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6 Tips for Shopping Safe Online

When online shopping, it is crucial to take the necessary action to protect yourself from retail scams and identity theft. The popularity of the online marketplace has seen the appearance of dishonest people who are intent on taking advantage of the more unsuspecting shoppers. Here are several steps to stay safe when online shopping:

Install a reliable antimalware software package Make sure a reliable security program is installed and kept up-to-date to ensure a laptop is protected from malware, viruses, or similar attacks. Many people still ignore the advice of installing security software, but this is critical for those that regularly use their laptop for online shopping activities. Use a program with an automatic updating feature to make sure the latest virus and malware signatures are detected.

Optimize the laptops security settings Besides installing the up-to-date anti-spyware and virus protection, there are several options to improve the efficiency of the PC's operating system and software. Many of the malicious programs gain access to the PC via out of date operating systems or web browsers. For this reason, it is crucial to have the updates and security patches automatically installed on the computer as soon as they are released.

Use reputable or well-known vendors Limit the online shopping activity to trusted vendors only. If you aren't entirely certain about a particular retailer, you may wish to invest some time to research the company and verify their authenticity. Another step to increase the security for making an online payment comes from using the third-party payment processors like Google Checkout or PayPal. This means the card number and expiration date are never given direct to the retailer and cuts the risks of this sensitive information getting into the hands of the wrong person.

Use a credit card for payment and not a debit card There are several reasons to use the credit cards for online payment instead of the debit card. A significant reason relates to the spending limits. The credit card has a specific spending limit in place. But the debit card is directly connected to the bank account, which could give the potential thief access to the full amount in the account. Also, the fraudulent charges made on a credit card are much easier to dispute since these cards have more wide-ranging payment protection in place. Trying to recover funds taken dishonestly from a debit card is a more difficult process. Also, it may benefit to apply for a credit card with a low limit that is used when making online transactions. This should ensure you are able to minimize any damage to the finances.

Keep careful records of online purchases It is generally a good idea to save or print a copy of the order confirmation. This should be kept in a safe place until the ordered merchandise is received and accepted. Any reputable retailer will send an order confirmation that includes a purchase number. This makes it easily to dispute any discrepancies that many be noticed in the future.

Use strong and unique passwords If it is necessary to create an online account with a retailer, make sure to create a strong password that isn't likely to be easily guessed. Also, always use a unique password for each online account that is set-up. A well-considered password is certain to offer a simple, yet effective security step to protect against issues with the potential hacker. Try to use the passwords that are easy to remember for you, but can't be guessed by others. All in all, by taking the necessary safety measures when shopping online, you should be able to put yourself in a great position to avoid the many issues that can relate to poor online shopping activities.


6 tips for shopping safe online  
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