met: How He Proposed:

Ceremony Site: Reception Venue: Wedding Style/Theme: Color Scheme: First






a i tli n E G UI

Credits: Photography: Matthew Tennison Photography //Bridal Gown: Betsy Robinson Bridal //Hair: Anne Aguilar/DownStreet Salon //Makeup: Tana/Pure Envy Lash Boutique //Groomsmen Attire: JoS. A Bank //Catering: Hershey Country Club //Floral Design: David Everett/JDK Event Design //Linens: JDK Event Design //Cake: The House of Clarendon


The newlyweds danced to I Won’t Give Up by Jason Maraz. Coco Bay Resort at Antigua/West Indies.

Honeymoon: Favorite Wedding-Day Memory: Surveying the ballroom and seeing all their family and friends in the same place and taking a moment to soak it all in. The Personal Touch: Kaitlin’s bouquet

included a sleeve from her mother’s wedding gown and a floral embellishment from her grandmother’s gown. She also pinned her mother’s and grandmother’s wedding bands to her bouquet. “My grandmother was a big part of my life,” Kaitlin writes. “She unexpectedly passed away in April. It never crossed my mind that she wouldn’t be here for my wedding day. Now, I feel like she held my hand.” Her grandfather transported Kaitlin and her parents to the church in his 1931 Chevy and then drove Kaitlin and Charles to the reception. dream weddings | spring/summer 2013





rl e y




Photography: Leslie Gilbert //Bridal/Attendants Gowns: Renaissance Bridals //Groom/Groomsmen Attire: Men’s Wearhouse //Floral Design: Francine Erace/ Frannie’s Fancies //Reception Venue/Catering/Linens/ Coordination: Yorktowne Hotel //Cake: Providence Divine Cakes and Pastries


Carley and Matt York

November 3, 2012


dream weddings | spring/summer 2013


Carley is from York, while Matt is from Philadelphia. Carley is an account rep for a medical-device company. Matt is a steamfitter. Through mutual friends at the Borgata in Atlantic City. Chart House in Philly. Carley went shopping and when she returned home she had so many bags she couldn’t get to her key and instead knocked on the door. That ruined Matt’s plan of awaiting her on bended knee when he heard the key. Instead, he answered the door with flowers in hand and popped the question. Classic elegance with a touch of bling. Golds and purple. Black Magic and Blue Bird (lavender) roses, dark-

purple statice and light-blue delphinium for the attandants’ bouquets and white Serenity roses, purple Tissue statice and rhinestones for Carley’s bouquet. St. Paul Lutheran Church in York. Yorktowne Hotel in York. The newlyweds danced to Lucky by Jason Miraz and Colby Caillat. Carley can’t choose just one. However, she says, “Just having everyone we truly love in one room, sharing our love, was an amazing memory in itself and is one we will have forever!” Maui. Like many newlyweds, Carley and Matt chose to forgo guest favors and instead made a donation to the American Cancer Society.

Occupations: Site of Ceremony: How They Met: Site of Reception: First First Date: Dance: How He Proposed: Favorite Memory:

Honeymoon: Wedding Style/Theme: Personal: Color Scheme: Floral Choices:

Making it

dream weddings | spring/summer 2013


W s

earching hen searching for a disc for jockey a disc to hire jockey for your to hire wedding for your can wedding be one it can of the bemost one of stressful the most items stressful on your items list. on Weyour can list. We all agree can allthat agree the that DJ can the make DJ can ormake breakor your break event. your When event. guests When leave gueststhe leave party, thethey party talkthey about talk theabout enter-the tainment entertainment first! So, first! with Sothat withbeing that being said, you saidneed youtoneed make to sure makeyou sure hire you a true hire professional. a true professional. We are asked We are a lot asked of a questions lot of questions when we when meet wewith meetpotential with potential clients clients and weand have we have them them listed listed below below to hopefully to hopefully helphelp youyou withwith your your hiring process. 1. WHAT MAKES US STAND OUT? Mixed-Up Productions is passionate about what we do. This isnt just a part-time part time job or a way to make money. Each Each of of our our DJs DJs live livesand andbreath breathes for music for music andand enentertaining. Each of our a unique personality connect tertaining. Each oneone of our DJsDJs havehas a unique personality that that helpshelps connect with with audience. of the show, We Weare are constantly constantly workyour your audience. YOUYOU are are the the starstar of the show, not ing on how we as a group and team can improve to help make your wedding the most memorable event ever. Mixed-Up Productions provides useful tools, tips and tricks to each of our clients that help make their wedding dreams come to reality. 2. ARE WE JUST A DJ COMPANY? Nope! Mixed-Up Productions offers top top-of-line of line photo booths, lighting packages and sound packages. We can cover sound for your ceremony. Want to illuminate your reception location with your wedding colors? Simple! We offer uplighting that can be placed to any any color. color. IfIf you you would like to placed in in any any location location and andchanged change to add a slight personal touch with lighting lighting, then you can you have have your your name name in in lights! lights. We provide monograms that can display initials, dates, names or even pictures. Our photo booths video messages, post your pictures inbooths give giveyou youthe theoption optiontotorecord record video messages, post your pictures stantly toto social-media-sites instantly social media sitesand, andofofcourse, course give give you you countless countless years of memories with a custom scrapbook provided by our team that evening. 3. HOW CAN WE GET A HOLD OF YOU? We have multiple ways ways to to connect connect to toour ourteam. team. Our Our website website is constantly being updated with new photos, videos, wedding recaps, advice and so much more. Log onto and look around. around. We We are always online with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so so much much more. more. Just search Mixed-Up Productions on Twitter andand Instagram youyou can can search @MixedUpDJs. We on Facebook. Facebook.For For Twitter Instagram search @MixedUpDJs. also havehave our very ownown App!App! It’s free for your Apple or Android device and proWe also our very It’s free for your Apple or Android device and vides tools thatthat nobody else has. provides tools nobody else has.You Youand andyour yourguests guestscan canmake make requests requests from their dinner dinner table tables that night, directions to your reception location, upload that night, getget directions to your reception location, upload phophotos gallery, record voice notes for your DJ and so much more. Downtos intointo our our gallery, record voice notes for your DJ and so much more. Download load and it give it atoday. try today. It’s:)free! it anditgive a try It’s free


dream weddings | spring/summer 2013

Mixed-Up Productions is an award winning award-winning entertainment company that has one goal: To make sure when your guests leave the wedding, they talk about your party more then anyone else’s! Contact us today to see if we can help turn your dream wedding into a reality!

Join host, Martine Cajas,

Central Pennsylvania’s First Wedding-Reality TV Show

Sundays at 12:00 noon on WGAL-8 (current schedule)

to be inspired by local couples who have used local professioals to create the wedding of their dreams! To see past episodes, learn how your weding could be featured on a future episode and to access hundreds of our region’s wedding professionals, visit us at: WAA Y AAW




2011 and 2012




Katy Trefrey Photography



dream weddings | spring/summer 2013

Gettysburg Smiles cosmetic & family dentistry


“I do”

with a picture ready smile


“To do’s” “I do’s” TO

“Our promise is that you and your family will have complete peace of mind as you fully enjoy this singular, once-in-a-lifetimemoment. It’s the way we put things together that sets us apart!”

Power Whitening • Smile Makeover • Veneers

Rita A. Tempel, DDS, LLC 2018 York Rd., Gettysburg • 717-339-0033 marietta | (717) 673 3496

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Wedding Designer 717.645.5700


dream weddings | spring/summer 2013

dream weddings | spring/summer 2013



dream weddings | spring/summer 2013

dream weddings | spring/summer 2013



Professionals Directory

Attendant Gifts Park Lane Jewelers (717-566-4754) Harrisburg

Beauty & Make Up Bella Make Up (717) 666-9153 Lancaster Carmina Cristina (717-344-3303) Harrisburg En Vogue Family Hair Salon (717) 632-5860 Hanover Flawless Facade (717) 344-3303 Lancaster Luxe (717) 393-3200 Lancaster Make Up by Chelsea (717) 343-3177 Cumberland


Shelbi Harmes Expressions (717) 598-2288 Lancaster Tangles Salon (717) 299-0266 Lancaster Visage á Visage (717) 299-5315 Lancaster

Beauty enhancements Gettysburg Smiles Cosmetic Dentistry (717) 339-0033 Gettysburg Lancaster County Center for Plastic Surgery (717) 721-5800 Lancaster Lebo Skin Care Center (717) 747-9950 York

BRIDAL ACCESSORIES Nuptial Couture (717) 587-2966 Lancaster

dream weddings | spring/summer 2013

Bridal Show Planners Best Wedding Showcase (717) 733-5683 Lancaster

Bridal Wear Bridal Aisle (717) 633-5535 Hanover Brides of Today (717) 983-8111 Quarryville Cocoa Couture (717) 533-3323 Hershey

Tara’s Bridal & Special Occasion (717) 737-7379 Camp Hill The Bridal Boutique (717) 665-7900 Manheim

Greenfield Catering (717) 393-0668 Lancaster

Weddings by JDK (717) 730-4661 Camp Hill

Petals with Style (717) 392-4000 Lancaster

Persnickety Invitation Studio (717) 741-2324 York

Weddings by JDK (717) 730-4661 Camp Hill


Weddings by JDK (717) 730-4661 Camp Hill

Typothecary Letterpress by Megan Zettlemoyer (484) 269-6019 Reading

Child Care

Chocolate Covers (717) 534-1992 Hershey

Weddings by Paulette (717) 872-7192 Lancaster

Just Play PA (717) 649-8272 Cumberland

Kiehl’s Konfections (717) 681-9153 Mount Joy


Dancing Lessons


House of Clarendon (717) 290-7800 Lancaster

KrysLyn’s Bridal Boutique (717) 848-8646 York

Providence Divine Cakes (717) 741-0120 providencedivinecakes York

Lilla’s Bridal Boutique, Inc. (717) 757-6788 York

The Baker’s Table 717-735-1150 Lancaster

Renaissance Bridals (717) 846-0515 York

The Pennsylvania Bakery (717) 763-7755 Camp Hill

Simone’s Day Spa & Bridal (717) 630-0990 Hanover

SweeTreats Cake Boutique (717) 766-6123 Mechanicsburg

Sweethearts Bridal (610) 750-5087 Sinking Spring

Caterer Altland House Catering (877) 848-8257 York

Ballroom on the Square (717) 813-6144 Lancaster City Ballroom (717) 380-6195 Lancaster

Decor, Linens & Lighting Events Done Bright (717) 579-1433 Camp Hill Express Laundry and Linens (717)-426-4100 Marietta Shumaker Plan. Design. Transform (717) 735-0767 Lancaster Studio Jenz (717) 278-4145 Lancaster

Lock N Load Training (717) 725-4833 Lancaster Showtime Training (717) 569-0808 Lancaster

Floral Preservation Pink Clover Flower Preservation (717) 751-2507 York

Florist Blooms by Vickrey (717) 737-0212 Camp Hill Butera the Florist (717) 741-4226 York Laura of Lauxmont (717) 779-5055 Wrightsville

Honeymoons & Destination Jeweler Weddings Finch Jewelers Dee’s Travel Agency (717) 793-0607 York Liberty Travel (717) 620-5617 York/Lancaster/Harrisburg Ocean Holiday Cruises (717) 334-1941 Biglerville

Invitations Anticipate Invitations (717) 673-3496 Marietta Carpenter Invitations and Design (717) 371-3060 Lancaster Exquisitely Announce (570) 807-3160 Lancaster Invitations by Chrissy (717) 681-9830 Mount Joy

(717) 293-3333 Lancaster Futer Bros. Jewelers (717) 755-2366 York Garrick Jewelers (717) 637-1177 Hanover Koser Jewelers (717) 653-4941 Mount Joy Ream Jewelers (717) 392-7305 Lancaster

Men’s Wear Central PA Tuxedo (717) 295-2550 Lancaster Cocoa Couture (717) 533-3323 Hershey

dream weddings | spring/summer 2013

Katy Trefry Photography

Michelle René (717) 598-2782 Lancaster

Sass Salon, Day Spa & Barbershop (717) 612-0344 Mechanicsburg

Katy Trefry Photography / Necklace: Cocoa Couture




Professionals Directory

Elixir Craft Cocktails (717) 940-3348 Lancaster

Music DJ Chris Perry (717) 371-6689 Lancaster DJ Freez (888) 55-FREEZ Lancaster DJ Klock Entertainment (717) 921-7001 Harrisburg Mixed Up Productions (717) 856-1542 Harrisburg Occasions Disc Jockeys (717) 361-2917 Elizabethtown RP Productions (717) 364-7014 Harrisburg Titus Touch Music (717) 699-4455 York


Molly Rahe Music (717) 586-8039 Harrisburg

Officiant Rev. Kelly Jo Singleton, Interfaith Minister (717) 471-3599 EternalLightSpiritualCenter. com Lancaster

PHOTO BOOTH Aulestia Studio (717) 419-5330 Lancaster DJ Freez (888) 55-FREEZ Lancaster DJ Klock Entertainment (717) 921-7001 Harrisburg Katy Trefry Photography (717) 487-6182 York Make It Snappy Photo Booths (717) 332-2895 Lancaster Mixed Up Productions (717) 856-1542 Harrisburg

dream weddings | spring/summer 2013

(717-380-3103) Akron

Affordable Photography MEK (717) 818-2337 affordablephotographybyking. com York Artistic Difference (877) 993-9088 York Aulestia Studio (717) 285-9575 Lancaster Burning House Studios (888) 227-6890 York Epic Photography (717) 689-3292 Elizabethtown Everafter Designs by JLM (717) 413-7230 Mount Joy James Garrett Photography (717) 515-0233 New Oxford Leslie Gilbert Photography (717) 653-1693 Mount Joy

R.L.Heller Photography (717) 989-7008 Lancaster

Metalaye (717) 774-2725 New Cumberland

Hamilton Ballroom (717) 393-0668 Lancaster

Frank King Photography (800) 356-3631 York

Rental Accessories

Lauxmont Farms (717) 252-1952 Wrightsville

Grand Events and Party Rental (717) 735-8352 Lancaster

Melania Marta Photography (717) 239-9411 Lancaster

Hess Tent Rentals (717) 627-0077 Lititz

Jeffrey Spayd Photography (717) 802-2629 Lancaster

Tents and Events (717) 821-0732 Annville

Tennison Photography (717) 560-6371 Lancaster

transportation Premiere 1 Limousine Service (717) 616-8995 Middletown

Time Passages Photography (717) 405-1025 Lancaster Katy Trefry Photography (717) 487-6182 York

Unique Limousine (717) 233-4431 Harrisburg/York/Lancaster

REALTors Weichert Realtors - Engle & Hambright (717)-575-2661 Lancaster

Rehearsal Dinner The Greenfield Restaurant and Bar (717) 393-0668 Lancaster

Venue Cork Factory Hotel (717) 945-1919 Lancaster

Legacy Ballroom (717) 201-0037 Lancaster Regents' Glen Country Club (717) 505-4536 York Stone Mill Inn (717) 840-9238 York The Iris Club (717) 394-7811 Lancaster

VideographY Aulestia Studio (717) 285-9575 Lancaster

Creative Events (717) 903-1769 Harrisburg

Lavon Films (800) 396-6406 Lancaster

Niki Lannigan Events and Design (717) 341-7617 Manheim

Media Boomtown (717) 870-2667 Harrisburg

Planned Perfection (717) 333-2799 Lancaster

Wedding Planner

That’s It! Wedding Concepts, LLC (717) 645-5700 Mechanicsburg

B. Kohr Designs (717) 478-1447 York Celebrations! (717) 733-5683 Lancaster

The Links At Gettysburg (717) 359-8000 Gettysburg The Yorktowne Hotel (717) 815-2124 York

Katy Trefry Photography / Flowers: Butera the Florist


Music, Photography Instrumental A Reflection by Sherry

Katy Trefry Photography / Evening Bag: Nuptial Couture

Hanover Clothing Co. (800) 445-7918 Hanover

Felicita Resort (717) 599-5732 Harrisburg

dream weddings | spring/summer 2013


• 717-632-5860 • Hanover, PA

EnVouge family hair salon

B Katy Trefry Photography

Butera The Florist is widely regarded as Central PA’s premier wedding flower specialist! We serve York, Lancaster, Hershey, Gettysburg, Maryland & beyond. Our skilled floral artists led by Vincenzo Butera AIFD, PFCI, AAF, are masters at creating all types of stunning bouquets and floral accents that highlight your personal style, and create your dream wedding. 888.741.4226

dream weddings | spring/summer 2013


Katy Trefry Photography 路 717.632.3323



dream weddings | spring/summer 2013

Profile for Dream Weddings

Dream Weddings Summer 2013  

Welcome to the spring/summer edition of Dream Weddings magazine. spring always inspires change and we’ve done a little “editing” of our own...

Dream Weddings Summer 2013  

Welcome to the spring/summer edition of Dream Weddings magazine. spring always inspires change and we’ve done a little “editing” of our own...