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The Importance of Shower Filters to Safeguard you from Chlorine’s harmful effects.

Chlorine is a highly corrosive and reactive element commonly used to disinfect and sanitize. Water that flows out of your tap is in all likelihood disinfected with chlorine, just open the tap and you can smell the harmful vapors. Chlorine and its vapors are toxic and this is the purpose of adding it to 98% of all water supplies; to kill waterborne pathogens. You can smell chlorine in as low concentration as 3 ppm (parts per million) in water. At concentrations of 30 ppm chlorine causes coughing and at 60 it causes lung damage. Chlorine is toxic to living organisms since it oxidizes or takes away the oxygen molecule and when in contact with water, it produces hydrochloric acid and hypochlorous acid that can kill body cells. Research for decades has proven that chlorine, if inhaled and ingested, is responsible for colorectal cancer, lung damage, heart trouble, premature ageing, senility and more. The fact is that even though the powers that be recognize the deleterious effects of chlorine, it still remains the cheapest and most effective disinfectant used widely throughout the world to treat water. However, the best way to protect yourself from this chemical contaminant is to have chlorine absorbing filters in your water supply line. When you shower, you ingest and inhale chlorine gas dissolved in water. Apart from internal damage, your skin is also damaged and your hair can become brittle, lifeless and prematurely gray. There is no reason to put up with chlorine risk when you can easily overcome it by simply adding a chlorine absorbing water filtration system to your shower head. In fact, a number of shower heads have an integral chlorine absorbing filter element built into the shower head. Classic examples are the OxyBlast

shower filter and April Shower Filter series of shower heads that incorporate chlorine shower filters. Thanks to modern technology reflected in the range of shower filters and shower heads that are available, you can now enjoy multiple benefits. First is that shower heads incorporating the shower filter are designed in a way to minimize pressure drop while infusing added oxygen into the water to deliver powerful, oxygen rich sprays. Second, in tall buildings with high water pressure, shower heads with integral shower filters are built to withstand such pressure yet control the flow in such a way that the sprays are powerful yet not sharp and stinging; most filtered shower heads also offer multiple spray patterns that you may adjust in seconds providing sprays at the right pressure that do not harm the skin but provide a soothing feeling of rejuvenation. Third, most shower filters contain replaceable shower filter cartridges. These inexpensive filter cartridges may be easily replaced by simply unscrewing the filter housing, removing the old cartridge and putting a new one in its place. If you look around you will find such cartridge shower filters in many models: economy shower heads, stationary shower heads, baby bath shower heads and hand held shower heads. Health risks due to the cumulative exposure to chlorine are extremely high. When you use shower heads with appropriate shower filters, you keep the dangers away, enjoy healthfully refreshing showers, rejuvenate your skin, make your hair shine and glow from within.

Importance of shower filters  

Wouldn’t it be nice to say “Goodbye” to Chlorine in your Shower? Imagine, starting your day with a chlorine-free shower, refreshing – rejuv...

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