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Secured Mail Management with Email Archiving Appliance Email archiving is the best solution for managing the emails in a systematic manner.Here mails will remain protected and you'll have no possibility of losing mails with secure and useful email archiving appliance management system. Read on to know more.

Email archiving appliance is the best solution for managing the emails in a systematic manner. In that case the mails will remain protected and you’ll have no possibility of losing mails. Here’s a quick overview of the benefits of email archiving system. Let me refer to some situations that you will very easily relate to. Case 1 Your client calls you up and asks why it has been so long before you replied. You have no concrete answer since you feel it tremendously embarrassing to mention that you lost the mail amidst hundreds of spam emails. It’s a practical problem but you cannot mention it since it does not sound professional. Case 2 You need take a legal step against one of your clients on the basis of breach of contract. However, you cannot find the acknowledgement mail that you received form the client a year back. Losing a mail is quite natural since your mailbox is crowded with thousands of mails that have accumulated over the year. But, not finding that particular mail puts you in serious trouble.

The Problem: Loss of Important Mails The cases mentioned above are very usual. You may have been in such situations or must have known a few of your friends who have faced the same problems. The prime reason why these problems happen is that hundreds of unwanted spam emails crowd your inbox. Lots of unwanted and unnecessary mails being stuffed in your mailbox, it becomes really very hard to find the relevant and important emails. The Necessity of Email Archiving System What is the way out of it? If this is what you are wondering, let me tell you that email archiving appliance is the only way to get rid of such problems. Considering the current scenario of global business, most professionals, especially those who hold managerial or higher posts, receive and have to send over a hundred mails on every single day. It is not possible to manage all the mails manually. Email archiving appliance, if you choose the right email archiving system, will manage all your emails. There are several benefits of using email archiving appliance. Let’s discuss one by one. Benefits of Email Archiving Appliance The first thing that needs to be mentioned is that all your mails that you receive and send over the years are managed methodically. It is necessary to mention in this regard that the mails are saved in offline mode and you can access them any moment you want. Since the mails are stored in an arranged manner, it will be very easy for you to find the mail you are looking for, no matter how old it is. When you use an email archiving appliance, you can be sure that your mails will remain tamper proof. It is very necessary since in times of disputes you need to produce the mail that you sent or was sent to you. With an effective email archiving system you can be sure that none of your mails will be tampered by virus or server disaster. Setting up an email archiving appliance does not cost much. There are various packages of email archiving system available in the market. All you have to do is to choose the one according to your necessity. You can also discuss with the provider who can suggest which package would be best to serve your purpose.

Secured Mail Management with Email Archiving Appliance