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Cloud Email Archive: Yes, You Need It! Email archival is need of the hour because in today’s competitive world businesses should and must maintain detail, thorough and accurate records of their e mail correspondence which only an effective and cutting edge cloud email archive can offer. Finally it has happened. Yes, technology has carried the whole communication method and system to a new height altogether. ‘Paperless office’ concept has nowadays replaced the age-old concept of hard copies and letters. Businesses are now largely relying on e mail correspondence as a typical form of business communication. Yes, hundreds of mails are sent and received each day. Quite ideally therefore, businesses have also started realizing the positive benefits of an effective Cloud email archive solution. It’s all about storing mails well. As things stand now there is hardly any denial that businesses need to seriously consider email archival solution. ‘Why’ – did you ask by the way? Here are few basic reasons to mull over. Reason 1: Law demands that business activity should be recorded, Okay, this means employee and client records, correspondence and inter communication between different departments, financial documents needs to be stored well. As in most of the cases these are stored in email, archiving has also become important. Reason 2: In time of lawsuits, companies need to produce even the older email correspondences and in failure of which businesses are charged with ‘spoliation’ thus incurring exorbitant fines. To be on the safer side companies need to seriously think about storing their data well. Practically there is no time frame hence law may demand you to produce certain information that may be even five years old! To be on the safer side it’s better to keep things organized with cloud email archive.

Reason 3: Yes, storage space is always a problem! In most of the cases therefore you have to delete mails whenever you exhaust your storage quota. And now with an effective email archival on cloud Nine, it’s possible to save disk space. Worry not any feature enriched archival solution will help you to auto retrieve your emails, compress the mails, and will also allow centralization of emails. Reason 4: Yes, it also helps to cut down on your IT cost. Keeping your e mails on a cloud based system stands as a rather affordable solution to bank on. The bottom line is, in today’s competitive world businesses should and must maintain detail, thorough and accurate records of their e mail correspondence. Well, there is no doubt that an appropriate cloud mail archive can help your business in a number of ways. Still, there are certain factors to consider before you outsource your mail archiving need. Consider the following pointers: Does the vendor maintain folder structure? Well, not every service provider will do this. However, remember just a search function is not always enough and your end user might want to have the same feel of the folder structure.  Does it support stubbing? It is quite an important feature. Stubbing allows the tag line and the initial lines to appear at the end user’s mail box. Consider this feature while looking for any email archival solution.  What’s the amount of data you can store? Ensure that the archiver you are using is not undersized. Make sure that you can add storage if and when necessary.

Cloud Email Archive: Yes, You Need It!