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Barrie Glover

Images from our Tierra del Fuego trip


Barrie Glover 01_Culpeo, vixen This is a female Andean Fox or Culpeo. The Culpeo (Lycalopexculpaeus), is also known as Zorro Culpeo.


Barrie Glover 02_Culpeo, cub This is one of the Culpeo vixen’s six cubs.


Barrie Glover 03_Magellanic Penguin Megallenic Penguin (Spheniscus magellanicus), they breed in coastal Patagonia, including Argentina and the Falkland Islands.


Barrie Glover 04_Gentoo Penguin Gentoo Penguin(Pygoscelispapua) isclosely related to both the AdĂŠlie and Chinstrap Penguins


Barrie Glover 05_Magallenic Penguin gathering A Megallenic Penguin gathering


Barrie Glover 06_Blue-eyed Cormorant This is a Blue-eyed Cormorant (Phalacrocoraxatriceps) it is the only Antarctic bird to keep a year-round nest as long as the ice holds off.


Barrie Glover 07_Black-browed Albatross The Black-browed Albatross (Thalassarchemelanophris), are also known as the Black-browed Mollymawk


Barrie Glover 08_South Polar Skua The South Polar Skua (Stercorariusmaccormicki) is a large seabird in the Skua family


Barrie Glover 09_Southern Lapwing The Southern Lapwing (Vanellus chilensis) is a common and widespread resident throughout South America.


Barrie Glover 10_Kelp Goose - Male A male Kelp Goose (Chloephagahybrida), these are found in the Southern part of South America including Tierra del Fuego, and the Falkland Islands. 14

Barrie Glover 11_Dolphin Gull The Dolphin Gull (Leucophaeusscoresbii), is another bird native to Argentina, and the Falkland Islands.


Jeff Steady

In February, after two weeks excellent but strenuous birding in The Gambia in January carrying my Nikon kit through the day, I finally did what I had planned for a while – I acquired a mirrorless camera for reduced weight, help with cropping for birds and animals and to improve low light photography. These are some of my images so far. The camera is Sony A7R4 with a Sony 200-600mm lens. Although I am sold on the camera for its portability, it does not yield its delights easily. As it is I am making progress but the high incidence of noise brings challenges especially for moving creatures at a distance in poor light. (I still have the Nikon kit) 16

Jeff Steady 01 Powick Mill from Carrington Bridge - Powick Mill – uncropped - Taken from Carrington Bridge on a windy day at 600mm, 9504 x 6336 uncompressed RAW


Jeff Steady 02 Clearing flood debris at Carrington Bridge - Clearing flood debris - cropped to 7798 x 5199 - Taken from Carrington Bridge on a windy day at 600mm, 9504 x 6336 uncompressed RAW


Jeff Steady 03 Diglis foot bridge from Carrington Bridge - Diglis Bridge – cropped to 8950 x 5967 - Taken from Carrington Bridge on a windy day at 600mm, 9504 x 6336 uncompressed RAW


Jeff Steady 04 Avon Meadows welcome board Avon Meadows welcome board - RAW at 268mm and lightly cropped


Jeff Steady 05 Swans display Swans display – RAW taken on cropped sensor setting at 610mm equivalent, max scaled, and then cropped to about half 21

Jeff Steady 06 Black headed gulls resent a Lesser Black Backed Gull - Black headed gulls resent a lesser black backed gull – RAW taken at 600mm, max scaled and then cropped to about half 22

Jeff Steady 07 Swans relate - Swans relate – JPEG at 600mm, max scaled, and then cropped to half


Jeff Steady 08 Grey heron in flight - Heron in flight – JPEG at 35mm equivalent 820mm 4752 x 3168, max scaled and then cropped to 3352 x 2235 – bird was about 1/50th of original image. I toned down highlights and greens but otherwise I think the image is as taken. 24

Jeff Steady 09 Great crested grebe JPEG taken at equivalent 900mm and heavily cropped. Highlights reduced (but still some white clipping). Otherwise little or no editing done.


Martin Addison

These images were taken on a trip to Snowdonia last October. Many of them have been treated in various ways in Lightroom


Wild panel 1 - This started as a series of photographs of a broken warning sign. I put several of them into a panel and then cropped to squares. I then treated them to some work using Curves in Lightroom. 27

Two panels created from photographs of slate in the National Slate Museum in Dinorwig 28

Circular panel Two experiments in using Curves in Lightroom, the original photographs were taken in Snowdonia 29

More playing with Curves in Lightroom


Reeds panel Intentional camera movement on reeds


Lichens panel 2


Blue Mood panel. ICM on grasses on the beach and treated using Curves 33

Lichens panel 3 Details from a slate fence in Cymorthin, Snowdonia


Wheel and Window in the Dinorwig Slate Museum 35

Multiple exposure in camera followed by Curves treatment in Lightroom 36

Water panel - 13 different photographs, all the same but different created this panel. Made in Lightroom 37

Richard Sarginson

These images follow a theme that I have been pursuing for over a year now. I took a few images of trees at Link Top in Malvern. One or two of these were used as the source image. An example is shown in the first image. The problem is, I do not know which image(s) were used to produce each abstract. I think only two were used for all those sent. The images you see were produced by digital manipulation. I have to admit that each image is unique and totally non-reproducible (even if I knew the image processing I used at each stage of their production). When I start each image, its more like a computer doodle from which something sometimes emerges that strikes a chord with me. I had no idea what would appear - I suppose you could say the process is a real random walk through an abstract jungle. A recognisable reality just doesn't survive for long. 38

Source Image 39

Richard Sarginson 02


Richard Sarginson 03


Richard Sarginson 04 42

Richard Sarginson 05 43

Richard Sarginson 06


Richard Sarginson 07


Richard Sarginson 08


Richard Sarginson 09


Richard Sarginson 10


Richard Sarginson 11


Clive Haynes

Rococo Gardens - Interpretations In February, accompanied by Angie Hill, Gill and I had a day out in the Rococo Gardens at Painswick. There was much to enjoy and I sought to discover subjects away from the myriad snowdrops which were the principal attraction for visitors. My selection opens with a couple of infrared pictures then, moving from interpretations of the Exhedra feature through in-camera double-exposures to reflections and trees. 50

Clive Haynes 01 Castle in the Trees


Clive Haynes 02 Exhedra in Infrared 52

Clive Haynes 03 Exhedra Impression (double-exposure) 53

Clive Haynes 04 Exhedra Impression (double-exposure) 54

Clive Haynes 05 Exhedra Detail (double-exposure) 55

Clive Haynes 06 Exhedra in Reflection


Clive Haynes 07 Reeds and Ripples 57

Clive Haynes 08 Watery Branches 58

Clive Haynes 09 Watery Branches 59

Clive Haynes 10 Squiggles


Clive Haynes 11 Interweave


Nigel Reader

Aspects of High-Tech and Structural Expressionist Architecture This set of images was taken over two separate recent visits to London in late 2019 and early 2020. In the course of looking for architectural pictures I “discovered” Leadenhall, which was not previously an area of the City that I knew. Without getting into the technicalities (which are in any event beyond me!) I think that the predominant style of architecture can best be described as High-Tech (the “Gherkin”) and/or Structural Expressionist (the Lloyds building). Whatever, this is the money quarter and the buildings are clearly designed to impress, if not over awe. I found that my reaction to it all was a little ambivalent. Whilst I could greatly admire the vision and ability to harness new materials and techniques in order to create designs and shapes hitherto impossible; and whilst the photographer in me found the possible light and texture combinations of endless interest, the whole ambiance seemed a bit beyond the human scale and even somewhat foreboding. There is also, in modern parlance, more that an element of “Vanity Project” about the whole construct. The images are processed in high contrast, high structure black and white in an effort to sum up my reaction to the buildings and demonstrate what exactly inspired me to take the images in the first place. 62

Nigel Reader 01 Vertical City


Nigel Reader 02 Facade


Nigel Reader 03 Glass Curtain 65

Nigel Reader 04 Gherkin


Nigel Reader 05 Skyscrapers


Nigel Reader 06 Gherkin Detail 68

Nigel Reader 07 Money Machines 69

Nigel Reader 08 Geometrics


Nigel Reader 09 Light & Dark 71

James Boardman Woodend

Ever seen I moved from shooting film to digital I have always shot and processed in colour. Since being confined to mostly being at home due to the dreaded virus I thought I would grasp the nettle and reprocess my pictures taken on the Isle of Harris ( Outer Hebrides ) as black and white images. I hope you like them. 72

James B-Woodend 01 Harris 73

James B-Woodend 02 Harris


James B-Woodend 03 Harris 75

James B-Woodend 04 Harris 76

James B-Woodend 05 Harris 77

James B-Woodend 06 Harris 78

James B-Woodend 07 Harris 79

James B-Woodend 08 Harris 80

James B-Woodend 09 Harris 81

James B-Woodend 10 Harris 82

James B-Woodend 11 Harris 83

Tessa Mills

Sometimes I use my camera like a sketch book. Whatever takes my eye is 'caught' . No concept or deep meaning, just interesting fun of the moment! These images were taken whilst travelling on a ferry to Spain last year


Tessa. 01. On Board.


Tessa. 02. On Board. 86

Tessa. 03. On Board.

026 87

Tessa. 04. On Board.


Tessa. 05. On Board. 89

Tessa. 06. On Board. 90

Tessa. 07. On Board. 91

Eric Williams


Eric Williams_01_Palm Leaf Detail from an unidentified palm leaf


Eric Williams_02_Agapanthus Rotating the camera during exposure provides a nice twirly feel to this agapanthus 94

Eric Williams_03_Tropical Forest Vertical camera movement of this tropical forest 95

Eric Williams_04_Glass Blocks Viewing a glass block wall through a glass block 96

Eric Williams_05_Flaming Flowers Vertical movement on these unidentified flowers 97

Eric Williams_06_Palm Leaf Genesis The heart of the traveller palm tree from where the fronds sprout 98

Eric Williams_07_Red Zoom A little bit of zooming colour on a grey day 99

Eric Williams_08_Rainbow Eucalyptus The multi-coloured trunk of the rainbow eucalyptus 100

Eric Williams_09_Wetlands Sunset Horizontal ICM at sunset over the Palo Verde wetlands 101

Eric Williams_10_Pointed Palms Unidentified palm fronds 102

Eric Williams_11_After Hockney After Hockney - what else could it be? 103

Les Bailey

Garden birds and deer, all taken in the last week or two from house windows; 'through the square window' as the kids' TV programme might say. We see the two young deer most days now, mom and dad some days, and rarely a very young deer; I hope to photograph that soon.


1 les bailey 2 yng fmls


2 les bailey yng fml


3 les bailey bullfinch male


5 les bailey goldfinch 1


6 les bailey greenfinch


7 les bailey greenfinch


8 les bailey long tail tit


9 les bailey blue tit in rain


10 les bailey wheatear in rain 113

11 les bailey wheatear


4 les bailey goldfinch 2


Colin Nash

I thought that I would do some from a pleasant holiday in Spain last spring, so different to this year


Colin Nash 01 Orchidarium Roof 117

Colin Nash 02 - Almond Blossum 118

Colin Nash 03 - Empty Sun Loungers 119

Colin Nash 04 - Street Decorations in Manilva 120

Colin Nash 05 - Duquesa Port 121

Colin Nash 06 - Cormorant at Sea 122

Colin Nash 07 - Out of Season Life Guard Tower 123

Colin Nash 08 - Is this really worth eating 124

Colin Nash 09 - Griffon Vulture 125

Colin Nash 10 - Old men on the Town Square 126

Colin Nash 11 - Spanish White Village 127

Heather Mann

The reason I have chosen these images is they are different to my usual wildlife shots. All taken in India, I found the people and street scenes fascinating and couldn't resist taking these shots.


Heather Mann 01 India


Heather Mann 02 India 130

Heather Mann 03 India


Heather Mann 04 India


Heather Mann 05 India 133

Heather Mann 06 India 134

Heather Mann 07 India 135

Janet Sprason

A selection of images from my files


Jan Sprason 01-Stoer Lighthouse


Jan Sprason 02-Kinlochewe 138

Jan Sprason 03-Postcard From Sutherland 139

Jan Sprason 04-Suffolk Sunrise 140

Jan Sprason 05-Sailing, Regardless 141

Jan Sprason 07-Sandscape


Jan Sprason 09- Leaves (with Butterfly) 143

Jan Sprason 10-Seed Heads 144

Jan Sprason 11-Lily Trace


Jan Sprason 12-Lavender 146

Jan Sprason 13-Blue Mood


Derek Skinner

All taken with a fisheye lens.


Derek Skinner 01 Grand Central.


Derek Skinner 02 Grand Central. 150

Derek Skinner 03 Birmingham Library. 151

Derek Skinner 04 Birmingham museum. 152

Derek Skinner 05 Avoncroft. 153

Derek Skinner 06 Bewdley 154

Derek Skinner 07 Stourport basin. 155

Lawrence Keen

I have attached seven images taken last week looking at buildings & structures that I have seen as Abandoned & Derelict.


Lawrence Keen-01-Abandoned & Derelict Ruined barn looking towards Helvellyn.


Lawrence Keen-02-Abandoned & Derelict Roofless barn looking towards Helvellyn. 158

Lawrence Keen-03-Abandoned & Derelict Sheepfold. 159

Lawrence Keen-04-Abandoned & Derelict Redundant gateposts near Angle Tarn. 160

Lawrence Keen-05-Abandoned & Derelict Derelict stone wall at Angle Tarn. 161

Lawrence Keen-06-Abandoned & Derelict Ruined barn near Hartsop. 162

Lawrence Keen-07-Abandoned & Derelict Shepherds Cottage off Bromyard Downs. 163

Peter Willis

These are pictures I have found when trawling back through the archive here, no real plan here, just stuff, in some cases which I have not seen for years.


Peter Willis 01 - _Barley Sugar Twist_ Sign Post 165

Peter Willis 02 - Nottingham - Street Scene 166

Peter Willis 03 - Nottingham Lace Mkt 167

Peter Willis 04 -Bevere - Old Bath & Water Pump 168

Peter Willis 05 - Nottingham Rly Stn - Drain Pipe 169

Peter Willis 06 - Queen & Philip - Worcs High St - 2012 170

Peter Willis 07- Gt Witley - Ceiling 2014 171

Peter Willis 08 - Worcs Floods 2012 - Black Swan 172

Peter Willis 09 - Bath - Pulteney Bridge 173

Peter Willis 10 - Bedgelert Nth Wales 2014 174

Peter Willis 11 - Clevedon Pier


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Digital Photography Group (Worcestershire Camera Club)  

March 2020. A selection of work by club members now that we cannot meet in person.

Digital Photography Group (Worcestershire Camera Club)  

March 2020. A selection of work by club members now that we cannot meet in person.