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The Eighties Included: Fashion Music and Education Articles


Table of Contents Education ………………………………………………… 1 Fashion ………………………………………………….. 2 Film & Theatre …………………………………………… 3 Food ………………………………………………………. 4 Culture ……………………………………………………. 5 Sports …………………………………………………….. 6 Music ……………………………………………………… 7 Way we Lived ……………………………………………. 8 Government/Politics …………………………………….. 9 Law & Justice…………………………………………….. 10 Foreign Affairs ……………………………………… 11 - 12 Domestic Affairs …………………………………….. 13-14

Educatio n

Segregation Although segregation had been gone for a while, reports were written on schools only accepting one race. This was completely wrong and had to be banned as African Americans and other minorities, had to have the right to an equal education. Because of this and other factors, the overall quality of education was spiraling down in the 80’s as it had been since a couple of decades. Other competing countries like the Soviet Union and some European states were producing many brighter kids with better grades in math and science. This is why change was needed. Drug usage at schools Another problem schools were facing was drug usage, many programs were made like Just Say No and D.A.R.E. The problem was so bad that even Nancy Reagan, the first lady, decided to join and and help out to raise awareness and campaign. Ups and Downs Overall, education in the 1980’s was almost like a roller coaster ride, The president at the time, Reagan, wanted to abolish the Department of Education and at the same the Back to the Basics Movement was gaining popularity. This movement said that the U.S.’s scores were going lower and lower so the back to basics movement would ensure better grades in reading, writing, and math.

Fashion Women The latest trends in the 80’s were very different to before. Women and girls were wearing oversized shirts with leggings, wedges, bright colored and neon clothing, leg warmers, and clothes and jackets with shoulder pads. Women also loved scarves, turtlenecks, and silk shirts. Jeans were the hot, new thing for women and girls. The pants that they wore were high waisted and very comfortable, such as sweat pants. Women were wearing very bold colors. Most importantly, belts or bracelets were worn along with the outfit. Accessories, such as earrings, wee very big.

Men Men and boys, on the other hand, wore jean jackets, t-shirts, high top shoes, and baggy blazers. The clothes men wore were very comfortable. The most popular thing for men and boys were sweatpants and sweatshirts. Guys wore sneakers. Earlier in the 80’s men had big mustaches, however, that trend died fairly quickly in the 80’s. Both men and women had very long hair, using a lot of hair spray to keep its shape. Women, however, had big bangs as well.

Film & Theatre Evolution Movie effects were improving, in fact, in the new movies that came out in the near future, a clear improvement in quality and effects can be seen. Movies like The Terminator, Aliens, Back to the Future, and Ghostbusters came out in these years, which prove how well the effects were with the technologies they had back then.

Famous titles

Blockbuster films were becoming With titles like “Les Misérables”, more popular as science-fiction “Cats” and “Phantom of the Opera”, the 1980’s were also big in and thrillers/horror. theatre with new wonderful In television, names like CNN, Full musicals coming out each year. House and The Simpsons European “mega-musicals or pop emerged in 1989. operas” were influencing many actors in Broadway and in the West. Overall these new musicals coming out had bigger budgets, turning them into bigger shows. Many of these big shows are plays or musicals based on books. For example Les Miserables from the book by Victor Hugo.

Food Nerds Nerds are moon rock shaped candies that come in various vivid colors. The candies have a variety of flavors like orange, cherry, watermelon and the original flavors that are grape and strawberry. Nerds are known for their unique packaging design. They come in double- flavoured boxes that are divided into two sides with individual spouts. Reese’s Pieces Reese’s pieces are peanut butter candy from The Hershey Company. They are flat spheroid shapes and they are covered in candy shells that are colored yellow, orange or brown. The candy is manufactured in the US but it is also sold in Europe. Reese’s Pieces blew up when they appeared in the blockbuster “E.T.” after that the product sales increased by as much as 300%. Fruit Snacks Fruit Snacks are processed foods mainly eaten in the United States. They are very similar to gummy candies but they are fruit flavored and fruit shaped. The most famous manufacturers of Fruit Snacks is Welch. There are 10 varieties and a range of packages for all different tastes. Fruit snacks were invented in the 80’s but the candy is still successful today. Dippin’ Dots Dippin’ Dots are ice cream snacks invented in 1988. The snacks are well-known to be great, fast snacks during the summer when it is very hot outside.

Culture The culture of Americans was based on rankings and looks. They were mainly focused on power, money, and fashion. Power was a very important part of someone's image because the more power someone has, the better they were in the face of the other people around them. Everyone was just living based on the amount of power one holds in his or her hands. Money was also important because people liked others more if they had more money, the person with more money could buy whatever he or she wanted, and they also had power. Fashion was also very important back then because people are more and more obsessed with others thoughts on them. In order for people to like you, you had to look nice and presentable so that no one would judge you. However, this is becoming a big issue because people were starting to care so much about what other people thought of them, others were also being judged if they did not have the right clothes, amount of money, or power. Women Women were getting better education, jobs, and were able to join the military if they wanted to. However, men were still not treating them as equals. Women had started to become more and more independant due to an increased rate of divorces, leaving them single mothers. Racism Racism was still present in the 80’s, however there was no segregation. People still gave speeches in order to give African Americans more civil rights.

Sports Football January 22, 1989, San Francisco 49ers are 3 points down, 34 seconds left on the clock, Joe Montana gets the ball, he finds John Taylor and sends him an impeccable 10 yard pass for the touchdown. That is how the San Francisco 49ers won the Super Bowl XXIII. It was the 49ers 3rd out of 5 Super Bowl championship titles. After that historic moment, Jerry Rice was named the Super Bowl MVP. Soccer Bilardo’s Argentina was playing against Robson’s England for the quarter finals of the ‘86 world cup. It was minute 51 and England was up 1-0. Argentina had a corner and Argentina’s star player Diego Maradona puts his hand and scores with his hand tying the score. After that memorable goal Maradona was known to have “The Hand of God.” 4 minutes after, once again Maradona, dribbles past 5 England players and scores “The Goal of the Century” giving Argentina the victory and path to the finals. Argentina then went to win the world cup by beating Germany 3-2. Boxing December 11, 1981, in Nassau, Bahamas Mohammed Ali fought one last fight against Trevor Berbick. The boxing legend was unfortunately defeated in a ten-round decision.

Music - Sponsored by Spec’s Famous musicians Some famous singers back then are Madonna, John Lennon, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, and Prince. Some popular musical styles were pop, like Michael Jackson, rap and hip hop, like Salt-n-Pepa, new wave, like The Police, and hair metal, like Guns n’ Roses. Popular songs of that decade include “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey, “All Night Long” by Lionel Richie, and “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” by Cyndi Lauper. Michael Jackson had many top hits in the 80s. Michael Jackson just released his new album, Thriller. One of his most popular songs in the album is a pop song called “Billie Jean.” Other popular songs in his album include “Beat It” and “Thriller.”

Hip Hop The Hip Hop style of music mainly originated in New York, in the African American towns and communities, which became part of the culture in the 1980s. This genre includes the different uses of beatboxing, rapping, and different electronic sounds. Salt-n-Pepa became the well-known female rappers and known for their hip hop style music.

Way We Lived- Generation Y Slang A big claim yet pretty true about the 1980’s is that they were only famous for being the years of hair bands, the Berlin Wall demolition, and drugs. Although, the 80’s were actually very interesting. In these years many of the children picked up a way of speaking called valspeak, this was a slang that came from black street jargon, hippie lingo, and surfer slang. Children were saying words like skanky, rad, geek, and even rolf. These words were used to say gross, excellent, weird, and vomiting. There are still traces of this in today’s society, especially saying the word “like” a lot which was started in valspeak Slang in these years became an actually rather extensive vocabulary with many of the words still around today. Walkmans Another thing commonly seen would be walkmans, they are the ipods or iphones of the eighties. Everyone had one with different types of music and tapes. People had big hair with headbands and wore neon. In these years, people were very flashy. Stereotypes The American stereotype at the time was a “Yuppie”, 25 to 39 year olds making about $40,000 a year that spent money freely and probably owned a BMW or the rising SUV cars.These people probably wore Ralph Lauren with their Rolex and Perrier water. These people most likely snorted cocaine, the preferred drug of n the 80s. This is just a stereotype of course, but most likey, this is what a middle aged man might be like.

Government/Politics Ronald Reagan Reagan was the Republican candidate running for president and he was running against former president Jimmy Carter. His campaign appealed to all kinds of conservatives since he promised to cut taxes and to have a smaller government. During the election many democrats voted for the Republican candidate and they became known as the “Reagan Democrats.” They provide millions of key votes that led him to winning the elections. Once Reagan was elected he was dedicated into following the Republican mentality and getting the federal government out of American’s personal lives. He supported industrial deregulation, reductions in government spending and cutting taxes for corporations and for the people. This was part to his “supply-side economics” economic plan. They would reward success and let individuals keep more of their money and it would motivate them to buy more and to invest, like this the economy would grow. Cold war Like previous presidents during the Cold war. Reagan believed in the domino theory, that if one country would fall to communism the freedom of the countries around it was threatened as well. To solve this issue, his administration provided financial and military aid to other anti communist governments and insurgencies around the world. This applied in nations such as Grenada, El Salvador and Nicaragua and it was known as the Reagan Doctrine. In 1986 it emerged that the White House had sold arms to Iran to be able to get U.S hostages from Lebanon and then diverted money from the sales to NIcaraguan rebels called Contras. The Iran-Contra affair led to the conviction (that was then reversed) of Reagan’s security advisor Poindexter.

Law & Justice Drugs Many people were smoking and doing drugs. Since the huge amount of drug use by Americans, the government enforced many strict rules. The United States forbade the use and distribution of illegally bought drugs. Whoever participated in drug activity, and was caught, faced the consequences. However, the United States did permit the use of certain types of drugs for medical use only. The Anti Drug Abuse Act of of 1986 is able to make the efforts against drugs much stronger and stricter. There are different provisions to this act. For example, one of them is to increase the amount of tax on imports on countries that do not support the United States’ effort to decrease the amount of drug imports.

The Comprehensive Crime Control Act of 1984 The Comprehensive Crime Control Act of 1984 is an act that was signed by President Ronald Reagan in order to increase punishment for the use of drugs in the United States. It is the first very big revision of the criminal code in the United States.

Foreign Affairs Iran-Iraq war When the Iraq-Iran War erupted, the U.S. had obvious reasons to stand against Iran, one of the being the hostage crisis in in which Iranian students took over the U.S. embassy in Tehran and held them hostage for 444 days. The U.S. thought that the Iraqi leader Saddam would be able to destabilize Iran, so they provided them with billions of dollars, non-American origin weaponry, military intelligence and special operations training. Many believed that U.S. government encourage Saddam to invade Iran, and that is what led him to utilize chemical weapons in the Iraqi city called Harajba and later the invasion of Kuwait in the early 90’s. After being involved in many wars, the U.S. did not have a great amount of money. The solution encountered was borrow from abroad. In a short period of time, the United States went from the World’s greatest creditor, a nation to whom money is owed, to the greatest debtor, a nation that owes a sum of money. This caused the media and entertainment industry to glamourize the stock market, which made many teenagers pursue careers such as brokers, investors, and bankers that would eventually help the stock market recover.

Foreign Affairs Cold war After almost 35 years involved in the Cold War with the Soviet Union, Reagan sought to improve relationships with the Soviet Union, just as the other Presidents before him. Various meetings were made with the Soviet Leader, Mikhail Gorbachev. In one of the most remarkable meetings, they agreed to eliminate intermediate-range nuclear missiles. A couple year after that, in 1989, both leaders declared the War over, what no one would expect was that they would be working side by side during the following years. In 1986, it was discovered that the White House was secretly selling arms to Iran in order to guarantee the safety of the nation and to free about 104 American hostages that were being held hostage in Lebanon. Iran was provided with a huge number of missiles, including anti-tank, anti-aircraft, and hawk missiles. Apart from that, they also gave some of the money from the sales to Nicaraguan rebels known as Contra. This shocking event became known as the Iran-Contra affair or Iran-Contra scandal.

Domestic Affairs Gender Equality The eighties pushed America closer to gender equality. Many women became the first at some areas and jobs in which women were previously not allowed. For example, Sandra Day O’Connor became the first woman to be part of the United States Supreme Court, Sally Ride became the first female astronaut, and Aretha Franklin became the first female inductee to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. In addition to that, Dr. Lenora Fulani became the first female(and African-American) presidential candidate to secure ballot in all 50 states and managed to secure the highest number of votes gained by a female candidate (until 2012).

Reagan Assassination attempt On March 30th 1981, President Ronald Reagan was leaving a speaking in the Hilton Hotel in Washington and was almost assassinated. As he was entering his car, John Hinckley Jr. fired his gun. Fortunately, no one died in the attack and the shooter, John Hinckley was sent to a psychiatric facility for the rest of his life.

Domestic Affairs Recession In 1980, the U.S. entered the most significant recession since the Great Depression (prior to 2007-9). The recession was caused by a major inflation which began all the way back in the early 70’s. During the recession, interest grew to about 18%, which made buying things such as houses or cars extremely expensive, not even including taxes or insurance. In addition, unemployment rates reaches 11%, the third highest unemployment rate up to date, and the inflation grew higher each day, since many economists thought that by increasing inflation,, the unemployment would drop. Attempting to end the recession, former president Ronald Reagan created a policy named “Reaganomics”. It dealt with the reduction of taxes and the promotion of unrestricted free-market activity. President Reagan stated that the claim that says “cutting taxes generates more income” was an essential aspect of his policy



Book review Matilda Matilda is a typical Roald Dahl novel filled with comedy and easy vocabulary. I really liked the story because it was so good and easy to read. The best bit was when Matilda used her mind to knock over the water jug with the newt in it and it frightened Miss Trunchbull! I would recommend this book to any reader over 10 years old because you can get into the story straight away. Misery The title Misery fits the book perfectly. I like the way King structures Misery. It’s split into three sections with multiple chapters per section. The chapters vary in length for a few pages up to twenty pages. This makes the action in Misery flow quite rapidly. King doesn’t give his readers much time to slow down so the reader always wants to keep reading. The author also uses a lot of foreshadowing by adding the background information at the right time. I really enjoyed the book because it is full of suspense and mystery. King really wrote another fantastic book.

CELEB GOSSIP 1988, fantastic hollywood actor Tom Hanks gets married with the beautiful Rita Wilson. The two celebrated 30 years of marriage this year. Their unconditional love is shown through their 2 loving children. Hollywood actor Johnny Depp was a huge sensation in the 80’s because of his good looks and charming ways. He frequently appeared in the front of gossip magazines, whenever he had an interview or he dated a new girl. Depp married his first wife Lori Allison in 1983 but they quickly divorced in 1985.

Madonna was another iconic figure of the 80’s she was also mainly known for her great looks and sex appeal. After her 51st birthday in 2009, Madonna went back and looked at her previous interviews and many times she repeated that she was very thankful for this opportunity to be a singer.

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