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SUPER LUTEIN GUIDEBOOK -An introduction to our product and ingredients-

Explore the Excellence: Japan's No.1 selling lutein supplement* Naturally Plus Hong Kong Co., Ltd. 12/F China Hong Kong Centre, 122-126 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong TEL: (852) 3762 5005 FAX: (852) 3762 5288 * Based on the manufacturers’ total shipping quantity of similar supplements which contain lutein in the domestic market of Japan. Report by Yano Research Institute (From September 2011)Ă—210mm)4c

Super Lutein satisfies everyone who wants to enjoy a healthy life. For a healthy lifestyle, moderate exercise, adequate sleep and nutritionally balanced meals are essential. Proper food intake is especially important in maintaining a healthy and active body. However, with our busy modern lifestyles, consuming nutritionally balanced meals regularly is not an easy task. In recent years, a lack of vegetable intake has become a growing public health concern. As even our everyday meals might not provide sufficient nutrition, taking nutritional supplements can easily overcome this problem. Super Lutein is a well-balanced nutritional supplement containing 6 carotenoids, which are essential nutrients found in brightly coloured red, yellow and green vegetables. Naturally Plus always insists on the highest quality and with great confidence, will safely and securely deliver the product right into your hands. The greatest wish for Naturally Plus is for everyone to live a healthy life with a smile on the face.

Nutritional Supplement When for some reason or another, sufficient nutrition cannot be consumed from our food intake, food supplements can be used to supplement the shortage of nutrients. For the well-being of our health, we should maintain a nutritionally balanced diet every day.


Contents Nutritional supplement: Super Lutein


What are Carotenoids?


Guide of Ingredients


Commitment of Naturally Plus


Frequently Asked Questions

25 3×210mm)4c

Nutrient ingredients per 3 capsules (1.62g) Calories Protein Fat Carbohydrate Sodium Blackcurrant extracts Lutein Crocetin Product name

10.1kcal 0.54g 0.78g 0.24g 2.22mg

α-carotene β-carotene Vitamin E

840μg 2020μg 72.8mg

72.0mg 18.0mg 3.0mg

Zeaxanthin Lycopene DHA

1.50mg 2.16mg 49.38mg

Indication of nutrient ingredients

Super Lutein is a nutritional supplement (β-carotene) mainly made up of carotenoids which are components from brightly coloured vegetables.

Super Lutein

Raw materials Refined fish oil (containing DHA), wheat germ oil, blackcurrant extracts, blueberry essence, gelatine, glycerine, beeswax, vitamin E extracts, marigold extracts (containing lutein and zeaxanthin), tomato lycopene, palm oil carotene, gardenia, vitamin B1, B2, B6 and B12. Contents 54g (540mg x 100Capsules) Recommended Intake Take approximately 3 capsules per day with cold or

Nutrition supplement (β-carotene)

β-carotene, a precursor molecule of vitamin A, is a nutrient which helps to maintain good night vision, healthy skin and mucous membranes.


warm water. This supplement is not for curing a disease or improving the state of health even if it is taken in large quantities. Follow the daily intake instructions. The nutritional value of a daily intake: β-carotene (37% as vitamin A). As this product is not registered as a health food, it is not separately reviewed by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan. Keep out of reach of children. Keep lid tightly closed after opening. If adverse reactions occur, please stop taking this product and consult with your doctor. 5Ă—210mm)4c

SUPER LUTEIN has the most balanced combination of carotenoids.

Carotenoids are pigments that are yellow, red, orange or brightly coloured and are necessary for photosynthesis in plants. Studies have shown that carotenoids are closely linked to relieving oxidative stress induced by ultraviolet rays. Several hundred kinds of carotenoids have been found in plants and at least 50 types are present in fruits and vegetables. Carotenoids are excellent antioxidants, perform many different functions and come in a variety of colours.

What are Carotenoids?

Carotenoids are pigment compounds found in some vegetables and fruits.

Include a variety of colourful vegetables in our daily diet to benefit from the many functions of carotenoids. The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan recommends a "daily intake of 350g of vegetables". This ideally should contain 150g of brightly coloured vegetables in our diet which provides a large amount of carotenoids. However, the average daily intake by Japanese adults is 295.3g, which does not meet the recommended intake. We need to include many different brightly coloured vegetables such as carrots, tomatoes, spinach and pumpkins in our daily diet. These pigments mainly help to keep our body healthy and thus attract much public interest. There are many types of carotenoids, each with unique characteristics. For a well-balanced diet, it is important to consume various kinds of brightly coloured vegetables. However, due to the modern lifestyle that we have these days, it may be hard to maintain a well balanced diet, so taking health supplements Desired value can be considered as a viable alternative. 350g or more

Average amount of vegetable intake (per day) (According to the Japanese Health and Nutrition Survey 2008)


Average intake by an adult



Nutritional values in vegetables have decreased drastically in the last half century. The decreased nutritional value is a result of the changes in the soil where vegetables are grown. The use of chemical fertilisers and agricultural chemicals in order to increase production efficiency is the main reason. For example, vitamin A in spinach has decreased to approximately 15% from 2,400μg in 1956 to 350μg in 2006. There is much cause for concern that even if we consume as many vegetables as before, we are unable to absorb the same amount of nutritional value.

Carotenoids: the excellent qualities

Recent concerns over decreasing nutritional value in vegetables

Carotenoids: the popular 7th nutrient "phytochemical" The five major nutrients are protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals. Fibre has been recognised as the 6th essential nutrient. With the progress of research in recent years, phytochemicals have been gaining more and more attention and can be considered as the 7th nutrient, with carotenoids being a typical example. It is important for us to obtain these nutrients from fruits and vegetables as they are not produced in our own bodies.

(Per 100g of edible part)

Nutrition in the vegetables has decreased as below:


Vitamin A

In 1956


In 2006


*1 2,400μg


Vitamin C

*2 100mg 35mg




3.3mg 98mg


Basic knowledge on phytochemicals


Vitamin A Vitamin C





4mg 28mg


*1 μg (microgram) : 1/1 million of 1g *3 Source: Revised Standard Food Ingredients Table in Japan, 1956. *2 mg (milligram) : 1/1000 of 1g *4 Source: The 5th Revision, Expanded Edition of Standard Food Ingredients Table in Japan, 2006.


“Phyto” means plant, and “Chemical” refers to chemical compounds. Through its function, a phytochemical is described as a “plant-derived nutrient”. Thousands of phytochemicals have been discovered to date, such as carotenoids in carrots and spinach, polyphenols in tea and wine, anthocyanins in blueberries, lycopene in tomatoes, and isoflavone in soybeans.


Carotenoid components

Super Lutein contains 6 types of carotenoids which include both lutein and crocetin. In addition, nutrient ingredients such as anthocyanin, DHA, vitamin B, vitamin E are included in balanced portions. If the lack of vegetable intake and nutrient imbalances are your major concerns, then Super Lutein is the best daily nutritional supplement for you.

Amount of Lutein in spinach

(Per 100g edible part)


Note 1

A nutrient existing in the macular area of the eyes and skin.

Lutein is a pigment ranging from yellow to orange; this carotenoid is present in the eyes and skin and cannot be produced by our body. It is found in dark green leafy vegetables such as kale and spinach. Due to its strong antioxidant capacity, excessive oxidation of lipids which is harmful to the retina can be prevented. Also, it is thought that lutein has the effect of absorbing blue light which can also cause retinal damage.

Guide of Ingredients

SUPER LUTEIN ingredients guide


Note 1) Date source : A.R.Mangels, M.M.Holden, G.R.Beecher, Elanza, 1993. Journal of the American Dietetic Assoc. Vol.93:284-296.




Six Types of carotenoids





Amount of Zeaxanthin in Fuyu persimmons (Per 100g edible part)


Existing mainly in the central macula of the eye, similar to lutein

Note 2

Zeaxanthin is an orange-yellow colour pigment which is similar in nature to lutein. It can be found in papaya, corn and Japanese Fuyu persimmon, and it is also abundant in green tea, egg yolk, and animal fat and liver. Metabolised lutein converts to zeaxanthin. It has been confirmed that zeaxanthin exists in the central yellow spot (macula lutea) of our eyes as lutein does. However, recent studies have found that its concentration in the retina is different: the central macula has a higher proportion of zeaxanthin, and the ratio of lutein is higher at the peripheral area. Note 2) Data source: Masamichi Yano et al. Quantitation of carotenoids in raw and processed fruits in Japan, Food Sci. Technol. Res 11(1)13-18,2005



Carotenoid components

The red pigment with a strong antioxidant effect found in tomatoes

A kind of carotenoid which is oil and water soluble Crocetin is a dark orange pigment found in the gardenia fruit or stigma of saffron. It has amphipathic properties and dissolves in both water and oil. One of its important properties is that because of its small molecule size, it can be absorbed quickly and efficiently by the body. Researchers around the world are paying particular attention to its antioxidant capacity, as it can reach body tissues which other carotenoids cannot.

It is said that lycopene is needed to protect tomatoes from sunlight while it ripens by absorbing the sun’s rays. In Europe, the saying goes "when the tomato is red, the doctor's face is green". Tomatoes have long been thought to aid our physical health. Nowadays, it is known that lycopene has a strong antioxidant effect similar to lutein. Lycopene can be more easily absorbed by the body from processed food better than from fresh vegetables and Amount of Lycopene fruits. Lycopene's in tomatoes absorption rate is higher (Per 100g of edible part) if it is cooked with oil as it 3.10mgNote 1 is fat-soluble.


Provitamin A is converted to vitamin A in the body.

β-carotene The volume of α-carotene and β-carotene found in carrots (Per 100g of edible part)




Note 1


Note 1

α-carotene and β-carotene found in winter pumpkins. (Per 100g of edible part) α-carotene


Guide of Ingredients




Note 1


These are yellow and orange pigments found in carrots and pumpkins. Due to its high safety factor it has been used as colouring for foods, beverages and cosmetics. These carotenoids convert into vitamin A which is needed by the body, and are therefore widely studied. Prior to conversion, carotene has a strong antioxidant effect. As a nutritional supplement, β-carotene has been proven to have the following functions: • β-carotene helps maintain night vision. • β-carotene helps maintain healthy skin and mucosa.

Note 1

Note 1 ) Data source: A.R.Mangels, J.M.Holden, G.R.Beecher, E.Lanza. 1993 journal of the American Dietetic Assoc. Vol. 93:284-296.



Ingredients supporting our healthy lifestyle DHA

A kind of polyphenol which helps our eyes function normally

DHA is mainly found in fish, and is necessary for the growth of brain and nerve tissue.

Anthocyanins are blue-violet pigments and are one kind of polyphenols found in blackcurrants or blueberries. They have excellent antioxidant properties, and are the nutrients which attract the most attention among phytochemicals. Research on its properties was inspired by an anecdote from World War II, where reportedly a British pilot attributed his excellent vision, even in the dark, to his love of blueberry jam. Anthocyanins are linked to the re-composition of a plastid called rhodopsin* in the retina.

DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) is an unsaturated fatty acid mainly found in fish oil and is known for its nutritional value for growing children. It is also found in breast milk and in every cell, especially in the brain, and it plays a significant role in cerebral formation. It is said that the traditional fish-based Japanese diet is the main contributing factor for their longevity. There seems to be a close relationship between DHA and a healthy life.

Guide of Ingredients


* Rhodopsin exists in cells that function in the dark amongst light-responsive cells. When rhodopsin is stimulated by light, it is decomposed and resynthesised again. By this repeated decomposing and resynthesising, the message is sent to the brain, utilising the visual function of the eyes.

Vitamin E Vitamin B1, B2, B6 and B12 Water-soluble vitamins are necessary to generate energy. We generate the energy necessary for our lives from the 3 major nutrition substances, i.e., protein, carbohydrates and fats contained in our food. In the process, vitamin B acts as the coenzyme, and it is water-soluble. Vitamin B1 helps generate energy from carbohydrates, and B6 helps generate energy from protein. Vitamin B1, B2 and B6 maintain the health of the skin and mucosa. Also, vitamin B12 is a nutrient which assists in the creation of red blood cells.


Popular anti-aging vitamin E prevents oxidation of our body Vitamin E and vitamin C are vitamins that have an anti-aging effect and act as antioxidants. It can be absorbed better when taken together with meals since it is oil soluble.


Commitment of Naturally Plus

With Super Lutein, you can get nature's goodness safely. To produce Super Lutein, from procurement of raw materials and manufacturing, to distribution to the hands of our members, Naturally Plus implements the strictest quality control throughout. Although Naturally Plus does not own any fields to grow the raw ingredients nor do we own any manufacturing plants to extract and combine the ingredients, we work hand in hand with our partners who are world-class experts in their respective fields. Therefore, we assure you that our products are absolutely safe and of the highest quality.


Naturally Plus joins the AIFN Organisation AIFN (Association of International Foods & Nutrition) is a trade organisation formed in Japan to give consumers peace of mind when using food supplements and to contribute to the sound development of the food supplement market. * On May 27, 2009, the "NNFA Japan" officially changed its name to "AIFN".

Extraction, purification and crystallisation to obtain the purest lutein of the highest quality. Lutein is extracted from marigold flowers, which are cultivated by contract farmers of Kemin Health, the US-based company. The flowers are individually handpicked when harvested and transformed into pellets* in an affiliated factory in India, after which they are transported to Iowa, United States, for processing. The pellets are then carefully washed to remove impure substances, and only pure and high quality crystals are produced.

Commitment of Naturally Plus

Commitment of Naturally Plus

Selection of raw ingredients

* Lutein in pellet form

Lutein is the main ingredient of Super Lutein. It is made from the African marigold cultivated without using agricultural chemicals in Thailand and India.


Commitment of Naturally Plus

Selection of raw ingredients

FloraGLO Lutein is made from lutein esters as raw material, after removing the esters by a patented production process and crystallised in the purification process and is highly evaluated in the lutein market. In the United States, with its safety evaluation by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and GRAS (Generally Recognised As Safe) certification, it is the first lutein to be accepted for food and beverage products as a nutritional supplement. It can be absorbed directly into the body because it is in the same form as lutein existing in our bodies. TM

Selection of raw ingredients

Processed into a form suitable for softgel capsules and delivered to Japan Processed lutein supplied by Kemin Health is transported to the DSM Nutritional Products in Switzerland and processed into the "lutein 20% FS" form suitable for soft gelatine capsules. 20% is the ideal density for lutein keeping its stable state while maintaining its optimal concentration of high quality. Finally, after further quality and safety checks by Kemin Health, it is delivered to Japan.

Commitment of Naturally Plus

FloraGLO Lutein is extracted and crystallised with a patented production process TM

Commitment of Naturally Plus

Note: TMFloraGLO is a trademark of the Kemin Industries Inc.

DSM Nutritional Products Inc.

Kemin Health

Kemin Health, L. C. with its head office located in Iowa, USA, is a global company with 14 production bases and 60 business offices worldwide. The company has the patented manufacturing process of TM FloraGLO Lutein which has the highest market share in the global lutein market.


Being the vitamin and fine chemical division of the world’s largest pharmaceutical raw materials producer Roche, the same stringent safety standards are adopted by DSM for the vitamin and carotenoid products as those for pharmaceutical products. TM


Commitment of Naturally Plus

Selection of raw ingredients

Four kinds of anthocyanin in blackcurrant essence are essential ingredients for Super Lutein. Tokiwa Phytochemical imports blackcurrants which are grown in New Zealand in order to maintain a stable supply source. Extracted essence is condensed to a high concentration and dried through a process in accordance with the pharmaceutical GMP standard. *1

Selection of raw ingredients

Crocetin: Extracted from high quality gardenia fruit Crocetin from gardenia is the ingredient that gains great attention amongst the world's researchers in the biochemistry field. Riken Vitamin has established the knowledge and expertise to cultivate stable quantities of high quality gardenia fruits by collaborating with gardenia farmers in Taiwan. Only gardenia fruits under strict quality control from cultivation and harvest to shipment are exported to Japan. There, crocetin is extracted and refined under the most stringent quality control system.

Commitment of Naturally Plus

Anthocyanin: extracted from highly concentrated blackcurrant essence

Commitment of Naturally Plus

*1 Pharmaceutical GMP Pharmaceutical GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) is the standard to ensure proper production and quality control.

Tokiwa Phytochemical Co., Ltd.

The Tokiwa Phytochemical Co., Ltd. was established in 1949 as a pharmaceutical raw material manufacturer recognised in the field of extraction, refinement and analysis of plant ingredients. Blackcurrant essence is produced exclusively for Super Lutein. 20

Riken Vitamin Co., Ltd. It was established in 1949 as the Institute of Physical and Chemical Research, where many scientists, such as the renowned Mr Hideki Yukawa, came from. By applying the extraction and enrichment technology developed by working with Vitamin A, Riken Vitamin manufactures unique products with the focus of the effective application of biological products. 21×210mm)4c

Commitment of Naturally Plus

Manufacturing Process

Upon receiving the raw ingredients, they are strictly tested for microbial content, physical properties and chemical detection.

Aliment Industry Co., Ltd.


Raw materials supplied from each manufacturer are processed into commercial products at Aliment Industry Co. Ltd. which is the designated vendor for Naturally Plus and the work process is in compliance with ISO 9001*3, ISO22000*4 and Health Supplement GMP*2.

Factory workers are required to comply strictly with the 'cleanroom' methodology where special clothing is worn in the work area and the removal of dust in the air shower room before entering the production room is required.

The factory is located at the foot of Mt. Fuji, which has abundant greenery and water. Secured, safe and high quality products are produced according to the strict quality control standards of ISO9001*3, ISO22000*4 and Health Supplement GMP*2.

Through visual inspection, irregular capsules are filtered from the production line.

Commitment of Naturally Plus

Delivered with the quality assurance standard for health supplements GMP*2 and ISO standard.

Empty bottles are air cleaned and filled with 100 capsules of Super Lutein.

*2 Health supplement GMP GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) means “The standard for manufacturing and quality control”. By implementing the standards on work practices and appropriate quality checking, quality products are produced. *3 ISO9001 An international standard for quality management systems established by the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) for quality management and quality assurance. *4 ISO22000 An international standard of the safety management system designed for food. In food production, distribution as well as during the sales process, highly advanced and technological methods are practiced in order to ensure and maintain food security, in accordance with the philosophy of the ISO management system and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point = used to identify important risk factors and to assess and control systems). 23Ă—210mm)4c

Commitment of Naturally Plus

Purchase Method

Naturally Plus advocates the sale of Super Lutein through a unique, member-based direct selling system to you and others. After understanding our company and products, you may register as a member and make a purchase. Ordered products will be couriered by Naturally Plus responsibly into your hands. Naturally Plus adheres to our goal of excellent service, and is a certified ISO9001 company.

SUPER LUTEIN Bottle type (contains 100 capsules)

Commitment of Naturally Plus


Safe and Quick Delivery For the safe and prompt delivery of Naturally Plus products to your hands, Naturally Plus has cooperated with a professional logistics company dedicated to the delivery of Naturally Plus products.


Frequently Asked Questions Is it OK to consume Super Lutein together with tea or coffee? There have been no reports of any chemical interaction between carotenoids, the major ingredient of Super Lutein and caffeine. It can be consumed together with tea or coffee. However, it is recommended to consume it together with water or warm water.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please register as a member before you place an order.

When should it be consumed during the day? It can be consumed at any time together with water without chewing since the major ingredients of Super Lutein are basically food ingredients. You may also divide the daily indicated intake amount to be consumed at various times of the day such as in the morning, noon and in the evening. Will I get fat by consuming Super Lutein? The calorie count in 3 capsules, the daily indicated intake amount of Super Lutein, is 10.1kcal so you do not have to worry about this quantity causing any obesity problems. I have allergies. Is Super Lutein safe to consume? Please do not consume if you have an allergy to wheat, fish, or gelatine since they are all found in Super Lutein. As the wheat germ is crushed before the oil is extracted and refined, the wheat germ oil may still contain a small amount of protein. Please be especially careful if you have an allergy to wheat. If you are worried about any allergy, it is recommended to start with one third of the daily indicated intake, and in 1 or 2 weeks gradually increase the amount slowly. Should allergic symptoms appear, immediately stop taking and consult a doctor. 25×210mm)4c

I am taking warfarin (oral anticoagulant). Can I consume Super Lutein? Does it contain vitamin K? Vitamin K is not added to Super Lutein. However, trace amounts of around 0.08μg of vitamin K per 3 capsules can be found. No reaction caused by the interaction of any of the carotenoids and warfarin (weakening or enhancing its effects) has been reported so far. If you have further concerns, please consult your personal physician. Is it OK to consume while pregnant or lactating? There is no problem if it is within the indicated amount, i.e., 3 capsules. A person who is lactating can consume Super Lutein since no adverse effect of carotenoids in pregnancy has been reported, and β-carotene already exists in maternal milk. However, if you have further concerns, please consult your personal physician.


I am receiving dialysis treatment, and the doctor prohibits me from taking phosphor, potassium and sodium. Is it OK to consume Super Lutein? How much phosphor, potassium and sodium are contained in it? The phosphor or potassium content in Super Lutein is processed from the raw ingredients and there is no additional content. As the amount is negligible, there should not be any problem if the recommended daily intake amount is followed. The sodium content is 2.22mg per 3 capsules, and there is no need to worry about the amount. However, should you have any concerns, please consult your personal physician.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where should I store my product? Eliminate Super Lutein is made of soft capsules, please avoid exposure to high temperatures, such as in the car, near household appliances and do not place in the refrigerator. Please store in a cool place with no direct sunlight. High temperature → Capsules may break down and result in the contents leaking. Drying → Capsules may harden and become fragile. Humidity → Capsules may stick to one another.

Is there any possibility of my hands or feet turning yellowish in colour if I consume Super Lutein? It is normal for the palms or soles to turn yellowish similar to when too many oranges are consumed, due to the presence of the carotenoid ingredients from fruits and vegetables (especially β-carotene) contained in the product. This is a natural reaction and does not affect your health in any way; you may reduce the daily intake volume if you have any concerns. When the intake amount is reduced or stopped, such symptoms will soon disappear. Why is the colour of each capsule slightly different? Carotenoids, the major raw ingredients of Super Lutein are from nature. The colour of Super Lutein capsules may vary depending on the place of origin or season of collection.


Naturally plus super lutein guidebook  
Naturally plus super lutein guidebook  

A premium quality health food supplement especially desinged to maintain good eyesight.