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Mail Archive Appliance – A Closer View The efficiency of an email archive solution is solely due to the mail archive appliance which includes various ultra-modern features to make data archival fast and easy for SMEs. It is easy to handle and can be installed in any web user interface within an hour or so.

It has really become difficult for business organizations to store and manage their incoming and outgoing mails. Their email volume is growing so fast that they just need a professionally designed and legally compliant email archive solution to archive their emails properly. The solution usually comes with a mail archive appliance that will help organizations to automatically search, retrieve and produce the mails on request. When a company is stuck in litigation and needs to produce emails as proof, it simply can’t waste time on searching through the older and existing emails. The searching process can be fastened and simplified with the use of sophisticated email archive appliance. The appliance not just automatically archives but also indexes the emails and their attachments by topic, date, time and sender/receiver. After archiving their emails with an effective email management software, the business emails are at no risk of getting altered or deleted. Based on an advanced technology, the mail archive appliance usually provides a safe, secured and tamper-proof storage house for all instant messages and emails that are sent out of, into or inside an organization. Email archive solution meets different regulatory compliance to help keep the email communications protected and secured for a longer period of time. Apart from addressing the archiving needs of business houses more efficiently, mail archive appliance leads to quick retrieval of electronic data. It does not restrict multiple users from searching for the desired attachments or messages simultaneously. Additionally, all the search activities get

recorded automatically for legal use. It takes only one hour to install archiving appliance so that businesses can start to enjoy the archiving benefits very fast. How A Mail Archive Appliance Functions? The archiving software is a special purpose server that is set up within a business network to offer seamless integration and safety typically accessible to internal staff. Moreover, it comes with high storage space and search processing capability so that maintenance and overhead related stress can be minimized. The email management software is made to integrate with a few selective interfaces and offer reliable message storage and retrieval facility. With unified login system, it remains accessible to multiple users within the organization who can also control the management procedure. A lot of other advanced features are incorporated in the mail archive appliance to fasten the search procedure and reduce the response time. The software holds the encryption keys of the organization and records the all the encrypted activities without fail. Depending on the exact volume of generated emails in your organization, there may be a rise or fall in outbound business traffic. However, the archive software uses compression and enables customers to have control over emails sent to or from business network. Ultra-modern features are: •

Regulatory compliant, tamper-proof, email archive

Quick search and retrieval of archived data

Easy-to-use information retrieval procedures

Seamless integration into any previous mail systems

Advanced plug-in to get an immediate access to emails deleted from the mail box earlier

Mails and attachments are clearly recorded and maintained for use by an auditor

Safe and secured hardware with more flexibility

Ideal for small and medium enterprises to large corporate

Mail Archive Appliance – A Closer View  
Mail Archive Appliance – A Closer View  

The efficiency of an email archive solution is solely due to the mail archive appliance which includes various ultra-modern features to make...