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Google Review Rating: Actual new review about Covid-19 safety: "Always helpful and informative. I also feel very safe regarding Covid at this facility. I have had plastic surgery, BBL facial treatments, Botox, and tomorrow I'm getting filler. I'll be back!" - Brenda S. "This is a very comfortable, clean, warm, and friendly place for all of your aesthetic need." - Sara I. "The facility is inmaculate, and the staff is knowledgeable and always corteous." - Beverlie M.

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COVID-19 ACPS se enorgullece de sostener un récord impecable de seguridad con las medidas implementadas en todas nuestras dependencias para garantizar el bienestar de nuestros pacientes, doctores y empleados, en respuesta y prevención de Covid 19.

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THE TEXAS SMILE DOCTOR Patients from all over the country and around the globe come to The Woodlands to receive the world-class quality and expertise from one of the most qualified cosmetic dentists in the nation.

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Dr. Guy M. Lewis has been widely recognized as one of the best cosmetic dentists in the nation, holding some of the top awards and certifications. He has been the official cosmetic dentist of the Houston Astros, Houston Rockets, Houston Dynamo, and Houston Eros. He has also been part of major Beauty Pageants such as Miss Texas, Miss Teen Texas, Miss Hawaiian Tropic, and Miss America Internacional with

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We are proud to hold an extraordinary record in safety within our premises. After investing thousands of dollars in state-ofthe-art air-purification technology, among many Actual patient

other measures, we can offer our patients a safe environment for a rewarding experience.

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We don’t break rules. We make rules. New McLaren GT Mclaren Houston (832) 266-0752 MclarenHouston.co m


110 Cover: Celebrating India 2021 - March 2021

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INDIA Land of Enchantment 16


KIRAN VERNA Godmother of Indian

Fine Dining

“Fashion is an art. You express who you are through what you’re wearing.” — Daniele Donato

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am more than pleased to invite you to celebrate our 8th anniversary with us. And what better way to do it as we enter our ninth year, than by celebrating the multicultural richness of our beloved Houston, the most cosmopolitan city in the Nation.

This year we are delghted to give a twist to LUXCIOR, with the desire to highlight the contributions made by all the countries of the world, widely represented in our community, and making this one of the most coveted metropolises to live in. And what better way to start than through our wonderful Indo-American community, which brings us one of the oldest and most enriching cultures of humanity, contributing to our city through medicine, nursing, technology, energy, the arts, fabulous food and valuable businesses. I want to thank all of our loyal sponsors, starting with our very first client and partner, Lamborghini Houston, who have accompanied us along with many others on this wonderful journey, even in the midst of the greatest challenges, such as 2020. We are also grateful to our talented and dear collaborators, who have made it all possible; and to our audience, who have appreciated and followed us in our continuous effort to present a clean, decent magazine that supports the highest Houstonian family values. Let’s keep on praying for our beautiful city, our great Nation, and our leaders, and for all of those Houston neighbors and families that have lost so much during the past 12 months. I encourage you to help them with your support through any means possible. May God bless you abundantly!

Martin Gondra Publisher



stoy más que complacido de invitarte a celebrar con nosotros nuestro octavo aniversario. Y qué mejor manera de entrar a nuestro noveno año que celebrando la riqueza multicultural de nuestra querida Houston, la ciudad más cosmopolita de la Nación. Este año damos un giro a LUXCIOR, con el deseo de resaltar los aportes hechos por todas los países del mundo, ampliamente representados en nuestra ciudad, y que hacen de ésta una de las metrópolis más codiciadas para vivir. Y qué mejor forma de iniciar esta nueva etapa que a través de nuestra maravillosa comunidad Indo-Americana, que nos trae una de las culturas más antiguas y enriquecedoras de la humanidad, contribuyendo a nuestra ciudad a través de la medicina, la enfermería, la tecnología, la energía, el arte, su comida y valiosos negocios. Queremos agradecer a todos nuestros leales patrocinadores, que comenzando con nuestro primer cliente, Lamborghini Houston, nos han acompañado en este maravilloso viaje, aún en medio de los mayores desafíos, como lo fué 2020. También estamos agradecidos con nuestros talentosos y queridos colaboradores, que lo han hecho posible, y a nuestra audiencia, que nos ha apreciado y seguido en nuestro esfuerzo continuo por presentar una revista limpia y decente que respalda los más altos valores familiares de Houston. Te invito a seguir orando por nuestra hermosa ciudad, nuestra gran nación y nuestros líderes, y por todos nuestros vecinos y familias de Houston que han perdido tanto durante los últimos 12 meses. Te animo a ayudarles con tu apoyo y por todos los medios posibles. ¡Que Dios te bendiga abundantemente en todo!

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DUCATI MULTISTRADA V4 S SPORT RULE ALL ROADS. With front and rear-facing radar, onboard technology is raised to a level not seen on any other motorcycle. And in typical Ducati form, the styling is simply stunning.



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your family culture INTO YOUR HOME

Tradition and culture contribute to our sense of comfort, belonging, and unique social identity. Finding ways to infuse your combined family culture into your home décor will ensure your home is a true reflection of everyone that lives under your roof and a safe, wonderful place you long to be. Recognizing what is most important to you and emphasizing that throughout your home will put your passions on display and represent your unique life. It is possible to merge different styles to create an eclectic, culturally rich home design that is cohesive and enhances those feelings of comfort and belonging for your family. There are many ways that you can showcase your culture in your home to honor your family’s past, while also celebrating your current combined culture, which defines your family’s values, beliefs, and personal interests. When carefully and intentionally selected, the colors and finishes, textures and patterns, and lighting and accessories you choose, will all speak to your unique family culture and truly make your house a home.

By Kathy Anderson, Senior Design Editor Founder and owner of Eklektik Interiors

CULTURAL COLLECTIONS Collections tell a story; a walk through time and experiences. When design is approached from the perspective of storytelling, it gives life to the static objects that together create a collection that highlights your personal narrative. Which space you choose to highlight a collection depends on the type of collection, but grouping the collection in a single space gives it impact and keeps the storyline cohesive. Hallways and stairwells can work great because you have ample wall space to work with. The backdrop, wall color, and finishes chosen to display any collection is essential to keeping the attention on the collection. You want a backdrop that is additive to the experience; not one that competes with it.





COLOR CONNECTION Like an old song that instantly transports you back to the past or an aroma that you associate with a cherished memory, color can evoke an intimate connection to the senses. In design we often use a simple understanding of color’s warmth or coolness to add or subtract attention to a space, either enhancing or reducing an emotional reaction. Infusing your surroundings with the colors that you naturally gravitate toward will create emotional and cultural connections in your space. There are so many ways to add color to a space through paint, wallpaper, accessories, fabrics, and art, to name a few. If your preferred color palette is monochromatic, you can also create similar emotional connections through texture and patterns.





ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN LIGHT UP YOUR LIFE One of my favorite ways to add a unique and personalized factor to a room is lighting. I am a sucker for exquisite lighting. That doesn’t mean it has to be expensive, but it should be unique and another way to add deeper meaning to your decor. I would rather have no lighting than boring lighting or lighting that everyone has. Lighting adds feeling and ambiance to any space. The finish and shape of a fixture and the way it illuminates your space can all add to the way your family exhibits their values and beliefs.

MEANINGFUL CONVERSATIONS We’ve all heard the phrase, ‘if these walls could talk'; well, you can let your walls speak about who you are by what you hang on them. A beautiful piece of art can be a meaningful expression of your heritage and culture. Whether it is a painting from your native country, photographs from places you’ve traveled, or something you discovered that showcases colors and ideas that are important to you, displaying meaningful artwork is a way to add beauty and significance to every space in your home. My favorite part of my job is getting to know my clients and what their personal narrative and culture is and finding creative solutions to display that in their home. I enjoy taking the time to peel back the layers of who they are and how they live to help translate their ideas into a functional lived reality that feels true to them and their story.


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18th Century Mughal Palace original Indian rug.




INDIA Land of Enchantment Martin Gondra, Carlos Castroparedes & Ash Shah


Since 2015, Houston has become one of the most cosmo politan cities in the Nation. Part of this magnificent multi cultural landscape is comprised of wonderful people from India. Houston is home to a vibrant Indian community. Gujaratis, Punjabis, Malayalees, Tamils, Telugus, Kannadigas, Bengalis, and Desis from every nook and corner of India have made Houston their home. With a population of over 200,000 Indian-Americans, Houston is emerging as a new hub for this community. In fact, with 452,000 residents, Texas is the second-largest Indian state after California at 815,000 and followed by New Jersey with 387,000. Many Indians in Houston are wealthy entrepreneurs and business owners, doctors at the world-class Texas Medical Center, real estate investors, IT & Software Programmers, and retailers, to name a few of many occupations favored by them. Indians have brought to Houston a rich cultural influence in many areas. One of the most enjoyable is their gastronomic influence, with some amazing restaurants, such as Kiran's, Indika, Shiva, The Bombay Pizza Co., Shri Balaji Bhavan, India's Restaurant, Pondicheri Cafe, Udipi Cafe, and the recent addition to Galleria Mall of Musaafer. Understanding their country and their roots, we will be able to better appreciate the cultural value they have added to our city.




CULTURE Magic History India, an ancient and magic land with a pluralistic, multilingual and multi-ethnic society, is impregnated with a rich history and culture. This extraordinary country has the second largest population in the world, after China, and is the seventh-largest nation by land area. In just 70 years, India's population grew from 361 million in 1951 to 1.366 billion at the closing of 2019. Bounded by the Indian Ocean on the south, the Arabian Sea on the southwest, and the Bay of Bengal on the southeast, it shares land borders with Pakistan to the west, China, Nepal, and Bhutan to the north, and Bangladesh and Myanmar to the east. In the Indian Ocean, India is in the vicinity of Sri Lanka and the Maldives; its Andaman and Nicobar Islands share a maritime border with Thailand and Indonesia. In the early medieval era, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and Zoroastrianism put down roots on India's southern and western coasts. Muslim armies from Central Asia intermittently overran India's northern plains, eventually establishing the Delhi Sultanate, and drawing northern India into the cosmopolitan networks of medieval Islam. In the 15th century, the Vijayanagara Empire created a longlasting composite Hindu culture in south India. In Punjab, Sikhism emerged, rejecting institutionalized religion. The Mughal Empire, in 1526, ushered in two centuries of relative peace, leaving a legacy of luminous architecture. Gradually expanding the rule of the British East India Company followed, turning India into a colonial economy, but also consolidating its sovereignty. British Crown rule began in 1858. The rights promised to Indians were granted slowly, but technological changes were introduced, and ideas of education, modernity, and public life took root. A pioneering and influential nationalist movement emerged, which was noted for nonviolent resistance and became the major factor in ending British rule. In 1947 the British Indian Empire was partitioned into two independent dominions, a Hindu-majority Dominion of India and a Muslim-majority Dominion of Pakistan, amid large-scale loss of life and unprecedented migration. India has been a federal republic since 1950, governed in a democratic parliamentary system, becoming a fast-growing major economy and a hub for information technology services, with an expanding middle class. India has a space program that includes several planned or completed extraterrestrial missions. Indian movies, music, and spiritual teachings play an increasing role in global culture. It has substantially reduced its rate of poverty.


India is one of the most culturally-rich countries in the world, packed with art, color, and beauty.



CULTURE Cultural Wealth India's land is megadiverse, with four biodiversity hotspots. India's forest covers 21.4% of its area. Its extraordinary and varied wildlife, which has traditionally been viewed with tolerance in India's culture, is supported among these forests, and elsewhere, in protected habitats. Indian cultural history spans more than 4,500 years. During the Vedic period (c. 1700 – c. 500 BCE), the foundations of Hindu philosophy, mythology, theology and literature were laid, and many beliefs and practices which still exist today, such as dhárma, kárma, yóga, and moksa, were established. India is notable for its religious diversity, with Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Islam, Christianity, and Jainism among the nation's major religions. The predominant religion is Hinduism. Much of Indian architecture, including the Taj Mahal, other works of Mughal architecture, and South Indian


architecture, blends ancient local traditions with imported styles. Vernacular architecture is also regional in its flavors. Vastu shastra, literally "science of construction" or "architecture" and ascribed to Mamuni Mayan, explores how the laws of nature affect human dwellings; it employs precise geometry and directional alignments to reflect perceived cosmic constructs. As applied in Hindu temple architecture, it is influenced by the Shilpa Shastras, a series of foundational texts whose basic mythological form is the Vastu-Purusha mandala, a square that embodied the "absolute". The Taj Mahal, built in Agra between 1631 and 1648 by orders of Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his wife, has been described in the UNESCO World Heritage List as "the jewel of Muslim art in India and one of the universally admired masterpieces of the world's heritage". Indo-Saracenic Revival architecture, developed by the British in the late 19th century, drew on Indo-Islamic architecture.




CULTURE Clash of Contrasts India offers the most extraordinary contrasts in all imaginable areas. From extreme poverty to the great richness, from country life or ancient cities to modern metropolises, you can expect to be amazed at the beauty that comes from variety. Music, languages, arts, religions, foods, fashion, everything is extremely diverse. Let's take as an example Mumbai. This modern city, also known as Bombay, is the capital city of the state of Maharashtra. It's the second-most populous city in the country after Delhi and the seventh-most populous city in the world with a population of roughly 20 million. It is the country’s financial and commercial center and its principal port on the Arabian Sea. Mumbai also happens to be -among many other thingshome to the most luxurious and expensive private home in the world (see details in the next page), while only blocks away from this exuberant building you will find some of the poorest neighborhoods in the country. Mumbai is the financial and commercial capital of the country as it generates 6.16% of the total GDP. It serves as an economic hub of India, contributing 40% of India's foreign trade. Along with the rest of India, Mumbai has witnessed an economic boom since the liberalization of 1991, the finance boom in the midnineties, and the IT, export, services, and outsourcing boom in the 2000s.


"Antilia", at $2-billion, is by far the most expensive house in the world. The 27-story, 400,000 sq/ft home, property of the world's 14th billionaire (his networth catapulted to $73 billion during the pandemic), petroleum titan and wealthiest man in Asia, Mukesh Ambani, sits in the heart of Mumbai, India. In reality, this magnificent piece of real estate falls second after the Buckingham Palace, estimated at over $5 billion dollars. However, Buckingham is a Crown property, while Antilia is a privately owned home.



CULTURE Perfumes, Scents and Aromas India has a rich history of perfume and aromatic scents. With a land of over 3 million squarer kilometers, and a plethora of fragrant trees and flowers - from lilies in the north to champa in the south, and jasmine growing almost everywhere, India has always placed social and cultural importance upon scents and aromas. Ancient writings from over two thousand years ago record how aromas were extracted from plants and given as offerings in religious ceremonies. Further historical writings from over a century ago refer to India's exotic, aromatic abundance, with frankincense trees anointed with their own resin, and which are perfumed with the fragrance of nalika forests. Items such as sandalwood, saffron, and camphor were considered, from early medieval times, as a sign of wealth, prestige, and luxury. A successful, cosmopolitan merchant traded, during that long-ago time, in aromatics –their houses were infused by the scents of oils and incense. They connect us to places, reminding us of where we smelt them first, or from where they are sourced. The warm smell of sandalwood was linked in ancient writing to the south of India, with sweet saffron linked to the north. They were of those places and of immense value in India's past, seen as treasures and symbols of wealth as well as identifiers of place and culture. Their symbolism was recorded in ancient verses and subhasitas, their meaning transmitted down the ages. The significance of aromatics continues in India to this day. "Perfume" comes from the Latin "through smoke", and it is scent through smoke –incense– that has been in common use in India for generations. Yes, a sign of wealth and prestige, but also a sign of faith –aromatics and scents have long connected the faithful with their gods. Take, for example, the camphor flame, symbolizing the connection between man and divinity –it is through perfume, through smoke, that links are forged.

nineteenth century. India has been a key player on the international stage, the scents of its huge, expansive land taken into homes across the globe. A text from the 1470s - Ni'matnama, or the Book Of Delights – records just how important fragrances and sensory pleasure were to India's elite. The author, Ghiyath Shahi, ruled over an area encompassing central India, and he noted down pages of recipes for rosewater essences and a variety of oils. Precious parchment and bark were used to set down how infusions were created, for scents enhanced luxurious living; the Book of Delights described all manner of sensual pleasures, with the ruler's fascination with perfumery a continued theme. His written record eventually made its way along the trade routes to the British Library, London; the very heart of the establishment.

T he Flavors of India The history of Indian cuisine is rich and diverse, with a climate ranging from deep tropical to alpine, which has also helped considerably broaden the set of ingredients readily available to the many schools of cookery in India. In many cases, food has become a marker of religious and social identity, with varying taboos and preferences; for instance, a segment of the Jain population doesn't consume roots nor subterranean vegetable, which have also driven these groups to innovate extensively with the food sources that are deemed acceptable. One strong influence over Indian foods is the longstanding vegetarianism within sections of India's Hindu and Jain communities: Almost one third (31%) are vegetarians.

From 4500 to 1900 BC the rulers of Lower Mesopotamia were Sumerians who spoke a nonIndo-European and non-Semitic language, may have initially come from India and may have been related to the original Dravidian population Spices are in the heart of of India. This appeared to historian Henry Hall Indian's tasteful recipes as the most probable conclusion, particularly based on the portrayal of Sumerians in their Throughout history, Indian fragrances have been a vibrant component of trade. Perfumes, spices, and other own art and "how very Indian the Sumerians were in type". valuable goods were traded along the "Silk Road" – a busy network of By 3000 BCE, turmeric, cardamom, black pepper and mustard were trade routes that brought the scents of India to the West. Agarwood was harvested in India. From Around 2350 BC the evidence for imports moved along this route and became valued as wood with a long-lasting from the Indus to Ur in Mesopotamia have been found, as well as Clove scent. It has deep religious and historical meaning, in both Hindu and heads which are thought to originate from the Moluccas in Maritime Buddhist writing, and was regarded as a hugely luxurious item –indeed, Southeast Asia were found in a 2nd millennium BC site in Terqa. a royal gift, for a piece of agarwood was sent as a tribute to the Persian Akkadian Empire records mention timber, carnelian and ivory as being king in the fifth century. imported from Meluhha by Meluhhan ships, Meluhha being generally Agarwood, sandalwood, musk, and other Indian aromatics were traded considered as the Mesopotamian name for the Indus Valley Civilization. across the world, from ships taking luxury items to Rome at the height of the Roman Empire, to trade with Europe and the Middle East in the


Here, tasty curries and smooth gravy dishes are all made with fresh ingredients and a balance of aromatic earthy spices. It is difficult to describe the flavor of Indian food because it varies substantially from dish to dish, and from region to region. In general, Indian food has strong flavors and is often spicy, sweet, smokey, and savory. While many Indian dishes are considered hot by western standards, there are also plenty of dishes that are quite mild. If you aren't a spice lover, you can also order the non-spicy versions of typically hot dishes. There is much more to the flavor of Indian food than just the spices. When visiting India, you can expect to be intrigued by the complexity of spices and flavor profiles that exist within one dish. Some dishes may use spicy, tangy, sour, and sweet all together to make a beautiful and complicated final product.

The first important aspect of Indian flavors is the use of fresh ingredients. Most Indian dishes are gravy-based, and that gravy is typically made from a mixture of fresh vegetables that have been cooked down into a sauce. Palak paneer is a common spinach gravy dish with a delicious green sauce made of spinach, tomato, and onion. The base of most curry dishes is just tomatoes and onions mixed with a different combination of spices. To add an extra punch of flavor, many dishes also include ginger, garlic, and coriander (cilantro). When first tasting Indian cuisine, many find that the flavor and tenderness of the meats are quite impressive. This is because a popular way to prepare meat in India is to marinate it in yogurt and spices overnight, then grill it over an open flame. Chicken tikka is made using this method. LUXCIOR.com



The most important components of Indian food are the spices. One Indian dish may use around 20 to 30 different spices and it's the specific amounts of each spice that change the overall flavor from dish to dish. Every dish should attain a balance in flavor and it is important that the spices do not overpower each other or the other ingredients. More than just condiments, spices are a way of life in India, and there are very few dishes served there that don't include at least a few spices or herbs. Even mangos are eaten dipped in red chili and salt and yogurt is often served as raita with a little chili powder, cilantro, and a few veggies. If you are curious to enjoy the amazing flavors of India at its best, Houston is now home to a brand new restaurant that offers the most luxurious dining experience of all cuisines in Southern Texas, in Galleria: "Musaafer" (see the editorial in this issue).

Dizzying Array of Sights and Colors With 7,500 miles of coastline, India’s land varies magnificently. The north is home to both the wettest place and the highest mountain range in the world, the west boasts beautiful beaches and tropical rainforests. The much revered River Ganges snakes through the east and the southern-most tip slopes down into the Indian Ocean.


The richness of its culture and the diversity of its people are only matched by the vibrancy of India’s traditions. It is a country steeped in religious belief, where the powers and mythical lives of its gods tell the story of the importance of color. The colors of India are ingrained in its consciousness and each color holds important cultural, religious, and traditional meaning. India is a land whose story can best be told through color. India is largely an agricultural country, and the green of the harvest signifies happiness and new beginnings. The color is considered a manifestation of god himself, as it epitomizes nature. One of India’s traditional folk tales tells of how the all-knowing blue of the sky came together with the golden yellow energy of the sun to create the emerald hue. Central to life and growth, after the dry summer, rain comes and brings new life in the color green. It is also the revered color of Islam, a large religious presence in India. The prophet Muhammad named green as the color of nature. It holds important significance in the faith and is widely used in the Koran in reference to paradise. Lord Krishna taught mankind the correct way to live, and he is famous for his blue-toned skin. Blue represents power and life, it is also the color of water. Water is a vital resource for an agricultural nation as it sustains all life on earth. Anything infinite is represented by blue, such as the ocean and sky, this is also why Krishna is depicted in blue.

ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN Varanasi is a city on the banks of the river Ganges in Uttar Pradesh. Its a major religious hub in India, as the holiest of the seven sacred cities (Sapta Puri) in Hinduism and Jainism, and played an important role in the development of Buddhism and Ravidassia.

Ringed by a high stone wall, Jodhpur rises out of the Thar Desert in Northern India and is the second-largest city in Rajasthan. Known as the ‘Blue City’, Jodhpur stands in vibrant contrast to the surrounding scorched earth of the desert.

eye of Lord Shiva and is believed to protect the inner wisdom of those it is placed upon. The red bindi, a form of tilak, was traditionally a simple mark worn by married women. Believed to protect wives and their husbands, it is more common today as a decorative accessory.

Yellow is sacred and symbolizes the balance of life, it is the center color between the shades of red and blue. The color yellow shares the same healing qualities as the sun, emanating warmth, optimism, and light. It's also the color of spring and is worn to celebrate the Hindu festival Vasant Panchami. During this festival, celebrants wear yellow; the goddess Saraswati wears a yellow dress and yellow sweets and saffron rice are eaten.

Located in New Delhi, the Red Fort gets its name from its red sandstone walls. Built in 1638, it is surrounded by moats fed by the Yamuna River. Residence of the emperor of India for almost two hundred years, today visitors can get a taste for the splendor of the lives of the Maharajas.

The Harmandir Sahib, known as the Golden Temple, can be found in the city of Amritsar. It is the holiest Sikh Gurdwara, and welcomes people of all religions. Called India’s Shining Star, the dome is gilded with 750kg of pure gold. This is a popular pilgrimage site rather than a tourist attraction and everyone is welcome to enjoy the serenity of the glistening temple. In Bengal, the color red is symbolic of the Goddess Durga who is often seen draped in a red sari. The color red can incite fear, but also stands for life-giving purity; Indian brides often wear red on their wedding day. The color also represents fertility and opulence.

White is a calm color that represents serenity and spreads the message of peace. It is the color from which all other colors emerge, and so stands for purity. The five main shades of white are represented in nature by the August moon, the conch shell, clouds when the rain is spent, the white surf of the sea, and the fragrant white of Jasmine flowers. The color softens the summer heat, reflects light, and keeps the wearer cool. Widows traditionally used to wear white, it is the color worn at cremation ceremonies to say a peaceful farewell to the deceased. The color marks the end of the human journey on earth and symbolizes complete disconnection with the material world. The world’s most iconic mausoleum, The Taj Mahal is crafted out of white marble as a memorial to Emperor Shah Jahan’s beloved third wife, Mumtaz Mahal.

The red tilak, a red mark placed on the forehead, is used universally across India as a ritual mark of welcome. The tilak symbolizes the third





of many cultures

ouston is internationally known for being the Oil capital of the world, the grandfather of aerospace and NASA, and home to the largest Medical Center on Earth. Additionally, today Greater Houston is also known as the most ethnically diverse metropolitan area in the United States and the hub and bridge that connects our country to all corners and cultures in the world. At least 145 languages are spoken by our residents, and 90 nations have consular representation in the city. 49.9% of our population speak languages other than English. In the midst of this mix, Houston is home to the second-largest IndoAmerican community in the nation, after Los Angeles; and so is Texas, right after California. Our extraordinary city and surrounding counties may not have the Newport Beach or Malibu beaches of Southern California, or the ski resorts of Aspen in Colorado, or the Grand Canyon of Arizona, but we have the best asset of all: Our people; or as we proudly call ourselves, Houstonians, and Texans. Can you possibly ever think of anything better than that? What has made our city such a powerful hub to the people of India, as well as to people from so many other countries? Well, we got insightful observations by talking to some very influential Indian Americans across different backgrounds.


Martin Gondra, Publisher Sam Abraham, the successful owner of Abraham Oriental Rugs, has become an iconic figure in Houston in his industry. Born in Kerala, in the southern tip of India, Sam was an attorney in his native country. He started connecting with Texas through his collaboration with Sid Richardson Energy and Carbon, out of Fort Worth, Texas, but always working from Kochi, in his native state of Kerala. However, over the past 46 years, since he moved to the United States, with the support of his wife Omana he gradually moved into the fine oriental rug industry, which eventually became his absolute passion. Today Sam is the proud owner of Abraham Oriental Rugs, with three beautiful showrooms in Houston. In his humble beginnings, like most immigrants, he started with just a handful of rugs, while undergoing a difficult learning process. However, his smart business decisions rapidly grew his venture to the company that today leads the Houston market. He has witnessed the dramatic growth of our city, as well as that of the Indian community. Sam better than anyone else can measure this phenomenon over the course of almost five decades, and assess the way thousands of doctors from India are contributing in the medical and nursing fields, practicing in various specialties with total commitment and great ethics, which have granted them a high reputation. Engineering, inherited from the British influence, is another area where they are making great contributions.


Sam is a great advocate of the arts and music and an important supporter of the Houston Symphony. He remembers finding Houston as a welcoming and wonderful city for hardworking immigrants and entrepreneurs. We love the way he put it: "People in this country don't look for who your grandfather was, or your uncle, or even your professional background. They see you for who you are, and they are very welcoming towards hard-working people." Sam finds in diversity Houston's biggest strength. In fact, he went on to Sam Abraham praise LUXCIOR for the way we embrace diversity coming from all ethnic backgrounds and nationalities. I must say, I couldn't agree more. We also had the opportunity to talk to Ash Shah, President & CEO of IMPEX Capital Group, LLC, and Shah Global Holdings, LLC. In fact, Ash was gracious enough to allow us to use his beautiful residence to produce the fashion photography portrayed in the next several pages. He also helped us fact-check some of the information about his native India. Born and raised in Mumbai, since his arrival in our country as a student in 1987, at the age of 21, with literally under $100 in his pocket, Ash was able to build a multi-million dollar empire and become a very influential part of the Houston Indo-American community. He originally landed in Cedar Rapids in Iowa, where he received his undergraduate in mathematics and economics, and completed his MBA in International Business at Thunderbird, in Phoenix, Arizona. He finally moved to Houston in 1991. to soon learn that once someone

moves to Houston, there is no going back. The wonderful diversity and the incredible opportunities Houston has to offer, make it a dreamcome-true city, especially for business opportunities and to raise a family. Ash indicated that in the last 25 years everyone noticed the way our city began exponentially growing with newcomers from all over the world. Another great attraction Houston possesses is its social life. Ash is very active in participating in numerous social and business networking events from his own community as well as from other affinity groups, opening extraordinary doors of opportunity to expand his circles and open many new doors of opportunity.

Ash Shah

Ash is an inspiration and another perfect example of those coming to Houston with the desire to contribute and invest in our community, and in turn, get the most of what this wonderful land of opportunity has to offer and, ultimately, get to live the American dream. Dr. Jignesh P. Shah is the President of the Indian Doctors Association of Greater Houston, with over 500 member physicians. The organization is all about giving back to the community through charities, fundraisers, scholarships, networking. Dr. Jignesh acknowledges that there is no place in the world like Texas Medical Center, so the opportunities in Houston for Indian physicians are incredible. Houston also offers plenty of cultural and educational opportunities for adults as well as for children. Great education, great school systems, and many other things that you cannot get anywhere else in the United States. Coming to Houston wasn't an easy decision because the diversity is so great, while on the other hand the strength of the Indian population is so strong, especially at high-level positions, from business



to oil, to gas, to technology, to transport; every single field is here. Indians have thrived in Houston, from the major's office to firefighters, police officers, and just about any imaginable field. In this great conversation with Dr. Shah I learned that India has 64 languages. His mother speaks six of them, of which he only understands two. His wife speaks seven languages, and of those, he can only understand one and a little of a second one. In his own practice, six of the doctors are from India, and all six speak a different language. Although he was born and raised in Texas, he has managed to keep all the culture and traditions of India alive. This is something that you can easily do in Houston, as there are temples and churches, and cultural centers, and a very active chamber of commerce, schools, restaurants, stores, and any imaginable thing you could possibly want from the great nation of India. All of this contributes to making it very inviting for people from this country to want to come to Houston rather than to any other city in the U.S.

Doctor Jignesh P. Shah with his lovely family

Jignesh was very kind and courteous, just like all other friends from India we had the opportunity to chat with. He insisted on inviting me to his home and meet his wife and children. Unfortunately, time constraints didn't allow me to accept at the time, but the invitation is still open and I will soon meet what appears to be a wonderful family. Indian people are very family-oriented, similar in that respect to Latinos. They are peaceful, polite, friendly, educated, extremely hard-working, and eager to learn and grow in life. Their presence in Houston and across our communities is a true blessing and a big asset. In closing, I feel privileged to count on some very fine people from India among my friends, and it was with great pleasure and pride that I decided to have this entire section dedicated to such an amazing community.



Shri Aseem R. Mahajan Consul General


A word from the Consul General of India

am delighted with this initiative by LUXCIOR to put together this editorial on India and the Indian American community of Houston. Thank you and wishing you all the best for this edition. As two vibrant democracies having open and multicultural societies, commonalities in culture, and shared values, India and United States, particularly Houston, are natural partners. The comprehensive strategic partnership between both countries is broad-based, encompassing the major pillars of our partnership namely security, energy, and technology – and deepening of our bilateral economic engagement and everincreasing people-to-people contacts. Houston shares a strong connect and multifaceted ties with India. Trade & investments between both countries have continued to grow steadily. With a large market base, strong institutions, and a young population, India is amongst the leading destinations globally for foreign investors. The rapidly increasing presence of the U.S. companies in India and Indian companies in the United States in areas like energy, healthcare, innovation, information communication technologies, and manufacturing underlines the immense potential for our economic engagement. The presence of a growing and vibrant Indo - American community in this part of the United States has led to the strengthening of cultural linkages with India. We celebrate major festivals and mark important occasions like National Days of both countries together. The organizing of a large number of events across the region to mark the International Day of Yoga every year illustrates the growing popularity and interest in Yoga, wellness, and traditional systems of Indian medicine. A large number of Indian students come to study in United States. India’s National Education Policy 2020 offers immense potential to strengthen our partnership in the areas of education and knowledge for building institutional linkages, promoting exchanges, joint research and collaborating with institutions in India.

Houston is amongst the most vibrant and culturally diverse cities in the United States. It is also known as the energy capital of the world, has the Texas Medical Center - the largest medical center in the world, NASA, and many leading companies engaged in areas including space, cutting edge technologies, healthcare and medical research, new and renewable energy, and innovation which offer tremendous opportunities for building fruitful business partnerships. Given the breadth and range of our engagement, the future offers immense possibilities for the deepening of the India - Houston partnership.

INDIA AS A TOURIST DESTINATION: India is amongst the oldest civilizations of the world with rich cultural heritage and traditions. Geographically India is diverse with the snowcovered Himalayas in the North to the tropical forests and coastal regions of the South, a desert in the West to the humid deltas of the East. Equally varying are the climate, fauna, flora, and topography of the country. India is also a mesmeric conflation of the old and the new, with diverse nuances of cuisines, faiths, arts, crafts, music, nature, lands, people, and history. The highlights of Indian heritage lie in the treasure of its art, architecture, classical dance, music, and traditions of its people. The finesse of Indian handicrafts, the richness of silk, cotton, and other textiles, the ethnicity of jewelry, everything has come down as a heritage from ancient times and is being kept alive generation after generation. Even food in India is a legacy, differing in look and taste across the country. India is also a land of festivals and fairs. Each festival pertains to different occasions, some welcome the seasons of the year, the harvest, the rains, or the full moon. Others celebrate religious occasions, the birthdays of divine beings and saints, or the advent of the New Year. Offering such diversity, rich heritage, and a myriad of attractions, the country is amongst the most popular tourist destinations in the world.





T he

agic of

COLOR & DESIGN India is known for its extraordinarily beautiful and artistically elaborated designs and endless color combinations. Today we'll take you on a visual journey through India with Houston's top designer and largest boutique.


Disclaimer: photo taken at the residence of Ash Shah (we didn't go to India for this one) and mounted on this beautiful arch at the Taj Mahal.


Grey multicolor border georgette saree with multicolor raw silk blouse, beadwork and tassles. Lime green and hot pink pure silk lehenga choli with antique golden zari work and stones. Blouse has beads hanging ffrom waist and sleeves along with stunning tassles in the back. Dupatta is multicolored and pure silk. Designs courtesy of Anil and Saleem Kanji, Roop Sari Palace.




Maroon bridal lehenga choli Maroon modern style bridal lehenga choli with lace and velvet skirt. Blouse is a long gown style top with antique-gold stone work, long trail in the back and made with raw silk fabric. Includes a net dupatta.


Coral and purple lehega choli Coral and purple raw silk lehenga choli with an A-line skirt and antique golden stone and threadwork. Includes a net dupatta. Photography at the residence of Ash Shra




Cream Sherwani Men's floral design raw silk sherwani. Includes golden raw silk pajama and a golden net dupatta.


Coral and purple lehega choli Coral and purple raw silk lehenga choli with an A-line skirt and antique golden stone and threadwork. Includes a net dupatta.






Rutvi wearing a gorgeous Peacock Green Lehenga Choli and jewelry, courtesy of Anil and Saleem Kanji, Roop Sari Palace. Peacock green raw silk lehenga choli with golden thread and stone work. Dupatta is on net fabric and has same work as the outfit. Location: Fabulous property of Ash Shah.






Mint Green Lehenga Choli Mint green lehenga choli with gotapatti (zari) work and small golden stonework. Lining of the skirt is full lace and dupatta is net fabric with the same work as outfit. White Sherwani Men's self-print silk brocade ivory sherwani with golden buttons. Includes white trousers. Designs and jewelry courtesy of Roop Sari Palace.




Red Bridal Outfit Red pure silk lehenga choli with gold and silver zari threadwork. The floral design is made from velvet fabric. The top is made from lace fabric with gold and silver stone and threadwork. The dupatta is full net with gold and silver stone and threadwork.



White Sherwani Men's self-print silk brocade ivory sherwani with golden buttons. Includes white trousers. Location: Beautiful Bollywood-style theatre at the property of Mr. Ash Shah



STYLE BEAUTY & WELLNESS Left to right: Rutvi on a black net saree with silver thread and stonework. Blouse is a trendier sleeveless and low back style. Mahesh on a men's self-print silk brocade black sherwani with beaded buttons and a velvet pocket square. There is beading all along the shoulders and collar. Includes black raw silk pajama. Caitlyn on a black and silver lehenga choli on net fabric with silver threadwork. Includes a net dupatta. Designs courtesy of Anil and Saleem Kanji, Roop Sari Palace. Location and Rolls-Royce Ghost, courtesy of Ash Shah.





Model standing: Velvet purple lehenga choli with golden bead and stone work. Dupatta is full net with golden bead and stone work. Outfit is a high-low style with a long trail in the back.







TRAVEL & ADVENTURE CREDITS Left: Dark green and baby pink lehenga choli Dark green and baby pink raw silk floral design lehenga choli with baby pink net dupatta. Center: Coral and purple lehega choli Coral and purple raw silk lehenga choli with an A-line skirt and antique golden stone and threadwork. Includes a net dupatta. Right: Peacock Green Lehenga Choli Peacock green raw silk lehenga choli with golden thread and stone work. Dupatta is on net fabric and has same work as the outfit. Him: Men's floral design raw silk sherwani. Includes golden raw silk pajama and a golden net dupatta. Designs courtesy of Anil and Saleem Kanji, Roop Sari Palace. Location: Home of Ash Shah Models" Left: Rutvi Chauhan Center: Caitlyn Resh Right: Pragya Sen Male model: Mahesh Sriram Styling: Saleem Kanji Makeup: Joely Flores Hair: Lilian Diaz Photography: John Giries & Freddie Sanchez DIirected by Martin Gondra




KIRAN'S Pride of Houston IN

INDIAN CUISINE Carolina Estrada



Chef Kiran Verma


o introductions needed: Chef Kiran Verma, known as the "godmoder of Indian fine dining", has been for years the pride of Houston and Texas. Her recently beautifully remodeled restaurant is a luxurious setting for every special occasion.

Chef Kiran defines her cuisine as a combination of cultures, philosophies and cooking techniques. Sourced from local purveyors and the Gulf waters, their food is inspired by the Awadhi style of cooking - the art of cooking over a slow fire, with the subtle use of spices and herbs to create delicate flavors. Some of the food is also cooked in traditional clay ovens, or tandoors, in the style of the Indian North-West Frontier Province.



Kiran is a self-taught chef who has been guided by her Indian upbringing and true love for fine cuisine. The result: an amazing range of dishes of her own creation to satisfy the most demanding and sophisticated local and international diners. Goat and lamb make an important part of Indian cuisine. The same is true for parts of the country where vegetarianism is very popular. The trend reflects on parts of Kiran's menu, making this type of food not only delicious but also quite healthy. Appetizers are comprised of a variety of options, including Goat Cheese & Beek Salad, made with pistachio-crusted, roasted beets, poached pear masala cashews, and house vinaigrette. The Tomato & Burrata Salad is a delicious combination of baby greens, curry leaf mustard vinaigrette, balsamic reduction, and basil. The Lamb Belly candied green chili, accompanied by garbanzo succotash mint, and pomegranate is another great choice for starters. Kiran’s award-winning wine list of over 300 labels, along with monthly wine dinners, complements the delicate flavors of the food. The main course includes spicy and tender alternatives such as the Butter Chicken, made of pulled tandoori chicken, honey & saffron tomato sauce. The Lamb Rhogan Josh is a favorite, served with aloo methi. Imagine the Seafood Curry fish or shrimp with peanuts, sesame seeds, coconut, and tamarind. Out of this world! Korma made of chicken or lamb, cashew, almond, cardamom, and saffron makes another one of the many fabulous Chef Kiran's creations. The signature Vindaloo dish is a must-try, made with chicken or lamb. I didn't get to try it, but I can only imagine the flavors on the Bison Kofta Curry, tandoori bison meatballs in rhogan josh.






A fabulous bar that calls for social action. Having briefly browsed through some of the extraordinary recipes, all cooked to perfection and seasoned with the famous Indian spices Chef Kiran combines masterfully, now imagine the desserts! I would have no problem in making my visit to Kiran's just about their sweets. Nothing short of out-of-this-world. We have made some good photography part of this conversation, as one image speaks a thousand words. But ultimately, if you are one of the few locals, or a Houston visitor, who still hasn't paid Kiran's a serious visit, I strongly encourage you not to waste any more time. Rest assured, you can never go wrong at this amazing destination.


And make sure to greet Chef Kiran herself. She is as sweet and humble as any good Master Cook should be. You will treasure knowing her as the icing on the cake in your next visit. The restaurant is known for serving up Indian hospitality, with French sophistication and American informality. The various rooms are impeccably classy and elegantly decorated, following the many years of 5-star reputation. You may also consider enjoying an Afternoon Tea on Saturdays after 2 pm. Chef Kiran has her own chai blend.



Scallops Plate

Rack of Lamb

In closing, I would like to highlight the fact that we at LUXCIOR are delighted to know that Houstonians can enjoy, right here at home, a superb and authentic dining experience from one of the countries that are internationally praised for its flavors, spices, and aromas. Talking to several Indian friends, they all coincide in one thing: Kiran is the most passionate and personable of all restaurateurs in Houston. As a chef she spends most of her time in the kitchen, while she is also out in the dining rooms greeting and talking to her customers, always attentive to make them feel right at home. Everybody loves Kiran. We are grateful to Chef Kiran for adding so much value to the Indo-American and multi-cultural landscape of our city.

Dining + Bar + Lounge: Monday-Friday 11:30 am-10 pm Saturday-Sunday 4 pm-10 pm Afternoon Tea: Friday, Saturday & Sunday 2 pm Delivery + Curbside: Monday-Sunday 11 am-9 pm

2925 Richmond Ave Suite 160, Houston, TX 77098 For reservations: (713) 960-8472 | kiranshouston.com

Desserts are one of Kiran's specialties to die for.




through the flavors, aromas and art of India in the heart of Houston


Martin Gondra & Carlos Castroparedes

he extensive and fast-growing Houston metropolitan area is well known for its dining scene, home to some of the finest restaurants in the country. However, since May 2020, there is a new class of its own, where, so far only one name is qualified to be a part of : "Musaafer", an ultra-luxury and completely unique dining experience that is likely to become an international destination. We could use several pages attempting to describe the wonders of Musaafer, and in fact, we will make our very best effort to describe it, but in the end, you'll still be so far from grasping the depth of this experience, to the point that we are unsure this effort will do more than to sparkle your curiosity. This is, by far, the finest Rolls-Royce of dining experiences ever produced in Houston. It all started with the ambitious challenge of bringing to the US a worldclass destination with the compilation of the best cuisine from the one country that has gained the reputation of gathering the widest selection of spices and flavors in the world: India. The Spice Route Co., founded by Shammi and Mithu Malik, sent two of their top chefs on a 100-day journey through the twenty-nine states of India, in search of the most unique and authentic recipes from the country's mystic lands. This is where the name Musaafer is rooted, as it translates from Hindi to "Traveler".




LUXCIOR.com "Diwan" is one of the seven

beautiful rooms at Musaafer.

Fabulous Sheesh Mahal room. Their travels concluded with the creation of an extraordinary and eclectic menu, split into seasons. While a few recipes may be available throughout the year, many others are only available through the specific season when their ingredients are fresh and readily available in India. This guarantees a brand new experience all year round. Shammi and Mithu moved to Houston in 2017, to personally open their 17th restaurant, in the prestigious Galleria, right next door to Nobu and Saks Fifth Ave. Musaafer became, very rightfully, the crown of their international restaurant brands. The moment you set foot inside the private elevator to access Musaafer, you know you are on a journey into a highly distinctive experience, unlike anything else you may have seen before in Texas, and probably the world. Starting in the lobby, you will find yourself surrounded by a marvelous combination of mirrors, light fixtures, woods, bronzes, tapestries, aromas, and colors. From the furniture and decor, just about everything inside this breathtaking "dining art gallery" was custom made and imported from India.


Just the visual enjoyment of the many forms of art is well worth the visit. You will be -literally- inside the most fascinating and luxurious art and design gallery from the best India can offer to a discerning "Musaafer' (traveler). We were greeted by the owners, who graciously gave us a tour of the restaurant's seven marvelous rooms. Each one has a grand story and theme of its own. The whimsical, curtained daybeds out on the balcony overlooking Westheimer offer a unique outdoor experience. Once at our table in the alluring Sheesh Mahal room, Mayank Istwal, Musaafer's Executive Chef, was ready to give us the tour of a menu he fully understands, as he was one of the "travelers" touring India in search for its best-kept secrets. With his courtesy, passion, and sparkling sense of humor, Mayank properly represents the knowledge and charm of all the different chefs and servers.



"A Traveler"



Every new employee here undergoes four weeks of rigorous training before they come in contact with guests. They must become experts and fully understand India's culture, cuisine, and unsurpassed hospitality, mirrored at Musaafer. Before I get into describing our gastronomic adventure, I must highlight the fact that I invited Carlos Castroparedes, our Senior Architecture and Design Editor, to join me in this visit, as he is a permanent traveler of the world, having designed over 1,200 of the most luxurious restaurants in Dubai, Paris, Cairo, Spain, Mexico, Latin America, and of course the United States. His extensive understanding of the Indian culture -as he has traveled that country from coast to coast- was crucial in gathering an expert opinion while composing this editorial, since Musaafer is much more than a highly sophisticated cuisine; it's also the finest in design and decor. Of course, it all started with the wines, where an expert sommelier PJ introduced us to excellent recommendations to pair with each specific course. The selection is quite wide, and it includes some of the top labels from Europe, Argentina, Australia, South Africa, and of course domestic. We had the opportunity to indulge ourselves in a variety of the most elaborate, beautifully presented, and delightful dishes Indian cuisine can possibly offer. Appetizers come on a wide and exciting variety of options, including vegan and glutenfree alternatives. As examples, we'd like to highlight the Onion Xuixo, made like a layered kachori with onion & potato mash, and a delicious house blend masala. This one alone is enough reason to want to come back. Paani Poori is a crispy semolina pouch with five types of waters to fill with. It can be made vegan upon request, like many other dishes on the menu.

Mithu's Coriander Prawns is a must-have personal creation by one of the owners, made of coconut, coriander, shallots, turmeric, curry leaf, and copra pav. A masterpiece! Another favorite is Chaanp, a dish comprised of lamb chops, coriander, chili, and beetroot crisp. Flip the page for a complete description. On the main course the opportunities are extraordinary, so we will highlight one of the several we tried, just as an example: NALLI NIHARI. The word 'Nihari' originates from the Arabic word "Nahar" which means "morning". It was originally eaten by Nawabs in the Mughal Empire as a breakfast item after their morning prayers (Fajr). After a hearty breakfast of Nihari, the Nawabs would take a nap till afternoon, when they would wake up for afternoon prayers. “Nalli Nihari” is a very popular dish comprising lamb shanks simmered for hours with the bone marrow which forms a velvety sauce when finished. The result is succulent falling off the bone meat with its sauce and is eaten with khammeri roti or a rich bread ‘ulta tawa paratha’ made of clarified butter, saffron, flour. This dish is also very popular in Old Delhi as well and there is a difference in Nihari from Delhi and Awadh, as it totally depends on how they use their spices and ingredients. Regardless of what your dish preference is when ordering at Musaafer, you can count on being captivated by an experience loaded with thousands of years of the most exotic components, spices, flavors, and aromas you could expect from the enchanting and mystic lands of India. Whether you live in Houston, or you are in town for a visit, this is a mandatory destination, to treat yourself to sophisticated and memorable Indian cuisine, a world-class wine program, and unparalleled hospitality. A final word of caution: You are highly likely to get addicted. _____

Musaafer is open for dinner every day, and lunch is served Friday through Sunday. Check their website for hours and reservations. www.MusaaferHouston.com





SAMPLER CHAANP - This preparation of lamb chops is dedicated to the very ancient cooking technique of barbeque which is done in clay oven traditionally known as "Tandoor". The history of Tandoor goes back to the pre-Harappa era. Excavations of the Tandoor were found in ancient Harappa sites. The origin of the word is as fascinating as that of the oven itself. Of the several stories forwarded, the first is related to the Sanskrit word "Kandu". The word tandoor is derived from Kund which means a bowl shaped vessel, which can be used for storage of water and grain or 'havan kund' to contain a ritual fire in Vedic times. The word kund became kandu in colloquial usage and from kandu it became kandoor to tandoor. Musaafer's lamb chops is five layer marinated with house blend spices, chargrilled in the Tandoor and served with beetroot dust,sesame and chili aubergine, oven roasted onion and creme fraiche. QUBANI ka meetha is a traditional Hyderabadi dessert which comes from the Muslim community. Qubani is an Urdu word for apricot, hence the preparation involves boiling apricots with syrup until they assume the consistency of the thick compote. It is served along with apricot kernels and thick cream. Musaafer's chefs gave thought to this dish in order to make a vegan version and remodeling it into a shape of a mock apricot. Betel-chewing is very popular in their culture as a mouth freshener after a meal. Hence a dehydrated betel leaf is added on the plate to add a different flavor dimension. Working on the lines of negative food pairing, they added a very interesting sorbet made with fresh seabean and fennel to add a refreshing briny flavor. MALAI - Chargrilled broccoli florets marinated with spiced cream, served with malai crisps, burnt malai sand, & malai sabzi. Inspired in Dehradun from memories of relishing malai sabzi made during the winter season. The various dimensions of malai (thick cream) concluded in a dehydrated malai crisp, burnt malai sand, malai sabzi & tandoor grilled broccoli florets marinated with malai. So everything in this dish revolves around malai making it the hero of the dish. WINTER CEVICHE - The winter version of ceviche comprises of flavors celebrating Kanji. Kanji is a fermented black carrot juice enjoyed during winters in North India. They used this juice as a cure of scallop and elevated the dish with cumin, tenkasu crisps, roasted coconut served with cilantro and green apple juice. Your choice of cauliflower or beef galauti in a choux topped with curry spiced craquelin, almond and chili oil sable, blueberry chutney and fennel yogurt. During the brainstorming sessions for the new winter menu, they wanted to do an interesting beef/cauliflower dish and to look like a gourmet pastry, hence the thought of choux pastry came into the picture topped with madras-curry spiced craquelin. The final look is that of an old telephone handle!


SIP ' N SAVOR Guava, which is also known as "Peru" in the western region of India, is widely enjoyed as a most popular local fruit. Often eaten with a dash of spicy salt at street side. Why not an entire experience conveyed through a sip of a drink? What's Inside: Peruvian Pisco, Pink Guava Puree, Lime Juice, Red Chilli Powder, Indian Chat Masala, Peychaud Bitters.

COCKTAIL PHILOSOPHY Alcohol has existed in India for a very long time. It was as much a homegrown essential as any other staple. Interestingly India was among one of the first civilizations to discover the science of distillation and put it to good use. While alcohol for festivities and celebrations was always a moot point, alcohol being used for other purposes was never a problem. During the golden age rule of the Mauryan empire, the sale of liquor was controlled and even taxed for the first time. Designated areas for drinking were created, and these were the early bars of our times.

An interesting fact is that during festivals, drinking was allowed for no more than four days and anybody flouting the rule would be heavily fined. The legacy continues at Musaafer as they take you on an odyssey of modern Indian drinking with expertise in hand-crafted cocktails and progressive mixology. All their specialty cocktails are crafted using some of the most unique indigenous Indian ingredients with cutting-edge mixology techniques while sticking to authenticity and culture. Their "Liquid Chefs" have crafted a definitive drinking experience for their guests. There is something for everyone. LUXCIOR.com


THE U.S. CITIZENSHIP ACT OF 2021 A Step Closer Towards Comprehensive Immigration Reform


Attorney Olsa Cano

he arrival of the new administration has hit the ground running with great focus on improving the immigration laws. As early as January 20, 2021 President Biden issued various executive orders such extending the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA); Revising Enforcement and Removal Priorities; Reversing the Travel Ban (barring entry to the USA for nationals of certain Muslim countries); and suspending the Migrant Protection Protocol, the program that did nothing to protect the migrants, but instead returned asylum seekers seeking refuge in this country, to Mexico.

On January 22, 2021 the Biden Administration issued an executive order instituting a 100-day stop on deportations. This good news for immigrants was short lived, however, because as the State of Texas sued the Administration, a U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas blocked the 100-day ban on deportations, preventing the Department of Homeland Security from implementing the executive order nationally. Yet, the fight goes on and we are hopeful that as the case is being litigated, the courts will render the right decision, halt the deportations, and keep the immigrant families in this country together. While the President’s Executive Orders are crucial, immigrants and immigration attorneys across the country have been waiting for something more permanent, for a very long time. President Biden’s comprehensive immigration Bill, the U.S. Citizenship Act of 2021, introduced to Congress on February 18, 2021 did just that. The bill of about 353 pages, aims to “provide an earned path to citizenship, address the root causes of migration and responsibly manage the southern border, and reform the immigrant visa system”. It is impossible to discuss every point of the lengthy Bill, in this article, but I wanted to mention the crucial points and what this bill means for our immigration community.


LEGAL One cannot miss the very first paragraph, as the term “alien” is stricken and replaced with the term “non-citizen.” The term “alien” has been the term used to describe documented and undocumented foreign nationals, for decades, and it is time that this administration changes that. The first paragraph immediately sets the tone for a fair and humanitarian comprehensive immigration bill, and for far more significant changes to follow. Above all, the Bill provides a pathway to permanent residency and citizenship for certain undocumented individuals physically present in the United States on January 1, 2021. The undocumented individuals (and their spouses and children) can apply for Lawful Prospective Immigrant Status immediately. This status issued for six years will allow the individuals to live and work lawfully in this country, as well as travel and join the armed forces. While the Lawful Prospective Status will be issued for six years, and can be renewed for another six years, it provides a path to permanent residency for such individuals, as they will be eligible for citizenship after five years of maintaining their status (upon meeting other requirements as well). The Dream Act in this Bill allows recipients of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), those with Temporary Protective Status (TPS), and agricultural workers (and their spouses and children) to apply for lawful permanent residency immediately after meeting the requirements (physical presence, background checks etc.) Further, these individuals can apply for citizenship after three years of lawful permanent residency, upon meeting certain eligibility requirements for citizenship as well. Of importance are the provisions for employment-based immigrant visas. The Bill includes provisions to reduce immigrant visa backlogs, and recapture unused immigrant visa numbers from prior years. It creates a pilot program, that would stimulate economic development and admit up to 10,000 additional immigrants per year whose employment is deemed essential. It also provides for fairness for farm workers and laborers and adds an additional civil penalty for employers who violate federal, State or local labor laws regarding hiring of unauthorized workers. This Administration understands the need to collaborate with other countries and the strategy for engagement with countries in Central America is remarkable. The Bill aims to understand and address the key factors contributing to the flight of families, unaccompanied noncitizen children, and other individuals from Central America to the U.S. That is why the current Administration is authorizing $1B for each of FY2022 through FY2025 for Engagement in Central America, which will include coordination with those countries and their governments to combat gang violence, crime, abuse etc. The bill expands the Refugee and Asylum program, establishing safe and secure locations to process refugees and asylees. It provides for the Department of Homeland Security to add additional refugee officers. It also sets policies and guidelines to ensure that CBP and ICE agents receive legal and medical training, ensuring children’s welfare, and maintaining family unity.

As someone who is passionate about the removal defense part of the immigration law, of interest to me is the reform of the immigration courts. This will include adding and training more judges for the Immigration Court and the Board of Immigration Appeals. To ensure court efficiency, this will include the latest technology for court hearings, and most importantly access to legal counsel for migrants, something that has never been done before. Immigration proceedings are considered civil proceedings in nature, and immigrants to date, have never had access to court appointed counsel. So, the majority unable to afford legal counsel would represent themselves. This will remedy the problem and ensure fairness and due process to all immigrants in removal proceedings. Additionally, the Bill expands Alternatives to Detention programs, by developing community-based programs as an alternative to detention for individuals and their families. The bill eliminates the horrendous 3-year and 10-year bars of inadmissibility (the bars that prevented immigrants from seeing their own family members for three or ten years or permanently, depending on their circumstance). Further, to Restore Fairness to Adjudications, the Bill provides a new waiver for “humanitarian, family unity and public interest”. This will help individuals who otherwise would have not qualified under the current existing waivers. In a more humanitarian effort, the Bill increases the Annual Numerical Limitation on U Visas from 10,000 to 30,000. Further, the Bill enhances protection for Individuals Seeking T Visas (victims of trafficking), U Visas (victims of crime), and protection Under VAWA (Violence Against Women Act). As happy news for immigrants around the World, who otherwise would have no means of immigrating to this country, the Bill also increases the Diversity Lottery Visa Program numbers from 55,000 to 80,000 yearly. This bill is diverse, inclusive, it tends to keep families together and it prioritizes the most vulnerable of migrants, women and children. To claim that President Biden’s Comprehensive Immigration Bill is ambitious is an understatement. However, as we know it will have to undergo numerous revisions and amendments, and it must pass the House of Representatives and the Senate as well as be signed by the President to become law. Yet, our hope is greater than before, and the fight on behalf of immigrants across our country goes on. _____

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Capítulo 11 del Best Seller "El Camino a Cristo" por Ellen G. White

uestro Padre celestial está esperando para derramar sobre nosotros la plenitud de sus bendiciones. Es privilegio nuestro beber abundantemente en la fuente de amor infinito. ¡Qué extraño que oremos tan poco! Dios está pronto y dispuesto a oír la oración sincera del más humilde de sus hijos y, sin embargo, hay de nuestra parte mucha cavilación para presentar nuestras necesidades delante de Dios. ¿Qué pueden pensar los ángeles del cielo de los pobres y desvalidos seres humanos, que están sujetos a la tentación, cuando el gran Dios lleno de infinito amor se compadece de ellos y está pronto para darles más de lo que pueden pedir o pensar y que, sin embargo, oran tan poco y tienen tan poca fe? Los ángeles se deleitan en postrarse delante de Dios, se deleitan en estar cerca de él. Es su mayor delicia estar en comunión con Dios; y con todo, los hijos de los hombres, que tanto necesitan la ayuda que Dios solamente puede dar, parecen satisfechos andando sin la luz del Espíritu ni la compañía de su presencia. Las tinieblas del malo cercan a aquellos que descuidan la oración. Las tentaciones secretas del enemigo los incitan al pecado; y todo porque no se valen del privilegio que Dios les ha concedido de la bendita oración. ¿Por qué han de ser los hijos e hijas de Dios tan remisos para orar, cuando la oración es la llave en la mano de la fe para abrir el almacén del cielo, en donde están atesorados los recursos infinitos de la Omnipotencia? Sin oración incesante y vigilancia diligente, corremos


el riesgo de volvernos indiferentes y de desviarnos del sendero recto. Nuestro adversario procura constantemente obstruir el camino al propiciatorio, para que, no obtengamos mediante ardiente súplica y fe, gracia y poder para resistir a la tentación. Hay ciertas condiciones según las cuales Podemos esperar que Dios oiga y conteste nuestras oraciones. Una de las primeras es que sintamos necesidad de su ayuda. El nos ha hecho esta promesa: "Porque derramaré aguas sobre la tierra sedienta, y corrientes sobre el sequedal' (Isaías 44: 3). Los que tienen hambre y sed de justicia, los que suspiran por Dios, pueden estar seguros de que serán hartos. El corazón debe estar abierto a la influencia del Espíritu; de otra manera no puede recibir las bendiciones de Dios. Nuestra gran necesidad es en sí misma un argumento y habla elocuentemente en nuestro 95 favor. Pero se necesita buscar al Señor para que haga estas cosas por nosotros. Pues dice: "Pedid, y se os dará" (S. Mateo 7: 7 ). Y "el que ni aún a su propio Hijo perdonó, sino que le entregó por todos nosotros, ¿cómo no nos ha de dar también de pura gracia, todas las cosas juntamente con él?" (Romanos 8: 32). Si toleramos la iniquidad en nuestro corazón, si estamos apegados a algún pecado conocido, el Señor no nos oirá; mas la oración del alma arrepentida y contrita será siempre aceptada. Cuando hayamos confesado con corazón contrito todos nuestros pecados conocidos,

ESPIRITU podremos esperar que Dios conteste nuestras peticiones. Nuestros propios méritos nunca nos recomendarán a la gracia de Dios. Es el mérito de Jesús lo que nos salva y su sangre lo que nos limpia; sin embargo, nosotros tenemos una obra que hacer para cumplir las condiciones de la aceptación. La oración eficaz tiene otro elemento: la fe. "Porque es preciso que el que viene a Dios, crea que existe, y que se ha constituido remunerador de los que le buscan" (Hebreos 11: 6 ). Jesús dijo a sus discípulos: "Todo cuanto pidiereis en la oración, creed que lo recibisteis ya; y lo tendréis". (S. Marcos 11: 24). ¿Creemos al pie de la letra todo lo que nos dice? La seguridad es amplia e ilimitada, y fiel es el que ha prometido. Cuando no recibimos precisamente las cosas que pedimos y al instante, debemos creer aún que el Señor oye y que contestará nuestras oraciones. Somos tan cortos 96 de vista y propensos a errar, que algunas veces pedimos cosas que no serían una bendición para nosotros, y nuestro Padre celestial contesta con amor nuestras oraciones dándonos aquello que es para nuestro más alto bien, aquello que nosotros mismos desearíamos si, alumbrados de celestial saber, pudiéramos ver todas las cosas como realmente son. Cuando nos parezca que nuestras oraciones no son contestadas, debemos aferrarnos a la promesa; porque el tiempo de recibir contestación seguramente vendrá y recibiremos las bendiciones que más necesitamos. Por supuesto, pretender que nuestras oraciones sean siempre contestadas en la misma forma y según la cosa particular que pidamos, es presunción. Dios es demasiado sabio para equivocarse y demasiado bueno para negar un bien a los que andan en integridad. Así que no temáis confiar en él, aunque no veáis la inmediata respuesta de vuestras oraciones. Confiad en la seguridad de su promesa: "Pedid, y se os dará". Si consultamos nuestras dudas y temores, o procuramos resolver cada cosa que no veamos claramente, antes de tener fe, solamente se acrecentarán y profundizarán las perplejidades. Mas si venimos a Dios sintiéndonos desamparados y necesitados, como realmente somos, si venimos con humildad y con la verdadera certidumbre de la fe le presentamos nuestras necesidades a Aquel cuyo conocimiento es infinito, a quien nada se le oculta y quien gobierna todas las cosas por su voluntad y palabra, él puede y quiere atender nuestro clamor y hacer resplandecer su luz en nuestro corazón. Por la oración sincera nos ponemos en comunicación con la mente del Infinito. Quizás no tengamos al instante ninguna prueba notable de que el rostro de nuestro Redentor está inclinado hacia nosotros con compasión y amor; sin embargo es así. No podemos sentir su toque manifiesto, mas su mano nos sustenta con amor y piadosa ternura. Cuando imploramos misericordia y bendición de Dios, debemos tener un espíritu de amor y perdón en nuestro propio corazón. ¿Cómo podemos orar: "Perdónanos nuestras deudas, como también nosotros perdonamos a nuestros deudores" (S. Mateo 6:12) y abrigar, sin embargo, un espíritu que no perdona? Si esperamos que nuestras oraciones sean oídas, debemos perdonar a otros como esperamos ser perdonados nosotros.

La perseverancia en la oración ha sido constituida en condición para recibir. Debemos orar siempre si queremos crecer en fe y en experiencia. Debemos ser "perseverantes en la oración" (Romanos 12: 12). "Perseverad en la oración, velando en ella, con acciones de gracia". (Colosenses 4: 2). El apóstol Pedro exhorta a los cristianos a que sean "sobrios, y vigilantes en las oraciones" (1 S. Pedro 4: 7). San Pablo ordena: "En todas las circunstancias, por medio de la oración y la plegaria, con acciones de gracias, dense a conocer vuestras peticiones a Dios" (Filipenses 4: 6). "Vosotros empero, hermanos,... - dice Judas orando en el Espíritu Santo, guardaos en el amor de Dios" (S. Judas 20, 21). Orar sin cesar es mantener una unión no interrumpida del alma con Dios, de modo que la vida de Dios 98 fluya a la nuestra; y de nuestra vida la pureza y la santidad refluyan a Dios. Es necesario ser diligentes en la oración; ninguna cosa os lo impida. Haced cuanto podáis para que haya una comunión continua entre Jesús y vuestra alma. Aprovechad toda oportunidad de ir donde se suela orar. Los que están realmente procurando estar en comunión con Dios, asistirán a los cultos de oración, fieles en cumplir su deber, ávidos y ansiosos de cosechar todos los beneficios que puedan alcanzar. Aprovecharán toda oportunidad de colocarse donde puedan recibir rayos de luz celestial. Debemos también orar en el círculo de nuestra familia; y sobre todo no descuidar la oración privada, porque ésta es la vida del alma. Es imposible que el alma florezca cuando se descuida la oración. La sola oración pública o con la familia no es suficiente. En medio de la soledad abrid vuestra alma al ojo penetrante de Dios. La oración secreta sólo debe ser oída del que escudriña los corazones: Dios. Ningún oído curioso debe recibir el peso de tales peticiones. En la oración privada el alma esta libre de las influencias del ambiente, libre de excitación. Tranquila pero fervientemente se extenderá la oración hacia Dios. Dulce y permanente será la influencia que dimana de Aquel que ve en lo secreto, cuyo oído está abierto a la oración que sale de lo profundo del alma. Por una fe sencilla y tranquila el alma se mantiene en comunión con Dios y recoge los rayos de la luz divina para fortalecerse y sostenerse en la lucha contra Satanás. Dios es el castillo de nuestra fortaleza. 99 Orad en vuestro gabinete; y al ir a vuestro trabajo cotidiano, levantad a menudo vuestro corazón a Dios. De este modo anduvo Enoc con Dios. Esas oraciones silenciosas llegan como precioso incienso al trono de la gracia. Satanás no puede vencer a aquel cuyo corazón esta así apoyado en Dios. No hay tiempo o lugar en que sea impropio orar a Dios. No hay nada que pueda impedirnos elevar nuestro corazón en ferviente oración. En medio de las multitudes y del afán de nuestros negocios, podemos ofrecer a Dios nuestras peticiones e implorar la divina dirección, como lo hizo Nehemías cuando hizo la petición delante del rey Artajerjes. En dondequiera que estemos podemos estar en comunión con él. Debemos tener abierta continuamente la puerta del corazón, e invitar siempre a Jesús a venir y morar en el alma como huésped celestial. Aunque estemos rodeados de una atmósfera corrompida y manchada, no necesitamos respirar sus miasmas, antes bien podemos vivir en la



atmósfera limpia del cielo. Podemos cerrar la entrada a toda imaginación impura y a todo pensamiento perverso, elevando el alma a Dios mediante la oración sincera. Aquellos cuyo corazón esté abierto para recibir el apoyo y la bendición de Dios, andarán en una atmósfera más santa que la del mundo y tendrán constante comunión con el cielo. Necesitamos tener ideas más claras de Jesús y una comprensión más completa de las realidades eternas. La hermosura de la santidad ha de consolar el corazón de los hijos de Dios: y para que esto se lleve a cabo, debemos 100 buscar las revelaciones divinas de las cosas celestiales. Extiéndase y elévese el alma para que Dios pueda concedernos respirar la atmósfera celestial. Podemos mantenernos tan cerca de Dios que en cualquier prueba inesperada nuestros pensamientos se vuelvan a él tan naturalmente como la flor se vuelve al sol. Presentad a Dios vuestras necesidades, gozos, tristezas, cuidados y temores. No podéis agobiarlo ni cansarlo. El que tiene contados los cabellos de vuestra cabeza, no es indiferente a las necesidades de sus hijos. "Porque el Señor es muy misericordioso y compasivo' (Santiago 5: 11). Su amoroso corazón se conmueve por nuestras tristezas y aún por nuestra presentación de ellas. Llevadle todo lo que confunda vuestra mente. Ninguna cosa es demasiado grande para que él no la pueda soportar; él sostiene los mundos y gobierna todos los asuntos del universo. Ninguna cosa que de alguna manera afecte nuestra paz es tan pequeña que él no la note. No hay en nuestra experiencia ningún pasaje tan oscuro que él no pueda leer, ni perplejidad tan grande que él no pueda desenredar. Ninguna calamidad puede acaecer al más pequeño de sus hijos, ninguna ansiedad puede asaltar el alma, ningún gozo alegrar, ninguna oración sincera escaparse de los labios, sin que el Padre celestial esté al tanto de ello, sin que tome en ello un interés inmediato. El "sana a los quebrantados de corazón, y venda sus heridas" (Salmo 147: 3). Las relaciones entre Dios y cada una de las almas 101 son tan claras y plenas como si no hubiese otra alma por la cual hubiera dado a su Hijo amado. Jesús decía: "Pediréis en mi nombre; y no os digo que yo rogaré al Padre por vosotros; porque el Padre mismo os ama' (S. Juan 16: 26, 27 ) "Yo os elegí a vosotros... para que cuanto pidiereis al Padre en mi nombre, él os lo dé" (S. Juan 15: 16). Orar en nombre de Jesús es más


que una mera mención de su nombre al principio y al fin de la oración. Es orar con los sentimientos y el espíritu de Jesús, creyendo en sus promesas, confiando en su gracia y haciendo sus obras. Dios no pretende que algunos de nosotros nos hagamos ermitaños o monjes, ni que nos retiremos del mundo a fin de consagrarnos a los actos de adoración. Nuestra vida debe ser como la vida de Cristo, que estaba repartida entre la montaña y la multitud. El que no hace nada más que orar, pronto dejará de hacerlo o sus oraciones llegarán a ser una rutina formal. Cuando los hombres se alejan de la vida social, de la esfera del deber cristiano y de la obligación de llevar su cruz; cuando dejan de trabajar ardientemente por el Maestro que trabajaba con ardor por ellos, pierden lo esencial de la oración y no tienen ya estímulo para la devoción. Sus oraciones llegan a ser personales y egoístas. No pueden orar por las necesidades de la humanidad o la extensión del reino de Cristo, ni pedir fuerza con que trabajar. Sufrimos una pérdida cuando descuidamos la oportunidad de asociarnos para fortalecernos y 102 edificarnos mutuamente en el servicio de Dios. Las verdades de su Palabra pierden en nuestras almas su vivacidad e importancia. Nuestros corazones dejan de ser alumbrados y vivificados por la influencia santificadora y declinamos en espiritualidad. En nuestra asociación como cristianos perdemos mucho por falta de simpatías mutuas. El que se encierra completamente dentro de sí mismo no esta ocupando la posición que Dios le señaló. El cultivo apropiado de los elementos sociales de nuestra naturaleza nos hace simpatizar con otros y es para nosotros un medio de desarrollarnos y fortalecernos en el servicio de Dios. Si todos los cristianos se asociaran, hablando entre ellos del amor de Dios y de las preciosas verdades de la redención, su corazón se robustecería y se edificarían mutuamente. Aprendamos diariamente más de nuestro Padre celestial, obteniendo una nueva experiencia de su gracia, y entonces desearemos hablar de su amor; así nuestro propio corazón se encenderá y reanimará. Si pensáramos y habláramos más de Jesús y menos de nosotros mismos, tendríamos mucho más de su presencia. Si tan sólo pensáramos en él tantas veces como tenemos pruebas de su cuidado por nosotros, lo tendríamos siempre presente en nuestros pensamientos y nos deleitaríamos en hablar de él y en alabarle. Hablamos de las cosas temporales porque tenemos interés en ellas. Hablamos de nuestros amigos porque los amamos; nuestras tristezas y alegrías

ESPIRITU están ligadas con ellos. Sin embargo, tenemos razones infinitamente mayores para amar a Dios que para amar 103 a nuestros amigos terrenales, y debería ser la cosa más natural del mundo tenerlo como el primero en todos nuestros pensamientos, hablar de su bondad y alabar su poder. Los ricos dones que ha derramado sobre nosotros no estaban destinados a absorber nuestros pensamientos y amor de tal manera que nada tuviéramos que dar a Dios; antes bien, debieran hacernos acordar constantemente de él y unirnos por medio de los vínculos del amor y gratitud a nuestro celestial Benefactor. Vivimos demasiado apegados a lo terreno. Levantemos nuestros ojos hacia la puerta abierta del santuario celestial, donde la luz de la gloria de Dios resplandece en el rostro de Cristo, quien "también puede salvar hasta lo sumo a los que se acercan a Dios por medio de él" (Hebreos 7: 25). Debemos alabar más a Dios por su misericordia "y sus maravillas para con los hijos de Adán' (Salmo 107: 8). Nuestros ejercicios de devoción no deben consistir enteramente en pedir y recibir. No estemos pensando siempre en nuestras necesidades y nunca en las bendiciones que recibimos. No oramos nunca demasiado, pero somos muy parcos en dar gracias. Somos diariamente los recipientes de las misericordias de Dios y, sin embargo, ¡cuán poca gratitud expresamos, cuán poco lo alabamos por lo que ha hecho por nosotros! Antiguamente el Señor ordenó esto a Israel, para cuando se congregara para su servicio: "Y los comeréis allí delante de Jehová vuestro Dios; y os regocijaréis vosotros y vuestras familias en toda empresa de vuestra mano, en que os 104 habrá bendecido Jehová vuestro Dios" (Deuteronomio 12: 7). Aquello que se hace para la gloria de Dios debe hacerse con alegría, con cánticos de alabanza y acción de gracias, no con tristeza y semblante adusto. Nuestro Dios es un Padre tierno y misericordioso. Su servicio no debe mirarse como una cosa que entristece, como un ejercicio que desagrada. Debe ser un placer adorar al Señor y participar en su obra. Dios no quiere que sus hijos, a los cuales proporcionó una salvación tan grande, trabajen como si él fuera un amo duro y exigente. El es nuestro mejor amigo, y cuando lo adoramos, quiere estar con nosotros para bendecirnos y confortarnos, llenando nuestro corazón de alegría y amor. El Señor quiere que sus hijos se consuelen en su servicio y hallen

más placer que penalidad en el trabajo. El quiere que los que lo adoran saquen pensamientos preciosos de su cuidado y amor, para que estén siempre contentos y tengan gracia para conducirse honesta y fielmente en todas las cosas. Es preciso juntarnos en torno de la cruz. Cristo, y Cristo crucificado, debe ser el tema de nuestra meditación, conversación y más gozosa emoción. Debemos tener presentes todas las bendiciones que recibimos de Dios, y al darnos cuenta de su gran amor, debiéramos estar prontos a confiar todas las cosas a la mano que fue clavada en la cruz por nosotros. El alma puede elevarse hasta el cielo en las alas de la alabanza. Dios es adorado con cánticos y música en las mansiones celestiales, y al 105 expresarle nuestra gratitud, nos aproximamos al culto de los habitantes del cielo. "El que ofrece sacrificio de alabanza me glorificará' (Salmo 50: 23). Presentémonos, pues, con gozo reverente delante de nuestro Creador con "acciones de gracias y voz de melodía" (Isaías 51: 3). _______

Capítulo 11 del libro El Camino a Cristo, listado por Wikipedia como el 6º libro más vendido de todos los tiempos. Esta obra, escrita por Ellen G. White, la autora de no-ficción más traducida en la historia de la literatura, así como la autora estadounidense de no-ficción más traducida de ambos sexos, fue publicada por primera vez en 1892, y ha sido traducida a más de 165 idiomas y dialectos. ¿Cuáles son los puntos esenciales que subraya El Camino a Cristo? Presenta un guión muy interesante en el que el amor de Dios es exaltado como una fuerza de atracción al pecador. Dios no repele al pecador, más bien lo atrae. Y una vez atraído, lo bendice, transforma, edifica y hace que la vida de esta persona transformada fructifique. Es un tratado de amor de Dios y de la gracia de Cristo; es una combinación maravillosa del amor y de la gracia atrayendo a las personas, dando condiciones a esa persona que aceptó a Jesús de vivir una vida cristiana feliz y bendecida. Si deseas recibir una copia gratuita de este libro, por favor escríbenos a editor@luxcior.com, o llámanos al 281,791.7531.





Houston Location: 9722 Honeywell Road, Houston, TX 77074 (713) 808-9875

Huntsville Location: 185 Interstate 45 North, Huntsville, TX 77320 (936) 755-8037



Annual Edition

Sunday, Sep. 19

Sunday, Oct. 3




SECURE YOUR TRACK-TIME PASS NOW Extremely limited availability - First-come, first-served




2020 will be vindicated. The 2021 edition of the Houston Exotic Auto Festival 2020 will be vindicated. H.E.A.F. 2021 will carry the weight, will carry the power, rush, luxury, fun and exhilaration power, rush, luxury, fun and exhilaration of both years oftwo both years combined in two events, back-to-back events, in back-to-back spectacular anything THE SHOW THEtopping TRACK Houstonanything may have seen before supercar shows. topping Houston may in have seen before in supercar shows.


Houston’s ultimate show of private exotic automobiles, luxury dealerships, high-end aftermarket, and exclusive nonautomotive brands, is now going viral with another “FAST & FABULOUS with VENGEANCE" experience ON THE TRACK!

they really have under the hood on the track! PLUS, we will offer qualified drivers the opportunity to test-drive supercars from Lamborghini Houston and McLaren of Houston, on the track!

Hosted by the premier eracing facility at MSR Houston Motor Speedway Resort, the 6th Annual, 2021 Edition of the HOUSTON EXOTIC AUTO FESTIVAL & Luxury Lifestyle E-XP-O with Vengeance is the most anticipated and exhilarating automobile show in Southern Texas, bringing together ALL the luxury and exotic brands to a single site and attracting a large audience of fans pulsing with high-octane adrenaline.


Exotic and ultra-luxury car owners and collectors will enjoy the unique opportunity to celebrate their masterpieces in front of the most enthusiastic and demanding audience. Fabulous trophies and prizes will be awarded to the best automobiles, SUVs, off-road, and motorcycles in Houston under various categories. Winners will be selected by a team of judges, and one of the two “Best of Show” awards will be picked by the audience. The “wild factor”: We will allow private owners to show what

Variety of great food to chose from. Presented by Lamborghini Houston, produced by LUXCIOR Magazine in partnership with the most prominent names in the automotive and luxury industries, we are driven by our passion for luxury and speed.

Children (and adults) will have tons of fun at a fabulous 3/4mile circuit, with 50/mph professional race karts. There is a fee of $25 for 15 minutes or $65 for three 15-minute blocks, payable directly to MSR. VIP area with balcony over the track and pit stop. Hors d’oeuvres and drinks included.

A portion of the proceeds from ticket sales will be used to benefit the HOUSTON MARANATHA COMMUNITY CENTER. After 12-months of total lock-down, if there is one event you can’t afford to miss in 2021, this is it!

EXHIBITOR SPACES AVAILABLE Limited availability - First-come, first-served


Electricity. Anything but static. Introducing an electric car that will rarely be seen standing still. With an 800-volt system architecture delivering up to 750 hp. An interior that is timeless yet years ahead. And iconic Porsche design DNA in every detail. It’s an experience guaranteed to make hairs stand on end.

Experience true electrified performance. The Taycan Turbo S.


13911 North Freeway Houston, TX 77090 (281) 301-5985 porschenorthhouston.com ©2021 Porsche Cars North America, Inc. Porsche recommends seat belt usage and observance of traffic laws at all times. European model shown. Some options may not be available in the U.S.


Smart Preparation TO PROVIDE FOR YOUR LOVED ONES Do you have a plan in place to help your loved ones if the worst were to occur? For most people, the answer is no. Having a plan or a list of everything you own and owe is key when you pass away. In this article, I am going to lay out what the essential documents are, briefly what they do, and why you need them.

of an emergency or your incapacitation. For example, if you are in a car accident and your parent wants to know how you are doing in the hospital, but you cannot give them permission yourself, if they are listed on the HIPPA authorization, a doctor would be able to give your parent an update.

First is a Last Will and Testament, also call a “Will” in this article. This is the document where you will lay out all of your assets that you have and describe who you want them to go to. Not every little thing will be listed but the major things or particular things that you want to go to specific people will be. In your Will, you will pick a person to be the Executor of your estate. An Executor is the person that you believe will carry out your wishes as laid out in your Will.

Depending on if you have a child or children, you will need a Guardian of Minor Children. This is where you will name a person or persons to take care of your child/children in the event of an emergency or your sudden passing. It gives the person or persons named right to act as the legal guardian and make legal decision as if they were the biological parent of the child/children.

Next is a Statutory Durable Power of Attorney. This document names a person, could be the same person that is the Executor of your Estate, that will handle all of your affairs except medical decisions, in the event that you cannot but are still alive. This person would be able to pay your bills, sign documents on your behalf, and stand in your place as if it were you for all legal purposes. The easiest way to think about this document is to use the example of a person with dementia. That person is still alive and living, however, at some point a doctor might determine that they can no long make decisions for themselves. If that happens and the person with dementia has a statutory durable power of attorney, the person named in that document will be able to then act on behalf of the person as if it were the person doing it themselves. There is also a Medical Durable Power of Attorney. This is the document that your agent, person of your choosing, will need to be able to make a medical decision for you if you cannot make them on your own. There are numerous reasons that this can go into effect. For example, if you are diagnosed with dementia and can no longer make medical decisions, your agent will be able to communicate with your doctor and make the medical decisions needed as if it were you making them. A good one to have is a HIPPA authorization, although some people believe it is not needed. This document give permission for the people listed to be have access to your doctor or the hospital in the event


There is also a Directive to Physicians, which can be a tough decision and one that a lot of people don’t like to discuss. This is a document that informs the doctor or hospital of your decision as to whether you would like to be kept artificially alive if you were to take a downfall. There are two sections in this document. One talks about what you would like to be done if you are diagnosed with a terminal disease and the other is what you would like to be done in the event of a life event that incapacitates you. You don’t have to make the same choice for both. In the document, you can also put limits on certain things or medications to be done. Lastly is a general list of assets that are not included in your Will along with your debts. This is helpful because not all assets have to be listed in the Will. For example, if you have a life Insurance policy, that is a separate asset that you Will does not control. Whomever you have listed as your beneficiary on your life insurance policy through the company that holds it, is the person that will receive the benefit. It does not matter if you have a different person listed in your Will because life insurance falls under the laws that govern contracts and not the laws that govern your estate once deceased. _____ To receive guidance and help in making these decisions, please contact Gomez Law at 713.980.9012.

FAMILY LAW FIRM GLOBAL EXPERTISE, TALENT & RESULTS Legal counsel available in English, Spanish, Arabic, and Vietnamese. CALL 713.980.9012 11511 Katy Freeway, Ste. 610 Houston, Texas 77079


Visa Opportunities IN THE UNITED STATES For a significant part of the world, traveling to the United States means a visa is required. The reasons for travel may differ from tourism, business, a job offer, education, or merely moving here permanently. The United States is known as the land of opportunity as it is the country that attracts a wide range of people looking to achieve the so-called "American Dream." Applying for a visa is one of the main barriers to traveling legally to the U.S., and understanding the type of U.S. visa you will use is the next step to fully explore your options.

An H-1B Visa - What is an H-1B Visa?

Establish New Offices in the United States

The H-1B visa is an employment-based, non-immigrant visa for temporary workers. For this Visa, an employer must offer a job in the U.S. and apply for your H-1B visa petition with the U.S. Immigration Department. This approved petition is a work permit that allows you to obtain a visa stamp and work in the U.S. for that employer.

If you already have an established business in your country and are looking to expand to the United States, you and your employees may qualify for L Visas.

The H-1B visa is issued for a specialty occupation. It requires theoretical and practical application of a body of specialized knowledge and requires the visa holder to have at least a Bachelor's degree or its equivalent. The H-1B visa has an annual numerical limit or "cap" of 65,000 visas each fiscal year. There are an additional 20,000 visas for applicants who completed their master's degree from a U.S. university. This cap is subjected to change based on regulations set forth by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Initial approval is for three years, which can be extended in increments of up to 3 years. The typical process to obtain an H-1B Visa is that you must qualify and be eligible for H-1B criteria. Plus, an employer gets a Labor Condition Application (LCA) approval from the Department of Labor in the U.S. A US employer should file an H-1B petition with USCIS and get support for it. The foreign worker must apply for the Visa and stamp at the appropriate U.S. consulate in his/her home country.

Also know as Temporary Workers visas the L1 and L2 visas may be issued when an employer files a petition to obtain authorization for qualified employees to be allowed to work and live in the United States. Foreign employers seeking to send an employee to the United States as an executive or manager to establish a new office must meet some criteria: they need to have a physical location for the new office; the applicant must be an executive or manager employed for one continuous year in the three years before filing the petition; and the new office will support an executive or managerial position within one year of the approval of the petition.


What are the L Visas?

• The L-1A visa is for intracompany transferees who work in managerial or executive positions in a company that is located outside the United States. • The L-1B visa is for intracompany transferees who work in positions requiring specialized knowledge.

LEGAL Investing in the United States An EB-5 investment visa is a type of immigration visa available to foreign investors that wish to immigrate to the United States. Different countries have different types of immigrant investor programs that function to encourage foreign investment in exchange for conditional or permanent residency. The requirements for an investment visa differ between countries and visa types. Different programs will also require different amounts of investment and will award other types of residency. The United States offers two types of investment visa—the EB-5 Visa and the E-2 Visa.

EB-5 Investment Visa An EB-5 investment visa is different than other types of visas available in the United States, including other employment-based visas, the diversity immigrant visa, and family-based visas. In the United States, the EB-5 Visa is the only employment-based Visa that requires investment. The EB-5 Visa is a means for foreigners to obtain a green card and potentially citizenship in the United States. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services oversees the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program and offers investment visas to foreign investors who invest $1.8 million (or $900,000 if the investment is made in a targeted employment area) into a new commercial enterprise in the U.S. The investment must also create ten full-time jobs for U.S. workers. The foreign investor will then be able to apply for a U.S. green card and eventually obtain permanent residence if the jobs are proven to have been created.

E-2 Investment Visa Another type of investment visa in the United States is the E-2 Treaty Investors visa. The E-2 Visa is a non-immigrant visa that is obtained by a foreign investor from a country that maintains a treaty of navigation and commerce with the United States. To receive the Visa, the applicant must invest capital into a business in the United States. Under the E-2 visa option, specific employees of the investor or the authorized organization may also apply for the Visa. There is also an application process for family members of investors obtaining a U.S. visa under the E-2 option. In order to be approved for an E-2 nonimmigrant visa, the investor must have invested (or begin the investment process) a substantial amount of funds into a genuine U.S. business—enough to start and operate the business. Unlike the EB-5 Visa, the E-2 Visa requires renewal; however, there is no limit to how many times the Visa can be renewed. Once the business venture is complete, the foreign investor must leave the

United States or change their status—the E-2 Visa does not directly lead to a green card and citizenship like the EB-5 Visa.

About Gomez Law "As others want to lose small, my law firm wants to win big. You always have a choice." – Sandra Gomez At Gomez Law PLLC, our primary focus is to provide individuals with professional consult in matters of Immigration Law and Naturalization. The Gomez Law story starts back in 2011 when Sandra Gomez, a graduate from South Texas College of Law realized her passion for the law. The firm gained its traction through winning complex cases and measuring its success through their clients. Gomez Law PLLC has committed itself to provide its clients with exceptional legal consult and representation with great results. Our world-class expertise is without peer, as our firm extends its services ranging from employment law to investor visas and business law. Among other practice areas are family law, trusts & wills, and mediation. As a truly diverse legal team, Gomez Law is known to its very core to provide dedication to each client and excellence in order to reflect what the firm stands for; a result-driven, powerful legal team where individuals not only are provided with a greater chance of a positive result but are offered a greater understanding of the process itself. Gomez Law has legal counsel in English, Spanish, Arabic, and Vietnamese.

About Attorney Sandra Gomez Attorney Sandra Gomez was born and raised in the state of Texas. Mrs. Gomez has developed a keen awareness of the needs and problems which are prevalent in the immigration community. She received her Bachelor's Degree in History from the University of Houston after which, she pursued and received her Juris Doctor Degree, J.D. from South Texas College of Law (now Houston College of Law). She has been recognized by and is a member of the Texas Bar Association; she is also a member of AILA, HISBA, and Houston Trial Lawyers Association. Moreover, Mrs. Gomez is admitted to practice in the United States District Court, Southern District of Texas. In her years of practice, Sandra Gomez has committed herself to provide her community and her clients' exceptional legal consult and representation by personally attending and managing each case in which she is presented. _____

You can reach the Law Firm of Sandra Gomez by calling 713.980.9012




IMMIGRATION LAW FIRM GLOBAL EXPERTISE, TALENT & RESULTS Legal counsel available in English, Spanish, Arabic, and Vietnamese. CALL 713.980.9012 11511 Katy Freeway, Ste. 610

104 Houston, Texas 77079















1.800.278.4829 | AHAVAMARKETING.COM

THE PERFECT STORM in the New Era of Supersonic Business Jets



Between Virgin Galactic, Boom, Spike and Aerion, a new breed of contenders are springing up to pick up where the Concorde left off, putting supersonic civilian flight back on the menu after nearly 20 years without it.


echnological advancement is shaking just about every industry at supersonic speed -literally-.

By Marcel Stefano

The race to produce the first supersonic passenger jet to enter our airspace and commercial service is heating up after the last landing of the Concorde.

For nearly 20 years, nobody other than hotshot military pilots has been able to fly supersonically. But this is about to change. The basic physical laws of aerodynamics have served as a universal leveler since 2003, when the supersonic Concorde was retired. Everybody, whether in the fastest corporate jet or a commercial jet, has been limited to the maximum subsonic cruise speed of around 660 mph, or a good deal less than that for most of us.



Rendering courtesy of Aerion

Aerion, whose AS2 jet promises to fly New York to London in under 5 hours, is planning to start production in Florida of their first supersonic aircraft in 2023. They are now in the process of building their massive corporate headquarters in the Orlando area, next to Orlando Melbourne International Airport.

New supersonic era

The 8 to 12 passenger AS2 business jet will fly at Mach 1.4 (more than 1,000 mph), which means it will save hours of air travel to any destination: New York to London in under 5 hours.

"Concorde was a brilliant piece of machinery, a noble experiment, but it put too much emissions in the environment, too much noise into our communities, and was too expensive to operate.

Still, moving this quick will cause these aircraft to guzzle many times more fuel than a subsonic jet, leaving them somewhat range-limited (you can forget Sydney to LA for the moment). Aerion's AS2 is projected to offer a range around 4,800 miles (7,800 km) at Mach 1.4, more than enough to get you the 3,500-odd miles (5,600-odd km) from New York to London with a couple of extra hours up your sleeve, but not enough to reach Asia from Los Angeles – to get that kind of range, you'd need to slow down. So the bulk of its time-saving capabilities, it seems, will be manifest over specific mid-distance routes primarily over water.

Aerion has already secured a domestic and international order backlog which now tops $6.5 billion and it plans to deliver 300 aircraft over 10 years of production. The AS2's first flight is slated for 2024 and the company intends to take the plane to market in 2026.

Then you also have the environmental impact, and perhaps more pertinently to some potential customers, the optics of it all. Burning that much fuel to save a few hours is not good enough. As such, Aerion has partnered with carbon-capturing synthetic fuel developer Carbon Engineering to offer an aviation fuel that literally takes more carbon dioxide out of the air than it puts in.


The last supersonic passenger jet to traverse our skies was, of course, Concorde, an engineering beauty, but high on costs and high on environmental impact.

The craft has a price tag of $120 million, which the planemaker thinks is a price that people will pay because of the time savings. But Aerion's ambitions are also for the aircraft to operate benignly in the skies: "The world can't wait until 2050 to become carbon neutral. We have to do this today," Vice told CNN. Partners in Aerion's AS2 program include GE, which is producing the Affinity supersonic engine, and Spirit AeroSystems, which is making the AS2's pressurized fuselage. In the cockpit, Honeywell is revolutionizing the flight deck, using its expertise in supersonic military jets to design the AS2's mission processors, displays, sensors and flight control systems.


Rendering of the AS2's cabin.

The company is also committed to a substantial reforestation program to assure carbon offsets for every customer on every flight. The Aerion AS2 is designed to meet Stage 5 Airplane Noise Standards, the most stringent landing and takeoff noise regulations. However, perhaps one of the AS2's most innovative features is its "boomless cruise" which allows the plane to fly supersonically over land without the boom striking the ground. Instead, the noise gets refracted back up into the atmosphere. Aerion invented "boomless cruise" because the alternative type of quieter supersonic flight, called "low boom," while less noisy than Concorde, still produces noise on the ground similar to the rumble of distant thunder.

Aerion's declared aim is to build a future where people will be able to jet between any two points on Earth within three hours. It intends AS2 to be the first in a supersonic family, with an AS3 airliner in the pipeline, and future plans for hybrid-electric supersonic planes. To learn more about this fabulous company and its products, please visit their website, at aerionsupersonic.com.



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LOOK YOUR BEST RIGHT ON TIME FOR SUMMER THE FUTURE OF BODY SCULPTURING IS HERE AESTHETIC BENEFITS Sculpture and tightening of difficult areas: Abs, glutes, thighs and arms. Studies show 19% in fat reduction. Visible improvement in appearance. Equals 2 months of exercise in 2 hours.

MEDICAL BENEFITS Strengthens the abdominal wall. Reduces back pain and sciatica. Improves functions in general. Cara López, Clinical Aesthetician

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Effective solution to




Testosterone is a hormone found in humans, as well as in other animals. In men, the testicles primarily make testosterone. Women’s ovaries also make testosterone, though in much smaller amounts.

A simple blood test can determine testosterone levels. There’s a wide range of normal or healthy levels of testosterone circulating in the bloodstream. Normal male testosterone levels range between 280 and 1,100 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dL).

The production of testosterone starts to increase significantly during puberty and begins to dip after age 30 or so. Testosterone is most often associated with sex drive and plays a vital role in sperm production. It also affects bone and muscle mass, the way men store fat in the body, and even red blood cell production. A man’s testosterone levels can also affect his mood. Low levels of testosterone, also called low T levels, can produce a variety of symptoms in men, including:

Decreased sex drive

Less energy

Weight gain

Feelings of depression


Low self-esteem

Less body hair

Thinner bones

While testosterone production naturally tapers off as a man ages, other factors can cause hormone levels to drop. Injury to the testicles and cancer treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation can negatively affect testosterone production. Chronic health conditions and stress can also reduce testosterone production. Some of these include: AIDS, kidney disease, alcoholism, cirrhosis of the liver.


Ranges can vary among different labs, so it’s important to speak with your doctor about your results. If an adult male’s testosterone levels are below 300 ng/dL, a doctor may do a workup to determine the cause of low testosterone, according to the American Urological Association. Low testosterone levels could be a sign of pituitary gland problems. The pituitary gland sends a signaling hormone to the testicles to produce more testosterone. A low T test result in an adult man could mean the pituitary gland isn’t working properly. But a young teen with low testosterone levels might be experiencing delayed puberty. Moderately elevated testosterone levels in men may produce few noticeable symptoms. Boys with higher levels of testosterone may begin puberty earlier. Abnormally high levels of testosterone could be the result of an adrenal gland disorder, or even cancer of the testes. High testosterone levels may also occur in less serious conditions. For example, congenital adrenal hyperplasia, which can affect males and females, is a rare but natural cause for elevated testosterone production. If your testosterone levels are extremely high, your doctor may order other tests to find out the cause. As men age, low T becomes a very common problem. Fortunately, there are solutions available, allowing men to recuperate the performance levels of their best years and enjoy a full and satisfactory intimate experience. Today we will focus on a specific type of treatment:

SOLO PARA HOMBRES BIOIDENTICAL HORMONE THERAPY Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy has become an effective treatment for men seeking to restore hormone levels to a balanced state and stop the symptoms of aging. Bioidentical hormones are one form of hormone therapy that has gained popularity in recent decades— though it dates back to the 1930s—because of its effectiveness in helping men and women achieve hormonal balance.

WHAT IS BIOIDENTICAL HORMONE REPLACEMENT THERAPY? Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is a treatment model which replaces hormones that have been lost due to various factors like ageing. This replacement relieves the patient of symptoms caused by hormonal imbalance.

WHAT IS THE AIM OF HORMONE OPTIMIZATION THERAPY? Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is designed for many common health conditions and debilitating symptoms that are often ignored by medical providers. Some of the symptoms include stress, exhaustion, weight gain, foggy thinking, and difficulty sleeping. Most times, individuals with such symptoms suffer from hormonal imbalance and can be by uncovering the cause of these health issues. Once identified, it would only be a matter of time before getting the patient back to normally balanced hormone levels and a healthier life. BHRT is a unique and effective method for resolving these complex issues via effective balanced hormone therapy.

WHAT IS BIOIDENTICAL HORMONE PELLET THERAPY? Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy balances hormones effectively. Hormone optimization treatment starts to work within 7-10 days after pellet insertion. After insertion, a constant dose of bioidentical hormones will be introduced into the bloodstream which balances the patient’s hormones. This is a basic outline of the therapy and its process.

WHAT CAN I EXPECT FROM HORMONE BALANCE THERAPY? Each individual is unique and that is why each patient route to hormone optimization should be made unique. Using hormone therapy optimization, most patients report that they’ve started experiencing relief from symptoms in about 10 days, though complete relief can take up to 6 months. Your hormone optimization therapy should be customized to suit your precise needs. _____ For a solution tailored to your needs, please contact Dr. Edward Nash, Progressive Rejuvenation, at 346.220.8063. See ad next page. LUXCIOR.com


SEXUAL PERFORMANCE DYSFUNCTION IS COMMON BUT IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE A PART OF YOUR LIFE "ED" or "Erectile Disfunction" is a common condition impacting men of all ethnic backgrounds, over 30 years of age. However, this condition doesn't have to be a part of your life. The third decade of Century XXI brings extraordinary developments that allow men to recuperate the performance levels of their best years and enjoy a full and satisfactory intimate experience. A confidential consultation at Progressive Rejuvenation may change your life as you never imagined possible. Start 2021 aiming for your peak performance. Book your private consultation now:

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• Head and neck pain • Knee pain • Back pain

• Shoulder pain

• Waist pain

• Arms pain

• Leg pain

• Wrist pain

Dr. Edward A. Nash, M.D., specializes in regenerative medications for the treatment of injuries and pain, including Stem Cell treatment.


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Beyond Self

he media, television, radio, newspapers, magazines, and social networks, have great power to impact the thinking of people and entire societies, for better or for worse. This is an undeniable reality that has led us to see our entire nation make decisions, good or bad, based on the influence of a handful of people who control the media. Understanding this, during these 8 years publishing LUXCIOR in Houston, I have frequently asked myself this question: How am I impacting my community? And that puts a burden of responsibility on me, the responsibility of knowing that I have an opportunity to offer my readers something more than entertainment and the best options for acquiring things or services. I definitely cannot deny the fact that offering the highest quality from reputable business’ products and services is a huge benefit, and I am proud to know that in that regard I put in front of my audience the best that Houston has to offer to elevate their lifestyle. And at the same time, I deliver to the businesses that I represent an influx of new clients to serve, with its consequent economic benefit. And this is all very good. But is this all I can give? Of course not. There can and must be more, much more. People need more that somehow satisfies their most intimate needs. And that is why I always look for the space and opportunity to deliver more than just ways to hold and overcome your possessions and desires. This year, as never before, we have all understood the fragility of our nature and the world in which we live. I have personally seen people suffer, I have seen people cry, for a myriad of different reasons. And on many of those occasions, I have had, to a greater or lesser degree, the opportunity and privilege to contribute something to alleviate their burden and their pain. And I say privilege, because as Jesus taught very well, it is always much more blessed to give than to receive. And that is the most important thing I can contribute, share with others the blessings that God has given me. And this is what today I would like to invite you to do as well. The first logical reasoning that many of us will do is: “I already have a lot of problems and challenges. How can I think of helping others when I am still figuring out how to solve my own problems? "


Martin Gondra, publisher There is precisely the beauty and richness of all this: In that you do not wait for everything in your life to be joy, peace, and prosperity, before deciding to bless others. We all know that day is never going to come fully. It is precisely in blessing others, in the midst of our own challenges that we will find the greatest satisfaction. And I am not talking about doing it with big checks at a charity gala, although this certainly has its value as well. I am speaking of blessing with your words of encouragement, comfort, hope; in sharing what you know so that others can elevate their life, or their business; in sharing your ideas, your creativity, your genius, your influence, your relationships. We all have a lot to share, and today is the day of opportunity that God has given us to be able to do so and in one way or another, impact the life of another human being who feels and suffers just like you. Tomorrow will be another fresh new opportunity. Every day can and should be a new opportunity to help. This does not require any effort, just pay a little attention. It should start with your inner circle, your family, your friends. But that is not where the greatest value is. We all serve those we love. The greatest value is in paying attention to those who are outside our circle: pay attention to those who are apparently less important in your life, those that you meet by chance on the street and that you may never see again. Or maybe an employee that you don't give much attention to. I know that these words will only be appreciated by a vast minority. Unfortunately, the bad school of life has made us selfish, thinking only of our own benefit. But as we learned from the 80-20 rule, one in five will make the impact that the other four cannot. If you have read me up to this point, it is most likely that you are part of that minority that makes you so special, so valuable to others, to yourself, and much more important than anyone else, to God. These are the ones who draw the line between greatness and mediocrity, between true success in life, and failure. These are the ones that will always be remembered and missed. The others will maybe be remembered, but never missed. What will you do for others today to make that difference in your own life?




os medios de comunicación, la televisión, radio, periódicos, revistas y las redes sociales, tienen un gran poder para im pactar el pensamiento de las personas y sociedades enteras, para bien o para mal. Esta es una realidad innegable que nos ha llevado a ver nuestra nación entera tomar decisiones, buenas o malas, basadas en la influencia del puñado de personas que controlan los medios de comunicación. Entendiendo esto, durante éstos 8 años publicando LUXCIOR en Houston, con frecuencia me he hecho esta pregunta: ¿De qué manera estoy impactando a mi comunidad? Y eso pone sobre mi la pesada carga y responsabilidad de saber que tengo una oportunidad de ofrecer a mis lectores algo más que entretenimiento y las mejores opciones para adquirir cosas o servicios. Definitivamente no puedo negar el hecho de que ofrecer los productos y servicios de negocios de la más alta calidad, prestigio y reputación, es un gran beneficio, y me enorgullece saber que en ese sentido pongo frente a mi audiencia lo mejor que Houston puede ofrecer para elevar su estilo de vida. Y al mismo tiempo, entrego a los negocios que represento una afluencia de nuevos clientes a quienes servir, con su consecuente beneficio económico. Y todo esto es muy bueno para ambas partes. Pero, ¿es ésto todo lo que puedo dar? Claro que no. Puede y tiene que haber más, mucho más. La gente necesita más que de alguna manera satisfaga sus necesidades más íntimas. Y es por ello que siempre busco el espacio y la oportunidad de entregar algo más que formas de sostener y superar sus posesiones y deseos. Este año, como nunca antes, todos hemos comprendido la fragilidad de nuestra naturaleza y del mundo en que vivimos. Personalmente he visto gente sufrir, he visto gente llorar, por infinidad de diferentes razones. Y en muchas de esas ocasiones, he tenido, en mayor o menor grado, la oportunidad y el privilegio de aportar algo para alivianar su carga y su dolor. Y digo privilegio, porque como muy bien enseñó Jesús, siempre es mucho más bienaventurado dar que recibir. Y eso es lo más importante, que puedo contribuir, compartir con otros las bendiciones que Dios me ha dado a mi. Y esto es lo que hoy quisiera invitarte también a tí a hacer. El primer razonamiento lógico que muchos nos haremos es: “yo mismo tengo un montón de problemas y desafíos. ¿Cómo puedo pensar en ayudar a otros cuando yo mismo no he podido todavía resolver mis propios problemas?”

Martin Gondra, publisher Ahí está precisamente la belleza y riqueza de todo esto: En que tu no esperes a que todo en tu vida sea gozo, paz y prosperidad, antes de decidir bendecir a otros. Todos sabemos que ese día nunca va a a llegar plenamente. Es precisamente en bendecir a otros en medio de tus propios desafíos donde encontrarás la mayor satisfacción. Y no estoy hablando de hacerlo con grandes cheques en una gala de beneficencia, aunque sin duda esto tiene también su valor. Estoy hablando en bendecir con tus palabras de ánimo, de consuelo, de esperanza; en compartir lo que sabes para que otros puedan elevar su vida, o su negocio; en compartir tus ideas, tu creatividad, tu genio, tu influencia, tus relaciones. Todos tenemos mucho qué compartir, y hoy es el día de oportunidad que Dios nos ha dado para poder hacerlo y de una forma u otra, impactar la vida de otro ser humano que siente y sufre igual que tu. Mañana será otra nueva y fresca oportunidad. Cada día puede y debiera ser nuestra oportunidad de contribuir. Esto no requiere ningún esfuerzo, sólo poner un poco de atención. Debiera comenzar con tu círculo más íntimo, tu familia, tus amigos. Pero allí no está el mayor valor. Todos atendemos a los que amamos. El mayor valor está en poner tu atención en quienes se encuentran fuera de tu círculo: pon atención a los que aparentemente son menos importantes en tu vida, aquellos que encuentras de manera casual en la calle y que quizás nunca vuelvas a ver. O tal vez en un empleado al que no le das mayor atención. Sé que estas palabras sólo serán apreciadas por una inmensa minoría. Lamentablemente, la mala escuela de la vida nos ha hecho egoístas, pensando sólo en el beneficio propio. Pero como aprendimos de la regla 90-10, uno de cada cinco hará el impacto que los otros cuantro no pueden hacer. Si me has leído hasta este punto, lo más probable es que tu eres parte de esa minoría que te hace tan especial, tan valioso para los demás, para ti mismo, y mucho más importante que ningún otro, para Dios. Estos son quienes trazan la linea divisoria entre la grandeza y la mediocridad, entre el verdadero éxito de la vida, y el fracaso. Estos son los que siempre serán recordados, y extrañados. Los otros con suerte serán recordados, pero nunca extrañados. ¿Que harás hoy por otros para marcar en tu propia vida esa diferencia?



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