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Sorry ladies, but this area is strictly reserved for men (Unless you are looking for ideas for Valentine's)


hile both sexes need a place to escape, a place to call their own -the popular evolution of the man cave has blown away its competition (the sewing rooms, home libraries, and craft rooms that most women dream of adding to their home take second place in this war of square footage). So all of us ladies will step aside for a moment to allow all of you men to pursue your dream of the ultimate man cave. If we are going to use precious square footage to make room for your in-home private retreat, then it might as well be amazing, right? And if you are having trouble convincing your wife or significant other as to the reasons why a man cave is a must, then just show them this article, as it outlines the basic reasons EVERY man needs a place to call his own. After a long day at work we all crave the creature comforts of home; a quiet retreat where we can plunk down on the sofa, chill out with a drink and unwind. This is the main basic reason every man should have a man cave. Believe it or not, there are some health benefits that are derived from the use of a man-cave. In fact, there is a gentleman by the name of John Bryant, called the "Man Cave Counselor", who is helping men around the globe to carve out space for their own, and educating them about the room's mental health benefits.

Every guy has some hobbies or talents which they want to express, but often times they don’t get a chance to do that. So, by having a man cave they can showcase their inner talents and the things they like the most. A large-screen television is de rigueur, as is furniture that offers luxurious, deep, accommodating comfort. That could mean an expansive sectional sofa or motion furniture, like reclining chairs that most designers would not prefer anywhere else in the house. And there’s almost always some form of a bar, which could include coolers, ice makers and wine storage. By creating a room of your own, you will immediately have a space to store all your collections from college, and maybe even extra clothes and t-shirts could find a home here. Indeed, the man cave is good for everyone in the household -especially when it comes to decorating, displaying much-loved items and storage solutions. When buying a new home, just be sure that you really do have the space to set aside a room to this kind of private island, because if it comes to a choice between a playroom for the kids and a man cave, I’m sorry guys, but the playroom always wins. If you crave a husband who is willing to listen; one who is happy and stressfree, then you'll be wise to indulge him with his own man cave get-away.

Many studies show that this also improves the marital status between husband and wife. After all, what is more pleasant than a man who is relaxed and approachable? This is how most men feel after an hour spent de-stressing in their private abode. It is a place where a man can get away from the outside world and do manly things. Basically, he can relieve his stress, perform his hobbies and relax.


Sometimes, there are disagreements at home between husband and wife as men usually tend to buy things which are not liked by women. The fact is, that men have certain collections that women don’t always agree with or wish to display in the main rooms of the home, making a man cave the perfect spot to exhibit these decor items.

If you really know him, the task will be easier. The real problem is with guys who you don't know that well, or those that have "everything". That is a major headache. So in the next few pages you will find some ideas that will hopefully get you inspired.

Now let's talk for a moment about Valentine's and what you can do to make him think he really is the king and in command. We just came out of Christmas, and here we are, forced again to go crazy trying to find something that will make "you" look special.



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